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In this Mat class, Meredith fulfills a request for an arm sculpting workout using the Magic Circle. She focuses on the relationship to the ring while using it to give your body feedback. Meredith encourages you to notice what is happening in your body and where you are directing your energy.
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Nov 30, 2014
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Today we're going to work with the magic circle. I got a um, request for a some arm sculpting, so that's very exciting. We're going to do some more. I'm sculpting. What I want you to do as we begin is just stand on your feet, look down at your feet and make sure that they are facing straight ahead of you both facing forward. Hold your ring in the palms, in the heels of your hands and let your fingers just rest extended. Take your ring just wherever it lands with straight arms and press it in towards your body. As you press the ring back into your body, feel the back upper back engage, and then inhale, just release that press and excise you. Press back, feel the spine has the opportunity and the potential to grow, to lift, to lengthen, and then release the press. And we'll do that one more time.

Keep in mind that as we're pressing into the rain, we're going to do it with a lot of different parts of our body that the ring is circular, cylindrical, like your trunk, right? So we can think of squeezing the ring, not just with our arms with squeeze it now with your upper arms and then feel that you can guide that upper arm energy into the sides of your body, into your waist, all the way through the midline of your body. So let's keep that in mind as we work today and inhale, and as we exhale, we're going to take it away. Roll down. So we're going to let the head go down. Just a gentle upper arm squeeze. So I never want you to really feel that you're scripting with your hands just at the upper arm bones are gliding towards one another.

The top of the head is going to reach down through the ring as though you're diving into it. Take a breath in, and then as you exhale we're going to start to curl back up. So feel that gentle upper arms squeeze. Feel the lift through the center of the body, and you can even reach your arms forward in relationship to that to create an oppositional resistance. Come all the way up to standing. As you come to standing, press the ring into your legs and this time go into back extension. So from the top of the back or the top of the head through the upper spine.

And then let the press go and Xcel roll the spine down so you could feel as though the arms are heavy. And then there's lift oppositional lift right up into your trunk. So there's always room to work in. Two directions here. Inhale and exhale, drawing in through the center of your body. Upper arms. Squeeze out the fingers. You just be pretty relaxed. Feel the pelvis move underneath you as you start stacking your spine up and then let the head be the last thing to come up.

Take the arms in front of you in here. Just watch it. The elbows aren't locked, Aaron, and Exhale, press the ring, upper arms, press ribs, get involved, abdominals, get involved. And then inhale your ring a part and feel that you can expand in the same way. Span the ribs and exhale, gather energy and press the air out of the body and inhale, expand into the body. And one more like that Xcel press pressing the air out of the body.

Inhale, expand into the body. Let the fingers relax. So you're very gently, almost just hovering the ring in your hands and begin to reach your ring over your head as the ring comes over your head. Feel that it's pulling your spine through space holding here we inhale towards the ocean so we let the ring carry us over. Let your pelvis drift in the opposite direction and then take your bottom hand and use your bottom hand energy to press yourself back up. Inhale as you reach over. It's not that I don't want you to work your waist, I do, but I feel that it will work as it needs to on its own. And then use that bottom.

I'm stabilizing and then reaching over to the first side, holding here, take the rink, turn it so that the handles face parallel to each other and take the head through the rings who getting a little rotation there. We reach back and we lift all the way back in hills. We reach up first, then over letting the pelvis drift XL. As you turn the ring, feel the abdominals draw back. For those of you pull out these enthusiasts, it's a lot like butterfly in my, in my mind. Inhale as you come back then lifting up.

We're going to separate the feet pretty wide here and bring the ring down in front. So from here, assess that your trunk is right over your pelvis. We're going to press into the ring and bend the knees yet. So just notice Justin, lean back a little bit with your upper body. That's it. And then and Jim, lean back a little with your upper body and then pull the ring apart as your arm. Straighten. Inhale as we precedents, squeeze, lowering down. Exhale as we pull the ring apart so maybe it makes more sense to exhale down so we can make the ribs do what the breath is doing and inhale to stand up.

Or You could just choose whichever breast suits you better, whatever. But do brief. I'm going to do one more press and squeeze and lower pull and reach holding. Here. We're all gonna rotate towards the ocean so all 10 toes are going to face forward, but I'm on my back toes. My heel is lifted, my back heel is lifted.

