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Creative Towel Sequencing

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M. Valentin brings her wonderful energy to Pilates Anytime with this Mat workout. She shows many creative ways to use a towel by teaching different sequences that progress as you go. She also works on using spirals in the body to help you find length and power.
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Jun 17, 2014
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Good afternoon ladies. My name is Valentine and I'm from Pleasanton, California, up north. Um, my work, uh, that I've been doing in the class that you're going to be taking, I've taught for almost a 28 years at a health club. It's very popular. Even this class is very, very popular. Um, I've always been known to use a towel. We have a club towel here. And when I say full do towel, let's practice this in four lengths. So here's one, two, three, four. Okay. When you hold the towel, you will hold it Taut so that there won't be any slackness in it. So always pull apart, keep your shoulders down and always pull.

I, in an ideal world, uh, the arms should, the towel should be slightly in front of you, not stacked right over your, this, you're in the middle of your head. Keep it slightly in front so that it doesn't pull your scapulae out of place. Sometimes we'll take the towel and we'll keep it in four lengths girls, and we're gonna roll it like this. So you roll it like, um, I used to say toilet paper, but now I say something else. So anyways, here it is. And then we're going to place it between our knees, our between our thighs as if it were a ball. Okay, so several exercises. We're going to be using this towel. We'll start with our warmup ladies.

So we're going to stand up. All right, now you can be in pieties feet. Please wear your heels are close together. Be sure you zip everything up. I know that you will sell face print. Very good and hold it here now be sure it's not too wide. Don't hold it all the way up to the ends. Just level of comfort. Inhale one, exhale down. Now be aware of how high you're going. Inhale, don't overstack it and down. Visualize your shoulders like the arms on a clock.

Inhale and down. And inhale. This time we're going to bend our knees. Bend your knees over your toes, zip it up tall and arms go down. Times four. Let's go. Inhale, bend the knees, Zip, Zip, zip, and go down, up, up, up, pull, pull, pull, zip, zip, tight. I use the word Panini. Pull your stomach in and use your butt here. Panini up. Make a Panini. Nice and go and lift up and pull the thing.

Zip Up your paninis and go down. This time we're going to go up. We're going to slightly bend our knees as we go to the floor. Down, down, down. I'm being accosted by that thing and roll up all the way up. Arms over your head, girls. Then the knees. Boom. Panini up, arms down. Same thing. Inhale, one roll slightly. Bend the knees.

Don't put a strain on your spine. Keep the towel over your head as you roll up girls all over your head. Then the knees zip up tall and come down again. Blow girls, bring it back up. Then the knees, boom. Zip Up and go down. Adding on girls.

Inhale up. You're going to side bend. Everybody goes the same way. Side bend to your right. Come back up. Side. Been to your left and come up. Now. Hopefully keep going. The middle of your towel has not gone awry and up.

Keep the middle of the towel over your head and go. This is an inhale through your lungs. Blow to restack. Inhale and blow. Adding on girls. We're going to inhale now as we touched the towel to our head. Spread your elbows. Now push with the heels of your hand and come up.

Did you feel that stretch girls and over bend and pull. Now push with your right heel of your hand and come up. Go over touch. Push with the left heel of your head and and come up and up and touch. Push, push, push up and go down.

Now we're going to roll down to the floor. Girls Roll down to the floor softly bend your knees if you need to hang there and shake your head so that you know that you've taken that eight to 10 pound weight and just let it stretch. Okay, now we're going to roll halfway up. Move our arms so they're parallel to the floor. Droop back down. Boom again. Halfway up. Pull your stomach in and keep your weight over your toes. Girls, go back down. Roll halfway up, toes.

Relax those toes. Don't do toe grip. Go down. This is it. Girls. Roll all the way up. Tell over your head. Then the knees. Boom. Get Tall. Lift, Zip, Zip and go down. Arms Up. All girls. Turn to your right. Boom. Roll down. Hm. Hang and shake.

Shake, shake, shake. All right, roll up halfway. Boom. Flat back. Check your weight over your toes. Go back down ladies and again. Up. Reach. Reach with the knuckles and roll down and Rola knuckles. Knuckles, reaching away from you. Rolled down. Last one all the way up girls, all the way up. Face the center.

Bend the knees, Panini up, and then have the other side. Lift up. Rotate, round down. Check your toes that they're spread. Girls. [inaudible] shake, shake, shake. [inaudible]. Okay, here we go. Roll up four times flat back. Go back down. Blow [inaudible] work hard, extend, extend, extend, roll down. Go again. Girls, extend, extend, extend, roll down. This is it. All the way up. Arms over your head. Girls, press those hips forward. Rotate. Bend the knees, boom. Zip the thighs, lift and come down.

Arms come up. Now we're going to allow the towel to go behind our head, but we swan we'd do back extension. Realigned arms come down, arms go up. Allow it to go behind her head. Lift your chest, your heart. Don't crank your neck, girls, and go down. This time I want you to go a little further than the last time up. Chest, heart, and sip your thighs. Don't thrust your hips forward and come down. Last hit.

