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Deep Reformer Connections

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Enjoy the insightful cues of Master teacher Michele Larsson as she teaches this intermediate Reformer workout. Michele incorporates preparatory exercises that allow you to connect deeper to the exercise that follows it. According to Michele, "There are lots of options in life." This class will feel very familiar in terms of structure but is full of nuggets of wisdom and good tips for deepening your connection to your work.
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Well. Good afternoon. We're going to do a intermediate level reformer class. So we're going to start to warm up standing at the edge of the reformer, the bar. In a low position, you're going to do a cat cow with your hands on the edge of the reformer. So on an inhale you press the reformer out, releasing the spine into the ground and on the exhale you roll up. Try not to rock back and forth on your feet.

Really try to just keep it all within the spine and the weight and the pelvis directly over the feet the whole time and coming in two more and rolling down and coming in. Last one. Very in, just open up your spa and get space between your vertebral and roll all the way up to standing, pulling your belly and dropping your head. You can bend the knees if you want, as you roll all the way up. Nice. Now we're going to do a simple side stretch. So you come around and you sit on the reformer about arms length away or a little closer and walk your feet away towards the shoulder pad side of the reformer a little bit. Take the other arm out to the side and on an inhale, press away and side bend and on the exhale come back.

What you want to do is you want your pelvis keep going. You're going to do four to catch up to your feet when you're underweight. Does that make sense? And then they can go off crooked when you're out of weight. So here you've added weight by pushing into the bar and here you've come back center, I believe. One more.

Trying to keep the weight on both sits bones and to come up. Now don't move any closer to the bar. Just rotate your whole chest towards the bar. Adjust your feet. Thank you. That's it. And come back. Now I don't expect you to be able to touch the bar. What you're trying to do is open up and stretch those rhomboid muscles between your shoulder blades and come up. So don't go shifting on me. [inaudible] don't go shift. There you go. You feel the difference. Yeah.

And come up. And one more. Just rotate and come up. Good. Walk around to the other side. Set your self about arms length away. Walk your feet towards the shoulder pads. Opposite arm out to the side. Inhale and go out and exhale and come back up. Nice. And inhale and exhale and up. Two more.

So you're just trying to open up between your intercostals to get your breath going to get room to breathe. That's all what we're after today. Nothing fancy and come back. Now move your feet back underneath you. And a simple rotation. Open up between your shoulder blades. That's it. And back. You can think of all of this as hello body.

Where am I today? Right? You know [inaudible] well and back and last one and back. Good. Reach down and put your bar on the high position. And your, you'll probably want to be on one red or one medium spring. And you're gonna do an Eve's lunch with a cat cow. So you're standing to the side. The foot is a little further back, maybe not completely underneath your hip, but a little bit more out. And what you want to do is you want to start, wait a minute, don't straighten the machine. Good.

You want to start with the knee floating off the foot, which means the pelvis is level. Does that make sense? And now round your spine there. Now start by pressing the foot back and going into a lunge and open up. Inhale through the chest. Exhale and curl. Feel like a flower. Do you remember when you were little?

You did dancing school and they said be a flower bloom like a flower. You didn't do dancing school. Oh you were lucky. You say a little children. Pretend you're a flower. Open Up. And then at night you close down and one more and everything opens up as you close down. Nice. Very nice. Go to the other side. I got tired of seeing everybody go out and eat lunch and just hang out there and have coffee. I mean, and lose their whole alignment. So you really wanna find a level list through the pelvis and rounding the spine.

And then out in in good, beautiful and bye and again. Good. Nice. It's nice isn't it? Yeah. And it's and also sort of falls within the Pilati is full body and up one more and up. So on these machines, I believe you're both in all the way as close as you can get. Go to your footwork weight, which would be maybe three mediums, two mediums in a light. You know it depends upon your machine basically.

And then you come down for footwork. Oh No, not quite yet. Sorry, I almost forgot something. Let's place your arches on the bar. Very small. And I put an issue. She found her towel. Yeah. Take your head. Rest down. Is your rest down? Yeah. Good. Alrighty. Now do small coxix curls. Just a few more small coxix curls.

There you go. And come down. That's it. And you can go up a little higher each time, but you don't, it doesn't have to be dramatic. You just want to do a little more pelvis movement here. Good. And last one.

