Explore Mat on the Tower<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1912

Explore Mat on the Tower
Karen Sanzo
Class 1912

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Thank you....can't wait to share....will be using a stability ball (on a ring) instead of a long box with the Pilatesstick! So many gems in this one, esp the effect the arms have overhead or stretching. Thank you....love learning from you...and PA
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Agree with all the above with regard to the very clear cueing. Enjoyed learning new ways to use the springs, handles, push-thru bar and long box. Thanks.
Karen Sanzo
THANK YOU to all the recent folks who commented on this fun, tower combination..... I loved creating this class.
Returning in August for MORE. Stay tuned..
you are so clear and creative!
I love your job and your way to explain!
I really enjoy this class, thank you!
Karen Sanzo
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Hello Argentina!!
Thanks for the comment.
Heading to Pilates Anytime soon.
Next week at this exact time, we will be filming more goodies.
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This is the second time i've done this class, and I loved it even more the second time. The clear, precise cuing let advanced practitioners challenge themselves while many of the exercises are also great for clients with less experience. Beautifully done, creative class.
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I think you are a wonderful instructor. Thank you. You inspire me. I learn something new every time I watch one of your videos.
Debora Sandiford
Absolutely love this class! The cues, the creativity!
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Loved this creative class with such sound cues. Love Karen’s teaching. So glad I discovered you! Thanks PA 
Karen, this was amazing. No idea how I missed this one. Loved it.
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