Class #204

Wunda Chair Flow

50 min - Class


This class is designed for those with experience with the Wunda Chair and flows through the exercises with only one spring change. The students enjoy exercises from both Pilates Conservatory and the classical repertoire. You'll see a few variations and some new perspectives in this full-body workout. After class ends, Amy asks each of her students if there were any specific lessons they learned during class.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Magic Circle

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Okay. So where do I want to have you guys start tonight with on the chair is a little more seated forward and I've only got one spring on there so that we can, uh, you know, explore various exercises, not always having to change the spring tension. And you'll be on one light spring for quite awhile. And let's also use the magic circle that's right near the side. So we're all, have you started as heels on the pedal in parallel and let's work all the way ad ducted completely together. And then just start with your ring forward.

And before we even start moving the pellet, we're going to just work the, the shoulder girdle a little warm up for a second. So just take a moment, focus on the ribs coming in. Move your hips back of Scotia. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Alright. So that finding that nice sense of vertical plumb line, a little more weight shift forward there. All right. And let's check in a little more weight shift forward. Okay. So we're, we'll go just an inhale, bring the ring into the chest and exhale, ring forward. Sure.

About eight repetitions. Trying to get the elbows up, shoulder blades down. Inhale. So feeling like you're pulling your body through the ring a little bit. Elbows up and shoulder blades down so that action will be adding in a moment with some of the leg presses. Sure. Energy in your fingers. Two more repetitions. Elbows up, shoulders down.

There we go. And inhale pool. [inaudible] sure. Now I want you to stay there. As you inhale. Exhale, let the chest or the ring come in again and lift your knees, the pedal up. So we add the arms and legs. Inhale, reach the ring, lower the pedal and exhale and we pull up. So adding a bit of an element of coordination and without that heavy tension down below, you're probably gonna feel a little like you're wavering on the seat. So the even weight on your sits bones, I think that cue for you guys is going to be the best.

Yeah. Good. Can the lats engage a little more to draw the ring in? I lost count. Was that eight? It was eight. How about this is seven and extend. And last one. We'll make that an official eight and inhale. Extend. Okay. So keeping your arms there.

Just change your foot position to balls a feet and let's go now. Um, yeah, high heels up in relevance. Okay. So watch those marines take an inhale to get ready. Exhale and pull in as you the thighs up. So you're trying to draw up into the belly and exhale me go. So that sends all also that the elbows are reaching out wide to the sidewalls.

This is nice. Nice. Even way to cross the balls of your feet. Good. This is improved hasn't it? It's really looking good. You guys are staying nice and lifted in your lumbar with not too much destabilization of the rims. Two more times. Good. And because I know you guys, those are those areas that you have more flexibility across that section than you do. But uh, we were getting you to get more upright.

You don't need that as much. Verse can rest in certain positions anyway. Okay. Turn out first. So that Small v through the feet. So feel the heel press very firm. Knees, no wider than the width of the chair. And he'll prepare and good exhale and we flex. Inhale, extend again. Exhale. Really making this come from that deep.

So as abdominal connection. Good. And I haven't had to say anything about this energy going up because you both have that established through the spine. He heals from good. Yes. The elbows up the shoulder blades down. Alright. That might help.

Yes. That feel better. Yeah. So I can anchor this if you lift your elbows. And just one more time. Why La and stretch. Okay. Lower your ring down. That's enough of the ring. Aye. You can set it there. That's fine.

I'm going to say I can take it back out of the way. Uh, go ahead and step off guys and I'll have you turn around. Face your chair. We're going to do some foot and ankle. So standing on your pedal on balls of feet in irrelevant. Hands back into the back of the chair please. And the hands shoulder with the part and let's find the Washer woman position or the flection or pike position.

So just check in on this a little bit and we'll find our setup. Yes. So we have the relevant, our hips are right above her ankles. Find that nice strong posterior tilter tuck you do and see if you can really get that going without your shoulders shrugging just enough lat support. Okay. And your magnets are squeezed, your glutes are pulled together, so as you lower your heels, take the inhale and then exhale as you pull up. Let it come from deep inside the stomach. Inhale as you lower. Exhale n Paul. Good.

