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Tash Barnard motivates you to be active in your body during this lively Tower workout. She focuses on bringing the mind and body together while you are working on the quality of movement. Her enthusiasm will help you during challenging exercises like Chest Expansion with Balance, Lateral Flexion, and more!
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Nov 03, 2014
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Hi and welcome to polities anytime. I'm Tash from South Africa. We're going to do a topic class today with the lovely Sam and Mandy and Sarah. So just to take you through the setup, this is the tower. We are going to have the push through bras set up with one spring top loader to start off with, but then just be ready for your arms springs to be attached from the third loop from the top and then we're going to have the lake springs, the thirdly from the bottom, your leg springs for the push ribose going to be set up at the bottom here, the two rate springs and your roller ball for the side and lateral section towards the end of the session. It's going to be ready to be adjusted later on. All right, so from here I'm going to ask you guys to stand to the back of your mat for me and stand up nice and tall and relax your arms by your side. Good.

So I want you to bring the body and mind together at the same time. Just look down and make sure your feet is one fist with the parts. There we go. And we're going to start with a nice deep lateral breath. As you inhale, not running down gait XL, just draw the breath out the ribs, pull down the naval to the spine. Two more inhales before we roll down. Inhale and we exhale.

Relax the shoulders, be active in your body. One more breath. Inhale and on the XL grow even taller. Good. And in from here we breathe in. On the Exhale, lower your chin towards your chest, roll your body up and over. So this is probably your first roll down for the day.

Make sure you kind to your body, keep the nice paint and roll down just as far as what you feel comfortable. For. Now it's like a deep inhale and then on the exhale, draw the abdominals. Bring that pelvis underneath you and stack your spine. One Vertebra on top of each other. Good, nice posture. Mandy in health two more. And Excel, lower the chin to the chase in cage. Those dominoes like the strengths of the abdominals.

Pull your spine forward. The weight is reaching over the balls of the feet. Feel the stretch in your hamstrings and we breathe in and we axl to roll up. Drew the abdominals rolling up all the way into your standing position, standing up nice and tall. Feel that your head is on top of your pelvis, your back is active, the abdominals are active, and then you guys can take two big steps forward and just lie on your backs. You're going to stretch your legs up so that your feet are reaching.

The balls of the feet are reaching up towards the bar. And we're going to start with those straight legs. Make sure that the hips are not right under the was. You want to allow the space for the size to move into the hips when we're going into the hip flection, reach the arms alongside the body and lengthen the back of your neck for me. Good. So we're gonna start with the inhale.

Engage your hamstrings as you bend your knees, flex at the hip, and press the bar down. Reach the bar down all the way and just make sure that it doesn't slip out underneath your feet. So those muscles underneath your feet, your intrinsics are working. Lengthen out of your hips for me in hell. Then being the knees back, straighten the legs up so just make sure all the springs are out of the way. Thanks Sarah. And just straight in the legs. They were going to go again in hell.

Tabane the knees and then eggs help raise down reach and I'm interested in the elongation in the hips without letting the back release or the abdominals are still active in hell. Bend the knees and then exhale, straighten the legs out, keeping the tailbone down. Draw up the knees and we go again in helping the knees engage the hamstrings. [inaudible] XL reach and elongates away. Good. Linkedin a little bit more, a little bit more in helping the knees back to 90 and XL. Straighten the legs up. Good. Reach the legs up and we go again.

In inhale, activate the back of the legs and in XL, reach your legs away. Lengthen the legs away. Breathe out, breathe out. Breathe in. Helping the knees and we're going to straighten the legs and we're going to keep the legs extended here. Pose for the inhale. We're going to move into a pelvic college. Your exhale, press the ball up towards the ceiling as you articulate your spine up off the floor, reach up, feel the hip extensors working. Feel the stretch in the front of the hips. Inhale to pose and then exhale. Let your spine roll down. Feel like the legs are staying able.

It's a spinal articulation that blowers the legs down. We're going to stay down in the neutral in hell again and Xcel drool. Activate the abdominals. Get that deep, deep lumbar affliction. Reach up and hold. Lengthen a little bit. [inaudible] good, nice and exhale to roll down.

