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Alan Herdman gives you so much variety in this Tower workout! He works and stretches your entire body in a detailed way to make sure you are using your muscles correctly. Alan shows many creative ways to use the Tower like adding the Spine Corrector to certain exercises and using the Push Through Bar with no springs. Everything feels so good so this is definitely a class you will want to repeat!
What You'll Need: Tower, Pilates Arc, Moon Box

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Sep 17, 2014
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What I like about the wall unit. You can put us so many different types of exercise into the class. You can work from the reformer, the trap table, and the chair. So we're going to start this this afternoon with the legwork slightly differently to what you would do on the reformer. But we're going to focus on the hamstrings first.

So would you like to lie on your back in semi supine position? Have your feet in line with the pelvis and had the outside of your feet on a straight line. Okay, check that the pelvis is in neutral and the ribs are wide. And just when you're doing the work with the legs, when you've got the spring on the foot, just feel that you're pulling the hipbone sit bones and floating rib together just to help to stabilize. So when you use, when you pull the leg down, there's no pelvic movements. You're going to work against that. I'd like you to take the right hand spring and place it on your foot. Now straighten your leg to begin with. [inaudible] in this position, you're going to have the strap in the center of the foot with a vase, soft flex, then bend your knee, a very slight easy bend and don't think pulling down from the heel.

You're going to pull down from the hamstring. It's almost as if the lower leg doesn't exist. So we're going to take an inward breath first. Then as you breathe out, slowly, take the leg down without changing the angle of the knee. Go down as far as you can without changing the position of the pelvis. Have you only slightly more bent and then breathe in to come up and breathe out. Keep the lake parallel as you go down.

We'll start in parallel and re in. Keep the speeds a little soft, softer feet, softer toes and pulled. And let's just do four of these. Drawing up the abdominals as you pull down one more time. Now take the leg back up. Straighten your leg rotated outwards. Not too much, just don't over rotate. And then bend again, soft, easy foot. And do the same thing with a slight outward rotation.

So you're working on the outside of the hamstring, so y'all breathing out to go to harm, stabilizing the and breathing in to come up. Keep it slightly more bent in that position. You're using your heel a bit. Yeah. Just leave the heel. An awful feeling. A thought. Just think you've got a stump going down so there's nothing below the knee.

There we go. Sometimes you can put the strap around the bottom of the thigh if you need to. If you've got a bigger loop to get the feeling of the hamstring working in this. Good. Straighten your legs again. Okay. Open the left knee. Just a little. Just drop it open.

Take the leg down and I roughly in line with the other thigh and I want you to do four circles inwards and four outwards. Just imagine that the, the FEMA is just gently into the hip socket, so you're not stretching out of the Le as out of the hip. The leg is long, but you, it's held in place. Go inwards and then outwards. Four Times. Just good. That's nice in both directions and then let's do it the same. On the other side. So we'll take the strap off.

So for done parallel and then turned out. So take the like a little further away from you first. Instead. It's good not to have the leg any closer to the, you need to know more than 90 degrees when you start. And just to think of the middle of the hamstring taking you down, that's it. Yes, right. Just imagine, does a hand halfway down the thigh resisting it going down so you're all pushing that hand away so the heel is just suspended there and then with outright, straighten the leg first, then outwardly rotate, soften the knee. And I do the same thing with the outward rotation.

Just a little more work through the ABS as you go down there. Yeah, that's it. Imagine your heel being in the center, the center line of the body. Imagine your heel being in line with your spine when you're going down in this position and you don't have to go all the way down. If you feel you're losing the control, stop it at that position and then go back up again. I know straighten the leg and rotate inwards four times and outwards.

Keep the foot flat. Have the knee open slightly, but still keep the pressure onto the bed. As you're doing this, just check and see what's happening with your upper torso. Are Your shoulders relaxed? Is the next in a, is the neck in a good position? Four Times in both directions? How did you place your right hand onto the hip?

Just to remind yourself where the hip is. Don't let it move. Just a little pressure on your hand as you do it in both directions. Now straighten your legs outward rotation and a circle inwards and outfits. Hold on a little more. That's it. Yeah, that's it. The temptation is to press the lumbar spine down into the bed.

