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Advanced Flowing Reformer

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Looking for an advanced flowing Reformer workout that will challenge your strength, control, and stability while playing with fun variations? Meredith gives all of that to you in this class, from variations of Footwork and Feet in Straps, to Roll Over, Jackknife, Balance Control, Elephant Arabesque, Side Splits, and Snake and Twist, among other exercises.
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Jun 21, 2014
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Hi, today, my dear friend Christie and myself. I'm going to play on the reformer. We're going to do some advanced work, so let's get to it. Standing on your feet. That's a good start. Organizing. Feel the arms reaching down the size of the body and the top of the head. Reaching up towards the ceiling. Feel the anchoring through the feet, the lifting up through the spine. Take the arms in, reach out and create a very strong outward reach to the arms.

Reach overhead. Inhale, exhale. Press the arms back down, right? Just moving the arms for now and then anyhow, instead of pressing, let the arms flow and exhale. Push down a. N. N. How does gathering energy reaching up? Pushing up this time as we exhale, we're round forward. Diving down, reaching for the reformer. Allow the hands to come on to the reformer, bend the elbows and take the spine down. Inflection. Inhale, feel the tailbone. Reach up towards the ceiling. Elongate through the spine and to a flat spine. Anything. Let your elbows lift a little. If necessary. X or re round the spine. Float the body back up, allowing the hands just to leave the reformer when they need to.

Take the arms up. Float. Take a hold of the left wrist with the right hand. Reach up towards the ceiling and then as you reach to the right with your spine, allow your pelvis to drift to the left. Stand on your right foot to come up. Hold onto your right wrist with your left hand. As your spine reaches over to the left, the pelvis drifts over to the right.

Stand on your left foot to come up. Push the arms down. Inhale. Exhale. Reach the arms forward. Roll the spine down, allowing the fingertips to come onto the reform or the palms of the hand and the elbows bowing forward. Inhale E. Elongate the back. Look off. Feel the pelvis spread open. Exhale really round the spy. Dropping the head down. A curl the spine to lift. And one more time. Allow that I'm sure.

Recheck left wrist, right hand stretch to the right. This time we add a little rotation towards the right side of the body with the left side of the spine. We inhale to unwind. Stand on your right foot and exhale to lift up. Take a hold of the other hand. Inhale, Recho over. Exhale, draw back through the waist. Reach forward and over with that arm. Inhale, come back through center and stand on your left foot to exhale and left.

Take the arms down. We're set up for footwork. We're going to start sitting right on the edge of the carriage legs up stretched, so make sure you've got enough room. We're going to go into a rollout up. Is this a roll up or roll down? This is a rollout we're going to have. Bring the arms forward and curl the spine. Feel now the pelvis shifts so that the spine can come down onto the reformer as your head comes down, allow the arms to just stop right over the shoulders.

Inhale, lift the head and chest, draw in through the waist. Curl the spine up, and then at the top we open the arms and Elongate the back. Inhale. Exhale, press energy forward while you round your spine backwards. Roll back. Body comes down one vertebrae at a time. Inhale, lift the head and chest. Exhale, look forward as you roll yourself up. Find your rounded shapes, shoulders over pelvis, and inhale, lift the back. Three more. Exhale, press and around.

Inhale, lift. Following the breath. Exhale, roll up. Inhale, build the spine up straight and all the light and energetic way. Exhale, press curl and a roll back. Pressing the legs down into the foot bar. Just sit. Anchor. Inhale, head and chest Sta. Exhale, curl in. He'll listen to the exhale. Press we're rolling down to stay.

Reach back with your arms to the pegs. Then the knees one at a time. Lift the legs up and from there inhale as we come to the right with the knees and Exela as we arrive back through center. Inhale as we take the knees to the left. Keep the right arm is an anchor and exhale as we travel back through center. Inhale as we reach over and exhale as we reach her and inhale as we reach over an exhale to return. One more like that. Feel as you reach across the navel, draws back into the spine and exhale to center.

