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Pelvis-Focused Mat

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Focus on the pelvis in this Mat workout taught by Suzanne Gutterson. She begins the class by getting you in touch with your body and then explores pelvic articulation, stabilization, and placement. Enjoy her breakdown of the pelvic curl which emphasizes working from the lower abdominals rather than the thighs.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Jun 10, 2014
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I'm Suzanne Gutterson and we're going to be working today, uh, on the pelvis, pelvic articulation, stabilization and placement. And I'm delighted to have such a stellar group of students here. So we're going to, um, make use of the circle and theraband. That's all you need for this class. So if you'll lie down with your feet, hips with the part line your feet up to your ankles, to the knees, to the hip socket. So everything's in place.

So your feet are gonna be in a standing position. All right, so we're just going to get in touch with your body size to start with some awareness instead of just jumping into something after you've come off of the street. So just take a big inhale and as you exhale, feel the spinal column just very gently dropping end of the mat as you exhale, gently blowing through the lips like a candle. So just take yourself through this window out into the nice warm sand, and then inhale. And as you exhale, feel that spinal column just gently. You're not forcing it, you're allowing it to happen. Make a nice imprint in the sand. One more time. Inhale. And it's like the body's just going, ah, you're getting rid of all the daily stuff, clearing everything out.

Let's go to your low back and inhale through the nose and again, exhale and feel that low back. You're just isolating your sacrum. Sure. And again, ah, an exhale. One more. Just get in tune with your body.

Let's go to the middle back and inhale an exhale. And again, one more time. Let that exhale really release. Cross your arms across your body like a mummy just so you can feel a little bit more in that upper back. And let's take three breaths the same way. One more support your head, your neck with your hands.

There's that natural curve and it's a little bit hard to feel anything. So thinking will help to make it so, and inhale and exhale. If you want to imagine sick cords that are loosening or butter melting, whatever helps you. And two more breaths. [inaudible] let your elbows relax into the mat, but don't force them. Bring your arms to your sides and straighten your legs [inaudible] and take a census of your body.

So if one hip is lifted a little bit more off the math and another or one shoulder blade or part of your arm, just try to be aware of that and go there and breathe into it and help it to let go. And one more breath an exhale. Bring your feet up again to what we call the basic physician. Put your fingers in chips on your shoulders and just bring your shoe, your elbows together with an exhale. And with an inhale, feel the trust widen. And again, exhale, inhale, open. Feel the breath going right through your elbows. One more and open it out. Now we're going to circle your elbows around down. Take it up.

Try to hold the elbows together as long as you can without forcing it way around like a big elbow you on. Big Inhale as it opens up. Exhale coming together in Hail. Just fill up that whole thoracic cavity. Let's let it go the other way and hail we around two more. Just a nice, easy stretch and bring your arms to the side.

You're going to take some head nods so your head will tilt back and you can look up towards the ceiling and bring your chin down a little bit more than you usually do and feel the relationship between the base of the spine and the top of the head and two more nod back. Yeah, let that head just go back. Whatever's comfortable and feel it lengthening. So what's happening to your head is very much related to the spine and one more being a very aware of what's happening in the spine when the head goes up and what's happening in the spine when that Chin comes down. Now as we talk about the pelvis, some of you I'm sure know where the sacrum is, but in case you don't, the sacred is embedded into your Iliac, into the hips and on the end of it as your little tail bone. And that's the coccsyx. And that's what we're going to talk about.

The problem and I see a lot when we do pelvic curl ups, is that people use their thigh muscles and they just go like this clunk. And what I want you to do is really, really begin to work a little bit deeper in those low, low, low abs. So there, when we do, I'm going to call this button one right at the pubis. When you curl it, don't think of up first you're gonna think of it sliding out like a long tail and then coming up so that you're just using those low muscles. So I'd like you to make little hands like this little pause. You're going to take your pause and you're going to put it right on the pubis without moving anything except your hands.