Try and avoid that. Make sure the pelvis is in place and the ribs are in place. Good. Take hold of the other spring. Put both sprit had both springs [inaudible]. If you're thinking, if you find the springs are too tight, you can always move up the bed a little too to loosen them so your legs are going to be straight this time.

Have them slightly apart, roughly about 60 degrees. Now you're going to do two circles, a circle for each leg. So rather than a d ring, it's the circle. So really have to control this. So we're going to do four inwards, four outwards, and then with a rotation so the heels should meet at one point. That's it. So when you come around, it's a slight scooping up with the leg.

So you get the inside wheels ties working a little more. And then in the other direction route, keep the tailbone down on that. It's lit. It's sort of floating a little. There's no breathing pattern to this, but I just want you to keep breathing this as long as there's no breath being held. Okay? Now take the legs down again to 60 degrees turnout and Dorsiflex and are keeping that angle with the legs. I want you to bend your knees halfway.

Re I'm going to give you a breath this time. Breathing in and then as you breathe out, don't push into your heels, but draw the doctors together, which will send the heels out. That's it. And then breathing in and as you push away, pull in with the inner thighs and pull [inaudible]. That's it. So you're pulling the abdominals away from the direction and now try it slightly lower. Same thing, just a few degrees lower. And then Ben, breathe out and stretch away.

And rich and rest. What I want you to be aware of, I wanted you to be aware of the next person so you are keeping in line with them. So everyone's doing the same thing, okay? Just out of the corner of your eye, just see what's happening next to, it's unnecessary, but I like it. It looks much neater. Okay, so you're going to bend your knees again, Ben, breathing in, breathe out and stretch. Now hold there some very slowly. Point your feet and open out to the side so your heels are slightly wider than the bed. Dorsiflex not too hard and pull it inside of the thighs together and then bend. So push out, breathing out. Point, breathe in and open.

Flex brew that close, pulling in the inner thighs and up through the stomach muscles and then bend and stretch. Open wider. If you want to flex and stomach muscles in, let's do two more of and not point opened. And our flex clothes draw up the stomach muscles. Keep the tailbone dance. It's floating again. Add. Then do you feel it going slightly up and dance? Strong spring. Okay. And rest.

Let's take the springs off. Just bend your right knee up and take hold with one hand. Bend your left knee up and take hold. Elbows wide and knees roughly in line. Just slightly apart.

Roughly in line with w just the this top of the chest here, keeping your tailbone down. As you breathe out, just very gently pull your right knee towards you just to get a gentle stretch in the hamstring. Just easy up into the glutes and then relax. Breathing in now pull your left heel towards you and back. Now both together, pull and gently tilt the pelvis off the bed to get a stretch into the lower back and back. One more set. So breathe out, pull your right knee towards you. Elbows wide, shoulders relaxed, and then wrist and left. Knee and back and both together and relax and place one foot down and the other foot dart. Okay. The same position we had earlier with the, the uh, the 70 supine position, having the, the pelvis down, the ribs down, but a softness here before we start. Okay. Our place carefully place one foot onto the bar and then the other foot onto the bar. Have the bar on the metatarsal. Okay.

And Bend your knees. Just gently bend your knees. Again, keeping, can you move back a little? That's a true suit can get your tailbone dance. So make sure when you bend the knees, your Ba, the base of the pelvis can be on the bed. I don't want to do a slight tilt. It has to be completely flat, so they're soft, softer. So Benjamin is a little more now slowly push the toes where push the bar away from you, straightening your knees, stretch up, and a bend.

Now as you push the bar up, draw the abdominal wall away from the direction of the [inaudible] feet and stretch the back of the knee. Stretch the back and bend. We breathe into bend, breathe out to straighten and push and banned. One more time and push. Stretch the knees a little more and stretch that stretch. Feel quadriceps pulling up as you stretch the legs. And then now this time, push up until the knees are straight.

And now Dorsey Dorsiflex and feel the energy going through the front of the heel up towards the ceiling point and bend and pushup. Drawing the stomach muscles down away from the direction and flex. Orient and bend and stretch up and flex. Now stretch into the back of your knees. Just a little more pushed into here. That's it. Point.

