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Monica Wilson teaches a Reformer workout that emphasizes Romana's idea of control and keeping your mind engaged through the entire workout - not just the first few repetitions of an exercise. Use your mind to move from the correct muscles and find your center stability and control, even during the transitions between the exercises.
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Jul 17, 2014
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Alright, so Juliana and Sarah, uh, today we are going to talk about using our mind in our workout. So at the beginning of Romanos documentary that's coming out, they spoke, she spoke about Polonius can be summarized as stretch with control. And the control is the most important part of that because it makes you use your mind. And we're so good at multitasking nowadays. That's like you're not doing five things at once. It's almost like you're not doing anything like eating and on your phone and everything else.

But sometimes we really need to hone in and make sure we're using the right muscles for each exercise instead of thinking about it for one repetition. And then moving on and thinking about the rest of our day and what we're getting at the market and all of that, but just really keeping our mind in our workout. So we start off lying down correctly. So I want you to come all the way to the front of the carriage. Good. And then turn slightly kind of to a 45 degree angle away from it. That's right.

And let's look at your Palati stance. And we're going to have heels together and toes apart. Wonderful. And feel the ball of every toe on the floor. Beautiful. Feel your arch is nice and lifted. Your heels are there, but your weight's not all the way back on your heels. In fact, I want your weight slightly forward on the ball of your foot. And we're going to work with renovating or lifting your heels for a few counts, or just paying in your arms.

I want your belly to pull so deep that it's as if you have a straight line from one hip bone to the other and you're gonna pull your belly behind that line. And now I want you to not just pull it in, but fight gravity with it. Pull up in your body like you're a marionette and someone's lifting you up by the crown of your head. Okay? And we're going to take five counts to lift our heels or relevance. So we're going to pull up one and two stomach more.

And now hold it for five and the outer thighs are starting to warm up and your seat. But most importantly, that belly is holding our balance and slowly come down with your heels as if there's an egg shell under your heels and you don't want to smash it. We'll do it one more time. So you're going to pull your navel in and up against gravity four and five and hold and trying to relax those arms and just think stomach, centering, stomach, stomach, and now slowly come down with your belly for five. Great. And so when we sit down on the reformer, we've already brought our mind to our body and we are really gonna try not to stick out our bottom behind us. That's really tough. You almost want to think about doing a wall.

Sit on the wall and how your stomach is, and you're gonna lengthen up as you go down. So having our belly in and up, we're going to lower ourselves down. So go ahead and try not to stick your tailbone out too far behind you and sit down rather naturally. Pull your belly in up. Wonderful. And Go ahead and lie down. We're just going to be doing a basic reformer today just to make sure that we keep our mind focused. Starting with foot, work and toes.

We are on three springs, you can be on four springs, these are grots reformers. So they all have the same tension. But if you have a different reformer, then um, sometime we do have a list of different uh, calibers or different tensions that would go and that's something to look up on. Our on the plot is anytime website. Okay, so slide over just a hair. Good. And just a hair with your hips. Two beautiful. So now and lift up your head so you can feel centered. So your nose is in line with your belly button. Good on your heels.

And you should have equal space on either side. And this is how you would feel it if you are on your own. Okay. So even though I am teaching you guys here, if someone was doing it at home, I'd love them to just focus in on here rather than it and hearing and listening and putting it in their body rather than using the visual crutch. Of this exercise, which is really tough, but just hearing, so we're going to pull our belly in. All these exercises have 500 different things we could actually pick apart, but we're going to focus on only one. Okay? And right now it's our stomach.

So pull your belly in and pull those springs out with your stomach and pull that carriage back in. And we're in stance toes are about two to three inches apart. Good. And focus on that belly. And, and I like to think about a scale of one to 10 and if I was rating, how much do I feel my stomach, I wanted at least a seven since I'm just warming up. But later on I wanted a 10. Let's do two more. Make sure you're saying I can engage my stomach almost an isometric contraction or as tight as I can hold it in. And let's bring the legs together.