Really bring this sitz bones together. Nice and light hands. There's three more. Careful not to shift too much weight back, so when you lower, just lower there. Okay, now let's take it into the walking in place. We'll go just a little more in the tempo so we can take, inhale down and exhale up and down and whoops.

And one down on both up. One down in, both up there. Sure, sure. There it is. Accent that up and up and up and up. That's right. A little faster and up and down and lift and down and lift.

Down and down. Let's pick it up a little more down, up, down, down, double breath. Can we try the double? There we go. Sure, sure. Going? Yeah.

Are your sits bones still drawed drawn together and a little crispy. Your feet and four and three and two. Add last one and find your relevance. [inaudible] okay guys, step back carefully. I got a little wacky on the counting, but you followed fine, so washerwoman you're going to stand back. Let's approach this this evening with your arms up alongside your ears or slightly forward if you need to versus not letting the ribs thrust forward. Yep. Take a nice full breath in and then let's see the curve as you round over your head, staying right between your arms, pelvis, right over your angles in that vertical line. So shift more forward. 41 there we go. Now again, just take a sec and shrug your shoulders and I want you to feel and concentrate on how to move the pedal. We know how to move it, but the hands nice and light.

Let the pedal be moving or you're attempt to move because you're trying to bend your spine and flex your stomach muscles. Here we go. Inhale. As we pull down, press down. Exhale. You're still going to pull up. Inhale as you press down. Light hand contact. Yeah. That doesn't need to be very, the effort of bending the spine is what? Stretching that spring down. Yup. And exhale.

Six soft upper trapezius. Let your head relax. Good work. You guys. Squeeze the legs a little more firm together. See if you can get that feeling. Also wrapped up into the back of the thigh. Up into your buttocks a little bit. Let's take one more. I'm gonna have you stay down there. Exhale as you bend your elbow.

So narrow elbows. Inhale, extend. So this is where the, the shrugging could show up. So trying to feel that relationship. No shrugging. That's better. Inhale, extend the spring X. Oops. Accelerate for Alexis. Spring or close at four more. This is great.

Yeah. Pulling the back of the spine to the ceiling. Two more times. This is much more control and we lift. Last one. Keep your arms straight. You guys and then just go ahead and start re-rolling up to standing from there and you're still working even when your hands let go of the pedal.

But when I add one more thing, bring your arms out from the sides all the way back up again alongside the ears and inhale, little taller through your spine. And we go over cam this contract a little bit more. Can the inner thighs work more legs, a little more wrapped. Inhale, press all the way down to the bottom. I'm going to stay there as you exhale. We've done this before in mat work.

I love this being a in your [inaudible] over position, going up into Relevate from here. So we've got a weight shift forward. Let the back of the head relax if you can. So we're going to inhale and rise up to the front of the feet. Exhale, lower your heels. It's just a little gentle touches, you know, inhale as you rise up again and exhale as you lower. So go ahead and let it come all the way down. Yeah, that pedal can be down.

Okay, that's right. So the head also needs to drop. Dump your head out there and lowish cause this is going to come up again in a minute with the pike foreshadowing. Couple more. Good. So knowing how much weight to distribute to the arms, how much to the feet, but also really a lot about this sense of connection to bring the heels up. Okay, last one. Exhale, heels down. Just stay there to inhale and then open up that upper back.

Exhale. Start to roll back up to standing, keeping the weight shift. We're right up on the front of the feet. Nice work you guys [inaudible] so good. Good. Okay, let's go down on the floor for diamond on the floor. Now what I might do here is just a tiny little, just a little bit of this and a little bit of this. Kay diamond on the floor with a little chest lift.

She's getting warm. So as you bring your pedal down, souls the feet together. Yeah. Good. You have enough room. I think I used to have your arms out to the side. Let's do palms down. So palms down, but then the upper arm rotated back.

Okie dokes, neutral or level as you both know so well. And then finding that level pelvis without uh, you know, flaring the ribs up. So find the rim work that you have to upper abdominal work in cost of work. Okay. Now is there a way to press the feet a little more firmly?

