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Powerhouse Reformer Flow

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Pilates Anytime welcomes back Rachel Taylor Segel who teaches a swift Reformer class with a lot of attention to specific details. She focuses on building power as you go through the workout by starting with the feet and working your way up the body and into the powerhouse. She also shows how you can make the equipment do more for you by taking ownership of your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Jul 17, 2013
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Welcome to polite is any time I am Rachel Taylor Siegel from the [inaudible] center in Boulder, Colorado. And today we're going to do an intermediate reformer class, um, swift, but with attention to specific details. And I'll let us in on what those details are ahead of time because I want us to feel the, um, the building of this power as we go through the workout. And I want those watching to be able to see it as well. And so I'm going to say that we're gonna work on the feet coming up through the legs into the pelvis, turning on the belly, primarily this so as, so that it frees us up to be able to breathe big and capacious like it.

Like every breath we should see change in our, um, shirts K in our ribs. And w there may be times when I stopped the workout, although very infrequently such that we can, um, pay attention to those very important Jo polities, um, goals and benefits of his work. All right, so we're ready to start. We're gonna mount the reformers from standing. So you stand on a slight diagonal to the front edge and as you inhale you're going to bend the knees forward over keeping your hips under you as best as possible. Turns a tummy on like crazy. Then that belly lifts the knees up. You can put your hands in front of you like stomach massage and then exhale, roll yourself smoothly and down, toes apart, heels together, and a little high from that nice standing position of your foot. I want you to feel that the foot bar is almost always going to leave you.

It's almost always just beyond where you would like it to be. All right, so as you inhale and you push your feet towards the foot bar, even at the knee straightening moment, it's still beyond you as you come home as well. And inhale, stretch and exhale, bend. Good. So the feet are the very first part of the body that takes hold of the power inherent in the footwork and gives, gives them like a poor toll from which the springs can travel up your legs, up into the pelvis. Good. Even at the knee straightening moment. It's still foot. Gorgeous. Exhale at home two more times in with the air. Beautiful. Hot X, good soles of the feet reaching for a foot bar that's not even touching.

Now the tummy is on, so it lists both feet and you bird on a perch. So now we're going to stop for just a very brief moment. I'm going to ask my clients to please come down off the shoulder blocks above an inch and we're going to try and see if we can keep the power of the feet, legs, hips and belly such that they don't get compressed in the shoulders at the top. Okay, so that they can breathe even bigger. So wrap your heels and toes around like mad, but the foot bar is still leaving you ever.

So as you go and exhale, inhale, press through the soul. Reach forward for the foot bar. Even an you come to it gorgeous. That should give you an exhale. That's harder. So as your feet are reaching for the football coming and as beautiful coming home, we hear a hot, smooth, systematic, constant exhale that needs a chance versus is working well. Good. And we're building lots of strength. Even at the knee straightening moment, your feet are still reaching for the foot bar. Still. One, two more.

Inhale, sorry. Even at the knee and around. And the last one. Good. Feel that wrap and home. We should see lots of tummy which lifts both feet, presses the heels upon and flex the toe and ankle back. Now as you stretch this, bringing it back to the shins, it should give you even more tone right up your hamstring to your Tush. And then you should feel your so as inhale, stretch yourself. Last exhale. Bend. Just like the springs underneath you.

As you press your heels into a foot bar that is teasing you, Jeff, ever so beyond you. Even as you bend toward it, gorgeous. It will exhale your breath out of you, top to bottom. Good. So then when you take an inhale, don't let the shoulder blocks compress you in the list. Let it expand you. Like inside is a a parachute. That on the inhale expands up and on the exhale you pull the belly and to push the air out. Just said, breathe like you fill a bucket.

As soon as you inhale, the water goes from the bottom up there, from the bottom up. As you exhale, you exhale from the top down. Last time it goes way back. Even at the new straightening moment, higher Xcel reach for a foot bar. That's not even there. Gorgeous. Tell me in lifts, in places the toes [inaudible] now lift your heel just a hair. So you feel not only the sole, like a doorway open and ready, but you feel hamstrings coming up through pelvis into belly to stretch out. Inhaling, even at the knee straightening moment, exhale, lower the heels down, down, down, up, up, up, down, down, down, up, up, up.

Now what about if the foot bar we're leaving you, how would you address it? Nice. You feel more tone in your tummy is excellent. Good. So the palms are down, the arms are straight and strong. You're getting ready for the hundred, but you feel those 40 leg movements keeping the inner thighs, knees and heel bones reaching for each other, even the big toes reaching for each other. Even on the foot bar, the big toes are reaching for each other. Nice, right? And the big breath. One more down, up, and the left. Inhale. And now let the foot bar leave you and chase it to me.

As you bend your knees, chase, put park. Exhale every atom of air, nothing left. And you can lower your foot bar for the a hundred very nice ladies. Good reach. That's where your handles lower your legs if you can [inaudible]. Good. Yeah, tickle each other's toes. All right, so when you pull your arms down, the straps are behind.

You don't only pull the straps forward and roll your shoulders forward, but as you pull the straps down, let them push your arms backwards into your chest, so into your shoulder girdle so that you can breathe really big up high as well. Okay, so you're inhaling, curling forward, straightening the arms, and exhale. Start your pumps. Nice. So your heels and big toes are reaching. You've got 40 leg movements that just gave you all that power, right? You're reaching her foot bar that's ever so beyond your dreams.

Yes, and you're letting those straps come back into your shoulders and then putting your spine forward on your handles. Nicely done. Breathing naked through [inaudible]. Places that are hard. Hot X bell. Drop your thighs just a little bit. [inaudible] I've got your feet. [inaudible] exhale, lean forward. Give me your thighs. Drop here and re and crow forward at our girl.

Curl on the exhale. Drop the thighs one more time, girl. Yes you hear that. X shadows. Beautiful. Gently bend gently. Arm Bend. Good. Put the head down. Nice everyone take both handles in one hand. Curl up into sitting and go down to two springs and we're going to do the short spine. So you lower your headrest and you put your strap through your handles tummy and hold them very carefully so they don't fall and then tummy and bring your feet over your face.

Get your arches equal on the straps. Good. Now before you bring your feet down, stay there for a minute and look at your feet. So you're in pilates. V Heels together, toes apart. Press your heels hard together and reach your big toes for each other. Even though they're not going to touch like they're magnetized. That should give you, even though the knees or shoulder with that should give you, press me right? A sense of inner thigh, front and back.

