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Niedra continues her progression into the intermediate level with this Mat workout. She gives a detailed warm up and helps you discover breathing techniques to allow you to connect deep into your core. Niedra includes modifications and preps to exercises including the Roll Over and Neck Pull to help you feel successful in these exercises.

You can watch Niedra's Beginner to Intermediate Mat class to learn more about progressing into intermediate with confidence.
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Okay. So we're going to do our beginning intermediate level class where we starting, we've been working a little bit on this, applying some principles to move us up to the next level. We have two open mats because we have two more people joining us or they are for you if you want to join in. And intermediate is a lot of the same exercises we do at basic level except more refined detail, more refined attention and then some new exercises. It's more complicated than getting through the 10 basic beginner level exercises cause some people never go beyond a certain level of intermediate.

Some people never go beyond a certain level of advanced work. Just depends on the body type and the amount of time you're putting in. You all. Hi, I am very proud of you because you've been very diligent, very consistent and it shows and even with your one or two math classes a week, there's been a huge progress. So power to you all. So before we actually get down on the mat, I'd like to review what happens with the neck when you lift your head up when you're doing hundreds or series of fine. So take your hands behind your skull and ad I'd like you to think of lengthening your back as much as you can. And as you bring your Chin forward, think of stretching the back of your neck so you actually take your throat and push it up and then curl a little bit further forward.

Feeling the long neck and the slightly closed ribs and then come back up and sit up and sit up. Stand up tall and open the elbows gently, not wide, but just enough to kind of feel them nice and loose. So again, nice long lifted spine. Start narrowing the hips and lift into the back of the neck as you bend it slightly forward. And as you do this, also feel the shoulder blades getting broad. The elbows come slightly forward and use that to see if you can contract in your ribs and your stomach and then come back up and open the elbows. And Sandy can come on in. Yes. Which now with a real group, just join a sandy again, lift up, lengthen the spy, and then start bringing the elbows forward. Lengthen up through the back of the neck and lower down keeping.

So the back is actually getting longer, not shorter, and then come back up. And one more time. Lift up through the neck and the spine and then bring the elbow slightly forward. Close the ribs or lift up through the back of the neck as you bend forward slightly and come back up to an upright position and bring the hands down. So when we're flat, we're going to keep using the same concept like you all to come to the front of your maps. One Hand on top of the other. Lift up the spine, lift up the powerhouse, cross your feet.

And as you sit down, either using both feet or you take one foot behind you to sit down on the mat. Very good. Undo your hands, uncross your feet. Bring your hands up behind your head. And again, same feeling, length in the back of the neck. Close the ribs a little bit, but lengthen the spine and now see if you can roll down with this sensation of the back of the neck being long and place your hands on the mat for your warmup. So adjust put pillows or towels under you. If you need something under your lower back, do that as well.

So you're set up with the way you need to be cause you already know your body. You know what modifications are necessary for you as you lie here. Take a moment to see if you can get the spine really long. Also instead of really just pressing your waist down, which is what we've been working on at beginner level. Start to think of your tailbone and hips getting very long to make sure you feel your tailbone and your sacramentum bend the knees so it almost feels a little bit less scooped and more long.

And now pull the stomach muscles in any way without over tucking. So very long spine long coat corset. Bring the right knee in and put it back down for the warmup. Bring the left knee in and put it back down. Bring the right knee in and put it back down.

Keep lengthening the spine as you do this right up as a, someone's grabbing behind your ears, making you long and the left knee up and down. Pause here. Narrow the hips. Pull the stomach in. Remember, don't talk. Stay long with that spine. If the right knee again, keep the stomach in and lift the left knee. Put the right foot down, put the left foot down and reversing. Left knee goes up, right knee goes up, left knee goes down, right knee goes down, right knee comes up, left knee comes up right foot goes down, left foot goes down and left knee comes up right knee comes up, left foot goes down and right foot goes down and again, check the length of the spine back. The neck is long, tiny, narrow waist, narrow hips. Squeeze the knees together and bring both knees all the way into your chest when the knees are in your back naturally gets a little bit tucked. Now bring the legs to tabletop so you feel your sacrament tail down.

Float the feet to the mat without rocking down. Stay long in your head. Bring the knees into your chest. Bring the legs to tabletop. Keep lengthening through the crown of the head as you float down so the body does not get short or rock forward and back. And again, bring the knees into your chest. Bring the legs to table top. Hug the hips as you float the feet down.

Stay long through the top of the head. This is so good, what you're doing last time. Bring the knees into your chest. Bring the legs to table top. Press the hips down, Tim. Hips down, hips down. Yes, and float the feet down to the mat. Very nice. Now make sure you have the sense of a tiny waist. Bring the arms to the ceiling and lengthen through the crown of the head.