Try to open up the knees a little more or more external rotation. You might feel the lower glutes kick in so I won't push hard. You know, I've done the Sioux before, but you want to try widen that space. Okay, so let's go with six repetitions of letting them pedal come up and down. But the goal is, is as you lift your pedal, you keep that external rotation the same. If I had a way to, to measure the degree of rotation, it would be the same. So if it's 45 degrees, it stays 45 or you know. Yep. Focus on that level. Pelvis, upper ams.

This is good for both of you. I lost count as this four. There we go. And last one. Let's make this our last one for this Rep. Yeah. Pattern. Now hold the legs down, hold the pedal down. Interlace your hands behind your head. Okay, now the pedal stays stable is our goal. So we take a breath here.

Exhale, engage the abdominal. So come into forward full forward chest. Lift the hundred position if you will. Little more fold with the chest line. Chin slightly down, shoulder blades, and then inhale. Exhale, roll back. So we can do inhale, exhale, roll forward, and a little more neutral. Yup. Inhale, exhale, roll back. Good you guys. So lower. Keep it going. Lower body stable, upper spine bending. Inhale, exhale and lower.

Got It. Inhale, exhale. How much more can you fold it? That line to open up that thoracic in the back and down to more of those. And we'll stay up on the second one a little more. Yes, and lower last one. [inaudible] AH, no. Take a breath. Exhale. Let the pedal come up just a little bit. As you pull it down, you're wanting to curl a little bit more if possible. We're going to do six of those. Exhale, pedal comes up. Exhale, a little more reflection. Inhale. Or you guys are doing great. Exhale curl. It's beautiful.

Exhale and coral. Yup. Two more. So rectus abdominis really going, Ooh. OHB leaks are going trans versus going. And one more time and the pedal stays down. And then you get the alert taking the head and chest back to rest. Okay. Close the knees. And I want you to be on the balls of the, excuse me, the arches of the feet now. Okay. Right. So the, the little hiccups we here, we're going to try not have too many of those if possible.

So as you're standing on the pedal, um, through the arch of the foot, fire your hamstrings a little more. Yes. And you know what? That's a good call. I'm going to do that to you too. Just a scooch. Okay. So this is more of a politeness conservatory. We saw this not so long ago and let's take a side to side with the Nice. Let's come to the right first. So as you rotate, let the left foot lift off the pedal. Stack the edges of the feet together.

Right? So to keep that pedal down, we may not want the hips to come as far and, but also I want you to start finding that, uh, oppositional connection. So can more of the back of your left there. So heavy left rib cage, left chest, left arm. Now the exhale brings you back to center. Once you hit center, you're making sure you're neutral. You are very good.

And we go to the left. So knowing what we just found. Yup. There is that opposition. Yeah, that's it. Right. Ribs heavy, right. Chest heavy. Lots of work on that. Left lateral hamstring and hamstring group. And exhale as you come in. It's a no, we can just inhale to the right. I would say exhale to come back.

Yeah. Inhale to the left. So knowing how much, uh, how far to go, how much rotation without losing the stability on the other side and not letting the pedal bounce. A lot of hamstrings there. Good. Good to keep it. Some of the body weight this way near you go. Okay. One each side. Then we're going to make it a little more challenging I think.

Okay. That's all right. Exhale center. Good rib control. One more. Okay, so keep the pedal down. Extend your left leg as if it's coming to teaser. Cross that leg over the other knee. Knee over knee. Okay, so the formula just got a little harder I think, and we've done this.

So as you rotate again toward the right, I wanted to add Dr. Legs more. Go into lot more squeezing of your inner thighs. Maybe even the glutes are becoming more active. Send some energy through your left chest and left arm. Oh good. Without the ribs pushing out.

I would love for you to get this side more on the floor, but we're working on that. Okay. Good rotations you guys inhale. There you are. Exhale and uninspiring. Same leg. Rotate the other way. It feels so much different to go this direction. Knowing what you know. Oh, go too far. Yeah, so the foot that's on the pedal, fire, that hamstring adductors.

Also to keep that pedal down. Inhale and exhale. Come back to center one. Morgan each direction. Check you out from over here for a second. Yeah. So you've got this really nice flat, real line, that rib to hip cue that I work with so often and center. And last one over to your left. How does that feel?

