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Strong Powerhouse Flow

55 min - Class


If you need to feel your muscles again after the holiday break, then you will love Monica Wilson's strong Mat workout. She mixes in a few Reformer exercises so you can go deeper into your powerhouse. This workout is a wonderful way to kickoff the new year!
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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All right. So we are going to be doing a workout for the new year in case we have eaten a little bit more than we wanted to or just want to really feel our muscles. Again, this isn't going to be a strong intermediate advanced mat. It's going to have a little bit of reformer workout in here and it's just gonna really work on your powerhouse, on slimming the waist, slimming the hips, working long the legs and some good arm plank work stabilization and triceps in our pushups. So, uh, we will do short box. So if you have a reformer bar, great. If you don't, you can always just hold a towel, like a nice hand towel between your hands when you do it.

Or You could put one hand over the other behind your head, any different options. But just so you know, before we begin our mat, okay. I like working on the grots, uh, lifted mat with our two boxes and it has a strap at the end, which will be also using for our short box exercises. If you don't have this mat, you just have a yoga mat, that's fine. You could, if you need a little help, like a strap help slip your feet under a couch or a big heavy club chair or something like that. But if you don't need any help and you're really strong, you can challenge yourself and do the whole short box series without a strap and that's absolutely acceptable. And, and the next level up, so we're going to start with our sit. We're going to put one arm on top of the other. Feel the earth with your feet, with the ball of every foot. Lift your arch. Have your weight more on the ball of your foot than your heel.

Good with the earth pushing away. Feel your inner thighs. Lift your pelvic floor, lift your powerhouse in and up. That's beautiful. Good. Let the shoulders relax cause your stomach is lifting your sternum. Pull into your left side just a little more awesome. And with the energy out the crown of your head, put one foot in the front of the other and go ahead and lower yourself down to the mat. So still keep your energy up. Hmm, I like that your stomach's lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting.

And you lower yourself down and then put your hands behind you and lift your bottom back halfway and roll out and stretch out. Reach your arms in one direction and reach your legs. Really stretching. We're going to get ready for the hundred. Yeah. Doesn't that feel nice? And you can reach your arms up to the ceiling and reach them down by your side, which leaving your head good. Dry your knees into your chest. Good. And I'm going to have you start off with your head up, looking at your powerhouse. Good.

And really think about your frame and your powerhouse is pulling in. It's going to pull up against your legs that are reaching in the opposite direction. So stretch your legs out. Beautiful and pump. Inhale, really briskly pumping. But the main focus I want you to get, Juliana, is maybe tad bit lower with these. Let's get our uh, bottom of our shoulder blades on the mat. Good is really feeling and getting comfortable with your belly pulling in and up. I don't want it pushing out at all. And it's really easy to do that. But then we're using the quads. Yes. And we're going to keep reaching long with the back of your legs.

Good. Britt. Pump a little more briskly. Good. Yeah. Really wake up that body. We don't always do it like that, but it's nice to do it every now and then. Two more. Squeeze the legs as low as you can without pushing out. Pump from the arm. Last one. Big Breath reaching. And then squeeze your legs down to the Mat.

Reach your arms up and back for the roll up. Arms up head and roll up. Reach for those legs and pull back from your waist. Scoop it in. That's beautiful. And reach and arms head. We're going to do seven of these. So this is number two and pulling back, reaching those legs long. Good.

And reach and arms head and stretch. Good. And keep reaching these legs here and spiraling. Working the outer thighs. Yes. Those stabilize you and up and forward and reaching. Good and pulling back. Nice and evenly. Good.

And two more arms, head and stretch and scooping in reaching those legs in that pelvis away from you. One more arms, head and scoop and reach. Good and pulling back and scoop. And now I want you to hug in that right knee. We're going to do single leg circles. Straighten the right leg up and have it a little turned out because I need these hips square. Put your hand behind the thigh, both hands, sorry.

And pull it up towards you for a big stretch was much as you can. That's really, really nice. Good, good, good, good. Now reach your arms down and I want you to think about the backline that starts from behind your head, right at the base of your skull, down your body, all the way to here. And I want you to reach that leg long and I'm going to pull on it. Give me your hip to ah, yes all the way down and he'll find your belly to pull that leg up.

Unfortunately, I can't do this for you at home, but try to get that feeling of you reaching that hip. So now you know what that's like. And I want you to challenge your range of motion to get to that shoulder. We're going to do one slow reaching down from that back line. Keep the knee a little soft and a little turned out and reach all the way to this ankle. And then open a little bit.

Challenge your left obliques and then pull it center. So there's your range of motion. Five Times. Nice and quick. Cross reach around, up, cross down, around, up. Beautiful up reach with that hip around, up and cross round in. Lift you more. Reach around and up. Last one, crossing great leg and hold.

Reversing it. Opening a little bit. Reach out of that hip around up. Feel that stomach, pool that leg up. Feel the back of the leg. Pull it up to more reaching down and cross. Last one. Really Crossover there. And hugging that knee. Good. Switching legs, hugging the left, straighten it, stretch it. Good. And again, we're going to do one reaching down. So we're going to turn it down a little bit and we're gonna reach, give me that hip again a little bit more.