Nice. Now place your hands like this one hand inside the other and place this whole thing back here on your head, right? Yeah. And you're actually going to use your arms and bring your head up and really stretch your neck. Think of it as a neck stretch and then come back down. Good. It's a little hard with the shoulder pads in the way, isn't it? And come down. Scoot away a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, there is that better?

Good? Yeah. So you got a nice, nice stretch through your neck. Can we do one more? Yeah. And one more good. And then come all the way down, bringing your arms by your side and let your knees sway from side to side. Just light and easy. Good. No, I think maybe we could do foot work, Huh? Oh, okay. Yeah. I want to bring your headrest up to half notch. Ruth is going to stay with a little towel under.

It just looks better for the way she's built. And then balls of the feet PyLadies v heels gently together. Inhale as she's straightened and exhale as you bend. Yeah. And as you do this, you're going to do 10 of these. You really want to feel that the rib cage expands as you straighten and narrows as you been. So it's the whole thing that goes working, right?

Good. This is probably number seven, seeing as how I'm, I'm in the eights. Yeah. So, Huh. Two more. And I'll come halfway in and do the little pulses in out. Now let's do a little sniff. Sniff, blow, blow's, sniff, sniff, blow blows, sniff, sniff. They've got a different rhythm.

Both of them are really great. It depends upon what you want to do. Good and relaxed. Straighten all the way out. Let's lengthen the muscles all the way and come all the way in and go onto your balls of the uh, arches of the foot with the t, the toes dropping over arches so you can drop down a little further. Let the heels drop. Just 10 out. And then, now I came back from a workshop years and years ago, I think in the 80s with those pulses. And I thought they were so exciting and I jumped on the machine to show them to eve. And she said, what are you doing? I said, oh, it's really great for your knees. And she says, use the chair.

But they still like you don't just use the chair. So after the 10th one you'll then come in and you'll go onto your heels and we'll do pulses in heels but not on arches. Yeah. And then out in on the heels. Yeah. So we won't do the pulses here all the way. All the way in, in. Yeah, that's it really. This may sound odd, but really think that as you go out, that you press the bar away as well as the carriage. So you lengthen that Spring and you come in.

So the whole thing will length and so both directions and it comes in and it length. And so that's it and in and it lengthens [inaudible]. This is your last one. I don't know what count it is. Come in halfway and go last one and straighten all the way out and come all the way in. Nice. Down onto the toes for heel lowers, heel lowers, come from your bottom line. You know your bottom line here. Yeah. So think up under the church to help lift those heels and down and yeah, that's it. So you just don't let those hamstrings hang there. I don't even have anything to say to you too. Oh, you're beautiful. Both of you.

Yeah. Is this number seven? This is number eight. Okay, well I think this is number nine. Rue knows it's my counts, right? And number 10 and come all the way and bending your knees. Take your knee, your feet wide on the bar.

Let's do that knee stretch from the river, from the mat class that everybody liked the knees with. So the knee comes across and you reach for your toes so your back really stretches out nice. And then come back and do it on the other side. Good. And then you're going to come back and you're going to put your legs out straight on top of the bar together and you're gonna roll up to sitting, spin around, put your feet on the floor and stand up and adjust the machine for arm work. Now everybody's a little different, but we're going to take this machine back a notch so that the straps are longer and that so that we don't, cause we don't have handles that extend the loops. So that's what we'd like to do.

We'll take this away and lie back down for some arm work. [inaudible] yeah, I think you do. No, I think you do. Sorry. So lie back down one spring or she's in a one and a half. She likes one and a half. You're one and a half. Okay. Arm Straight to the ceiling. Put your legs in chair, you know, boom, boom, chair position. Now prepare this movement by inhaling.

Exhale, lower the arms down by your hips. Inhale, lap pole. Exhale down to the hips, triceps. Inhale. And then the hoedown, which has been the elbows out to the side and come down the side of the body. Lift the arms up and exhale. Inhale acts in.

Exhale, bend the elbows out to the side and uh, and and uh, and open and in and bend and straight. Elbows out and down. Last and open. Very nice. Come up for hundreds. Rolling up off the ground and begin hundreds year version, but try to gently, if you want, bend the knees so that you pull that into the belly. Good. And then try and hold that and slowly extend the legs.

