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Elongating Spine Corrector

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Find elongation in your body while staying connected to your core in this Spine Corrector workout by Sharon Gallagher-Rivera. She works on strengthening and stretching your entire body with exercises like the Teaser, Side Overs, and Swimming. Sharon's guests, Jackson, Quailet, and Nadia, move so beautifully in this class and we know you will too!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Yoga Strap, Moon Box, Hand Weights

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Hi there. I'm Sharon Gallagher Rivera and we are here to do spine corrector today. I have my lovely, uh, models, students, Jackson, Colette and Nadia. Uh, we have a lot of props today that we're gonna use in our class. So you might want to gather these before you start. Uh, I have Jackson here on the arc barrel, uh, because I want you to see that you can do this whole class, this whole spine character class on the arc barrel as well. Um, one thing that you might wanna check out ahead of time, it's just lie back over your arc and see if you need padding to support your neck and your head. We all have different length spines and different, uh, flexibility to our spine. So you want to make sure that you're not back there hanging off.

So we have a moon box, um, that we use in the studio that's up, uh, halfway and over here and naughty as we have it down all the way. So you just have to find something that works for you. It could be a bolster, a yoga block, some type of pillow that just gives you some support. Uh, we have also two pound weights. I wouldn't go heavier than this. You could also use one pounders. Um, and we have yoga straps. You could use any type of strap. It could be a belt, even something that doesn't give a strap better than a theraband. Okay, so we're going to start with breathing.

We're going to start with legs straight. Uh, go ahead and grab your weights, legs straight. Now if you know that, uh, you have, uh, problems with compression in your back, you can do this with bent knees and that might make it a little bit easier. Uh, so it doesn't, you know, you're so as length doesn't tug on your spine. So start with straight legs. One thing you want to be careful of because your legs are hanging here is to not let your knees fall through. So you want to gather the inner thighs, right? Feel the muscular work of pulling up, and then reach your arms forward. Ice. From here. We're going to inhale, begin to roll back just like we would in the malware. Feel those back backwards.

Stretch away from the pelvis. An exhale. Continue to lay back, keep your arms at the ceiling until your head is all the way back. And we established where these boxes were ahead of time. Great. So from here, lay your arm bones. Get really heavy in the sockets. Great. And let's just do a couple of reaching up to the ceiling and settling the shoulders down just to really feel where the arm is at the back of the socket.

If you're picked up, it's going to tug on your neck in an uncomfortable way. So you really want to make sure your shoulders are seated. One more time. Excellent. And from this place we're just gonna do little stirs, allowing those shoulders to get heavy. Good. Keep reminding your neck to lengthen. Good. And reverse the circle as a non muscular as you can move from the bones.

Excellent. Good. So from here we're just going to open the arms out as we inhale. Good. And then on your exhale, stand on your shoulders to bring the arms back. From here, you're going to give yourself a hug. Inhale a cross breathing between the shoulder blades, and then stand on your shoulders to straighten the arms again. Inhale, open wide back ribs. See if your backups can connect. Exhale up.

Good. Inhale, cross the other arm on top. Exhale, and we're going to do one more of those. Inhale, exhale, stand on the shoulders. Nice. Inhale and exhale. Straighten the arms. Beautiful. From here we're going to go one arm by the ear, the other arm by the pelvis. Try not to let your shoulders get picked up. Then you're going to stand down on those shoulders to bring the arms back up.

Gorgeous and reach nice and you want to imagine that there is a skewer going through your shoulder girdle, so you're trying not to let either arm get pumped up at the shoulder socket. Good. One more. Excellent, great. Now with your arms to the ceiling, make sure those back ribs are connecting to the arc. As you inhale from there, inhale both arms back by your ears and then exhale deep in the rib connection to leverage the arms back up. Beautiful. Yes. Inhale back. And these guys are, are used to, uh, me asking them not to use the lats to initiate the arm movement. So they're doing a really nice job. Uh, but just to point that out, I want you to feel like you keep this space here and then you draw your arm bones down toward the spine corrector. Beautiful. Stay there. From here.

We're just gonna work. Uh, actually I take it back. Let's do a circle because it feels so good. You're going to inhale the arms back by the ears, backups on the arch, and then exhale around. Good. Lean on the back of the shoulder to pick the hand up to go back by the ear all the way on your inhale. Exhale all the way around. Gorgeous. And one more wide. Backroads nice.

And we're going to stop with the arms to the ceiling again. That's a nice comfortable place for the neck. So from here we're going to work on the sequencing of the neck and the head, the weight of the head as you curl your upper spine up. So you can imagine that there's a pencil that goes through both of your ears and I want you to think of lengthening the back of the neck away as you deepen those front ribs into the back ribs to bring your head up right in line with your spine. Everybody look at the ceiling right there. Nice. Now slide your back. Ribs up the slow. Good. Keep those arms to the ceiling.

