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If you're looking for something interesting and different, try this yoga fusion Mat workout with Cathleen Murakami. You'll undulate the spine and explore non-traditional movements such as Waterwheel, modified Plow, Three-Legged Dog, and bigger movements to get your heart rate up.
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Nov 02, 2014
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Hi, I'm Kathy Murakami. I'm so excited to be here. Back with Pele's anytime. This is my third time and I'm super excited because Christie and Tammy and Karen and Cameron and this one Kristen who was in one of my first trainings is in this class. So hopefully you're going to enjoy this because I have some interesting moves for you. Yay. So here we go. Starting standing with your feet a little bit apart.

We're doing a standing cat and cow. So bring your hands to the top of your knees. You do want your knees bent, your arms straight. There is weight on your arms, but not so much that you're collapsing. We take an inhalation and then as you exhale, curl the tail under, round the back, breathing all the air out. Inhale and scoop and arch. You can even lift off the hands a little bit. That's an option. Exhale.

So I'd like you to wave through this breathing in and out, almost like it's a pulse rather than just a back and forth static movement. You're like, I'm kind of expanding into the shape and breathing in, breathing out. Let that breath move that spine. Let's take two more breathing out and then we inhale here and come to a neutral place. Exhaling a little tail wig side to side, maybe one knee bends a little bit more, and you can shake the head side to side. It's sort of like a side bend.

Make sure that your breath is going and then you start making a little circle with that. So you are [inaudible] and then you round and then you side bed and you're taking all of those shapes in one direction. It doesn't matter which way you go because we're going to go the other way. Let your knees also get a little asymmetric. It will help to exhale on the flex spine position, which is here.

Ah, great. Then we'll center ourselves. We'll come up a little bit and then we waved down. Sink into the knees, curl the tailbone under, roll yourself up, breathing in and Ah, and tailbone under rule in way. Exhale and roll in. Wave one more. Ah, and stay in that curl and reverse itself. You'll flex down, scoop that head, neck, chest forward. Inhale and come up and exhale. So hopefully you like even one of the waves behind this. In this window, Xcel sinking the knees. Inhale, scoop up. One more exhale.

Inhale and come all the way up. Wave down. Exhaling. Let your body hang. Find a place so that you can put your hands flat. Bring your knees down. You're coming to all four. So knees under your hips. Curl the toes. You find your neutral spine. Take a deep breath, organize your alignment here, and we do the opposite arm and leg today, which you've probably done, but what I'd like you to do as you stretch your right arm and your left leg out is actually micro. Bend your back knee micro.

Bend your arm and arch and lift the chest. Point the foot a little bit. Exhale, curl in. Flex. If you want to take a hold of your knee to kind of give yourself a little more oomph just to feel, go ahead and here we go. Reach open with the breath up. Exhale, pull under. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, pull under. Let your head go. Inhale, reach up, up, up, exhale, pull under. One more time.

Inhale, reach up. Exhale, bend the back knee, reach around with the hand, thumb up. Find your foot or ankle, soften through the chest, give your foot a little bit of pressure into they hand open up the front of the hip. Take a deep breath, and then you'll exhale and release. And we'll change sides. If you need to. Give your bottom a little shake and go ahead and the left hand, right leg. Scoop it up, breathing in, and inhale. Exhale. Give your knee a little pool. Again, that little stretch and reach. Open up, up, up.

Exhale, draw it in. So remember, this is the warm up. It doesn't have to be your maximum yet. Axial inhale, chest pulls. Saru eyes up. Exhale, nice and couple more up, up, up it in. Last one, open.

And then take a hold behind you. Thumb is up. Open the shoulder, little pressure, eyes up, breathing, breathe. Yes, exhale and release. Great. Come upright to kneeling. Upright to kneeling here. So we'll inhale. Bring the arms up. Exhale, curl over. Rounding, sweep the arms way behind you.