But don't get back into that. So as keep it down the belly. There you go. There you go. [inaudible] I forgot to count. I hope somebody's counting. Ruth all was counts. She gets her fingers going. Well you have one more and coming in and relaxed. Great. Place your feet on the bar. Let your knees go side to side.

Now you're all on a, you're on a red and a blue. You're on a red to blues. You know that'll be okay. You could go to two reds if you want, but for this, this, just leave it there for now. Hang your straps up. It makes a different thing. We're going to do the leg circles. It's different with a lighter weight, right? You can go to a medium of two medium springs or a medium one medium spring or in between. So left leg on the bar, heel on the bar, right knee into the chest. You're going to inhale and extend both legs, pushing into the bar. Exhale, bend both knees, legs.

Just do this a few times just to find this anchor right now. You want this heel off the sitz bone, so it's not really as if you were standing up, right? It's more in relined your sitz bone. Go out and stay out. Stay here in circle the leg. Four small circles in one direction for in the other reaching with this heel into the bar. That's it.

So you're always reaching and opening up through the front of this hip asset. Then bend both knees and come all the way in and change the other side. So you bend and straighten or straighten and bend actually straightened both legs and Ben both legs and straightened both legs and Ben both legs and straighten and Ben straightening hole and circles. Small. Now reaching in the, yeah, yeah, there you go. Right? So this releases all the way out.

So this is the side that's important in leg circles. We always think of this side, but that's a chick. Alright, good. [inaudible] and come all the way into [inaudible] when you're done and relax. Wiggle your knees side to side. Loosen easy. We're going to do a coordination. Okay. Simple coordination, except we're going to add one leg open and close instead of always two.

So we'll do two with two legs. Then come up. You'll do one with right leg, left leg. Come in, do left leg, right leg, come in, and then one or two legs. This is your brain exercise for the day and roll your upper body up. Needs to be chest and out and then go bend and bend and coming out. Try and keep your head up the whole time. Bend and Ben going out one leg. Come in.

Second leg. Come in. Ben and Ben Again, go out. Now you've got to start with the second leg. Second leg. Woohoo. First leg. Ooh. Ben and Ben Together. Both legs together. Go and bend and come in and relax.

Nice. I'm gonna. No, you had to move the carriage back in for short spot. Move the carriage and for sports. Fine. We're going to do a standard short spine, meaning the version of your choice. No, we're not. Let's do Eve's version two reds. You can take the foot bar down or you can leave it up.

Now I take this away, correct? Yup. Good. Okay, so in Eve's version of short spawn, what you do is you move the carriage at all times as much as possible. Does that make sense? So just for a moment, bend into frog and just stay here for a second. Ground your tail. Inhale, straighten the legs and go into frog again. Bend into frog. Do this twice. More. Inhale, bend into frog. Just find yourself now. Stay here in to short spine. Inhale, extend.

Exhale, going overhead. Keep the carriage moving. Inhale, bend, exhale. Keep the carriage moving. Keep it moving. Keep it moving. Inhale, extend, exhale, going overhead. Good. Inhale, bend, exhale. Keep the carriage moving. Inhale, extend. So you have to control this machine. You control the machine, you don't let it control you. Yeah, you come down, you control that machine and you extend one more only and going out. Beautiful.

Both of you and Ben and coming in. Stay in frog and just open your legs to the side. Eve would let us do this. Just stretch this. Breathe for a moment, opening up and then bend it a little bit, bringing the legs in towards your chest and take your feet out of the straps. Hang your straps up and we're going to change the machine again.

We're going to do rowing, so we need to move out one notch, the carriage on these machines and I would go to one red, one medium spring foot bar down. You wanted to do a blue, I think. Oh, we didn't move them out before, Huh? Okay, so you're going to be doing a rowing one modification, but a little bit like Eve's. If you ever look at the movie of Jo Teaching her. So what you're going to do is you're going to start, let me come over here so you can both, you're going to start in traditional roll back position.

Then you open the arms to the side and then as you, instead of rolling forward, you sit up and drop the arms down to the wood. Now hold the carriage still and lift and lower the arms. So you're using posterior rotator cuff, right? Stabilize back here like mad. One more of these. Good. Then bring the arms forward and just again, roll back. Oh, open up to the side.

