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Strong Jump Board

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There's nothing like a Jump Board to make a quick workout a strong workout. Meredith Rogers plays with suspension to help you stay light on your feet. In addition to jumping, Meredith adds challenging upper body work like Breast Stroke, Push Ups, Pikes, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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Jan 28, 2015
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Hi, today we're gonna play with the jump board and we're going to play mostly with pretty light springs. I'm Martha and I, my friend Martha. Very special day for me that Martha's in class with me today, um, are on a blue spring. And we're going to start with some cat stretches. So, um, we will be standing tall for just a moment and I'm going to take a minute and close my eyes and just take a second and find center. So feeling the weight distributed over both feet, feeling the spine elongated and reaching up towards the ceiling. Reach your arms in front of you, bend over in a round spine or round down into the box and place the palms of your hand on the box. You need to be pretty close in to clear the jump board for this.

Starting with a cat stretch, we tilt the tailbone up in back and start reaching out. And it's not the arms that are pressing the box for it, it's the body moving that moves the box and you'll end up, or I'm in ending up touching the jump board with my body. So it's not a very low position. And then draw in, feel the pelvis move first, keep the box still for that section and then curling back in, bringing the box back into the stopper again, tilting the tailbone up, so feeling the spine undulate the head will respond to them moving and then feel the elongation of the spine. Moving the box forward. The body lightly touches the jump board but doesn't rest. And then keeping the box still for now feel the movements starting from the tail.

We curl the lower spine and we just allow that abdominals to resist the springs as we pull the box back into the stopper and again, tilting the tailbone up and reaching out. Okay. Feeling the sitting bones spreading, feeling the abdominals. Press back towards the spine and round and then taking the right hand over near the left hand. There's no rules, just somewhere that feels comfortable to you. Again, tilting the tailbone up, keeping the pelvis squared. But as the box moves out, feel the spine stretch over to the left and then drawing and feeling that undulation of the spine, pelvis tucking under, coming all the way into the stopper. And then one more time on that side. Tailbone lifts. We move through the spine, belly pinned back towards the spine, stretch out and over to the left and then drawing back in curling.

And once you find the stop or take the right hand to the right side of the box, bring the left hand across to meet it. Stabilizing the shoulders. Your shoulders will be slightly askew, but the pelvis is squared, tailbone reaches up, spine reaches out in a cross, deepening the abdominals back towards the spine, will you around the body back. So we just taking a moment to feel the fluidity of our spine, to allow it to warm up a little bit. Tailbone up, reaching out and across to the right and rounding back in. Yeah. And then separating the hands for one more through center tailbone lists.

We stretch that box away and then curling back in and up. Okay, so let's change our spring. I'm going to use a green spring and I'm going to try to stay on this spring for a little while. A red spring would be appropriate, I'll read in a blue would be a little easier in some respects, a little harder for the arms. So springs a relative. Have a seat on the box. [inaudible] reach down and take a hold of your straps.

Hold above that hardware onto the strap part of the strap and bring the arms out in front of you. So inhale, we're going to exhale and bend the elbows, reaching the elbows up wide as the arms straight and we're going to draw back and begin rounding the spine. But don't allow the shoulders to change yet. Then bring the body backwards so that you're pulling in, pulling away from the risers, pulling all the way down until you feel your lower spine flattened into the box. And then inhale, push a little bit down on the springs and curl. Imagine that they are not straight, not spring straps, but imagine that there springs once the shoulders come over the pelvis, bend the elbows, lifts the spine. So we come in from flection into extension of the spine and then as the arms straight and we begin drawing backwards.

So just feel that movement fluidly in the spine and in the arms around the spine. Backwards, pause, deepen, inhale, and then drawing in. Exhale, curl the body at finding the shoulders over the pelvis. Keep the spine long as it rounds and then bend and list the chest through the arms and then the arms straight and we're going one more time. Exhale, drawing in. It's the same movement we just did on our feet. We start from the pelvis and we take the body through. Pause in here and lifting, rounding, but creating an ear, elongated, round position. And from that seeker lifts the spine into extension.