Inhale, bring yourself upright. Open the arms. Exhale, place the hands at the sacred. Elbows pressed together. Inhale, lift the chest. Exhale, come upright. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, flex diving. Inhale, come all the way up. Exhale, sweep the arms open, elbows pressed together and chest goes up. Head back. Same time, and Exhale, come upright. Inhale, sweep up. Exhale, dive. Oh, inhale, come up. Exhale, open the arms. Inhale, chest up. Exhale up, right last time. Inhale, big sweep of those arms. Exhale, curl and dive. Inhale, come all the way up and around.

Exhale and reach and come all the way up, right? Yes. Cross your ankles. Sit behind your feet. Stretch your legs out. Why? All the way down. Pelvic press. So pelvic press, your knees will be bent. Your feet are flat and already bring your arms alongside your ears. Okay, so the feet are a little bit apart. Feed a little bit apart. The arms are not touching the floor, and what's going to happen is the pelvis will press up and the arms will come down. All right, so here we go. Inhale, press your hips up, bring your arms forward to touch your mat.

Exhale, soften the chest. Roll down and bring your arms over head and breathe in. Press Up, feel those knees, reach over the toes, exhale and soften the chest to roll down. Inhale and press up up and exhale, melt that breastbone. Feel your belly working to lower the spine, not your bottom too much. Inhale, press up, up, up. Nice. Exhale, melt. Melt, melt. Once again, inhale, press up.

Exhale, melt the chest, take the arms overhead, extend the legs for your roll up. So however you like to do your roll up is fine. You have micro bend your knees, you want the legs apart, what have you have to get a little help? That is totally fine. Here we go. Arms Up, head up, exhale and curl over. Flat back reach to everybody. Reach Open your torso and the arms on the same line.

So if your hamstrings are causing this rounded feeling, just sit up a little higher. That's fine. Inhale length and in that position, exhale curl for me. I do have to bend my knees a little bit on the way down to get that spine into the mat. Inhale and arms are up. The head is up. You exhale, curl over, breathe in length, and from hip to fingertip. Exhale below the low body. Out Behind you. Breathe out. Roll yourself all the way down. Arms Up, head up.

Look through the frame. Exhale, curl and reach up in your armpits. And exhale, roll yourself back. You pulling away from your heels and down. Two more. Arms Up, head up. Exhale and cur in health.

Lap backward each. Exhale and roll all the way back down. Last one. Arms Up, head up. Exhale, curling, curling, curling. Inhale, flat, back reach. Pause here. Exhale. Sit yourself up. Okay. Bend your knees, flatten your feet. Legs are not too far apart. Your thumbs are up, your shoulder blades on your back. So this is one. If you happen to have [inaudible] one of those squishy balls, sometimes they call it over balls or bender balls and you have one.

You can put it right here behind you for a little more help. But since we're not using prompts today, we'll do it without no right as we in hale will curl back this alternative, um, turn towards me. So turn towards me. Bend your elbow, sweep, extend that leg opposite leg will probably be best and then curl and come all the way up. You don't have to do the leg if you don't want to. Inhale, sweep the arm down, reach open through the fingers, exhale and come all the way. Oh and breathe, reach back. You can feel how far back you should go. Okay. To keep your connections.

Watch out that your head doesn't try to help you by staying forward. Your head should be back and coming up. And you know, I was telling to you, let your head be back. Yes, I want to see drama. You want to feel drama here and come all the way to have you guys don't know. Have no any drama. Come on. You all have drama. Feel your drama.

Come off, went back up and this time bring your arm up, arm over and Whoa. It's a little bit harder. [inaudible] up and over so you can let the arm go down. Ooh, my leg up there. Of course, the picture looks nice if your thighs are parallel, right? Rather than that the picture looks nice, but you know I come all the way. You never know. He might be in an ad. One more. Take it back, right incentive and come all the way back up. Alright. Cross your ankles. Super tight in.

Flatten your feet and stand up. Squeeze your inner thighs together. Exhale, lower teaser position hole. Breathe in. Exhale, cross the other leg on top and stand up legs together. You can use your arms all the way up if you'd like Joe bloodies and come all the way down and reach, cross lean. Press up and eyes up.