You're going to pull up and feel that scoop. Don't let the legs move and release so your hips haven't started to come up, but you've ticked into your very low abdominals and those transfers are gonna kick into. Now just take your hands like this and hover above it and your hands are going to tell you what to do. Scoop and release if you want to think of it this way, it works for some people, not for others. You can think of that tail going like this. And then it comes up here as we roll up. So now you're on button two and that's it. The Navel.

So put your right hand at the navel and just inhale and exhale. Let pull the navel away from your fingers. Pull it away. All right, but number three is that the solar plexus, when we get there and we do the hip escalation, that's when your hips are really gonna start to escalate. So we're only going to do first the first two buttons, and then we'll go into the third button. So if you want to take your hands to tell your body button one button two button three, we're fine. So first we'll inhale for nothing. Exhale, just button one now button to the buttocks moves a little bit forward and up.

Button three is the solar plexus and it begins to come up. This is perfect. Yes. Yep. Yeah, that's it. This is up a little bit high, so you're still right there. That's it. Okay, good. Everybody. And then roll down through the buttons. Now we've got another button, a fourth button. And that's right under the rib cage. So then you're really getting up there.

And then we have a beautiful diamond right in the middle of her chest. So you're going to do button one. You're going to exhale and hold it. Then they're going to do button to exhale and hold it. Then it begins to really kick in on button three. It's a solar plexus, then button for Europe there and button five. If it's comfortable, you're right up to the SCAPULA. So let's start.

You can use your hands or not use your hands however you want. Ruth is going to, um, demonstrate for, uh, some, um, alternate easier ways to do things cause she's agreed to do that. So I'm going to have you, Ruth, use your, um, use your hands if, if you would. So she's just gonna do some modifications. Here we go. Inhale for nothing. Exhale button one. Stay there. Inhale, exhale button to really depressed that button. Stay there. Inhale, exhale button three going up. Inhale, exhale button for right under the ribs. Inhale, exhale.

Your beautiful diamond. You're up there. Hips are up, but your, your belly is lower than your hips. Good. Now we're coming down. Leave those hips up. Button five your diamond goes button for right under the breastbone button. Three button two and roll all the way down. All right, so it won't look when we do button button button.

So we won't look like mechanical dolls ain't going up. We're going to take a zipper and you're going to put a zipper over those buttons. So it's like just getting into a tight pair of jeans. So you'll go up in a very smooth way. So here we go. Inhale for nothing and go up through your buttons.

Take that zipper up, up, up deep, deep, deep, deep, deep. Hold it. When you get to the top and butt in five, four takes that zipper down, down and down. Very, very nice. Very carefully. Done and done with awareness. Now we're going to use your quads. I'm going have you go up in one, you're just going to make a bridge. So you'll be up in one like this and then you're going to come down and four with a flat back. So your back is going to be like a board one, one, two. I'm not rolling.

Then I routinely have to work in here, not to arch or let go. Coming down. Alright, here we go and nail for nothing. Exhale up in one, come down and four length and three, two and one. Go One more time up and lengthen down, down, flat and out. So you can really feel those abdominals working in order to keep that low back flat. Let's um, curl up or go up flat.

It doesn't matter. I want your hips up in the air. Let's go up in one now. Leave those hips up. Lift the right leg up like a little march and down. Keep those hips even other leg up and down. Up. Try not to slam on or let one hip go down. Um, one more and down and let's roll it down now and roll it down.

Very nice. Let's get your circles. The placement of the head is really important so you don't want it down on your chin. And lots of these things that we do are we choke up in the neck and the neck gets really tight so that you can feel how the neck goes. Take your thumbs like this. This is on the occiput, right on the bony part, and you're going to lengthen your head up. Feel like they head out of the neck, the neck, out of the shoulders. That's enough. And feel it stretching forward as you go down.

Don't let go of it and release. Very nice. One more time. Feel that length. So it's honest slant. You're looking between your knees, but there's some space between your chin and your trust. Nice. And Roll it down. So don't look up. You need to really look between your legs. If you look up, your head's gonna go in the wrong place. Let's put your circles down. Yeah, put your hands on your thighs.