Challenging. That's good. Okay. Extend the leg. Inhale and place it on the exhale. Right leg and cross. And so before we do the side decides yet, find the adductor relationship and that the back of the hamstrings right back up into the glute. Okay, interesting. It makes me think of the mountain to Matt, the classical mountain mat to sit down. All right, so let's go to your left. Any opposition reaching your right arm to the right. You good? Adductors, hamstrings.

Nice you guys. And exhale as you come back to center and to the right. I mean that funneling of the ribs a little more Yvonne? Yes. Center. Good one more. Each direction and center. Good. And last time to the right. Lots of energy through the left and exhale as you come back to center. Okay.

Inhaling, exhale foot down. So great. Not a whole lot of bouncing. There could have been a lot more bouncing and I know you know yourselves and you would probably would have wanted less, but don't worry, that wasn't too much. Uh, now are you able to let the pedal come back up to its stopping place without feeling like your feet are gonna fall off? You are splendid. Can you roll up from there? Just you. What happens? Gorgeous as I expected it to be. Heals up here.

Now let's go into pike and then teas are on the floor. So heels up. And what I'm going to have you guys do first with this is put your hands on the cabs. Okay? Yeah. And it's okay with me if you bend your elbows a little bit to draw your chest closer to your thighs, you know, and it, it's okay if that feels easy in your hamstrings. Some things are, it's nice to feel some ease in. Okay. Yeah. And I'm going to just a little bit more of right.

So bendy that way. Good. Gorgeous. Okay, cool. All right, so now if you can lightly place your hands on your pedal, we're going to go back to that same idea that um, well we haven't talked about it yet, but instead of employing your arms to pull the pedal, think of more c curve in the Lumbar, that effort of c curbing the lumbar or stretching the lumbar is what stretching your spring. So I don't care if your arms pull the spring in all or pull the pedal. I want your stomach to do it. So let's exhale I think for you to this evening. I'm trying to get that less there. I'll show you more of that. If the pedal moves fantastic.

It's not about the pedal, it's about this and exchange. So try not to do that. Do give me more lumbar flection there. That's see that stretched the spring plenty in, he'll come out of it a little bit. Exhale, stretch for spring by sea, curving a little more. The only in that relationship of lat to Billy, they're going to yell in your ear. Now you guys know your mat works so well.

Lift your feet up off the top of the chair. Who, oh, go ahead. Try a couple. [inaudible] hold on. That's, I can go on that. Hold the pedal for a second. Let go of the pedal, I should say. Can you do arms higher above your head? I took it off of 'em and heals up. Cool. Yeah, you did. That's going to be plenty. You can roll down carefully. Great. How's your niece?

Okay guys. Great. So find a way up off the floor. You'll come from around the back of the chair for Swan on. Oh yes. One on the top. See all still on one red spring, one spring. So belly down. Good. And let's agree to do maybe six one and then we'll also add some chest press.

Okay. So finding your legs nice and long together. Heels touching. And let's just check in again. Um, I'm not a big fan at this right now. Well we'll do that in a minute of lifting your legs yet. Let's just keep the legs on that parallel line or horizontal line. Okay. So let's take a breath where you are. Exhale and bring your back up.

We'll bring it back up. Inhale. As you lower down, it's finding the relationship of lats to the back. I feel like you're pulling your back. Those are perfect. Back. Inhale Lower and are you hyperextending your elbows. Try a little less of that. Maybe just that soft bend in your elbow.

So you're staying in muscle in the front of the arm. Back of the arm. Yeah, so I would think a little more. Well within your Scapula, hyper mobile mobility you have. That's better. Yeah. Okay. Next one. Come on up. Go Away. Go up a little higher. Yeah. Wait a minute.

You guys go a little higher. You had all of that you weren't thinking about. We have to. Got To do a couple more repetitions. Short chain yourself. Don't do it. Do more. Find the back. Move it just to the windows air. But I should have caught you probably sooner. Last one and pull up.

No, you're talking. Okay. Halfway down. So we're going to add about eight chest press. Exhale, bend those elbows again. They're narrow. Inhale, extend, exhale and press and e longing. [inaudible]. Ooh, a little less. You respond to that. Really well.

No movement. Goody von. Two more. Last one. Okay. Now hold right there. I'm going to ask you both now to externally rotate your legs. Okay, squeeze your bottoms and let's do, he'll beat 50 reps. She's still like, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. And four, three, two, last one. Parallel.

