Non-Traditional Mat
Cathleen Murakami
Class 1887

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Wonderful creative moves! Can't wait to play with the possibilities in my next class!! Your style is how I teach too. Thank you for sharing??
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Thank you so much for the great class Cat!!! So wonderful to take your classes on here!!! Fun and challenging movements...loved it! Nice way to spend my time while the kiddos napped!! Xo
@ Nedra - isn't it great to find a teacher who is in your tribe of teaching? Yay!
@ Alison - awww big thank you for taking the time to watch and do! btw, those kids of yours are adorable! Hope to see you in the flesh soon!
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Breath of fresh air, your classes always are! Big thanks for such a juicy and grounding movement experience. :)
@ Ayse....soooo appreciate your comment....glad you liked what you saw and experienced
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this was so beautiful and fun....Loved it!!!!!!!!
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I LOVE this class :>) Very different & awesome stretch -
Thank you, Cathleen! Please do more.
@Paola, thank you! Glad it worked for you.
@Robin, so happy you enjoyed. Just filmed in Arely December and the new reformer classes should be up soon!
So much fun! the exercises are so different and challenging ! You get a good stetch and a powerful workout. I enjoyed this class a lot!
Brilliant thank you !
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