Note that you stop yourself just before the shoulder and the arm. Lift up off the mat and exhale to center. Inhale to the right. Exhale to stretch the legs up, center the body and fold the knees in in hills. We reached to the left. We exhale to kick the legs to straighten and draw back and fold the knees in.

One more time like that. Inhale to reach over, kick the legs straight, pull back and then reach across to the opposite side. Kick the leg straight, draw back and fold the knees and curl the head and chest up. Reach the hands to the knees. Use a downward press of the arms kit, a nice high lifted girl and in your double leg. Stretch and pull so there's an energetic reach and a contraction and I reach and I couldn't traction. As the arms are going back, they go together, they go narrow behind you. As the arms are reaching, the trunk stays lifted all the time. The feet go straight out and straight in.

As we were pulling against a resistance band. Last five coming RM for coming around, keeping the curl, using the hands as they come to the knees to just maintain that high position. Here's number one. Reach. Come around both hands on the left knee, right leg straightens. Pull and pull. Push down on the knee with the arm. See that a little bit. Upper back and arm work. Feel that the leg that's straightness.

Ilan gating out of the hits. The body is constantly looking for that upward curl. Yeah, and we work with our breath. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Three, three, two, two, one, one both. And reach back. Hands behind the head. Take the left leg straight. We wrote slowly to the right and switched slow like molasses.

Push through an imaginary solid and lift as you're coming through the center. Try for height and hike. Two more like this one more like this. And then we're going to take the opposite arm to bent knee and we're going to go move a little faster. Reach and reach. Use that reaching arm to me to increase the height of the body. Two, two, one, one center. Pause there. Stretch one leg out along the bar.

But stretch the other leg out along the bar. Reach the arms forward. We're coming up from here. They think. Are we coming up, Chrissy? We're coming off. Oh, we're coming up and we made it. Take a stretch forward. Listen to that. You're sitting right over the top of the pelvis. Arms out to the sides. Palms up in here for the twist. Let's go to the right.

So it's spiral spiral center and working through the waist. It's getting a little bit of extension after the flection rotate and center and hold rising vertically out of the pelvis and a light and energetic manner. Last to center to center. Last one, center, one center. Die Forward. Roll back.

Lift the left leg. Take a hold of it in it Paul. Pause. Switch. Paul Paul Sweat. Paul Paul, drawing the leg towards the body with the center of the body, not just the arms last two and pressing down into the bar with the opposite leg. One and one. We take the hands behind the head. We keep the legs going on and push Paul, so it's oppositional energy. One leg in, one leg down. Last two, two, one, one, and we row Tate and routine.

Let that bottom leg serve as an inker. Push down to the other leg can pull closer to the body. Here's two, two, one, one. Find your center. Bend your knees, put one foot down, put the other foot down, reach forward. Take your right leg out straight. Take your left leg out, stray roll up, die forward.

Roll the spine up and separate the legs. It's going to do a little spine stretch and then we'll be on our backs. Inhale from here. As we exhale, we're going to roll through the spine, reaching forward over the legs. Pause the inhale. Exhale to build the spine again, one bone at a time. Lifting up and in here, and exhale as we reach forward, the body scopes for the abdominals.

Pull back in here and he, he on hate the body as we lift up out of the legs. One more time in here. Exhale. Inhale and exhale. Lower the arms down. Swing your legs around to the sides of the bar can come out.

Okay, and then coming down onto our back. Let's take the head rest down for a moment. We're going to do about three pelvic curls, feet in parallel on the heels, on the bar, arms long and straight at our sides. Inhale here and as we exhale, we draw down into the mat, flat in the spine and roll the spine, feeling in the backs of the like. Start working, feeling the arms lengthening and reaching. Inhale and roll the spine down slowly.

One bone at a time. Dropping the pelvis heavy in here as the pelvis changes, as the spine flattens, reach the arms further, lifting up Pars, press up high. Inhale and exhale. Feel the head who reach first. Then chest reaches away from the chin, the ribs. Calm down individually with the bones that they're attached to.

