Class #2041

Mixed Equipment Workout

40 min - Class


Sherri Betz is back with a class to work on your posture and balance. She works with Helen on improving her body strength and endurance, while using the equipment and props for assistance. Sherri shows how you can progress many exercises like Lunges, Pumping, and more.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Mixed Equipment, Tower, Moon Box, Table Chair, Overball, Pilates Pole

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Hi everyone. I'm here with Helen. She is coming to [inaudible] to improve her balance and to improve her knee mobility. She has some Baker, sits behind the knees, not a lot of pain in her knees, but d...


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Great techniques to start using with my seniors. It's always a great learning experience to watch a class where such a huge reservoir of knowledge needs to accessed and everything needs to be so plainly explained. Thank you.
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Excellent! I loved it. Thank you.
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Very helpful. Brilliant in its straight forward, clear cues.
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Thank you for this wonderful work out; there aren't enough Senior exercises out there, and I loved all the detailed cuing and spotting. Can't wait to try them with my Elderly!
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Loved this, Sherri! So helpful. More, please PA, on working with seniors!
Thanks everyone! I love to incorporate a functional activity like sit-to-stand as an "exercise." I consider the transitions as exercises. Also, emphasis on transitions from one exercise to the next helps clients like Helen integrate the Pilates principles of alignment into their daily life!
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Thank you Sherri. This is beautiful work, fine sequencing, easily tailored to multiple fitness levels at any age!
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Wonderful class Sherri! Would love to see more senior classes on PA!
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Thank you Sherri. So lovely to see you working with Helen. Your voice is so gentle and personal. Love to see moment to moment and the progression. Your cueing, spotting and attention to detail Fabulous!
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Brilliant! Great cues, awesome information and I love how you speak to your client and encourage and continue to gently correct and check in!
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