From here we're going to oppress. Bend both knees, bring the ring towards the center of the chest, pull the ring apart. As you stand up, straightening both legs, press, bring the ring towards the center of the chest. Notice if you like to roll out away from your big toe. And if you do, see if you can put a little more pressure on it. So we've got equal pressure through the toes and reach. We'll do two more. Taking a pretty big then looking for a stretch to the hip flexor and reach and one more press and reach.

So now here's a little bit of challenge, right? Early on we're going to bend the elbows and bend the knees. Stay here. Put Your weight over your front leg, keep the ring right up next to your chest, stretch your back lay, and then tip so that the back leg leaves the floor and you try to bring your body parallel to the floor. The standing leg is still bent and then tip back up and land lightly on a straight back leg. Put Your weight in your front leg. We kicked the back leg up, it leaves the floor, we reach up. You can press into your ring. You can just hold your ring.

Do gather energy through the center of your body and reach back and more upright. Back leg strong and straight. [inaudible] and then shifts onto that front like you weight that leg. We reach that leg back. Hold here. We're going to straighten the arms and straight in the leg and then straight in the arms. I'm going to go a little bit in front of me, cause my maths in front of me, but everyone else can just reach down. All right if my maths and my way last one, we reach out, we bend back in. We take a big setback. We bring our body up, right?

We swivel back through center. So there we are. Yeah, back into that plea. A position in a turn towards the other side of the room. Escaping a little energy in that ring. You're going to stretch both legs and stretch pole on the ring as the arms straight and pull it apart with your upper back with your shoulder blades and then press into it and bend. Yeah, a little wider stance. Gym Is gonna be better for you. Take a bigger step. Yeah, that's better. Pull apart and stretch everything. Squeeze.

And then everything keeping the body nice and tall. Right over the top of the pelvis. Pull apart and stretch and everything. Benz, knee joints, elbow joints. Good. Deb, lift your body up right there last to reach you out and bend just a little standing work to wake us up. Last one, reach out and bend. Hold yourself here. So now here we shift with a flat back. We straightened the back leg, we put our weight on our front leg and we just lift the back like just floats up and then we reach back way far away. Keep the back leg straight, enlist the spine so you can get a stretch there even with this leg straight. And then we kicked the back leg up and reach. Stepping up onto that, standing that supporting Lee back leg, super strong.

Lift it up high and then reach back and stand up. Here we go. One more time. We reach, we step up onto that leg. We hold their arms and the legs are gonna Straight in at the same time and bend at the same time. Stirrings in at the same time. Keep that back leg strong and bend one more. Pull up with your abs like that's what's lifting you and bend.

And then big step back. Lift the body swivel back to center. Stretch the legs up and walk in or step in. And then we'll come to the mat and sit down. So I'm going to start sitting this way. We're going to take the ring in case it just under the Patella, just under the kneecap.

What I want you to do here is just inhabit your body for a moment while I stretch my cramping. Hiplet sorry. There we go. And then we draw down with the ring and we will lift the spine up. In inhale, as you exhale, feel that the chest doesn't move much, but the pelvis moves, it slides away from you so you're simply trying to round your lower spine without collapsing your whole whole spine. So it's just your tailbone. You'll feel change. Your chest is still endeavoring to stay lifted and then press down into your knees and use the ring to help you build your spine up. Beautiful in here and exhale.

Feel the pelvis slipping out from underneath you. Draw back navel to spine, scooping and hollowing and then lift up. Another one of my favorite things to think about in any articulating movements is creating a tunnel. So can you create a tunnel with your sitting bones and your pubic bone sliding forward and up and the lower spine rounding and then left. So we're going to make it bigger. We're going to find that first position curling.

Lift the ring up off your knees without collapsing your chest. Still we're going to just start to slide our body back. Rounding, trying to lengthen the spine down into the mat. Don't collapse. We're not going all the way down. We're going to find our way just to the tips of the shoulder blades. From there, right at the tips of the shoulder blades are going to inhale and lifts the ringer and Exhale, give it a little upper arm squeeze side body squeeze as you lower it in front of you. Inhale, lift the ringer and Exhale, press sai body, upper arms squeeze and inhale. If they're [inaudible] and exhale, press down, pause for an inhale and then as you exhale, start rolling yourself back up.