Take the arms back, bring the arms up. Here's the first lift. So lift up to take one hand behind your head. See if you can lengthen the back of the neck, can lift a little bit more from the ribs and then lower back down. So that's a sensation you're looking for. Arms, go back, arms up, and lift long through the neck. Lower back down, arms back, arms up, and lift and lower. Back Down, a little bit too high there, Tim. One more time. Arms back, arms up, and the shoal.

Tips of the shoulder blades. Stay on the mat as you lift, so reaching long, lower back down. Very, very nice. Bring the knees into the chest. Bring the arms up to this, the legs to the ceiling. Slight PyLadies turnout, hands by your side, Sandy, curled your head and chest up and reach the arms to your shins. And take one hand just for a minute to lengths in the back of an actimmune. Lifting too high, a little bit less. There we go. Now float the legs as far away from you as you can.

Go without losing the shape. Arms along long. Start pumping with the arms. Breathing in. Exhale. Very good. Two, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Pull the stomach in. Three, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Three, four, five, four, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, five, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, six, two, three, four, five. Exhale, five, seven, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, eight, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, nine, two, three, four. Exhale, three, four, five, last set, four, five.

Exhale. Very good. Bend the knees and put your feet down and your head down. Now stretch your legs out. Take your arms back and just stretch. Clasp your thumbs, point your toes, let the back arch and pull so you have this lovely long length and just kind of juicy feeling in the body and then the knees back and position yourself back as you were a minute ago. Now to review the breathing, you say lying on your back the way you were in the hundreds, which is a breathing exercise. The important thing is the exhalation. That is when you get to deepen across the ribs and deep into the stomach.

So I'd like all of you just for a minute through your nose, take a breath in and then breathe out as far as you can go. Just breathe out without, without, without. Now go a little bit deeper and you will notice there's a point where your diaphragm and your rib squeeze try to go even deeper till you can't go anymore. And then take a breath in and then again, do the same thing again. Breathe out without, without, without, without, and just experiences. Experience what's happening in the ribs, in the lungs, in the whole trunk because there's a point of a very powerful contraction. Very Nice Wendy. And when you're kind of done, you have to inhale again.

So just do this in your own speed, in your own time because that is the exhalation. That's really Joseph [inaudible] brilliance because the lungs are always hold about 20% air as a survival mechanism. And when you exhale deeply enough, you squeeze that old stale air out and it forces fresh air in and you want to explore that cause people sell them fully exhale. Maybe they inhale more, but they sell them, empty the lungs out fully and it actually builds your lungs very powerfully. So one more time, inhalation and exhalation.

And you want to note that feeling. And right at the end when you've really emptied your lungs of air, fully lift your head up and see if you can use that contraction to get more tightness. This is looking good. Lower back down. Very nice. So those muscles are important. Muscles roll up. Lengthen your legs out. So bring the arms to the ceiling and narrow the hips in the stomach and reach the arms back.

Make sure the back of the neck is still long and the hands may or may not touch the mat. Bring the arms up to the ceiling. Reach the shoulders to the ceiling. Lift your head up and look between your arms that your navel squeeze the legs. See if you can roll up, roll up to a sitting position, dive your head down between your arms and then roll back onto the mat, narrowing the hips and take the arms back. And again, arms up. Head forward. Lift your head and stretch the back of your neck and pull those arms forward.

Good Sandy. Head forward and roll back and take the arms back over your head and now faster if you want to. So now with your own speed work that the rhythm that you feel you're able to stay in control, but you're also starting to speed up because one of the elements of going more advances, you're actually worked fast and you build power because the body now has some momentum connected to it. And one more time. Very nice work here. And this time when you roll back down on the Mat, put your hands down by your sides on the mat. So you lie down flat with your hands long.

The next one is roll over. And we're going to start the preparation for it. So first of all, just push your hands down into the mat so you engage your shoulders, your elbows, and your hands. Bend both knees into your chest for a minute and then bring the knees to tabletop. So squeeze the hips together, push down with the arms and see if you can roll your hips in the air and tabletop position. Roll up, stretch your knees and roll back down onto your bottom and bend the knees back to tabletop. And again, bottom lifts, stretch your legs and roll your bottom down. And Bend your knees. And again, push down with the arms to lift the buttocks. Stretch your legs and roll down with control.

Bend the knees one more time. Bottom tight. As you push down, use that stomach and bottom to lift your hips. Stretch your legs and with control. Roll down, roll down, roll down and put your feet on the mat. Okay, pretty good. Stretch your legs out for single leg circles. So the arms along. So we're skipping the bent knee version. Take your right leg and see if you can keep it straight.