There we go. Stretch. That's nice. And then pull back up with your belly. Nice. And then same thing. We're coming up really high. We're crossing so you really feel a big stretch and work on the back of the thigh down. Reaching from that back line all the way to your ankle.

Opening a little bit, challenging your right obliques this time and then center. And here we go. Up to your nose, cross around, good reaching with your belly in yes and three around, up and two around. And last time I reach around Holt reverse reach long crust to and up. Reach long then cross. Yes, reach down long cross good and reach that hip and two more reaching. One more. Don't let that leg turn. Aha and good. Very good.

Hug that knee in good long leg. We're going to do rolling like a ball. Inhale, head up. Exhale, roll up all the way. Lift your bottom to your feet, up off the mat. Good and balanced with your hands on your ankles. So normally we do rolling like a ball like this, but today I want you to keep this space between your belly and your thighs, but I want your upper stomach to be really challenged. So hand over, hand behind your head. Very nice.

And then try to touch your elbows to your knees. Good. Still, you're going to try to keep your heels relatively to your seat, but we're going to keep your elbows on your knees even as you roll up. Let's do six. Inhale back. Exhale right up. Very nice. Roll through your lower back. Exhale, Bra Strap. Good. Inhale, roll through your lower back. Exhale. Keep the distance. Yes and three more and exhale, keeping that distance.

That's beautiful. Two more in with the air working that stomach. Yes. One more. Exiling and rest your feet down. Great job. Put your hands behind you. Starting to feel that stomach and lift your bottom back.

And we're going to do this series of five. Bring the right leg with you and right hand on ankle. Left hand on your knee. Good. Go down to the bottom of your shoulder. Blades. Do Good. And the focus is going to be on, not hyperextending that knee, but working that side a reach out of the stomach that you just did a beautiful job. Good, good, good. And switch. Gorgeous. Reaching. Reaching. One more set like that. Pulling in. Watch that knee. Yes.

And in, and to emphasize that. Now we're going to sweep as we switched legs and switching sweetie, being out. Good. And sweep again. Switch and switch. Just keep on changing, coming in with your belly, but working from here and start right now. Yes. That's what I wanted to say is toe to the mat and switch and get the belly working. One more time set. Yeah, that's the stomach. And one more.

And then bend both knees into your chest. Double leg stretch. Inhale, reach your arms back, legs forward. Beautiful. And pull it back in and reach. Hold it there. I think you're going to open a little lower. Uh, add. Exhale three times. Sweep the legs out. That's okay. And exhale, scoop it.

And I'd rather your belly focus on belly and sweep as you go out. Squeezing. Good. Exhale one more like that. And sweep and pull back in. And now we're going to add a little change in the arms. Sweep out, and then keep the legs there, but start the arms and now pull everything in. One more. Inhale, sweeping as you go out and then start the arms and then pulling in, right leg up, left leg forward for single straight leg.

Hands here and switch, switch and switch. Look at your belly. Use it. Yes. Reach those legs and switch and switching a little quicker now and switch. Watch the knees from hyperextending. Make the back of the leg work little quicker.

It's left and right and left and right and solid into the mat. Last one, both legs up, hands behind your head, both like that. Good. And now use your belly to push your head into your hands. So use that stomach as you reach the, even the right hip all the way down. Pull in your belly and pull it up. That's it.

And reach from your hips and pull it up and reach from those hips and bullet up and long and scoop it up. And just one more. You're really getting that belly and now bend the right knee and twist to it. And switch. We're going to do a lot of criss crosses, so we're warming up here, twisting. Good and switch. You might. I want to hear that at home. Now we're going to hold this and take your back, elbow onto the mat and then switch drawing in your belly to pull in that leg and twisting to a straight line. One more set like that, pulling in and Torres. Use your belly to bring in that knee. Last one like this. Scoop in.

And now we're going to twist to the right knee, twist to the other leg, and then use your waist to try to bring your left hip over your right knee. Holding a neutral, reaching long through this leg to good. Try to get right on top and then roll through your waistband to the other side. Gorgeous Juliana Scoop, bringing the left knee in. Good reaching long through here, reaching, scooping.

Bring that knee in more up. We go with that hip and other side. Pulling in to the mat. One last set. We get a break. Good. Beautiful. Really Nice stomach and switching last time. Feel your energy out with this hip. Oh, that's perfection. There Ya go. And then back onto your back.

Hug in those knees for a little breather. How's that? Belly. Good. Yeah. Everything. Eight for Christmas already gone. Come on, sit on up. And you're going to put a heel in the middle of each block. Sit Up nice and tall. We're only going to do three. Slide a tiny bit over with your bottom to your left. Yes.

But I want you to reach your arms forward and imagine you're pushing down like on the one two chair. And feel your belly lift and reach taller and taller and taller. And now exhale to go down the curling and curling and curling. Beautiful. And now lift up one bone at a time. Slide those shoulder blades down. Good. Push down that imaginary reform.

One a chair and lift. Lift, lift and exhaling down. Good. Try to open up this area just a little more and pulling in. And one more. Lifting up taller in that waist and exhale down. And I want you to keep this area spread as you bring your head down. Lower, lower. Take your left shoulder down, lower even to the mat, to the mat, to the mat. Yes. And then roll up gorgeous.

