Strong Powerhouse Flow
Monica Wilson
Class 2016

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Well that was a workout! I feel a little lop sided as I didn't realise on occasions that we'd changed legs.. Perhaps this could be made clearer? But thanks & I'll be back for more punishment tomorrow!
Very nice hour!
Thak you very much.
I love your Hand ons
I am so happy you did so much of the Side Leg Series. I need to make myself do more of those. My hips and sides feel long and strong!
A great workout but definitely wasn't a level 2.
Wendy ~ Thank you for your forum post. Do you think it is easier or more difficult than a level 2 workout? We appreciate your feedback so we can take a look at it again to make sure it is the appropriate level.
Outstanding! Whew!
That`s the way I like it Thank you!
Great class. Very nice pace. A very nice strong level 2 class. Thank you Monica; I always enjoy your classes.
Brilliant workout... it was closer to the easier level than intermediate, so perhaps you could include additional reps... I thoroughly enjoyed the class though...
Another one for my favourites list. Thanks Monica!
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