You're going to roll up with an exhale. Feel that head lengthening. Clap your hands together. Reach forward. Try to touch my fingers. Reach forward as you roll down the room, those buttons, and put your hands here so you have resistance. Hopefully a gentle resistance because if you resist too much, you're not going to go up or down. Nobody's winning. So you have to kind of, cause there's a cooperation between the two energies. Here we go.

One more time. Inhale. Exhale. Curl it up. Clap your hands together. Feel that upper back working. Feel your buttons working and roll down through all the buttons and very nice. Bring your arms down to the side. Okay.

We're going to work for your hip stabilization and your back stabilization. You're going to open one leg and bring it center without this leg, the standing leg wobbling. So let's everybody start on your right leg and just let it open on an exhale and bring it back. Be aware of that standing leg again. Exhale. Do want to keep that stabilization? Just one, like it's the right leg again.

Yeah. Good question. Um, one more exhale and hold it. This one is holding but it's not quite in the center. There you go. Yeah. I have to sometimes put my hand right here to tell my leg what to do. Let's take the other leg. Here we go. If you feel a little rocky, just put your hand and tell that leg to behave and come back and again. And it takes concentration. Yes.

And back and one more and bring, yeah, Eh, back. So a lot of the movements they do, we move our legs, but we keep that stabilization in the back. So if you find that when you're doing leg circles, you're rocking all over the place, this is a good exercise to do. All right, let's just put your hands behind your legs and roll up in one clunk. Open your legs just as wide as your mat and take the circle.

Okay. You're going to do a spine stretch and the spine stretch. That position is important for a whole lot of exercises that you do, particularly working in the upper back. When you do your, um, stomach massage on the reformer, this part has to work. So it's not here as this not here. It's really has the back widens as you do it. So bring your arms in front.

You put one hand on top of the other. Now as you press down, nothing's going to happen except you just scoop back more and feel the backs of the thighs. Press down. So one hand of the other and press exhale, shoulders away from the ears. I'm released. Stay scoped and exhale. Keep your head down and up. And again, it pulls with back in here. There you go. And uh, let's take cross the other hand.

So fuel that center, pulling back. Yes, much better. And release and Exhale, yes, I can see it working and release. One more. Stay down there. Exhale and release. So we've had your pelvis in neutral. When it's here in your, like this, there's a little, I'm going to call it a forward curve.

I know some of you think of postier and anterior, but frankly I find that very confusing because to talk about the [inaudible] and where it is, because back, if it goes forward and people go, well yeah, I'm going forward, but I got to think of this as posteriors. So I just say under and I hope that will work for you. So now it's under and then it goes back. There you are. You're back in to neutral. Let's put your circles down and open your legs and you're going to have bent legs. So you're like this.

Good. Lift your body up [inaudible] and feel the elbows widen. As you curl over. Curl over. You want to keep those elbows out because this is what happens if they're in. So it's a widening in here too, even though it's pulling together. One more time. Feel that scoop pulling back in the center. Good.

And come up. Yeah, I'd like to see a little less here and a little more here. One more time. Yeah, you just hold off to help you get over. Here we go. Exhale. Pull that center back. Good. Oh, much better. And come up. Alright, so now it's gone under. Now the pelvis is going to go the other way. So first we're going to lift up out of the hips, lift up and reach the chest forward. Watch the head, stretch your trust forward. Now where's the pelvis going?

Yeah, that thought away. Back and come up. So let's put them together. Pelvis under and lift. Ah, stretch the trust. Feel everything working. The lats too. That's it. And feel like, yes, you have a big, you're gonna show that diamond. That's nice and come back up. Very nice. All right. Straightening your legs. We're going to talk about working the obe leaks.

And when you do, there's that stabilization of the pelvis. Because if I turn like this umbrella, not gonna work the the obliques. It's got to have an opposition. So first I'm going to have you just take one hand and put it here. Yeah.