Ladies. Inhale, lift. Extend your spine. Swan, swans, Swan. Come home. Turn to your right up. Extant, back, back, back. Check your weight here before you come down. Do you have your weight in both feet evenly? Blow home again. Up. Extend. Keep your weight evenly distributed down home.

Three girls and reach. Go further than you did on the last time. Blow and up. Keep your zip up. Keep your thighs tight. Don't crank your hips forward and go. Other side girls lift up and open those ribs. Close them down. Excellent. Again, open the ribs.

Girl. [inaudible] hello home. Third, pull the towel blow home. Last hit. Ladies go far, far, far and come home. Give that a rest ladies. All right, so now let's take to the mats here. Okay, so we're going to be kneeling on our, our legs, Neely, on our knees facing, um, front. Let's face front. So let's stagger. So the two go in, stagger and then out. I don't care as long as we're staggered. Excellent. Alright, now we're going to hold the towel at half, half.

Okay. Now if this bothers your feet, we can put some padding underneath them. Some bothers anybody's feet for some people it does. All right, from here ladies, we are going to keep our body upright and we're just going to sit our rumps down, down, down on our heels. Now get up without leaning forward. So our central access changes. It goes back, back, back bend, lift, lift, lift up, tall, back, back, back bend. Be sure your arms are slightly in front of your sternum. Want to lower them in front of your sternum? Yep. More, more, more Anda. Now we're only going to go halfway, halfway. Now here we do pelvic tilt. And stretch your thighs. Yes. No.

And come up and halfway down. Pelvic tilt. Boom. Pull it up. Come down. All right, here we are. Boom. Come down. All right, last. Boom. They get a big one.

Pull it up and give it a rest. All right, let's take a towel. Now we're going to roll it. Remember the toilet paper thing? They said use paper towel. I just toilet paper. All right, so now we've rolled our towel. I was in the four lengths and now you're gonna put it between your knee a size. Put the seam side next to your thigh so it doesn't unravel itself.

Alright, are we good? Good. All right. Arms are coming up, girls. Now what's going to happen here is you're going to take your right arm and it's going to go up and you're going to try and find your right heel and you're going to come up and then arms come down. Okay, up your right heel. Go lift up and come down. Left heel. Go lift up and go. Now keep going. I want you to keep that right arm reaching down, but the left arms reaching up, up, up now up and down.

So you have to have energy in your upper arm, so your energies and your right arm. Keep it there and up while you're doing this girl square, your hips. Go Up. All right, now push that right hip forward. Lift up to defy the twist. Lift. Ah, left hip forward. Tighten your glutes and up. This time you bend your support elbow. It will be your right elbow here.

Now Bend your right elbow. Boom. Push. Oh, I like that word. Boom and down. Lift up. Rotate girls. Bend the elbow. Squeeze your glutes, push, lift up. Okay, now don't get comfy up. Now your right arm goes to your left heel. Holy Toledo. Push and down. Let's go.

We go up. Rotate back. Push. Ah, come down. Lift. Oh rotate. Push up and down. Isn't anybody sweating and lift up? Give it a rest. Okay, ladies can tell down here. All right, now we're going to go into quadro pet. Cat. Okay, so you're going to take your towel and you just put it away. All right, put it up front on all four ladies. Okay.

Now be sure that the heels of your hands are underneath your shoulders and your knees are underneath your hips that you have a neutral spine. All right? Don't let your chest sag so that you get this kind of thing from here, my pelvic tee, my cat is much more of a pelvic tilt, so it's not a real humpty dumpty and release. Let's do it again. Inhale here. Exhale, stomach in, and pelvic tilt. Give it a rest. Inhale, pelvic tilt. Good. Keep the heads neutral and go pelvic tilt from your girls.

I don't want you to Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, push with the heels of the hands. Open up the upper back. Claw down. Sit, sit, sit, come back up. Ooh, with the low back, making the big, big Hump and come back to neutral. Same thing. Girls. Blow, blow, blow. Tuck the hips from here. Push with the heels of the hands. Open up the upper back gland. Come back up. [inaudible] neutral spine to hands. Move to a triangle. Girls underneath your chest. Oh, okay.

From here, girls. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, push back. Come up, up, up, neutral. I want you to take your front hand, the one that's near me and look up. Don't let your hips rock. Keep your hips square. Put it down. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, press back, girls, roll back all the way. Come back up. Neutralized girls. Push with your other hand up, up, up.

Inhale. Exhale, Tuck, Tuck, tuck. Go down. Adding on ladies. Lift. Open Up. Open up the chest. Be Sure you have weight on your front knee. Girls. Exhale, thread the needle. Lie Down on that shoulder. Oh yeah, baby palm is up. Check your own rears to see they haven't violated that even squareness come back up. Open up on come back. Tizzy Triangle. Tuck the Tuck roll back.

Come back up. Girls. Neutral spine. Other arm. Inhale, lift. Check your both knees. Go thread. Needle. Yeah. Did I go down? I stayed up. Sorry my fault. Come back up. Come back here. Tuck, Tuck, tuck.

