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Spine Corrector Flow

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Grab a Spine Corrector and get ready to flow in this class with Kyria Sabin! She teaches a quick sequence that she does when she doesn't have much time or in between clients. You can easily follow along with the clear directions from Kyria, and the beautiful demonstrations from the students from the Ron Fletcher Program of Study.
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Welcome. Um, I'm going to, uh, teach a short segment on the spine corrector. This is what I do to open up my back between clients. Wonderful for you to do at home, but also if you're teaching in a studio and you have a short break, um, and consider getting on your spine corrector for 20 minutes. And um, I hope that this will help your backs. So let's start right in the center of the spine corrector, lifting up out of the hips and start with four plea Aas reaching forward. Inhale forward and exhale tall.

And again, reaching forward. Lengthen up two more times. Shh. Last time. Reaching forward. Lengthen up and then play a contract over to the barrel. Press up to Relevate and place your hips on the Lynch. Walk the feet slightly forward and then place the hands behind.

Shalane to the arc of the barrel. Lift the hips up and place back into the Kravis. Let's open the legs out to a diamond position and reach the arms forward. So from here, draw the shoulders. Ah, place them down and again, shoulders are placed them down. Two more times. Lifting. Ah, last one. Place the shoulders, bending the spine forward and twist, spine, twist, spine, bend and rolling all the way up and again into your spine. Stretch.

Sure. Rolling up out of the hair two more times. [inaudible] [inaudible] last one. Hold the position. Pulsing forward to [inaudible] [inaudible] three and four and then take that forward contraction back to the barrel, rolling to the base of the ribs. Use the barrel to press into it, into a spine stretch position. And again, rolling back into the barrel. Press into the barrel to curl forward.

Last too. [inaudible] last one. [inaudible] [inaudible] peeling forward, rolling up through the spine, extending the up alongside the body. Lift and press down and again, circle, um, and around maintaining the back up against a wall behind you. Last one. Lift up and press down and side bent up and over to the left. Sure.

And Com Center. Shoot over to the right. Last one. Okay. And Center. Whole the side bend to the left. Up and over and reach the right arm up and press it down.

Shh. And again, stretching the waist side of the neck two more times. Re. Okay, last time. Hold the arm over. Head full breath and allow that right hip to lift. Stretch it down. Shh. And again, pressing it into the crevice. Two more times. Last time, lifting up and lower down, coming up and over to the side and reaching the arm.

Ah, and press two and press three [inaudible]. Yeah. Last one. Holding the arm up and overhead. She allowed the hip to lift and press it down. And again, deepening the side bends two more times.

Last one, lifting up and all the way over to the other side. She and Ah, and over and find the lift in between. Okay. Two more. And contract forward and roll all the way up.

Opening the arms out to the sides, long through the fingertips. Gather the ribs, pulsing the arms back, palms forward in Hail. Exhale, palms back, homes up and rotate the shoulders and rotate the shoulders back. And again, rotating forward. And two more times. Keep gathering the rims. Sure.

Last time and back. Turn the palms to face down, extending long through the fingertips. And let's rotate towards the front of the room. Inhale, rotate and center. That's the front of the room. And again, rotate and rotate. Last to hold the rotation and pulse it. Two more sets, full breath all the way round to the other side and pulse, the rotation [inaudible] and coming back to center. Lifting, arms up, touch and press and touch and press two more times. Lengthening as you press down last time, placing the hands on the arch of the barrel. Draw the legs together and bring the heels.

Since they're just underneath the news. And let's do some tricep presses. Pressing Ah, and lower right. Okay, two more. Last one. And hold the lift and just work the shoulders down and a good lower. Two more.

Hold the lift, curl the hips forward, pressing up to Relevate, opening the hips. Reach the hips behind you and sit down into the crevice. And again, press up. Curl forward. Two more. Last one. Curling the pelvis.

She placed the hips on the lip and center the body. Walk the feet forward and let's place the hands right alongside us doing a progressive contraction to reach the back into the barrel. Full breath into a low contraction and lifting up out of the hips deep in the sure. Okay. Opening the chest as you left.

Two more. Coming all the way back, hand and again, rolling back. Touch the barrel and hold this position. Make sure the hips are right on the lip of the barrel. Place your hands right on your low Belize. And then deep and the contraction forward. That's it.

And again, same thing with the arms extended. Okay, two more sets. [inaudible] hold it here and try the legs into a tabletop position. Turn the palms and deepen the contraction forward. Hundreds, two breaths. And to breath sound. Three. Extend the legs up to the ceiling. One, two, three, four, lower third, one, two Dave and a contraction. Three lower third, three, four, lower third to the A. Contraction three, four, draw the right leg and left leg stays long and switch.

Two more. Last one. Both legs in towards you. Deepening the contraction. Four were double leg. Stretch off. Touch the floor. And around round two more. Last one. And extend the legs, extend the arms and lower the arms down by your side size. We're touching things, so deepen the contraction forward folding here and let's take a full breath to roll to the top of the barrel.

Shh. And a full rest or curl forward. Up and over. Sure. Maintaining that neck alignment. Sure. Two more.

Last one, adding chest expansion. Full breath to roll back. Full breath to open the chest, circle the arms and curl forward. I'm shaking too, Arden and again, rollback. Open the chest.

Okay, circle and deep in the contraction. Forward to more time. Last one, circle and curl forward and extend the legs up. Find Your teaser position and let's add on from here. Full breath to roll back top of the barrel. Full breadth to open the chance.