Inhale. Exhale. You can put a hand up on the seat, lower your legs back and we will come up off of our belly. I didn't count to 50 correctly, but you've got, you know what you were doing great. Okay, now I'm gonna since we're on this, this side of the chair, add Ian on one other side of the chair. This one spring up on the third arm. So that's going to put us up on one on three, one on one, which might be a little heavy. We'll find out. We'll want the support for the front lunge. So walking around the back again.

Now if I might show you the mount that I have, we done the mount the rather than this, you know, and all that stuff, that's okay. But I know you guys can do more focus and precision. So stepping on the pedal ball of foot, knowing where to put, you know how to get the weight on that leg. Come on up, heel and foot up here. Hopefully I've parallel track myself and then we'll take our lunches from there. Okay. Uh, are you feeling confident by doing this? Okay, so after you do eight, you'll come down, you'll step back, you'll let go and you'll step, and then the left foot. All right.

Be Aware of the dismount with the heavy spring tension. Right foot. Yeah. Get the weight on that leg. You may help to think of going into a little tip toe. That's it. To step up with your left leg. Fantastic.

Okay, so the downward floods up on the Relevate before you start standing the glutes, the ribs, and back, the quad, the adductors, the body. Ready. Inhale, get ready. Think vertical climb, exhale. And we go. Inhale. Descend slowly and think of more hip extension on your front hip without leaning back. Exhale. Inhale. Descend. Slowly. Think of hip flexion or extension. Excuse me. Oh my goodness. Yeah.

Got It guys. Really Nice Focus. Stay in the glutes. Think vertical, less forward and more vertical. I'm right behind you. I don't want to throw you off. That's it. I love this. Uh, back foot. How high you are in the Relevate.

That's lovely. Strong. [inaudible]. Yeah, we got it. Come down slowly. Hip Extension. Let's make this next one. The last repetition. I got it right.

Okay. So you can lower your arms through the transition and step back carefully. Lulu. Yeah, let that petal go. Good job. You guys. Other side. I'm just going to keep you square. All right, so left foot stands on pedal, right? Footsteps Up on the chair. Woo. All right, good catch. All right, so hands behind the head. I'm just checking in. Feel it maybe from the top down. Lat, securing around the ribs.

How that funnels through the obliques in the front into your ta. Okay. Squeezing through your glutes. Exactly. And standing on the right foot. Think vertical. Exhale. [inaudible]. Inhale as you lower. And again, thinking of that good as hip extension. Do you come down?

Huh? That's an, I feel like that helps. It has helped me in the past. I tend to be a little tighter on that line. Yeah. It's going to keep you in your hamstrings anyway. So the right, the, the, you know, the, yeah, the definitely the back of that leg taught solid support in the knee without hyper extending that knee. Exactly. Good. So gimme gimme good. [inaudible] excellent focus concentration.

[inaudible] okay, that's good. Two more reps think vertical. Yeah. Right behind you a little bit. Yeah. Okay. Arms down. Try not to hold onto the chair. Step your right foot back to the floor. Keep some weight in the left foot. Ooh. Yeah. Excellent. Yeah.

And that's a lot of weight for the dismount in the mount. But did that feel appropriate for assistance in your spring, in your lunging to get vertical? Okay, great. Uh, it's also appropriate for pike, I think so. Let's try the front. The Pike. I could have just had to go right from there. Darn. I should have so balls of feet in that Relevate again, I love the magnet. Squeeze everything tight. Wrap around the butt. All right, so where would you like to put your hands?

Maybe different where I'd like you to put your hands. I want them there. Yeah, I like them there. It's harder there, but in a way. So go ahead and visualize that washer woman. You're back in that and we're not locking your elbows. Take a breath. Inhale you guys exhale. And pools airs up and low belly pull that we found earlier in washerwoman. Now inhale slowly descend with more pelvic tilt.

Exhale as you pull up. Inhale as you lower. Yeah. If, Yep. If we can those shoulders above the wrists. There you go. Little softer elbows. Yeah. Make your biceps contract here. There, there, there.