Press back by yourselves. Girls, let me watch. Neutral spine. Front arm up. Up, up. Girls. Good thread the needle. Ladies. Land. Keep your hips high ladies. Very good. Open up again to the front of the room. Opening your hearts.

Hands down on the triangle. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, girls, push back. All is good. Come back up, ladies. Neutral Spine backhand. Inhale, sweep. Exhale, tuck. Keep your hips high. Excellent. Inhale, open. Exhale down. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck and press back. Adding on girls.

Come back up. Open, open, open Tuck, Tuck, tuck. Release that other hand to the ceiling, to the ceiling. Take that hand. Put it toward the center of the room on the floor. So you're making an l with your hands. Come back up, but the hand where it was, push yourself up. Inhale, left back to the triangle. Tuck, Tuck, tuck. Push back, other side up. Square off. Inhale your other arm to the back. Take the threat of the needle.

Land. Release the other arm up. Release overhead. Release the other arm. Um, push it down. Open up and down. Tuck and open. Stay down. Open up your low back. That was the final stretch on that. Good girls, let's go into your mermaid set. Okay, so I'm going to call this a to z. Sit. Let's, um, let's all z sit the same way so that your knees are facing your left.

Okay, that's good. Now in this position, ladies, in an ideal world, your sitz bone, it would be your right. Sitz bone is down, but it depends upon how your hips open up. Okay. But in an ideal world, that's where life is. [inaudible] and we're going to have our towels folded in fours. So one, two, three, four. It's two lengths. Looks like a dish towel size, right? Excellent. So we're sitting here. All right, good.

Now your hand is on the towel. I don't know if you're going to be able to slip. Does that slide on there? It doesn't. It doesn't. Okay. So then, so what you need to do is scoot to the edge. Okay. Scoot to the edge of your just, yeah, perfect. Scoot to the edge and allow it to slip. Okay, good. Now you're on the floor. That now it should be on the floor. Excellent. Good. Alright.

So now we're going to do our first mermaid and it's um, if you want to know, you're going to get a better stretch if your foot is in flax, if your ankle is endorsed, deflection, but for some people bothers their knee. So do what you need to do. All right, up and over. Up Side. Bend over softly. Bend your support. Elbows. It's not how far out you go. It's can you open those ribs? Intercostals lift up, counter stretch. Hook your hands underneath your shin. Come up and side bend. Oh yeah, some people can really bend. Lift up. One more time.

Go Up. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale, blow, blow, blow. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale, blow, blow. Hello. I let him do it again. Inhale. Inhale, inhale, blow, blow. Hello. Since I don't have music, this is the way it's going to be. Continue up, up, up. Now you're going to come up and you're going to hook. You're gonna take your hand, place it behind the head. Push with the heel of your right hand as you turn and bring the elbow down.

That elbow is going to open up. Inhale, exhale, blow. Be Sure your left elbow goes down and you flex. Inhale. This is the true meaning of Muffin top. Go. Do you get what I'm talking about? Yes. No, I know we can't do anything about that. And go boom. Low and up.

Mermaid up, side bend over. Moving on up. Sideband. Put your hand on top of your head. Push the heel of your hand out and move with it. That's a fascicle stretch. Come home again. Up Palm on the head.

Flip heel of the hand. Push and go. Big Difference, Huh? And this is side and he'll push last hit. Ladies go up. Side touch. Push up. Here we go.

Side Ben Girls and go. Now I'm going to put my other elbow on the mat and my butt comes off. So I've got two elbows on square to the floor. Now your stomach wants to rest your thigh. I know that routine. All right, so pull it up. Now you're going to lift your thigh up. Your right thigh comes up, lift and lower lift.

Don't think of the knee. Think of the thigh. You don't want the knee any higher than the hip lift. And go and lift and go from here. Girls, I want you to push the towel away from you and down you go. Stretch, stretch, stretch. You should feel this in your lap. Yes, no good. Come back up. Lift your heart toward the baseboard of the floor. Stay right there.

Push away girls' stretch. Use the heels of your hands to push. Come back up, girls up, up, up, good and go. Push away. And now straighten your right leg back there. Now push it further toward the back of the room so you've got a good, nice spiral line pushed down. Girls Down, down, down. Stay there. I want you to square your hips does best you can.

Even though your upper torso is beautifully squared. Pull back up. Chest to the baseboard. Good girl. Press away. Push, push, push. Good. Up, up, up. Go for the Max. Go Away. Away, away. Go up, up, up. Last one. Girls, stay away away. Stay away as a way as you can tolerate. Stay there.

Now I want you to lift that same right leg, only two inches off and stretch it on diagonal outside your mat. And put it down. Keep your right arm stretching further than your left. Go lift girls beautiful and drop and again, lift for the stretch. Dry Your abdominals in. Make that twist and down. Remember the longest line in the body is a spiral. Go lift and spiral. Feel it.

That armpit should be reaching toward the floor. Come home, Tuck your knees in girls' and back to yours mermaid and come in, up and over counter stretch girls. Boom. Over hold. [inaudible] very good. Other side. So you guys are gonna have to curl yours up on the tail end. Yeah. Perfect. We worked it out. Oh, I don't need to move over. Good. All right. Now we have all the kinds of room we need. All right, you have room over there. Okay, good. Everybody over there? Good, good. All right, side Ben.

