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Creating Space in your Body

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Michele Larsson teaches a Cadillac workout that focuses on finding ways to create space in your body. She works on finding connections so you can work your whole body, and she uses imagery to dictate how you use your spine. Your body will feel great when you are finished with prone arm work, balance exercises, and more!
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Reformer Box

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Jun 18, 2014
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I'm Michelle Larson and I'm here with Christie. To do a Cadillac workout, we're gonna start doing a pre teaser prep. We're using the push through bar with one short blue spring and the trap trapeze. So I'm going to ask Christie to put her feet up in the trapeze and you bring the trapeze in enough so the feeder just rested on the ankles. You want to scoot away a little bit this way? A little more? There you go.

Yeah. Every Cadillac's a little different, right? What you're gonna do is like a pre teaser. Okay. So the first thing I want to do is get the client aware of what's going on with their shoulder blades. So on an inhale, I'd like you to let the bar take your shoulder blades off the floor and let your shoulder blades back down. So you figure out where your shoulder blades are today. You do that twice, then you bend your elbows and you pass the bar overhead. And then you do the same thing up here. You Shrug, you bring your shoulder blades up, you bring your shoulder blades down, you bring your shoulder blades up, you bring them down, and then you bend your elbows and you come forward. All right, so now you figured out where your shoulder blades are on the mat.

You keep them down on the mat and you press down here and you lift your pelvis lifted and then rolled down. If you happen to have hyper extended knees, turn out okay, and Hook your feet. So you lift your pelvis and you rolled down. And one more time she's going to lift and then she's going to roll down. Then she's going to do a tiny upper body curl. So the head comes up, ribs draw, and she rolls back down. Now the shoulder blades move here.

So as you come up off the shoulder blades begin to come around the rib cage and come down. So we put this all together. She's going to bend her elbows on an inhale. Take the bar overhead on the exhale, bend your elbows on an inhale. Keep your shoulder blades flat on the mat bar to the ceiling. On the exhale, lift the pelvis up on the inhale. Roll down through the spine on the exhale, and now head forward to a small role to begin with and come back down.

This role could also become a v sit, so she'd bring her head forward and she would just become right up as if she were coming into teaser. Okay. And then come back down again, depending upon the Cadillac you're working on. Depends on, I would put your, take your hands on the silver posts and push yourself away more. Yeah. Then you're not going to maybe get your nose right. Okay, so inhale, bend, exhale over head and Hale Bend. Exhale, shoulder blades flat. Inhale, lift the pelvis. Exhale down. Inhale v, set up this time. Come all the way up and exhale down. One more time. Inhale.

Great. Yeah. Last one. Just visa and coming down. Nice. Keep a hold of the bar. Take your feet out of here and we'll just move this away for now. I think we will move it away from [inaudible].

Oh, there we go. You're going to hold onto that bar with one hand. Let's hold on with your right hand to begin with. Yeah. And your left leg is straight, correct. Benji. This to the left. Your right leg. This arm is down. You're gonna roll to your side.

Yeah. You know that side. Well, what's you're gonna do is you're going to just roll. You're not going to move your pelvis or do anything funny. You're just going to press into your foot and let the bar help you and just roll over to your side. Roll your, keep your head on the mat and roll to the side. There you go. And come back down. You can move the hand into the middle. Why don't you try that and push and roll. There you go. And come back down right now.

Try Rolling and putting a spiral through your spine by pressing with your foot. So your pelvis starts, your chest follows, your head, follows your nose, rolls into the ground. Start back with your chest, let your pelvis follow and roll down. So you're putting that little spiral into your back, right. Go start with your chest, roll back and come down. Now pick the way you like to roll. And as you roll to your left, look back over your right shoulder.

Way Back. There you go. Very dramatic and come back. Yes. And again, press out, look back over your shoulder. Beautiful. And come back. Nice and change. [inaudible]. There you go. So first just roll like a log, just let the bar help and just roll and come back. [inaudible] and again and just roll and come back.