Still never collapsing the chest forward but trying to reach up long, long, long. And then let's take the ring up overhead and then bring the ring back forward and now we're going to rotate the body towards me. This rectangular position you have, or this orientation of the collarbones to the ring stays the same. We're going to roll down the spine on that side of the spine. Think long. Think control knees are connected and a pass in heel to rotate all the way across to the opposite side. XL to roll up that sigh, lifting up with control, reaching all the way, and then de rotate. Inhale. As you rotate the opposite direction, Xcel as we curl around, he elongating sliding the bottom of the ribs away from the top of the pelvis. Oh, Deb, we're still there. Yeah, and now we're going. Now you come. Yes, that's right. And now you roll. Elongate, deepen, deepen, deepen, and lift and center. And now we're going to go this way again and I'm going to make eyes big surprise. So we're going to go, here comes the surprise. It goes like this.

We're going to stay at the bottom. I'm going to take your bottom hand out from underneath the ring. You're going to put your ring on the floor. So now your underneath hand is reaching through. Now I want you to press with your top hand and curl up and back.

And it's like you're pressing the pressure down on the ring. Helps you curl and curl up, and we'll do two more. Curling up and back and curling. And now back in. Now can we hold ourselves still and pick up the ring? We're going to roll up this same side of the body.

Controlled and calm like that was not easy, not hard, very easy. Make it look easy anyway, right? We try to rotate the other way. Roll down tailbone [inaudible] excuse me, rib sliding away from the pelvis. Take the bottom hand out from underneath the ring. Set the ring down on the floor and then we press down and slide the arm through and down. Check in with your knees. Make sure they're in the center and facing upright.

Here's number three out of five and Eh, two. Nice, and and on and on. And now we take that ring in our hands and we curl ourself all the way back up that side. And then we find center and in center we're going to roll down. Start lifting your ring up if you want a little bit of a challenge. So you lengthen your spine down. The higher the ring goes, the harder it is to control and reach all the way down onto your back.

Slide yourself close to your feet and separate your feet a little bit. So about sip phones, distance apart. You're going to reach and put the ring between your knees. So we're working here in a neutral pelvic position. The arms are going to reach down to our sides.

We're going to press into the ring here and now we're not using the upper arms, we're not using their arms anymore, but from the lower half of the body, squeezing the ring and releasing, you can still generate that energy that's side to side. Body energy, pulling everything core sitting things towards your middle and three more presses just like that. So we squeezed. It's interesting just to observe. If one leg moves faster or one league squeezes harder, maybe one leg gets tired faster. Just note all of these things you can learn about yourself. Pause here and then pressing into the ring. We articulate the lower spine up. So Lapel, this leaves the floor, the knees come into alignment with the shoulders. The head rests on the Mat.

I love it. Just seeing, just will drop your ribs down just a little bit and now we're going to squeeze again. Five squeezes and we're kind of slow. Kind of like you're milking are squeezing a lemon, right? When you squeeze the limit, you don't just squeeze the halfway, squeeze until all the juice and maybe a little pope comes out to squeeze your pulp out and then keep squeezing and roll down through your spy all the way. And now low drop the tailbone, reached the arms up, bring the hands behind the head. We're going to do a little upper body lower body rocking.

So first we're going to curl the head and chest up, but you're just pressing into your ring. The pelvis is heavy. And from there we're going to do a little tilt, a little pelvic tilt. So the belly button pulls down the pubic bone, comes towards the tip of the nose, and then we're going to lower the pelvis and we're going to lower the upper spine. And now we're going to curl the pelvis up so we stand on our feet, squeeze the ring, lift rolling up, reaching the knees away and sliding the heels back and then rolling down. So coordinating the dropping of the pelvis with the lifting of the chest and then coordinate that changing in a little bit. The dropping of the chest with the curling of the pelvis.

So we feel here that the spine moves from one, from the top to the bottom seamlessly, and then curl the spine down and then curl the chest, Sta and Ponce and curl the spine down in. Pause when you get there in a step, the feet together. So you're still holding your ring, but your toes are touching. Slide your feet closer to you until you feel that you can lift your ring off the floor. You're ringing your feet without trouble. Elbows are down. We're going to exhale. Flow the ring. Give it a little squeezes.