And I think we need to do one more and push up. Flex. No stretch. Stretch to the back of the knees. More on the stretch. That's it. Yeah. Point and okay, let's go into a small Vienna and we'll do the same thing. So we'll do four straight up and down. And then four with the flex. I think of the last exercise working the inner thighs when we had the feet in the straps, get the same sensation and draw the stomach muscles away from the direction of the feet and now bending again.

We'll do it with this flex dorsiflex and push up. First point the feet first point and now flex. Interesting again, stretching into the back of the knees. Point and low like the needs to be stretched a little more on this please and stretch and flex that really push the heels up into the ceiling on push, push, push, push, push, push right and stretch out. And Ben. Okay, good. Take the legs into parallel again. Bend your knees.

Now take her to the bar with both hands up. Bend the knees up. Now as you straighten your legs, you're going to curve forward and bring your heads to your knees as you push up and stretch and slowly come down and stretch up. Point your feet as you go up. Now flex the feet when you get there and try and get your nose between your knees and point and then go down nice and breathe out as you go up. Curl forward, Lex point. And then last one and push forward. Reach, flex and [inaudible].

Good. Now place your heels on the outside edge of the bar. Uh, ah. OK. This Catholic with these straps on. That's it. So you can have your feet on the bar, both bars there. Okay. And we'll do the same thing. Bend the knees, done and stretch up in that position. Working the inner thighs, working your a doctors as much as you can.

So you'd go up, support the doctors together as the heals. Go up towards the ceiling. Relax the shoulders. Just a little on that. Good and band needs a little wider if you can. That's it. Yeah. And stretch one more. And Bend and rich.

Excellent. Ben. Birth knees and just slowly come out. Okay. We've taken the blue spring off and we're not going to use the push through bar in a slightly different way. So what I'd like is you've to sit up facing the tar with your legs. Actually, you can place your legs on the moon boxes in this position and take hold at the bar. We'll have these springs out of your way. Actually, your legs are too wide apart. Put them back onto the, um, the bar onto the main ball so your feet can rest against the, the upright poles. Okay, sitting up straight.

Take a breath in now as you breathe out. Now before we start, I want you to keep your arms straight all the time. So take a breath in. Now as you breathe out, just feel that your lumbar spine is being gently pulled away. Imagine a hand on your lower back and just lean back into that hand, keeping the head going forward until their arms are straight. Lean back as far as you can. That's it. Now hold that position. Now lift your arms up as high as you can, but don't change your position.

Pull them down and then gently push forward between the feet and stretch. And that. Take a breath in. Now. As you breathe out, pull back from that curve, just pulled back into the lumbar spine. Lean back into as much curve as you can. Now feel your abdominal wall lift into the curve. Draw the scapular down as you lift your arms up, lower your arms down and stretch forward.

Okay. Now this time as you stretch forward, I want you to allow the shoulder blades to slide up towards your ears. Hold the position of your spine and draw your blades back again with the arm straight, and then slowly roll down. Imagine your tailbone sliding towards your heels as you go back. Okay, let's put some breath here. Pause here. Breathing in now as you breathe out, curve forward stretching between the bars.

Now it keeps stretching at. Slide the shoulder blades up towards your ears. Breathe in and slide the blades back down, and then breathe out and slowly curl back and lift your arms up, drawing it in the abdominals a little more. Pull them down and reach over and, and back to a sitting up position. Make sure when you stretch forward at the back of your knees are completely flat. If they're not, you're not getting a stretch in the hamstrings. For example, if the knees, I'll just show, yeah, if, if the knees don't go down, what I suggest you do is to place a roll of towel under the knees.

So, so as you stretch forward, that means that you're getting the hamstrings working much more. Whereas if you've got this small gap, you're not getting a stretch. Okay? Okay. This time as you go back, go back as far as you can. Slide your left hand into the center of the pole.

Take your right hand palm up and stretch behind you. Really stretch as far as you can, keeping the pelvis square and still may you the curve. Pull it back, change hands, and take your left palm up. Show to don with the curve. Continue the curve. Come back, place your hands into the s onto each side and push forward. Showed the blades up. Hold them down.