Keeps sliding those back ribs up. The slip away from the pelvis. Move from your spine to move your head. Yes. Great. So you're going to try to keep that a wall of the front of your body. Now you're going to lengthen the back of your neck, look back at the ceiling without letting your mps pick themselves up. So you're tractioning your neck back and then lay your head down. Nice.

So you're just letting the arms stay where they are. Your spine is sequencing through your arms. And again, lengthen through the back of your neck. Beautiful. Deepen the ribs. As you look at the ceiling here, so just look at the ceiling head and limit the spine. Then curl from your ribcage. So this position would be drop your Chin there. Yes.

Then slide those back. Ribs up, look at your toes. Nice. See if your knees are hanging. This is a good place to tune into that. Then linkedin through the back of your neck as you deepen those front ribs. Good. How much can you give your neck traction there and then lay back all the way.

Nice. One more time. You don't need to do many reps of this and go ahead and slide the back of your neck, Wong. Nice. It should feel like the back of your body is one piece. Slide the backwards up the slope. Look at your toes. Gorgeous. Excellent. From here, we're just going to do a little pulse. So remind your arms to settle. Yeah, let the weights be weights even more. Right?

And you're just going to slide those back ribs up a little further to pulse and back down. It's a small movement, but you can also see your pelvis. What I want you to try to do is to not let your pelvis tilt a tail up. You want to keep a long pelvis and a long stretch of the back ribs away from you. Heavy arms. Good, easy stuff, right? No big deal. Good. Okay, now stay in that place, this hard work without reaching your arms up. Gorgeous. From there, you're gonna Inhale, open that right arm. Keep those back up. Sliding up the sub. Exhale that arm closed. Nice left arm.

So you're trying to keep the balance of the back of the rib cage and both arms. Inhale, open. Slide those backups away. Exhale. Let's do that one more time. Inhale, open the right arm. Exhale. Nice. Keep that length left arm both arms. Inhale, exhale. Nice taking. Inhale here and then exhale, die forward like you're doing your roll-up.

Slide the backwards, up the slope and stretch all the way forward. If your feet lift here, no big deal. You're just, you're reaching the legs long to try not to let them lift. Soak your arm bones back. Good. And then stack your spine up tall. From here, I'm going to have you scoot back into the crevasse or Jackson doesn't actually have to move if you're working with the arc barrel. Good. So you want your sip phones to stay really anchored down in that crevice, which is this a fold here on the spine corrector.

Bring your feet back like you see Nadia doing all the way back against that front edge of the spine corrector. Nice. And take your arms forward. So inner thighs all the way together. We're going to use that gather of the inner thighs to help connect us to our core. And from here, Ian here, roll your low spine back onto the arch. You want to feel like you're stretching it back around the arch and we're just going to go to where your whole low back is down there, right? And now on your exhale, slide each vertebra up the slope to bring you back forward.

So you're moving from the back of your body to recoil. Inhale back, stretch back. Nice Jackson. Really Nice. Good. And then can you without resting there, I want you to slide those back. Ribs away every time. Getting more space, right? One more time. Good.

And we're going to again, pulse in your heart place. So on your exhale, find a place that's hardest for you in that low back imprint. Good. And you're just gonna pulse around it. Inhale back down. Let your arms just be straight and lean back into you and stretch the spine back around. Right, right. There it is. Inhale back a little just there and then stretch it around it. Good. Two more. We all have a different place that's challenging for us in that flex of the low spine. So find your place.

Good and [inaudible]. Nice and round all the way forward. Excellent. We're going to do this next part without the weights. So set the weights down. Good. It's going to start the same way. Grab onto your shins like you're doing. Rolling like a ball.

This is your rolling like a ball position and we're going to inhale, begin to lengthen the spine back so your hands will just let go of your shins there. Stretch your spine back and I want you to continue all the way back, keeping your arms to the ceiling until your head is all the way down. Excellent. Good. Heavy armed boots. So just like we practiced in the place where we were forward, you're going to eat. Inhale those arms back by the ears. Try not to let that pick the ribs up and then exhale.

Stand on the shoulders to bring the arms back. This is much more challenging. You have much more surface connection. Inhale back. So it's really important that you pad your head up if it's hanging. And of course if, if this position hurts your back, don't do the arm reaches back and find an angle that you can pad yourself up at. That doesn't hurt your back. Good. Now we're going to add those circles.

Inhale, arms back by your ears. Exhale round. Nice. So you're practicing staying connected at every segment of your spine. Notice the places that feel yanked up off of the spine corrector and what you're working on is the abdominals. Being able to anchor that so as long. Nice.

And then keep your arms to the ceiling. Think of your pencil through your ears. You're going to through the back of the neck. Make sure you're connected in your abdominals and begin to stretch each vertebra back to curl up recoil. You're going to dive back into your rolling like a ball position. Stretch that low spine open. Excellent. Good. Inhale, begin to roll yourself back. Exhale, continue in it. Once you're all the way back, inhale those arms by the ears.