You lift it up in. Y'All feel the heaviness of the bottom side of the ribs as you take the toes down towards the floor. Exhale, draw in. Float the knees towards the chest. As the knees come in, it's tempting to lift the tailbone. Please try not to inhale to reach down. Exhale as we float the knees in. How? As we draw, exhale as we float.

We're going to hold here and to keep the ring between the knees and we're going to tilt the pelvis towards me. In here. The opposite elbow is your anchor. The opposite Scapula is reaching wide, it's not coming towards the center of the spine. And then from that side of the body draw in, could even push with your bottom like kind of what like what we talked about when we were standing on our feet in heels, you reach over, anchor with the opposite side, and exhale as we pull back, pressing with the bottom leg to assist you to come center in here and exhale, feeling that cross connection of the bottom legs, upper body opposites. Last one in here and x in the lower the feet down. Nice and calm. We're going to take the hands from behind the head, lift and reach forward. Take your ring out of your legs, slide your legs together on the man, and then as your head comes down, the ring will come over your chest.

And then we're going to take the ring up overhead. And this time we're gonna. Usually we hold the ribs down, but today we're going to let the ribcage lift and then feel that you, the ring will probably just hover off the floor as the ribs come back into the mat. From there, lift the head, chest and spine. Look forward. As you exhale, we're gonna curl the body so we can press into the ring a little bit. I want you to reach forward. Bend your arms, lift your back, pull the ring into the chest, press the ring forward and curl the spine, and then you can choose right if you want to tone your arms. If you really want a lot of arm work, use your arms a lot.

If you didn't want to work your arms less, decide to do that and then the head comes down in the arms region, but we keep the ribs heavy this time. Inhale the head, chest and arms come up and the ring comes to the thighs. We pause, we curl the spine up from there. Nice Debra. We find our round shape and then we bring the ring into the chest as though the arms could potentially pull the chest a little bit straighter. That's it, Jim. Awesome around and push. We're going to do two one rolling back. See what it feels like to push into your pinky fingers instead of your whole hands and feel that there's like a shoveling or a scooping in the scapula or your wing bones, your shoulder bones. Inhale, bring the head in. Chester. Exhale to curl in, trolling, trying not to lead with the face too much and then bring the ring into the chest. So as you roll down, maybe instead of looking downwards, maybe we just look through the ring like it's a portal into another dimension for me. It's a portal into the sunset and that's pretty awesome. Yeah, a gym dimension. Yeah. I get the sunset and Jim m Doug gets Jim. Awesome.

Well, you know in life you just have to take what we already spoke about. This you what you get and if you don't, you'll learn too. That's LFL life lesson pod. He's life lessons. Bring the ring into your chest. Stay here. We're gonna flex the feet, keep this spine straight, and then keep this relationship. So I want you to feel that you're not shifting your hands around.

So build the spine and then inhale and then exhale, spiral, spiral. So the ring stays right with you. You can even touch your body with you if you have any doubt about what's happening. And then center. And then exhale as you spiral. Doing that kind of slow. We're lifting as we aspire and then coming back and then exhale, lift.

And he and Hillary feed our flex. I myself am envious of blossoms feet, so I'm trying to make my feet do it. She, her feet are doing what? You're rurally flexing with the toe spread. Nice. And why? So gathering inspiration all the time. Rotating, lift and center and rotating. Lifting and center. So I'm gonna change it a little bit.

We're going to inhale in turn, we're going to excellent stretch. We're going to take Jeff the arms now and take them a little further. Oh look, there goes the spine. Now reach the arms up. Ooh, I forgot to tell you what breath to do, but you'll breathe and then down and then bend and center and in Hilton Stitcher, and I'll try now and exhale to stretch. And inhale is just the arms go to the side further, further, further the arms. We'll take the spy and then exhale the arms, lift the spine and inhale. The arms can lower and exhale we can pull in and center.

So let's do it again. Turn, pick a breath. Pattern, press. It's too confusing for me. Just arms. I'll do the words. Then the arms lift. The spine goes up, up, up. Then the arms come down. But the spine keeps growing. It gets longer, and then we bend and we feel wet. Why do we feel, here's that idea. Go as you're bending your elbows, go ahead and stretch. I'll get back. Turn the arms more. Lift arms, lower the arms as you're bending your elbows.