Good. Alright. Roll back in your pelvis. Scoop in and see if you can let your legs float up to your hands. Voila. Grab your ankles for open like rocker. I just threw it out in their hands. And so we're gonna roll back and come right back up.

Xcel right up with some energy, too. More each time. I want you to try to come more onto your sit bones, challenge yourself and one more coming forward. So you're going to scoop in and lift and lift. And now grab your toes. Just your toes. We'll do three like that in with the air. Find something and find it right back up again.

And two more varied ice in with the air from your belly. Lift up your chest. One more, very even in with the air. Exhale, scoop in and lift up your chest. Bring those legs together. And three more like that in with the air, working your hips and up and two more in with the air. And exhale, scooping it up last time in with the are gorgeous and exhaling up, up, up.

I believe those legs effortlessly and lie down your back and press your arms down by your side. And lift your bottom and legs right up to the ceiling. Nice and vertical. Good, good. Little less energy in the feet. Fantastic. And we're going to twist it for corkscrew. Going down to your right, using your powers. Reach your legs, right, sweep it around and right on up vertical. That's it. And rolling down, scooping to your left.

Reach and pulling up and Nice, nice line. And down to your right, we have two more sets around and scoop and lift and challenge your waist rolling down. How far to the left can you go? How far down to the Mat can you go? How far to the right and back on up and rolling down. Good effort, Juliana. One more set. Really stretching your obliques around to the left and up. And last time rolling Jan, reach your hips to the left all the way to the mat.

All the way to the right and up. You go and roll down your spine. Nice and a big stretch and sit up for saw up you go. And you're going to put a heel in the middle of each block. Good. And sit up showing me all the muscles in your arms would be able to see your pinky and your, so bring your arms forward just a bit. Yes. Lifting up your waist through the crown of your head, twist to your right.

And then exhale down, reaching your left. Pinky for your baby toe, even out these shoulders. And use your belly eyes on the knee and reach and reach and reach. And then lift up through your waist and twist to your left and exhale. So keep trying to lift in here. Lift, lift. There Ya go. And scooping up and twist.

And then we're going to keep trying to lift. Yes. Keeping that opposite hip down, reaching, reaching, reaching and up and twist to your left and scoop and in and up. Keeping that hip down and reaching, reaching, reaching and up. And one last set. Scooping in gorgeous and reaching and lifting up through your spine and pulling in and twist to your left and scooping in.

Beautiful reach and rolling up through the spine. Bring your legs together. Flip onto your belly for neck roll. So your hands are going to go right onto your shoulders. Your leg body's nice and long, your hips are squeezing like a mermaid tail, Belize in and up and energy out the crown of your head. And Go ahead and start rolling up your head and shoulders and come up to straight arms if you can on your back open callers.

As you look over your right shoulder, circle the head down around to your left and look forward and watch the elbows and lift go left. Just don't hyperextend them and down around to your right and look forward and come down onto your belly, Benny. So we limbered up our back a little bit. Hopefully you felt your thighs and seat and this stretch we're going to see, I'm up and do swan dive. So you're going to pull up in the belly always first and coming up feeling that strength. And on the count of three you're going to reach your arms forward, but palms up. So we got one, two, three, go palms up and reach up to the ceiling using the thighs and hips. Yes, working from your work and from here. That's it. One more for me and relax. Nice job.

Round your back and sit on your heels. Very good, Juliana. Nice scoop right here. I like it. Good. And now we're going to go forward onto our stomach, onto our elbows for single light kicks. So we really need to start working on the back of our thighs and our glutes for our new year's workout here. So bring your elbows forward. Just a hair. Yes. And push your forums into the mat so you also feel all the under our muscles working beautiful in your eyes can be forward. Nice.

So I want her to Lange though on Juliana, the length in her legs. I want her to lift up the thighs and knees so that there's as much light under her thighs that she can do without hurting your lower back. All right, and without waving side to side with their bottom. Let's start with your right heel. You're going to pull it in one, two and switch left too. They can switch as they pass each other. Yes. Lifting the thigh up, lifting the thighs. If it's going to kick your head, you're trying to touch your head. One, two, one, two. Good.

Try to keep the knees a little tighter together too. Let's add that challenge. Last set right to left too. And that's enough for gonna. Lie Our right facial cheek on the mat. Hands come together as high up between your shoulder blades as you can, but let's keep our shoulders right there. Good, good, good, good. Squeeze in the hips.

Now it's time for both legs to lengthen and lift and kicking. Three times kicking. One, two, three legs. Go down, lift up the chest. Lift, lift, flip, switch cheeks am pulling up. One, knees up three and lift, lift, lift. Let me see how high those sides can get. Get those that hurry. Go at [inaudible] and one last time. Boom. Up. Do three and reach and relax.

Round your back and sit on your heels. Very nice. So normally we go into neck pool right now, but we're gonna challenge our stomachs a little bit more with the short box series. So we're going to turn around and we're going to put our legs straight, but hip with a part underneath the strap. And again, you can use a couch if you want to, maybe even a exercise band. You can hold on to it in the beginning. Um, but not for the rest of them. Now aren't you? To wrap your arms around your waist for the hug and I want you to give me a good c curve. Rounding your back, very nice. Lift off your seat.