And just twist. Think up and look over your shoulder. Yeah, look over this shoulder. Now do you feel the stabilization in here, in here, here and here? Yes. Anybody who doesn't look over your shoulder, lift up. That's it. Now Open your arm and keep that stabilization. Bend your arm and keep that stabilization and bring that arm forward. Okay.

We're gonna take it so that you're going to work the old leaks. You're going to pull back, open the arm, keep that stabilization as you close and shoot your Arrow forward. Other side, pull back. You go open the arm. Feel that sable ization close it and come back.

So once you understand that stabilization, we can take it into other exercises. So let's take a twist. Lots of times this is what's happens in the twist. So now you feel this stabilization and it's gonna. We'll just float it first and then we'll take it with a pulse.

So I want you to really feel where it's holding. So let's turn this way first and yeah, that away everybody this way and hail back to center and, and Hale and feel your lifting up, not twisting. That's good. Now we'll take it in a pulse. So you'll go and center and thank up and you're getting taller and taller and center. [inaudible] and Center N. Sure. Last one. [inaudible] very nice and center. Okay. Put your legs in. Any way it's comfortable for you to sit up.

The hundred is one of the most complicated this up pallet's invented because you're thinking this way, but your hands are going this way. So let's just go back to the basics of it. Bring your hands like this. As you open the hands, feel the breath is going out through your elbows and close it. One more. Inhale and close. Now we're going to take it in for breasts. It's going to go sniff like a dog and sharp blow. Good.

All right. Let's take it here. So where your hands are on little springs and we're gonna go sniff, two, three, four, and then down two, three, four. While you want to watch that, you don't like Mary Poppins. You're going to go up into the sky so it's down and sure, fill it up. Squeeze it out again. Fill it up. Squeeze it out. God, let's bring your hands center. Now you've got to think this way while your hands are this way, but try to imagine what you've just felt like an accordion.

We'll take two with four and then we'll take two with five breaths. Here we go. At [inaudible] fingers together again in five sniff, two, three, four, five. Blow, two arms a little lower. Sylvia, two, three, four. A little lower. Blow two, three. Yes. I think of sort of reaching out. Sometimes when you're down you see a baseboard. It's like I'm trying to reach that baseboard.

So you're reaching but pulling back or bring your feet here and just roll down. All right, let's put your feet in the basic position please. [inaudible] we bring in and bring your arms up and we'll just take it from this position. Your head will stay down. We'll just do two and five. Arms down and sniff. Two, three, four, five. Squeeze it out to three. Make those arms. Palm, two, three, four, five. Squeeze. Two, three, four, five.

It's pretty so because you don't want to look frantic, but it's a real pump. Okay, let's bring your head up this time. And um, I'm going to have Ruth do a modification and she's gonna put one foot here and the other one as you come up. So you all are going to have your first, you'll come with us, Ruth with your feet down. And then when we bring the legs up, you'll take it like that. So this time bring your arms up so your head comes up and we're going to do five, just two times. Sniff. Two, three, four, five, reach to three. Beautiful. Roll it down. So will all those buttons are still coming into play. Bring your feet into chair position.

Yeah, arms up. And now Ruth, you're going to have one foot on the floor right now and one foot here and one foot straight. Good. Here we go. And Sniff. Two, three, four, five, blow. If you're ready, straighten the legs. Two, three, four, five, blow. Two, three, four, five. Roll it down. Alright. To be sure that you get in the right position, bend your knees to your chest. Take your hands and put them underneath your thighs. You're going to pull yourself up into the correct position. Good. So not too high, not too low. Really, you're just pushing off of the bottom of the ribs.

Now stay in that position and straighten your legs. Now you're in position. Hold yourself up there a hold back of your legs. Hold the back of your legs to pull yourself up there. Now you can let go and sniff to three other leg roof. Two, three, four, five, two, two, three, four, five. Blow, two, three again, three. Last one. Blow, two, three, four, five. Very nice.