Feel that the hands are really light. They're almost pulling off the ring, but you have to hold the ring. Your elbows are trying to pull your hands away from the ring at the same time as you're holding it. We're going one more time as an idea. Twist forward more girl, low bend, center to west, stretch to the arm. Go further. Reach all over down the van, the elbows come to center.

Bend your knees gladly, right. Take the ring and just hook it right over the tops of your ankles. Slide your feet and very close to you. And then like we did in the beginning, let the ring hold you up as you just try to tilt in and around the lower spine a little deeper. Then we're going to draw into the wayside and we're going to float the feet. I want you to press your legs into one another.

We're going to do some rolling like a ball. So we're going to rock back and we're going to roll up and we try to keep that position really symmetrical and rock back and Ooh and rock back. So we're always striving for balance. Striving for, I don't know, the closest thing to perfection that we can find, but is there ever really a perfect, I don't think so. One more and in my body anyway. Maybe in your sake, the ring up out from your legs. I'm going to slowly roll the spine down. Slowly. Roll this fine. Yeah. Nice. Nice. Nice. Oh look. Here we are on the double leg stretch position, tailbone down. Inhale the arms, reach the legs, reach, find energy there and then pull back. Inhale the arms and legs reach.

Maybe you do a little upper arm squeeze as you press. Don't let your body fall down, Justine. When your arms go over your head reach. I love it. And back and reach and so the body's law and her reach and back. I'm going to go three more times. Here it is. Inhale and pull and in and pull and one more and pull.

So allow your body to come down long enough for you to take the ring and put it just underneath your skull, right where your occiput is, where your head meets your neck. Put your hands on the underneath of the ring. Pull yourself back up and into flection. So now we're going to take the right leg and we're going to stretch it out at I distance the left knee is going to pull in. So now you have two energies, one out, one in and now switch and hold for just a moment. Little higher with the legs done. Yeah, there. And then switch in whole the elbows are pulling wide. So all of the time, no matter what you're doing with your trunk, with your legs, you can always find some work, some support through the upper part of the body, through the upper back and reach and reach.

And maybe as that straight leg goes, we try to bring the body with it, but body up and reach. We're going to rotate now. So here it is. We reach across, tip the knee and across knee to elbow. Try not to pull your head with the ring to get your knee to touch your elbow, but instead to lift the ribs off. The finding all a lot of control, a lot of stability through your center. And we'll do three more. Here's one and one and two and two, and pull in in a cross cross body connections. Although there was that three, I think it was three. So now we take the ring. We're not going to lay down. Nope. We're going to send the legs a little further away.

We're going to see if we can, whoa, fine. Up, up, up. Take your wrist, feet into your ring. Pull your legs straight. Ooo, tip your pelvis forward if you're me. No, no, no one else do that. Just bring your legs towards your body and lift your body towards your ring and then bend. And we're going to separate the legs. So from there I want you to take your ring and put it in front of you. Yeah. Heels of the hands resting on top. I'm going to go this way for a while.

Okay. This is not such a nice view. Inhale, lift. So now we're going to do a flection with pressure on the ring. So you're just going to draw and I'd actually don't want you to tilt your pelvis back this time. I want you to try to do flection from your upper body instead and now start to roll your body forward and the is going to go on. It's on the edge.

We've got to stay in control of it. Okay, so the rings on the Diag I don't have now. Now I want, I want you to do to come back up, I want you to lift your chest, press down into your ring, reach out on that diagonal line through your spine a little more than with the breastbone den, and then lift the ring back up, right again, again, exhale. Initially we just do up through the waist to press down on the ring. Then we continue pulling back through the waist is the ring travels forward right on its edge and look for the precipice there where you feel like you might lose control and maybe you do lose control and that's okay. Life is also about losing control. Sometimes reach out through your chest, feel the spine elongation and sit up. So what I mean by that is like we can't really challenge ourselves.

Let's go again to the utmost of our capacity. Right, for always afraid of losing it so we lose. It happens to me more often than not to be frank. So here we go. We're going to lift the spine. We're going to hold the back long, keep the length in the spine, and now just press down on the ring and grow and release. Press down on the ring and grow longer and release and down on the ring. So it's like you're pumping your lungs out through your chest, out through the top of your head. I love your back, Deb. I love it so much. I love all your backs, but I know how hard that is for her.

