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Mari Winsor will make you smile in her flowing Reformer workout! She focuses on working with control, sometimes decreasing the spring tension to make sure you feel your muscles working. Mari is great at reminding us how fun Pilates can be with her wonderful sense of humor and imagery.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Feb 15, 2015
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Hi, welcome to Valadez anytime. And I'm Mari. And this is Monica. We're going to do an intermediate reformer class and we're going to add a couple of things that maybe you've never seen before. So I can keep the flow going to the science of the reformer. Okay. Um, we're going to use three springs today.

If you use four springs, that's great. It will help you muscle into it a little bit more. The, the key to this work is trying to do a little less springs and still feel those muscles work with control because control of course, is a major part of this, a major player and your powerhouse. So control, we're going to work for control, flow and powerhouse. Alrighty. So Monica, if you wouldn't mind having a seat now, there are some good control right there. So we want to make sure she's, even if you don't have anybody to look at you, you can sort of slide one foot over and see how long that takes you to get to each end. And then you'll know you're in the middle of cause. It's hard to gauge that sometimes. All right. The niche should be even with the shoulders.

And I do like to tell people to pull their armpits down so their shoulders are nice and relaxed. Okay, very good. She looks terrific. Now let's push out and come in. So with the three springs, Monica is able to tweeze into her bud shakes a little bit and use the underneath part of her leg, which is key to this work and key to changing the shape of your leg and buttocks. Who says we can't look good in our skinny jeans after one lesson, pull your tummy in. Good. So it's almost as if the torso is pulling the legs up so you're not all into the joint of straightening and bending the knee. Right? Good. The whole body works together. Now we're on our arches. Push out.

I want Monica to try and squeeze right above her knees a little bit more so she can feel her inner thighs. The inner thighs are really important part of your powerhouse and will be necessary to be able to activate that area of your body when we do more advanced things. Right, Monica? Okay. Now the feet flex. You should feel your shins here. This is especially nice if you have an athlete that comes in that's stress gone for a long run and their shins hurt. This hole sort it right out for you. Good, and I also think that being on the heels is the easiest way to access the glutes because the feet are further away from your center.

Open the shoulders. Breathing is essential. Inhale, exhale. Like I always say, don't get caught up in the breathing. With this breathing should be natural and deep and even you don't want to hold your breath while you work out. You want to continue the breath with the movement. Now we'll do the tendon stretch.

This exercise is great for the buttocks and inner thighs and the powerhouse. She's going to stretch out slowly. Lower down, squeezing. I like to move as this. I as if I'm moving through a Samantha, it's almost dry, so it's like down. Press it up like a wall. Down to three. Press up. Lighten up to Tommy. Lift your chest.

Don't let it go into your shoulders. We want it to go right here. Put your shoulders right here while the tension in your tummy and your glutes, right? The cosmetic benefits of Palabra. These are undeniable. That's it. Good. Yeah, I think that's good. So now we're going to do the 100 so Monica is going to show you how to lift up the bar, push it out, and lower it down.

If you have a bar that doesn't act like that, you might have to sit up and put your bar down. That's okay. All right, so we're going to stay on three springs. All right. I like to slide my shoulders away from the shoulder pads a little bit so that when they come up, they're kind of not in my way, so I feel freer. Yes. Okay, here we go. Press the arms down, hands up. Turn the legs out, squeeze in the inner thighs, squeeze your heels and pump. Inhale and exhale again. Inhale.

Now remember when you Xcel connect the breath to your abdominals. Inhale and exhale. Keep the shoulders open. Press the armpit down. This and variably happens to people. They start real good here. And then this happens. So press your shoulders down, reach with your legs, squeeze your inner thighs together. Good. Excellent. One more step for you today, Monica.

Inhale and breathe out all the air. Get that air out of your lungs, girl. Good girl. Alright, come back. Now we're going to do the shorts, mine and you might have take a spring or two occupancy on how you started. We have two springs and we're the grotto equipment. We thread this loop through the handle. The um, life should be just to the end of the shoulder blocks so that if you have equipment that is adjustable, make that adjustment now, however you have to do it. Alright, again, the loop through the handle. All right, anything else?

Then show bumper had on those handles when she tries to bring her legs back. If you can't take your legs back to the straps, you might not be flexible enough for this exercise, so be cognizant of that. Here we go. I'd say that's pretty good. Of course Monica has beautiful practice. I know where she learned at both of them from me. Left up, up, up.

Now squeeze here. You can lift your Chin a little bit so your neck feels longer. Thank you. Bend your knees and we roll down. Well, my, I used to call that buttering the toast. Bend the knees. She had all kinds of funny things she used to say. The would make us smile and laugh during our workout because after all, it is fun, isn't it?