When you stand up everybody come all the way down and stretch the legs out. Where's it up? We cross the other leg on top. Come all the way up. Yes. Up and cross and lower. Okay, very good. Legs are forward a little bit. This is called water wheel, so think water wheel thoughts, water wheel thoughts. You'll curl down here.

Okay. Both legs will be extended. Now you can have your arms here, you can have your arms here to help you. If you'd like, both knees will pull in. Inhale, roll. Pull your pelvis off the mat a little bit. Stretch one leg up. Exhale, lower. Pull both legs in. Stretch one leg up. Lift the tailbone and lower pull.

Inhale, get that pose. Steer tilt just a little bit. Stretch one leg. Exhale lower. Pull both legs in one leg. Exhale, lower pressure legs together. Pull that tailbone up. Exhale and lower. Great. One more time in, up and lower. Very good. Now Rock yourself all the way up.

Stand like strong. We're going to sit down, roll back. So to watch one, you'll sit role. Come up and sit. Roll. Careful with your neck. Roll Up. Use a little momentum. Push. Stand up. Beautiful. [inaudible] modified plow and sit, modify, plow. Don't try to touch the floor and use momentum. Push stand up, make nice face Kristen and come back down. Go, go, go.

Likes to gather. She sews. Zeria she's still serious. 15 years later and and over and coming up so you have to make her laugh. Last one. Yeah and oh go over and come all the way up. Then you'll sit down again carefully and legs here and actually together. Roll back water wheel number two.

So that means water wheel will be two legs instead of just one extending. Inhale and exhale and inhale, pull that but off the floor a little bit. XL. Okay. And it helps also to super pressure legs together. Exhale, support your neck a little bit so you don't have to push your head forward. Exhale and draw in. Yes.

Oh my gosh. Draw in, look at her. Go up man. Lower last one. Draw in up and lower than bring your arms forward. Let's go into the rolling over and standing up. But the have the jump option and over and roll up.

Jump and roll and come up. Jump and roll. [inaudible] and come up and roll and a push up. Jump tomorrow just to, Oh we have a collision and come up last time. Raleigh and come up. Come down. Cross. How are you doing? Okay, roll over.

Come back to plank. Elbow, elbow, hand, hand. I think you get it if eat together like together. One long line right side first. So it's right elbow, left elbow, right hand, left hand, left elbow, right elbow, left hand, right hand and elbow. Inhale. Exhale, exhale. Yes, you will rock a little side to side. That's normal. You can do this from the knees if you need to. Dam Dam up, up, down, down. Gosh. Up. Oh one more. Set down, down, up, up. Last one, down, down, up. Separate your feet.

If they're not already downward dog. Reach and open those arm. Reach the heels down. Tail Up. Your rib cage is not segging long. Easy breath long. Exhale, audible. One more time. Fill your body. Breathe with your whole body. Exhale it all out. Very good. Now take your feet a little closer together.

Stretch your right leg up for three legged dog. Your pelvis stays level. You want to feel that leg in the air in the same line as your arms. Take a breath, exhale and pull the knee to the chest and step forward into a lunge position. Lunge position. Okay. You're on your fingertips. Engage to the legs. If you need to. Micro bend your back knee.

That's okay to bring yourself all the way up. Okay, all the way up with me, everybody. Okay, good. Will use my peripheral vision here. Um, so what likes forward, right leg. Okay, arms out. Just make sure one the same page. Cross the left arm over, going into an eagle type arm position. If you can get palm to palm, do so. If you cannot, you can have the back of the hats. All right? Either way there right now, press your arm pits tight.

Press the arms tight with the armpits. Okay, sync a little more. Engage in your center. You can start lifting the arms. You'll feel it's pull your shoulder blades apart so you can stay here or you can start lifting a little bit. If your chest goes up, your head goes back. All right, but not with the shoulders going up. Charge up your back leg. Are you breathing? Thank you.