Bend your knees and roll it up. Let's get your therapy and, and your a circle. So again, we're going to talk about placement of the upper back. So you're going to take the circle with one hand and put it on your chest. I cross this and now I get my head down. So when I rolled down, I know I'm in the right position.

And then of course I have to let go though when I come up there is the hard part and I stay round. I'm going to try to keep this arm straight. So let's take a look brown that back. Yeah, watch. It's not up too high. I take it right here. So again, you can have that same thing we're working on. Put your hand right on the end here. One's here. You're here. I want your hand here. That's it. And just hang over it.

Get your head down. Really feel the round. You know, I don't want you to hurt your chest. Let's get it down a little bit lower. That's perfect. And make some space under your armpit. Nice straight arm that's holding onto the theraband. I don't want you to pull yourself up. I want those muscles to do it. Give me counts. One, two, keep breathing for five, six, seven and a op one.

Feel that scoop. Feel that. Can you continue with scope? Very good. Alright, now let's take your circle away for those who I'm Ruth. I'm going to have you. Yeah. For those of you who can do this without any thera-band, that's fine. If you want to use your theraband, it's nice because we're going to take it in 10 counts so you can really work through everything. So I'm, Ruth is gonna hold her band. Some of you may want to and not however you do it.

Here we go. And 10, once your head is down, it's down. Seven, six, five, four the Rey and one and coming up 10, nine, scoop your heads on that. Receive that magic circle in her head. Yes. Good. Now you're working your muscle here and I'll powering up, right? All right. Um, let's take hers hold of Your Circle. Except for Ruth. Now you're going to hold it here.

I say there's a little man and he's very busy. He's pulling you this way and you're saying, no, I'm going back. Well, who's winning? You're winning. So I'm pulling in gently. It's a very gentle, he's a very friendly man down you go all the way. Arms over the head to the floor. Now she brings her arms up. I'm a little mad. I'm pulling her up, but no, she's a little hesitant about coming up, but she has to because he's winning. Very nice. Okay, so let's take it.

I'm going to have you take it into your own count and just go back and account that you, I like you to reach your fingers forward so it won't track up. You can either flex your feet or point your feet, but know what you want before you start. Here we go and breathe. Inhale, exhale, reach forward. The little man, you can look right through the hope. Nice. Everybody's in sync. Very good. And bring it up.

Imagine that circle is on your trust. Focus your eyes where they should be. They're going to be looking out and down. Yeah. If you look straight ahead, this is going to happen. Okay. Last time ticketing for but with the same quality and down to three overhead. Four and up to three and four.

All right, you've worked. Let's have some fun. We're going to roll. Do you like the role? Everybody likes to roll. Um, Ruth, if you want to, your modification can be here. You don't have to be here, but no pumping. Okay. The rest of you, you can be here, here, or more advanced is here. Wherever you feel comfortable.

So if your hands are here, try to cross them are right and oh, the floor is poison. So don't touch the floor are you'll be poisoned. Head down. Here we go. Exhale back. Inhale up. Exhale back. Inhale up. Exhale, back. Inhale up. Nice roll.

And uh, yes, that was good. And what was good was you kept your heads down because if you do this, hmm, I like the cockroach. It's hard to get back up again. So if you stay round like a ball, single leg stretches and exercise, that's sometimes if we've done it too many years, we go do the Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. 102. Boy, this is really easy. I can do this all day. Something's wrong. All right, so put your hands like this.

Roll it down. All right, just bend one knee. You've gotten elastic band from here that attaches to your navel so you have a little resistance as it goes out and pull it back through the naval and inhale out. Exhale, shift, pull, flex it, push a piano and pull and reach and pull. Now your pelvis is curled, but it won't be when we do a real one. Okay, here we go. Now your upper back is curl two. You're in a nice chair position so the leg doesn't go down and reach and pull gentle pole and inhale, make it work gently for you and reach. Now, last one, flex it and push and pull back. Oh, now when we do our single like stretch, our pelvis is not curled. We stabilize it.