Okay. So whether you flex your toes or point your toes, I want the foot active as it cups. The strap to your sitz bones, bending your knees and bring yourself folded right on in. Good. Yeah. Fold right on. And so that you really crease in the hips, right? And you feel your feet standing on a foot bar that's about to leave you. So what if that strap, we're going to just take off without you just ahead of time. Inhale, extend. Exhale. Even now it's above you and beyond.

You good the way. Bend and lift your feet up even more. Right? To lift your hands up so that you bend your spine. Beautiful. Roll it down. Exhaling. Yep. Stretch it out and then cop your feet and bring the strap to your sits and inhale, stretch. Exhale, curl your tail through your inner thighs.

Nicely done, Kelly band and zero spine even more. And then roll away from those feet. Don't waste energy on country your toes. Give me arches around the strap. Keep calming. Good and bring both feet down a little faster. Everyone inhale, stretch. Exhale. Squeeze the legs together. Heels and big toes reaching even as you need.

Bend apart. The big toes are still reaching good, so you feel as souls. You feel your inner thighs, hamstrings. You feel your hips. Now in this next one, move your carriage first with your hips, even at the knee straightening moment, the hips. Now let your hips rise off the carriage and control the springs home with your hips right now. When you bend your spine, keep your hips tie. Roll your spine top to bottom down a little faster and get your hips on the carriage. Cup your feet and bend your knees. We're going to go one more time.

Hips first so the hips take it even at the knees. Nicely done. Any exhale up and over, hips up. Bon, the sole. Good. Bend the spine more than the knees roll from throat through. That is so gorgeous. Keep it common right side. Nice, good. Bend the knees. Now take your handles in your hand and we'll do court coordination.

So now you've had 40 plus 10 you've had 50 leg movements. Okay, not to mention the hundred. So squeeze the legs together. Bring them in close. Fill your heels, reaching each other and your big toes reaching. Even if they'll never touch the fact that they reach, we'll give you add doctors that you wouldn't have had less little toes, more big toe. Right? Okay. So let's say that they hips are going to move the carriage away from your palms.

Inhale, I'm one. I stay right here for a minute. Exhale and inhale. Lean your spine forward on your wood handles right and let the strap push your arms up into. But lean your spine. Open the legs and close. Knee bend and arm bend. Beautiful ladies without the extra. Inhale, open close X. Hey are good. How can you, again, use your straps and arms to make the room for your rib cage and lungs bigger.

How could you do it? What would you ask of it? Where would you put your breath last time? Nice. Bend, bend, Andy. Now I've taken both the one hand curl up and stand off. Very nice. Good. And we will do stomach massage so you can hook your handles, lift your head rest, lift your foot bar and put your pads if you wish them add springs, three or four springs depending on your equipment. Okay, nice. Amy. And here I was in your way to I bet. Wait girl, stand up and do that again cause I was so good.

Okay. You can have your arms bent or you can have them out to the front. Whichever way it gives you better balance. Good. So as you inhale, you keep your hips underneath you, right? What better exercise to get this prep for? Tommy. Lifts your toes apart. Heels together. Hands our way forward. Scoot forward. Way Forward. Come on, bring your hips way for us. So your shoulders are under your hips, near your hands. So you could go Amy, be brave.

That's right. All right. Now get your toes up a little higher. Good. Elbows are bent. Get your heels up. Just a hair bill please. She's giggling. That's good. Blades down gently, right? So you fill your tummy. All right, so your hips are gonna first move. You inhale. Nice Kelly. Inhale, lower the heels, lift the heels. Exhale. Bend the knees. Good. Hips first. First on soles of the feet.

That could easily replace the flip bar. What if the foot bar disappeared? Yeah, you still have a bent spine. It's true. Your palms are pushing back like unseating yourself. Less thumb, but more like palm, right? That should turn your tummy on like crazy and you are bending and when you're bending, what part of your lungs are more exposed? You don't have to tell me, but where could you put your breath? Watch your right shoulder work less hard.

Work hard in your hips. Souls, inner thighs, but not your neck. Nicely down. We'll do one more. Inhaling those gorgeous. Even though you slid back, I'll take it. Yeah. Good rest gently here. Right? Good. Now since we're on three springs, we stay and we'll bring our arms back to the shoulder blocks. Exhaling. Good. Pick your shoulder blocks up.

Lift your humorous bones just a little higher than you might. Okay. Which picks up your sternum and clavicles. Now heels up to a little, just a little big toes. Heels. Give me that foot to gives you your belly and start from your hips. Inhale out, lower the heels. Lift the off too much. Spring XL home if it's too much, go down. Inhale, stretch, lower lift.

Exhale, bend. So every movement you do should affect your gut. Okay. And not only does it affect your gut so that it supports and decompresses your spine, but it gives you the freedom to breathe big. So we should see the people at home should see your chest changing blades down.

Squeeze they open. Exhale, hot, moist. [inaudible] little faster on the last two and good up, up. Open the shoulders rolling back. Yes. Feel the rise. That is so gorgeous. Last one. Now really resist coming home. The foot bar, leaving you, leaving you leaving. You chase it, chase it, chase it, chase it. Chase it. Very good. You're on two springs. Elbows, Richie, you're going to go out and in inhale, stretch. Exhale, bend. Don't lower those heel.

Good hair. Good. Keep your toes reaching for each other. Keep your heels squeezing. Keep your arch. Don't end up such that. Yes, good forward such that. Scoot forward again. It makes you move from your hips. So this platform gives you hips from heaven.

Don't you want hips from heaven? Huh? Beautiful. Last one out, nick. Good. And then bring your arms down. Chest. Type to the right. Inhale, twist, and exhale home to the left. Inhale, twist. Keep those heels up together. Good. And watch those beautiful ankles. Now go to the right. Stay there. Put your right hand down on your shoulder block.

Put your left hand on your left Shin. Three breaths. Twist more. Shed tension. Twist your body. Twist the lobes of your lungs. Yeah, come on, twist them around. They're very gorgeous. Now make your tummy holds you there as your arms float up. Exhale, come home. Go to the left. Same thing in health. Twist. Good. Amy, sit forward a little bit further on your butt.

I know. I know. Keep your heel side just a little good. Now twist. Good, easy. Neck, torso, lung lobes. Think of them as slippery fish. Slide them one against the other. They're up. Out of every inhale. Your diaphragm goes down, gives you more room. Every exhale, very beautiful. Deep into the belly. Then stay there on and lift both arms there, so now you know how far you can go.