And then release that. Look down at the floor. Decide where you're going to put your hands. Use Your abdominals to pick up that front foot. Inhale, you're in plank. Exhale, you press back to your dog, hoping your side armpits again. Breathe in deeply audible. Exhale, that wasn't very audible.

[inaudible] left leg up. Levitated up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Reach through that heel. See like fear but XM. Gauge the belly. Pull the knee to your chest, stepped forward, lunge. Charge up your legs a little bit. Pause here. Okay. Engage everything because you know you're going to come upright.

So supercharge again, the back leg up. So we're on the other side. Arms are out. Cross the right arm on top so it's always the opposite arm on top. Palm to palm or Becca. The hands. Press the armpit strongly in squeezing them.

Stay here or chest lifts, a little bit of an arc. The more you lift the chest, the more you want to think down and root through your leg. Uh Huh. Hold it here. One more breath. Great. And then release. Look down where you want to put your hands.

Put them there. You're in plank for a moment. Take a deep breath, exhale as you walk yourself back so you should be a little bit more toward the rear of your mat. And then you will roll yourself all the way up. Okay. You'll stand on your left leg. Really root through that left leg. Cross over.

So you're standing on leg balance. Okay, we're doing this hip stretch. Arms are forward. Let's look so serious myself because I'm facing the camera. Stick that rear out. Try not to bend over right away with the upper torso. So you're going into that lateral hip stretch. The more you can crank open the right knee, the more you will feel.

Flex that foot, the stretch in the side of [inaudible] your hip. Okay, so five, four, three, two. Listen carefully. Come up on one. Stand up with the arms, right leg forward. Step onto it. A little step. Okay. All the way. Balance. Anchor into your right foot. Pause. Pick up the left and little swimming.

[inaudible] right arm goes back when the left leg goes back. [inaudible] [inaudible] I try to stay in my lane here for three, two, one. Pause here. Stand upright. Come up, step forward. Come up. See High, stagger the mats. Cross the other side. Oh, it didn't change. Did it change sides? Do we change sides? Oh, we didn't. Well then never mind. Keep stepping forward. Yeah, we going to do the swim. There you go. Thank you.

Left leg up and up and to, and we're on the same side. Do we change? Okay, thank you. Gosh, Kristen, I can depend on her to, to pay attention for three, two, one. Okay, now you come up right now we're standing on the left leg. Now we step forward and we cross the left leg over. Don't worry, I won't come near you. Karen. Had arms forward. Eyes forward if you can and feel that contrast of energy. Tailback yeah, try to keep your arms a little bit in. Yes Tammy. He's like, don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Come all the way up. Stand up, put that foot down, take a deep breath and then just open your arms for our next endeavor. You're in the perfect position. So what you'll do is actually just put your feet together. Okay. Just put your feet together. All right. And you will arms have arms are forward if you need to. Otherwise you sink and you come down like you're wearing a little tight key mono. You're standing on the toes. Okay, so come on down.

Yup. Use Your hands when you need to. Then release the feet. All stretch. Come back up on those sorts of really bending those toes as all toe crusher and then bring yourself up. Okay. Take your time. So start sinking. Breathe out. Pause here. So you have your butt on your heels. So sit back there.

So you have your butt on your heels. Yes. Then you release the feet, flatten them, then come back up on the toes. Yes. And then bring yourself upright. Well, sound effects are welcome and sinks down and then hang out. So your toes are an extension here. Then you release and then you sit on them all the way flat. Your foot is flat here. There you go. Then you'll come here. Bring yourself all the way up.

Let's just do two more coming down. Just think of doing this in a tight little dress and holding a tray of tea and calming all the way up. Never. And a coming down and oops. Still sitting on those toes in that extended position. Flatten. Relax here. Cause that's the end of that.

Cross your ankles and sit back. Okay. You can come here. So we're gonna do a modified hip circle. So lift through the chest, extend the legs any amount. We're all tipping to the right. We inhale, exhale, sweep around and back to center. Inhale, tip. Exhale, sweep around and back to center for us.