Lengthen your spine to sit up. Arms touching the wood and lift and lower. Straight to the side. Good. And come forward. Can we do one more of those? Nice. Rolling back. Open out to the side. Coming forward. Open the chest. Lift good. And lift and lower.

Nice. And coming in. Good. Hang up your straps and turn around and face the front for hug a tree. Cross your legs. Come back over here again so you can both see and your palms are up. Good. So you're, the first thing you do is you're just going to go out. Palms are up, keeping the palms up open as you inhale. Exhale. Think of little fingers together. Open as you inhale. Exhale, ring finger coming together.

Open as you middle finger. Open pointing finger. Do you see how your arms are medially? Rotating? Open thumbs. So you've got that whole, now stay here. Thumbs. One more time. Open phones. Palm is open pointing finger, so the arms rotate slightly open. Middle Finger, good open ring, finger, open little finger and come back.

Nice. Good switch. The crossing and your legs. Go to the uncomfortable side and go to salute here. Now we're going to do a two arm and then a one arm saw. It's going to be a little, I'm throwing this at you for a moment, right? So inhale, as you salute, do both arms. Exhale as you bend, right arm only. Inhale and exhale.

Left arm only. Inhale and exhale both arms and inhale and exhale. One arm. You want me to drop away? Inhale. There you go. Keep going to his back. Whatever you're doing. Yeah, and then one arm, that's better. So now that, yeah, but you still your, you don't want that twist in the torso, right? Try One more set both of you. That's good.

Once you figured it out, once your brain is figuring out what's asked of you, you could end with a double good and coming in. It's not that hard. It's just that at first it's like the coordination where you throw and you just do one side. Everything has to sort of wake up late and the opposite with the rotation. Yeah, it's very difficult. It's very intriguing. Great. Okay. Long box. You want to go to a long box?

I would stay in this configuration on the machine. One red or one medium spring bar in a lowish position. So it's lower than the box and I'm not, everybody's machines are a little different. You don't want to slam your head. We're going to do a reverse swan, so you don't want to slam your head into the bar when you come home. Okay? Now you lie on the box with the bottom of the ribs right at the edge of the box.

So was him way off. Way Off. That's at hands on the bar. Head over the bar and elbows into the springs. Okay. Now what you're going to do is straighten the arms, the tricep press, keeping the arms straight. Come into a small salon, press back and bend into a tricep. Press. Good. So you inhale as you straighten. Exhale. As you come into Swan. Inhale, as you press back, exhale you as you bend in. Good. Inhale out.

Now what I'm interested in is keep going, the connection here and going back and coming. And we're going to do one more cause as you press out all of these muscles here around the ribs, connect that shoulder blade. You lift up, you come back through, you're all beautifully out of your shoulders. It's great. And come in one more. Straighten your arms. Stay here. You're going to do a slow swim. So opposite arm and leg lift and down.

That's it. Opposite arm and leg. Lift and down. Nice opposite arm and leg lift and uh, and the lift and down. Bending. Both elbows would come all the way in and step off the box and just put your hands on the box for a cat cow. Just do a little bit of rounding, stretching your spine out. We can stay in this configuration cause we're going to do a backstroke. And I'm just gonna do a plain back stroke, a one and a half springs.

[inaudible]. We're not going to go reverse or anything just to go into dead bug as we call it. Go to the ceiling on an inhale, open to the side. Exhale screes in and fold in there you go to the ceiling, open to the side. Exhale, squeezing and come back up to the ceiling. Open to the side. Nice. Both of you. One more and up.

Open and around and come in. Good. We're going to do teaser and I've asked Ruth to do it from a bent leg position and you could do the young one. I'll do for the straight leg. You do it from the straight leg. That's what you get for being young. Okay. Ready? Coming up. Yeah. Right. You get, you get right and now scoop up into teaser and just do two little arms scoops.

Just simple two arm scoops and bend your knees and come all the way in. You mentioned these, right, and now circles and coming up and circle. Good and come all the way in. You can do whatever you want with your arms this time and coming up. You only have this one more. Do whatever you like, whatever you like. Absolutely nothing new and exciting.

Good and coming down. Nice. Okay. Stepping off. We're going to do an interest. A long stretch. A little said. Take the box off. So either two medium springs or a medium and a half. One and a half and a medium and a light. I would, well you need to bring the bar, the, I don't know what you do.