Use those outer thighs to push open the straps. You can draw your belly in and up and roll back your pelvis to start. Push your sit bones away from you, pulling your belly in and up. Just like the roll up and roll out and an inhale head. Exhale, scoop it in and up. Good. And again, lift up off your seat and roll out. Really feel your belly. Get your lower back first and then headed.

How long can you keep your waistband on the mat? As you roll back up, you need to make sure this is initiating and one more squeezing and reaching because you initiate from there, from all the rest of the short box and head and scooping in. Very, very nice. Good. And here's where you can either put your hands one over the other, behind your head. Grab your bar for us though. We're got one right here. Nice. And from your boss. Sit bones. Lift up off of them. Lift up with your hips, Belize in and up. So pushing open with your outer thighs and we're going to go back tall for six inches. Keep them just a little in front of your arms in an up, in and up and up and lift even taller to come forward. And the stomach pulls in and lifts up the crown of the head and even taller to come forward to all our dollar taller. Add in an lift off your bottom, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up and forward and rest your arms down. Very nice.

We're going to lift up and lift up even taller and reach forward so your body's a diagonal slightly in front of your hips and now reach up and over to your right. Not twisting, but just side bending the whole body. Yes, yes, yes. Find Your obliques and pull yourself center and lifting up and reach over to the left. Try to take both ribs, stay on your right, left hip also good, and then draw your obliques and pulling in and up and then reach over to your right. Take both ribs with you. Yes, and then pulling back up and lifting up and then take both ribs with you to the left. Yes, that's common and pulling up the destabilize. One more set. Then you try to push your ribs back to hold your hip down, but you are doing really good correcting that. One more time. Pulling up and stretching your whole spine. That's nice. And pulling back up and rest your arms down. Good.

Now pulling it all together, all our spine together and all our abdominals doing the twists. You're going to lift up, push open your legs with your outer thigh. Scoop your belly in and twist to the right. Good. And now from your hips, straight line as far back as you can lengthen and then back up. Nice. Pulling in, twist to your left and pushing long and the backup.

Nice work and pulling in. Twist, twist, twist, reach straight line and keep long as you come up and try not to hang out back there, twist, and it makes it only harder and bull back up. And one more set squeezing. It doesn't reach. I love that you can keep laughing and one more time to twisting and lengthen and back up. Beautiful. Bring the bar down if you can. Hook it over your toes and just stretch out your spine. Beautiful, Juliana. Beautiful. All right. Put the bar down by your side and sit up as tall as you can and keeping your hips even with your shoulders.

Try to kind of use your stomach and your hip to bring out that right leg and hold under it. And we're going to limber it up, straightening it all the way up to your nose, right. And then bend it. Add, straighten and bend and hold it up with your belly in and then walk up that leg. Keep the leg there and stretch over. Try to get your stomach onto your thigh and your chest to that knee and your head all the way forward to your foot. And now roll back your pelvis rolling back with the leg. So you're gonna roll back. Uh Huh. Keep going.

Keep going until this legs right up to the ceiling and that straps taught. And now walk down the leg rolling through each bone. Keep the leg here as you walk up one bone at a time. Good. And see if you can keep the leg there, but stretch your head all the way up to it. Read, read, read. Yeah. And then down two more times. Walking down that leg, you're doing a lot better job on keeping this hip square and keep waking up that outer hip. That's it. And stretch up to it.

And last one. So we're going to keep those hips square. So the outer thigh really has to work and head and that's it. And then rock a little forward. Bend the knee, grab your toes. But now sit tall, right over your sit bones. Chest up and push the foot away. Yeah, it's a different nervy stretch and switch legs.

There we go. Bring that left hip forward in itch. There we go. Sit Up right on top of your sit bones and stretch and bend and stretch and benches and Nice limbering up and stretch and hold it up. Walk up that leg. Stretch forward onto that leg as if your stomach could touch your thigh. Chester, that knee had to your foot and roll back. Starting with your pelvis. Bring in leg with you, pushing your right heel away. Good.

And leave the leg there and walk down your leg. That's it. Good outer thigh on that one. Head to your chest and curling it up. Very nice. Good abdominals. Lift up to that leg. Lift. Lift out of the lower back. Yeah, and two more. Reach and young. Good and head. And then coming up.

Yes. All the way up and one more and head and scooping in. Oh the way forward. Bend the knee and grab the toes. [inaudible] and now sit tall. Chest up and push the heel away. Push, push, push. Good lift. Lift that leg up as high as you can. Nice. Good? Yes. All right. Take that leg out of the strap and we're going to lie down on your back.

Bend the knees into your chest for Jack. Knife. Arms are by your side. Legs directly up to the ceiling. Squeeze your hips and take your legs over and then right on out. Yes. And then come down, pulling in in, in, and I want your legs to go parallel to the floor. No. Lower and going over and then directly up to the ceiling from the powerhouse.

Yes. And roll down as if you're doing tower on the Cadillac. Fantastic. Just one more. And he squeezed the hips and over and lift up. Reach your powerhouse out your toes and then roll down scooping, scooping. Great. Bend the knees and place the feet flat on the mat a little bit apart. So their shoulder with a part are hip width apart. Good, good, good, good.