Breathing in, breathe out, and then call back Kelly back. Keeping the spine as curved as possible. Slide your hand into the center. Breathe in and take your arm all the way back. Reach back and curls forward again to cold and other the side rich call back. And then forward.

You do one more on each side with a slight difference. So showed blades down and breathe out and curl back. And uh, from that, take your left hand into the center, right hand Rod. Now from this position, rotate around and bring your arms around and over and bring it back into the bar and then to the other side. So pull back, add around over the head and back and then push through [inaudible] and rest. Very nice. Okay. What we've done with placed the um, the spine corrector onto the bed and we've placed the, the road on bar against, uh, actually I put it where it, it suits the individual person. Some people wanted to hire, some people wanted lower so we can find a level that suits each person rather than having everyone the same.

What I want you to do is to sit on right into the barrel with your feet again in line with the hip joints and hold on to the outside of the bar and sitting up straight. You take, breathe out and then as you breathe in, you're going to pull back and start arching over the barrel. And when you get to a point where you feel you can't go any further, do a pelvic bridge and then take yourself further back. But don't drop the head. Keep the head in line and then curl yourself up and slowly lower the pelvis into the well and then come up straight. So I want inward breath on the ex, uh, extension, outward breath on the flection. I'll do it one more time for you.

So from the up straight [inaudible] lift and stretch. Okay. Don't let the head go. Oh, this pelvis goes down as you're curling forward and then you stretch off. Okay. Have your thumbs. I know, I think I had my thumbs underneath, but have your thumbs on top so that you're not tensing the wrists. Okay. Seven. Breathe out. And as you breathe in, slowly curl back.

So you're going back. Now when you feel you need to slowly bridge up with the pelvis and reach back and stretch a little more, keeping the neck bay long. And, uh, as you breathe out co forward, bring the head forward first. Slowly drop in with the pelvis and then come up straight and breathe in as you go back south in the chest. Lift the pelvis when you need to about there. Okay. And breathe out. Bring the head forward and stretch up.

Separate your knees a little more. What you can do on this one, if you feel your head is you need support, you can place your hand in the center of the bar and place one hand behind the head as you go back if you need to. And then just change hands. Yeah. Do you want to try that one Ruth? As you go down just to say place one hand behind your head. I don't mind at all. Just at the base of the skull. That's it. So read that. Now breathe in.

As you go back down through here a little more and support your head. Support your head just a little more. That's it. Yeah. And bring your head forward and breathe outside. I forgot to tell you to lift your pelvis recurrence and come up. So that's a possibility. If it's too much. Okay.

This time separates your feet a little more. No stretch forward between the knees and reach forward as far as you can. Train the knees and now from the sit back into the well as much as you can and are from the pullback from that curve position. So you're pulling back and then slowly Peter writes the same exercise but you're starting from a different angle and a pelvic tilt. Lift the pelvis up and reach back and bring your head forward and I'll curl back into the well and stay there. Stay there and not bend your elbows and pull in and stretch.

Keeping the head and neck very free. Well n breathe into pool. Read out a stretch four times. Pull and pull and I'll curl up and roll down and place your head between your knees and one wall and pull back. Going to show the paint Stein. Draw all the stomach muscles in. Just a little feel that you're pulling Magine your pulling your abdominals from the pubic bone right to the rib cage as you lift your pelvis. Lift the pelvis, Ruth, come on. Lift, lift, lift, lift. And low the pelvis, bringing your head forward and not pull the bar towards you.

Pull one and to three and four and slowly co forward. Excellent. And slowly, let me sit up and take the bar down. Take it each pie. This should be a handle next to your bed. If you take this, the bar off and placed both springs onto the same handle. [inaudible] I just one handle, just one handle on that. So, but it's springs on one hand.

Yeah. Now just let's test the position here. I want you to sit sideways and with one leg stretched out and the other leg bent, if you need to place the foot, place your moon box there so you can get a better comfortable position and sit back towards the back of your box. Okay? Are you all right on that with that wound box? That's it. Okay. Stretch your arms out. Now what we've done, we've put both springs onto one handle, sitting towards the back of your box with this leg stretch out, pushing the energy through the heel. Okay.