We call and we call and recall and you stay active in your body and lengthen the tailbone away from the crown of the head. Inhale, tumo and XL draw. Be powerful in your own torso, in your own call, rolling up, reaching up, press up, press up, raise up in hell and it's hell to roll down. Sync down. Allow each vertebra to create space between each other. Lengthen down, and we're going to do the last one.

Inhale and exhale. Draw the abdominals. Articulate the spine. Lift the hips up late. Finish off with the stretch. As you inhale, reach your arms all the way back over your head. Your palms are facing the ceiling. Drawed down into the shoulders. Lengthen the back of the neck, my the height of the hips.

As you take a deep breath, inhale and then Xcel roll down. Grow the scabs down. Roll the shoulders down. Keep the arms, keep the arms. Who that Thoracic Mandy. Good. Go. Roll down all the way back to your neutral pelvis and then bend your knees for me and press your arms down by your side. From here, circle your arms around them. Interlace your hands behind your head so that hamstrings are going to stay active and your shins are going to be parallel to the floor so the knees are bent at 90 degrees. Good. We're gonna do a chest lift. We inhale on the exhale, show me your neck flection. Then let your chase pull forward up, up and take a deep inhale and then exhale to lower down.

Nice work everyone taking. Inhale. It's keep the flow and we breathe out. Exhale, draw the chase up off the floor. So Sam, lower your tailbone a little bit towards me. That's it. Inhale, hold and exhale to lower down and we breathe in and we exhale. Draw the chin to the chase, the chase to the thighs. Co Co call. Nice Sarah in hell. And then lengthen the spine as you come down, down and down. We do one more inhale and we excel.

Draw the chin to the chest, left up, stay up. So this is a little bit more tricky. You're going to hover your right foot off the bar, however the foot off the bar we're going to breathe in. As you stretch the left leg away, you're going to rotate towards the right side. So XL rotate, track a single leg, straight variation and then come back to the center.

And again, XL, rotate, brace, brace, brace and center. Good. We deformable and exhale, rotate. Give me that length through the left hip and bend in health remotely and Xcel. So if the leg is taking distracting you from the rotation, then keep the knees bang to mo and that's fine. Exhale, rotate, rotate. And one more. Inhale and exhale, rotate.

Give me that rotation in the torso, in the torso, in the torso. Come back to the center, lower the head, give yourself a break. As you place the right foot down, keep the ball still and then hover the left leg off the floor of the bar in hell. Xcel. Call the chase forward. Forward. Forward. We breathe in, we press the right leg over and you rotate over towards the lift side. Reach Mandy. Reach many. Yes Mandy. And inhale vain. Thank you.

We go again five more and we exhale. Rotate, Elongate, full range of that hip and back. Now Sam and for XL, reach, reach, reach and pain and three more. And the leg that's hovering is active, active, Nicira. Good resistance. And inhale two more. You guys are looking great. Xcel right, rotate and inhale. Health Center, last one. And Xcel to rotate.

Keep that in a tie. Active. Semi. Yes. Inhale Center. Pause in whole. Place the foot down. Lower your head. Ladies. From here you're going to press both feet down. Press the bar away, reach your arms overhead for a roller. So keep the lower ribs connected. Your palms are facing each other.

We're going to lift your arms up towards the ceiling. Draw your chin to your chase and then XL roll up, up and en hound phones and exit. Roll down. Roll down all the way. Good. And we left the arms. Keep the fingers group together.

Xcel to roll up all the way up. Inhale, shoulders over the hips, maintain the lumber flection and then we excel. We roll and we call and recall. And just one more guys. Lover Ribs down. Inhale, lift arms and chase XL. Roll Up. Stay here for me. Goals, bend your knees and hold onto the ball for me.