Stretch the arms out straight. Again, inhale and exhale. Roll the spine back. We're gonna pin the lower back. Try to go all the way down towards the Scapula and inhale there. As you exhale. We're going just a little bit up into a mini roll up from the Scapula to the backside of the pelvis and for five exhale to cure and down, trying not to make the movement happen by rotating the pelvis, but instead reaching up and around the best neutral pelvis that you can find XL to list and inhale to death and excess to lift and in Hilton down.

Let's hold our down position and inhale without changing the position of the spine. Exhale, lifts the left leg. Pause and inhale. Exhale, switch legs in space one and switch one and switch two so that spring is challenging here. Challenging for my stability anyway. Three I'm having to really work against it to keep my body stationary as my legs change. Four out of five happening now. One more time. Place one foot down, place the other foot down. Inhale, and then roll the spine back up again. Lifting the body up. Bend the elbows in, lift through the sternum.

Take the arms back straight again. Inhale, round the spine as you exhale and curl back. Rotate towards your left feeling the right rib. Come across towards the left hip bone and the left ribs. Slide closer to the center of the spine and then curl for five and back. Small and controlled, low back, imprinted into the box and three and two and one.

And then stay in your low position. Inhaling their Xcel to pick up the left leg and let it float down. Body just stays stationary. Exhale, a lift and down. Feel as though the chest and the fire are magnetically being drawn towards each other without the position of the spine changing. Last two and down. Last who?

One and down. Find your center. Take a breath, roll yourself up on your exhale. Find shoulders over pelvis, lift the spine, bend the arms, stretch the arms back forward. Exhale, drawing back again. We pull away from the knees. This is the end. That's the last home stretch. We're rotating to the right, left rib comes across right ribs. Slide closer to the spine and we pull one and work your way down and exhale to just notice that the left hip is saying even in centered on the box last two times. Exhale and, and exhale and then find your low position. Take a breath in XL to lift the right way. Let it just float.

So there's not really any work in the leg at all. It's all coming from those deep hip flexors attached to the spine. And inhale down and exhale, lift and inhale down and last too and letting that like just flow through space and down and find your way back to center and India and rolling all the way. I know we had been the elbows one last time. Lifting the chest and then from here just tip the elbows towards the floor.

The hands tip up and go into a tiny little thoracic extension opening up through the front of the body. Find neutral spine, straighten the arms all the way. So lets come down off the box and I'm just going to leave my straps on the floor. I don't really like it when they flap around while I'm jumping. So I'm just gonna set them right down. I'm going to take the boxes off and put them back at the end of the reformer. [inaudible] I'm going to have one spring. I read, so now I have a green and a red spring.

We're going to do some pelvic curls. It's a challenging spring for this, but I think Martha and I are up for the challenge. So feet are going to be parallel on the jump or the arms are long and straight. I'm giving myself a little bit of space between my shoulder blocks in my body. Taking a breath in here. Press down into the feet, try to keep the carriage still as we roll the spine. The height of the jump board allows the spine to get up. Nice and high. Pause.

Inhale, and then exhale. Begin with the throat and then the breastbone and then the ribs and then the bottom of the rems and then the bones between the bottom of the ribs and the pelvis. And finally the pelvis drops back into neutral. Inhale. Exhale, draw and flattening through that lower back. Feel equal pressure down on both feet, both legs, lifting the hips, reaching the arms out in space. Pause. Inhale and roll the spine. Now peeling down.

I like to imagine creating space between my bones as I lay them down, one at a time. Come all the way to neutral. Don't lose that neutral, that opportunity to be neutral. And let's do two more. Curling up, reaching the knees forward and sliding the feet energetically backwards. Inhale and exhale to rolled. [inaudible] oh the way we're gonna add some extensions here. Inhaling up the bottom, excelling to appeal the spine. Find that nice high position, keeping the pubic bone just a little higher than the ribcage in space, and then push the carriage away. The legs. Don't straighten all the way about three quarters of the way and pull all the way back and think of lifting up as you come into touch the stopper and push out and pull into the in in my mind is the important part and act. Don't push out so much that you feel a lot of load in the lower spy and two and pull and one and pull and then rolling down.