Simple side band. Flex your foot. If you can lift up sideband. Overthink about your left lungs inflating and blow home. It's not how far out you go. It's how much you can spread your ribs up. Soften your elbow and exhale. Don't think I've ever sweat it in my eye. Go below.

Are you level? Do you have your sitz bone down, up? You're constantly in thinking that do the body check. Alright, now hook this. I forgot to hook, counter, stretch and come home. Do it again. Up and over. Up and over and counter. Stretch and pull. Oh baby. Oh baby. And again in play and go. Last one is the one that we're going to keep. Go lift up and here we go.

Now we're going to put our hand behind our head and we been down. Elbow points down, pulling your stomach and push with the heel of your hand to effect a twist. Blow, blow, blow, blow. Again. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Both blow, blow, blow, go. Inhale. Inhale. Last hit. Blow, blow, blow. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale and open up. Side bend again, coming around for the next set. Bend your elbow, shoulder down. Good.

Come up and up. Now touch the hand. Flip the heel of your hand and push and go recover again. Up Palm of hand. Flip the heel of hand, pushing. Go. Good. Two more. Ah, touch, flip, go. Last, hit. Go Up, touch.

[inaudible] up and go. Good side Ben. Girls. Here we go. Up and over. Square your elbows and dry your stomach in. You're gonna pick up your left five, four times one and down and two, and then three and down and four. Push the towel away. Down, down, down.

Now stay there and feel the twist in the body. Come back up. Sternums toward the baseboards on the floor and again, down, down, down. Remember you're lifting from your heart. Ladies. Go lift from your heart. Lift. Beautiful. Go back down. Get tills, armpits, reaching those armpits and come up. Last one to stay down. Girls Down, down, down. Very good bless you.

Now straighten out your other leg. Your left leg goes back and it goes outside the mat. Now stay the girls and hope that your left armpit is reaching toward the floor to square. All right, now lift that leg up two inches off the ground with a reach with a tight knee, girls' and lower. Again, lift and hover and lower. Be aware of that left arm pit lift in, hover and down. Lift in, hover and down. Pull the elbows in. Girls, pull the knees in girls and take it home.

Up and outside. Stretch. Very, very good girls. Alright. All right. Everybody's facing center. Straighten out your maths. And we are now both feet. Yup. Both feet have taken the towel. All right. And we're sitting up nice and tall. Back to force. Yes. So, and they're basically around the balls of your feet. The middle tarsals. Okay, so we're sitting here and once again we're perched up high on our sits bones. For those of you who don't have, you know, who have tight backs or or unforgiving hamstrings, you can bend your knees slightly. All right? Ideally we would have a, uh, neutral spine and we'd be on Sitz bone.

So from here we're going to roll back and go to the fleshy bits of your bottom and get tall. So remember we're talking from the pelvis, not the upper torso. Socio. My pelvis tucks under good and come back up. And again, t t tuck. Not much interest here, but this is good for your back. And from here you're going to bend your front knee, bend your front knee slightly. Now you're going to bring your lowest rib to your thigh as you go with a flat back pole pole pole, flat or back. Yes, I'm straight, flat, back, flat back and come up once again.

Lowest Rib to the thigh. Flat back and go again. And forward and lift. Last tip, promise and in [inaudible] end up switch legs, girls. Alright, now this underline is pressing. The calf is being pushed into the floor. As you continue to make your long heel, which will be your left heel is reaching toward or your front heel is reaching toward the other person. Go reach forward with that long heel. Girls come back up. Do you feel it? Yes. Good. Lowest Rib goes into the bent thigh and uh, two more. Stay low. A long, long, long, and uh, last one long, long, long.

And give it a rest. Drop the towel. Just drop it. Pull the body forward and allow it to round to open up. Elbows should get to the floor. If they can. Opening up the scaffolding and rural all the way up. K girls face me straddle position and it'll be as wide a straddle as you can tolerate. You will have your town. We'll all work together.

Your towel will be around your left foot. All right, left foot. Okay, now we're going to side bend first. Arms out to the side, okay, so be aware of this foot. Don't let it collapse in, but I don't think anybody here has internal rotation. All right, now we pull. You're going to pull your right elbow into your side and side bend and come home. Good and open. Open, open and blow. Blow, blow. Go open, open, open and blow. Blow, blow open, open, open and blow. Blow, blow. Transfer the towel, twist the towel, transfer it to your other hand. Girls were sitting tall.

Now we're going to aim our sternum to our knee cap. All right, you're going to aim it to your kneecap. Go forward, forward, forward, flat, back, and come up. So only flex at your left hip. Go forward, forward, forward and up. Always think lengthening. Don't think down. Think pulling forward and down. Allow your your foot to be anchored in. Flex that heel as you go forward. We dropped the towel. Girls, place your hand like you wouldn't saw. Here's where we windmill. We go up, up and down. Go Up, up Dan. Go Up, up, down, go down. Two more. Down. Last one. Grabbed the towel.