Do you prefer it back in and then you have to go up a notch with the bar? I think on these machines, cause you want to be a little high, so you're going to do a long stretch. You're going to be in the higher Relevate. You push back and up. Not long spine, long stones and you use your, then you'd point in influx, your fee and then you do a pushup. She pulled out, we move, move back a bit. Hold on. There you go. All the way in. Now the bar is to come up a nudge. Yeah. Good. Okay.

And inhale, push back. Exhale. Come in. Inhale. Move your feet and come back. Okay. Hold on. Come down. Yeah. If you do long stretch with the heels hot, now you can tell it this. This is a really for me. Right. Then when you come in, yeah, you bring the carriage in, you push the carriage back and you do a pushup.

You can do a tiny one if you do long stretch with heels down. Okay. Then you bring push back, you come in, then you push the carriage away, you pull the carriage in, and then you do your pushup. Does that make sense? I meant to clear that up. So which do you prefer to do one of you do one, one of you do the other. She gets high heels. Okay. All right. Because there's lots of options in life, right?

Oh, okay. Okay. And going back and coming in heels, move the carriage, push up, keep it push up. Tiny doesn't have to be big. Good. And again, it's just the idea of controlling the carriage with a small arm bend carriage is not all the way in for the pushup. It's a small or a bend. Just one more. Nice. Yeah. And back and carriage and bend.

Beautiful. Good, good. Put your knees down, feet against the shoulder pads for around back knee stretch position. Let's do three round back. Knee stretches. Inhale that. Exhale, come in, inhale back, exhale and inhale back. We're going to add a down stretch to this combo. So you inhaled that pelvis comes down, you reach into the chest, you press back and you come into round, back knee stretch. That's it. Beautiful. And again, [inaudible].

Now Watch when you're doing this and push back that when you come into knee stretcher, your shoulders have a space hold. Does that make sense? That's it. And they have a space hold here and then you come out and up and you go back and that's it. And you come into space hold. Yeah, one more set back out. Open that chest. As you come forward, press back and round. It's a little bit like that Eve's lunge thing in the beginning. Great Elephant version of your choice. Ruth likes to be up a little closer and round.

Keep looking. I'm going to pick on you. Okay. Come in now. Stay here for a minute and they see where my arm is, right where your ribs are. I want you to lift those re that's in elephant. It's not a downward dog. Okay, but you got to keep your weight as far back on the heels as possible, right? There's your challenge. Now go. There you go. You feel that? Yeah. Better. Better. Nice. You. You've probably done enough. Hold on.

Okay, and step down. How about just a simple stomach massage? Don't change anything but put the bar really low. Can you do it this close? Because I couldn't put all legs. I'm all legs, right? Yeah, I couldn't do it this close.

I'd be chewing on my caps. No problem. Okay, hold on. Pull the arms up and it's nice and quick. So you inhale out, lower your heels, lift your heels and N. Inhale. Exhale. N, N , N. Inhale. Exhale, N , N , n, n. Exhale and five last one. And in reaching back for the shoulder pads, now I have a real thing here.

Everybody does this because it'll, it's here. But I really would rather you did this and still open there because it's the thing that if you were to slip off that thing or something that's an an elbow injury, you don't want it ever. Yeah. And a shoulder injury. Right. Okay. Yeah. And Again, oh man. Oh Damn. Oh Ben in go down and good. All right, let's see if I can do this. Let's do the twist. Okay.

You're going to twist that way first, and you're going to twist that way first. And I'm going to give you both. So you're gonna push into my hands with this hand. Okay? Now the back of the hand, there you go. And press into my hand. That's it. And down. You feel the difference. Now you have no, I can't do it this way.

Feel that difference. Yes, I can do it this way. Right. See, I would have to move over here to do it for, yeah. So you're adding, you're adding the pressure, right. And it really gets, gets you to rotate better. Nice. And hold on and just do a simple step. Just stretch all the way out. Or you go, there you go. Let's do a modified semicircle cause actually it's harder than semicircle.

That's great. Oh, one and a half line down. Head rest down. No, I don't want the, the thing for you, you're not going to slide out. You're going to stay in. So it's more about control. You don't get all the stuff through your spine.