Circle the arms around. They're going to come back to the ceiling. Inhale, lengthen through the back of the neck to begin to curl up. Slide each vertebra back away from the one below it recoil. Grab onto your shins. Excellent. One more time. Inhale, begin to roll back every time you want to feel like you're lengthening your ribs up out of your pelvis a little further. Nice. Inhale, arms back by the ears. Circle those arms around.

They come back to the ceiling and then lengthen through the back. Every neck recoil. Try not to let your ribs pop up when your head lifts. That's a big challenge there, right? Make sure your abdominals are still supporting you. Great. Awesome.

All the way forward. Nice. So this next one we're gonna do, uh, takes that exercise one step further. So from here, same place that you're beginning, you're going to inhale. Begin to roll back. Good. And this time, get all the way back. This time as your arms go back by your ears, your legs go forward. You're going to press through your feet. Try to lengthen the tips of your toes down. Lift your pelvis up, right.

Reach those arms all the way back. Gorgeous. Now length and through that low spine, begin to arch your low back. Bend your knees, Bend your hips, circle the arms around, and leverage yourself up as you come around. So slide the feet back. Everything happens at once, and come back into your ball. Gorgeous. Two more of these. This one. I love. This feels so great and roll back.

Nice. Let your arms and legs go at the same time. Stretch back. Lift the pelvis up, right. Feel that power underneath your glutes. So the top of the hamstrings, really helping you lift. Circle around. Let your low back bend and your hips and your knees bend right away, Nadia. Yeah, soon as you start to come around right. One more time.

So the impulse really comes from the spine first. Stretch back, lift the pelvis up. Gorgeous. And aren't you low back here? Bend your knees, Bend your hips. Yes, right, right away. And use your low back right away to start to curl up. Nice. And hugin. Great. From this place we're going to grab the strap.

So you want to hold your strap where uh, if you have a yoga strap or even a belt, um, if there's something metal on it, just so that doesn't smack in the face, you want to make sure you hold, hold that. Yes. Hold that end. Nice. Good. So you're just going to take your arms out. This should be wider than your shoulder girdle, right? Good. And then roll your knuckles long. So the risk top of the wrist is long. Excellent. And from here, just keep your knees bent.

Although I'm going to have you walk your feet forward a little bit. Right? You're, you're good here. But, uh, for those of you on the spine corrector, not all the way back against the edge. For this from here, pull outward on the strep and suck your arm bones into the back of the socket. Good. Inhale, begin to roll back an exhale. Continue all the way back, arms to the ceiling. Nice. Settle the arm bones. And from here you're going to inhale the arms back by the ears.

Good and settled the arm bones. As you exhale, the arms back slightly different feeling to have the strap instead of weights. We're going to do this two more times. Inhale, let the strap remind the back of your shoulder to hold itself together. Great. And one more time. You're going to take that strap back. Stay back there. And so the strap is as close to the floor as you can get it. And then from here, standing your feet.

I'm going to bring your feet back a little bit. Yeah, directly underneath the knees for the feet. Exhale, press your pelvis up. Keep the strap back there. Keep your upper spine back there. Good. Inhale, arch your low spine around the front of that arch. Exhale, press through your legs. Come right back up. Good. See if you can keep that down. Reaching to the floor, right. Inhale, arch your low spine into the crevice. Exhale, press the pelvis back up. Lovely. One more. Inhale arch and exhale. Yes.

Stay up there in your bridge. I want you to curl your upper spine up. Bring the strap forward to your thighs. Stay in your bridge. Good. So you're up in your hundred crawl. You're going to pulse your arms. Inhale, ah, in x, slide those backwards. Back away from the pelvis. We're not going to do a hundred here. We'll do like forties today. One more.

Keep the pelvis up nice, and then stop the strap. Inhale, and then exhale. Everything stretches back your low spine, your upper spine. Nice. Take a big inhale back here and your arch pelvis comes down there all the way down. Good. And then exhale. Curl yourself up all the way. Arms come up, lengthen through the back of neck. Recoil the spine. Gorgeous. Great. Take the bottoms of feet together. Scoot your sit bones back in the crevice, right?

And then take your strap again and we're just going to do a little side bending with the strap. Your arms are gonna come up in line with your ears, right? I like to start out a little, um, just doing some side bends that are like your short bucks series. So you're going to Ian, hail your torso to the right, anchoring that left sit bone, and then use that left sip phone to help ground your pelvis to get you back up. Nice. Same thing to the left. Inhale, right? Exhale. Now try to keep those knees. Keep going as I talk.

Try to keep your knees falling open. We tend to want to use our hip flexors to get us back up. But if you can find your sit bones instead and allow the knees to fall open, you're gonna feel, um, that you're moving from your center and a different way. Great. From here, you're going to inhale over to the right and then exhale all the way down to the floor if you need to, you can lengthen just to the side. Ben, you so that right hand comes to the floor, Nadia, all the way down on the floor. Yeah. So you can lengthen your strap, hold to go all the way.