Girls dragged the towel in front of you like this. All right, I'm going to sit back here. All right. Now tuck your other leg in. So the sole of your foot is facing your knee. Just for purposes of holding my foot in place. I'm going this way. So you have your left foot, correct. All right, now try your hardest girls to square off. Your hips should be square. Try your best. Lean forward girls. Lean forward, flat back.

Now push your heel. Push that left heel toward me. Come back up and again, push that left heel should be getting your hamstring and your calf. Gas, truck and Soleus. Yes. No, and up. Good and forward. Draw your abdominals in as you go forward. Notice how I said forward and not down and come up last. Hit girls. Forward, forward, forward. Drop the towel. Girls, Cross your wrist.

Over your ankle tastes, and now you're going to take your ride on and windmill up, windmill up, up. Paint the ceiling with your other arm. Go back down, down. Two arms down. Boom. Again, your right arm up, up. Paint the ceiling. Girls, go back down, down. Keep going. As I talk up, paint the ceiling. Now stay there, girls. Power. Fast down, down, boom, boom. I want a little more effort. Slow up. Up. Up is your stretch. Gather your power. Girls. Go down, down. Perfect again. Up, up.

Take the big swan stretch. Power last hit. Girls, go up, up, go downtown. Excellent. Give out arrest girls. Now take your foot that's here and put it across. Okay, so now we're here. Cross. We're going to pull that by close to your ribs, so you're going to turn over to your right. Okay. Stay there now as you're staying there, girls, the inside of your right thigh is going next to your left ribs. You are vertical. You are in a central access. Now from here, ladies, I want you to take that rump and curl it up and look down at your right rump.

That's flection in your spine. Now place that sits bone down and arch up and look at the ceiling. That's the inhale. Exhale, full flex. Lift your rump. Inhale, open your chest. Exhale, flex your rump off of that Mat. Place it down. Inhale, exhale, flex. Inhale and everything on the other side down. Do you remember it?

Yes. Okay, so now you strap up your right. Okay, I'm teaching mirror here. Yeah, I do. Good. I am like, okay, this is good. [inaudible] alright, here we go. Are you ready? Side Ben. Girls up. This is the elbow. Bend into the hips. Go. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Stay here.

Check to see that your left Sitz bone is down, that it isn't floating. Come back home again. Inhale through those left lungs. Inhale now blow to restack girls blow teres stack again. Hello Theresa. Stack last girls and out here it goes to change. Go up and over trade hands. Twist the towel and put your other hand down.

Now get your sternum down, down, down. Come back up and get your sternum even more closer to your knee. Down, down, down, and come up. Be aware that this split is not going into the nether regions where it doesn't belong. Forward. Forward, forward, up, up, up, forward, forward, forward, up, up, up, forward to drop forward. Drop your towel, girls' cross your left wrist over your ankle. [inaudible] prepared a windmill. Go Up, up, and stretch forward.

Go up, up and stretch. Continue girls up, up, forward. Beautiful. Up, up, forward, far more up. This is so even compared to the other one. Go up, up regional further. Go Up, up, over and up. Up. Grab your towel, girl. Swing your leg in front of you. Remember, this is the swing it in front and Tuck it in. So now I'm facing this way. Okay, now we're tall, neutral spine, sole of the foot on the inside of the knee squared.

Hips to the best of your ability. Pull forward getting your rib over your thigh. Push your heel toward the baseboard. Lift up tall girls. Inhale, blow as you flex forward, but keep a long access from your tailbone all the way to the crown of your head. Come back up. Lead with your lowest rib. Pull the stomach in. If you want, you can bonus yourself by pushing that elbow against that knee and up.

Last one, girls pull. Okay, now you're going to take your left wrist and put it over the other ankle. Stay there. This opens up your back and we've created a spiral. Start to windmill. We go up, up, paint the ceiling. Power down, boom, boom. Go up up. Stay there. Painted behind you.

Power down, down, down. Good girls, go up, up. Get it behind your head. Go down, down. Nice ladies. Up. Up for the stretch. Go down, down. Don't get lost. Don't twist your bodies girl up directly back. Go forward. Down. Last hit girls up, up. Power down. Girls. [inaudible] and sit up. Now take your bent knee, your left knee and put it over. Okay, we're here now. Be sure the side of your foot is next to the knee.

We're going to pull the inside of your left thigh to your right ribs. These fingers are support system. They act like a pod pusher. They just push. Stay Tall. Feel your stomach. Draw in. Feel a vertical axis from here. Girls. Inhale as you exhale, curl side curl by. Lifting up your rump off the mat, place the Sitz bone down in our Chubb. And inhale. Exhale, take the Tuck. Inhale Preston.

Extend. Exhale, take the top. Inhale, exhale. Take the tongue. Inhale. Last one. Exhale, and inhale. Very good ladies. Now we're going to take the towel. [inaudible] we're just going to use it as a pad for our heads.