And we lifted straight up. Press your left leg into the mat. Feel that lovely long neck and start your circle going left down, around and up. Left down, around and up. Circle the leg and up. Circle the leg and up and circle the leg. Now reverse it and cross over and up and cross over and up and cross over and up and cross over and up. Last one and up.

Now keep the leg long and grab your hamstring. Elbows wide. Check that the neck fields long and lift your head and chest up a bit. And now what? Pull the leg towards you. You can walk the leg higher. Elbows wide, long, long leg. Lower your head back down.

Put your hands on the mat and float the leg down. Long leg, narrow hips and bring your heels together. Long Spine. Lift your left leg up. Keep both knees very straight and reach the left toes to the ceiling. Starting to the right circle. Round and up. Circle, round and up. Circle, round and up.

Circle Round and up. Circle round. Now reverse it. Crossover and up. Crossover and up crossover and up crossover and up. Crossover and uphold your hamstring. Elbows a wide.

Lift your head and chest first and then walk your hand up and see if you can give the leg a bit of a stretch. Lower your head down. Put your hands on the mat and long, long, long legs, tiny waist from hips to go all the way down. Heels that together. Bring your arms to the ceiling. Take them over your head. Very long neck. Bring the arms up and roll up to a sitting position. Up You come and bring your hands. Very good.

Close to your hips. Nice work and have a look where your feet are. Pop your bottom four for rolling like a ball, holding your sins right away. If you're, unless you know that's not going to work for you. See if you can get this sense of a long neck and slightly scooped body. Keep the shape roll back and roll up and balance and roll back, bottom up, chest up and bottom up, chest up and bottom up.

Chest up. One more time, bottom up, chest up and put your feet down. Now you all did this really, really well and that's the feeling for the one we just did a minute ago where you're lifting your bottom up. So have a quick look cause we're going to review this. Here you are in your round shape, your bottom goes up, your head goes up. So I'd like you to be lying down. Bottom goes up and you just add this part and down that the, the difficult part is you don't get this momentum. It's just that part.

That's the hard part. So this is what we'll do. I'd like you to do three rolls, two, three down. See if you can connect that feeling of lifting your bottom up. So when you roll back in, rolling like a ball, just treat. See if you can feel what it takes from you. So lift your feet, hold your shins very rounded. Roll back to your shoulders and roll up and up.

Good and again, roll back to your shoulders and roll up and notice what it feels like. You'll get your bottom up and up. Good. Now down on your back, hands will be on your sides. Bring the legs to table top and see if you can push down the hands. Actually help. Here we go. Bottom up. Stretch and roll down and bend again and lift the hips.

Stretch and roll down and bend and lift the hips. Stretch and roll down and bend. Blast one hips lift and stretch and roll down. Very good. Put your feet on the mat. Very good. Hard work. So check that your long again. I Know Wendy, I think you put the towel away.

Do anything you need to do for the next series of the m series of five. So check that your tail and sacred Omar into the mat. The back of the neck is law. Bring both knees into your chest, curl your head and chest up and hold close to your ankles for single leg stretches. So very broad elbows, left leg goes out and they'll take the leg longer and really stretch it away from Yuzu. Tried to touch the person opposite you. Switch and stretch. Switch and stretch. Switch and stretch. Switch and stretch.

Switch and stretch and switch and switch and switch and switch both legs in. Drop your head down for a minute. Very good. Make sure that the neck feels long before you start and then connect to that part that was working in that hundred breathing exercise. So lift your head and chest up for double leg stretches. Very broad in the elbows. That's good. Wendy. Arms and legs.

Stretch. Hands by your ears. Big Circle and hug. Arms and legs. Stretch. Big Circle and hug arms and lake stretch. Big Circle and hug. One more time. Arms and like stretch. Hug. Put your head on the Mat.

Put your feet on the mat just for a minute to wrath and roll your head side to side to release the neck. Yeah, take your hand behind your head, bring your knees into your chest and lift the legs up to the ceiling. And with the help of your hand curl up. You can even have the other hand on your sternum to see if you get this sense of the rib cage really getting you up. This is really where the work is. Take your right like with both hands for scissors and pull it towards you twice now bigger scissor. Now pull pool, scissor the legs, pull, pull, scissor, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull both legs come up and lower your head down to the mat.

Take both hands behind your head. I usually like to have one hand on top of the other, so not actually clasping you're pressing the hands together. Elbows should be flat on the mat if you can. So they're very wide. Lift your legs to the ceiling and turn the legs up. [inaudible] stance and using your stomach, your powerhouse lift up the head comes forward.

But the feeling is the neck is resting on the hands. Elbows are wide. Lo the legs, 45 degrees. Bring them up long and lift. Lift that chest more if you can lower the legs and lift. Lower the legs and lift.