So you might want to adjust yourself here. If you need more space to shift your pelvis back away from the push through bar, we're going to inhale, lift your abdominals and then exhale, reach and push the ball forward into the manky. From here. We're going to inhale into this beautiful extension. Show me the thoracic extension. Yes, yes, yes. Zane drew your abs. Even tilt your pelvis roll back, roll back, drew down and extinct up. Nice Sarah.

Good. Give me back Sam. Give me back and we go again. Inhale to bend your knees. Draw Down with your lats, your shoulders in that yesterday. Show this are not invited to this party. So Sam, what we can do when you come up just cause it's safer to adjust from the seated position. We're going to shift your hips back, so I'm going to help you inhale, good back, Sarah, and then exhale, tilt the pelvis, not the eight. I'm going to show you. Roll back, back, back. Tuck the pelvis, roll up. Press your legs up to the sky and north from here.

Shift back a little bit. Even if you have to take one for down, that's better. That's better. Allow your body to have the space to work on the precision of the movements that we inhale. We're going to Tuck the pelvis, draw down. Gimme smaller shoulders down, Mandy, shoulders down. Yes. Exhale, push forward. Reach. Then inhale, extend your spine, left up, work those back, show me beautiful bags, and then Xcel draw the abdominal sync of your pelvic call as you go into that deep, deep, deep lumbar flection and reach up all the way. Good from here being your knees and they go off your bar, you're going to lie on your backs.

And we're going to do this spine to a supine to get some rotation in those spines. So roll down for me. You can extend your arms out and hold onto the sides of the range. As you exhale, lift your right leg, paint off the flow. Inhale, they make sell. Bring the left leg off the floor and always remember that the say tap is as important as the exercise itself. All right, we're going to inhale right, tighten your waist, the knees go over to your right side on the XL. Engage the obliques and pull the legs back to the center.

And we inhale right tight in the waist, in the waist. Good. And then Xcel drew into the [inaudible] good and in in inhale, love ribs down and exhale back to the center. We do three more in hell to rotate and Xcel. Good. Good, good, good. More. And inhale and inhale and XL drew the abdominals back to the center. One more. Inhale over.

And Xcel resist drew and hold. Excellent. Place one foot down on the mat plus the other foot down on the mat and you guys can stand up for us. We are going to sit the football up now. Oh the push through ball for footwork. So, um, we can take the top loaded spring off, get hold of the safety chain, right. And in two springs bottom loaded your two red springs.

So you're going to lie with your head on the extension part. Good. Find the base position for your pelvis to maintain the neutral placement when you have your feet up off onto the ball. Right. So from here we have the heels parallel on the bar.

The tailbone is pressing to wards the flow. So again, if the hamstrings are very tight, make sure you move yourself up a little bit higher. And then we're not gonna rely on this spring to bend the knees, but you're going to draw into your knees as you bend on the inhale and praise into your hamstring this year. Exhale, pull up the knees and we go again in hell. Tabane and excel and we're going to pick up the pace a little bit with add liaising, the quality of the work. Okay, girls and Xcel Perissa and we go in hell tubing and use. Press into my thumbs, sprays into my thumb, straight in, straight in and being good and excel rich. And we do. One more.

Inhale to beam and excel. Perris up and hold it here. Bring the right ball and the left pole of the foot onto the ball. You want to praise right up into your ankles. So give us the deepest plant affliction. They Sam, working your feet. Yes. Good.

At the same time, look at your own alignment. This is your opportunity where you can see the alignment of your ankles, your knees and your size. And again, resist the movement as you inhale and press up Xcel and inhale to Bain and Xcel. The muscles around the thighs are active and in health. Formal XL. Raise up and hold good alignment. Three more. Inhale and Exhale, brace and two moon and Raisa last one.

And brace up and hold. Draw the heels in into your small v. Remember the rotation is coming from the hips and we bend the knees. Inhale to the side and excel priests. Squeeze my fingers. Momo. More nice in health to Bane and excel. Praise, praise and give me a little pose. And then bend. Inhale and exhale.

Perissa pose and hold. And three more. Inhale. And can you place up more with your feet, Mandy? Yes. Two more. And Inhale and breast up and hold. Last one. Inhale to bane and XL. Perissa draw whole draw does add back to squeeze for me.

