Class #1912

Tower Workout

60 min - Class


This mixed level Tower Workout by Karen Sanzo explores Mat concepts in non-traditional Tower exercises to help you build your strength and control in order to advance your practice. Designed for all body types and all levels, Karen's insightful cuing will help you find a deeper connection with the movement in your body.
What You'll Need: Tower, Hand Weights, Reformer Box

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I love your classes, Karen, and this one is no exception: innovative exercises and -as always- impeccable cueing!
Thank you
Sabine!!!! I'm delighted you like this tower workout. Thanks for commenting.
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Love it love it. Great ideas for working with heavier clients. Thank you.
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This is such a great & creative workout Karen, as always! Great concepts and connections... & for me it was thinking "out of the box" & still making all the key connections of Pilates! I look forward to trying some of these out with my classes... Thank you for continuing to inspire me.
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Love the tower, thank you Karen for wonderful moves to add here, so precise, love your cues~
Lynn, Nimisha, and Sharon--- It's so fun to read comments. I have recently done this same workout and it was great to re-connect with the "connections".
Love this tower class! Thank you Karen
Really enjoyed this class. Love it when the instructors tell you how to set up the tower in advance and you flow through the exercises without interruption. Feel very stretched out. Thank you for a very satisfying workout.
This was a great workout. I feel the work, feel so connected. Thank you for an amazing session with wonderful cueing.
I love your clear & precise cueing! They well remind me how a simple exercise can go really deep
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