Slide up to arches and round those toes just a little higher on the pressure point. Good. Everything's zipped up together. Knees, feet, Fala, good and stomach again and again. We could work on our legs, but I want stomach, pool, all of that tension and pull it and stretch out using your belt and your legs are along for the ride and pool your belly. And again, use it. Go ahead and pulling it in and go. And two more pull in the stomach. Good. And you're thinking I'm getting nice and long and tall cause my stomach's in one more. That's it. And up to the heel and everything's again together and pull all those toes back as if they're kissing your knees and out you go. Good.

And pulling your belly in and lengthening that spine and pool. And in good. I am Pauling in Nice job. Think about it. If you had to rate your stomach, what would you say? You're trying to get it more to an eight now stomach and your legs are just following that super strong powerhouse. One more. Hold it in. And now we're going to do tendon stretch. So put your toes on the bar a little narrower than the original one.

I love that. Nail Polish color. You'll have to tell me afterwards for sure and good. And we're going to pull the belly in this time. We'll stay out with the carrot. So use your stomach to stretch those springs again. Hold it there. Here is where I want you to imagine you have a barbershop pole around your thighs for those outer thighs, the seat.

Now we're going to concentrate on those and you're going to stretch down, pushing your heels underneath the bar and use these muscles to pull up your heels and stretch down, down, down, and up, up, up. You're stretching your Achilles tendon, but you're not using your calf to come up and down. You're using those outer thighs, inner thighs, even. You want no light, zero light between those inner thighs. You're squeezing them and toning them so much. You're spot him and smiling. So all that lower half of your body is working.

Give me one more, again, scale of one to 10, hold those heels up, and this should be a 10. There should be no question that you're feeling those muscles and come on it. Let's put those two muscles together for the hundred. So you give yourself a little space from the shoulder pads. Good. Uh, do either of you know how to lower the bar down with your feet?

So you lifted up, whew. Nice with one foot and the other foot curls under, and then you lower it down carefully. That is what I call control. Nice job. All right, so now you've given yourself a couple inches from the shoulder pads. Bring your knees into your chest. Hands are in those handles. Good. Still want a little more space from the shoulder pads. Thanks. And let's start with the stomach.

You're gonna lift your head up as you pool on those straps in hold. Do you feel your stomach? Pull it in, in, in, and let's pump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, long fingers forming. Good and really close to your body with the arms in with the year. And I want you to inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. So a fluid filling the lungs up. And exhale. I still want you to think about your belly. Only though, since you're so strong, let's reach those legs to a 45 degree angle.

A little turnout. Good. But still, it's your belly loose legs. Your stomach's what's holding those legs up. They're not clenching. It's all in here. Let's make those pumps a little faster. You go, girls are really strong. So I want that. And just pulling in your belly against those straps and one more in with the air and exhaling. Exhaling, pulling in the belly all the way to a 10 and relax everything. There you go. Okay.

You're going to take bold handles in one hand and you're going to step off the carriage gracefully. Yes, you're beautiful. Any way you want while you're up. Stand up. I want you to drop a middle spring. So we're going to go down to two springs. Good. Walk to the back of your reformer and you're going to grab your straps and we're gonna put the strap through the leather and the handle.

Good. You let the hardware slide a little. Very nice. And when you're done you're going to hang it up on the eye hook. But yeah, so you let your hardware slide down a little and then you connect. Beautiful. You put the strap through the handle and the leather, and then we will talk about where the clip goes in a second. So hang them up on the little eye hook and get cozy again. Lie Down. Nice use of your stomach there. I like it. Staying focused and in control.

It's good. It is scientifically proven how much more you get out of your workout and your muscles when you focus on that exact muscle. But yes, grab your straps and just hold them up overhead and use your stomach muscles to bring your knees into your chest. And too, if you're flexible enough, extend your legs back. Now while you're back here, put one foot in and you're gonna make sure this hardware is sliding to the outside. Voila. Just a little twisted there. And then same thing here. So you're putting your foot there and this clippy thing is on the outside. Beautiful. How are we doing? Sarah? Looks good. They both okay.