Good to a position that is comfortable for you, that's workable for you. Inhale into the side. Waist. Exhale, anchor you sip on right when you inhale, feel those side ribs stretching. Open the muscles between each of your ribs opens. Let your knees fall open. One more, a nice follow up and good. All we're gonna do is add a rotation here so that RMCs by the ear you're going to inhale, twist your chest open to the ceiling. Keep it small and exhale.

Twist your chest to the floor, right, keeping the arm by the ear. So it's really small. Inhale, twist. So instead of moving from the shoulder, you're moving from the spine. Gorgeous, right? And keep the strap tight. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Stay here. Inhale into your back. Reverse it. So exhale, open. Yeah.

Now you're inhaling when you come forward. So you want to feel those back. Ribs in flight. Exhale, twist, chest to the ceiling. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Wow. Inhale back into your side bend and exhale yourself up.

Gorgeous. And we'll do the other side. So inhale, as you start to go, exhale as you land, you may have to have a different length on this side than you did on the first side. So you find what works for you wrist as long. That's it. And we're just going to take a couple of breaths here. You want to tune into the different details. So one detail is where's your shoulder? Is it sitting in the socket, right? Another detail is where your knees are they falling open. Good.

One more deep breath and can you anchor that right? Sit Bone here. Beautiful. Add your rotation. Inhale chest to the ceiling. Arm stays by the ear. Gorgeous. And exhale, twist your chest to the floor. Nice an inhale. Good. Try not to push that bottom shoulder forward and exhale, rotate, yes. And inhale, bottom shoulder stays relaxed and exhale, rotate. Stay here. Inhale into your back. And then exhale, twist.

Nice. Watch that bottom. Yeah, just keep it relaxed. Inhale. Nice. Exhale one more than knees, fall open. Remind them, exhale. Inhale into your side bed and exhale yourself up. Great. And then just take your strap down. So we took a quick pause to remove some of the items.

So we no longer have our strips or the boxes, but we do still have our weight. Some will use them for our side bend series a, but we're going to do the AB five series next, which is always killer. Uh, and I wanted to show you that you can do it on the spine character, but also on the arc barrel. So, uh, what you're gonna do is bring your pelvis forward, scoot forward so that your low back is kind of leaning toward that space. Right? And actually I'm gonna, uh, it's nice if you feel that it's hard for you to bend your low back, Flex your low back to pad. So I just wanted to show you how you could pad the space of the crevice so it gives you a little more, something to push into there. Great. Does that work for you? Okay, great. So, um, for those of you on the spine corrector, you're going to have your pelvis all the way forward and your back ribs are actually trying to scoot back away from your pelvis and go ahead and bring your knees into your chest.

And that's a good way to figure out if you're in the right place, forward or back, it's gonna be different for everybody. Slightly. Uh, so Nadia, slide those back ribs actively away from your pelvis. Yes, right now on this one, it's not that easy, actually super hard on this one. So you're gonna, uh, come up to where your low back is on top of the yard. So this arc has little straps on the side and you get to use those straps to help leverage, right? So Jackson is actually pushing his hands forward to help keep this out cron. And you might need to be a little further back, but everybody's going to have a slightly different counterbalance here. Knees all the way into the chest, except you're gonna make adjustments, right?

Okay. So from here you're gonna go right knee into the chest. Left-Hand can go on the right knee. And we're going to start our ab fives left leg forward. Good. Inhale, switch. Inhale, switch. Exhale, exhale. Those of you on the spine corrector can really grab your leg and pull it all the way. In. Those of you practicing on the arch, you're just going to minimize your range a little bit so that you can keep that counterbalance. The main thing is make sure your low back stays on the arc.

Great. One more set and good both knees into the chest. Good. Inhale your legs forward. Exhale, curl back in. You guys on the spine, Carter gonna. Go. Inhale, arms back by your ears. Exhale, Carolyn Jackson is using that to push forward so he maintains that outgrow. Gorgeous. Exhale, curl and two more. Inhale, reach, circle around. Nice and one more and excellent. Take your right leg to the ceiling. Reach the arms all the way up.

Take your left leg low. What's nice about this as you can go, if you have the extension ability, you can go below the mat. In theory, it's below the Mat, right? So inhale, pulse, switch, exhale, pulse, right? If you want to go within the range that you're still supporting from your abdominals though. So if taking your leg low or it makes you pop or hang, we don't want that. Good. I like to think of the legs reaching up out of the pelvis and not kicking back toward you. Last set and good. Both likes to the ceiling.

Good. Externally rotate. Inhale your legs down. Curl from the spine to bring your legs back up. Excellent. Good. Inhale, exhale. Slide those back. Ribs away from your pelvis. Good. Nice doing great. Two more. And one more. Excellent knees all the way into the chest. Inhale here. Exhale, twist to the right, left leg, long. Good. And when you're on the spine corrector, you can really leverage those back ribs.

Did Deloitte is do more pushing into this Minecrafter. Inhale Center. Tiny little ball. Exhale, twist. Use your ribs to slide. So try not to move from your elbows. Move from your spine. Inhale and slide your ribs. There you go. Right. So this is going to leverage back, right, and inhale.