Bring the heels, wind on the bar. If you have the right station in the hips, let the two last pinky toes be on the frame. Can you flex more, Sam? Yes. Good. Maybe bring the heels in a little bit if you have to. Nice. And now just rotate in your hips, in your hips in hell to be in the knees and excel. Praise up, stretch and draw the adapters together and inhaling and excel.

Brace up, reach, reach, reach, Nice work in hell and XL, [inaudible] and Surrey moving and excel up. And two more. Inhale and exhale. Last one being and Xcel. Stretch and hope. Lengthen your legs a little bit more. Love with the hips a little bit more and then bring the balls of the feet wide on the ball for the wide v position and we go in, bend the knees by intake, reflection in that ankle, the plant's affliction and Xcel.

Reach up and inhale so the heels stay high, high and exhale. Stretch up adductor. Squeeze in hell to beam and XL, [inaudible] and three moving and excel up and to move and XL and last one and Xcel, Stritch and hold lover your tailbone a little bit more. Bring the balls of the feet or the legs up. Parallel one first with apart again and we're going to go into the coursework. We flakes the ankles in how the calves Sarah and excel rise up in healthfully and in health legs. Exhale, rise up in help, tubing and exhale, rise and formal dorsiflex and Palantir flakes.

Good alignment, sense removed and left up and two more and rise up. And the last one, flex. Flex. Rise up and hold. Bend your right knee. Press the left heel up to the ceiling and we go. Inhale an inhale and exhale and exhale in hell and inhale. Make sure both feet are active and inhale.

Inhale and exhale. One more set after this. Inhale and inhale and Xcel and posing. Hold one heel high being the attorney for me. Sam, good. Breathe, aim. If you want to feel, if you want to give yourself an extra stretch, take the paint lake stows, give it to me and then gently pull yourself down. If you need the extra stretch, then rise up and change legs. Breathing in and breathing out.

Let me give you a little stretch here through the arms mandate. Good. And one more breath. Inhale and exhale. Rise up onto the balls of the feet with control. Bend your knees and we're gonna take your feet out of the springs out of the Oh good. So you can stand your bags. I'm gonna release one spring, so we're going to go into the bottom loaded. Roll up with one raid spring.

Stretch your arms into the bar. Oh, we had your little bit lower. Now I may embrace. Lift your chin to your chase and press the ball on the XL. Roll up all the way. Roll up into this beautiful upright seated position.

Great Work Ladies. Let's have a inhale. Payments. Straighten the arms. They met the Pelvic Cola. As you roll back XL row and the arms follow through all the way. Lowering their head down. We're going to do three more. Inhale, lift the chin to the chase. Draw the ABS in as you exhale. Roll up, left up, have your chin parallel to the floor.

We build and we straight draw the lower ribs down, down, down, and Xcel. Tuck the pelvis, roll back. Nah, shoulders you three and all the way back. And we do two more. Left the chain to the chase and we excel. Roll Up. Roll up, roll up in hell, Bain, stretch, hold and stretch up. Exhale, roll back. Roll back. Stretch through the Algos. Yes. Magical call and the last run in hell left the head. XL drew the abdominals. Corolla or Corolla. Corolla.

We inhaled Bain, XL straight. Keep your arms active. Active. Now hold it. Yeah. It's an internal articulation that initiated the move. My luck. Your pelvic cool tuck. Yes. Nice work. Call back. Call back.

Call back all the way. Bend your knees and place your toes on the bar for your monkeys. If you need to reach for me further back for the range, then go ahead. We're still on the same spring resistance. One spring, bottom loaded. Both hands are reaching to the outside of the feet. Your head is relaxed.

To start off with in hell. XL Roll all the way. Reach up, give me backs, ladies. Give me a flex and a points in the ankles. BombBomb. Then Xcel initiate the movement again with that lumbar spine, curling, curling, curling all the way down and we inhale.