If you're a beginner, you can your hands here. Otherwise put your hands in the classic position. But first let's pull ourselves up and feel that length of the head the way you felt it when we put the circle on it and get ready. Here we go. And Sniff and sniff and blow and blow and sniff. You've got that elastic and glow today. Don't pull it into far.

It's resisting so much. You can't bring it away in and blow. Push your piano with the flex and press, press, press and press. Good. Put your feet down on the floor and to let go. Sometimes we've worked a lot. So we're going to do a spinal rock. It's a nice transition and you just rock through the spine.

Let the head go to just enjoy it. Now we do so much in pull out days. That's horizontal. Let's see if we can go sideways. So you're going to start in your ways cause that's easier and I don't want the whole thing to go just your waist. It's like you have a little itch there. Yes. Okay. Go Up between the shoulder blades. This, Oh yeah.

Now with your pelvis back and forth. Very small cause they don't want the hips to go up and down like a little bowl of Jello. And now like a little sound wave go up, up and down and up and down, little quiver and down and up and down. Very nice. And take a breath. Inhale and exhale. Good. All right, let's roll over on your side. Um, facing this way is good. Now do remember when we were doing the old leaks and we found that stabilization. So I'm going to have you push up on one arm.

Bring this arm here. Now she's going to take this hand and push the water back. There she is and this is gonna stay. And then as it's there, you can put that hand down on the floor. Good. All right. Flex your fee, lift them up and bring them forward to a little banana shape. Take the top leg and bring it center with a point.

So we're going to do forward point and point back. Flex and flex. Then we're going to change it. Flex and flex. Back. Point and point. Here we go. Hips Heights, not too low, not too high. A goldilocks. Here we go. Forward, pulley and point and and and point and point and flex or flex. Slower and point. Flex forward. Again.

Flex and point and point. We'll do it two times since that's what I did. Back and point. Get your body up and back with a flex. Flex and point. This led trust. Flex and point ver. Now leave your foot behind you.

Roll over on your shoulders with your arms in a v. Let me show you just with one. Yeah. Make her arms in a v. Turn your head this way and reach. Point your toe and get a nice stretch. Stretch your arms. Reach your arms forward and long. Vague.

So you feel that stretch in your shoulders. Straighten your arms. That's a can you straighten your arms everybody. Oh, OK. Legs together. And let's go on the other side. Facing this way towards the leg. Good question. So here we are. Well, is that the other side? Alright, we're good. Let's turn. So you're facing this way? Yeah.

Just so well it can be seen. All right. So first let's get your hand here. Open up the trust. Push the water back, feel that lift. I'm going to change your hands so it's this way not too far, just so you can feel that stabilization and then put your hand down on the floor and this is going to be lifted up and you're going to keep that, takes the top leg and bring it center. It's neutral and we'll do what we did on the other side, two and two.

Here we go. Forward, sniff and sniff back and and point and point and blow like a candle and sniff and Duh and back that Duh and flex and flex. Two points and point and flex and point and flex. Now Flex and flex and point and flex and point. Leave your leg there, roll forward with a nice long arms and a v. Turn your head towards the foot that's in back and enjoy the stretch. Very good.

All right, let's turn a prone. Okay. And yeah, let's ever have everybody going the same way. Yeah, that's good. Yeah. The problem we want to address with a swan is that you've got to have that support.

So you're not crunching in l four l five but you still want a nice lift. So the pelvis, something's got to go forward and it's the pelvis. The pelvis is going to drop forward, but now I lift up and pull here. Here's my son, and then I've got my stabilization here. I can really stretch and show my show my diamond. Okay, so let's put your hands here. What were, yeah, you can look at me for a minute. We're going to start like this. First. You're going to lift your elbows on.

Better do it. We're going to inhale for nothing. Exhale, drop your pelvis and pull the belly button up. Bring the elbows, hands and head hover. Feel the lengths and come down. That's all we're going to do. Then we'll do the same thing.