And now you're going to try to keep your waistband on the mat with your stomach and bend your knees apart as your heels come down and the straps go down the middle. Okay, good. There we go. So your knees are going to be shoulder width apart. Wow. Voila. And Pilati stance. So yeah, like I was saying earlier, this is one of the few exercises that they might bother you. Okay. So our stomach is going to stay in and I want you to see how long you can stretch your legs away from your tight stomach, reaching the legs forward at a 45 to really pull in, in, in, hold that.

And with those barbershop pull muscles, can you make your legs get any longer, longer, not lower, just reaching. And then keep that length as bend in good. And the stomach pulls in and you wrap and squeeze away so that your thighs almost pulling out of that hip bone and bend in so that all kinds of blood can get in there and out to reaching long, beautiful legs. And then pulling in two more, really pulling in the belly. Super important. Do you feel your belly holding your body and that and last one will stay out there pulling in with the powerhouse, staying there.

You're going to bring the legs up almost to the ceiling, but not just shy of it. Open the width of the carriage. Circle down with your belly, pulling in, in, in, in. Squeeze your inner thighs all the way together and then come up the middle. Now that's a slow version. I want you to do it nice and round at circle down and squeeze together now and open around and stomach. That's the stomach I want to see. And open and stomach as you reach away. Good.

Two more stomach and pulling in. And one more working evenly. There are yoga and we're going to go the other way. Squeeze down around. Up. Yes. And the stomach pulls in more around a beautiful and three or round up and to stomach. Stomach. Yes. Last one, getting really long and tall and then you deserve a little stretch. So grab onto those handles and pull those legs as close to you as you want.

Just straight. Aha. Yes, there ya go. Good. All right, and you're going to slip those straps off and you're going to drop them in the well behind. You probably make it a little bit of noise, but you're okay. There you go. Go ahead and step off and there's a pad underneath you. So go that way for me, Juliana. There you go. And there's a pad. Grab it. We're going to do stomach massage.

So you want to put the pad down close to the front edge. Really close, especially cause you're flexible. And then the bar up, we were on two springs for frog and like circles and we're going to stand up for me. There we go, Sarah and add w. Let's do three springs. I deely we would be four springs. Do you want to try four springs? All right, let's do it. Four springs like it. Challenge. Now this is a little little clothes.

The idea is to have your round back. The Seeker Butt, shoulders still have to stay over your hip bones so you can't round your back and be back here with your shoulders. You have to really be able to come over. So I would say maybe just a hair, but you do want to work towards that. Okay. Go ahead and sit down for stomach massage. First one's rounded back. So each spring is about 35 pounds when fully extended. So you're going to put all that tension of those four springs into your stomach.

Good. I think you can still bring your tailbone forward more and then have that pelvis a little bit like so, but then reach c. There you go. Nice knees. Just a little narrower. Perfect. And I want to work on this curve too. So just a little more space with your hip bones and those thighs.

You can pull back a lot. Just go ahead and like lean back. There you go. And then work on this curve instead. That's nice. Good. All right, so now all in your belly as if your legs aren't even going to help you. Pull that carriage out, hold it out and push your heels under. Lift up and bend in. Good. All in your belly.

Stomach down with the heels where? Doing a little stretch. There you go. Didn't everyone's in. Here we go. And it's out down with the heels lift. Let me see that upper stomach work to keep your shoulders over your hip bones and your lower belly is really rounding that lower back, filling the lower back and pulling out for to keeping that upper stomach working. Last one, do you feel that stomach puling out? Massaging all your intestines, right? Stay here. Drop a springs here.

You're going to reach through your legs and good. And we're gonna. So we're on three springs. Now you're going to reach behind you. Ideally your hands are on top of the shoulder pads, but depends on your shoulders. And if you, you look beautiful like that. But let's see. Either one. You just don't want to roll forward your shoulders.

So usually weave or hyper extend the elbow. So a lot of times we put the hands more like that. Yeah. Now this is all about, not a lower back bend, but using your stomach to stretch up your chest bone as high as you can. That's beautiful. Nice. All stomach. Okay. I don't want to see either of you lose your pants here so you also have to add your seat. So we're going to use your belly to go out and then use your seat as you push down your heels and pull up your heels and then come in and stomach and use your seat to stretch under and lift and in and pool and use your seat and lift.