Let's try a little trick. Martha, stretch the legs out over the top of the jump board. Lifts the head and chest roll up. I had to tell you, use my jumper for help. I'm going to take my red spring away and keep my green street. Yup.

So no one's perfect health. The timing, especially me. So here we go. We have one green spring on jumping can be done on all sorts of springs. We're going to roll down with control. I'm choosing a green spring today, one and a half blue springs. Awesome. One springs fun too. You decide. So what we're going to do here is we're going to place the feet on the jumper and then we're going to push away. I'm going to lift my head dress up cause I like to be able to see what's going on with my feet and for just a couple, we're going have been the knees, keep the heels down. So that's our limit.

That's where we want to land each time. Press out, point the feet and then roll through the foot to come down as the knees bend. We'll do that two more times. So just getting the action of the jump. We want to use the feet to absorb the impact of the job and one [inaudible]. So if you have your reformer on a sliding surface or any sort of surface is a great challenge. Trying not to remove the reformer at all. Here we go. Beginning or jumping. Same. Rolling through the foot. We excellent Lin, toe ball, heel and press, toe ball. Heal a little faster.

Out and back and back. Feel especially on this light spring that you can create the sensation of suspending yourself in space. Feel that suspension feel that enables you to land lightly on your feet. I'm not counting, I have to admit. So we're just going to do approximately something.

How about three more? Two more. One more. And land. Let's bring our feet into first position. So I feel that. And then find your position where your heels can come down. Let's go. Reaching a and roll. And when I say roll, I mean roll through the feet. So I feel that you can use a very heavy spring to jump or you can use a light spring, but you can always create the energy that you want in your body.

So I'm thinking here of zipping from my heels all the way up through my belly button, cleaning the belly button back each time. Again, just an estimating. Let's do one more and then we're going to land parallel Martha. Press out and first and continue to alternate. So the rotation from that externally rotated hip position to a neutral hip alignment is happening within the hip joint. Feel that very clear rotation inside of the hip and land and add roti and back and rotate and back.

And we'll do three and three to notice if the ribs are starting to hike up off the reformer two and one and one Paz. Lift the right leg into a tabletop position. We're going to jump with the left leg, the right legs going straight up so both legs straight and here we go. Reach and land, reach and reach. So you're making an l. Well thanks getting so straight.

I'll do my best to keep track of these ones since they're single side. Last four. I feel the quadriceps on both legs. Engage, come all the way and change legs again. Find that heel connected position. So I, I'm not at the stopper here and here we go. Press and land.

Reach and bend. Reach. Okay. Supporting through center, getting that fully extended lay. I think there's four more. Trying hard. Three, two and one. So coming all the way back in. [inaudible] turn to our side here. Help ourselves up and come up onto our knees. I don't know. Chest expansion on a green. Should we keep it? Okay, we're going to keep it.

So they come upon to our knees and we reached down and retrieve the straps from the floor. And again, I'm going to ask us to hold just above the hardware on the robes and then start with the arms so that they're just slightly in front of the thighs. Inhale here and the next hole. Push the arms down and back. And as the arms reach down, feel the spine. Extend and inhale forward. So we're not losing all the tension. We're not letting go of all the tension we're keeping, maintaining tension on our springs all the time and forward.

And as the arms reach back, feel that you're almost attempting to lean forward a little bit. And I'm not saying I want you to fall into the well, but typically most of us tend to lean a little bit backwards in the section size. We want to just be right on that edge of the tipping point, right on that edge of balance. We're going to do five more year reaching and reaching and back and three and back, two and back and one. So coming all the way back in. We'll just allow this straps to rest on the hooks for moment.

I'm going to go to a blue spring for the next thing, keeping the springs fairly light coming into the reverse knee stretch. So the hands are just on the frame shifts so that your shoulders are just in front of your wrists and then round through the spine, keeping the shoulders still in here. Exxon, draw the knees a hundred and back and draw the knees under. So this exercise is all about spinal stabilization. Curling in. We're going to do two more and then I'm going to add something a little fancy and a lot hard. And last one. Okay, so we hold the carriage here.