Lift the chin to the chase. Draw your abdominals away from your size as you run up and you reach up flex and point many ways. My back, we say beautiful back. Thank you Raul from the lumbar spine. Roll down, roll down, roll down. Last one girls. And we go in Hell XL.

Draw the abdominals away from the thighs. Hold the Tia, your shoulders up, pulling down your spine is extended. Your back is active. Do see flakes and blunt of legs. Hold it, hold it. Reach your right leg down towards me. Richard. Richard Elongate. We're gonna flex it up three times. We go up one and two with no movement in the body.

Three and oppose it. Flakes it and change sides. Draw the shoulders done. And we reached down. One Anna, three modes, two and and three good work and four. Hover and hold to see flakes. Place the food. Bend your knees and articulate that spine down without the shoulders lifting into your ears. Good. You can slide your legs through him.

Make sure you don't work your heads or just slide your body right down and come out. And we're gonna change the bottom loaded push through bar to there. One spring, top lighter push through boss. So take your spring off. Then only take the safety chain off. And then we're going to have the belief spring top loaded again. Okay.

For the full body integration sitting forward. So you guys can be seated with your feet flex pressing into the frame, making sure the straps are out of the rice so you don't have any distractions. And we're going to start with the upright seated position and the palms on the bottom. And we're going to do the full series of, we're going to go into the sitting forward, into the reach and then into this. So on the in breath, you prepay on the XL, draw back into their deep lumbar flection, pressing the bar down all the way, exhaling, reaching forward on the AimBrain. Extend your spine for me. Everyone. Reach, reach, reach, reach. Then Xcel, draw the abdominals, roll back, reach your right arm out towards the side.

The Palmer's up looking at your hand. I mean draw the obliques. Xcel reach through, left the ball, and go into the, so as you reach for the bar and come on, hold on. I'm serious. So tempted to give yourself an extra straight curvy here and do what feels good. Good. And we're going to roll back and bring the head back onto the ball and we go again in hell. And we excel.

Drew the abdominals and we wrong. Brace. Stone. Crazy. Oops. On the inhale, extend Extendix stain. Then XL draw and rollback. Push your feet into the frame. The left arm reaches out.

As you inhale, reach retreats and Xcel works. The obliques. Press forward and through and stretch down. Good. And we're going to repeat it. Nice. Work in hell.

Rolling back. Draw deep lumbar flection and we exhale. Roll full. Reached down, reach down. Inhale, extend the back and hold more bags, more bags for active. Draw the abdominals up. Then Xcel, roll the body back. Reach the right arm out to the side, left, earn, reach. Inhale, look at your hand. Pull the lower rub down and excels. Scoot through, reach and stretch. Let me give you the straight, so take your hand further.

Three and the last ones sitting up tall in hell. [inaudible] and excel. Drew the abdominals. Tuck the pelvis, reach forward and down. Inhale, extend the backs, lift up, lift up, lift up, and then Xcel drool the abdominals. Roll back. Reach your left arm out. Reach and hold. Tuck the pelvis a bit for me, Sam. That's a keep the abdominals active.

Press your feet into the then exhale, reach through, forward and straight out. [inaudible] duck your hand to the outside of the Bronx. [inaudible] and come back up. Good work. Hello, so you can stand up for me. We are going to do a Bluetooth exercise, standing facing the push through bar on your range. So place your hands or elbows or slightly beamed.

Very similar to the cat stretch movement. So you're going to straighten your arms. Inhale, lower your chin to your chase, roll your body down and then press the bar out. This time your spine moves into extension so your hands are pressing down into the bar. In order for you not to let go of the boss, a man, you can go a little bit more price. Please lower your Chin for me. Look towards your knees. Everyone. All your toes. Now from here you're going to reach your right leg back behind you into that hip extension. Keep pricing with the arms.

Move your leg 10 degrees to the right side. Hat's [inaudible] mead and we are going to pulse the leg up one. Exhale two. Exhale three. Keeping the hips square full. Exhale five. Exhale six and seven and eight and nine.

And hold it. Hold it. Reach your arms further forward. Lengthen your spine. Reach your time more towards the center of the room and left. Left. Then take the leg out to the side, out to the side left and Dorsiflex your ankle. Hold pulse up for five XL four.