Pull in to lift up to teaser and again, focusing on the neck alignment. Open the chest and pull in to lift up. Two more. [inaudible] [inaudible] last one, curl in to lift up, holding the chase or Pulsant three four and bend the legs. Placing the feet on the floor. Place. The hands on the spine corrector. Lift up to a high release contract back into the barrel. Okay.

Two more. And lift up to upright. Lift the hips up. Place them back into the crevice and then walk the heels and close to the spine corrector. Are you doing good after mat three reaching the arms contract forwards. She was sent pulses.

Yeah. And again, rolling back through the waist to the ribs. Roll to the top of the barrel. Curl to the waist. Shh. And up and over the hips. Show two sets of pulses.

Yay. Rolling to the waist. Roll to the top of the barrel. Curling up without the pulses rolling back. Sure. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] going into full extension. Full breath to the waist.

Full breath to table. Top Hole. Table Top. If you can't go into full extension today. Full breath up and over the barrel. Circle the arms. If the head peel the body forward and again, rolling to the waist. Roll to the top of the barrel. Stretch long through the fingertips. Shh.

Circle. Lower the Chin and uh, and over the hips. Two more times. Rolling through the waist. Top of the barrel stretch, long wide, v of the R circle. Lower the Chin to lift up and press out of the barrel. Last one. [inaudible] two sets of pulses.

Yeah. Rolling up through the spine circle and place your hands on the arc of the barrel and contracting back into the barrel. That scent, come to the top of the barrel, placed the right foot up, place the left foot up and come up and over the barrel. So the hips are on top. Let's take a full breath to extend the legs up to the ceiling. Sure. Start with four flex in points and flax and point, flex and 0.3 and 0.4 and point extending the right hip.

Reach the leg forward and lift it up to make the left. Reach the left leg forwards and up to meet the right, right leg forward to meet the left and left like forward and up to meet the right flexing the right hip. Draw that right leg back towards you and uh, folding the left hip drug back towards you. And Ah, and again the right leg back, anchoring the pelvis, left leg back. And Ah, and then reach the right leg forward, left leg back towards you. That set stretching the legs in opposite directions, reaching long through the legs, long through the toes and pulse the legs apart to stretching the backs of the knees. Three four take a full breath to open the legs out to a v position all the way around and pulsing here. Three four and continue to circle all the way around to the other side. Mannequin pulse, the legs apart.

[inaudible] lengthening the backs of the knees even more. Three four and full breath all the way around, all the way around. Helicopter to the other side and full breath all the way around. Anchoring the sacrum and stretch and reach your round and stretch last one and stretch. Draw the legs up and together and again flex and points. I can see it on eve. Space and 0.2 more times.

Flex and point. Last one. Flex and point going into the rollover. Take a full breath to roll the hips up and away from the barrel. Legs parallel to the floor, keeping the back on the barrel and full breath to Rola up legs, vertical to the ceiling and again, starting with a low belly. Roll the hips sober, roll the back and open the hips two more times. Actively stretch the lower back and rolling back to the barrel. Reaching through the tailbone. Last one, going into the Jackknife. Full breath to rollover, keeping the hips where they are. Full breath to extend the front of the hips and full breadth to roll down through the pelvis.

Starting position and again full breath to peel the hips away from the barrel. Full breath to extend the front of the hips and rolling the hips down and then just reverse that. Pressing straight up to the ceiling, reaching the toes to the ceiling. Then come to the rollover position and then unwind the spine, rolling the hips down, placing the legs in the starting position and full breath to press straight up, back as against the barrel. That's it. And full breath to the rollover all the way over and then rolling back into the barrel. Legs up to the ceiling, bend the legs in towards you and to an upside down rest position. Good.

Carefully, press the barrel away from you. It's at wrapping your legs around the barrel. So all the way over the arc of the barrel that's set in to just allow the legs to relax all the way. Arms relaxed, shoulder girdle relaxed. It's just relaxing here. And just take a deep breath in and exhale in the spines.

And again, deep breath in and exhale in print two more times. Inhale and exhale. Last one. Yeah, to exhale. Draw the legs in towards you and extend the legs on either side of the barrel. Lifting the arm saw.

Come to an upper contraction curling forward. Come all the way to your spine. Stretch position, rounding over the barrel. So rounding over the barrel and take a full breath to roll up through the spine. Inhale, flex the feet. Exhale, flex the spine. Inhale point and roll up flax and round forward [inaudible] two more times.

[inaudible] last one. [inaudible] and lift the arms up. Circle the arms around, lift the right, like up and over. And let's come into a ball position. Everyone facing in two sets of pulses here. Yeah, the heels long to the floor and roll up on four breaths. [inaudible] setting up and press down.

Hm. Up and down. She more times left and press last time. Lift up and press down. Draw the shoulders up to the ears and place them down.

Thank you all very much.


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Thanks Kyria and students! Great representation of Fletcher work on the spine corrcector!
1 person likes this.
Thank you. That felt great at the end of a long day.
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Beautiful presentation. I love the Fletcher work.
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Thanks Kyria for adding more Fletcherwork.on Pilatesanytime it really helps for my practice , i feel less lonely :)
Lynn G
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Enjoyed the class! Simple yet so fluid and my spine feels so good! Thank you!
Sarah N
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Great class! This felt so lovely after a travel weekend.
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Just did this class, love to practice with you Kyria !!:)
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So happy for these Fletcher sessions!! Thank you Kyria and Pilates Anytime
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Lovely way to warm up the spine . . . and then go for some Fletcher Towelwork to finish off a home-based session.
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That was lovely- the spine stretch forward- the arc is a great frame and never thought of it that way! Beautiful
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