So I'm pleased and then set up all the way. Take the ring in your hands. We'll all twist towards me first. So the variation of the saw. So you're going to rotate. I want that outside hand. The one that just got closer to me to go on the underneath. Then you're going to reach trying to take that underneath hand to the foot.

You're going to build the spine Baca de rotate the ring and pull yourself to center. Inhale. As you twist. Exhale as we reach in dive. Nice. Grow the spine. Baca, rotate the ring back to straight and center. Inhale, rotate. So the rings like a steering wheel, like in a race car in, in a race car, there's g force and you have to go. The body has to go with the force against the wheel and center as an idea in here and reach and layer your body. Go with that bottom ring and then reach back up and then center and come back.

And last time, inhale, twist, exhale down. And it can be a real dive there. Let yourself go a little and then left and then center and last set. So we die, we left, we find center and we lower the rank down and we going to lie on our side now. And what I want you to do with your ring is put it in between your ankles please.

What did I say? I said please. I did say please. And if you don't then we'll see what I say. Then we'll see what comes out of my mouth next. There's no telling. Okay. So make sure that when you set your arm that it's not in front of you, that it's in line with the rest of your body. And then just keep your hand right in the front of you, keeping the feet down on the floor for just a moment.

Press down with the top leg to stabilize the ring and then try to lift the bottom like without actually lifting it into the ring and feel how that lift can energize the bottom side of the waist. Now we're gonna reach the rings so far away that it's going to start. So float up off the mat and all of that energies happening through our midsection and then down inhale, but we're not going all the way down. We're going to use that rule though, that idea of pushing up into the ring with the bottom, like to energize the bottom waist as well as the top. And then down the ring is always reaching away from you as though it can pull the spine long. So we did that before.

We've done that lots actually with the ring in our arms, right? We've pulled our spine taller, but now can we pull our spine longer with our lower half and down and we'll do four more reaching and down. And if you're brave like Deb, you can take your hand off the Mat and put it on your side or lifted into the air or reach it over your head or whatever. An interesting thing to notice is are both knees facing forward. Maybe. Hopefully hold here. Now everybody take your hand if you can.

If you can't just leave it down, but see if you can take your hand off the floor and the rest of it on your thigh and then start to feel your fingertips reach up towards your knee and try to left through the upper body, holding the legs still and then down we'll do three. We reach that on breaching can hand down. Yeah, I don't. One reaching lifting the lower waist. I love it. I love it. And yeah, here's my transition. We're going to take the ring forward and let the round bit rest on the Mat. Going to take your bottom like out. Slide the ring back up, right place the bottom foot down inside.

Put the top foot inside. So now both legs are inside of the ring. We're going to pick the ring up and place it just a little bit in front of us. Okay. Now lift your head and look down and you might see that one of your feet is significantly closer to you. Try to make that not be the case.

So the back has long. Now we're going to press the bottom leg down, top, leg up, bottom leg down, top leg up to there. Yeah, the ring stays on the floor. And if anything you're trying to turn the like firstly to parallel me into a little bit of internal rotation with the knee facing down. So we're really trying to target that upper hip. I'm gonna do three more here and two and one. Then we're going to bend the knee and take it over the top of the ring. So keeping adjust that high.

We're going to swing forward and back and forward and back and forwards. You've got to clear the ring every time and back and forward and back and full forward. Meredith, you've got to clear the ring every time and forward and back and last to using that bottom lake for stabilization. Now and forward. Hold you late to the back of you. Press Down with the hand that's on the floor, come up onto the elbow of the other arm and then use the forearm that you just put on the floor to slide towards your body so that your body can now rotate towards that arm and then reach that free like back away from you. And maybe if you push your arms into the mat and lift your chest will get a little front body stretch. Then we're going to do eight little leg lifts there on lifting up and back to kind of slow. Find your high point and try to maximize it. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight bent and sit up.

We'll take the ring, we'll bring it around to the other side. Nothing, nothing fancy there. Just get in there. Okay, so aligning on nice and strain. Check the knees, the face, straight ahead. Check the alignment of your body. Check where your arm is in space. I love that you guys are holding hands. That makes me so happy and love it. I love it.