And now you start with your pelvis, follow with the chest and just roll. Start back with the chest, follow with the pelvis and roll. So what I'm trying to do is put a little rotational thing up through the spine and come back. And then when you add the looking over the shoulder, that's for everybody's next, who seemed to neck seem to be a problem. That's it, right? Yeah, it feels great, doesn't it? And one more nice and come back. Great. You can let go. Okay, roll to your side and sit up facing out. Good. You're going to take and put your hand on here and I'd like it sort of directly down so that you don't have much weight to deal with.

You could put your feet on a box if you wanted to or you could just let the box. That's your feet hang. Okay. Take your right arm straight up above your shoulder. You're going to do a simple side bend to the left and come up. Well, there's two things to think about. This hip has got to stay down and as you go to the side, this arm rotates outwards. Good and come back up.

So this sits bone, stays on the ground, this arm rotate as you go, not necessarily beforehand, right? So as you go and then come back up, that manages to keep you a little more square. One more. Keep this hip down a little more. That's far enough. And come back up. Open up your arm to the side. Hold this bar steady in space like a space hold and just rotate around and try and reach it and try and touch it. But don't move it towards you. Come on, move your arm. Whoa. And Open Up. You feel those rhomboids now grow tall through your head as you do this. Inhale, as you rotate, get space between your vertebra. That's it. And come back to, Hey, get easy.

This is easy. It's very easy and rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate. That's it. And come back to the trick is what she wants to do is pull the bar to meter, right? But then you don't really get between your shoulder blades. So sit square on both sitz bones. Think up, inhale, rotate. There you go.

Exhale and come back. Beautiful. Whole thing on the other side. Got It. Okay, so you have a simple side bend. Yeah, keeping weight on your left sits bone and rotating your right humerus or upper arm out slightly and come back up. Does not need to be big. There you go. You're just getting space between your vertebra. I mean your ribs on this side. Closing the space on this side between your ribs and come back one more and come back. Open the arm to the side and do the rotation.

Growing up through your head, trying to reach the bar and come back. Yeah. Yeah. So you really open here. That's what we're beginning to deal with is that part and come back. Keeping the way equally on both sitz bones. Simple rotation, just simple seated rotation, nothing fancy and come back and one more and come back. Good. Carefully bring the bar up.

I'm going to take the spring off. You're going to turn around and face this way with your legs out in here. You remember when you were a little girl and you were on the swing? So the swing hand here. So as you go forward, you tuck your legs like under the Cadillac and you reach your body out and as you come back, you roll through here. You stick your legs out and bend your elbows slightly. There you go. And swing forward and open your whole spine and roll back and stick your legs out. Oh, and swing forward and open your spine and coming back and forward and open your spine to come back. Nice, great fun. Yeah.

Now you're going to stand up on the floor inside here. Now, some Cadillacs have a bar back here, so you have to be a little careful how you get the person in, but this one doesn't. So you're going to stand with your hands facing. You move up just to here. Yeah, there. And all you're going to do is pull the bar down. Now this is right out of the gym, right? This is gym rat. Stuff pulled on. You feel your abdominals. Press in towards your spine.

That's all I want you to feel. Just feel those abdominal. Don't do anything. It happens automatically, right? You're using all of this part of the arm and the abs just fire automatically. Now as you pull the bar down, come up on tip Tov. Relevate as we would say, pull the bar down and come back and pull the bar down and come back [inaudible] and pull the bar down. Okay?

And come back. Now this can be dangerous if you pull it down and you lean over, you never want to let go. What you're gonna do is you're going to pull the bar down. You can go up on tiptoe. Now right about here. Start to lean over the bar, but butthole. Yeah, you feel the extra work and now come back up. Now you see how dangerous that could be. Yeah. So you really have to hold on and then the bar down, if you're really tall, you don't have to go up on Tiptoe, but I think for you it helps. Yeah.

And coming up, pulling the bar down to about wisdom level and then curl over. Yes. I that whole connection and come back. Yeah. So you're now working the whole body up from the feet all the way over and come back. Very nice. You can carefully step. Take these off. Nice. Huh? We're going to swing this back around. No, actually let's go to this end. No, come over here.

I'm going to do a rollback. So you're going to sit with your legs against the, your feet against the silver posts and we're going to do two different kinds of rollbacks. Okay. So your hands are on the bar. The first one as you, as you inhale, you pull the bar down towards your ankles and round forward. Exhale, roll back. Inhale. When you get there, you can take, take the head down or not up to you.