Beautiful. And it's out to I love it. Good and scooping out your seat. Should really feel it cause it's trying as hard as to not lose it. One more polling out and down and lift and coming in higher with that chest. Giulia think you reach through your legs and drop middle spring.

So now we're on to springs and reach your arms up. Good. They should finish. Complete the line of your spine. So the stomach in and we're leaning forward, forward, forward. There we go. Good. And a little bit lower with those arms for me. That's it. And a little bit more reach. Now just drop your shoulder blades.

Fantastic. Use your belly. Go out as you inhale, don't drop the heels. Exhale, come back. This is a breathing in with the air and exhale and in with the air. And exhale. So concentrate on that breath and we're going to add just one more to drive that point home. Exhale. Imagine there's a pinwheel here. Keep back Sally, making the Pinwheel blow and blow and I blow an exhale and that's enough. Relax. I want you to go ahead and grab your box behind you. Good.

But before you do that, maybe lower the bar down. Good. And then go ahead and walk back and your head pieces next. There we go. Leave the pad right there. Thanks Juliana. Good. So we have a flat head piece. When you grab your box, even grab your pole and one of the handles in one hand. And so you're holding built handles Vala and use that belly.

That's it. And now you can put it on. So we try to grab things. It's gonna go just over your shoulder pads, but in front of the eye hook. Awesome. The bar goes right in front of the box and then the pad goes up on top of the box and hands with distance from the back edge. Beautiful. Grab your safety straps as you sit down and then you're going to [inaudible]. You're going to, yes. There's two safety straps on the garage equipment.

For some reason it has happened where is unhooked in the past. So they added a second one for safety. And when I was in New Orleans, I had a partner, Larry Give us awesome [inaudible] instructor and he was doing the twist one day when back when it was only one strap and w and it broke, but he was so into his powerhouse, like he just like melted into the, well, it was beautiful. I can't believe he didn't get hurt, but, but so there's two. We're extra safe here. All right, so we're still keeping focus. We're going to wrap our arms around and let me see the same c curve that you did in stomach massage. So you're really rounding that lower back. The shoulders are over your hips. Okay. I want you to, I'm going to have you rock back a little bit to start you. Keep your legs there and then curl this forward and leave that lower back.

More like that. That's beautiful. Good staying there. You're going to drop those and lift off your seat. Okay. And I want you to look at that strap and pull your belly button away from that strap. As you roll back your lower back and your middle back. And I love thinking about a six pack here. So on the way up, you're gonna use your upper set, then your middle set, and then your lower. You know, you hope you're thinking about the same six back yet.

I am pulling in. You're gonna roll it back. Your lower set, your middle and your upper. There you go. And Kirlian upper. Really find those and they correspond with your back and two more pulling in your lower so you're rolling back your lower back. Then your middle back, then your upper, and try to keep your lower there as you bring just your upper forward, then your middle, and then your lower instead of coming forward in one solid piece. That's enough of those. Grab your bar and using your powerhouse. Sit Up.

Nice and tall. Good belly ants. Tall spine. Okay, not arched at all tall. And now use your belly to reach out your fingertips. Your belly is pulling in, it's pulling up, it's reaching out your fingertips and you're going to keep them, not here, but just in your peripheral vision. Awesome. Lift off your seat and keep imagining your stomach lifting up through your fingertips as you go back six inches lifting. Take your waist with you. Take your waist with you and come forward. Good. Pull your belly button in and take your hipbones with you.

Take your whole frame with you and come forward. Good and stomach pools behind that line of your hips and lifting and stretching and forward. Try not to let your head lead at all. One more stomach. Take your belly. Oh, that's gorgeous and forward. Great job. Rest your arms down. So now we're, we're going to work on side Benz, right? So bring your arms up and again, your belly is pulling in and up through your fingertips.

You can't get any taller, but I need you to be forward at a diagonal in front of your hip bones. So go forward, forward, beautiful. Stay on a diagonal. The entire exercise, starting from the top of your head side. Bend to the right, reaching your spine over and over and over and starting from the bottom. Stack your spine up. Good.

