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Total Body Fitness Ball Mat

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Meredith incorporates the Fitness Ball throughout the entirety of this creative total-body Mat workout. Focus on the deep abdominals, hamstrings, and side body with challenging strength and balance work.

This class is dedicated to Joni Nichols, who requested a Mat workout using the Fitness Ball. If you have any class requests for Meredith, leave her a comment below.
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Jun 29, 2014
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Hi, today we're going to do a ball class. I am dedicating this class to my darling friend Joanie Nicole's who requested it from me. So if you have requests for me, feel free to let me know. Happy Birthday, Joni. Picking up the ball, holding the ball on the hands. Stand just over the feet feeder placed. Sit bones distance apart and gently press the ball into your body.

As you press the ball into your body, gently feel the chest lifting and rising the vertical column of the spine elongating and even take the eyes and look up just a little bit. So we take a gentle back extension and then as we exhale, we're going to roll down rounding. Yeah, and I'm feeling here that I'm piking up with my waist, almost trying to decelerate. The lowering of the ball. Ball's going to come to the ground. I'm going to reorganize my hands, put them on the top of the ball, and then start to Elongate my spine. So you reach out, I find a nice long back. Inhale there.

And on the exhale we're going to tilt the tail under and curl up into a cat stretch. From there, tilting the tailbone up. We ripple through the spine, taking the spine back into extension and allowing the ball to roll away from us as we do so. And then exhale, drawing inward. So we just looking for a little gentle mobility of the spine. Inhale, the tailbone reaches up. This vine ripples out into a flat back. The ball travels forward. [inaudible] so as we round back and feel free to bend your knees a little bit here to increase your range of motion if you so desire or if your hamstrings feel excepted. The Chanel a tight.

Today I'm going to bend mine just for fun cause it feels good. And then rounding back in, reorganize the hands so that they can pick up the bow, roll the ball up, lift the arms and the ball forward. And then overhead. Inhale, take the ball towards me, let the pelvis reach in the opposite direction and a gentle swaying in the breeze, and then press the bottom hand into the ball and lift yourself back up. In here we reach up and over to the opposite side. Let the bottom hand press into the ball to help us up. Inhale again.

Take the ball down. Press the ball as you exhale against the front of the body, grow the spine long. Feel the elongation of the spine. Feel the opening of the chest. Exhale, roll the spine down the front of the body, hands on the top of the Bowry Chow elongate. Inhale, exhale, curl. So just noticing the rippling action of the spine, how an Ilan Gates is. The ball moves forward and continues to Elongate even in its rounded position. As the ball comes back, we're going to go two more times like that.

Reaching out in here and a rounding. Exhale. I'm going to bend my knees on the last one and take it a little lower. Reaching out. Let's all do that. Bend the knees and take it a little lower. Spreading out the back of the hips. Then stretch the legs back towards straight. Getting an even deeper stretch through the legs. Roll the spine up, picking the ball up as you come. Exhale, lift the Badia.

Take the ball up overhead again. Inhale. Once again, reach for me. Exhale, rotate. So the hands are parallel to the ground. Feel the stretch in the back. Inhale, come back to your sideways flection and lift in heel. We reach away from me. Exhale, rotate, rotates the arms come parallel to the floor. The back gets a little stretch. The abdominals are working hard. Inhale to reach back.

Open and exhale to lift up. Take the ball down the front of the body. Allow it one last time to press against the pelvis. And as we press the ball backwards, we feel the upper back working. We feel the spine elongating, we allow the chest to lift and then bring your body back to neutral. Place the ball down on the floor.

Come around to the front of the ball and sit down on it. So you want to position your body so that your lower spine and pelvis are supported by the ball. The Mat can get us a little slippery sometimes. It's nice to have the feet anchored up against a solid surface. I'm going to reach back and take my hands behind my head and arch my spine over the top of the ball. We'll have an inhale here. From there, exhale keeping the pelvis still. We curl just to a neutral spinal position, so straight to the bottom of the ribs and then we'll inhale to go back. Exhale, lifting the body up. Feel the shoulders coming into alignment with the hips.

Try not to force the head forward. Inhale to reach back, draw in on the abdominals, curling just to that nice straight line in the body and reach back. Exhaling to lift, no, that the all way back is not just a relaxation. It's an elongated contraction, so we're working in both directions and Hilton reach back and Xcel to lift up. We'll do four more. Inhale, they're great abdominal exercises. We get the full stretch of those muscles and then have to work to bring them back into a neutral position. Here's three. Inhale back.