And finally we dropped the pelvis all the way down. One more time, rolling up to stay at the top. Keep the right foot on the bar, lift the left leg up, keep it bent. Inhale hinges down. Tap to the bar and exhale it comes up. Inhale, it touches excellent less. Here's three. Touch, lift two, touch, lift one, touch, lift. Place the foot down. Reorganize. If necessary and here comes the right leg, lift and touch as you're touching the bar with that free moving leg, use the backside of that leg to relive that side of the pelvis.

Last to last one foot comes down. Inhale and slowly work the spy down into the mat and release all the way. I am going to put my head rest back up cause that makes me happy and life is about being happy. Feel the feet on the bar. We're going to stretch out from here. Reach a hold for just a minute. Find your length, find your heavy pelvis and as you bend your knees, keep the springs long and your mind and we press them and we pull it.

Feel that the feet press down or scraped down on the bar to find the backsides of the Ley checking with the rest of your body. Where the ribs are they heavy on the carriage where the shoulders are, they pressed up into the shoulder box or relaxed back into the carriage. We'll do two more like this. Reach the feature c right still as though they're standing on a solid surface. One more time, reach and pull and come all the way down and move to the toes, wrapping the toes around the bar, press out, set the heel position here.

It's high and then it stays still as the knees bend and we stretch out. So there was an energy from the feet all the way out through the crown of the head. That's fairly easy to find on the outward press, but challenging in my mind to maintain on the inward press. So that's where I'm putting most of my focus. I had to reach out and pull, feel the rest of the body just easy in space three. Then hatch contract.

Last time coming back, we hold, swivel the heels together and reach out and and so we just work with our breath exhaling or the reverse breath you choose, but allow your breath to provide a rhythm for your movements. I allow it to give you something to focus on as you're moving. Last five, pulling down four, pulling three. So the heels pulled back to the hips. Two and one may come in. Let me take the oop.

Oh, it's me making a little too much noise. Okay, so we feel the inner thighs here dragged the heels towards one another and stretch and Paul and Elan Gay and bet friend side of the ribs drops. Sometimes it's helpful to think about just the sternum relaxing and that'll help the rib position. Neck is long. We'll do four 32 and one coming all the way back. Shifting back to the toes, keeping the feet wide, almost there. Feel the NFS working and stretch and Paul [inaudible] stretch. So there's an energy being gathered through the entire midsection of the body.

Between the feet, between the thighs in the trunk. The arms can hug next to the trunk. Last four. It's an Allen and I, Paul, concentrating on working the legs evenly. Last to handle one more. Coming all the way back. Yep.

We bring the feet to the center. We're gonna do 15 calve raises. Christy followed by prancing. So we take it out, we take the hills down, we lift from the sitting bones to lift the heels and we stay lifted from there as the heels drop. So feel that the dropping and the lifting of the heels is coming from the entire backside of the lay. Yeah, the Christie's counting for me cause she knows cause I can't count. I love it. Thank you Christie. Okay, so you've got five to go. Yes. Same. Keep checking in with the body.

Long arms, big stretch under last time we are up and then the right knee bends, the left heel drops. We meet in the middle and change. Really try to emphasize the down of the leg. That's getting a stretch. Sometimes we don't go into that place as much as we could. So there's an idea.

Continue to feel that on that straight leg there's a lift from the whole back side of the leg, both as the heel drops and also has it lifted. Let's see, three more. Two, one. I think it's worth it to give ourself as stress. So let's just hang out there. I like to take my foot and hook it over the foot bar and use it as a pulley and then switch science and then lift and bend and come in.

Swivel to the side. Help yourself up. I'm going to go to one red and one blue spring for abdominal work. So a lie back down. I like to give myself a little space between my body and the shoulder blocks. Oh, that's straps. They're not even, I forgot to check. Okay, there we go.

Okay. Sorry. Here we go. Okay, so we've got the straps in our hands. We're going to bring the legs up to tabletop one at a time. We're going to curl the head and chest up. Pause there.

Stretch. Stretch the legs. Huh? I'm just going to take the legs down a little and [inaudible]. Oh wait. Can you Christie down a little so you could decide here to bend the knees and do a hinge with the, Ooh, I like that actually a lot better. It's harder to me and and poor. Two more hinge and Paul reaching the arms past the legs.