Okay, so what we did to begin was we pushed down with the top layer and then we felt like we were trying to lift the bottom leg up. So that's where we get our lower waste energy. And then we're going to float the legs. We're going to float through next and then they're going to go away from us to go down and they're going to go away from us to lift up. Remember that you're trying to get, make your body longer so as though you could reach and stand on the wall that's furthest away from you or that's closest to your feet rather.

And then lifting, working both sides of the body, lifting and down. We'll do about four more like reaching out energy. So in these real simple movements, they're my favorite because I feel like you can really concentrate on all of your pieces and there there's nothing flailing around yet. And I don't mean flailing really except injustice, but you can really gather all your energy and having some feedback with the ring also helps. So there's that. Now you can take your hand on your thigh, you can leave it on the fourth one to leave it on the floor. It works just as well to do that. [inaudible].

So you're going to reach your arm down your thigh and to try to bring the ribs a little closer to the pelvis on that side. And then you're going to reach back down before you go anywhere with your arm or any part of your body. Pull your navel to your spine, scoop your waist and lift. We only have three, so there's lots of, there's this is our last chance to make it our very best movement ever. And then we come all the way down and then we take the ring and we let the ring part come down so that we can take our foot out. And then we put the ankle and then the ankle.

Oh Man. And then pick it up, move it forward. So it's just on a little bit of a diagonal, like a Bandana or an owl. And now more of a banana. So push that foot forward, that top foot. So it's level with the bottom foot. Now we're going to push bottomley down top, like up. So now instead of the inside of the leg, we're working the outside of the leg.

But guess what? You can still generate work even as the legs press away from one another. Work oppositionally through the sides of your body. So the legs press out. But the sides squeeze. Oh Jim, the bottom, they can stay on the ground. You'll be so much happier. There it is. So you're just working your hips really last two and last one. So now we're going to bend that knee.

It's going to go over the time. I need my hand for balance here. So feel free if you want to not use it. That's also brave. So we're going to bring the like foam with you, Aaron and back. GERUNDS making I'm tired. Faces forward and back.

And so yeah, fo forward and that he just look at our balance here and back. We go four more times and maybe it was easier on one side to keep the leg out. That's also an interesting thing to watch for it too. I don't know. I'm always looking for that sort of thing. Solving my own puzzle, attempting to solve my own puzzle. Haven't gotten there yet though unfortunately. Last one.

So here it is. Now we're going to keep the leg back and stretch out with it and then use the hand that's on the mat and slide up onto the elbow and then rotate. So I like to, I think about this for, I'm sliding towards my body in this hand, pulling my back forward so both of my arms are very active in there, helping me lift my chest up and then the leg is reaching back and I want you to find the height of your left and then push against it for eight and seven and six Paul, four, three, two well and then Ben, and then look where we are here. No class would be finished complete without some ring pushups. Do you know the ring pushup? You're going to love it. It's the best trick you get diamond rings with your ring pushups. So for different bodies with different arms, uh, I can't say anything except for what you're going to do is find where the ring kind of fits underneath your body. And when your arms are straight, you're not going to have a lot of tension so you could like sink down on it and that it's going to give you that kind of tension.

But for now we're pretty light on it. So from there we're going to step a leg back and we're going to step another leg back. And so try to lift off the ring. Jim, Tuck your tailbone just a little bit. Lower your pelvis. We're going to bend the elbows and now as you bend your arms, the ring holds you against gravity so that you can really work from your back and stretch your arms back straight. Inhale to bend the elbows and exhale and stretch. I'm gonna do one more. And XL, it's his stretch.

So now let's play with keeping the body still in bending the knees, rolling over the toes and pressing back and rolling over the toes. And pressing the one more. What do you think, Aaron? Can we do it again? Yeah, yeah. Okay. So the arms now bent and press bent and harass, bend and press. And now her knees, the pelvis stays, the abdominals are in and press. I don't. Nice. So they hover and press and nice and press. And then now everything down.

And now back off three I lie down on your friend and your stomach. Okay, so here's what I want you to do. Take the ring in the heels of your hands. So we're going to keep the head just off the map, but right now our arms are resting on the mat. Now I want you to lift like you have an ice cube underneath your belly button and lift like you have ice cubes underneath your thighs.