We shift onto the right knee and we take the left leg back behind us reaching for the jump board. So we're have, we're in hip extension on the left leg and spinal flection. And then we draw that right knee under and back. Draw the right knee under and, and curve and back, uh, curve. And then back in one more curl. Keep the tension on the spring here, slide the left knee back, reestablish your position. And then we shift weight onto the left leg without shifting the body.

Stretch the right leg out. And now we draw in and back and curl. So you feel that the movements comes from sliding the tailbone under towards the chest and back at curl and hold the tension. Take the right leg back. Let's do two more. Just like so curling, finding balance, curling, and then releasing back to sit back onto the feet just for a moment. Letting the back have a moment to lengthen and then walk up your frame and place your hands up onto your risers.

So here we've got a nice long spine, got the tailbone lifted, the belly pulled back, and we pull the reformer forward and back and [inaudible] drawing down from the shoulder blades each time and then feel that scapular stabilization is the arm straighten. And again, pull and pull yourself further than you think you can. You'd be surprised, right when you think you meet your limit, right? When you think you're at your maximum, there's, there's a chance to go further and back and five and back and four and back and theory, making sure the spine stays still and to, and back and back. And then walking back along the frame, bringing the reformer in with control. Let's take the straps off and again, put them on the floor. We're going to go into our second set of jumping here. So for this set, we're going to do some a little bit of abdominal work at the same time.

So I'm going to change my spring to a red. So I have now one red spring and again harder a heavier spring that's going to be harder to control. So we're going to do the double leg stretch, single leg stretch crisscross and here's how it goes. Are going to curl up nice and high. Now I can't flatten my feet on the jump board so I'm so I'm gonna let my heels lift and then we're going to do five just reaching there. I'm straight back as we jump here we go, reach out, keep the body lifted and Lee and out and land and I like always as always to use my arms a little bit each time to pull my body for pull my body five.

Let's do five more Martha and try and circle. It's a little bit of a brain teaser one out and are outs again floating through space three and a nice soft landing and reach and let the head come down for one moment and then taking the left knee with both hands, curling the head and chest back up again, looking for stability in the trunk, pressing out with the right way. Change and change is that nice feeling of floating through space. You can see what the feet are doing here and reach and, and reach. And again, don't be shy to keep using your arms to give you that nice high lift. And I do two more coming up to one and one and let's push off land on both feet.

Let the head rest for a moment. I'm going to try the crisscross. Here we go. So let's take the left leg. And again, I'm going to use my hands to curl myself up. Right leg is still on the jumper and then I'm going to reach back. Place my hands behind my head. We all, we're gonna twist towards the left as we jumped with the right. Here we go. Rotate and switch. Rotate, rotate. I think I changed it in the middle, but I think we've got it now ever.

Roti. Okay. To West Center as your legs are meeting each other. So let's try to get the legs straight at the same moment and once you, four and four, three and three, keeping the height in the body. Two and two, one and one. Let's jump out.

Come back and arrest. All Right Martha, I'm looking for a chance to redeem myself. So we're going to take the legs out straight on the jump board again. I'm going to once again, attempt the teaser. Here we go. So we left the bar and a roll up.

Nope, we're not going to make it. So Martha did it. She's awesome. I'm gonna rock myself up and we're gonna add a rower blue spring. So we now we have one red and one blue. So you're doing a little heavier jumping now. Here we go. We're gonna roll ourself back down again and lie all the way down.

I'm going heading into openings. So let's press the reform around the heavier spring. Makes it a different challenge. There was trying to still find that feeling of floating through space. So finding the heels. When we jump, we're going to separate the legs.

Here we go. So we open and open and land. It's like a quick scissor kick reach. So we'll do four, three, two, one land. The next thing we're going to do, his leg changes. So we're gonna Cross one leg over the top. We're going to lay on the way, the way we're positioned now. Here we go, right, like for us, right, like over the last left and left, left lane, right lane, squeeze. Not, no, don't think about shifting from the feet, but instead shifting from the upper inner thighs and then again, feel that nice movement through the foot to help you absorb the weight of the by.