And the other one rest is if you're riding sidesaddle that's an English thing. I don't know. If you take a breath in now, as you breathe out, just stretch your right arm away and lean over the edge of the barrel. Just arch over the barrel. Yeah, yeah. Now just turn your head based slightly to look down. Breathe in here and now breathe out and slowly come back up, pushing through the heel as you come up and push out and over. Just to feel that you're just molding your right side over the barrel and come up. Keeping your arm stretched out. In fact, have your arms slightly in front of the shoulder so that not you're not pulling too far back and stretch over and up. Now this time come up a little higher.

Bring your arm over your head and stretch your hand towards the toddler and come up and let's change places. Do you need your moon box on? That's it. So when you stretch out, make sure if you're here, you're locking your shoulder joint as have it slightly in front of you. Okay. And just feel it. You're pulling into the waist. As you go over and stretch lengthening a bit more on your right side as you go over and keep the reach with the fingers [inaudible] and as you go over, just slightly turn your head so you go over.

Then as you come up, you're going to turn the head back into the same position as you started with. So there's a slight movement with the head and reach over. Remember that you're pushing into the top leg. [inaudible] think of that as your standing leg and up. And one more.

Just lean back just a little on that and stretch away. Turn the head base slightly and up. Good. And over and stretch. Got Really stretched through it. Come on, come on, come on, come on. And then up. Nice. Good. And let go of these. Let's take the barrels off and just stack them against the wall.

[inaudible] no, I think we'll move the bar down to, let's say five down from the top and sitting down facing with your legs. I try on this one. You can have your legs on the moon boxes so you can have the legs wider. Okay, I call this the banana. Okay, so that is a parallel. You're going to hold on with one hand and the other hand is just stretching. Okay? I'm going to talk you through this one.

So take a breath in and as you breathe out first firsthand firsthand. Okay, roll don. Relax the shoulders, relax the shoulders, stretch your arm out, read it and place it behind your head. And now curve the upper torso as the leg works at the same time. So you're getting a look. Good. Long stretch in the waist.

Take your hand away from your arms. Stretch, come back straight, straight, straight arm. Come back straight. Bring your arm forward and slowly curl up and the other side. So Carl down, remember the arm and the leg works at the same time. Back hand behind the head. I really feel you're pulling out of your hips as you go off to the side and the leg comes across better. Take your hand away and reach. Come centered with your arms straight with your arms straight.

Come center leg as well, like as well had um, forward and reach up. Let's do a little turn with that so we'll go down the same way. Uh, the other side to the other side, that's it. Curled back, hand back behind the head and a stretch leg as well. Now leg back as the body. Stretch your arms. Stretch your arm now leg back.

But leave your upper torso where it is now as you come up, turn around and lift into the curve as you come up and lift up into the curb or ups and center. Nice. So you're working your obliques. Let's try the other side and curl back. Pull back, pull back, pull back, stretch arm way back hand behind your head and slide. Stretch your arm out. Bring the leg, leg back and now round yourself forward and lift into the curve and straighten. Very nice. We've moved the arm springs, the yellow arms springs down to roughly the, the third one up from the base of the springs and one handle on each arm on each spring. Can you kneel with your back against, towards the war, with your feet hanging over the bottom of the bed and have your knees roughly hip with the parts so they're not too close together and take hold of the handles. With your arms facing forward like this, can we just test the lenses? Can you just bring your arms forward? Do you need a little more tension in that move a little further forward?

See how that is? Is that alright? Is that better? Yeah. Okay, good. Just sometimes if people don't have a, um, very stretched foot, this puts too much pressure onto the knees, but this looks fine. Okay. What I want you to do, have your arms in this slight curve. You're gonna s you're gonna pause and start with an inward breath. As you breathe out, you're going to curl your arms forward and straighten them, stretch your fingers and turn the palms down.