Exhale, lifting up to inhale back. Exhale, lifting up one. From there, we're going to go forward so around. Press into the ball with the back and neutral and around. So instead of coming from extension to neutral or coming from neutral to flection and hollow, create a wave like sensation with the spine is the crest of the wave and the abdomen as the barrel of the way and for reaching back and lifting a two and one. Let's reach the arms forward.

Take the body all the way over the top of the ball. Reach the arms overhead. Take the arms nice and wide in a circular motion. Lift the head, reach the arms forward and walk with your feet back so that you're sitting right on top of the ball. I'd like us to bring the legs all the way together. If that feels scary or it feels like it's, yeah, you're unable to balance there, go ahead and separate them a little bit. Hands behind the head in Hilton. Sit Tall, exhale to turn spine. So we do a little bit of spinal rotation now in nail to center.

Exhale to feel the spine lifting as it rotates and inhale to center. Exhale, rising up. Feel as though you're not pressed down into the ball, but instead can we create a sensation of trying to lift the whole body off the ball to be lighter on the ball and rotate and center and rotate working all the time through the waist. Thinking all the time about being long lifting, twisting and center. One more time and twisting, keeping the head. Just moving.

One unit with this spy and coming back, I'm going to just walk the walk the body forward again, I'm just going to leave my hands where they are. Finding that low position again where the lower spine is connected, stabilized on the ball. Inhale from there, stretch back. Exhale, lift to neutral and as you hit neutral, start to rotate in one direction and then center and back. Find neutral. Create rotation, the opposite directions center and back. Exhale to lift and rotate. Drawing back against the ball on that side of the body.

Exhale to lifting routine in he Ozzy, go back, keeping the head just moving as the trunk moves, keeping the elbows wide and still curling up in a cross. Try as you're doing this movement to notice if the ball is moving around a lot. Can we rotate the spine without changing the ball? That's a good challenge. Lift and twist. Notice if as you're rotating, one side of the pelvis wants to come with you, try to keep the pelvis absolutely still. In fact, if the pelvis is still, the ball should be relatively, so we're going to do three more to each side here. Big stretch back and then across and center up in a cross and center.

Last two I'm going to add onto our last repetition that's happening after this. So we go back, we go back to our first side from there, five little flections one and two and back that crest of away feeling three and back. Four and five and center, either side and the two and three and hollowing as we left. One more. Come to center. Reach the arms forward, walk forward with your feet so your body comes. The power was, I've actually taken off the ball and I'm in a deep squat position in here.

Here we're going to push with the legs. Think back support you need. You use your legs for balance. We're going to arch all the way over the top of the ball in it. Take the arms around to the side. That should feel beautiful. Reach forward and bent. Let's do that again. Inhale.

As we start to move, exhale as we reach back in here and exhale and hug in her. Reach back. Lots of, lots of work through the back of the legs, letting the head just ease its way back. Reaching around, and Ben, last one like this, reaching back, lifting overhead, reaching around, and let's just make it all the way to the ground. Take the ball out from behind you. Bring it around in front of you and roll down with it onto the floor so it's gonna stay on the ground. We're going to put it on the ground. We're going to bring our feet on the top of it, heading in some, just some bridging, which is pretty darn challenging with with a stability ball.

So in here, dig down into the ball with the heels. Exhale, roll the spine up. So we're going to get up nice and high. Up onto the shoulders. We're going to find a nice long straight line with the body posture. Inhale, feeling the hamstrings for sure. Exhale. Let the chest drop. Feel the ribs drop. Feel each and every vertebra come down individually as you move through the lower spy. And finally drop the pelvis all the way down. Inhale.

Exhale. Flatten the spine. Press down into the ball with the heels. Roll the spine up. The arms are pressing down. As the hips are lifting up. We inhale here and we exhale to roll. Yeah, so pelvic curl. Expect there to be a little wobbling. Expect there to be a little instability. It is a ball. After all, inhale, exhale, dig down to lift up, pressing up with the hips, lifting up nice and high. Inhale to hole and exhale. Rounding, reaching [inaudible], elongating.

Feel the arms stretching towards the ball. We're about to make it a little harder. Here we go. We're going to inhale and exhale to roll from the top. Keep the hips lifted, stretch the legs out and bend the knees in. Stress, legs out.

Hang onto the front of the body for support and bend the knees. Stretch the legs out. Oh yeah. We're really feeling our legs now and bend and stretch the eye exam and bend. And one more recheck. And in here and down where you go slowly through the spy all the way.