Lower the legs and lift. Bend your knees, head and feet to the mat for crisscross. Check that your spine fields long. Curl your head and chest up with keeping the feet on the mat. Keep the elbows wide and from your waist down you keep it grounded. Rotate to the right so the left elbow comes forward and the right elbow goes way, way, way back, back to the center. Twist to the left. Okay, back to the center.

Think of both ribs moving to the right side of your mat and back, but will sides of the rib move to the left side of the mat. One more time. Right side of the mat to twist way over and left side and lower back down on the mat. Stretch your legs, stretch your arms and just reach out and take a deep breath in. Fill up the lungs, let your back arch breathe out and relax. Breathe in and stretch and breathe out and relax in a roll up to a sitting position or curl up. Or if you need to help yourself to get up, do whatever you need to do.

Open your legs a little bit wider than your own mat. Take your hands for a minute behind your head just the way we were doing before and see if you can push back into the hands. The to the back of the neck gets long. So kind of tricky because you always want to do this and that actually shortens the back of the neck to bring your chin down a little bit. And now Tim, can you get your head more back, head back, but chest forward? Yes, yes, yes, yes. So usually we hear the chest has to come forward, head back, very good. Now big lift through the spine and just drop your chin down and feel the stretch in the back of the neck. Now Curl a little bit further down, feeling that opening in the back, and then come up lifting tall.

Now bring the hands in front. Take a breath in and on your exhalation. Spread the shoulder blades and roll down and reach forward with the arms. Come back up and sit up tall. And again, drop your head and reach forward. Lengthening out, and come back up and sit up tall and again, round your back. Reaching Long. Come back up and sit up tall. Bend your feet for open leg. Drop us a whole the ankles, and just for the front. Actually Tim, we're going to hold the front.

So going to have a test run on this one because this is harder. Normally we've been working here, so we'll see what happens. Take your right leg up, see if you're able to stretch it. Just taking the leg to straight. Bring it back down. Take the left leg up as far as it'll go and back down.

So if you cannot stretch the leg, go back to this position. And again, the right that goes up. If you can stretch the leg, stay there and down. Oh, everybody's being ambitious here and other leg and down. So it's a more extreme stretch. Now we're asking of the legs. Good. Wendy and the other leg goes up. Yes. Now see if you can do both legs and you will need to scoop the pelvis a little bit. Yes. And down. Good, very nice.

And again, see if you can get those legs straight and down. Much more complicated. One more time up. You come up, you come up, you come lengthen through the legs and come back down. Very, very nice. Now if you've been struggling to get this far, do the rocking with the legs here with the hands here. If you're not struggling, you can start to play with this much more complicated. Same exercises that the next level. So it's all of us come to a v, whether the Lohan's are here or the hands I hear. Get to a point where you can have your legs straight if you can wa yes, lock your stomach, roll back toward your shoulders and come right back up.

Shoulders and up and balance, balance, balance. Stretch your knees if you can and go back again. Come back up and balance the balance, balance and stretch those legs. And again, back you go and come back up and balance valance balanced. Stretch your legs. Last one that you go, come back up and balance, balance, balance, and bring your legs together. That was great. That was great. It's amazing.

The difference between beginner and intermediate is literally a few little details. Now to finish, let's see if you can stretch your legs up again. So now you bring the legs together. Walk your hands maybe towards your calves. Can you give yourself one extra little stretch? Yes. And then see if you can walk down your legs with your hands and put your hands on the mat. Push your hands into the mat and we'll just do a few simple corkscrews. Circle the like right down and left and up.

Reverse it left down, around and up. Right, right down around and up and left down, around and up. Bend your knees down and rest for a second. So that's our beginner level. Court screw intermediate. We will be doing a bigger circle. So before we had our hips down, now we start to let the legs go beyond the hips. So the circle is bigger, the bottoms coming up a little bit, but we're still holding on.

If you feel that you're flopping, you're going more than you're able to control. So let's have a go. Lift your legs up. So each of you will have to figure this one out. Strong legs and bottom. Use Your hands and start going a little bit more to the right, down, around and up. Good. And then reverse left down, around and up and right down, around and up and left down, around and up and right down, around and up and left down, around and up and bend your knees and give you like the hug for a minute. Very nice. Really good work.

Just rock side to side to loosen up your back a little bit. Grab behind the knees and roll up to a sitting position for saw. So sitting up, flex your feet, your feet are wider, slightly wider than your own mat. Stretch your arms out to the side and lift up. This is good. This is good. So you're slightly juggle. Big, big, big lift with your hands. Now everybody twisted in my direction.

