Class #1924

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Open your hips in this Reformer Stretch workout with Anthony Lett. He stretches all of the major muscles in the hip joint to help release the tight areas of the hip. These hip openers will make your Pilates practice and daily activities easier, because you will have more range of movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box)

About This Video


This class that we're going to do is called hip openers. So, well we're going to try and do is stretch all of the major muscles of the hip joint so that the front anterior muscles, the...


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great class too bad the video won't play all the way through. Please check this
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My reformer is in a bit of a tight space, so it made the final exercise a bit tricky.
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Love this! Thanks Anthony, awesome class
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Excellent stretches for hips, thighs, etc. Just what I needed today!
Thanks everyone. .
So glad you enjoyed it. Please send some photos to our Facebook page!
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Excellent! 6 1/2 weeks out of hip replacement: An excellent way to get back into shape.
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Really loved this! I am 3 weeks after a groin surgery and I managed It! I am loving your focus on stretching Anthony. Thank you so much for some great new ideas!!
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Hi Clare, I m delighted you found it beneficial. Be careful too- 3 weeks isn't much time to heal. :)
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Fun. Great stretches. I am used to doing some of these with yoga and it was a nice change to use reformer.
Thanks Kimberly, glad you enjoyed it. There are certainly parallels with Yoga and my work. After all, how many different ways can you stretch a human body! The reformer is just an exquisite tool that facilitates the work.
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