I again, one more time. Five repetitions. Xcel roll, arms reach, hips, lift, abdominal support. Reach up and pull back. Legs reach, and they bet. Keep the Armstrong, the neck. Wong, the abdominal strong last to dragging it. Last one. Ragging and pause here. We're gonna do a bridge. We're going to take the whole spine down in one piece and up in one piece. Oh, that's hard. I'm now standing with my feet on the ball and left. Just the five and left.

Yeah. And Lyft. I have to admit, I've never done this before. I didn't anticipate it being this hard. I'm done. Here we go. We're gonna rule the spine down all the way and place that shins on the top of the ball. Bring your arms out to your side and a t position. I'm going to do the spine twist here. We're going to inhale.

Take the ball over to the right and exhale as you feel the body come back to center. Inhale, take the legs over to the opposite side. He has all the one that's a little friendlier and XL to come back, so I feel that with the ball underneath the legs, it takes away the efforting of having to hold the legs in space. That doesn't mean we get to work any less deeply. It just means we might work more deeply or try to or look for more range of motion back. Inhaling as who you reach across and selling as we are each back.

One more time in healing as we reach across. Exhaling as we reach back, going to take the ball in the feet, pick the ball up, put it into your hands, stretch your legs out along the Mat. Lift the ball overhead. Notice that their ribs are still heavy on the mat. Inhale, bring the head in. Justa. Exhale, true. Roll the spine. I'm now holding onto the ball. We get a little bit of arm work, which is fun.

Reach forward. Eland eat the back on a long diagonal dive back forward and roll down slowly tilting the tail ender pressing into the ball so the head comes all the way back the head, arms and chest. Lift up. We press down into the mat as we curl the [inaudible]. Take the ball forward, even gate. Sign that nice flat spinal position.

Dive back down and roll the spine down. Let's do that one more time and he, he'll lift the head and chest. Exhale, press into the ball and oral reach forward. Lift the arm. So I lift the spine, lift the arms, dive back down, roll back down. This time just find the lower back. Just find the lower back against the mat. And then all we're going to do here is just lifts the ball and lower inhale as he lifts the Bala and excelling as we lower and inhale, lift up.

And then exhale as we lower and feel the spine flat and the abdominals, press into the mat as the ball lifts up and and one press into them and then down. And now we rural the spine all the way. Ah, we take the body all the way forward. You don't get it back on that. Nice on diagonal. We're going to pause here when I do a little backward presses with the arms for ten nine. Feel the spine reaching out into the box set. Feel the stomach muscles pull back into the spine.

Five keep the Heti long. Gated and lifted with the back. Three two, one. Sit up tall. Then the arms rest the ball on top of the head. Wide. Elbows pull down on the ball into the head, but elongate the spine up into the ball. So there's a down energy, arms up energy, spine. And now we're going to twist. Exhale and center and exhale and center.

Exhale. If you wanted more work still, you could take the ball off your head. That's harder on the arms. You'll decide. Exhale and center. And exhale and center. I'm gonna go over [inaudible] this side.

We're gonna stretch up with the spine and the ball. We're going to bend the elbows, lifting back up into the bone and we're gonna come center you gonna reach across, stretch the arms, lengthen and lift the spy. Then the elbows ball comes to the head and come back to in Hilton. Rotate XL to stretch in Hiltz hub bed XL to center. Inhale to rotate.

Exhale to stretch in Hilton Bend. Exhale to center. Last high. We reach. Ah, we bend down, we find center, we rotate, we reach, we bend in, we come center, we reach up again, dive forward. Points your feet, press the ball down your feet, push it forward and get that little stretch spine stretch, hamstring stretch. Nice little foot stretch. And then start to roll yourself back up in a bed and the knees, you know, reach the ball, hook it right around the front of the feet and then hug the ball towards the body by pulling the shoulder blade, the back. Haul out through the waist. We're going to rock back here and we're gonna rock back up. We're gonna rock back and we're gonna Rock Baca.

Inhale back. Exhale, lift. Inhale back. Exhale left. Last one holding here. Lift the ball just over the knees. Start to roll the spine gun. Lift the feet up so they're parallel to the floor.

Don't go all the way. Don't go all the way. We're going into the double leg stretch. So the ball is just reaching over the feet. We take the ball on the legs away and we pull back. Deepen in how you reach out and pull back and reach up and pull back and inhale and exhale and four and back and three and back and two and back and one and parallel legs. We're going to start to roll this fina coming up into the teaser.