First one so you all can twist them my direction. The back arm goes back. Now before you go down, pull these arms apart like a bow and arrow. Now reach towards your little toe. Reach, reach, reach, come back up and lift as much as you can. Twist the way from me, pull the arms apart. Stretch, stretch, stretch and lift. Flex those feet twists to the first side. Paul, stretch, stretch, stretch and lift. Twist, Paul, stretch, stretch, stretch and lift, twist, pull, stretch, stretch, stretch and lift. Twist, whole stretch, stretch, stretch and lift legs together. Nice work. Roll down on your backs.

I am thinking force one. Have a very quick look. We started working on this. We've been in beginner level, we've been doing this. Now we'll be doing the one for first. You're going to warm up your back a few times by just lifting and then you'll lift up, squeeze your stomach and your bod sticks and push up and down to get a little bit more of a rocking.

So let's have you all on your stomachs so you stay right. Yeah, very good. All of your just fine. You'd be feet to each other. Place your hands on the outside of your mat because if you were on a proper a pad, you'd have a dowel there and it gives you momentum. So Debbie, get your hands wider. Yes. And higher up. The hands are almost in mind with your ears and the owl. That's it. In the elbows are lifted off the mat to have a little bit of power in the upper body. Now pull the stomach and tighten your buttocks and just press up. See how high you can come with your arms.

Nice long body type bottom and lower back down. Very nice. And again, strong legs. Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift the belly, Megan. That's it. Good. And come back down. Now this third one, we're going to go into the rocky. So lift up again. Nice, strong, lifted bottom. Here we go. You're going to fall forward and push up and fall forward and push up and fall forward and push up. And one more time fall forward. And push up lower down and then come up onto your elbows for single leg kicks to make fists with the hands and bring the knuckles to gather.

So when you press the knuckles together, it's going to stretch the outer part of pen. Elbows are closer together. Tim, if you can, and the hands Wendy, a little further forward, so not under you. Almost like the elbows under the shoulders. Now really push down with the arms, narrow the hips and feel the back of your neck. Again, a beautiful long back of the neck. Take your right foot and kick twice. Kick, kick and long left leg kick, kick and tight. Bottom kick. Kick and lift up. Kick. Kick.

Every time you stretch the legs you push with the arms kick. Kick to get taller. Yes. When the kick, kick and lift, kick, kick and lift. Last one, kick, kick and lift. Very good. Lower down and place your hands behind your back for single leg kicks and turn your nose to the right so the nose goes to the right. Your elbows press towards the Mat downwards to stretch.

So that'd be you have a little bit. Yes, you really want to try and get those elbows down to stretch the cuff out. Nice, tight, knees and bottom. Bend your knees and kick three times. Kick, kick, kick, pull back with the arms and stretch the arms away. Good. Other side, kick to three. Pull back and stretch. First side, kick to three, pull back and lift others. Side kick to three, pull back and lift and first side kick to three.

Pull back and lift. And last side kick to three. Pull back and lift. Lovely work. Sit back into your heels and stretch your backs out. Nice stretch. Or just take a moment here.

Take a deep breath in and fill up the back of your waist into a breathe all the way into your pelvis. And as you breathe out, see if you can sink into your hips and knees and feet a little bit. And one more time. Big breath into the pelvis or the whole spinal column is breathing. And then breathe out. Very, very nice. Turn around to face the center.

So you will sit with your legs stretching forward for neck pools. So you want lovely straight legs with your feet, hip width apart and the feet are flexed. Same feeling. One Hand on top of the other, behind the back of your neck, right? Kind of at the base of your skull. Press Your Chin down a little bit to see if you can stretch the back of the, that's it Wendy. Yes, yes is yes.

Now Nice tight hips and stomach in and see if you can like grab your body and lift it. Good, good, good there. Drop your head and curl in. It's as though you're aiming the top of your head toward the middle of your thighs. You roll down, roll down, roll down. Very intense stretch. If it's done properly, roll up to an upright position and flex your feet. Big.

Lift through the back of the body and lean back a little bit like you're going nice and long and then come back up again. Lift the belly and the waist. Drop your head and curl in. Opening your back, body out. Elbows go down a bit. Belly goes in a bit. Roll back up again. Feel as though you're lengthening the back and lean back nice and long.

Keeping the chin down and again, drop your head. The Chin comes into the chest as you crawl down, roll back up. But as you lift, keep your chin down to the back of the neck as long. Press your head back and then lean back. Chin down, Wendy. Yes. And then come back up. Good legs together. Arms long and heels together. Roll down in your backs.

[inaudible] roll down flat for bridge pose. So if you've come off your match, just move down a little bit and bend your feet back so that the feet are hip with the part and maybe close quite close to your body. But the feet are a little bit away from the knees. Yes. Now just for a moment, push again. Push your hands down. There's the lot of work that starts to come in to the arms.