Feel the obliques holding on three XLT XL, one up left and reach your leg out behind you. Left up this time. Open your hip. Give yourself a nice straight left up. Reach up. Brace the hands into the ball. Hmm.

And they bring it down. Cool. And you going to do a roll up? Exhale, grow lab Rolla. Before we do the other side. Elbows been to this side and we go inhale and we brace down. XL Roll down, up and over a long guide. Hold it. They breathing in on the XL. Reach the left leg out behind you. Left reach and hold. Extend.

Take the legs 10 degrees to your left side and we're going to reach it up and pulse one. Exhale, two x cell three brace with your hands full. Exhale, fun and six and seven. Good and eight and nine and hold it. It's like the leg out to the side. Flakes, flakes, flakes reach and five balls is album one. Eggs out to work your backs work your legs for XL five bring the leg back, reach the leg out behind you, Mandy, my love door. And then bring the food down and roll yourself up. Exhale all the way.

Draw the abdominals and roll up all the way. Good work. Take the top loaded spring off, let the ball come down and reach forward for your arms springs. So we are going to do a quick save of arms standing. You can, we can just leave it like that. That's okay. So just make sure the springs are out of the way and to stay on the stability of the pelvis, we are going to stand up nice and tall.

You're going to transfer your weight into your left leg and bring your right leg up at 90 degrees. So if this is too challenging, then you can keep the tie down. That's absolutely fine. We are focusing on the arms this time. Inhale, open the chest. Xcel, Perris, your arms back hold and in healthful and excel and inhale and XL range three. I'm in hell. Good work you guys. Two more. Reach and back. One more.

And Xcel region. Hold written, hold, stay there. We're going to do a little [inaudible] [inaudible] in the knee. Inhale and exhale. Keeping the resistance on the springs in health, formal and personal hold and three and Bresson hold and two more. And breasts with the arms.

Press with the arms wide and up places. The right foot down late. The arms come forward. Inhale, transfer the weight into the right leg. Lift your left leg, paint up off the floor, breathing in and then Xcel. Reach your arms back, back, back, and inhale. Elongated Elvis for me, Sam, press through the Tricep elongate and inhale. Mandy, lift your sternum up a little, little bit. Yes, yes, yes and three more and Xcel and inhale. Good. Two more. Xcel reach back and inhale.

Beautiful Bags, beautiful shoulders. Hold it, hold it and we flex the right knee. Inhale and exhale, straighten and inhale. Keep racing into your arms only you can feel high. Intenses work is inhale and XL tumo and inhale being aware of the tracking of that right leg as you been paused in home and place the food down all the way. You can let go of your straps. Thank you very much. From here, you're going to move your roller bar down just below. Actually remove this, put it in between, put it on the second loop on the second lift and then we are going to lie on your right side.

This is quite tricky and hard with your chocolate on the back frame and the bottom leg on the front frame. Pressing your feet into the frame. You can just follow Sarah. So you're going to lie on your side, what ever you do. Don't let go of the bar and then have that palm face up right. Your legs are actually going to press into the frame as you take your deep breath. Inhale on the exhale, come into your side lateral flection, we truffle work you guys. And then inhale, lower down. This is awesome. And activate. They left up reach and we only do five but five intents and perfect and lower down three Mo and Xcel left up reach, reach, reach and down to Mo and x cell left up reach and hold and one more.

And XL. You guys are so good. We are going to hold it. You're breathing. Hold it for Xcel left and come down. It's like you'll ride. Can hold onto the bar and then flip yourself over please. Nice and safe. That was breathtaking.

Thanks to you Sara. Right. Reach the arm out. So this is all about elongation, correct placement, drawing the lower ribs down. Press into your feet, palm faces up. So the shoulders nice and open. Inhale. And on the exhale, engage the right side. Then left up, left up, lift up and lower down. Good and engage before you move XL. Lift, reach and lower down. Beautiful works. Three more. And XL left up, left up, left up and lower down. Two more. And Xcel left up. Reach and hold.