Pause there and lower the body down. Inhaling again. Exhale, curling the head and chest up. Take holding there. Stretch the legs out straight. Externally rotate shoulders and hips and open and Paul and in here reach. Feel that as the arms reach to the side, they stay aligned with the body. As the legs reach out to the side, they don't drop, but instead they trace us straight line outwards will do four, three. Oh, I just caught myself dropping as I brought my hands out to the side. Try not to do that. I forgot how many more Christie.

Christie says we bend. We take the body down, open up the knees, bring the arms narrow. We're going to in here, we're going to exhale. Lift the head and chest, arms between the legs. Extend the legs. We're going to lift three, two, one. Fold the legs back in and lower the body two more times. Left greed length and reach for one, two, three.

Fold the new season and lower the body. Last time. Left. Stretch and reach one to three full the knees and, and lower the body down. That's it for now. Take the feet into the straps. So starting with the legs and external rotation in a vertical position, we're gonna press the legs away from our bodies and we're going to reach around in a circle. Bringing the heels to come together. Exhale, feel the top of the legs, creating that downward pressure. So what I like to try to do is delay the movement of the feet while I engage or recruit the upper backside of the lay.

And then I'll allow the legs to fall, reaching around, and three more pressing down, reaching around and getting our hips nice and warm too. Again, notice the positioning of the ribs. Last one. Let's take that in reverse. So we open, we press away, pull up through the waist. You could challenge yourself by lowering your legs more than say is customary for you. If you can stabilize your pelvis, it gives you a little bit more opportunity to challenge the stabilization of your spine. I'm a little bit of opportunity to work your center differently or harder.

One more. So from here we're going to open the legs out in him. Nice. And why feel the external rotators and the inner thighs working as we squeeze the heels together and exhale in hilltop. Pause and exhale, stretch. Inhale, open the legs wide. Exhale as the heels come straight across, wash it. They come together evenly and press in heel to open. Feel as though someone's holding your feedback and you're having to create some significant resistance and press two more open wrap heals, come together, lots of work through the center and reach one more wrap and reach going to reverse that. So we inhale to event. Exhale, take the heels out wide.

Keep the carriage still. Inhale, pause, exhale. Squeeze the legs back together. In that stretch the legs out. Pause. Inhale, and press again. Imagine someone's holding your feet back and you're having to work really hard to press those eggs evenly together. Can also notice has you create that intensity of one leg seems to be working harder faster and try to create symmetry.

Last time slide together we bend the knees, take the feet out of the stress, reach back, take your head rest down. We're going to do the rollover followed by the Jack Knife. It's been awhile for sure in these exercises, so let's lift the legs to table top. Stretch the legs out. Inhale. As the arms come down, the legs will reach up. Exhale, we're going to [inaudible] roll the spine over. Pause there. Flex the feet. Separate the feet, roll the spine down.

I'm trying to trace my straps with my feet as long as I can. As the pelvis comes down. Yeah, the feet point, the legs come around and together and we lift the arms in the legs. Up the arms down. Okay, sure. Rollover in Hilton. Flex separate and XL to roll the spine. Point the feed legs down and together. Arms a last one like that.

Press Rollover. Flex, separate and down. Bring legs down and together. Lift the arms. Here comes to Jack Neck. We inhale the same way. Legs. Exhale, true. Reach over. There is a down energy first and then we lift up using the hip extensors using the back extensors. Exhale, slowly rolling the spine down, trying to keep the feet just in front of the eyes.

Feeling that Vertebra by Vertebra coming down into the reformer. Lower the legs of the thi arms. Inhale, reverse meaning, lower the arms and lift the legs, so rollover, reached down, then up, reaching all the way up onto their shoulders and then slowly we bring the body down bone by bone. It's an intricate movement pattern. And then the legs go down. The arms reach up. Last time, lift, rollover reached down to lift all the way up. Hold here.