Lacy is my using the powerhouse to roll down so you can articulate the spine vertebra by Vertebra. Good. Let's do a couple more because that felt good, didn't it? I fee go squeeze your buttocks. You want to push with your arm to feel the whole arm on the carriage. That's it. Arm pits down. Neck is long. One more for the girl today and squeezes up. Lift up, up, up. Good. Bend the knees and roll down.

Now we're going to come out of this position for us with the Groth. What we're gonna do is we're going to reach up and grab the handles and put our four fingers through the loop. Slept the strap off the feet and let go the fourth finger and slide down. How's that? Now, if you don't have this kind of equipment, make the adjustment now so your handles are longer. Okay. And we stay on to springs. I call this exercise the blind date.

You go out together and you come home alone. That's my favorite thing in house rides out. Open, close, come home alone and inhale, hold your breath. When we hold our breath, when we're exercising, what we're doing is we are increasing the capacity of our lung. One more time with bees and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and in, let's do that one more time and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Good. And come down. When you do this exercise, I just want to point out when you bring your knees back in for a second, elbows down. When you stretch your arms and legs out, your arms should be down as close to the carriage as you can get them. So you can feel your triceps too. Extra added bonus. Right.

Okay. So now the next exercise we do, it's usually a swan on the barrel, but we're not going to use the barrels today cause I'm afraid that maybe some of you don't have a barrel. So we're going to do a modified version of the one you get the benefit. The purpose of this one is to open up your chest and shoulders for pulse straps to make you more flexible. So I hate to go right to pulse straps without doing something. So we're going to improvise. Okay, thank you Monica. I'm going to put this up.

Here we go and we're gonna lift up. This Monica is going to lie down on her tummy and I took the screen off. Oh yes, it's a one spring please. Yes. And were you using a pass or she doesn't slide around? You know if she don't have a pad handy, you can also cut up a yoga mat if you have an extra one lying around and that will serve the same purpose. All right, here we go. I'd like Monica to have her eyeballs right over this bar.

You have to gauge where your own flexibility is though. If this feels like you have to arch too much, then simply slide back. All right, so Monica is going to keep her shoulder blades down, have her elbows out to the side and push out one beautiful movement. Say they're now our Chubb. Press with your arms and come back in.

Pull back out and lower down. Bend your elbows back in. So of course your shoulders have nothing to do with this right? And our push out, good and up. Come in, arms, stay straight. There's power in those straight arms. Push back out and then in and she's warming up her shoulders and her back.

And again, one more time. Three is a magic number. If you haven't already guessed that and for shout and come in. Very good. That feels good, doesn't it? [inaudible] okay, now we will go ahead and turn around and I'll take this a little pad. We'll need this later. Okay, so you can come on for your pole straps. You can either step up over here. You want to show that? I like that. Right?

This is very neat. Look at that. Well, good girl. She's perfect in every way. Oh righty. Again, we have one spring. Don't do more than one spring on this police.

Pull the straps down and up, squeezing your shoulder blades together and lengthening the back of your neck and come down. You're gracing the outside of your reformer. Pull your shoulder blades down and come up. Pull forward from here and squeeze your shoulder blades and come down one more time and pull and up. Squeeze and lower down. Good. Now slide your hands out beautiful and pull up again.

This one can be a little bit more intense, but lengthening forward as if you had a rope attached to your chest and that was pulling you this way. So it's more of a length coming forward than it is an art shop. If you feel this in your lower back, rethink it a little bit and try not to arch back here. Good. And you see how she's resisting back? That's good. Now she's going to do something very special.

Hold onto the handles on count one. Step off on count two, add a spring count three good behind your back. Perfect. And put your hands there. Lift up your hips and sit back down and come forward and lie down in your back. Look at that. It was magic. I hate that it happens sometimes. If you can't do that, keep watching her rewind. Employ forward and you'll get it. Here we go. Lift up. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, scoop around. Hold your breath and come back.

Good again. Up Open, scoop around and come back. Good. Now let me tell you something about this exercise. Let me hold your head. Think about what we do on the mat. Work. Rolling like a ball. Okay. This is the same position, so up open scoop around there. Now she really feels it right here.

This is a preparation for your teaser up open. Scoot around. Beautiful Monica. I think that if you were dropped into a pool, you'd be above water beautifully. People that don't put energy into that, you have to put energy into something. You can't just go [inaudible].

You have to put energy. You have to be alert, right? It's about how you do the exercise, not necessarily the exercise itself. All right, so now we have to take one spring off. So let's do that. Wow. Monica. But she did it well. You can probably slide back a little bit and I'm going to stand over here out of your way. Okay, here we go.