Selects together. Exhale and back to center. Press the legs together, sue. Weeks, we're alternating sides. We're going to the right. The other eye. There you go. This is a letter. And then we'd go to the left. You duffle and around and right and around and left and Oh, round. Okay. Lower the legs a little bit.

Come up, come up, arms. The legs are going to go to the right. The upper body's going to go to the left. Inhale, lower the legs, tip back a little bit and center. Whoa. Root. Reverse legs. Go to the left to back a little bit and Exhale, come back to center. So you're in that teaser like position, right and around and center. And you can see my arms are moving more than my torso, but where you're working to try to make it equal tip or a hound.

Good tip around. Perfect modification. One more. I promise. What is this? And harassed. Okay. All right. So we feel this part now, right? Oh my gosh. So turn on your sides and have wine. You're right side towards me. The right side towards me.

But we are going to be turning the other way too. So we're going to do a bicycling movement with the top leg, but we actually want, we're going to have the whole spine moving as we do this. So rather than working to keep everything still and doing something like this, we actually want to feel, um, remember what we were doing on the waving this part. That's what you want to feel here in the sideline. So the bottom knees bent. Okay. You'll curl in.

So I like to turn my top hand in a little bit and I feel the curl because my pelvis is curling back. And then I stretch the top leg four. That's your left. And then as I exhale, I flex the foot as I bring it back, I stretch the bottom leg out and aw shit. Okay. You can go big stretch here in front of this, the flexor area. Now when you come forward, everybody, rather than just pull the knee in, pull the lower ribs down, delay your upper half as you curl. Bend the bottom knee. Really curl through the pelvis and low back.

Stretch the leg like it's a garden hose filling up flex. Stretch the bottom leg. An opposition arch. Look around behind you. Now you can add the arm. You can curl in, stretch the legs and sweep the arm. I like to do the palm up and arch looking back and curl in.

Stretch the leg and sweep it back. Arch. Press through both heels. One more time. Curl on in. Stretch the leg and out out. Oh, let's rest. Yeah, it feels Kinda good, Huh?

Come up. Four twist. So remember when you are in this position, depending on the length of your arm, you wouldn't want your arms straight up and down. It probably is best if it's a little bit away from you when you come up. Also this foot, the top foot, that's flat. That's your anchor as well as the lateral side of the bottom foot.

Okay, so you press your body over the arm, press here. Hey, look down at the hand. Now pull the hips back, get the weight more towards the feet. Look under your curling. So you're flexing and rotating. Come back. Open side bend position. Exhale, bend, lightly. Touchdown. Yeah. And up and shift your weight. Exhale, turn and look.

And Open and calm down to one and up. Press the inner thighs together. Shift your weight back. Yes. And Open. Sorry. And coming down last time. Up and twist.

Under come open, pause. Turn to the floor. So you're in playing. Hold it there. Take a breath, keep turning. So we face the audience and come all the way down. Yes. Okay, we good? All right, so we are going to do the twist again on this side. Alright, are you ready and up? Breathe in. Make a big smile.

Exhale. Pull the hips under. Bring your legs closer together. Yep. Shift your weight and open and all the way down. And breathe in. Sweep and exhale, pull. That's it. And open and bend those knees. Exhale and shift the weight over the arm. Nice.

Press the thighs together. Cur and open and come down. One more time. Up. Press on the outside. Yeah. Curl. There you go. Different and open and come down.

Rest. Now we come to the elbow. So No, you're on the bicycle for the second side. So this is bicycle equip like we just did. Yes. Do you remember? Okay, so for, do you remember, can I turn my back to the cameras that are right here? So here we are. Let's have the top hand on the Florida start. So you curl in, stretch the leg out, flex, breathe and bottom leg straightens are [inaudible] and pull from the low rib. Curl in. Stretch the leg forward. Flex, fill the chest and our chole both legs reaching through the heels and now curl. Use your elbow pull, stretch the leg out, palm up top arm reach arch behind you and curl it in.