So folded in half another half and just fold it in 16th and a Goo goes like this, like you have a headache. Okay, now put your heads there in the center. Good. And you're going prone. All right, while you're prone girls, now if this bothers your back to have your heels together, ladies, don't, um, don't do it. But if you can put your heels together in an ideal world, that's where they need to be. Your heels need to be together, but mine cannot go that way. All right, now the towel is directly underneath your forehead so that you can breathe and you can have a head centered versus turning your head right or left. Hopefully my cuing will be good so that you won't have to look. All right. Now you're going to extend your front arm far, far away toward the center of the room. Okay. Now meanwhile, your back arm is going to grab the [inaudible] back foot.

Find the back foot. Does anybody need help getting it? All righty. Excellent. Now the two five should be together as originally planned. Now from here, girls, I want you to think of pushing your knees to the other ankle so you're gonna immediately get a stretch. Yes, no, yes or no. Yes. So your knees are reaching towards your opposite foot right away. There's a little tingling going on, a stretching, sliding, or multiplying of your Fascia. Now stay there.

Girls' and inhale as you exhale and want you to do pelvic tilt toward posterior tilt toward the mat. You're getting more of a stretch. Yes. No. Yes. Very good. Meanwhile, your front side, your your front side that faces the front of the room is continuing lengthening. Now I would like you to have your palms toward the center of your body. So your palms are your on the blade of your hand. You're on the blade and correct. Now think of fingers, four, five, four, and five really reaching so that your Scapula scapulary get involved in this.

Are you still squeezing in? Tucking? Gotta still squeeze in Tuck. You haven't turned off yet. Okay, that's all very good. Now stay there and inhale. As you exhale, lift your knee off the mat, keeping your hips down. Stay there. Now you're going to be picking up your head and arm as one unit.

Pick up your head and arm as one unit. Excellent. Don't rent your next stay there. Are you still squeezing girls? Yes. No. Keeps squeezing. Keep squeezing and let it go. Very good. Now you're going to let that foot go and you're going to continue working with that same book, leg, but both legs are externally rotated. So, so second position you take. Okay. Externally, rotate your legs with a little wide second. Alright. Little wide second.

I mean with a second position. Good. All right, you're going to grow. Yep. Open your legs, you will open your legs. All right, grab that, grab that. Grab the opposite leg. So you're gonna grab your front leg, your opposite leg that you worked with. Now you're going to try and keep your hips squared. Continue on with that knee reaching away.

Continue on with the pelvic tilt. Do you have an arm? Do you have a shoulder problem is you've got the wrong arm. Oh, it's this far. Get this arm. This arm does not know. It's this foot. There you go. Very good. Reach through. Arm is straight out. If you're in front of you, if you can, your left, your left arm will be straight out in front of you can. Good. Alright.

Pelvic tilt, pelvic squeeze. Lift the knee. Hover the upper torso with the arm. Keep everything tight. So now see ladies, we're going to get a quad stretch, but we're going to get in in a different way. Do you feel it differently? Good. And give it a rest. Switch. Arms, girls and switch legs. So it's the same arm and the leg that that you haven't done. Same arm and leg.

All right. So which arm did you do before front arm? Now you have to grab the back arm. The back. Which arm did you do? I know it's the back arm. The back arm. Okay. Back arm. Alright, here we go. Back arm is reaching forward and hold your knees together.

The first part, okay, you're going to hold your front leg, alright. And you'll hold your pathway cause you did differently. All right, so here, now your thighs are together and you're pushing your knee towards your opposite foot, opening up, opening up that hip. So when most people do this, they don't do it correctly. This is the correct way to do it. It's the safest way to do it. For one thing. Now pelvic tilt, boom, there's my boom pelvic tilt.

Okay, now reach forward with that hand palm facing toward the front. Lift that up torso. Lift the knee and stretch so that you become very long. Excellent. Excellent ladies. And give it a rest. Alrighty, so now we're going to turn out our legs. Turn out your legs. Now your same hand grabs the opposite foot.

Correct. Excellent. Same hand grabs the opposite foot. Perfect. All right, now we have to think about can you lengthen from this position? You want to turn your thigh out? It's almost as if your heel ladies' is against your buttock. It's that turned out okay. Here we go. Squeeze the buttock.

That protects the back as well. Lift the leg, upper torso and arm one piece. Stay there and stay long. Stay Long. Fingers born five are taking that reach, reach, reach, reach, and give it a rest on all four ladies and stretch your backs please. Child's pose. Are you okay? Is everybody okay? Good. Good, good, good.

All right. Now let me tell you that. This next one that we're going to do involves um, placing your bottoms. Um, no, your hips. So you're gonna fold here and your hip front of your hip. Can I borrow? Yours is going to be over here, girls and you need to have room to swish. Okay. So fold yours up and lay heavily onto the, your hips are on top of the padded portion and your hands are on the towel. The towel is in, forth in fourths. Girls. Okay. Good.

All right. I call this swishing. All right. Are you good? I think you're going to intersect. You need to move back a bit? Yeah. Fold. One more. Excellent. All right. Now remember what I said about your back ladies. If your feet are together, it's, it's ideal. If they're part. I understand. All right. Now the idea here, ladies, is to glue your hips to that mat and you're going to swish.