That's so luscious and we all lose it and go all over the place. Okay. No, no, no. You don't. Slide out. Arms are down by your side. Yeah. So without moving the carriage, curl your tail up. Curl. Now move the carriage out. So your legs are three quarters straight. Now don't move the carriage and come down [inaudible] and then bring the kerogen. There you go. Yeah, you see that right? And don't move the carriage.

Inhale, exhale out. Or you can change the breathing. Exhale again, and inhale in whatever you want. Right? But it's don't move the carriage. Move the carriage. Don't move the carriage. Move the carriage, reverse it. Stay down. Move the carriage.

Don't move the carriage. Move the carriage. That's it. They'll move it. Beautiful. Two more. Move out. Curl up. Coming in. Roll down. That's it. Good. Nice. Isn't it boys? Stretch those hamstrings up in the air.

Both legs. Just straight. So stretch out those hamstrings. Well, who did you feel it? Yeah. Yeah. Nice. Good. Let's do a simple chest expansion. Eve used to call it the sitting chest expansion. So you go to one red spring foot bar, down, knees against the shoulder pads. All right, hold on. Where you would normally hold on. Okay.

All right, so you're going to pull back towards your hips. Moving the carriage, continue to move the carriage. Sit towards your heels, continue moving the carriage. Don't move the carriage as you stand up on your knees. Move the carriage as you come. Release. Right? So think carriage movement again, carriage movement, and continue the carriage movement with sitting. Don't move the carriage when you stand up.

So you have to press backwards in space with those arms. You're letting your carriage move and forward. Whoa, whoa. Wall. And again, back. Sit. There you go. Now don't move the carriage so you have to move the arms back. Stand up. That's it. Feel that? Yes. My bags here. Okay, good. And come at nights and hang everything up. Yeah, I've looked at ics. I know, I know. Isn't it deceptive? Yeah, it really is. That's good. I really like it out.

[inaudible] those short little ones. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A box. You're going to go to two medium springs and you're going to bring the box a little bit short box position. A little bit forward of your headrests. You're going to do the short box, but the first couple of times it's going to be a little different. I want to you to involve carriage movement, which is unusual. Okay? All right, so you sit up right on the edge. Okay. You can separate the fee, whatever, just as long as that strap is taunt. Now you can put your arms here.

In order to do the roll back, the first time you go into rollback, you need to straighten your legs. So push into the wood and roll back and the legs go straight. There you go. Now stay. Stay knees straight and roll forward. Let the carriage moves slightly. There you go. And then roll backs. You see there's a like a one inch carriage movement here. That's all you want.

That's it. That's it. And back on an inhale and forward on an exhale and back on an inhale. That's it. And forward on the exhale. Good. And then bend the knees and come all the way in. Four flat back. It's to keep you out of your hip. Grippers yeah, especially for when you're learning. Okay. Hands here, here, here, wherever you want them. I think shoulders is probably great.

You can do this. You can put them wherever you want. You use to the head. That's perfect. Now as you go back, flap back, it's the same thing that you, the whole thing goes in your, your flat bag. Don't gorge there. Now bring the carriage in or back out as you go. There you go. So don't arch. They can slide in this underneath. There you go, Ruth. That's it. You feel that?

So this slides underneath, that's it, right? Really what you're trying to do is you're trying to move the flat back from your hip socket, not from your waist, which most people do. Does that make sense? So it's, it's you open up the hip socket here and you close the hip socket. Good. And Bend your knees and come in. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that you're not going into that s let me, I'm hitting my box here.

Sorry. Okay. So a side overs you wanna move your box in. Are you okay? Now I've still got you on light springs, but you're all professional, et cetera. You're not going to move the carriage. You're just going over no carriage movement here. Take your hands, put them on your shoulders and find your 45 degrees. Good. Now come up slight and go to 45 degrees and come up and go to 45 degrees.

One more. Come up and go to 45 degrees. Go to parallel and the 45 degrees and go to parallel and a 45 degrees and one more. And then you can stretch. Go all the way over to the side and just stretch out. If your hand reaches the ground. Fabulous. Just open everything up. Breathe for a moment. You guys are hot.

[inaudible] turn and stretch. Putting your hands on this thing. Good. And then using your arms you can climb back out and go to the other side. Okay. And 45 degrees. Good. And now come up from 45 and go to 45 good.