Exhale, come home. Now we go with that distance. Inhale, heels up. Highish. Exhale home. Nicely done in with the air ex bell, the air. We'll do one more shoulders. Don't twist. Fine and ribs. Nice. Exhale. Every atom. Last one. You see, next. Breathe. I want to see breath more. You got another little to yes. Exhale home.

Bring your toes to the wood and make your circles. There is inhale for exhale for four. Reverse your circles. Inhale for four, eh, for fortunate. Sad. Reverse your circles. Good. Let them enter your gut.

Bring your elbows to your ears in kind of a reverse of mounting. You're going to use that belly to twist you up and off and step to the floor. Come on, go quick and Oh and down. Good. Nicely done. That's all right. Let's do swan. So you're gonna get rid of your pads. Lower your foot bar, get your box, you're on two springs, place it lengthwise, and then put a pad at the very edge where your knees, your thighs will go head rest up.

Good. So you can amount hands are on the box to as a part on the wood. Push the carriage out to the upper thigh. Now we're thinking about those powerful legs. Yes. Yeah. Cause it's grots. Yeah.

So we're thinking about those powerful first, the souls. So you've got strength in there that comes up the legs into the butt. Okay. So what you want to feel everyone scoot up a little higher on your thigh bones. Then knee bend and come home right now. Take your arms forward. We want you to feel like you're trying to take your thighs backwards off the box ever. So right. That gives you more tummy.

Keep this sense of feet like Matt and hamstrings backward off the box as you stretch your arms. Way Forward. Inhale up and bend your upper back. Come on, Kelly. Arch. Open the arms. Exhaling good hamstrings to the ceiling. Feet like crazy. Do it again. Our champion CCS, bring it up there. Archer up fist. They use your feet first.

Feel that come right up the inner thigh to your gut and exhale round over. Beautifully done. Okay, so keep those souls really so strong. Hamstrings, up and in with the air. Lift those arms. Elbows, past ears, archer, upper chest, back. Gorgeous. Exhale, open. Good. Let the arms turn. Toss a beach ball behind you. Nice feet first. Inner thighs. Next Tummy, last hot exhale. Finalizes your juror rock.

Gorgeous, very nice and Tummy and put your hands on the box. Lift up and step down. Good. Get Rid of your pad. Go down to one spring. We're going to do pull straps and t the girls. I'm going to change my mind because don't like that noise. Joe Palati said, make no noise with your equipment. So if you would take your handles slided up your strap so that it's above your wrist. Yeah, and you can either thread your hands through them if they're big enough so that they will not sit. Now you're going to hold, these are kind of different, Huh? You're gonna hold up here. Okay.

Can you thread through what if you went there? Okay. That feel okay to you? All right. All right. Yeah. So now we're making no noise. So now please very straight arms up into your shoulders. Like knit it together the way you were so beautifully a moment ago.

Remember all your leg work, heels reaching, big toes reaching, but not too much. Fifth and fourth toe wastefulness. But just the sense of that coming up. You're going to move the carriage in your mind with your powerhouse so that the arms job is to pick up your collarbone and breastbone. So as the Tush moves you forward. Inhaling, eyes, nose, Chin and chest straight elbows. Little faster, up, up, up, up, less neck, more collarbones. Exhale, resist going home. Nice. Kelly. Resist laying down and feel how your waist lengthens.

Keep your elbow straight. Arms in hips, move you in with the air. Eyes. Four nose, Chin and chest. Exhale, resist going home. Stand up there until you cannot. Very gorgeous. Third and last time. Hell yes. Now. Could you breathe more?

Like if your arms were up here, maybe not that much, but this, yes, they've taken two more atoms and now go home. Exhale straight. Don't dive down yet. Cut your arms to give you belly, right. And keep them in. Beautifully done, Amy. Okay, so now t both arms out to the side, armpit and humerus. Bone higher than you like. All right. Even cock your wrist back a little. If you wish. Powerhouse moves you in with the air. Eyes, nose, Chin and chest.

And exhale. Get your arm pits higher than you started. Yep. Let's go fast. Shoulders down in with the air up. Yeah, you're so tiny and XL. Open and up. Beautiful. [inaudible] good. Now handstand can stand on it and let your hips control the springs.

Exhale. Beautiful. Amy, your wife. You're welcome. All right, good. All righty. Take both handles in one hand and step good. Add another spring. Kelly, if you would. I Dunno, Amy, I'm backstroke. You go and wander. So when you're working on your own equipment, hopefully you, you already know how many springs work well for you.

Every equipment manufacturer is slightly different. So here we have a a tiny, the very strong woman only working on one spring where we might, when the rule is too, but because we've got springs are heavier, that's sufficient for her. You want it to enter, you want your springs equipment in general to enter you as extra muscles so that it aids you in doing the job as opposed to over challenging you or getting in your way. It should be like the way you would dance with your ideal partner. The two of you, equal energy, equal impetus in total harmony. So if two springs bullies you, we don't want it. If one spring isn't enough and you're kind of bullying it, we don't want that either.

So we're always dancing between or among those choices so that the most product happens immediately in the body. All right, so we're going to do backstroke. So you lay down and these together at the chest, knuckles together above your head. Good. So now think here for a moment as you put your little finger knuckles together, right? Which changes your shoulders notice, bring your arms a little higher. And then lean, sorry. And then lean your forward right on to your wood handles.

Yes, you filled in your tummy. Then keep it in your tummy and straps. Inhale up and open and forward. Hold it there. Exhale, bend, Thom, and return to that same place which gives you powerful shoulders so that opens your cage. Inhale, open, forward hold. Exhale, reverse it. He left your trash.

Lift your upper body. I'll curl it in. And inhale, stretch and circle and lift. Good. Tailbone to crown, and exhale bend. Nice everyone. That was three and three, so take both handles in one hand, curl up. You can do a teaser. Reached down and go down. Yeah, to one spring. Lay back on your box, making sure your hips are in a place where you can sit upon them. Now as you lay there, feeling the strap in your palm with just a gently bent elbow, so already your elbows are gently bent so you could feel your armpit tummy.

Now you point your feet, heels reaching for each other so you feel your hips. I want you to move the carriage behind you to rise. Chin to chest. Inhale, offer your hands high soon. Move the carriage behind you. Now as you exhale, permit your hips to move the carriage springs forward. Stay up and take the hips back.