Reach along those arms. Now press your hips together like they're in a vice. Curl your tailbone towards you and start rolling up your bottom, your lower back, your middle back, and make a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Great. Hold your box square from your stomach and your back of your legs and your hips and reach your right leg long on the mat, on the mat as much as you can and we're going to kick it up to the ceiling and flex it long down. Two more like that. Up and flex. Lift the hip up as you go down. Yes. One more eyes on your hips so they stay square.

Return that foot down on the mat. How are those hips? Yes. Good. Reach and kick up and flex down. Yes. Keep it square. This is a good one for you. Want to really work those hips nice and square. Last one. Reach it long. Return that foot down and roll out your spine.

Lengthening your pelvis away from you. Sit on up. We're going to spine. Twist legs are straight together and feed her flexed. Yes. Reach your arms straight out. We're going to keep our feet like this as if they're bound together. Use your belly, lift up through your waist and twist to your right, twist a little further and come center and with the air.

And now exhale. Sorry. Xcel to this. How were doing? Good. Exhale, exhale and just a little further, further, further and inhale and exhale this way. Yeah, reach forward. Reach back and come center and exhale and reach forward all the way to your reach. All the way back and center. One more time. Lift up taller twisting. That is a beautiful line and center. And I know the right side of your body is tighter, but you're going to reach and we're going to reach it.

Region reach and then come center. A nice job. Lie down on your back. I want you to lie onto your left side and we're going to do sidekicks. Good. Bring your legs. We're gonna do a lot of sidekicks here. So we're going to bring our body back and we're going to be a straight line from your elbow to your tailbone, but bring the legs forward a little bit more. [inaudible]. Good.

Now I want this hip right over this one with your belly. Really pulled in, so it's good that I have this bar. If I put this bar behind you, you would have all of your back of your ribs and your stomach connected to that bar. Now you have a good feeling of what's, it's hard. You were doing it with your back on the mat. You feel what's your back straight, you know? But it's hard when you're on your side stomach and lift the right leg up just a tiny bit. I like it turned out and I like it. Reaching that hip out of your center and we're going to do 10 kicking at front and swinging it back and front and working the back of your leg to go back. Use your belly to go forward. Keep working your belly as you go back.

Keep pulling in those ribs to go back or keep supporting your upper back. And we got five and reach back, back, back and four to get as far back as you can. Nice. And three up to your nose, back as far as you can. Two more up to your nose and all the way back. Last time. Work that range of motion and back now legs together. Alright.

Scooping into support your back, you, Ziad or thigh to push up to your ear and squeeze your inner thigh to go down. Keep this hip right here as you go up. That's it. And then squeeze. That's it. And up and reach long. You're reaching so long that the heel goes to the other foot arch and then region hold and five little circles. Circling one tinier inner thighs are squeezing together. Four, five lever set.

One and two and three, four, five. And rest that leg down. Good bicycle. We're going to lift this leg up a little bit. Nope. Straight. Pull it forward. Kick it forward. Bend the knee. Yep. So that it's as tight as you can. Then need a knee. Good. Stay here. I want to correct this. That's it. Now you're straight spine.

Keep taking that knee back and back and back. And then straighten the leg. Beautiful. Take it forward and then bend the knee. Knees higher. It has to be up towards your chest. I'll let it fall to the floor. Yes. Take your knee back and then back, back, back, working in the back of your leg and see, extend one more forward. Great. Don't let the leg drop again right there.

Good knee back and then keep going back, back, back, and extend legs together. We're going to reverse it. Pull into your center, lift that leg up a little bit. Go back. All right. Try to bring your toe to me. Bending that knee. Take a huh. Need a knee and then take that knee all the way forward. And don't let it drop. Make it even with your hip and taking it back as you go back and make sure it's turned out a little bit so you don't click in there. Wrap your leg around me. Ooh, now need a knee and then it likes to drop a little bit. So right there.

Yes, last time, make sure it's turned out a little. Ah, and then reach. Now we know [inaudible] and then wrap around me and then need a knee and then need a chest and then all the way forward, but keep it up and go forward. Excellent leg together. Beautiful. We're going to do leg lifts. So you're going to squeeze those inner thighs and lift. Actually both likes together for me to start. Yes, it's a lot of ways to work and lower down. Two more. Squeeze in, lift and down. Last one. Very good. Stomach in and up. Hold it up.

The bottom leg goes down and squeezes up. Squeeze those inner thighs down and squeeze those inner lights up. Good. And Dan, I love how long her legs are reaching and one more. Hold it up. Good and lower down those legs. Bring them still a little forward. Bend the top leg. We're going to do inner circle, circling of the inner thighs.

Grab onto your ankle and bring it up as high as you can. Good. Now I want you to lift this leg as high as you can. Good. Can you lift you up any higher? Okay. Now imagine a hula hoop is around that ankle and I want you to make the biggest circle you can. Circling one good reach forward and up and go as far forward as you get.

Lengthen that like reach out of that hip one more and reverse it one and keep it moving and working. Work that lift the leg with the inner thigh and two and one more time and legs are down. All right. Legs are a little more forward. That's it. And we're going to lift up both legs. Good. And we're going to do big scissors, who you're going to reach one leg forward and then switch. And then switch. I'm going to let go of holding you. Find your own balance.