In, in Nice. Reach out adds again, like garden hose effect like you're pulling open and draw in. Exhale, draw, draw. Draw what your shoulder and open. Open, open, mm. And last one, curl it in. In, in stretch and drop it open, open. Great. And then take a brick, bring your arms behind you, spiral. Open your shoulders so your hands, your hands don't need to be in this direction with such a flex tourist can turn it out just a little bit and then you'll bend your knees like so.

So the position of the feet, we want them in the position so that when we lift to our reverse tabletop, this shin is pressing straight down. Okay? So if you have to kind of figure out and do a couple practice ones to come up and down, you can go ahead and do that. All right. When you come up, I actually do want you to really extend or arch the back so to speak, but rather than kind of lift up and then think about the head, I would like you to imagine from the center of the chest to the of the head becomes one arc. So it lifts as one unit immediately versus again, the chest and then the head or you initiate from the head and then you try to lift your butt. Does that make sense? Okay. All right. So that's the up, that's the up. The curl is the ribs. Drop in, flex the feet. Whoo. Bring yourself up. And your curling here with this, we'll try to keep off the mat if you touch a little bit. Okay. But you're driving the shoulder blades down and then you pull arch back. Okay. Ready? You're gonna know and love this one.

Okay, here we go. Inhale up. Exhale, pull under curl, curl, curl up. Down. Yes. Release. Charge up your legs. Inhale up, up, up. Exhale, curl under, under, under. That's a Tami. An up, up, up and curl under. Under, under. Nice and up. Up, up.

I got you. And what she wanted me to touch her bottom. I thought that's you said please touch my bottom and under, under last time. Think I'm reaching your knees over your toes. Up, up, up and under. Under, under. Bring yourself forward. Bring yourself forward. So this is called pistol. We actually practice this one right leg in, right leg in.

Okay. Um, I think it's probably going to be best if you flex the extended leg. You can point to when we roll back and when you come up you can take it to there. So Shelly demonstrate one. Oh my gosh. Okay. Here we go. Whoa. Something like that. Okay. Okay. I just got a stink I have here.

Yeah. Yeah. All right. Are you ready? I actually, the foot position doesn't matter. Just keep the leg charged up five times and one and pause and two and pause and three and pause. Am I know four and [inaudible]. Look, motto hands. One more. Five. Look, Mano Rest.

Okay. Other side. Are you ready? Set. Go and roll. Use Momentum. You can kind of kick yourself up with that straight leg. Add two. And it's okay if your heel doesn't touch the floor as well. That's the supporting leg and Lori and hmm.

And Duh, Dah, Dah and Duh. And stand up. Stand up. And this is how you pull the trigger. You stand up all the way up like that. Yes. We found your excellent. Good. Okay. Come on. Come all the way down. Did you know that was going to happen? You were trying. Okay.

You were trying. We lie all the way down. That was awesome. Okay, we will cross the right leg over. And now this is full eagle with the legs. So if you can hook that bottom foot around at the ankle, are y'all there? Usually it's easier to do this, you know, on your backs and when you're standing. So because the right legs on top, the left arm will wrap on the top here. Okay, now press your shoulder, or sorry, your arm pets together.

So you're squeezing there and you actually press your inner thighs together. So you're really working at where the appendages connect to your torso. Point that bottom foot and let that toe touch the floor. All right, lift the arms a little bit up. You feel the stretch between the shoulder blades. Inhale, exhale, curl up. Little Curl one. Inhale, tap down. Exhale, a little curl two and lower.

Exhale again, pressing the groin and your arm pits strongly and pool and yes, and pull. So if you can keep your elbows a little bit off your chest, you'll get even more benefit and back and pull and back. One more pull. Hold it, breathe. Can you press it even tighter and then slowly release switch sides. Lengthen out for breath. Oh, and then re cross second side. So now I believe it is your left leg over the right and the right arm over the left. Yes.