Straighten the arms and bring them back and then we'll use our, okay, so first we're just going to work the body, so just relaxed the body for a minute. Just inhale for nothing. Exhale, drop the pelvis and pull your navel. Lift your elbows, lift your hands and your head. Bring your hands up so that there are even with your elbows, good harbor and come down one more time. Your nail for nothing. Exhale, drop the pelvis, pull the navel up, elbows, arms up. However, straighten the arms. Reach, pull those arms back.

You're still hovering and down you go. Very nice. Let's take your circles. Your circles are going to be in front of you and they're going to give you a little boost up. So I'm going to have you not put your hands on top, but like this and when you come up, you're going to press down and feel that length. You're lifting up out of the hips. So we're still gonna do our pelvis right. So your head is down on the floor. So just inhale for nothing.

Exhale, drop the pelvis, pull the belly up, huh? Inhale, lift up, pressing down. Let it help you lift now milk it as you go down. Reach that chest and down. Very nice. One more time. Inhale for nothing. Exhale, drop the pelvis, pull the belly button up, press down and feel the length with lift your lifting.

Our ribs are lifting up and and down. Oh, real lay nice with your arms that long. Lift your right leg up just from the thigh and down or from your hip flexor. And lift the other leg up and down. Put your circles aside and let's take your swimming.

But I'd want you to feel your arms the same length as you did when they were reaching, reaching, reaching on that circle. So here we go. And paddle. Two, three, four fingers together. Two, three, four and sniff. Two, three, four and blow to try to stay steady. Don't wiggle side to side two fingers closed four and blow two, three and four. Sit back on your heels. Get an Electrosol stretch from there. Our Ruth, I'm going to have you with your hands like this. The rest of us are here. One for this year.

One foot is here and you're gonna. You pull the belly up a little bit to be sure you're that it doesn't sag. And we're going to hold for 10 counts. So Ruth, you're going to be like this because your, we'll say your arms like that. Just like this. Yeah. Yeah. You can put your hands like this. Sure. Here we go. One leg than the other flat.

Now there's your long stretch. 10, nine, a lower your seat a little bit Ruth. Good. XYX Five or three. Two and one. Walk back with your hands to your feet or your feet to your hands. Drop down, shake out your shoulders and your head and everything. Just let it shake. Shake, shake, shake, shake, and roll it up slowly.

Very nice. Roll your shoulders. Ah, and let's go over. But from a standing position, what we've done. So first, here's, we're gonna play with a neutral pelvis. And uh, the problem often as it goes here or it goes here and if you feel you're not going straight down, take hold of your seat of your pants literally right where your sitz bones are. And just pull yourself down. I find that works pretty well and come up. All right, where else do we have the pelvis? The pelvis went forward.

Bend your knees to get that flexibility. It needs to go. Now let's take the upper back with it because we were in this position. Watch this. You're not over here, a little bit higher up. Yes, their arms are going to tell you, oh, go in there and come back to center. And now there you go. Here you can take a nice squat. Your arms are behind you and feel that chest lifted and come back ahead.

Let's just gather your energy, ah, and take it the other way back. Take a moment and close your eyes. Feel your new renewed energy and your place in space where your shoulders are, your solidly on the floor with your feet and open your eyes and take that with you for the rest of the day.


Suzanne gutterson
Like the elbow circles and info
I love it. Perfect exercises at the beginning to find neutral and feel even lowest abdominals. I have pelvis tilted forward a bit and this really helps. Also explanation of the hundred was very helpful. Thank you very much for a great class. I feel great. No tension in my body and core activated even when I walk :)
Kimmie-Marika: Thank you for your specific comments.. I'm glad they were useful.

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During the swan, you said to tuck the pelvis to lift the belly button....well, that clicked! Thanks for a gentle and informative class.
Anna R
Really loved this class - thank you!
Cynthia G
So much to notice. Thanks

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