And and the last one, Xcel left up. Reach. Halden draw your ribs in. Give me a smile. Lift a little bit higher. Thank you. And come down all the way. Good. You can make golf your ball. So we will finish off with the back extension, the prone one, and prone to.

So we're gonna bring your top lighted spring back on. It's like the roller ball out of the way and lifted up. And then you're going to bring your push through bar and adjust. So first you can all lie down and then you can reach your arms forward. So again, just make sure all the straps and springs are not getting in the way. Hmm.

And again, make sure you're not going to let go of the SPA cirrus. Shift yourself back a little bit for me. That's great. So that your push through bar is in line with the frame. Draw your shoulders back. So the first thing, we're going to engage the Tia to protect that back. You're going to lengthen your neck as you reach you chased off the mat, keep the arms straight and prays down into the ball.

Hold the left the Chin for me, Sam. Good, nice. And in XL, love down, reach and stretch. And we go again in hell. Drew the shoulder. Blights lifting up. Give me the rassic extension and in XL down and we go one more in hell before we go into two. Nice back Sarah. Left, left, left and in cage the abdominals. As you exhale, lower them and reach ways. So number two, we're going to bend the elbows.

You're going to extend your arms up towards the ceiling. Then exhale, allow your spine to left up. Breathe into your back extensors. Hold it. They manly. Lift up more. Press with your palms into the ball. Yes, Mandy. Then you going to lower your body down sequentially through that spine. Bend your elbows and [inaudible] the ball forward and extend. And we go again in helping the elbows to the side.

Perris the arms up. Exhale, lifting up, reaching up, left, left, good and inhale beam. Then arms and reach down. Good. Just one more. The backs are looking good. We bean the elbows. Make sure those elbows points out to the side. Extend the arms. Allow your cervical spine, your sarcastic spine, left up, left up, left up. Reach and hold it Sam. Love with the Chin an inch for me.

Yes, hold it there, but not press into the ball with your palms. Feel your back. Draw your abs to balance that out. They lower the body down, down, down, down, being the elbows. Good. And press the arms through. I've got the bone, Mandy, the race of you. Make sure you put your bar comes up nice and slow and control. Press into your wrist. Position for me and setback to just stretch out your backs. Good work. Breathing in, breathing out and in hell and exhale and one more breath. Inhale and exhale.

Bring your hands under your shoulders. Tuck your toes under. Lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Walk your hands closer towards your feet so I could debrief in hell. And then on the XL drew diem terminals and roll up through your spine, curling up, rolling up into your most perfect posture. We're gonna do one roll. Then inhale and exhale.

Engage the abdominals rolling down. Feel the difference in your body between that first roll down and this roll down. After the session, take a deep inhalation and then exhale to roll back up. Rolling up, rolling up, standing tall, feeling proud. Present yourself and done well done.


Tash! First day back home. You just left Turkey. You are still right beside me! Loved the class. Matthieu popped his head in, looked at me and screamed: You are awesome! Can't wait for your other classes.
Love seeing more tower classes!!! Hope to see some more Reformer/Tower Combos. Great class Tash!!
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Oh, very nice Tower class, I can not wait to teach a few of these to my class!
I've just experienced some Pilates magic, again : started this class with a sciatica-type pain, never felt it through the exercises, and now, ... well, i feel i couldn't get it back even if i tried !! Loved the Basi warmup with the PT bar, and the side lift with the RU bar, and everything else really. And the lovely flow of it all. Many many thanks to you, Tash, and to PA, as usual :))
Loved this....and your accent made it even better! Especially loved the extra stretch in prancing, the balance work with arm springs, monkey-both ways, standing cat stretch with hip extensor work..,,thank you tash and thank you PA xoxo
Fantastic class! Worked everything seamlessly. Thank you:)
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Delicious workout and especially pleased you previewed the springs/setup prior to workout. Look forward to more tower with you.
I loved this workout!
Thank you! Love the variation on Monkey.
Awesome enthusiasm and flow!
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