And exhale, rolling up, keeping the bar coming down towards your ankles as you go. And then sit up tall. So you're again deepening what we were doing standing. But now it's seated, right? So you pull this down so you really engage through there. You roll back, keep your head off and roll forward. There you go. Reach for the ankles and come up. Let's do that one more time.

So you find that whole pull down engagement. Oh, back. That's it. And Roll Up. Now we're gonna do another variation. Okay. See The wall, the wall? Yes. Yeah. There's a spider on it. And I want you to watch that spider as it goes down the wall.

That's going to dictate how you use your spine. Okay? Yeah. So watch that spider down. You Go. No, you don't do the same way. You're just rolling back watching the spider. As you go, keep that to keep going. Now about here, you begin to lose him. So roll the way down and let your head go. Come forward. Find Him. He's down there close to the bet baseboard. That's it.

Now Watch him walk up the wall, up the wall, up the wall. Watch. There you go. Totally different. You see your spine. Do you see? Okay, so start with your eyes. Yeah. Oh, he's a very fast spider. He's one of those little ones, right? Yeah. And come forward and come up. Yeah. So you're letting the eyes dictate the way the spine moves, right?

You're not moving the spine like you were before. You're letting your eyes dictate it and come back up. Nice. Now go lean back more or less flat. About 45 degrees. Stay right there, Ben. And strain your elbows. Find those shoulderblades again. We sort of left them alone for a moment. Just find them good and come all the way back up. Nice. Okay.

You can let the bar go. You're going to turn back around and you're going to go here. Now put your feet straight. Knees Straight, feet here. Okay. Nope, you're going to do the standard push through. But I want you to do it with the sense of the combining the arm thing that you had in the side bend right with that. Lift up over follow with the AB thing you had here and we were starting over there. You know that pull down. So your palms are facing this way. As you bend your elbows, you drop them in and you find that curve and connection.

Don't do anything yet. Just bring the bar down to about here. Now let it follow through with your abdominals. Stretch out. There you go. Come back, stack your Vertebra, drop the elbows and let the bar come up. Good. Right? So you pull down this it gauges, you follow over the top. That's it. Just fine. Easy stretch. Come back and stand up.

Yeah, yeah. And coming down. Beautiful at fall off and come back up. Just a a way of doing, push through, right? Not the only way, but a way and come up. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a one arm saw. So hold on with your right arm, you're going to roll back and retry and reach me. Come on, come on. There you go. Now come across, push the bar up and look underneath and reach for your toe. There you go. Swing out, roll back and reach for me. There you go.

That's it. Yeah. And come up. Go across and you can look underneath. That's it. Nice. And come back. Roll reach for me. That's it. That gets into little crevices in the ribs. That's a little different, Huh? Yeah. And one more swing out. Yeah, that's it. And come back. Beautiful. Change sides.

So come out, reach for me. That's it. Yeah. And go across. Good. Yeah. [inaudible] yeah. Two more, Eh, to come across last one and come across. Nice. Yeah. [inaudible] push through. Okay. Let's go back and revisit our shrug. Okay.

So let your shoulder blades come up and let your shoulder blades drop and wrap there. Let the shoulder blades come up, but the shoulder blades drop and wrap. That wrap is really important for Swan. Does that make sense? Shoulderblades come up, you come back and you wrap your, I always think of ears between arms. Look straight down. Lift your legs up and flutter. Kick and just breathe and come back down. Hold on tight. I'm going to give you a stretch. There you go. That's it. And now shoulderblades down and rap. Come up and I'll beat your heels together in one more breath.

Come back down. Well, hold on tight. Give you another stretch. If you're doing this to someone, please point your fingers sidewards to their body. All right. It's a little more polite. Okay, now come back. You're going to do a simple swan. Shoulderblades drop and wrap. The wrap is important. Let the bar lift you slightly on an inhale. Exhale, come back down. And now this also has to come off my hands. There you go. You feel the difference. That's it. And back down.