So you're going to raise your arms and lower your arms. Good Butt, hips initiate. Not pecs but hips. Nice. Good. Now keep your hands high a little longer than you might as you roll down Vertebra by Vertebra, left and right. Equally stretching those legs with equal energy even though exhale, hot and full. Open your arms, but don't give it up, right. Keep it strong. And here we come again. Palms up high, soon in with the air. Good.

Let's make a circle out to the side. Exhaling. Inhale up. Nice. Now make your hips move you. Not those glorious arms. Nicely done. And so the camera, we'll see you girls using your tummy like crazy. Stay and roll the spine down. Curl it down, and then open the arms. Enjoy the back bend with the Tummy taught.

Joe Used to say he'd come and jump on those client's bellies so that last Adam, start to last time. Curl, Chin to chest. Inhale, go quick. Inhale, hips back. It's all right. That's all right. Exhale and inhale. [inaudible] hips. Got To control the springs with your hips. Picture them, feel for them. Feel how the belly and not pecs. How strong are those hips anyway?

And roll down. Last one, give it all you got. Enjoy left, right. Equal, good legs open. They pull yourself. So as they pull on the diaphragm, they pull on the chest. Beautiful. Take both hands in what handles in one hand. Tummy in and stand up. That was gorgeous. You to place your handles on the floor. Turn your in short box, head rest down.

Get your short box bar from the floor. If you want a pad to sit on, you can do that. All right. And then when you sit on your box, you sit with the hands with the space behind your pelvis to the edge of the box. Neck. Gives you the ability to roll your sacrum onto something stable so that when you do your exercise, your you have support for the lumbar. Okay, so your feet are under the strap or both and you have um, [inaudible] scoot back another inch. Well, yes.

And then push your legs out so the legs are out, their heels are not touching anything. You're standing, pushing out this the first time really you get to abduct. So you really want to work those outer muscles and you keep the strap top. Like if you broke the strap, Christie would probably give you a free lesson. Yay. Okay, so you have to break that. You have to press open, your thighs go down and out, and that should lift you up and out. Arms Hug. Curl the spine. Now look at your feet.

Don't let that strap change at all so that the spine does in with the air. Sacrum goes down. Feel those hips and those feet. Come on. Nice Curl, Chin Xcel hot every Adam round, crown towards knees. Beautiful. Keep that in with the air from back. Good. Don't change it. Change you, right. Lay onto that head rest beautiful. Don't collapse tummy and curls.

You Hug x. Very good. Third and last time in with the air. Don't compress the armpits. Let those lungs feel up with heir curl. Chin to throw it. Ram Bend, Ben, Ben, Ben. Nicely done. Take both hands and reach for your ankles even down, even as you reach head hangs, feel your spine falling through as you breathe your body towards your thighs. Yes, shed tension.

Push gently your legs outwardly against the calf touches and you feel that strap and that gives you tummy again. If you lost it, roll up. Taking your bar for flat back, so flat back. Also the bar, the strap doesn't move at all. That's like your goal. What if we said, all right, so here you are here. So that gives you hips. Okay, so keep this hips curl tail, just a hair and inhale into this rib cage that now is totally unhindered. Oh, exhale.

Very great in with the air. Chin goes down. Just a hair. Good. Keep those legs please. Excellent. Nicely done. Inhale, Chin down just a little bit, right, which gives you up abs. Press those legs out. The toughest that your darkest hour. One more time in with the air bushing goes.

Legs out equal. Yes. Curl over. Nose towards knees. You can even put your bar over your toes if you can go that far, but stay down there. Breathe a couple of breaths. Picture your spine falling through your body. Put your blades together, ish. But let your spine, right, right. You have more range than you think. Tummy and rules you up for sideburns. Good. So Ramana used to say in things like stipends, if you weren't holding your own body weight on those arms, you could lift your shoulders up by your ears if it gave you length of your spine that gave you the tone of your belly. So you know, maybe we're not going to lift our shoulders to our ears, but we definitely want to pick our cage. Yeah, darn.

Pick our cage up off our hips. So that's the part of us to the right. We're going to lengthen and use exhaling. Terrific. Turn Nice to the left. Go Hot. Exhale that Cli in with the air.

Beautiful. Stretch those things so that they will pull you home to the left. No tension. You're just seeking how far out could you go? Good. Are Your arms still picking your cage up with your breath last that exhale, hum to the left.

Inhale or your arms still in your legs continuing. Exhale. Good. Now going to go right into the twistings because you've got all this gorgeous built. Yep. Scoot back. Push those legs up so you don't slide. Inhale good. Look under your right arm pit at the back corner and inhale, go out.

Keep those legs hot. Ex knife in with the air twist like you did in the short circumcised. Come. I remember those three extra breaths that gave you that range you didn't even know you had that range. Twist money, knee and exhale. Keep twisting. Keep. Yeah girl and last one. Good. Easy.

Shoulders down deep in the gut. Exhale. So Nice. Take the bar down and do your knees. Bring your right knee to your shoulder. Good. But don't scoot back too far cause now African to back bend. You still need that spot. All right, so take your forearm and go up your hamstring so that you're pulling your sitz bone with. You need to shoulder, right? So your low spine is curved, your spine is curved. Jo wanted. Okay.

And so it's not just a deep crease in the hip, although yes, but it's also a curve in the lumbar spine. So that the stretch as we go, inhale straight and the leg exhale and the leg affects the belly. Oh good. We'll do one more. Let your shoulders rise just a hair and see if you can get Maurier last why now we're having fun. Been flat. Then point to remember how many bones you have in there.

The whole language. You could be writing a poem, Mo. We're going to circle three and three. You could be writing a poem. Don't skip the phrases and the stances and whatever and reverse it. Inhale, remember that you love certain words, little toe, big too, little and fourth toe. See if you can work something else in there, right. Finish pointed. Walk hands to ankle. Keep hips and square as you tip back.

Left ankle like crazy and walk down. Keep your hands high longer. Take your tummy in your spine, down, exhaling into your back bend. If you wish, push this thigh away from you. Split your legs apart so you feel that gorgeous Tommy. Lift your chin to your chest and climb hands high sooner, which means your belly will pick you up out of. Very beautiful. And again, and with the air, take it down. Aware from splitting both legs. Good.