That's got it. Different. Huh? When your sereneness for yourself, soften your elbows. Couple more reps, less Slippy, Slippy shoulders. They're slipping a little bit and they know what to do. Not to say that there's nothing much out. Let's go one more together. I'm going to ask you to stay up on this next one.

No, you'll love and hate this little pulses of the belly. Sure, sure. Excellent. You guys. Yes. And let's take four and three, just two last one and lower down slowly with control and pause. Fantastic. Can we turn to ward the window here in front of us and do the pike to the side.

Oblique will agree to do five repetitions only on each side. Okay. So, uh, yeah. What to do with the feet. How about left foot behind, right foot in [inaudible] or elevated thing and and hand. Okay, so I'm okay with two things. You could square and square or a little more on the diagonal. You can play with one versus the other. A, you might be more used to one than the other. So by four, before we go into the pike, find deflection, find the tail under ribs in cue.

Let your head go. You're up on a Relevate. Yup. So that's still all that's already going for you right in there. All right, so let's breathe in. Exhale. We pull up trying to keep our hips above our heels. Inhale slowly. Descend. Exhale. Inhale. Slowly descend. That's it.

So keeping hips more over pedal than over the seat. I think. I believe this is five or six. I lost count. That's going to be plenty though. So let's transition. Turn this other one. Great.

I like your transition. I wouldn't have been, I wouldn't have done that, but I kind of like what you did. Okay, so finding your setup. Yup. Right. Foot's going to be behind. Left your in, around, back. Get that pool up already going. Adductors perhaps. Yeah. Inhale. Exhale. And we pull up. So what can you do to keep your hips more over your pedal? You know, it's in a, here's my voice. I'm over here. Keep your hips this way. Yeah, that's it.

[inaudible] easy to drop over. It's more comfortable. Maybe a little, you know, drop over the seat. That's at least a good, we're here. We have some good Serita's score we'll work on as soon. You're fine. Hm. One more time from deep and new. It was o bleaks way up high underneath those reds and come down. Now I will have you both transitioned similar to how you did turn to face forward this way. Sit and carefully bring the pedal up. Great.

Roll your wrists around. We're about to do our frog facing away. So hands down in the front of the chair. First position with your feet is that it'd be fun. Okay. And again, knees no wider than the seat width if possible. All right, so as you're about to bear way down to the wrist again, find the pull down in the scapula. Oh, the lift in the front of the chest.

All right. And can you slide your bum forward but and say suspended off of the seat without leaning or tucking. That's a toughie. So that lumbar extension, show me a little more. Okay. All right. Now hold, uh, your legs steady. Let's work our triceps again. So we bend the elbows back, we extend the elbows and then even unsure a little more in case they were shruggy. So the elbows bend back, exhale and use steroid rate. I'm going to do a total of five. So here's our third and exhale. Go a little higher yet. And two more. You guys are doing great.

Those ribs a little bit. Yeah. Hmm. Looking out last time or your arms. Okay. Okay. Fantastic. Hold your arms. Push the legs. Inhale legs, push. Exhale, pull and push. Find your hamstrings and glutes here. Yes. And pull three more.

Really high knees too. And we left last time. Press lift and have enough energy to put your bum back on a chair and rest. Okay. Fantabulous all right, let's go ahead and come off the chair now. Off that side. A little sideline real quick. So, hmm.

I think less spring. Come around the back. Take away the one that's high. Think with that third, just leave the low one. It's kind of kind of Henri. And let's go ahead and face the brick wall. So you'll position on your right hip sideline. Oh, you know what, I'm uh Oh, think of lining up like mat work. Sign line.

Yes. So feet up, legs up in the, in the air. And we've done these before. A little disorienting on how to set up as you both know. So I was able on a little reach more, um, move yourself a little more toward the window, like, yeah. Perfect. So if you could see this is a straight line and actually now I moved you too much. Half an inch.

Yeah. Okay. All right. Okay. So what I want you guys to do, yeah. And you do. You're a front hand on your kickstand position. Good Square shoulders. It's this, where are we laterally? Is your neck, okay? Two choices. You could, yeah. You could have your head there or you could bring your head up either way. So what I want you to do now, let's don't even worry about the pedal. It's down.