Prek, keeping the knees bed and go and slow cause I'm trying to control it. And here we are lifting the spine and now we go down again. So the lower spine touches the body starts to around holding the bottle right over the center of the body, left knee in right leg out and switch. What? Switch to switch. Pull in, keep reaching the ball up over the front of the leg towards the Inco and three, two, one and then we sign it. The knees are bent, are curling up, curling up, curling, lifting the spine, reaching overhead.

Rounding the spine crass. Here's how it's going to go. I want to go down. We're going to haul, rotate towards me. Take the boat just outside of the lake. The knee comes right in the center and the arms lift in center and twist a little slower than normal. We find center both knees under the ball and when we switch, find center both knees under the balance switch and continue across and center a crow and center across and center across.

And I'll just go straight across for four, four, three, three, two, two. Well one bend both knees. Place one foot at. Then the other on the ground. Stretch the legs out. We were rolling the spine up. From there. We're going to take the ball forward or that. Let the bar rest on the feet and then elongate the body.

Letting the ball roll towards us. We come up, we lift the spine. So I'm trying for a forward diagonal with my spine and then I flex and in his we right chat and exhale to flex and in your leading with the head reaching back through the tail lifter, reach, lifting the ball up one last time we press five, four, three, two, one. And then we simply just sit up. So coming up onto our knees, you're going to take the ball and you want to get it right up into the side of your leg. So I wedge my ball in, then I lean on my ball and then I have more than often have to move that knee away from the ball a little bit. Essentially what you want is for the body to be resting on the ball. For the ball to be very supportive of the body.

We're going to go bottom hand behind the head, top our mark out straight, and we're going to lift into flection lateral flection. Inhale over the ball, exhale to the left, so the both soft. You can just rebound off and and left and left and left and rich. We're just gonna do two more here. Left. And, and letting my body rest against the ball. And Yeah. Now I'm just going to take the hands, wrap them around the bone and we're gonna lift that leg nice and high. Flex that foot, bring it forward points and reach it back. Flex and bring it forward. Trying to be still with the ball underneath you.

Forward and back. Forward and forward. And one more forward and back. We're going to go to behind them. So we're going to touch lift, touch, friend, lift touch back. So you kick the leg, you try to get it nice and high as it travels through. Center into the front, through center into the back. And we'll do three mile touch.

Lift, touch, lift. Here is two to one. Know, turn your body now so your leg is still behind you. Back like lifted up the upper bodies in rotation. Now we're just going to draw and lift that leg.

So it's just an I down. And two more like this last one, holding the leg. Now at the very height of the lift, do five little lifts up to three, four, five. We're gonna unwind, lift the arm up and then bend the knee. Taking that free arm onto the ball, push it away from you as you now sit on the diag and all the way from the ball into the hip that you've just worked. Once you settle into that stretch, you can have the option of moving your hands on the ball and trying to push it a little bit more away from you, which I really love. I think that feels great. Come back through center here, a rest of your hand on the ball. Now, opposite arm at shoulder level, we're going to inhale and push the ball away or just allow the ball to move as the spine goes into lateral deflection and then we bring the body back up in house. We take the ball away so the muscle or the area of the body that's getting a stretch gets to do work on the way back up. We're going to add some rotation in.

How's we reach over? Exhale as we dive forward, any as we come back and exhale to lifter. Inhale to reach over, hollow in through the waist. Come across the ball. Inhale Center and exhale apple. One more time. Reach over, reach around, come back and lift all the way up. Taking the ball around to the opposite side of the body. Once again, you want to wedge the ball right up into the leg, then lean on it, get the body nice and connected to the ball and then that bottom like can move.

That's my version anyway. So bottom hand behind the head, top, arm out my strategy and then we're going to lift and go all the way over. I'm using my bottom leg as an anchor, pushing it into the floor lift and it's stretch over. But that doesn't mean we're letting go. Last three here, reaching down too and yeah, last one, you take it all the way down route both hands around the bar, lift that opposite leg. Nice and high. Flex kicked the leg forward and bring the leg back.

So you want to keep that leg real high, as high as you can. You and I mean Tina, pretty neutral position in the pelvis or a focus on a neutral position in the pelvis. You keep the leg up as it comes forward and higher as it goes back. Last two and back. Last one. Here comes our arcs. We go, yeah. Up Front, kick, back, lift front. Trying again to hold everything still underneath us.