You're searching for the back for the head rest right in there. So Nice. Kelly. Chin to chest, arms reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Not from there, but from inside. Last one. Enjoy it. Inhale, split your legs apart. Keep the right sitz bone reaching with the left towards your strap. Pull them apart, lifted up, out of as you climb. Good.

Now if you can flex your feet, hold your toes, elbows wide, and bring the crown or your ponytail to your shin. Next day or for three breaths, if you want to put your left leg down. Yes. And pick your spine up with those arms and go out of your pelvis, over your ribs. So Nice you to place your right hand in your right arch.

We'll do open the hip. So I'm gonna come here and then you're going to put your left hand on the left. The love, that word whenever a loft thingy. Keep hips and shoulders as square as you can as you open your leg as far to the side as possible. Beautiful. Yes, exactly. And then curl back where you wish orbiting that leg.

Way Out there and get that inner thigh to stretch. Oh, oh, that's right. And then come curling up and then arrive. You wrecked so erect, but the leg is still up there. Bend the knee behind you to the shoulder blade. Bend it like you're on the Cadillac. Doing open the hip.

Cross the ankle over your thigh. Bend the standing leg heel to edge of carriage and round over and take a break. Very brief break, but a break. Let your spine fall. Don't pull on it. Exhale it. Yes. So good. You two are gorgeous. Let's change legs.

All right, so take that left forearm and like an iron iron, your hamstring up out of your sitz bone. Bringing the Sitz bone with yes. Have that. You feel that whole gorgeous line. Gently continue it on. Up to a straightening up. Bend down and up.

Yeah, breathe sideways. One more time. Stay up and flexing point [inaudible] and then the circles. And think of all those joints. 40 some joints in your foot and ankle. You. You could be so articulate. Reverse. You could say so much. You could get in there and do so much breathing still.

As you finished with the point, walk your hands to your ankle. Hips are square, both rooted and you tip back and you're gonna reach this whole left leg forward, forward away from your body as you walk down. Inhaling. So reach it to me, Amy. That's it. Push it into your fingers hard and it should give you more left Tommy. To Curl your chin up and walk. Hand over hand. Hands higher sooner on the way up. Shoulders easy, nice and hand.

Stay high longer on the way down like your belly is. Pulling your hands down, right arch the whole back. Now enjoy. Tami is taught. Legs are strong. Arms are powerful. Chin to throat and walk it up. Very good. Was that three, two, one more time. Enjoy in with the I work less hard. Enjoy.

Think what you've created in your body. By now your body is supple. Reach into me. Yes. Reach into me now. Yeah. That's what your hands are supposed to do for you. Good. Now pull your toes gently down. Ramana called this picking the cherries. She always gave really nice names to things that were hard and tough.

Okay. Shoulders gently down, but think about taking your spine like a zipper up over your head, towards your Shin, like as you do that, it's got to pick your cage up, not your back, but your cage. And as your cage comes up, it expands on the inhale. They should see it at home and received on the exhale on expands and received. That is so beautiful. Yes, yes, you'd get chiropractic adjustments because of that. All right, and then you're going to put your left hand on the in step, right hand on the edge of the box open. Your leg is wide to the side as possible. Good. Keeping the hips square and walk it down in with the Ar Tommy unfurls your spine as far as you like. Good. Open that leg to the floor.

Keep it there and bring your upper body, easy neck, lots of gut up above and in front of. Keep your leg out, keep it out there and bring your buddy higher and highest and higher wrist is dissed. And then bend your knee back to your shoulder blade, opening the hip more than you thought was even possible. And then cross your ankle over your upper thigh. Bend that right knee, your heel on the carriage and round your spine. Take deep breaths. Notice for yourself as you exhale whether or not your spine is more rounded than it had been, whether or not you release tension quicker, whether or not you get bigger inhales and deeper exhales. Good Tommy and sits you up and you're going to stand down and remove your item.

And we're going to go into the long stretches. So as you go into the long stretches, you're breathing still and you're thinking to yourself, how am I going to get feet against the headrest hinge that give me what the foot bar gave me and footwork. Okay. So when you arrive, when you, when you mount now into the long stretch, one hand, one foot, one hand, one foot, you're going to arrive as if you don't even need the foot bar. Like hold yourself up. You've got the strength. Yeah. And then the other hand on the other foot, that is gorgeous. And inhale, stretch back surround. If you would pick the foot bar up, lift the hamstrings, but keep the heels above your Meta tarsals. So inhale, even though energy goes back out of the heels, keep them above your meditech whistles. Inhale, take the tummy up off and exhale. Ha.

Two more in with the air x bell. Good. When you come home the last time, resist coming home as if the foot bar is always just a little bit too far ahead of you. Good. Keep your shoulders right there and gently lower your knees for down. Stretch. Flex your feet against the shoulder blocks, toes forward and try and pick this foot bar up right now. So take a moment. What would it take to pick that foot bar up?

Literally go ahead and do it. Where do you have to go in your body? You have to lift your belly like mad. You got to fill your hamstrings. Maybe even have to squeeze your inner thighs a little bit or you gotta be solid so you can pick something else up. Yeah, right, right. So I want that. I want that ownership of yourself so that this care, so the equipment can do something more for you. All right? So you're there and going back takes your diaphragm away from your chest and breathes you in.

You come home ex and in good. Don't let your armpits get tight. Don't close them off. Keep something underneath there, right? Oh, in your mouth. You don't have to make a lot of noise, but you have to let every Adam out. There's gotta be nothing hidden. Good. Last one, Ben.

The back to squeeze the last Adam at the belly is so taught when you curl your Chin forward, the ribs go in, you raise your hips to up, stretch, carriage stays home and your nose is pulling in through. So stay here for two breaths and bend that spine like stomach massage, arms reaching. However, keep a strong shoulder stance, but bend, curl the tail, reach the spine through. How rounded, not shoulder girdle, but spine. And we're going to do the up stretch. Inhale, heels and legs push out. They turn on your tummy, you go forward over the bar. You keep the bar home with your hips in your yields. As you pull your head through your upper back, through your mid back, through, and finally your low back through and you start again. Push out from here.

Give me some strength. Exhale. Feel your heels and big toes reaching for each other. Call the head in. Curl the upper. That is gorgeous, Amy. Exactly right. One more time in with the air. Less neck, right. Exhale. Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.

Then bend and keep yourself this high. Stay home. Come home again if you would. Thank you, Kelly. Come all the way and that's it. Now keep your spine this high and put your heels down for elephant. Don't lower your body, just your heels toes up. Nice. Curl the tail through to the nose and vice versa, and go heels back.