You've got your lat working, you've got a little external rotation on that arm. Let's work our oblique. So on an exhale, just five repetitions. Lift both legs up. Inhale lower and exhale. Lift is if you've got a little stack of books here and it's not too heavy, but now just the top leg. Five inhale, lower. Maybe exhale up. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, good for you guys are going for it. Five last one now lower it halfway. So it's hip height. Keep it there. Five of the bottom leg, bottom leg. Ups were abduction one and two and lots of squeeze. 3:00 AM yep. Four and last one five you'll stay. We're in fives. All the sudden flex and point. Inhale and exhale. Point.

Inhale and exhale. You're saying stack. This is great. Nice lateral position. Last one, four, five and you can let the pedal come up and journeys. That's fine. And we'll rotate the other way. Good. What, what was that? That was hard.

Well we teachers like to say good. That was hard or you know, I, I'm a student. I think it's great when it feels hard, you know that challenge. Alright, so it, I didn't really address it as much as I did the pelvic stack position. Um, but fine. You know, even more all the way through the spine, top of the head included. So if we were walking on the street, we'd have ourselves upright. We wouldn't have the upper body rounded, but the lower half. Nice and straight. Yeah. Good. Okay. Lots of energy here. All right, so both legs on the exhale. So find those side wasteland. My waistline muscles.

Oh, let me just check this. I don't know. That might not, I don't know if that's going to feel that great. This Latins that come down a bit more there at Lisa more. Yeah. Last one of these. Okay. Now top leg only and lift. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Perfect. And three and four and high, halfway down, bottom leg. And Ah, continuing to lengthen both legs from those hips.

Lots of reach actually from your waist through your hips and along last one, come up for five. No flex and point. Inhale and point. And Flex says, okay and point, this is hard and flex and 0.2 more. And last one and point, bend the knees, let the pedal come up. We'll do a final stretch for our waistline and won't stay facing that direction. So you can a two choices. You can either let the leg dangle or you can bring it up on top of the chair.

Let's actually do that one tonight. Can we get it? Yeah. Okay. And why don't we do this? Take your other leg, reach a little bit more back on a diagonal. Just, yeah, I don't know. Actually let feel. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So again, there's only one spring, so it's not going to be even really about how much the pedal moves at all. It's really at that, um, upward, diagonal stretch. So let's take our right arm and breathe it in and bring it up by the head.

Now exhale and Uber and let's see. We'll do maybe four of these. Bend first side, bend two open. Keep this leg reaching long. Okay. And he'll get a little longer and exhale and come up right to a vertical spine, which means you probably have to lift your right arm, left hand off the pedal.

Inhale, grow taller, and exhale. Find the bend of the spine. We are shortening one side and lengthening the other one. Open it up. Is your leg long. Inhale, hold, exhale, and bring the spine up, right. Okay, now do two more. Just a little kind of a leaning stretch. Not so much of a bend on there on your side. It's going to be a lot smaller range of even less bend. Yeah.

So it's really more going up on that diagonal, right? Different, Huh? No, I didn't. Um, do a whole lot of rotation this evening. So let me add a little bit real quick. Take a breath and you know what's coming in. Rotate the torso if it feels like that hand. Can you know, just find a pedal perhaps. Can you get there?

Yeah, go ahead and get the Ham there on the pedal and slide the other one over. That's that ticket. Yes. May as well make use of our spinal mechanics while we're there. Yes. Good work you guys. Gorgeous. All right. And then just one easy return. Inhale and exhale.

Come all the way up and we'll do that on the other side. So we did too with the curve. Third one. A little less curve into the rotation. Yeah. So your left leg is behind. Yeah, it can kind of slightly go back under diagonal. As long as you're well up on the ball of the foot and your left arm comes up and next sale. Okay, so still working on the ribs hip ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit yeah, it's louder. All men. Good. Give it a reach. Just going to bring your hip forward. Okay. Yeah. Good.

Inhale a little longer. Exhale and coming out of the side bend might have to let your right hand leave the pedal. Inhale a little taller. Exhale and we side bend over. Beautiful curve. Both of you. A uniform curve. Go a little more here for you. Yup. And we come up. Okay. Let's look at a last progression.