Take your right leg down and keep reaching your left leg to the ceiling in your meet. In the middle it excess, which in he'll meet in the middle. Exhale, switch and he'll meet in the middle. Exhale, switch. Last one, find your vertical line and roll down. [inaudible] oh, let's see. Arms and Ben. The nice place. If eaten the bar, the straps can go away. We're going to roll to our side and come up and go down to one spring. One red spring. Come up on tour. Knees. Sorry. So let's put the left foot up against the shoulder block. The right foot. It's going to come up onto the bar. I'm going to find our lifted position.

Okay, we're going to let go here. Ready? And I'm not. I have pushed off the software just a little bit was Christie's question. And then we're going to press out Nice in control. And as we bend that right need to come back and the left leg reaches behind us and do that two more times. Reach Ya holding onto the trunk, stabilizing, concentrating.

That was a directive for myself. Last one, and bend and place the hands on the bar. Tilt the tailbone up and we'll just do one hamstring stretch. Looking for a nice long back and I come in as close as we can. Keep the right arm down, lift the left arm up and use your right arm a little bit to help you side. Bend to the right and then come back through center and take that foot down. The right foot down. Put it up against the shoulder block. That's the left foot up onto the bar.

Lift the spine, find your balance arms out to the side and we stretch that left way. Well, it's a little scarier on this side for me, Christie and Ben. Um, if it's rude in front of my hip so I'm not, I didn't put my foot right in the middle. Tried to put it right in line with my sitting bone on my left side and then pulled back against the spine with the abdominals and reach that right knee back as we come in last time. Oh, I just discovered it helps to stabilize if you really push into the a former with your right foot, right foot. Yeah. And then just reaching for the bar, elongate through this spine.

Start to stretch that left leg long, dropping the hip down, taking just a couple of moments to breathe into that and abandon. Come back and keep that back leg reaching. Come all the way. Never come in as far as you can. The right arm reaches up and then you can use the bar. Actually reach under the bar with my hand and use it as a little bit of an anchor so I can reach up out of it and stretch to the left. Okay. And then we're going to come down. I'm going to keep that spray.

I'm still on a red stand up. If you felt like you needed a little bit more spring, our best to do elephant followed by elephant arabesque. So that's what's happening. Again, stepping back into the shoulder blocks, the heels of the hands are connected and committing to being on the bar. The spine is long and straight. Inhale, press into the heels, lift the toes and take the reformer back. And exos sly the legs back underneath us.

Feel that the heels are endeavoring to be heavy all the time back and that the spine and in his singing stuff and reach back. Last one, I think we'll do one because it feels good. So we come in. I want us to take the right hand over near the left hand. Keep thinking about the back being long. Lift the right leg out to the side and then bring it around behind us so that right leg is lifting up nice and high. As we take the left leg back. As the left leg comes underneath us, we lift the right leg higher. Stowe, inhale to reach back. Spine is stable, shoulders are down.

One more time. Reaching out and coming back. Hold here, roll the pelvis open. The shoulder will come a little bit with you. Ben, that back knee stretch open through the hip. Stretch the leg out straight. Lift it high. Roll back down. Slide the leg around to the side and place it in. Yeah, and then over to the right of the bar, the left leg comes out to the side and around behind us.

Take a moment just to find your nice low position. Inhale, the right leg reaches out and exhale slides back under that left leg is lifting. It's working so hard and reach and one leg in and one leg up. It's like a upside down scissors. Last time pulling in. We know. Roll the left hip open. Lift the leg a little higher. Bend in, reaching around behind us. Continue to keep the pelvis lifted as we stretch that leg out.

Turn the hip and keep the leg high. Bearing like around to the side. Set it down. Reach for the reformer with your hands. Bend your knees and roll through the spine to come up to standing. Yeah, now we're going to step down. He's up against the shoulder block three and do some chest expansion here.

So reach and hold onto the ropes just above the buckles. Lift and lengthen the spine and position the pelvis not behind, but just on top of the knees. Feel there, the rest of the spine reaching up for alignment. We're going to press back through the arms and lift up and forward through the body. Inhale to come forward. Exhale the arms reach down first, then back and inhale to come forward. So it's a focus on the muscles of the upper back as well as a little bit of balance and stabilization of the trunk. It's a very easy to get to lean back as the arms are reaching back and I am encouraging all of us, especially myself.