Exhale home, heels down, and exhale home. Good. Don't lock because then you have to unlock each time. Heels down, toes up, move from your hips. Here you are doing stomach massage. Come on hips, way up here. Better, nice, gorgeous. All that should be toned. Very beautiful. Last one. Stay home. Now we're going to rise on relevant. One of the Arabs risks high on your toes. Take your one leg up behind you.

Right leg high. Good remodel would not care. By the way, if the hips were so square back in the day she taught us. However, you've got to be leaning inward with your standing leg so you feel your inner thigh. So as you curl knows to knee, but you lift to find your gut. Push out and exhale and exhale home. Remember when you picked the bar up, pick the bar up to exhale home. Gorgeous hips. Move you and keep the bar. Keep the carriage in change feet.

Watch for beautiful alignment as you bring the left foot up. Good Lean leftish so you work in that inner thigh, not just standing on your hip flexor. Inhale, exhale. Good. Pick it up. Good. Pick it up more. So Nice. But lean left last one. Yes, that was great. Bring your foot down all the way through to the floor.

Ah, that's all right. Don't worry and turn around for long back stretch. She's tall. Okay, so long back stretch. Never sit on the reformer, but we can. Okay, so you have hand, foot, hand, foot, toes, or flex back. Do you use a box? All right, so they're in position now for long back stretch and you'll notice that we have shortened the range for our tinier person so that she doesn't have to a struggle so hard. And in truth, the equipment feeds up into her.

So we bend the elbows back, lowering the spine, curl the tail, then the pelvis, lumbar, mid spine and lift. Exhale, come home. Then again twice. Curl, tail, press out, lift up. Exhale. Very nice. It's hard. Honda Springs, let's go on one now. Don't be cocky cause you have just one spring and up. She says no on that Ruby cocky and we verse it. Look at good feet over there. Yes. How's that feel to you? Better know.

Hyper extension. Now get those knees up ish. Right. Push through your heels. Beautiful. Beautiful. And step to the floor. Very nice. Very nice. All right, good. So now we will do chest expansion, thigh stretch and semi-circle. So you put your box away, you bring your bar down, chest expansion, you're on. Let's do, I'm going to put you on a one for this two also. No, thanks for asking. Okay, so chest expansion, the feet are hooked behind parallel hip wit, knee width. Okay.

Which could be narrower than you think then you like because uh, we want to stand on that inner thigh line that comes right up under the sole as dropped the chin ever. So gently. But lift your shoulders up just a hair, right? Like when you lay for foot work and you tried to touch the sh, uh, try not to squish into the shoulder blocks. So as always, the pelvis powerhouse is gonna move you forth in front of your hands in with the air. Take those straight arms, back glance, right and left face center and control. Straight out bud it home, Ma and again in with the air. Shoulders up a little bit higher at Kelly and glance left you blade squeeze. Fabulously. I want your shoulders just a little higher. Yes, so that you breathe up inside of them. Breathe in your armpits and inhale.

Fabulous to get more tummy. Excellent. Exhale, hot and full, and every atom, nothing left and in with the air. Hips take you in front of your hands, not vice versa. Glancing should move your whole spine. You feel when you glance that your whole spine is available for move, for twisting. Twist it to your tail. Yeah, and exhale home. That is gorgeous.

Take them both the one hand, come back and add one or even two springs. Usually we'll go to three because we're going to do thigh stretch. You may go to two, but I think Kelly, you probably would have liked, oops, you would like three. Okay. Bring your knees all the way up against the shoulder blocks. Again, your knees are low, narrow, and your legs are exactly parallel behind them. The outer foot is trying to touch the carriage as much as the inner foot.

That's hard to do, but when you do that, you're going to have a very beautiful knee and the correct hip. So the more you attempt doesn't have to be perfect. Never in piles do you have to be perfect. We have to move in that direction. Good. So the arms are pulled up into their homes. You Chin Down, looking past your tummy at your knees, and you leave your arms. Amy, take hands a little further forward if you wouldn't mind. Yeah, carriage home, but arms perilously forward. Good. Now get rid of your pex a little bit, right? Go. Go through your Pex to the back of your shoulder and inhale those hips and knees go down and forth. Chin down. Good. Arms Up.

Exhale, hips up. Good. Try not to get sunk into that, but lengthen. Stay forward more than go back. Good. Stay forward now. Push with your hips. Go Head and control at home. Nicely done. Now use it for a breath. Exercise. Inhale, big. Inhale into places you haven't even ever yet gotten hot x all the way, every atom, nothing left. That is gorgeous. Very good. You too.

Take them both in one hand. Turn around and go down to one spring. We're going to do arm circles and we are going to do arm circles just in the one direction. Okay, so you turn around, feet flexed against the shoulder blocks. Guys, neat hip position above your knee caps. Hips perilously forward above on top of your knee caps gives you lots of hands. Lots of belly. All right.

And what moves the spring coils is your hips, not your pack, but your hips. So get them. Go and turn them on like a car. Here we go in with the Erics Bell. They're hip. Sit. Nicely done. Annex hair. Good arms should start to feel a little lighter. Hips in [inaudible]. Good. We'll do two more. Good.

And so when you inhale the arms up, the diaphragm goes down, pulling the air in and the belly is like mad hot. Exhale. Very good. Love it. Our righty. Take them both in one hand. Step off. And we're going to do long. When did you send my circle? So drop the um, the straps put on in your block. Yep. And it's gonna it'll move. So just push it to the very end on this one, right?

Lay down. You gotta have two springs, unfortunately. Yeah. All right. We're going to mount the same way you got on for reformer, and by now it should be considerably easier and more connected to did and toes apart. Heels together, hands on the shoulder blocks, and do not move your carriage at all. Move you so curl, tail up, hips up over and straighten those arms. But keep the carriage home, but keep the carriage home. That is so good. Heel together, not super high and ankles aren't touching because inner thighs aren't touching, but heels are touching and big toes are reaching. Yes, we're going to keep that tripod. Lower your heels just to here. You're going to keep that tripod and that should come up into here. As you roll down your throat, your feet are to the left. Can you feel that Kelly? Movements to the right. Just a little.