So a little less of a bend, some more of a kind of a lean. Bless you. A lean to the right. Okay, so the exhale right from that center. The show, why? Evening that back. I just want to peel it open here. Good hand to the pedal if it can. Let me know how each side feels different. If you move yourself vertebral back a little more, really ringing out. Good old queue. Ring Out, ring out, ring out.

It would be something to think of. Even weight on the hands. You know something to think. We're working toward that without letting the pelvis take that cue. So we isolate spine and pelvis stays put. Okay. You guys unwind. Exhale, come all the way up. Let's just do one just standing together.

Come all the way up and you can stand maybe facing that window if you'd like to. Just put a little final closure is standing. Roll down for yourself. No alarms. Just a nice easy take a breath. And we rolling forward. Yeah. Nice. Weight shift is even easy. Does it? You did a very nice class. I love some of the choices we made and I love that.

We only use, you know, two spring choices the whole class and rolling back up. So we didn't have to get too confusing or too much chaos with closing and readjusting the springs. All right. Thank you both. Wow. Hi. Thank you. Oh, well thank you actually to you. So if I can ask you two a question because you're both teachers as well, the students have this work. What, did anything show up new for you tonight? Or did you get a new understanding of an exercise because some of the material is different from what your school background is? Anything different? Well, sure. Um, and I always learned something, a new gem every time I take a class.

But this in particular, you gave me a very specific, um, correction about my, my labs, which is a place, you know, where I'm queuing students all the time, more in your lat, shoulders down. And I tend to think that I'm there and just to feel um, bad in a new way and to know that I can connect to deeper into that was, was exciting and cool. Thank you. You're welcome. And then for me with the lunging standing work, I think kind of, I know a lot of times people are finding that balance between glutes and hamstrings and trying to find that balance. And I guess the really focusing on the hip extension and finding that from high hamstrings, I think tonight was the first time I really like isolated that out. And I think the tactile cue was helpful with that.

And I felt a strength more through the entire exercise by being able to have much more stable. Great. It's so focused on the way up and I felt that that helped with the verticality of it too. Great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


OMG! I love your classes... :)
THANK YOU!!! More on the way...I just did a 35min-ish Reformer class last night which should be up soon....stay tuned!
I really enjoyed this class...very precise cueing and I watched her teach it first and then I did it...standing lunge is difficult but your reminders and the time in performing the move is so critical...thank you !
Hi Janice, I appreciate the feedback and comments...thank you so much. I tend to teach a bit on the slower side -- paying close attention to detail and form. This is how I like to move as well. I really feel strongly about set-up and preparation.....just as much as the exercise itself. Talk to you soon! Amy
Great teacher and great cuing! I enjoyed the whole work-out. I love that you use patience and grace to get more out of your students. I did not hear you say "no thats not right" at all.
Leslie Steensrud
Hi Leslie....thank you for such a thoughtful post. I am a patient teacher.......I teach as I was taught and I often use the "Joe-ism"....that Rome was not built in a day! Technique takes a long time to achieve and the kinder and more clear the guidance......I belive students will receive the work much more authentically. I don't believe in "no that's not right"...
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thanks to you and one other instructor here in Seattle, I have been reminded that lighter spring (and no handholding) on footwork/leg pumps is actually *harder*! Thanks for the challenge. Awesome class. :)
You're so welcome Brooke! The first time I a session with lighter springs set for my footwork, I had one of those "ah ha" moments that really hit home. I really value the lighter spring settings and feel the same as you.... It is a bit " harder" in that wonderfully subtle way! Grace and ease...... Not grunt and stress to move the pedal... And the body. Thanks for writing!
Amy. I love that you said "scoach" to get your client to move. Being from the south, I am always say" scooch" down or up to get my client to move. My first job as an instructor, the owner reprimanded me for saying it..she said it was confusing to the client. Totally threw me off and confused me as to correct pilates wording for awhile. Now that I work out of my own studio, I say it quite often and my clients seem to always respond.. lesson learned!. So that being said, I loved it when u said that!! Great class btw ,, love the way u teach and pay attention to detail and correct alignment for your clients no matter the " correct phasing " to get them there.. Jamie
Hi Jamie!! Ah yes, the 'scooch" and "scosh" words....they work don't they? Glad you enjoyed this class, yes I tend to be a bit detailed. It's about alignment for me, detail and precision .... posture, posture, posture!!
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