As we come down from our jump, we're going to do four, four, three, three, two, two, one and one landing all the way down. So let's turn the legs into parallel. We're going to do a side to side jump, similar to a flawless motion on skis. So we'll start by rotating to the right. We won't come to center till we're finished. So push off, rotate and land on the right and the left. And feel that the Powell, this lifts off the gym portal a little bit. So similar movement or action to the spine. Twist.

Feel that that rotation happens in the waste, happens in the obliques. And then also don't have that nice power coming from our legs. And if you think of pushing energy as you leave the gym, pour through your heels and connecting with the backside of your body, you might be able to feel your glutes a little. Where are you going tomorrow? Starting now, what? And one at two.

And from here we'll land center. Ah, and then let's leave the springs as they are in place to feed back up onto the jump board again. Take the headrests down and just a little pelvic girl to open up the front of the hip. Inhaling, exhaling. It's a lighter spring, NASA, it's a little bit more of a challenge. Rolling ourselves up. Pop in here and healing the body back down. It's nothing like the gym. Four to make a quick workout, strong workout and tailbone touches. Inhale, exhale, press up. We're going to hold it up at the top, keeping the right foot on the jump board.

Lift the left leg and the press with the right way and pull five and press and pull for reach and three out. Keeping the hips nice and high. And then in and change re situating the pelvis rightly comes up, we press it out and pull all the way back in touch and out, all the way back into touch and three and back, keeping that nice high pelvis, monitoring the tension in the lower back. Come all the way back in. Right foot comes down. Let's roll the spine down here. [inaudible] reaching back for your straps. Oh man, they're on the floor. Rolling over. Coming up. I'm gonna change my mind.

We're going to keep the flow. So we're going to put this drops there. We'll come back to it in a minute. We're going to come up onto our knees this way. [inaudible] well, bringing the feet up against the shoulder blocks. I'm gonna move to one spring for the down stretch.

[inaudible] so bringing the body forward, supporting through the backs of the legs, press out, fill the heels, press against the shoulder blocks, and then keep the heels pressing against the shoulder blocks as we reach up, bringing the body all the way back yet. And let's out as we exhale and in heels. So that breath patterns, just an idea, right? So a different breath patterns better for you. Feel free to do whatever you wish. I like that.

Inhale and guiding my body up into extension and press Lyft and to press and pulling through, keeping that spine nice and stable. Last one. Yeah, pulling through. So here's what's next. Bring the carriage all the way in. Reached down, set the blue spring on. I'm going to do a little knee stretch. Knee is off, but first let's do five regular knee stretches. So with the spine around, sitting back towards the heels, push the carriage back and draw in and push out and pull that push up and pull. Pushing in there genetically against the jump board. I've lost count.

We'll do two more. Push and pull. And then here comes the tough part. We're going to come in, we're going to hover. Keep that spine nice and round. Press app and draw. And this is why I kept this spring a little light in the beginning to save us for this exercise last too and pull one and pull past knees come down and we come all the way. Reach down and take the red spring away. And reach back for your straps with your hands.

[inaudible] coming up onto the knees again, bringing the hands just next to the sides of the body. We're going to, that's a, you reach the arms, reach all the way up to the ears, keeping the body nice and stable. Reach the whole spine through the arms and then around touching the outside of the room. And again, exhale, lift, scooping up the air and reach out. Stretching, spreading. Rather than squeezing the Scapula and reach up, lifting through the spine and out to more reach and now and one way reach up [inaudible] and then we go stray back out. Keep the relight your a farmer. Start moving right away.

You don't want to allow your arms to start pulling from behind your body. Keep your arms just maybe in your mind slightly in front of your torso, just so they don't go behind. If you're not feeling your carriage move as your arms started moving, you need to stand in the straps with your hands. So to have movement happen right away. Last to reaching around, feeling the mobility of the shoulders. Now feeling that rotation happened in the shoulder. Joint pass, fingers and thumbs come together.