And so you're trying not to side bend in this rotation. Last set. Good. And Jackson is having milk and cookies over here. No big deal. And both knees in. Excellent. And then from here you guys lower your feet down, take a big stretch back and you can lower your legs and take a big stretch back. Take your hands out of there and just let your abs get a little space.

Good. I like to also just take your fingers red underneath the front ribs. Let's give yourself a little massage. Kind of picking up that abdominal tissue away from the ribs, releasing any tension in your diaphragm. Right. Excellent. And then from here, legs go together. You can use a strap if you need to to curl up. You can bend your knees too.

You guys are going to take your arms to the ceiling. Inhale, begin to curl up and exhale up all the way. Excellent. We're going to do the side bend series. So grab onto your weights. I had a dance teacher that used to, if you were in a hard position she'd say, oh, having milk and cookies. That's what that reference made me think of. So turn to where your right shoulder is on the spine corrector or right side waist. As on the spine corrector, you're gonna bend your front knee and other leg is out straight. There's a little uh, way that you can leverage from your foot.

So you're in a kickstand position here in the calf. Lift your heel up, the calf connection kind of, uh, press against the edge of the wood and that's a nice way to help get leverage, right? Your left leg is going to reach long. I liked the feeling of being externally rotated when you're sitting up because it lets the hip release. Then as you lengthen out, your leg will kind of naturally go to a parallel. So here we go. You can let your leg come forward a little bit. Externally rotate. There we go. So your hip is relaxed. Good. Try to find the alignment where your ribs are back in line with your pelvis and not pushed forward. That's going to help you isolate side bending.

Take your arms out to the side. Great. Here we go. On your inhale. Lengthen that right side waist as far as you can over your arc. Breathe as you go. And then exhale all the way over. You can let your head lay on your shoulder. Nice. Inhale the arms back into your t and slide the right side.

Waist up the slope as your leg starts to slide away. Good and inhale, reach. So there's this opposition here of this inner thigh and this sideway stretching away and go. And what I want to make sure she doesn't do is I don't want this to shorten. Open the arms into your tee. So as she starts to push the right side, way, step the slope. This hip has to reach through this foot like crazy. Yes.

Excellent. And in and X. And we're going to stay there. We're going to do a long rotation here. So similar to what we did earlier. Now you have this whole sideways. So I want you to reach your left leg long reach your left arm. Long inhale, twist your chest to the ceiling. Exhale chest to the floor. Let your head lay on your bottom shoulder. Yes. And in help, this leg should feel like it's really reaching.

So the whole side of your body is one piece good and in and looks good. And we're not going to reverse the breath, although you could. From here we're going to inhale, open the arms and exhale up to where you're in that imprint of the side waist. Stay there. Take your arms by your ears and then pulse here and exhale, pulse up.

Try to keep those arms narrow by the ears and see if you can pulse by lengthening the underneath sideways, not by shortening the top side slide. Oh yes. Right. Um, one more good. Take an inhale there and then see if you could come up with those narrow by the ears. Excellent. Take this weight into your hip crease. So just place it there with your hand and take a counter stretch.

Nice. Good. You could not as keeping this leg parallel, that's actually a really nice release for the hip socket to feel that deepening of the hip crease. You could also do this turned out here, right? Good. So just see what feels right for you. Excellent. And then come on up. We'll do the other side. Good. So you can use that kickstand action.

The calf presses into the wood or just have the knee in front of you. Arms out like a t. Here we go. Inhale. Lengthen that left side waist. Does your right leg reaches long. Exhale arm all the way over your head gets to rest on your bottom shoulder there. Inhale, open, slide the sideways step the slope. Gorgeous. Yes. Can really see those lines of opposition. Inhale, reach keeps space on the right side of your body.

Exhale over right. Inhale, open the arms. Now start to slide that right hip through your right foot. Right away as your sideways goes up the slope. Yes, right. And one more time. Inhale and exhale over gorgeous. And we're going to do the long rotation here. Inhale, twist. Open to the right. Exhale, twist, closed. Nice.

Reminding your arm to stay seated at the back of the socket. Good. You always want to have a sense of that. A hollowed out armpit. One more time and good. Inhale to the side. Open the arms. Good. And exhale yourself up to that side. Imprint just there. Bring the arms back, narrow by the ears, and then exhale, pulse from there.

So stretch that leg away. Good. And pulse. Can You keep those arms all the way narrow by your ears, Paul's and one more. And come up with those arms narrow, gorgeous. And take your counter stretch so that weight can go right into the hip crease. This arm keeps reaching long, so you don't want the weight to feel like it goes down. It goes up. Yes.

Nice. And come on up from there. Uh, put your weights down. Nice. We're going to go, we're going to do one more exercise. Um, we can start on this side and then we'll do the other side. So start on the side. You're on good arms out like a t. Inhale, lengthen out. Exhale, lay all the way over. Good. Nice. Your bottom hand is going to grab your top wrist and pull. Feel that top leg reaching long. Good. Take a couple of breaths into this nice side stretch and then turn your chest all the way to the floor, right?