Really stay forward on that diagonal pulling in. Go to the left, starting from the top, reaching. Take your body over with you and then stack it up. Lift up off your seat and your bellies in, and you're really working. One to fill this up a little bit more on reaching. That's it. And then stack it up. Yes, and pull in and reaching.

Really feel your obliques here. They pull you home. Let me see. One more set. Pull in your belly. Reach and stretch and now find those waist muscles and pulling in and reaching Romano is to say that gets rid of your love handles. Do you think you could tell someone that? No. It's your arms down. Oh, but it definitely taught you what you were supposed to be using.

So on that note, we're gonna use all of that to twist. So stomach in up, really using your belly to reach out your fingertips a little forward with your arms. Just a teeny bit. So they're in your peripheral. Yeah. And you're gonna use your waist so much. It's like wringing out a wet towel. That's what your waist looks like. We're going to twist to the right twisting, twisting, pulling the waist in. And now you have this gorgeous straight line. Reach out from your hips all the way out. Straight back. Good.

Taking that with you and come right back up. Nice. Bullen and twist to the left. Pull this back a little more [inaudible] and take that long line and reach back with that line and pull it up. Beautiful. And pulling in and now this is a little round or current. Yeah. And here and now from this bone. Take it out.

Take this bone with you. Oh yeah, there you go. I know you lifted that other hip and that's okay. And up. Now I want to see if you can do it without lifting the hips. So pull this back. [inaudible]. Now don't leave with your shoulders, but lead with your belly pulling. Ah, that's awesome. And back up one more set like that.

Pull it in and yes, and keep that length as you come up. That's hard. And one more pulling ins are really trying to keep that long waist reaching, reaching, reaching and pull it back up. Good, Sarah. And now bring the bar down and stretch. Hook it under your toes. If you can't reach all the way to your feet, hook it onto your toes and just stretch. Yeah, it's not all bad.

Now see if you can get a nice curve here so that we can round the back of the stretch. That part. Yeah. So I can stretch you like this. So we are done with our bar. We're going to put it underneath our legs. Leave it there, and we're going to be aware that we're tall and straight. Okay? Good stomachs in and without leaning to one side or to hiking one hip, we're going to try to just bring that right leg out and hold underneath it so it's got a lot of stomach. That's okay. And hold it.

Good. So stomach and sing really tall. That's what you're focusing on. And you're going to stay tall as you straighten your leg. And Ben. Beautiful. And two more so you didn't round. That's what I wanted to see. And Ben, you kept tall as good and now hand over hand walk up. You're like good. Now the ideas around forward in front of your hipbones would take your stomach to your thigh, your chest to that knee and your head all the way to your feet.

I know you're more effective. Flexible. Sarah, get on that leg. Stretch all the way forward. There you go. Good. Now attached to that leg. Roll back your lower back. You're going to take the leg with you. Keep these square so that might have to come here. Right? And you're going to use these abdominals. Good.

Now keep the tree here and walk down the tree again. Focus on your stomach to keep yourself nice and aligned and straight and curl up. That's it. And two more lower back. Keep the leg up. Okay. And, and walk down. Okay. There you go. Leave the leg here though and lower back. That's it.

And coming up and have as much space. The has what? I want you to really get on that curve there and in right there in one more. So I don't want the shoulders behind the hips. As you come up, I want you to see if you can get your shoulders at least over. Yes. Now bend the knee and sit up tall for me and grab your toes. [inaudible] and staying with perfect posture.

Try to straighten that leg up to the ceiling. Great. Lift forward a little bit more and chest up a little. There you go. Good. And switch legs. So we're gonna try to say square. That's what we're, this is a precursor to teaser. So we're trying to say I can do a sit up with one leg up and things to work on. Oh, I know.

I personally don't like working on a pad. I know I don't either. But some people do. Hold underneath your leg right there. Good shoulders forward under your hips and head up. That's definitely a personal preference and you could leave it out next time. Straight, tall. Let me see that tall spine. Ooh. Yeah.

And now straighten it up to your nose and bend it too. We're going to do three stretches here. So hand stander. Yes. Nice. Can you grow even taller this time? Hold that leg up. Walk up that leg. Good. And stretch forward onto that. Like get close to it as you can. Good.