So everybody's going to switch to the front together or else we're going to have a collision. Stay there, open up your tail and switched to the back, back, back, back. Stay there. So the understanding here is that your armpits, girls are equal, distant from the floor. Nothing has moved in your lower torso. This is true side bending. How safe can you be in this? All right. Switch forward front toward me. Swish over, over, over. Swish, up, up. Go over, over, over last to up toward me and away. Away away. Now stay there girls.

Take your front leg and cross it on top. That's your back leg in front. Like, okay, so that means you're only going to switch to that direction. So come to the center girls. Now we're going to swish only to the back. Go back, come center, go and back and center. And together let's go together and in and back and in and stay there.

Stay there. Now. Inhale one. Now. Exhale. Move your towel. One inch further to the back. Stay there and inhale girls' exhale. One inch. Stay there in. Inhale girls, one inch. Recoil home and re cross your legs. Now we're going to move toward the front.

Be sure your legs are crossed and that your thought Pfizer tight. Okay, ready? Go forward, forward, forward and center. Here we go. And move to the front center. Here we go. Forward, forward, forward move your armpits, equidistant from the floor. Last set to go forward to stay.

Inhale one girls. Exhale. Push a little more. Good. Inhale, two ladies, push a little more. This is like perfect. Inhale, three ladies, push and recoil home. Very good. All right, now ladies, we deal in the same thing but it's different. So what you need to do is you need to sit and put your psis on the Mat and put your feet on the towel. Are you getting this? Okay, so we're good. Alrighty. All right, so lie down girls, you are supine. It's the same thing but different. Okay. Is everybody okay?

Legs together here and do the best that you can. Alright, now I'm getting there. So now put your hands on your lowest ribs right here girls. And then go, oh well you didn't have to go like that, but that was perfect. That was perfect as opposed to t getting involved in each other. But now that's where your hands are.

It goes here and it goes there cause it's naturally where your elbows fall. Alright, now girls, we're going to swish together or else you're going to kick each other. So let's switch together to that back, back, straight legs and forward. Forward, forward, all the way forward. All the way to the forward. Yeah. Just like we did before. Go back, back, back and forward. Forward, forward. Go back, back, back.

Can Use your hands back, back, back. Forward, forward, forward, back, back, back, and forward. Forward, forward stay center. Center. Everybody puts their arms over their head and grabs their back wrist. Now you're only gonna Swish one direction.

Which direction do you think you're going to swish toward me front. Alright, you only, you always come back to center, but Swish, forward. Ready, set. Go forward and come back. Pull that wrist. Pull the wrist and go pull the wrist. Pull and go and pull the rest. Good. Keep your hips equal.

Distance from the ceiling and pole release. Last one pole. Release and re switch your legs. Okay, not we switch your legs, your arms. Sorry. Your arms. Okay. Your arms are pulling. Now you're only going to go one direction. Ready, set back, back and gather. Pull your wrist. Pull is you swish. Go and pull.

As you go and pull girls go for left blow. It's work. You have to blow blow. It's not inhaling cause there's no way to get out there. You gotta use your power. Go and go. Give it arrests. Now put your hands back on your lowest rib ladies and out there. Okay.

Now this becomes an AB exercise. Girls, when you fish tail and you go at your own rate to fit to fish tail. Okay girls, but don't go like wiggly wiggly up in the upper torso. The abs go fish tail. Come on, let's go. Go, go, go. Pull your stomachs in. Fish tail fish, Dale. Good. No heads, no shoulders. Only the core work. Work, work. Have you ever done an ab? It's like these. Nope. Nope. Sort of weird, isn't it? That's okay. Huh? I'm a Pisces too.

And give it a rest there. They're a very, very, very good girl. Alright, so now ladies, I would like you to sit with your towel. Sit on Taylor, sit in like this facing me and have your towels. Okay. I just like to know I'm not the only one sweating here. I can see. All right, so Taylor said and lets everybody have your right leg in front if it doesn't bother your head. Okay. All right. Now we're going to start with these towels. The towel is always at sternum level. It is not at shoulder level. Okay. And remember, we're always ad ducting abducting. Excuse me. So here and here. I'm right here.

Now take note how my wrist is neutral and the towel is at my sternum. Hold the ends. All the ends. Really? Yeah, right here. So good. So we've got some action going here. We've got good posture going. Now I'm going to lift, but my spine doesn't go anywhere. I saw that lift. Now plant and push your spine.

Now your opposite hip. That's going to be your left hip is down. Your head is trying to buy. Set the towel, soften your support elbow and pick it up. Up, up, up. Let's try it. The other side. So here's your first bow and arrow. Neutral wrist tip. But don't let the spine go. It's hard and push. Now the spine goes.

Get your head in between the towel. Lift up. Here we go. It's a one. It's a two. It's a three. It's a four. It's a one. It's a two. It's a three. It's a four. It's a one. No spine.