Reach one like bag, one like Ford. And one more time forward and using your powerhouse in reach out. Good and both legs together but lifted a little forward and a quick walk. Now, quick, quick, quick reach, reach, reach, powerhouse. No moving in the upper body. Just reaching those legs and lower them down. Hot Potato, five taps of the heel in front of that foot.

Leg stays turned out. Nice. Quick Rhythm. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, four, one, three, four, one, two, three, four. Up Right in front. One, two, three. Up right behind. Two, three, up. One, two. Up One to one app from your stomach from the length. One more set, one up, one up and lower down that leg. Good job. Last one, grant. Rhonda.

Zam so powerhouse and lift this leg up a little bit. Just a tiny bit. Turn it out a little more. [inaudible] how forward to your nose can you take it? Yes. Now take it up to your ear. Pull in the powerhouse. Good. Now rotate in that leg and reach it behind you. From your hip, from your hip. Reach it, reach, reach it, and bring that leg forward and use your belly to pull that leg all the way forward. Keep it going up to your ear. Ooh.

Circle in that hip, reaching back and legs together. One more forward, up to your ear. Lengthen your waist length in your upper body and legs together. Reverse from the back of your leg and seat. Rotate that leg as you pull it up to your ear.

Then bring it to your nose and then back all the way and up to your ear, up to your nose. And then all the way, one last time, back up to your ear, up to your nose, and then legs together. Enough lie on your belly. Make a small pillow for your forehead. Reach those legs long. Lift up your thighs and knees. Lift up your feet and give me 20 beats of the heels. One to working those inner thighs, reaching those legs out of the ways. Reach, reach, reach five, four, three, two, one.

And that's enough of those roll to your other side. Got One more leg. That's fine. I like it like that. Great. Just line up on the back edge of the mat. More your elbow too. Yes. Good. And now bring your feet forward a little more. Yes. And your bottom for it a little more too. That's it. Good stomach in the hips.

Stay Nice and aligned. Lift up your left leg, turn it out a little bit. Good. And I want you to kick forward and back and forward stomach. Magine that pole right behind you and you stay connected to it. You're doing really good on this side. So we're pulling into that imaginary pole, squeezing back.

Good forward and back. Let's do three more to get up to your nose. Use the back of your leg and seat. No rock and roll and pull in tighter into your center. One more and back and legs together. And now keep those hips stack as you push up to your ear and squeeze down and up. And as you squeeze down, pull your belly in and get taller in the body and up and reach that leg.

And two more reaching the heel to that arch. And one more scooping and long. And hold in. Five quick little circles. Tiny down there and one and two. No movement. The upper body. Yeah. And reverse it. It's like a magician. She just stops immediately. Three, two, one and rest. Good. And now I want you to do leg lifts. A scooping in, Nice Mermaid tail lift up, up, up, up and down.

Using your waist muscles. We need those. And last time, scooping in, lift, big scissors. Reaching forward. Yes. And take it back. Very dyes and reach and switching freely reaching out of those hips. Work the outer thighs and one more.

And that's enough legs together. I think you start with the other leg forward and lower down. Yeah. Actually Lyft, we're going to do our quick walk a little bit forward with those legs though. Forward at an angle. Yup. And Walk to reaching a quick, quick, quicker, quicker, quicker, like a quick Manhattan Walk. There we go. And rest down. Good. And we're going to do [inaudible]. Um Oh.

I just added those little out of order, but that's all right. We're going to do a bicycle. Lifting up that leg first straight. Yes. And kick it forward. I was having so much fun with those and good and taken it back. Good. Take it all. Yeah. Way Forward now.

Needier chest and take it as far back as you can holding in your belly. Yup. And reaching back that thigh, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. And now extend using these muscles. You got it all the way forward for the last month. Straight leg. I want one more. Bend the knee. Good. And stretch, stretch, stretch.

That's it. And leg reach is long. So this is twisting. So pull, Voila. Yeah. Legs together. Reverse back. Beautiful. Take your toe to your head. Yes. Knee to knee, knee to your chest, and kick me all the way up here. Yes. And reach longer than your bottom leg. Watch that rolling, right? Yes. And then need a knee good.

And extend. Reach out of the hip. Powerhouse supports back of the leg. That's it. Need a knee and powerhouse and extend legs together. Good. So the one we didn't do is where the bottom leg lifts up and beat. So squeezed both legs up and we're going to lower just the bottom light to go down, up and hold and down. [inaudible] then hold and down up and squeeze those inner thighs and down up.

Pull your belly in more. One more. Good and lower down. Great. And now we're going to bend that top leg. Grab the ankle for our big inner thigh circles. And so I want you to use that inner thigh to lift. It's going to be a little forward in front of you. So the angles like that.

There you go. And now, big Hula Hoop. Circle one all the way down to the mat, all the way up to the, all the way back. All the way down. Oh yeah. Two more. All the way forward. You got to kick me up here. Yes. Last time. And Go the other way. And reaching that good and long through the body powerhouse ended up reaching two more reach and last time and lower down that leg.