You can slide those front ribs back so that you're centered on your spine corrector. Yeah, you can kind of re reposition yourself. They're great. And then take your hands behind the back of your neck. Right? Imagine that you could hover in the shape of the spine corrector in this position. This leg has to reach long so it can come a little more squared off. Yeah, right. Good. And you guys just lengthen your toes. Lengthen your foot. Right from here, you're going to inhale into your back and on your exhale, slide the ribs so that your chest faces the ceiling.

Elbows would excellent. Good as much as you can. All the way to the ceiling, letting the ribs slide. Inhale slides. So your chest is to the floor and you want the inhale to inflate the back ribs. And then exhale. Yeah, gorgeous. Inhale. That's it, right. Exhale, twist. Nice. And one more time.

Inhale into your back and on this one, exhale. Rest over. Take a break. Let your arms come down. And you're just going to relax this leg here. Good. Take a couple of breaths into the back of your rib cage. So there's a feeling of those front ribs really arking up through the back ribs so that when you inhale it increases the Ark. One more deep breath here. Good.

And then take your hands back behind the back of your neck. Uh, turn your chest to face side and you're going to come up here. Exhale, sa sliding the sideway stuff, the arc gorgeous. I will do that on the other side. Here we go. So arms out like a t. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, lay over. Nice bottom hand can grab the top wrist pull and breathe into that.

Can we get a little more length here? So come up a little bit so that you are yes, all the way long over that. Excellent. So we're just trying to close up the gate, the spaces. If you're kind of picked up, you want to lengthen around it, nice. And then go ahead and release your hands.

You're going to twist your chest all the way to the floor. [inaudible] hands can come behind the back of your neck. Imagine those backups are arch to the ceiling. Breathing into your back here. Good. And on your exhale, twist your chest to the ceiling, sliding the ribs. Gorgeous. Yes. Inhale into your back, chest to the floor.

Good. And again, so that left leg is really your anchor. Good. It's your spindle and nice. Yeah. And one more time. Inhale into your back and exhale. Take a break. Breathe into your back. Here you can soften this knee. Yeah, right. And then come back to your hands behind the back of your neck.

Twist to your side bend and exhale your sideway stuff. The slope. Great. Good. So we're going to do a little leg series from here. I want you to place your low back on the apex of the arch. So if you're on a spine corrector, yes. For you guys on the spine. Kartra so low back on the apex first. Yes. So you're supported, then feet go on the lip and you're gonna slide down the slope.

Let your shoulders land first before your head. Right. Good. So this arc is much higher than this arc. So depending on what feels right for your spine, you want to make sure that your low back is always on the arch. Supported good. And then you want to try to let, I feel like Nadia that you can be a little bit more on there. Yeah. Right. And then you want to try to let gravity help your chest. Oops. Sorry.

Your chest sink between your shoulder blades. Great knees into the chest. Good. And take your legs straight up to the ceiling. And I like to just start out and find just that alignment where the bones are right in line with gravity and just kind of do a little windshield wiper. Internal. External, yes. Little hip release there. Excellent.

Great. And let's go into rollover. So squeeze the heels together here. You want to feel that the role of her initiates with the spine. So at first keep those legs directly to the ceiling. You're going to curl your tail, start to slide your low spine, up the slope, and then let that fold your legs over. Right? Keep going all the way over. Right.

See if your spine can bend so much that your toes touched the floor. If not, that's fine. You're going to take your legs wide as wide as you can. Strong flex of the ankles. Now you want your chest to peel down first. Excellent. Yeah. And the spine is lengthening around the arc. As you go. Beautiful legs. Go all the way forward. Zip for them together. Inhale over. Find it from your spine before your hips. Gorgeous.

Separate the legs, strong flex of the ankles. XLP you'll back down. Nice. And we'll do one more in this direction. Good. Separate, strong flex. It's really nice to do this exercise here on the spine corrector because you can feel the isolation of the spine. Good. Go all the way forward with your legs apart.

Like stay apart and then curl again from the spine to go over. So we're reversing the legs. Good legs together. Strong flex and length and appeal down. Nice. Good licks. Go all the way forward. Separate. Curl from the spine to go over. Gorgeous together.

Strong flex peel down. That was our second one. Yes. And last one, right? Let the hips be second to the spine. Nice Nadia. Lovely. What's nice is that has a lot of stretches in it. So from here, you're going to keep your right leg to the ceiling.

The left leg is going to go forward. Stretch it all the way forward without letting this lead come back towards your face and see how far you can get that. Excellent. And then bring that leg back. Nice. Same thing with the other leg. So that left leg is gonna feel like it's reaching up to the ceiling out of the pelvis. Reach that right leg long instead of lit it and letting it hang right and then back to the ceiling. Nice. This time right leg goes forward all the way.

Oh, sorry. That's your right leg. Left leg goes forward. My fault. Good. Feel it reached. Now try not to let it change as you bring your right leg back over your head. Right. Both legs are splitting out of the pelvis. Feel that up position. Gorgeous. And the [inaudible] both legs back to the ceiling. Nice.