Step them over more. More. Yes. Yes. There you go. And walk it down and push gently, gently out. So you may not even feel that thing out there. Ty. The truth. Yeah. Yes, maybe I'm going to give you a second one. The old reformers were small. Knees are pretty close, but go ahead. Coming down from the throat, then the ribs, then go, go, go down into the spring. Sit gently on the springs. Careful now as you search for the end, cause it's much sooner.

Nice. Good. Now do it from your feet. This time. Third time in this direction. Keep those feet so powerful the whole time. What did they give you? You don't have to tell me. Inhale down. Keep your feet now as you push from them, gently. Keep your feet now as you curl up.

Keep your feet now as you arrive upon now. Keep your feet and add your hands. Hips, reverse it. Souls to hips, souls to hips as you throat down throat and real good. Come in, curl your tail before your sits bones, right and then up and over. Reach those knees away. Good. Come to yet. Go to a fist. You'll like it. Come out two more inches then and hit it higher. Go and again, nicely done. Keep those tips down. Keep 'em down.

Then curl tail. Then sits. Exhale, hot and full. Good. And last time you're feet are, what if your foot bar dissolved and you had those feet only make them that. Yes. Stand upon the, put your legs on them. Put your hips on them, put your hips on your souls. Nicely done. Bring your arms around. Take hold of your ankles. Breathe. Two breaths that shed whatever tension you allowed to creep in, but no, but allows you the ultimate expression of the length, even from your throat through your hip all the way down.

And then one arm in the other arm to your shoulder block. Good. Walk your shoulders back on Tommy and steps you off and to the floor. Good. Take. We're gonna do the long spine stretch. Long spy massage, I mean, sorry. So you're gonna put your black straps on your, okay. Long on your, um, you're going to put your black extend or straps on your handle and your, uh, leather loop. Go ahead. So the important thing, even at this level in this exercise is that we move swiftly the swifter up to a point that we move.

The more the body will make a full body exercise and the more therefore it will supersede your cortex with all of its lists of various things I should be doing correctly, all at the same time. And it will be natural movement. Okay? That will open you up and flush the blood and breathe you and balance you and as do all the exercises. But now you are that far along in this workout. You're that uniform. You are that melded body, mind and spirit. Okay? So you can try and sit down with that, stick in your tush out. And as you lay down, you lower your head rest. Very nice ladies. Good Tommy and brings your feet over your face.

You place your feet in each of the black straps with the metal hardware on the outside and one s a layer of black fabric on not only your foot, but also, uh, where the, where the black fabric hits the um, strap. Yes. All right? So as your carriage is in, you're in as much as you can be in gently straighten your legs in a diagonal over your face. Stay there. So carriage is in strong arms, just like in the hundred, just like in long stretch, strong legs, just like in tree and everything else. Very powerful and strong souls that are cupping bird on a perching, even almost around the strap. So you're gonna keep the carriage home as you rise up onto your shoulder, stand the neck and the head should not change.

And EP Bend Open Rainbow Those feet up in a way. Inhale, reach him out, come together, exhale at home. Nice. Open the legs, feet up, out and a way. Good together. And again, let that carriage come home. It Benz you open reach. Good. Stand on those straps as if they were the floor that you were chasing, the way you chased the foot bar. [inaudible] reach up out of, be on and then we'll reverse it. Nice girls. So in with the air, legs apart, good. All the way home to gather, feed up out of.

That's all this hamstring you worked on. Undulating through exhaling every atom open and up. Good in with the air. I know grass is hard. Get the feet up. Yes and control. Beautifully done in with the air.

Good and legs together. Up and out. Good. Right down the middle. Kelly's and both equal. I had a girl that, yes. Yes, yes. Two more. Okay. One more. Up and down and then up and lose your straps come together. Roll through. Step this feet way beyond your pelvis.

Make your tummy strong. So Nice. Last time up step and gently lower your legs over your nose. Drop your steps carefully into the well. Good Tommy and rolls you up and off to the floor. Lift your head wrath. Lift your foot bar for knee stretches. Okay, we'll do knees. We'll do round arch the knees off to step on one hand.

Other foot toes way four hills. Way Back. Okay. Very straight arms. Remember when you picked up the foot bar, what would that feel like now to yes, to pick it up. Okay. Do that again. There are shoes in there, right? Do it one more time. Right? And do a little less. Just enough. Sufficient. Gorgeous. You felt more tummy. Good. Now sit back a little further. Good. And still keep it.

Yes. And go in an x. Good. Bring your knees to your eyebrows. Come on and bring them all the way and get your tummy off my hand. Come on, Kelly had said, don't touch me round around me. Pick up the foot bar. Anyway. Two more. Very beautiful. All the way home and home. Now change. Lifting your tail, lifting your eyes, nose, chin, chest, sit back, but feel like you're going to pick it up. Go.

Inhale, exhale, and exhale and exhale. Beautiful ladies. Exhale. Really love it. Like push that air out of you. Let the spoon push the air out of your, I'm so weird sometimes. Last one. Okay, so your home curl in. Good. Lift your knees and bring your toes forward like two inches. I'm sorry, I keep the foot bar there. Lift your knees and bring your toes forward just two inches.

So your shins are parallel ish. You are like a Hyena. Shoulders higher than your hips. You're picking up the foot bar into your shoulders as you go. Exhale eight to 10 of them. Good. Drop your head into a perfect capital seat like your knees are trying to come.

Do some do few. You can do it to your eyebrows, right? Without the neck being so involved. Gorgeous. That was gorgeous. Very right. Good. And step off. Add your springs for running and bottom lift. Oh, you turn around. Can you lower yourself? Right on. Back Down.

You put your hands by your hips. You lay yourself parallel legs for running and heel high ish so that it helps the, it talks to you about the bar as you stretch out your legs and then go bend one knee and lower the other. What if even though you kept knee bending and lowering your heels as far as you could, what if you moved the carriage springs with your hips? Hips and hips and hips and hips and hips. Good.

What if both hips lifted the springs even though the legs were doing different things? Nice. Now with that stability, I just hit you like this. With that stability. Sorry. Breathe, right? Yes. And not just sniff, but let that air come through you into a balloon that becomes like so a opaque and bursts. Yes. Experienced that breath.

Expand and squeeze every atom out. Left. Inhale, gorgeous. Straighten both legs gently. Pretend the foot bar's about to leave you is leaving you as you exhale every Adam to come home. That belly picture needs up for bottom lift. Turn out more good. Lift your hips up this tight. Keep a long plinked body. So drop your tail just a little [inaudible]. Keep from shoulder more flat. Okay.