Great. Let me help you here, right? And there it is. Okay. Really tighten in the groin. In the armpits. Touch the toe on the floor. Point the bottom toe. That's it. Breathe in deeply and pull one completely. Expel all the air you have and two and three and for and draw it in.

Ah, again, the legs actively working the inner legs. Last one, draw it in. Hold, hold, hold. Take a deep breath. Exhale more. Make yourself time here and then release. Keep your legs this same. Open your arms out.

You don't have to have the foot hooked at the ankle. So now you just have the left leg crossed over. Pull the legs very close to your chest. Take a breath, and then roll the legs over to your left. Yes, it's a little different. The legs are to the left. Okay. Your right arm, bring up and then turn the thumb to the floor. And I actually want you to slightly arch your back and get that drama feeling.

Dromm I'm so into that today and today. Yes. And so can you, yeah. Nice. Deep breaths along that ribcage that your knees dive actually down this way. Yes, yes. And in reach to, there we go. All of this whole side. Great.

Use Your abdominals to roll yourself to the center and Cross recross. Bring the knees up into the chest and now you take it with the exhalation. Two years, second side, your right. It will also help to keep the knees a little bit up towards your chest. Let the shoulder release and then reach through that arm and you feel that length from the hip.

[inaudible] if it bothers your neck to turn in the opposite direction, you can turn your face towards that top arm or sorry, your bottom arm. Okay. Deep breath there. Okay. Exhale and then uncross the legs where they are. Bring one knee at a time. Back up, over you. Okay. Let your knees come towards your arm pit.

Yes. Lift the feet to the ceiling, baby tantrum. So you can hold the outsides of your feet. You could hold the big with the piece finger and thumb ideas to try and get the thighs on the outside of your torso. I like to roll a little bit around like this, kind of making a some circles with my feet.

A figure eight type feeling here. Breathing, releasing your lower back, reversing it. Ah, right. Rock yourself up. One more time. Cross your ankles, lace your fingers. Let your torso move around like it's a big slinky. Inhaling and exhaling. So your elbows are a little bit bit.

You're basically going through the side. Bend the flex spine, the side. Bend the arch. Let your face move up and down. Breathe deeply so that you're moving that diaphragm a lot. Reverse it. So outer body stretching because of movement in her body.

Stretching, cause of breath, massaging your nervous system, your organs, your heart to everything. Exhaling and then really lengthen up, up, up, and then release. Yes, wham, Bam.


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Lovely class! Thank you!
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Ya baby! That's what I'm talking about! I woke up in such a funk, backache etc. After Cathleen's class I'm a new woman ready to face a very busy day! My husband thanks you and so do I. Hope to see more of your smiling face! Thanks PA!
So many fun challenges to play with (and opportunities to fall over and laugh). Such lovely warm energy that you have Kathleen x
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Great fun Cathy! Thanks!
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What a treat! So nice to see Cathleen back here. She always comes up with great new moves.
Cathleen Murakami
@ Hanna - thank you for making the first comment
@ Denee - yahoo! Glad the funk AND the backache were squelched and you're good to go!
@ Megan - so happy to know you had F-U-N!!
@ Daniel - you are SO welcome!!
@ Catherine - thank you for commenting and liking what I do
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Beautiful class so much fun!! Can wait to see more classes from you!!
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reat clas, cretive nd fun, than you, I hop to see you more.
Judith lein, rotterdam holland
Rebecca Keene Forde
I'm in my hotel room in San Diego, what a perfect class as a warmup for the PMA conference, thanks!
Cathleen Murakami
@Jessica....thanks....always so much fun to teach for PA! and appreciate all your comments!!
@ Judith - WOW...the Netherlands!! So cool to reach people worldwide!! You can view some of my other classes here as well!
@ Rebecca ~ please introduce yourself to me if I see you at PMA....will be teaching on Friday morning. Thank you - we all so appreciate those who take the time to acknowledge us.
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