And then switch legs. I won't say what you like because I'll mess it up. Good. And then keep that right leg forward and stretch your left leg back. Feel how there's like a scoop from your belly that helps bring that leg back toward you. Nice. And look both legs up to switch. Switch both legs. Yeah. So now we're doing a full scissors and lift to switch. Can you feel the legs actually lifting up more than dropping down toward you on that split and lift to split.

One more. L left to split from here, right? Like forward. We're going to go into our bicycle. You want to make sure that you keep lengthening this leg away from you. So can you bend the knee and drag that heel back through the lip or on the floor? Good. And continue to pedal through. Do you want to try to find your scissor between each bicycle? Good. And then deepen, right?

So it's a split and then it deepens and pedal through room. Nice and pedal through gorgeous. One more. Good. From here we're going to reverse it. So go ahead and bend your left knee. Dip down as your right leg comes back up, right. And you might feel that heel grazing the lip of your spine corrector and keep going down and up. Nice and dip down and up.

One more. Excellent. And then both legs back to the ceiling. Great. What, we're going to do some big leg circles here. So what I want you to try to do is keep your tail down and let both legs come back over your head without the pelvis. Yes, keep that pelvis really anchored. So instead of just go to your range, wherever your pubs can stay anchored, then big circle out and around the legs. Meet all the way forward. Anchor the tail to leverage the legs back over your torso. Nice.

And the anchor of the tail and out and around. Nice. Two more of these and one more. Great. And you're trying to keep that low spine really anchored around the arch as well. We're going to reverse. So once your legs are full words, separate your legs. Big Circle. Try to keep your tail down as you fold your legs over your head as much as possible and then leverage them forward. Good. And Alan around. Nice.

Out and around. And one more. Great. So we're going to add to this legs to the ceiling. So we're going to go back to the first direction and we're going to add, um, something that looks a lot like fish pose from yoga. So you're gonna bring your legs over your torso here, anchor the tail, circle those legs around. As your legs are coming together, the arms are going to reach up and back. You're going to press onto the crown.

So let's go all the way down. Reach your legs down and press onto your crown and archer upper back. There it is, right? Good. From here, you're going to keep your body like that. Circle the arms on the floor, find your spine corrector. And once you grab onto the wood, good or the strap length in the back of your neck, use your to peel the spine back down. And that leverage is your legs up. Great. Two more in this direction. Crease legs go over your head. Circle out and around. Good. As the legs are getting forward, you're going to take the arms up by the ears, press onto the crown, gorgeous.

Circle the arms around as you stay in this position, right? And then use the strap to give you leverage to lengthen the back of the neck. Good, good, good. And we'll do one more crease and circle out around and lift. Nice and circle. Lengthen through the back of the neck. [inaudible] nice and legs land to the ceiling. That one reverses. But we're going to skip the reversal of it, but you can play with reversing it.

Take your right foot here down into the crevice or onto the step, I guess. Call that. Yeah. And stand on it in a flexed ankle. Right? So imagine that the arc isn't there supporting you. See if you can get enough power from this right leg pressing down that your pelvis could almost feel like it's floating up off of the arch. Great. And we're gonna do our shoulder bridge here. So on your exhale you're going to flex your ankle and bring that leg all the way down. Good. Inhale pointed up.

And you're just trying to really maintain the level of your pelvis. The spine corrector is going to give you a lot of feedback about what's happening. Good. And we'll do one more good. Keep that leg long and see if you can do that long Ben, like we did in bicycles. So drag that foot back under. Stand on it. Good. Now slide your right leg out and pack it up the ceiling. Nice.

And take a second here to really gather the organization of your pelvis and your legs supporting that left side. Then we go. Exhale, flex down. Nice. Inhale point up. So it gets more challenging as your leg goes away from you. So you have to really power that left foot down and flex. Inhale up. Excellent. And from here, bend that knee and place it down onto the step right.

Stand on both feet firmly. Feel the gather of your sit bones and see if you can imagine floating your pelvis up, right more from the work of your legs. Then from your spine. Good. And then release back down. Nice. From here, I'm going to have you, oh, by the way, you could do a backbend if you work on your backbends. That's a great place to go into a back then with your feet in that crevice. We're going to skip it. So what we're going to do is knees into the chest, press the spine corrector away from you and let your legs rest over the top of the arch. Good. If you're on a sticky mat, you might have to juggle a little bit and let your legs rest over.

This is a really nice a, just all the way over. Way to end that series just to let your spine relax. Re uh, regenerate itself. Good. And from here what we'll do is roll to the side to come up. Good. Nice. And we're going to do teaser.

So a, you're gonna come back into that position where the pelvis is forward sitting facing. You can do teaser facing both directions. We're gonna do the teaser facing this way. Oh, and look at that. This is going to be fun for you. Let's see how it goes. Okay. So your low spine on the apex of the arc and you guys sacrum forward back, ribs back, and you're going to find that same. Would you like to tell? Oh, okay. I'm sorry. Millennia. Okay, good.