Breathe in and draw the scapula down. As you lift your arms up, breathe out and reach up to the ceiling, keeping the shoulder blades down, reach, reach, reach, reach, and then breathe in and make a wide circle back to the starting position and breathe out. And then curl forward. Turn. Breathe in. Drawing the scapular down. Keep the lift through the torso knot. Don't allow the shoulders to come up. Just feel your armpits are opening out. You reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, and all the way back down. Breathing in and breathe out and cohort a slight abdominal contractions. You curve forward. Reach your fingers away from it. As you turn, lift up, breathing in, breathe out and reach. And then breathe in to come down. And one more time and breathe out and curve. Turn, breathe and long fingers breathe out and reach, reach, reach up, pull up through your center and then all the way down and back.

Good. Now stand up facing the tar and your hands and hold onto the handles again. Standing completely straight. Now from the, as you breathe in, pull your hands back behind the hips and pull down the [inaudible]. Pull down the shoulder blades. But don't force them and then breathe out to come back and breathe in and draw down and for that. And you should feel that into the Latissimus Dorsi and into the triceps and pull down reed in. Elongate the spine up as a slight squeeze of the sit bones to help to support the pelvis and back and poor and back. This time as you pull back, I want you to lift your sternum.

So you're going to look up towards the ceiling without dropping the head back. Think of the lift in the sternum. So you're getting a little more into the thoracic spine, uh, back and lift. Lift your sternum a little more, uh, back and pull back. Breathing in drops. That's nice and back one more time, right, right. Excellent. Drop your left spring. Place your left foot slightly forward, not position.

Now hand still your hand into the strap. Now as you breathe in, you're going to turn the torso and pull your arm back behind you. Keeping the hips as square as possible. Same breathing pattern and hip square. So think of your right hip going forward. Uh, sorry. The right hip.

Going forward as you turn the torso to the t to the right. That's it. Okay. And Paul, turn more. Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. That's it. Add back. And one more.

Keep the hips square. Imagine you're gently pushing the pelvis in the opposite direction. It's a sensation rather than a movement. Good. And changeover. [inaudible] with the feeling of pushing the hip forward. You're getting a much better spiral into the hell spied on that.

So again, think of this slight. Squeeze the SIP, Burns and turn and pull. Very long arm. Very Long. Arm and back. And turn and back. Turn. Turn more, more, more, more, more, more. What? What, what, what, what? That's nice. Ah, back and one more. Turn and back. Good.

What I quite will occasionally do, instead of using the, um, the handles, I'll use a strap. So if you just place, just, just to show you, put it, not put it on your wrist. So the straps on your wrist. So it means that you get much more stretch with the fingers towards the camera. Let's do it. Let's try the other side. Yeah. Yeah.

So with the, with a strap like this, you're getting the elongation much more. Cause what happens if you hold the handle, there's a tendency to pull up into the shoulder. And this gives you a much more elongated through here. Yeah. And stretch. Good. Let strap onto your hands and knees. Let's have your, um, let's turn around. So your, uh, you're facing out to here.

Okay. Oh, from that, just sit back towards your heels and stretch your arms out in front and drop the head over and take a deep breath in. And then as you breathe out, just feel the lengthening into your back. Breathing out and breathe in through your nose and breathe out. One more time. Breathe in and breathe out.

[inaudible] good. And sit up keeping your feet where they are. Take your right foot in front of you, up onto the, and come up straight. Come up on that foot and stand up straight. Thank you very much.


Very bad quality of picture ? Is there a problem ?
Ok once I started the video from the beginning it was fine
Alan Herdman!! What a style!! THE Pilates's Gentleman! I love him!!!!
Great class, thank you Allen Herdman and Pilates Anytime.. I may never get any work done if you keep this up !
Always love Allens attention to detail .
Great cues and deep exercises! Thank you
so many usefull details
love Alan
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Thank you for a lovely class, Alan! More please!!! So happy you are teaching here on Pilatesanytime.
I watched this class and cant wait to get home and try it. Thank you Alan. And the English accent brings an additional sense of being exposed to something that is really expensive!$$$
Such an elegant and precise way of teaching. Wonderful!
Great teacher!!! Deep muscle work and always attention to the detail! Love it!
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