Elbows bend and we stretch the arms straight up and bend and stretch straight up. So we're trying not to take the arms forward on the diagonal, but rather to dress straight line from the crown of the head, the back of the head up towards the ceiling. What are we going to do that five more times? Here's number two and number three, keeping the front of the body nice and support at the last time, reaching out. Take the arms wide and bring them down. Reach down. Straps can go back into the hooks. We're done jumping for today. So what we're going to do, so we're going to turn ourselves around. Uh, we're going to take the springs off, but just be careful now cause you've got a moving carriage underneath you. So how bout to do a pike? So walking the hands forward, tucking the toes under and stepping back into a plank position.

Inhale here. Exhale, draw in from the waist, bringing the reformer in all the way. CV, flattened down into your feet. And then back and exhale, dry head down and India and dry and, and back. Let's do two more. You dry and back and dry and back. Pass here. Three pushups. Ben. Press one. Ben Crest two. Ben, press three. And let's come down onto the knees for a moment. We're gonna do three side pikes on each side. Here we go. Your wrist. Okay, got it. It's a little risky. Helps to have stickies. Here we go.

So we're going to turn onto the inside of the left foot and the outside of the right foot and we're going to pull that through that side. Body and open pool and open pool and open and bend and press, elbows bend and two and then and me. And then carefully organize yourself back through center. Okay. Ready for the every side. So we stretch him through the length. We roll into the outside of the left foot, the inside of the right foot. And then we lift, bringing the carriage all the way in and open and lift and oh, left and open. Maybe I was a little bit excited about pushups, but I guess we've got to do three more and to what?

And then coming down all the way carefully keeping the carriage stationary so we reach back. We can step down onto the floor. We're going to add a red spring and grab our box. Okay. It's put in the box on long ways. [inaudible] taking the straps in your thumbs.

[inaudible] cool the box. So you're holding onto the front edge of the box now and then come down onto the box on the front of your body. [inaudible] bring the arms next to the body with the elbows dropping in the direction of the ropes in the direction of the springs. From there, the body is parallel. We're gonna inhale, stretch the arms and the spine out. Continue to inhale as the arms come all the way around to the body.

And exhale, bend knee. I was in. Lower the body down and inhale, reach and heal that lift in the spine as the arms reach around to the sides and bend to lower and reach out and around [inaudible] and to lower to reach out. This time as we come up, let's lift the legs too and everything done. One more just like that. Reach out, lift fillings and finished by bending. Hold onto the box. Step off the box. Carefully bring the carriage in [inaudible] and let's just set the straps down more that you can just face this.

Just face in finish with a couple rolled down. So give yourself enough space for that. Let's just take the arms out under and now we feel that weightlessness of the arms, we still create energy through the arms, reaching the spine all the way up through the fingers and then feel the arms. Reach out to the outsides of the room, creating expansion energy in the body. The arms come down to the legs. We curl the body in.

So drawing a feel that the abdominals are lifting up, supporting the spine as we move the body towards the floor. Pause in here. Exhale, rolling up. Grounding living through the spy. Let's just bring the arms up with us and then let their arms just melt down and just feel that peace energy in your body after a nice strong workout. Well thanks. I'll work on the teaser.


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What a beautiful class Meredith! Thank you so much !!!
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Great one. Thank you.
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I seriously love your sessions! I hope to meet you one day.
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Awesome workout. Because of space constraint I had to modify the initial roll down with a mat and a balance ball and it worked :) thank you for an amazing class
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Love this class Meredith !! Thank you so much!!
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Beautiful flow! I too hope to meet you someday! I loved the pikes at the end. Thank you Meredith! The sky looks awesome, sort of like a storm-cloud gray.
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Your classes are many things rolled into one big, beautiful experience. Challenging, yet fun w/discovery. Maybe later I can think of a better way to communicate what I'm trying to say!Thanks Meredith!
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Fabulous workout, Meredith ! Loved the pikes. Thanks a lot :)
Great class!!
Thank You very much!
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Awesome class- can't wait to try some of these exercises. Thank you
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