And I can give you a little length here. Go. Is that a little better? Yes, I thought so. And um, now let me show you a little cheat slide down. Let your toes go off. I've got a hold of the bar. Yeah. Lie Back Down. Now. Flex your feet, see what and see what it does to your low back against the bar. Feel that against the, what do you call it? The edge. Yeah, the edge.

So you feel how that could get lengthens this part of your spine. Okay. Now relax your feet as you come up into swan flat. Be sure you drop and wrap and flex your feet. Does that feel better? Feel safer for you right now? Yeah. Yeah. So you get a little length in here cause you're quite flexible here.

Little tighter here, right? Yeah. Yeah. So that gives you a little more length. Good. Okay. Sit back. Round your spine. Breathe into your back. Good. We're going to do some leg springs. You're here on your back.

I don't know if these are going to be the right height for you, but we'll see. Yeah. Good. Both hands above. Go do a few frogs just at a diagonal and see how the tension is for you. It's okay. Yeah. Yeah, I can lower it. I don't know where we're headed. Foley. Just simple.

We're just simple leg sprays. We're not going to do anything different. Okay? Now, what I want you to do is I want you to reengage the pressing away when the legs come towards you. Okay? Okay. So as you bend, you press away. You feel that you get that space in your vertebral good traction. So straighten the legs, keep them straight. Come up on an inhale. Actually, I should do the other way around. Come up on the exhale.

Okay. That's it. Find that space. Good. Inhale. The inhale will help keep the space as you come up and flex in the hip. The arms. Get the space. There you go. It's nice, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah.

So go to about 45 degrees and we'll do a simple scissor so you have equal down and equal up between the legs. The trick is to try to keep the weight equally on the back of the Tush, on both sides. Don't let any rocking happen. Good. One more good. Bring your legs up and do circles. You can turn out. You're going to do four or five in one direction or four or five in the other.

One more [inaudible] and reverse. Good bend into frog. Now you're going to straight. Now opened a second. Flex the feet, come back in, point the feet, bend into frog. That's it. Going out. Oh, open flex back in and point. Now the range that you use is entirely up to you. Okay.

You keep it comfortable. The, the important thing is that there's not a lot of reactions through the torso. Yeah. One more. Good. And Bend your knees and come all the way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're going to do something that I saw Corolla tree or two years ago. It's an assisted short spine. Okay. You hold on above. All right, I'm going to hold here. Parallel your legs and straightened towards me.

Lift your pelvis, come up, bend your knees and now roll down against my leg. You go out, lift up and now roll down against my leg. That feel nice. Oh, get my foot out from under your back and tie and you remember to push on the bar and yeah, and it's good. Carefully take your feet out. Good feeling. Okay. All right, so now we're going to do bend and stretch. What do we have here?

Kind of double row here. Well, there's two ways to approach Ben in stretch. One, the classic way, which you have the flexibility for which is what the head this way. Yeah. And one in a reversed position. Right. If this usually goes up here like this, right. If somebody is very tight then and you don't have a chair or a platform thing that slides out, you would do the reverse position, but it would be nice.

It's nice if in you or the person's flexible enough to be in the classical position, the head in this direction on their back because then the pull of the spring is back down into the hip. Does that make sense? But it does sort of alter abdominal work is, I like to do abdominal work on here too, so I'm going to put you in the reverse position. Okay. Just to show the crunches and stuff. Okay. Even though it's, you could do it that way if we had a chair or something here. Okay. So yeah, slide your legs under here and I don't use heavyweight on this ever. Ever. Okay. Okay. Well for the guys. Yeah. You can slide under some more.

Okay. Feed on here. There you go. Yeah, and justice. Just on the toes. Pilati Zvi you want this over here? Out of your way. Okay. Bend and straighten. Bend and stretch.

Right now in this position, the knees are going for the armpits. It's an open position in the hip socket. It's a natural, more natural position. Okay, so you can go deeper, right? Do One more. Now go on the heels. Parallel clothes. Now when you come in, it's an unnatural position and you don't get that much bend and that's okay. Yeah. No, keep your legs straight.

Interlace your hands and place them underneath your head. Okay, now change the interlacing. You never get that. Okay, girl, you did it. Okay. And just little upper body curls. That's it. Yeah. And down, right? Little upper body curls. Hmm.