Turnout your thighs more than your feet cause we're building an intermediate towards advanced and we want to do Gondola in. Inhale. Exhale. Now do it as if the football was leaving you first, first, first, first, first, first and still first. CRISPR. Gorgeous. Okay. Yes. Yes. If you're so lucky to still be standing audit, once you get out there, like you're searching and you're searching, I want you to notice down the length of your bones, like inside where the muscle tissue is near the bones. You're right down a long there and fabulous. Good enough. Roll Down Tommy and brings your knees to your chest.

Step Up. I want to decide splits. So you're going to lower your foot bar. You can use pads if you want or not. Yeah. All righty. Uh, I think one. Yeah, Tommy and steps you up onto your carriage with both feet on carriage, nice and neat with no movement. Barfoot goes to the wood [inaudible] and usually you go forward because eventually you are on your way to the shoulder block.

So Amy's got a pad that's not quite there so she doesn't have to be as far forward, but you want your feet to be equal to one another. So your pelvis and spine is equal as well. Arms are out to the side and they're powerful things. They don't hyper extend, but they go into your spine, behind your shoulder blades in front of your sternum and they pick your spine up as you go down. Inhale out x, spell home. Nice. Let them pick up your spine so that as the carriage moves you look like you don't lower.

Wouldn't that be something like what if you stayed as tall, not just by eyebrows, but by spine? Yes. So you're taking those femurs away from the pubic bone and you're drawing them to the pubic bone. We'll do one more time. Inhale big time. Squeeze every atom of air out. There is nothing left. Now stay home, keep your arms where they are and make this very valuable. The outer foot toe heals in and it's a big time workout for that hip.

Yep. And then when you're ready to bring a second foot to meet it and turn around carefully to the other side. So place your framework for and then toe heel using that hip turn in, turn out, make that hip receive a benefit. Okay. Arms are out to the side and they come in inside underneath your shoulder blades to your spine, behind your sternum and they elevate your spine out of your sacred to move out.

Inhaling. Nicely done. X, spell your air. Yeah. As a matter of fact, the more coils that open, the more air in the more coils that close, the more air goes out there. It's beautiful Kelly in with the air. Exhale. Right. You are just like an organic creature married to this reformer. The two of you are making something you couldn't get without.

Right. Go out there and at the moment of coming home, feel your hip still involved in the process. Nice. Last time we'll do something we didn't do on the other side. Stay out there and count to three, two, three. Bring the carriage home and count to three, two, one toe, heel in that outer foot, feeling the lift and tallness but the rotation of and then bring your bar foot to meet. So to bring that foot in work and working, bring the other foot to meet it and step to the floor. Very nice front splits. So you're going to lift your foot bar up. [inaudible] Yup. What do you do on this? Two or one? Yeah, I red and blue. So baby, just one. Okay. So you stand upon the carriage.

We're going to do um, front splits and you place the ball of your right foot on just off center of the foot bar. Lift your heel just to here, but bend your knee way, way, way, way forward. And therefore your weight is on your two hands and your one foot, you feel secure so you can toe heel your other foot back turned out heel down. And the outer side of that foot is very lively. So the outer hip is very lively. This leg is powerful. Ben Kelly, your knee, way forward that a girl hips or squarish. It's true, but, but this back leg is turned out in the hip and you push back from there. Let's say inhaling, keeping chest on thigh and Xcel home.

Don't care how far you go. I don't care. Keep chest on thigh. Reach Sitz bone with Sitz bone. Don't lower your knee, lower your pelvis, lower your pelvis down, keeping the opposing. Oppose it with hamstring up, pelvis low. Nice. You get some more belly then. Excellent, beautiful, hot. Exhale home. Good. And then stay home. Bring the top, bring the Barfoot down to the carriage with control and switch legs.

Okay, so the bar, the foot is critical. If you're gonna do the, um, the controls toe heel out, which we did not do, but when you're on the ball of the foot, you can lift your arch just a little bit. That lifted arch is gonna give you hamstring to hip, which is going to turn on your tummy for you, which is going to support your spine. So it's really a great position. A modification of could be the arch of the foot, and you press the back heel to move the spring coils. You can look at those spring coils, watch them that they are you exhale home. They are your, so as they are your hamstring, if you want to think of it that way, they're what? They're pulling your diaphragm down to breathe your air in like mad.

Right? And they're pushing the air out of you to come home. Yeah. Don't be laboring it. Enjoy. You're in the ocean, you're playing right. You're being supported. Every molecule of water supports you and every molecule of your body is touching something supportive. Really Nice, Andy enough, bring the front foot down, step to the floor. Standard wrecked big arm circles. Ah, oh, Ben. And you should feel good.

Do you feel good? You feel good? Do you feel good? Yes.


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Amazing articulate teacher. Love Rachel! Working out with this much focused attention makes the time fly and feels delicious.
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Rachel Taylor Segel has inspired me to become a better instructor! Listening to her cueing is like reading an article on Pilates which is filled with relevant and applicable information. I'll need to re-watch this one several times. It has become one of my favorites!
Thank you Rachel!
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So wish I could have been there in person, but I'll take Rachel anyway I can get her. Rachel's teaching is as always articulate, specific, in the movement (and moment) and deep. I especially loved the relationship of the diaphragm (breathing) and springs. This is how I have explained the breathing as I was taught (TPC graduate and at TPC) versus other styles of breathing. Was nice to hear the message conveyed in the same way. Thanks Rachel for you always engaging and invigorating class! Definitely one of my favs that I will repeat.
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Thank you Rachel for enriching every atom of my mind, body and spirit. Every moment feels alive and every breath is embodied. As always, I leave your class smiling uncontrollably and wholeheartedly (and also very sweaty). Such a gift!
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As always, Rachel, lovely. Thanks for taking the time to do each exercise and explain the overall, wholistic goal. Miss you!
Thank you everyone!!!! I live to communicate Pilates as well as I possibly can so people feel it, own it themselves and feel the joyous satisfaction it gives. I am so lucky! Rachel
Great cueing... I am reminded of sequencing through the exercises. thanks so much
Rachel, your ability to be so articulate and descriptive while still being concise in the moment is simply amazing and beautifully demonstrates the art of teaching! Thank you for being such an inspiration to the craft of instruction. XO, Lindy Irwin
Hi Rachel. Thanks so much for the always heart felt, and solid instructions. you rock.
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