Great job. Both legs long. Good. And now we're going to do hot potato. So he lifted up a little, turn it out a little bit and hand. Use that powerhouse. And here we go. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five. Up. One, two, three, four, one, two to your ear and one to three up. There you go. One, two, three, one, two, one, two, four sets. One Up, one up, powerhouse lifts. Last time. Good job, legs together. And lastly, we're going to do our Grand Ron Duchamp. So reach that leg long, kick it forward up to your ear, road, dangerous and reach out as far back, long, long as you can, legs together. And so that's holding yourself here. Excellent.

And forward and up and reach and use. Don't [inaudible] [inaudible] legs together. One more and scoop. You got it this time I can feel it rotating in that leg as he reached back and legs together. Reverse. Use the back of the thigh and bottom. Pull it up to your ears. You wrote, turn that hip, turn it, pull it up to your nose and all the way back when I have passed when I get in the way, kind of do it on purpose. So you have to pull that leg up higher in case he didn't notice one more and back and pull it all the way up. Yes, yes, yes. And then [inaudible] jet lag. And you're done with those legs.

Good lie on your back. That's a lot of legwork. So we shake out our legs now. So we're going to bend your knees into your chest, lift your legs up and literally how shake, shake them out. See if you can get the thighs to kind of shake out. And we're going to do quite a bit of teasers here. Okay. So extend the legs forward at a 45 degree angle.

Reach your arms with your powerhouse back all the way and come up and reach for teaser one scooping in and find the right angle and then roll away and right back up for two more. Scoop. Scoop, scoop. That's the scoop I want. And roll away. And one more coming up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. And now from where you can do it, lower the legs and then from your belly, pull them up. Oh yeah. Two more down and pull them up. Yes. Last time. Hold everything together and arms lift and roll everything down and everything comes up for teaser three scoop it up, up, up and arms lift and then roll away. And one more up. Scoop, scoop, scoop, arms lift and roll away.

And we're going to come up for teaser four and coming up. So we're reach your arms to the ocean. Legs away. No. Twisting the body though. That's the encircle one. Yep. And reverse it. Use your powerhouse. Keep it tighter there. Hold it. Center and reverse. There you go.

And center and reverse and pull it in. And that's enough. Enroll everything down. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Bring your shoulders over. Good. Reaching Long. Bend your knees, feet flat. So you want to do your hands are glean one way and you can keep it smaller if that's easier. Sometimes it's harder. Sometimes it's easier to keep it bigger. That's a little too close with the feet. We're going to do the last teaser, teaser five, extend the right leg.

And it's as if I've bound your legs together. So work these muscles, not these work. The outer thighs. Squeeze the back of the inner thighs and roll right on up to reach for your toe. Yes. And roll away. And as soon as you start coming up, twist your upper body over to the left. Yes, yes, yes. Work that twist. Come Center and then unroll. So your hips don't twist. Switch legs. Just your upper body. Yeah. And scooping up. Roll Up.

Beautiful. Roll-Up and comes down. You go and hips stay square. Pull in your Peros twist to me. Twist, twist more and more and more. More. Yeah. Work that ways. Cubs center its burden and Rowland down. One last set. Switch legs and scoop it in and roll on up.

This is no easy workout here and roll him down. And last time, scooping in and twisting. Scoop into twist. Twist that waste. Yes, yes. And come center leg. Stay together and roll o way. Hug those knees in. Very nice job. We're going to reverse that with our swimming.

So go ahead and say which over and reach your arms long and your legs along. Press your pelvis into the mat and Hattie, scoot over just a bit with your feet. And so you're, you're at a diagonal is all. And so squeeze the back of your legs and see. Lift up your arms and legs off the Mat. Your right arm and left leg higher.

Head up, out of the water. Head Up, head up and briskly. Here we go. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Move your arms as fast as your legs. There's a shark behind you. Exhaling. And one more big breath gum on exhaling and rest. Round your back and sit on your heels. Good job, Juliana. Good, good, good, good. Keep your arms right where they are. Like there's suction, cups your hands and curl your toes under.

So that you can get ready to go into a plank. Bring your feet together as well. Very good. Good. Now lifting in your powerhouse. Go ahead and lift into a plank position for leg pull up. Good. All right, so I want to see if I had a six foot pole, I'd give it to you, but we're going to do this and we're going to squeeze your hips. Really? That's it.

We're going to always keep trying to pull the belly up to that pole as we lift the right leg up as high as we can. Using the back of the leg and seat rock back on that Achilles Teal. Pull forward and switch leg. Yes. And pulling up using the back of the leg and seat rock back. Pull forward and switch. Good.

And right up and back and using those arms. Not hyperextending the elbows. Really think about nice open collarbones powerhouses reaching long through the crown of the head. Last set, reaching good. And one more time. Working right through here. Rock back. Powerhouse in and up. Good. And now right hand to left and you're gonna turn around. Yup.

Reaching the left arm up to the ceiling and keep turning your feet. Just keep moving. Keep your hips up and point your fingers forward. And we're gonna start with your right leg, goes up and flexes down. We're going to switch legs left up and lift your hips up as you go down and keep them square. This is such a good exercise for you. Hips up and one more set up and down and last one up and flex.

And now bend that left knee and pointed. So it's under you like this. Oops. Wrong leg, knee on the mat. That's it. Get down there and turn that way. So you're going to have your knee. Let's do it right here. Voila. For annealing sidekicks. That's good. So I love how your hands here.