Two spine. Three up. Four oh one no spine. Two spine, three up, four again, one. No spine. Two spine, three up. Four. It's one. No spine spine now and up arms in front, and you're going to hold it shoulder with the part. I'm sure this is okay.

This is sort of fun. Be Sure it's in front of your stern. I'm not high. See I don't put it in front. My shoulders are put here. Now your left thumb is going on top of your right elbow. Now see I'm pulling. Do you see that you're pulling? Correct? You are pulling it. It's taught, right? Yes. No. Okay.

From here it goes get a little wind. Okay, now watch it. Just No. Put your thumb over and yell. Okay. And it re piles itself. Go. Just go to the other side. Just coordinate. Go, go. You're wondering. Keep pushing.

Go push them in opposite directions. Go. You're working your chest. Go, go. Last hit. Now you open it up wide and hopefully you can stretch. See how wide I am and then I go behind myself. You can bend your elbows to get it behind.

Huh? If you have to, you can bend your elbows so you can see. I'm stretching my what? Chest packs. Oh Huh. Keep your heads up. Ladies. Don't dip down. There's nothing down there and go. Now we're going up. Now watch the way I wrap it around. You'll be your right wrist. Wrap it around and up goes the arm. Are you good? You got it. You got it. Don't lose it. Okay. It's behind your arm.

The switches behind your armpit. Nowhere in switching behind your arm. Behind you. Behind your shoulder. Yes. All right. Now from here we're going to lean forward. Use your left fingers to get away from you and come up. So really pressure triceps and straighten that arm. Go pull your stomach in.

You are challenging your abdominals and your back and up. Gold ladies, lean forward and uh, last one. Leaning forward and up. Now what? Ladies? I wrap it around my wrist and up goes the other arm. You did it. Okay. Use your fingers, girls.

Lean forward, stretch, come. Ah, lean forward. Come up. Lean forward, forward, up. Ah, last hit. Forward. Forward, up, up. Give that a rest. All right, so now we're going to take a final stretch here.

Girls, we made it. Re Cross your ankles. All right, here we go. Arm. Start up, up, up, up, and put two hands down. Drop your left ear to your left shoulder. Two hands. Go to your right inside thigh. Push with the heels of your hands and let your head be the weight stretches your sternal cloud or mastoid. From here, you nod.

Yes. You go up with the Chin Down with the Chin up with the Chin Down with the chin. Two more. Inhale, you blow their last hit. Inhale, exhale. Come up again up. Exhale, two hands down. Tip your right ear to your right shoulder.

Two hands. Go against the inside of your thigh and push away. Be patient as the weight of your head falls to the side, not Chyna. Chin down. Ooh, feels good. Up, up. Go down, down. Two more. Up, up, down, down. Last one. Up, up, down, down. Heady, erect. Come up. Cut Your [inaudible] fingers around your toes.

You're sitting high in your sitz bones. Now, rock to the fleshy bits of your bottom. Boom, boom, boom. Roll forward with your head like you're doing a somersault. Chin reaches forward. Scoop the floor up the chess again. Tuck the chin, Tuck the rum somersault, Chin forward scoop and again, top roll forward. Come up, take your right hand, put it under your left knee and face your knee.

Go forward with your chest. Forward with your chest. Drop your head, roll home onto the fleshy bits and come up forward with your chest. Paul, Paul, Paul, drop the head roll back again. Ladies, Paul, Paul, Paul, draw and roll. Switch sides. Sit up tall girls first. Pull chest to knee. Drop the head roll home again. Chest drop.

Chest 12 two warms up. Girls up. Interlace at the top. Push the heels of the hands toward the front. From here your heels of your hands go forward, but your rump goes back. Ooh. Lift up. Cup the palms of your hand behind your head. Put pressure on those hands.

Look up. Stretch your mid back as you applied pressure to the palms of your hands. Repeat. Interlace. Push the heels of the hands forward, but you go back. Blow, blow, blow. Inhale, lift up. Up. Hands, cup. Lean back. Ladies, lean back into your hands. Last hit in her lace and round to open up your back.

Tighten your abs, lift up, hands behind the head, apply pressure. Inhale and exhale. Three breaths. Inhale, lift one. Exhale down. Two, exhale down, three up. Exhale down. Thank you very much, lady.


Wow! I loved this class. More please!
Love your class Valentin!!
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Such a great class. Very interesting variations. Make sure you try the class to get it's full effect. You really have to feel how it hits you in places you haven't felt in a long time. Thanks Valentin, you never disappoint!!!!
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fantastic class! creative, chalanging and interesting.cant wait to actually try all the exercises on my students.
Judith klein, the Nethelands.
Ann S
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Awesome class...soooo creative - love your use of the towel. Hope you do another class with more fascial stretches!!!
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An excellent , inspirational class!! thank you so much. Karen Albert
1 person likes this.
wonderful class
1 person likes this.
Not what I was expecting, but actually really liked it. And exactly what I needed for today! I really liked the mermaid series. I got quite a few good stretches that I plan to use even in my weightlifting classes. Thank you!
1 person likes this.
love the class, love your energy... cant wait to do it again... thanks for something different and original.... more please
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