And now roll back that pelvis, making sure the hips are square. Good. Leave that left leg there and roll down your lower. Set your middle. Set your upper and come up a percent. When we're more intermediate reformer, we can go all the way down. But for today we're just keeping it here and lower set and that leg is just there. It's not rocking at all and coming up, your tree is staying put one more.

That's what I want to see. And on the way up, the lower set stays there. Look at that. That's gorgeous. Now you've got a great stretch for your back. Good job, Sarah. Come bend the knees. Sit up tall. Grab your toes. So I want you to think about posture and keep your posture as you straighten your leg straight and straight and straight and good. Alright, we're done with our box. Step off to the side and again, you're going to grab your pole and a handle so that you can go back together. You can put the pad underneath here. Um, reformer. Great.

You just put it back there. Good on your way back. Lift the head piece up. So we have not changed any springs for a long time. The only thing is I would rather two on the outside on this. That's okay. So I'm going gonna change it, but still two springs head piece up. Yep.

And lift your Barra. Next is elephant. Good. So we're gonna put your right hand on the right hand. Yeah, on the bar and then your left foot against the shoulder pad. So we do hand foot and then we do hand foot.

Awesome. And we start here with elephant learning, hand, foot, hand, foot. Cause when we get super crazy with all kinds of advanced exercises and you want to know how to get on, it's always hand, foot, hand, foot. And it really helps to lay that strong foundation. Okay, so shoulders are over the bar that holds the springs. I want you to bring your head through your arms. I want you to pull up your chest into rounding your upper back and you're pulling against your arms that are pressing here.

You're really pulling up and filling this area, feeling your upper stomach. And I want you to feel your lower belly curl as if your tail bone continue to a tail. You're curling your tail through your legs and we're going to push out with the hamstrings and glutes and then use your lower belly to come in. So hold it there. That was so nice. Hold it in for me. And we're concentrating on one thing, right?

And that's going to be your lower belly. So go out and hold it. You're pushing out three to five inches hold. And I want you to feel your lower stomach. Really Curl your pelvis towards you to bring that carriage in and push out and hold and then engage that lower belly to really curl your tailbone towards you. Yes, and out and really using that belly.

No legs at all on the way in. Just using that stomach and one more out. And you're going to use that lower belly to curl your, that is so beautiful. Now keep that in mind cause you're gonna do the same thing. Would knee stretches, kneel down and the feet go against the shoulder pads and those are perfect toes flexed under, curled under. That's right Sarah. Same thing. Good.

And you're going to round your back and sit like two to three inches off your heels with a beautiful round back. Really using your arms in opposition. Yeah, you feel that good Sarah and your stomach also. Okay. Eyes on your belly button the whole time and you're going to push out the carriage with your thighs. And then really use the belly to curl your tail and under and out and then curl it under. Awesome. Hold it in for me. Do either of you guys know the rhythm of this exercise, the tempo that we do? Yep. Exactly.

Smooth out quicken, so smooth out stomach crunch and smooth out stomach crunch, stomach crunch, so really focusing on that belly and three and pull it in and hold. Awesome. Bring it all the way yet. [inaudible]. Yeah, there you go. Holding your hips here. Just lift your head up and change to an arched back. So you really are pushing your chest forward.

Your chest bone and your tailbone is really up to the ceiling. That's correct. Even though you've got this great arch, you still, I don't want you to round this at all and your lower back, but support with your belly. Yeah, go ahead and keeping your chest up. You're going to work the hamstrings and glutes. Those are the methyls. I want you to feel as your belly goes up to your chest, so push out and then quicken and out. Chasta good in [inaudible] Isaac. Chest up, chest up. Open that chest up more to me.

There you go. Use that belly to really get that chest up. Yes. Last one. Oh right. Good. Knees off. So you're gonna round your whole back. Good. Your knees. Okay there. Okay. Round your whole back and then you're gonna bring your hips forward over your niece. Boom. Go ahead. All right, look how beautiful round her back is, right Sarah?