One more. Just three. Come back down. Keep your arms where they are. Now. Do lower body curls. Tiny. Yeah. Tiny, very deep curl. That's it. And come back down. Now bring your upper body up. Bring your lower body up. This you do use in PyLadies this lower body down. Upper Body.

Down. Yeah. So now you're making a distinction here. Upper body, lower body. That's it. Lower body. Upper Body. Yes. Now come up. Now stay here. Can you rock this rocket? There you go. That's it. Yes. Beautiful. Yes. Good, good. One more. That's it. And come down. Nice and relax. Everything flat.

That was cool. Bring your arms down. Go wide on the arches and yeah, parallel slightly. Turn out. Don't be strict and just bend in towards your armpit. This would be a position that you'd use to pick up something heavy and straighten. Good. Yeah. Last one. Good. Come back onto the toes in the middle and just do flex and point.

This is not a particularly heavy spring. You could use to a straight though. Yeah, it's getting, yeah, you're getting enough. Yeah. There's no reason to force and now run, run, run. Good and last one. Good. Now keep one leg up. Bring the other leg all the way off. Let it relax.

Bend this knee and put both hands right here on the thighs so you don't move the thigh. And now just move your ankle and stretch. Keep this leg inside. You can bend this knee and open up the front of this hip. Yeah, that's it. So you're now you're really working that foot a little more. You have to keep, you can't cheat by using your knee. You're stretching out the other quadriceps.

One more slowly. Straighten that leg up towards the ceiling. Bring the other knee in. Change fee. Plus you get blood back into your head. Bend it in. Bend a little. That right there and point and flex and you want to keep the alignment here was the hip as much as possible. That's it. Just to let that hang harder on that one. Oh, last one. [inaudible] good and come all the way up. Bend both knees all the way in and take your feet out.

Good. You're going to turn around and put your head under here. Okay. There you go. Line down. Now don't go too far back. Clavicles right. [inaudible] state. Yeah, this is arm work. Bend your knees, feet flat. Now palm a fingers facing one another.

This you could definitely do too. You could easily do two springs, but we'll stay one. Depends upon strength chest press. Now what you want. Go up and down. Yeah, you want to slide down here more. There you go. So you really want to try and find the war, the connection of the arm bone through the clavicle to the Sturt, right into the ribs and the spine. Yeah. Good. There you go. [inaudible] all of them us over a certain age. Do this. Okay, good. Same thing.

Turn the elbows in and find that whole thing we were working on earlier. Right? That whole, it's tricep and the very sophisticated back of armpit. Muscles group. Good. Stay straight next time. And Shrug the shoulders up and down. Shoulder work. Just your shoulders. There you go.

Good. Alright, bend, slide off this way for monkey head and shoulders off. You did do the short spine so you don't have to do it, but it's fun. Yes. Put your feet on here. Hands on the bar. There you go. And you also get that scapular motion again, right? So straighten up on an inhale in the monkey flex and point if it's comfortable.

Right. Let those shoulder blades right up if you need to bend in and come all the way down. Good and coming up and pointless. That's it. Yeah. So you get that scapula thing too, right? Do you know what the pointed toes are? Flexed feet. I sort of think they're in the middle. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then you go, I go into point and then into flex usually. Yeah. Cause if I go up flex, then you immediately get into tightness. One more [inaudible]. Oh good. And come down. Take your feet out, slide yourself back onto the machine. Great. Stay right here. Take your legs. Really your feet wide to the sides of the couch.

Knees are bent. Keeping your feet there. You're going to do a wide foot. Nice way. So you're going to sway your knees from side to side. Keeping your feet wide. Yeah, you've got a whole different energy through there. There you go.

So you get all that back stuff sort of worked out a little bit with a twist. Good. And come back in. Roll to one side and step off. Good. All right. We'll take this down. We're going to do the, the lungs, the long stretch basically. Right. Oh, so you're going to come around to this side sort of good. Hook this up. I think it'll stay. Okay. Put your hands on the bar. No spring. Okay. Back up a little bit and think that you're on a vertical reformer, right. Here's your arms. And now just fall forward.