So try not to, I'm going to do three more. Yeah, it was one reaching down and forward and two, reaching down and forward and three. So what we're going to do now, Chrissy, is a tricep press into thigh stretch. We're going to sit back with a flat back arms right next to the body. We're going to press back three, two, hold the arms back. Start to press the pelvis forward, taking the spine back so we end in the thigh stretch position, and then lifting up. We'll do that twice. More, Ben than a shh. Shift backward with two pelvis. Press one and to, and three hold it back.

Roll back to meet the arms goes low as you can there. It's not easy on this spring and little f last time. Then that and what? Working from the upper back to last time. Three reach back.

Lift the hips and lift the spine up. Place the straps down. Turn yourself around. I'm going to change my spring to a blue. Oh, we're gonna do some art. The arm circles, arm circles, triceps and biceps. So placing the feet up against the shoulder box, grabbing onto the strats, taking the arm, starting just near the sides of the body. We'll do six circles, so we're going to inhale, reach up, rotate the arms, look straight ahead, and exhale, succumb, open. Inhale.

We scoop up the air with our breath and we reach and touch both sides of the room as we can come down and inhale, feel the rotation in the shoulders in exhale and Richa and down is a six. Yeah, this is fine. So nice to have someone else. Keep me accountable for my numbers. Yeah, what's five? What's six? What's seven? Don't matter. Here we go. Here's the river. So we reach out, palms up, shoulders back, spineless in here and feel the spine reaching through the arms as we lower the arms down and reach up and yeah, three to go. Reach out and pull through and reach up and down.

Last time, reach up. Hold here. Hands in a triangle, boom behind behind the head and straight up from there and bend shoulderblades drive down as the arms tracer. Straight line behind the head towards the ceiling. Use the hamstrings to help stabilize the pelvis. Use the abdominals to help stabilize the spine. I'm going to do two more last time and then a nice wide open reach to bring the arms down.

We're going to take both straps in one hand, reached down, add another spring. I'm going to a red and a blue. We had whatever spring you want. Come back upon the knees. Take the arms behind us, keeping the spine upright. We'd been in the arms and straight and reaching all the way back. Bend the arms. Keep the elbows just behind the shoulders.

Then what? I just caught myself leaning forward or wanting to stay right up, right back and Paul and back. Five reach arms, upper arm. Steve, very stuck. Here's three to add what? Reach back. Sit on your feet. Oyster feet. Those are straps, not feet. Place your straps down and turn around and soap. Louisa blue spring. I'm going to go to a red spring and you do the long backstretch. Next, so turn around. Sit on the bar.

Hands are going to be just outside of the pelvis. We'll do about three Christie, so we're going to reach and step into the shoulder. Block one foot at a time. Spine is long. Inhale, bend the elbows. Exhale, roll the spine. Now you want to use your hamstrings there to keep the Elvis lifted. As we roll the pelvis underneath us, keep lifting out of the shoulders as we elongate the back bend x Horrell that reach up and around back here and last one, lifting up Ben, the arms, stabilizing the shoulders, sliding the carrot underneath us. Elongating the spine.

Step in and down sides. What's so I'm going to keep that same one spring and I just lower the foot bar down in a step. I'm going to step up onto the reformer. No, we're going to step up onto the frame interest. He's looking at me like I'm some sort of crazy person and I am from time to time, hold the carriage sill with your hands against the frame who lift up and set your other foot. I'm going all the way to the outside of the shoulder block, but you definitely go where it feels comfortable for you. Keep the carriage still as you roll yourself up, taking the arms out to the sides. That's all right. We're gonna reach out and we're going to gather through our middle to come in all the way in and touch two very, very cha pause there as well.

In Oh two. Sorry. Sorry Cha. Exploring the stretch a little further each time. And Man, oh, just one more. Reach out. Pull him holding one to three. We're going to bend the knee. That's on the frame to see if we can get ourselves in gracefully and we're gonna put that foot up against the edge of the carriage.