Narrow the hips and check that your neck is long. Tuck the tail under so you have a scoop roll, just your bottom off the mat. Roll, just your waist off the mat. Start Rolling into the ribs into newer, no long plank. Lift your heels, push down into the heels, and then roll down through your body and put your feet down again. So just a good dations. Squeeze your hips and just tuck the tail under. Lift your tail and sacred. Roll up through the waist. Roll up through the ribs, roll all the way up into a long diagonal plank.

Lift your toes up just for a minute to dig the heels down and then put your feet back down and rolled out so you melt down in the opposite direction. Very, very good. Again, push down into the heels to roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll lap, Lall body, tiny waist, strong hips and hamstrings, and then roll down. Roll down, roll down to flat. Very nice. Same thing with your knees and feet together, so a little bit more challenging. Squeeze the hips tightly together. Keep the legs squeezing together as you start rolling the spa line all the way up into this long position. Don't let the knees come apart. The weight, legs have to work much harder and then roll down, articulating through your spine and again, roll your hips up, up, up, up, up. Yeah, and as you roll down, feel that beautiful length coming in through the back of the neck and through the whole spine. One more time. Tuck the tail to roll up. Roll up, roll up, roll up. [inaudible] and then roll down. Roll down, rolled down to flat. Excellent work.

Let's have all of you rolling onto your side. Y'all going to face in my direction for the first part of sidekicks. So lying out in the back part of your mat. Some of you may be lying with your head down. Some of you have the head up if you have the head up.

The goal is in time that your whole underarm area is flat. So a lot of people, a lot of you have very tight arms and armpits. We're stretching it out every time we go to this position. So even if you're here, you're striving to get this arm quite far. Then from here, lift both legs up, bring them forward, lower them down with the feet flex.

Take your top leg and lengthen it so you just feel that length and powerhouse stability. Lift your leg, hip height. Reach the toes and turn it out for the forward and back. Swing forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back, and bring the light down. Very, very nice. Keep the light turned out for the high sidekicks. Swing it up, flex down. Swing it up, down. Swing it up, down. Swing it up, down. Swing it up, down.

Swing it up and down. And we start to add the developed pais where we unfold the legs. Check that your top pip is over the bottom one. Keep your stomach in and take the top leg and bend it. So you slide the toe up. The knee faces the ceiling up to the ceiling.

Bring the knee a little higher and extend the leg to straight. Flex it down again so the knees turned out as it slides up, lifted, flex it down the knee, slides up, lift and down. Point the foot in reverse. Swing it up, Ben to above the knee. If you can slide it down. Swing it up, bend above the knee, slide it down. Swing it up above the knee, slide it down again.

Check that your hips stack. Good Debbie and little circles here. Every time you brush the heel with the bottom heel and so you, half of the circle is in front. Half of the circle is behind. Pause. Heel to heel. Check that your hip sis staffed. And now reverse it back. Back, back, back, back, back, back and back. Take your top leg and bend it up.

Flexi inside, leg lift and down and lift and down and lift and down and lift and down. In lifting up point and against circles. Now the interlay try to keep the heel to the ceiling. So the work is happening from your inner thigh, not from the ankle. Reverse your circles back.

[inaudible] that's it. Keep that heel facing the ceiling. If you can lower the legs, one leg on top of the other, check that you're stacked. Lift again and lower. Lift again and lower lift again and lower lift again. And now little scissors here. Reaching those legs out, keeping your body nice and quiet. Very good. Lower than legs, down and onto your stomach. Full little beats.

So your foreheads on your hands, your hips are tight, your feet appointed, the knees are together and very slightly turned out nice from belly. Lift the legs up and it'll beat BP. Five, six, seven. Lift the legs a little higher. Four, five, six, seven. Stretches these as far as you can. Five, six, seven and eight. Very nice. Sit back into your heels. Stretch your body out.

Nice long stretch. Excellent work. Take a deep breath in. Breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Walk your hands to the right so you stretch out the left side of the ribs a little bit. Come back to the center. Stretch out in the opposite direction. [inaudible] back to the center. Very, very nice.

Now let's have you all lie out so you'll be facing my direction again, but you'll have your legs in the opposite way. So you will be very good. Lift the legs and bring them forward. Make sure that your powerhouse is held and supported to the whole center of your body is held. Lift your top leg up and extend it. Hip Heights. Wing it slightly turned out Debbie. Yes, that's it. Now swing to the front, front, front, back, back, front, front. So it doesn't matter how big a movement it is, it matters that your upper body is not moving. So can you lift your top hand off the mat and not be flopping forward and back if you are flopping forward and back, you want to make the movement smaller back back.