Back and front and back and from three, three up to two. Here's our last one. We're going to go to the back. We're going to rotate the body so the body is over the ball. That leg is the, we're working that glued in the back. We go down and as your leg goes down so that it's reaching away from you. Lift to lift or lift and then holding. At the top we do five little aps, top range of the motion. Three, four, five weeks. Come back around, reaching the arm up, lifting the leg up, bending hand comes to the ball to sit on the diagonal, away from the ball with the Polis reaching and getting a nice stretch.

Who that hit and then we can start. If you're so inclined, hit walk the ball away from you and just play with your stress. There's always room for for you to look for what you need. Rolling ourselves back up the hand. Now is gonna rest on the ball. Opposite arm comes straight out of the shoulder. We reach over the top in here and I'm back up.

The ball is moving really just because the spine is is moving. And one more like that in heel. Big stretch over and XL till left. And now here's our rotation. We reach across. We were around in touch. We come back and lift in Hiltz you reach over x and to rotate.

Inhale, unwind and exhale to the left. Last one over x and back and all the way. Yeah, it's Kinda fun to her. I've seen and do a little balance work. So stand with the ball in front of you in a step back away from it. Now this is a super challenging exercise.

Meet even more challenging if you try to rely on the ball for balance cause it's moved, it's mobile, it moves around. So we're going to sit back. We're going to find a nice long flat back pressing the ball out away from us. From that place. We're going to take the left leg up into the air. We're going to lift the left leg up and [inaudible] it's trying to bring the leg in line with the body up and down, up and down, standing nice and firm on that standing way. Here's our last two and down our last one.

We're going to stay here. The standing leg will bend and stretch, bend and stretch. Keep energy in the leg. Balls reaching forward. Abdominals are reaching to the spine for support. Last two. Whoa. Last one.

I was hoping I wasn't going to lose it, but I did. So there it is. We're all human. Reach out for long through the spine so you can. Nice long stretch. Roll the spine back up. So the lesson there is if you lose your balance, can you try again? How was it like goes to the back? I'm going to leave my foot on the floor, my back foot on the floor, square the pelvis, find my balance and then right like lifts and lowers reaches out.

I'm trying to find it in line with my body and down. I'll laugh and yeah. So there's a little bit of exploration room for exploration at the top and down. Last time left. Here's where we go, Ben. The leg that we're standing on and stir, right? We just bend and straight.

And three more. Straighten two. Why sit again? I'm not doing so well at this today at all. I didn't make it through one more stretch. Oh sorry guys. Press all the way out long.

Hopefully you did that a little better than I did. I didn't. Certain balancing it. It's just not as easy as others. So impressing the ball, getting a nice long stretch. It's been one knee. Take the stretch in the opposite hip. Stretch that like back straight. And the other knee. Stuart, I like backstreet and rolling the ball towards you.

Rolling up off of that through. We're about to do a little opera body work. So what you want to do, especially if you're on a mat, is start from behind the map cause we're gonna walk ourselves onto the map. So once you're there, get on the ball, put the hands on the floor, and then just start to walk yourself forward. I'm in a position, a ball just underneath my knees, just lower of my meat, lower than my knees, towards my feet. So just pause in here. Finding a nice lifted position through the waist. Nice strong arms.

We're going to bend the elbows and straighten the arms as the elbows bend. Make sure that the spine does an art so it's not dipping. One more time like that and the elbows. Lift this them too straight. Inhale here. We're going to know her around the spy.

Start Rolling the ball down towards the feet. We go into a pike or a knee. Stretch and reach out. Bodies Long. Exhale, cruel. Try to lift the pelvis. Try to roll the pelvis underneath the knees. I light on the ball and reach out. One more time. Exhale, curl and recheck. Pausing their elbows.

Bent and straight. Ben and straight. One More Ben. Hold here. Take the left leg off the ball, just off to step it to the side of the ball and back on top to the side of the ball and back on top to the side of the ball and back on top. And now just three up from the bar to one plate.

Select Down with the rain comes to the side and on top and to the side and not on top. You feel how the abdominals have to work to help you to stabilize here. Hold Center three lifts up to one leg comes down. Last three pushups, one strong center, two, three last three pikes. We bent [inaudible] and around light on the ball. Try not to bear on it one way or and and then just start to walk.