So, uh, yours is going to be more of a balance challenge. You can use the leverage of the strap. Push, push your hands like that. Yeah. Okay. So for you guys, let's take your legs down straight. [inaudible] right. Good. And from here on your inhale, you're gonna leverage up into your teaser. Take your arms up. Good. Except don't take your arms out from here.

You guys are going to roll back around the arch of the spine so you can roll down. Inhale, keep your legs where they are, and exhale. Pulse up. Jackson, you're just going to do a small one. You guys are going to go all the way around. You're gonna go all the way back. Take her arms back by your ears. Keep your arms by your ears and you're going to roll right back up. Yes. Good. Three. So we're doing two more. Inhale, roll back.

Exhale up. One more and inhale, roll back. Lovely. Trying to keep those legs reaching out of the pelvis. Good. No, keep that. The backward. Sliding up the slope. Lower the legs a little bit. Right back up as you exhale. Good. Lower down, right back up. Nice. And one more. Great.

Now both at the same time. Upper body leg scope back, you go all the way into your extension. Exhale, fold. Good and and Nice. Last one. [inaudible] and great. And take a big stretch back and release your abdominals. Can I take a couple of breaths here? Great. And then arms come up to the ceiling.

Bend your knees to curl yourself up, right. And you can use a strap to help you and exhale yourself up. Nice. We're going to finish off with just a little extension work here. So you're going to come onto your arc facing this way onto your spine corrector. So Jackson, let's have you go this way though. So you'll come from the back, right standing up. You guys are standing up, hands are gonna go to the wood here. So stand from this side, right?

We're going to do our grasshopper, a rocking and swimming to finish off. So here we go. Hands on the, on the top. Yep. Bring your pelvis to the top of the arch and walk back. Nice. And hands under the shoulders. Find a little bit of a bode position with the uh, chest. Right. So wrap your shoulders into your back.

Feel the abdominals pulling forward and up, and you're going to lift your leg so much that it teeters your body down. So exhale. Kick your butt here. Lift your leg straight up and clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Did you come back up? Here we go. And dive down. Kick your butts. Stretch up and club club. Club club. Try not to dive your upper body though. You died because your leg lifts so much. Stretch up. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Last one.

And when you're on the arc, it's a little lower, so you're going to find a little bit smaller range. Great. Nice. Excellent. From there, you guys are just going to scoot back a little bit to find your magic balance place. I think a little further back, a little further. Pretty sure. Then from there you're gonna bend your knees, grab onto your ankles, right? No, I think Nadia further back. Yeah. So you just kind of have to play with this and figure out what your goldilocks position, right? Try to narrow the knees. No. Pick your size up as much as your chest gets picked up. Gorgeous. Right?

And just breathe into that. You're going to start to notice a little natural rocking forward and back and see if you can start to control that by lifting one end than lifting the other. Neither end drops. That's the challenge. Try not to drop the head. Sometimes we get into the Chin leverage, right? Try not to do that. That's it. Narrow the knees as much as you can. Gorgeous. And then from there we go into swimming.

So lift your arms and legs apart. And big swims. Here we go. And Swim, swim, swim, swim. Gorgeous. What's great about doing swimming up here is you, you get to go through the floor, through the mat. Nice. Excellent. And then arms down. Nice. Just rest over the map or over the arc for a second. Breathe into your back. Good. Plant your feet. Use your hands to walk yourself back. Good standing on your feet. Rule your spine back up and turn around and you guys are done. Nice work.


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Milk and cookies.
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I'll come back to this one when I'm tired
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If you're tired when you start this class, Pele, then you might not be able to get to the end of it... I found it tough !! Or is it because i'd taken one of Leah's reformer workouts before ? So yes, some of it was quite challenging to me (especially the side bending), but I loved it all. The chest stretches with the weights felt delicious ! Thanks Sharon :))
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I find this class well rounded.
I love your teaching style, you explain everything in such simple way .

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One question:
You think that the roll over here is the best preparatory to the same on the mat than short spine ?
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Wow, the last set of grasshopper/rocking/swimming- holy moly! Great challenge! Thanks so much, Sharon. Awesome class
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Loved it!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hi Pele, I hope you enjoy the class when your return to take it. Keep me posted if you find it energizing.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hi Anne, Yes I agree. The Spine Corrector work can be challenging. I'm happy you loved it.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hi Monica, Thank you for the lovely compliments. I appreciate that you found it easy to understand. In terms of your question about the Rollover, I would say that it depends on your client. I would look at which skills are missing when your client attempts the Rollover....are they initiating from the spine? Are they letting their legs and pelvis get heavy....are they creasing at the hips to fold over? I don't consider the Short Spine nor Rollover on Spine Corrector as a prep for the Mat version, but more other ways to help someone understand the exercise. In terms of a prep, I might look at how they perform Rolling like a Ball. I hope that answers your question and thank you again for commenting :)
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