Bring the leg hip to heel to heel. Lengthen your waist again. Swing the leg up, flex it down, swing it up, flex it down every time you bring it down, you firm and tighten your hips. Lift and squeeze your hips. Lift and squeeze your hips. Lift and squeeze. Lift and squeeze. Lift and squeeze. Long legs. Reach from the hip.

And now the unfolding or develop a part. You bend the knee, bring the knee towards your shoulder, lifted up and flex it down and Ben, lift the knee lifted up to straight and flex it down. And again, band. Lengthen your whole body as you do this and now you'll reverse a point in swing. Ben Tried to touch above your knee. Good Tim and down. Swing it up. Bend above your knee and down. One more time.

Up and press the knee to the ceiling and down. Very good little circles here. One, two, every time you're brushing your hair. So a slight row external rotation. Palladio's stance. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Take your top leg, bend it up, lift your inside leg. Think of the heel going up. Lift, lift, lift and lift.

Point and little circles here. That's a try to keep those circles high and the leg still in that Pilati stance. Reverse it for keep the waste long as you do this and lower down. Extend both legs out. Check that you're still in a diagonal. Check that the upper body's still long. Lift the legs, lower, lift the legs, lower, lift the legs, lower, lift the legs and little forward and back.

Scissor movements to get the side of the body strong in the legs. Strong and loose and powerful in the mind. Flexible. Lower down onto your stomach. And just for a minute again, stretch back into child's pose. Opening up your back body. As you go back. Come on to your hands and knees and open the knees, hip with the part. So as you're here, see if you can get a sense of what its long spine is.

So from the crown of the head through your tail, you want to feel length. Check that the corners of your elbows are facing towards each other or slightly forward and feel the length through the spine so you're not arched and you're not curved. You just want a long back. And Wendy, take the hips back a little bit. So you write that and I'll bring the hands right under your shoulders. Good. Now without the spy moving, see if you can bring the shoulders onto the back body and then the shoulders under the front body. So the chest does go up and down, but you don't want the spine arching and curving. So you lower the rib slightly and lift the ribs slightly.

So you're working the shoulder girdle pretty good without a sandy. Try not to round. Try Not to do that movement where you see how I'm working my whole back. You just want the shoulders to work. The chest does go up and down, but it doesn't change shape. Yes. Okay, now check that you have room behind. You're actually all of you are fine. I'm the one with the problem.

You want your shoulders right over your hands. Pull your stomach muscles in informed moment. Bring your knees and your feet together because we're going to step back into plank and check that your neck is long. You're not. Don't want your head hanging. So you look, oh maybe five feet out in front of you with your eyes. Take your right leg straight back without anything changing and the toes are curled under sandy. The foot's on the floor because we're stepping into plank.

Connect to your stomach in your hips. You want them stable and strong and step back with your left leg and just hold this position for a minute and see if you can squeeze your hips anyway. Bend the right knee, bend the left knee, keep your stomach in in your backlog. Step back with the left leg. Step back with the right leg. Come forward with the left leg. Come forward with the right leg. Very nice. And again, right leg goes back, left leg goes back, strong hips, right leg comes forward, left leg comes forward and reversing it. Left leg is back, right leg is back. Nice and long. Left leg is forward, right leg is forward. And just for a moment, sit back into your heels and stretch your back out. One more time.

Every time you go back here, pull your stomach in and think of really rounding through your lower back. Now bring your hands to your feet with the palms up and pull your belly in and see if you can roll up through your spine to a sitting position. Using your bellies here, articulate through the spine all the way up, making your belly work for you. And then you come up. So the shoulders are right over the hips and they take that moment to open the shoulders out. Very good. Turn around and come onto your backs for preparation for teaser.

So you want your knees and your feet together, your arms along. Take a moment to check. Is the back of my neck long, is my sacred, down and on my arms active. And do I have a sense of a course at round the waist and the rib? So Sandy, bend the knees, Tim to bend the knees, bend the knees. Now lengthen your right leg up without the knees separating just like we'd been doing all along. Lift your head and chest, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up. And the difference is now take your hands to your ears, reach and reach out behind you on the way back down, back. Very good. And roll up again.

Roll Up. Now when you take your arms back behind you, reach with them to the back. It's long. And then roll down. And one more time. Roll up, roll up. Take your arms behind you and roll down. Roll down. Roll down. Very nice. Change your legs are there, hand come, other light comes up and again, roll up, reach, take the arms behind you and reach them back, back, back on the way back and again Rola and reach out long so you rollback long rather than short.