Maybe put it right there so it's right under your shoulder. Good. All right. And now I want you to stay here actually for a second. Good cause. I want you to push your head into your hand and I want your belly to really, it's in, but I want it to pull in and reach. So you feel energy going that way. And so then I want this leg to reach that way. Really stretching. And then lastly, use the back of your leg and bottom to push forward onto that knee that that leg is the one that really works in this exercise.

And now you're going to keep lengthening as you lift up, high over a fire and then kick it forward and take it back and kick it forward and back. Let's leave the foot out of it and just kick it forward. It's a nice relaxed foot. Two more and squeezing, lifted higher on this last one. And then bend both knees down, lift up tall through your body and switch sides. Good point your fingers a little, maybe come all the way to the front edge of that mat. [inaudible] good. And that was a little overkill. Sorry for your frame. Yes. So again, I love that your elbows right here, pushing your head into your hand, powerhouse and really reaching out the crown of your head. That's the energy I want that way. So you can use that hip that way.

And finally back the fine glue that's really going to work. Lift this leg up high and five kicking forward and back. Yes. And working the right hip. This is really good for that right hip. Two more. Keep pushing it as to say over the knee and led knees together.

That's it. Nice job. Very, very good. I want you to sit down on your bottom. Put your feet over here. We're going to go into seal. Good. So we're going to hold our hands under. Good. And I want you to really work those abdominals.

So right now we're going to have our knees narrower. Kind of reach your legs a little further away. Yes. And we want as much distance. Pull back these hipbones. Kay. I want as much distance from your belly and your thighs as you can. Holding that tight. Give me three claps of your feet. One, two, three.

Now I want your stomach to hold your bottom over your shoulders. When you clap back there, roll back and hit a little higher. Higher, higher. Hold the feet. Go almost to the mat. Lower, lower, lower, lower, lower and clap. One, two, three. Good. Now rolling up. Keep your belly away. Yes. And feed are almost on the mat again. And knees a little narrower. Yes. And one, two, three and rolled back. Hold yourself with your stomach.

Let the feet be a little freer. Yes. Add squeezed. One, two, three. Roll Up. Last time at this tempo. That was pretty gorgeous though. Collap just a little wide with those knees. Yes. And now four more in with the air. Clap. Two, three. Exhale back. Two, three in with the year two, three, exhaling.

Really feel that stomach work and in with the year two, three and exhale. We're gonna do two more than we're going to stand up and in with the year and exhale. And you're going to have to let go of the ankles. As soon as you roll back, go back, let go of your ankles, cross them and we'll all the way up to a standing position. Pushing up with your legs. You got it. Good. Lift up tall for me. Yes. And turn around. Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Good.

And imagine you're against a wall. All right, so I'm going to grab that pull again. Yeah. And I want you to roll off this imaginary wall head and peeling off, really using that powerhouse. Gorgeous. Watch those knees and walk out into a pushup position. Okay. Sometimes just holding this position is hard enough.

So here I go again with my poll. I want you to pull up in here. I don't want it. There would be a [inaudible] and I want your stomach to pull up in here. Good. And I want you to squeeze your seat, all of this working. Yes. And now bend the elbows by your ribs and pull it back up. Yes. Pull your belly back up to the pole as you come back up.

And one more. And actually I'd like two more. Sorry. And down and up. You're so sweet to me and one more. And now pull up from the waist and walk back to your feet. I want to do two sets of five instead of more and then keep your weight more on the ball of your feet. Soften your knees and roll up through your spine. Good. And I'm going to give you arms up to this in one last set of five.

But one extra challenge. I want you to walk your feet back until your heels are off that back edge. That's it. So that you're forced to really have your weight on the ball of your foot, especially on the way up. And so we're gonna roll off that imaginary wall.

Watch that right knee hyperextending trying to hold you good. And now walk out into your pushup position. Good. And squeezing your hips to everything's working and down, up and pulling up and down, up to lift your whole frame at the same time, down up three and pulling up. Head up more. [inaudible] one more down, up. Use your bottom and now pull up in the waist. Beautiful.

Now remember your heels are off, so you really have to pull up through your spine, rolling up. Keep your balance arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, palms out. And now inhale, lift through your body, pushing the earth away and exhale. And you're all fetish. Nice job.


Well that was a workout! I feel a little lop sided as I didn't realise on occasions that we'd changed legs.. Perhaps this could be made clearer? But thanks & I'll be back for more punishment tomorrow!
Very nice hour!
Thak you very much.
I love your Hand ons
I am so happy you did so much of the Side Leg Series. I need to make myself do more of those. My hips and sides feel long and strong!
A great workout but definitely wasn't a level 2.
Wendy ~ Thank you for your forum post. Do you think it is easier or more difficult than a level 2 workout? We appreciate your feedback so we can take a look at it again to make sure it is the appropriate level.
Outstanding! Whew!
That`s the way I like it Thank you!
Great class. Very nice pace. A very nice strong level 2 class. Thank you Monica; I always enjoy your classes.
Brilliant workout... it was closer to the easier level than intermediate, so perhaps you could include additional reps... I thoroughly enjoyed the class though...
Another one for my favourites list. Thanks Monica!
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