That lower back [inaudible] and Juliana, you see how round her back is? Okay. Oh, mine's actually rounded it. It is. I wasn't pointing out. Juliana's two mock, you know, thumbs on the same side. What I'm pointing out is you have to keep that round lower back with your stomach to lift up your knees so that they are the level of your ankles. So look at your belly, pull it in and lift your knees up. One, two, leg up a little higher for me. There you go. Look at your knee, your belly, and push out and stomach crunch in smooth and quick and stomach crutch. It's not quads that are bringing that the carriage, it's your pelvis following your belly. So pull that tailbone under.

There Ya go Sarah. Nice and three pulling in and in and one more and lower down. Yes, your thighs work and they will burn, but they're not the only thing working. That was very nice. Go ahead and step off. All right, so now we're going to add a spring. So we're going to go back to our original springs.

We're going to go to three K and we're going to do our same way that we sat down. So turn about 45 degree angle. Pull your belly in. It should feel almost easier now cause you've really worked your powerhouse and you're going to lower yourself with control with your stomach. But that weight, we're going to come back up. We're not going to stick our bottom behind us and only because I saw how well you did it last time that now I want that. So think more on instead of Tucking Sara, think more about lifting with your powerhouse and then your bottom is going to go back a little bit. Yeah, but it's not, it doesn't have to be like a horizontal table going down. Okay. So stomach in and up. And then keep lifting up with your belly.

That's a lot better. Yes. Good, good. And then lower yourself down completely. We're going to be doing running good and pelvic tilt. So toes are just an inch apart. Okay. And you're nice and lined up. Take your shoulders and head over a little bit actually. This way. Yeah, there you go. And let's see here. An inch. All right. And you didn't have just a little bit of a Pilati stance.

So heels together. Yes. Good. Pull your belly in and you're going to pull all the way out. Pull all the tension of those springs out. And I want you to think about those barbershop pull muscles. Okay? And even though we are doing running, we're going to do attendance stretch first. So go down to three and hold.

And I want you to really wrap and pull up with those muscles. Now I want you to stay there and not just use this up, but I want you to really concentrate on the sides of your hips and your waist pulling up. And now I want you to bend one knee and lower one heel. Good. Hold to pull up, pull all the way back up the straight legs and then switch. Yes. And put all the way up to straight legs and switch and pull all the way up.

Feel that nice length in that waist and switch and last time like this all the way up and pushing down. Now make a circular motion. So pull all the way up through it and then switch shampoo all the way up through it and then switch. Good one more. Set like that. Really working the outer thighs and Seton waist and now take it as quickly as you can, which right now is showing immense control because these reformers are on sliders to easily move around the the groom and they're not moving at all because you guys are really pulling up and lifting and reaching and three and, but otherwise they would scoop quite across the room and pull both heels up and bend in to come home. Good Arches on the control on the corners. Good. All right, so we're going to have your knees turned out. I love it.

Your feet are turned out and your knees are pointing exactly in alignment with your toes. I want your turnout to be a little wider. Good. And now I want just the tail bone to curl towards you. Good. Really thinking about our spine, almost like a strand of pearls and you're picking up just one pearl and then the next pearl and then the next one. Good. And keep curling towards you curly and curling. And now drop a few.

Drop the back of your ribs for me and drop the almost the waistband down. Perfect. Right there. That's the angle I want for you. Okay. More of the pelvis, not the whole back. And Go ahead and go out and come back and regaining that tilt. Yes, stay there now. So that's the exercise. But I need you to engage your hamstrings, engage your seat, make that squeeze to go out. And now that you've gotten him out of 10, pool the carriage in with those muscles. Engage again cause he probably lost it and then go all the way out and use those muscles to pull in the carriage and out.

You could do this all day long with your quads, but we want to really tone the back of our thighs. Have a nice bottom and it's really important besides looking nice, it's really important support muscle group for our back, right? So really stretching the back and letting it hang here. Opening up the lower back, but you're concentrating on keeping the back of your thighs and seat in control of this exercise. Two more. Really using those muscles to come in one more.

Those springs aren't pulling you in, you're using your muscles, hold it in, and now melt down one bone at a time. Slide your feet together, hug your knees into your chest and you're all done. Nice job.


Loved your cues!! Thank you for helping me with my tree!
I normally struggle with knees off but with your cues I got it ??

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