Class #1796

Reformer Workout

50 min - Class


Want to find the dancer inside of you? Try Diane Diefenderfer's Reformer workout, which was designed for the specific needs of dancers. She focuses on finding elegance in movement with traditional Pilates exercises as well as movements she learned from Ron Fletcher. This is a great class for any type of dancer, and for those of you who just like to move!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Standing Platform

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Hi, I'm Diane Diffenderfer and this is Jia. This is Laura. We're going to do a reformer class with the specific needs of the dancer in mind. And I want to say that this could be any da...


Perfect start for my day and a very good session:) lots of love.
Beautiful class!
How beautiful is this trio?! Thank you all for inspiring us so!
Great start for the day and finish for the week. Loved the instructions and smooth flow from each position. Thank you
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I loved this dancing Pilates reformer workout! Thank you so much and add more like this in the future. Both the teacher and the students were perfect in this great video workout! A++ work!
Love dancing Pilates reformer, mat etc. bring it!
Perfect class, loved it!
Really enjoyed the class. Made me miss Ron I remember the footwork and transitions from when I worked with him in Texas. Loved the use of the standing platform.
Very nice to watch. Being a retired, competitive, ballet dancer, I'm looking forward in practicing this workout.
This was an excellent class - so beautifully done and explained. Loved it! Thanks!!
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