Elongating Spine Corrector<br>Sharon G.<br>Class 1823

Elongating Spine Corrector
Sharon G.
Class 1823

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Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hi Patti. Yes, doesn't that extension series feel great. I'm so glad you enjoyed the class.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Lorraine. I'm glad you loved it!
Nice order and cuing! Liked the tips on head support with the towel or box
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Elayne. Yes we have to adapt the arc to accommodate our different bodies. The Spine Corrector, and all the barrels, are so healing for the spine. Everyone should get to benefit from it even if their spine starts out inflexible. My teachers always taught me to pad the floor/mat or the apparatus up to meet the body so the body can be successful in the exercise. Glad you enjoyed the class.
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Gorgeous work everyone. I loved it.
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Beautiful cueing and flow.
I just found this! I love your teaching style. Calm, clear cues but still energetic and positive! What a beautiful class. What a challenge to the thoracic spine. So many people are so immobile in that area and it wreaks havoc! I am really looking forward to sharing these exercises with my clients! Thanks for sharing your creativity and knowledge.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Carol LeMaitre for your comment. I love that you loved it!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Tina, thank you for the lovely compliment and for commenting. Glad you enjoyed it.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Allie, I so appreciate your very sweet comments and love that you will get to share some of these exercises with your clients. Thank for taking the time to post.
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