And up and 45 good and up and 45 and then from 45 you go to parallel and come to 45 that's it. And four 25 and then hang out and just relax. Good. And do the twist. Just breathe for a moment. Sprees. Good. Let's do a spine extension, not a hyper extension. So you might want to move the box back in a little bit. Bars up.

Depends upon the length of your body. I like to get my pelvis, my naval towards the end of the box. That's for otherwise it sort of digs into me in a funny way. So it depends upon where you are. Yeah. And you can separate the legs or keep them together depending upon how your sacrum communicates to your low back and what you feel comfortable with. Hands, shoulders or behind the heads or straight roll into the mat or the floor.

And just come up straight. You don't have to do a big all thing and look forward. Think of that little bug walking across the floor and come down. Good. So just up and down. Yeah. So Ruth, I've asked her to do this version. So you see different options. I like different versions. Everybody's got their own.

Yeah. Choice of how to do this. Can we do one more? The other thing, you can always anchor the person's sacrum here and come down or your own. You just, you do what he was doing. I mean Ruth or Ruth does this. Yeah, that's it. Good. And step back. Yeah.

Yeah. Those kinds of things. You really need to really adjust to your own body. If it doesn't feel good, you either skip it or you make it feel good. Okay. Good. Long Spine. We're going to do the long spine that I learned at on with Eve, and of course she had a little tiny machine, so I'm having them move out to about the, on this machine. Third Gear, because you want these straps to be long, right? That's why they rarely put strap extenders on them, right? So lined down, head rest down, um, to medium springs or medium and the light, whatever you think you want.

Feet in straps. So on this one you move the carriage the whole time. So as you start back, the legs start coming overhead and the carriage keeps moving and you keep reaching for the back wall. Keep moving the carriage, open the legs and come down. You need deal. Just be back more. Don't you understand? Okay. Come in a little more. Okay. And going back when you get up there, open the legs to shoulder with okay.

And move the carriage as you rolled down. This is about control. Yes. This is all about control and going back and open the legs and coming down and then keeping your legs open. Roll up onto the shoulders, bring the legs together and rolled out. Keeping the carriage moving. One more. Excuse me. [inaudible] and coming down. [inaudible] excuse me.

Good. Bring your knees into your chest. Take your feet out. Roll up to sitting. Bring your bar back in for running. Pelvic press. Head rest up. Just to the small notch. There you go. Not all the way. Good. That's, that looks good on you.

Doesn't look like it's straining. Anything running. Okay. Simple running. Just whatever feels good. Yeah. There is a discussion that has to be had at some point about that in mechanism with the leg. But today's not the time. We may have to have a seminar on it. Yeah. All right, good. Good. Both of you are not.

You're doing it well. Yeah. And then go down on one foot and just stretch that healed a little bit, but the knee and then come up and do the other one and then come up and bend your knees and come all the way in and separate your knees on the bar again. And don't move the carriage. Bring the need of the opposite toe. Bring the knee op and just open everything up. Just breathe. And other side is the last thing we're doing.

We're not gonna do anything more. Yeah. And then do this one more time. Just let your whole spine open and then the other way, come back into the center. Straighten both legs on top of the bar. One teaser up. Whoa. Spin around. Put your feet on the floor and you're done.



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Thank You Michele ~ Love you're philosophy !
Beautiful Class !! Wish it could have been for another or two or three :)
What a great opportunity to take a class from a Master, thank you so much. Love all the variations and details! Also your voice brought back memories of a very dear aunt. :)
Rene Craig
Great class Michele! Looked forward to seeing you in September.
Thank you, Michele! Wonderful class.
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So lovely to see Michele! I was in I believe, one of the first Core Dynamics training classes in Miami with Michele and Kevin Bowen. Thank you for this class, very much. Sue Elliott
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So many things I loved about this class. That chest expansion looked amazing. Can't wait to try it! Michele seems so calming and centered. Her cueing and humor are much appreciated. In other news, Kristi, I loved the top you wore in the class!
I had the pleasure of taking a class with Michele "live" at the PRT(Pilates Round Table)conference in West Palm Beach Florida a few years ago. She is such a delight and of course, an amazing instructor.
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Love Michele!!!!
Kathy P
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I loved this class. The best part is how calm and easy Michele is.
I love your teaching Michele! I can't wait to take another workshop with you again!
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