Taking the hands behind the back. Bend the knees and lean forward during the knees slightly inwards and get nice and low. Straightened both knees and then both knees, the knees aim at one another. Reach and pull. Working the outsides of the hips, trying not to let the body lift up and down. We'll do four more out and pull in. Pull in.

Here's to feeling the shoulder blade side down on the back. Number one in all the way. Stand on the feet and stand up. Step down, come around to the other side. Kristy was right. We step up onto the frame first. We hold the carriage sta lift up in place, the opposite foot down.

You hold the carriage. So, which at this point might be a little more of a challenge. We roll the spine at bringing the arms out to the side and we open. Gathering through the center is become, although in touch two, three hand or recheck, little pass come all the way in touch, arms reaching. And two more had all the man holding two, three. Oh my gosh, Chrissy. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get in. I can get in. I don't know if I can get in with my foot. Here we go. It's time to try bend flight. How we both made it successfully. Awesome. Okay.

So the foot comes against the edge of the carriage. Hands behind the back. And then the Nissan lean forward aiming the knees towards one another. Press into the heels and stretch. And then Ben Bull, we keep the spinal love. We feel the legs moving simultaneously. Press and press and three and uh, and back last one. Oh, and backs down on both feet.

Stand up and step down. Sorry. I'm going to set up the bar. We're going to set up our bars and I do three mermaids on both sides, preparing us for the twist, which is something happen directly after. So let's sit. I want to have my right arm on the bar. Yeah, left arm out to the side, sitting up nice and tall, you know, lift the left arm, has the right arm presses, bringing the right arm parallel to the floor. As we exhale, we're going to keep the carriage still in.

Turn the spine like to use my arm a little bit there to increase my stretch. Inhale to de rotate, keeping the shoulder down, carrots still, and exhale as we lift at in how we reach our hacks, how we rotate in, how we unwind. An exhale to left last time on this side, reach out. Working arm is parallel to the floor. Then this spine rotates, the arm comes along for the ride, the spine rotates and then we come center. Lift the right arm up towards the right year and just bend over to the left.

A little side stretch there. Lift all the way up and let's just turn right around the other side so the left hand comes onto the bar. Now. All right, arms down on the on headdress and here we go. Here reach Cha, get that nice low position. Spiral the spine. Here's our exhale. Di Rotate and left. So I'm endeavoring to keep both sides of my body long, which means my far away hip is allowed to lift a little bit, although I'm not picking it up purposely, I'm still actively reaching it down. Just has to lift a little bit to keep the body in that long position.

This is our last one. Or reach open. Come in. You're going to take the left arm off the bar. It's gonna reach for the left ear. Then we just side bend to the right. Taking that beautiful stretch at the left side of the body. Okay, here comes the twist. Christy Rian do it with the bar. Up or down?

Up or down low. Okay. Christie says up or down low. I was thinking down, so that's a big challenge for me. No, well let's do it. I'm up for it. Reserve the right to back up. Okay. Okay. Okay. So here we go. Let's do two. Okay, so we're gonna take the, I'm gonna take my right foot and in place one hand on the shoulder block and the other hand on the carriage. When we keep the carriage as still as we can, we lift up and set that left foot on the bar. Elongating through this spine and impress the carriage. Yeah.

Gonna Churn through the spine and unwind and slide back in in house. IRREECHAA keep the carriage stuck. So rotate. Inhale Dee, rotate an exhale hen carefully step down. And then down on 10th floor wasn't so bad and that was just as a quick prayer that Christy and I shared. Okay. So the hand on the shoulder block the hand on the carriage. We step up, we take the carriage. Yeah, we rotate through the body.

We lift back up and we pipe to come in, in here. The carriage goes out. Exhale, we rotate, we reach back around that we pull back in. You sat down gingerly and carefully and make our way to the floor we made. Take the bar down. Let's do two snakes on each side too. So we'll take a bite down. We'll come around to our first side. So stepping up again onto the bar. The hands come into the same position.