Or You could even just step off your ball from there. So from here, come onto the elbows and position yourself so that your pelvis is right over the top of the ball. We're going to bring the heels together. That's knees apart. Looks at, see that the elbows are in line with the shoulders. And then lift the heels, the legs off the ball, pressing the pelvis forward into the ball. I'm gonna do a little ups there. Little kicks like you're kicking towards the ceiling and also over the top of your hand reaching out. Hi Matt. Reaching up in that we'll do four, three to now reach up and stretch the legs behind you and Ben kick up and stretch and that Kevin's stretch.

Stabilizing through the front of the body. Pick up and stretch, feeling the elbows stabilized under the shoulders, the shoulders stabilized away from the ears. Last two super strong straight legs at the top one and then allow the legs to fall over the ball. And once again [inaudible] find yourself into a stretch knowing that if you roll the ball towards your chest, the stretch will be more upper back dominated. To roll more, tilt your pelvis or let your pelvis be more on top of your, the stretch will be more low back down Neda. And then coming all the way back down onto the knees. We can do one more exercise here.

So take the ball and position it right under the chest. So I'm resting my ribs on the ball. My knees are away from the ball, they're not right up against that. So I've got some space between my thigh bones. My femur is in the ball. When am I going to reach the arms over the top of the ball and just let the chest settle on the ball. From here, we're going to inhale to reach the arms out to the side. As we exhale, we're going to rotate the palms up. We're going to lift the chest, we're gonna press the ball forward, arching through the spy. We're going to come back to neutral and die or let the arms reach back around the ball.

Inhale as the arms reach at the pelvis presses forward into the ball. So all I've really done here is turned on my upper back by lifting my arms. Then we externally rotate the shoulders and we start to extend through the upper spine. The arms reach back there. Definitely a big part of that movement. We reached back, finding a straight body and exhale to go over the top of the ball. Inhale, reach. Exhale.

Opening the chest is when we favorite. Favorite feelings. Favorite exercises. Come back and down. We'll do three more. Inhale, reach. Exhale, extend. Let's lift the arms here.

Bring the arms back, take the body down and lower the arms. Two more like that. Reaching out, rotate the shoulders, reach back, and then all over her head and then open back. Come back over the ball and down. I trust that you're breathing breeze, reaching up in back, bringing your arms back to your sides and coming all the way back over the ball and then press off the ball. Reaching back up. Let's stand up on our feet and finish the way we started. So we take the ball in the hands.

We let the ball come across are just right on top of the pelvis. Let the ball reach down as we start lifting up through the stern. So there's a gentle backward glide of the arm as this mind is, that gentle, uplifting, and then they're going to roll the spine down. So no, we're not going to do any more reaching out of the spider's. Going to pause there and let that Pike, let that stretch in the spine occur, and then roll back, pressing the ball against the pelvis. Arching spine here.

Let's do that one more time. Roll the spine down. Lifting, controlling the descent of the ball down by lifting and scooping and supporting. Feeling those abdominals. Resist that downward movement and then whole lifting it back up. Press it against the pelvis.

Extend this by last one and then find your way back to neutral. And that's it for today. Thanks for playing.


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Great Class Meredith!
1 person likes this.
Hey Meredith, I would love to see you working in the gratz reformer... LOVE your classes:)
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I really appreciated the 40 minute timeline and the more challenging 2/3 level with the ball. Love the balance work.
My requests are to offer two new classes, 30-40 minutes, level 2/3-3 with the towel and one with the spine corrector using weights or bands. This would be great. Thanks, Michelle Bruner
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What a wonderful surprise!! Loved the way you tweaked the level 2 exercises to make them more challenging. Believe me I was challenged on those teasers even with bent knees! And those glute exercises...slooooow is such hard work. Hope I can sit tomorrow for 3.5 hours on the train to Santa Barbara. So lucky to have you and PA in my life!
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You never cease to amaze me, Meredith. What a wonderful class. Once again, your calm demeanor and spirit made me think "Well, this is barely going to be a workout" in the beginning. Once again, I was proven wrong midway through the video, when my face was covered in sweat, and once again, I was completely serene by the end of the workout, because of your beautiful teaching skills. You're the best! Thank you so much!
And thank you, Joni, for always knowing what to ask for, getting us the best classes by Meredith!
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Had a great time, loved this class! Thanks Meredith!
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I saw the 2/3 level of difficulty and knew that some surprises were in store for us Emma. Like you I found it began easily enough and was trying to remain calm even though there was a soundtrack running through my head foreshadowing what was to come!! This class went directly to favorites!
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Rolling like a ball with the ball held over the shins is my favorite way now to practice that exercise.
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Wow! Thank you Meredith! I can't wait to take this class again!!
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Love the class, thanks
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