But don't lose it through the center of your body and then just come back onto your feet. Real simple. So just fall forward and come back on your feet. Beautiful. Two more while I changed the equipment. Last one. Yeah. Good. Yes. I'm moving to this end of the Cadillac.

So we from to do some simple arm work. I'm gonna move this up a little bit. Lying prone on the Cadillac. So you're lying prone. Yeah. On your belly. Yeah. Ribs off. Probably Navel towards the edge of the Cadillac. There you go.

Put your hands in here. Good. All right. Simple punching down. Now Watch. You have to back up a little bit. Yeah. Got to get those roots. There you go. That's it. That's it. Now lift up through here. Good, simple punching. That's it. Just straight down, easy, easy.

All you're doing is trying to find back line, right support. Straighten both arms straight down to the floor. Hug a tree, open to the side and hug. Bring the head up a hair open to the side and hug. Open to the side and hug. Open to the side and hug.

Open overhead and pull back and feel that naval work open overhead and back. Yes, open overhead and back. Open overhead and stay there. Swim. Hat's it. Really connect all the way through the middle of the body. Good. And come down. Bring your arms straight down to the floor.

Relax if you can. Yeah, bring your butt torso back up. Parallel to the floor. One arm overhead, other arm side. So one arm goes overhead, other, that's it. And come back. Okay, good. End. Up and back and back and up and back. One more. Each side. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. And exhale. Carefully come out of there and push yourself back.

Round your spine and just breathe. Okay, now we're gonna come over and we're going to work off the Cadillac at this end. Using these lighter rollbacks springs or if you have specific arms springs, it's just that you don't want them really heavy. Okay, so we're going to put this roll back bar attached here and Christie is going to stand inside this facing the wall with her hands. I tried to put them out and see what happens right now you want the springs to miss her shoulders. That's sort of important and you get, I like to do this in PyLadies v and you need to be out enough so that when you straighten your arms you can lean and be off center. Right? Keeping this off center. You just do a bend and stretch with the elbows.

Yes. So you might have to adjust yours, your weight back or forward a little bit so you feel pretty secure. Nice. When? When you're beginning this, be careful you don't do so much that the springs spring you back and you slam your head into this thing here. Right? Good. Now come up to standing. Okay. Now you're going to do the punch out with the bar as you lunge.

So you might want to back up just a hair. Okay. So just one foot stepping, just one foot, stepping forward into a lunge as you punch and then you come back. Yes. So you see all the adjustments. You have to just leave us lean. I'd leave it a little lean. Yeah, I do tend to stand here just to make sure you don't come flying back. Change the other leg. Yeah. Alternating.

Yeah, just do to good. Alright. Lean out and stay here. Straighten the arms. Lower. Lift the arms up to eye level and down to naval. Watch it when you go to naval cause you want to fall, right? Yeah. Up and a good.

Up and down and up and down. Slowly stand back up and turns sidewards face from put one hand here like that so and the other hand here like so and put this directly over your head so you have to walk out a little bit. Go to Pilati. Zvi that's a little easier. Now this has to stay directly over your head and you lean from the hands to the feet all the way to your right. So you just lean, you find you fire your whole right side. That's it and you come back up. There you go. So you're just firing instead of that whole side. You feel that inhale as you lean, exhale as you come back up. Inhale. As you lean, exhale as you come back up. Inhale. As you lean, exhale as you come back up. Yes. Turn to the side to the back around it.

There you go. Good. Inhale and exhale. Yeah, you have to find your position. You also try to keep the stick level to the floor. Does that make sense? Yeah. There you go. Oh, one more?

Yes. Okay. Now we're going to turn. Take these and place them down on those. The bottom, the bottom, back up a little bit. Turn underneath hands. You can do a simple squat and bicep curl. Okay, so you can sit back if you want towards this. Yeah. I would do a parallel simple squat and bicep curl at the same time. Good and up. Yeah. Having a box here is great, especially for your older clients or you yourself, right? Yeah, and you only go as deep as your knees can handle. If it can be tiny, right.

It doesn't have to be deep. One more [inaudible] nice and come up. Good. Let's take this back and hang it back up here. Take the bar off and we're going to put this wonderful, um, body thing. It's, um, something that Marie José created. Yeah. Do you know what they call it? Just a strap or I'll find out. Yeah.