One more time, roll up again, Breech reach with those arms and roll back down. Very, very good Ben, both knees into your chest and just give the legs a hug for a minute. Okay. Rock side to side. Put your feet on the mat and I just wanted to show you where we'll go with the next step.

We've been doing teaser foot with the arms here and we're going to still do that with just adding in so you come up as best you can. This is what we're adding now before we used to roll down here, so when your hands are back, there's a lot more traction that adds into would like to have a goal. If that's too much for you, you hold onto the knees and you roll down the way you normally do. So bend your knees into your chest, stretch your arms over your head to have a nice long reach with those arms. Lift the legs up.

Take the legs slightly out and roll up to a sitting position. Roll up, try to touch the toes. Reach the arms behind you and long with your back on the way down. And one more time. Roll up, lift. Reach the arms long and roll. Roll. Roll down. Bend the knees into your chest. Hug The legs in rock, side to side.

I'm bringing yourselves up to a sitting position for seal. So hands come inside. Wrap them around your ankles. See if you can, even though you're scooped in the belly, can you lift up the chest a little bit? Bring the feet down slightly. Just slightly. Clap your feet three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back and roll up in balance. Now we're going to try to add the balance at the top where you clap there too.

So clap, clap, clap, roll to the shoulders, clap, clap, clap. Roll Up. Clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap, roll up, clap, clap, clap and roll. Back, clap, clap, clap. And come up to sitting position and come up to standing. So standing up, you want your heels together. Bring the arms up to shoulder. Height, shoulders, a. Down navel is long. Three little circles are circle and two and three.

Reverse two and three. And as the arms come down, lift the heels slightly off the mat and lower back down. Staying that tall. Lift the arms higher and circle two, three, reverse two, three as the arms come down, squeeze the legs together and lift. Try to send the head to the ceiling and then lower down. Now drop your head and roll down towards the floor. Rounding the spine, narrowing the hips, and then three circles here. Circle one, two, three.

We have verses one, two and three. And then roll backup, roll backup, roll back up. Lift the arms up in front of you, lift the arms to the ceiling, take the arms out and take the arms down. And just take a moment to stand. Again. Lift your heels a few times. Just getting that sense of lightness into the heel.

Feel that head nice and long. Feel the shoulders nice and wide. Take a big breath in and breathing out. Let it go. So you all did so, so, so well. This is a tough workout for you. I know very little difference between beginner and intermediate as far as what exercise we did. It's the attention to detail and that really is the beginning.

And it's hard. It just gets harder and harder, but it gets easier and easier at the same types of a proud of y'all have a great night.

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Thanks great second installment.
Niedra, I loved this class! Will definately use a lot of it in my next class for my beginners! I just wish I could mimic all your cues! They are great! I can tell how much the class is improving! they are doing fantastic! I like the "lengthing" of the neck throughout the class! Thank you!
Fantastic class Niedra thanks!
Is there an intermediate 3 thru 10?
The progress of beginner 1-10 has helped me. As did interm 1-2. But where is #3-10?
Niedra, like your classes, please reply. Thanks
Also, is it possible to do a spine corrector class with a ball?
Shel ~ Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you liked these classes. At the moment, there is only #1 and 2. Hopefully, Niedra or any of the other instructors can do more classes like these because they are very useful.
Niedra Gabriel
HI Shel, first, thank you for your comments. I will give some thought to progressing the intermediate classes, it is more complicated than the beginner series but I like the challenge and will see if I can put a progressive program together for this.
Please do give me more clarity as to what you mean by spine corrector with a ball? I am not sure what you are referring to.
Hi Neidra,
Thank you for your email response. I particularly like your classes because you are clear on instruction, And you keep the class moving. I feel like i am part of your group, progressing to new levels. I would love to stay with your group and keep developing with proper form. On that note, i took class #870 today and was able to hold the modified teaser. That felt GREAT! When i started December 1st, i could not do a single roll up.
Regarding my request for "Spine Corrector class with the ball": for those of us taking class via the web, a ball is far less costly and bulky / heavey to keep in our homes. Would it be possible to offer a class utilizing the ball to stretch, strengthen, and release our back and stomach muscles? Can the ball also be used to develop a stronger center line? Just a thought. I haven't seen any ball classes on Pilates Anytime. Are there any?
Thanks again, you are a terrific instructor!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Shel,
this is indeed a thought provoking concept I need to play around with - spine corrector on the ball. I totally understand the need to adapt material so students without equipment can benefit. I support this whole heartedly.
I will need to experiment with the ball ( I presume you mean one of those big balls) and see what adaptations I can create to share with you all.
It won't be " classical style" as there were no balls in Joe Pilates's time, but of course there is "Pilates inspired creativity…"
I am filming again in January so I will see what I can do.
Happy New year to you and all PA members.
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