Just a little bit of attention to those parts of your body. Now we're going to just float the arts, just flow. And then we're going to bend the elbows. And here's another place where you can feel your not, I don't want you to squeeze, I don't want you to squeeze it all. I want you to slide your shoulders down like the shoulder blades or the movement action for the ring. And then as the ring goes back in front of you, we slide the shoulder blades down still more and then lower the yards. So that's the idea. Here we go again.

Belly button, icy cold legs. And then just the arms. It's a hovercraft. It's an inch off the mat. And here's where I liked the idea of the hands are trying to get pulled away from the ring while still holding the ring as we bend and then stretch. Nice juste and I like it. Leave your arms on the floor. It works perfectly and down. We have one more to go.

So arms flow, belly pulls in. Now if you want to, if you so desire, you could try to pick your body up as your ring comes towards you, up to you, not not required. And then lower it down. As the ring comes down, we're all going to lower the ring down and they going to turn it so it faces up. So hardest thing is to be on the top. I rarely like to go there. I like to do about a 10 and to Justin you might even go a little lower. I don't know the answer, but just so you have some push. So from here we're going to let the head come up.

The head's going to pass the arms. The legs are energized, we keep lifting, and now we feel that the nose is pulling the breastbone up. And now see if you can lighten up on the ring. Don't push on it unless you have to. And then lighten up and see about pulling it towards you. So you're lifting up and then reaching forward. Keep the eyes up until the last minute. Okay, so the last thing to look down and the first thing to lift up, we lift our eyes, we lift our nose, we reach the legs away from us. We slide the spine. Do you how high you want to live?

You could go up to your maximum. You don't have to. You go where you want to. What I want you not to do is skip your upper back muscles. Are they reaching? We're going to do one more time. When a slide, they're ringing gonna reach Ya. And then I want you to hold and eat. If wherever you are float your legs and just reach up off the floor, going to bend the knees and the knees, opening up the whole friend side of the body and reach, ah, one more.

Then the knees lifting this during the roll over the top of the ring or through the ring or or something. And the light goes down, legs go down, the body goes down. You know, let the ring rest. But it's a bed. Put your hands underneath your shoulders, your forearms. Press with your forums to lift up onto your knees and then just either slide your knees in or walk your hands away from you so that you can read. Yeah, and sit back on your feet. Then from there I'm and have you tuck your toes under and have you bring your hands back towards your knees.

Push into your feet so you roll over your feet and then you're going to make your way up to standing. So we lift the hips up. I'm going to step down onto the floor. Yeah. Make your way into standing and then roll through your spine and lift yourself up all the way and then turn your bodies to face me again. So channel, take the arms just down next to the body. We're gonna energize now see what it feels like not to have restrictions, not to have something that you have to squeeze, but instead feel that there's an expansiveness, right?

And then reach out. So we squeeze all day long. And that's all right. We have them. That's for, that's real. But then what about remembering your reach to create out energy, not just in energy. And then let's let the arms just float and be heavy or light. Maybe they feel for me, they feel like they're going to go with us as we roll down through our spine rounding, checking in, pausing at the bottom. We're just going to rest the hands on the floor. And Ben, one need, say the right knee has the right knee bends, let slip that.

But all of this drift over to the left. So we get a little stretch in that side of the pelvis, that hip and then stretch center, feel the pelvis come back level, and then Ben reached to the other side and then stripped center. I'm going to soften my knees for this last one. You do what? You want, leg, straight or bent. I feel that with the knees bent, the lower back has more of an opportunity to move too round, to stretch, to feel. So we roll up and now again, so you reached the arms and feel that there is potential for growth, spinal growth, energetic growth, and then we reach Ah, ah, ah, take that openness. I maybe we hold onto it [inaudible].


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Adorei o push ups com magicle circle. Obrigada
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Great standing workout at the beginning. I really liked your statements during the class, Meredith. For example: "Life is also about losing control sometimes". I agree! :)
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loved her!
Thanks guys! This one was extra special because Blossom stopped by for class. :)
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Regenerated!!! Thank you..... I'm looking forward meeting you in Italy
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Very inspiring. Thanks you. I love your style!
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You are an excellent teacher, thanx!
I appreciate your comments, folks. Thanks for taking class with me. Chiara, I am excited to meet you too. :)
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Great I adore
Thank you, Maureen!
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