Class #1843

Tower Workout

50 min - Class


Alan Herdman gives you so much variety in this Tower workout! He works and stretches your entire body in a detailed way to make sure you are using your muscles correctly. Alan shows many creative ways to use the Tower like adding the Spine Corrector to certain exercises and using the Push Through Bar with no springs. Everything feels so good so this is definitely a class you will want to repeat!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Tower, Moon Box

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What I like about the wall unit. You can put us so many different types of exercise into the class. You can work from the reformer, the trap table, and the chair. So we're going to sta...


Very bad quality of picture ? Is there a problem ?
Ok once I started the video from the beginning it was fine
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Alan Herdman!! What a style!! THE Pilates's Gentleman! I love him!!!!
Great class, thank you Allen Herdman and Pilates Anytime.. I may never get any work done if you keep this up !
Always love Allens attention to detail .
Great cues and deep exercises! Thank you
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so many usefull details
love Alan
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Thank you for a lovely class, Alan! More please!!! So happy you are teaching here on Pilatesanytime.
I watched this class and cant wait to get home and try it. Thank you Alan. And the English accent brings an additional sense of being exposed to something that is really expensive!$$$
Such an elegant and precise way of teaching. Wonderful!
Great teacher!!! Deep muscle work and always attention to the detail! Love it!
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