You find, yeah. I never remember. She does have a, it does have a name for it. Okay. You're going to stand inside and face that way and put it around your ribs. Move the box for a moment and I'll move it back in. Okay. All right. Now this I do for people who are afraid of falling frankly, and all my Schooley people. Okay.

Because they can feel that the ribs on their pronounced side are more into this than into here, so they can learn to breathe into the ribs on the side. That doesn't the hauler side. Right. Makes Sense. Yep. And then you tell them, I have to stand here. So you, if you're on your own, you, you go careful. Okay. That, and then you just say fall backwards with control. Oh No, you can [inaudible] scary. Yeah. Yeah. And come up. It is scary. That's why I'm here. Right. And I'll usually have my hands here so they feel that, that that's that you can, hey, you can put your hands there, inhale as you go back, exhale up and fine. This is a balance exercise. This is something for your inner ear thing, right?

Where do you have to kiss, stand up from, right? Where would you organize this from? Yeah. And coming up. Nice turn. Sidewards so you do run into anatomy here, but you tried to get it up around, up around the ribs if possible. If it's comfortable. Right. And the same thing here. You, yeah. You just lean into the side.

This is not quite as scary because you feel you can lunge if you need to, right? Yeah. Yeah. [inaudible] ne more [inaudible] but again, which would be your left lung when you turn around and face back. Yeah. Then you really have to breathe into that left long, big time to help you stabilize. Right? Yeah. That'd be interesting to see what happens. Yeah. So I actually, I just went to, yes. I always, when you're going inside, it's just the natural thing to do.

So as you go side, you breathe into, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Seaside. This is the, everybody's got a sod. Yes. See? Yeah. You don't want to side Ben. Do you want to side lean? Does that make sense? So you have to breathe in here fully. There you go. And come back. That's it. [inaudible] so you breathe right into here. Good.

Yeah. And come back, going back and come back. Nice. Now turn around and face me and we're gonna do [inaudible] sort of like a downward dog sort of, but you bring that strap down to hip and I always use a box or something because most people don't have the hamstring length to do a full downward dog. So you're just gonna lean forward and walk out and walk and get that traction. You can get your feet to the other side of this, your hands to the other side of this box. And you feel that traction. Yeah.

Yeah. And you just really just breathe. Yeah. So you just letting this whole thing open up. Not For hip replacement. Absolutely. Do not do this if you have hip replacement. Yeah. Cause that would be very dangerous. Good.

Last ne. Good. Now to come out of this, bend your knees and bring your hands to the strap and roll up carefully so you don't, this doesn't go quick. Clean up your body and hit you in the face. You're done. That felt so good.


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This is a treat with so many treasures for one session! I have too many favorites to list but thank you Michele for offering these gems!
Paola Maruca
May I say something????? I am so jealous of you Kristy....I would have given anything to be in your place
what a treat!!!!!!
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As always, a wonderful lesson filled with lots of great exercises and cues!!
This one session taught me so much. So many wonderful variations of standards, but the cueing and adjustments made this truly special. Thanks, Michele!
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great Sunday morning workout....thanks Kristi and Michelle!
Paola... umm... I get it. When this session ended, I realized I had hosted Michele twice before on PA and even been to her house in Santa Fe (on a trip for the legacy project), but this was my first "private" session with her. I walked away slightly stunned and your comment reminds me of my good fortune. And Paola, come see us, Anytime! I'd like you to have this experience too.
Paola Maruca
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Kristi, I will come back soon (hopefully). You guys are fantastic and have truly become our (Pilates instructors and Pilates devotees worldwide) extended family Thank you!
absolutely unique and wonderful! Michelle, you are such a role model! Thank you!
Karin H
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it would be interesting to see Michelle work with someone who really is level 1/2; much less experienced; I'm interested in seeing the modifications on someone with a much less flexible spine and body awareness as wonderful Kristi. Great job Kristi!
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Wow, wow,wow!!! I loved this and so jealous Kristi:) Amazing work . I really like the way Michelle teaches. Great job Kristi.
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