We step up. So once again, the carriage is the first thing to move and we're gonna push into the feet. Unravel the spines. We come up into extension and then we come back and pull it one more. Push into the foot. Let the head come up. Looking up, seeing right over the top of the shoulders. Lift up and pull him. I sat down either side, Huh Chris? He teasing or taking a long way as a brake. It's true.

Busted. Yes, I did. Chris. Sciatic, a long way on purpose. Here we go. Stepping in in here, reaching out. Use your feet, push into the foot bar. Take the pelvis down, look up, come back and pull the spine. One more. Reach out, unwind, lift up, pull in, step down. Hopefully with a little more grace than me. Take the long way around to the reformer for the box.

And I put the box on long ways. Almost there. No, I haven't. The box facedown reach for the straps. You're going to take your straps and you're going to hold with the palm face up. So I have my straps like this. My thumbs are out to the sides. Yup. So as we prepare, the palms are facing up.

They're just outside. The reformer. Pelvis is heavy on the reformer. We're going to inhale, bend the elbows and start to lift the back so the upper arms are next to the body. You're there, Chrissy, streets in your arms and lift the spine even more. Bring the arms around, keep the body lifted and come all the way around to the front. And then we come down in your bed near access straight in the homes and the lift the spine high in wearing the arms around. Oh and exhale down.

Three more handhelds event. Exhale, stretch out lifter. Keep lifting as we inhale, feel the power of the backing sensors and then bent press left. Reach out. And Yeah, I think this is our last one. I don't know if it truly is, but it is for me. Straightening the hands, lift the back, reach around, stay lifted, make it your best and lower all the way down. Let the legs hang, gave the back a minute to settle. Well that's happening.

You can place the straps back and then stepping off to the side says come around to the end. I think we've got plenty of room Christie. So just coming around to the end and I take the hands on the box. Yeah, I didn't go there as prettily as you did. So I'm following your lea. So hands on the back, tilt the tailbone up and start to take the body down low. No reaching out still on that red spring and I'm not really enjoying it.

So I'm going to curl up and when I use that opportunity to go to a blue spring, and that's just for me for happy with the red spring, feel free and then do that again. So we tilt the tailbone, we undulate into extension. That feels way more free to me at this moment, which is what I wanted. And then we're going to around and then we're going to take the right hand. Place it next to the left hand, no, just in front. Wherever it suits you really bring the Poe during the spinal straight again as you press the box out, lean the spine out to the left. The pelvis is trying to stay square, but the spine is going into lateral flection and then around back.

We'll do that one more time. Teva, spiny, long gaze it. Reach out, leaning away from that right here on weight curl and then both hands to the opposite side. Re Straight in the back. Reach out, reaching across to the re anchoring back with the left side of the pelvis and around. Yeah, hurry, straighten, reach out and around. Exhale to come back. Let's take it one more time through the middle. Chrissy, so hands on either side of the box, flattening out the back, reaching down Gola and very slowly just or can look for the stretch. Manage your own stretch as you come in and once the carriage is home it is going to let the arms float off the box. They're going to end over our head. As we roll our stuff up to standing, I'm gonna push the arms wide, opening them down, feel that oppositional energy through the spine.

Take the arms forward and up. One more time. In inhale, light, floaty, and exhale, reaching out, sending the chest the heart through the arms that my friend Za is our app. Thank you. Thank you.


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love,love,love...really needed this class today...thanks for another great class!
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Very impressive challenging class. Thank you very much!
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ditto to all other comments. Feel like a broken record, but..... "always love your classes Meredth". I had only planned to o part today and the rest tomorrow, but all of a sudden we were done. Thank you!
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Beautiful Class !! Thank You Meredith :)
Thank you all so much! I appreciate you taking class with me and sharing your valuable comments. Much love.
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Thank you! I've been a little lacking in my own workouts lately. This nice challenge was just what I needed to push a little stronger :)

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Working out with you and Kristi is such a treat! I always know it's going to be a great experience. Thanks for a great class!
Just watched this fabulous class. Can't wait to do it tomorrow . Love Meredith's teaching style...Thank you Meredith :))
Thanks ladies! And...Annie, please come again soon! xo
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