Yeah, and down and up when the arms notice that the legs are slightly turned out. So the work does not go into her hip flexors. No, I'm going to give Monica a little tips. Gonna make it more fun for her. She doesn't know yet. Here we go. Come up. This is for you to down and up with the arms one. Don't move the body up. Don't move the body. Yes, that's very good. Down and up. Now when you roll down, keep your arms there. Keep them rolled down. Keep them, keep them. Keep them. Keep them. Keep them. Ah, isn't that nice? It makes you work your car a little bit harder.

Try it one more time for me. Monica. Yes. You see how she rolls up? She doesn't just pop up. She articulates. It's fine. Cause she's very strong in her powerhouse. Reach for the arms. Reach, reach. Yes. Yes, yes, it really, and I saw you shaking their girl too. That's pretty good. We're like a little shape now and then. All right, let's, uh, we can throw the straps back in the wall and we'll prepare for short box.

So when you do your sharp box, if you have one [inaudible] made sure that you have at least two springs on, that's very important. Otherwise, if you don't have enough tension on there and you go to sit on there, the carriage can go back. This one, you don't want that to happen. You can fall. So two springs safety first, right? You want to put three on this? Okay. I think a path would be nice. I don't like the pad for the tree because people have to adjust their hips.

Some will take the pad off for the tree, but two sprays. Here we go. And she's got her bar ready. If you have a sick, that's okay too. Just put it under there so you can grab it easily hugging stuff around the waist. Now what I'd like Monica to do is sit up really tall. So what did we have to do to accomplish that?

Yes, we have to squeeze the butt cheeks. When you squeeze your butt cheeks, you automatically lengthen your waist more. So I want you to start with that. Now. Do your hug now instead of just collapsing in the body, I want you to hover over, up and over. Yes ma'am. That's a good, your feet are pressing against the outside. That's it. Pull your tummy in. I think we're gonna arch all the way back today. If you have a weak lower back, I don't recommend this. Okay.

But if you have a strong healthy body, lets go for it. Roll back. Yes. Good. And come up. Tell me in ribs first. Good again. Now you're gonna let your arms go in. Frame your face when you go down there, here we go. And back. Skew bonders scoop on their scoop under arms over the head.

Beautiful, nice stretch and come up. Hug yourself around the waist and come up. Now I want Monica when she comes up next time to really grab herself around the waist. Okay, so that you really feel what's working to come up. So try it again and back. You Go. Stupid scope at school, but and on fold. Nice. I love this stretch. I feel so good now. Hug Yourself. Feel that.

Yes. Good, good, good. And that will help you. Now if you want to our chain, you don't really feel that you're strong enough. You can also place your hands on your thighs and walk your hands up to chores, your knees to come up. All right, good. Now grab your bar. Good. That's his scoop back a little bit. Now take your arms right up by your, um, maybe not the top of your head. We'll see. Yeah, you, she's a good, but if you find that taking her arms up, it's going to interfere with the placement of your shoulders.

Then bring it down a little bit more here. Okay. It's up to you and, but mommy, because pretty good. Now remember that squeezing of the butt cheeks that we did pull up in here. Nice. Good. Now drop your Chin a little bit as you go back and reach it back.

Lengthen and come up. Good and lengthen back that's and come up. I see her tummy shaking. It's your shaking. It should be if it's not, try to figure out how they make it shake. Right? Without putting it in a blender and back again. Good. Very good. Now let's run forward showing. Sure. That's a nice little break.

That's it. And come up. Now we go what we call side the side. I like a little rhythm with this. Almost like a Walt side to three up to three. Okay, here we go. And side two, three, up to three. Isn't that nice? And up side to tee up. Imagine yourself in a beautiful ballgown waltzing around the beautiful floor, the orchestra playing. See that brought a smile to her face.

I hope it did yours too. Good. Beautiful. Romana always loved images and she always loved to make you smile and giggle during the workout. It does add a nice element to how you feel. All right, let's do twisting back. We didn't do our twists in the beginning, but we're doing it now. Twist and scoop under and reach out or that perfect. And up up and w I have nothing to say to her, but I might have something to say to you at home.

Make sure that when you do this exercise, when you go back that you scoop under and activate this part of your body. That's what gives you the support. If you don't pull your hips underneath you when you go back, try Wong one way. Just a little bit. Yeah. So don't cause this is critical. Yeah, don't do that bad for you. Okay. Cause we have a spiral. We have a torque in the spine as it is.

So in order to make this a most effective, you want your spine to be long and supported by your powerhouse, which is partly your hips also. And come up one more time so they can see. Monica does this beautiful and come up c. All right, now put your bar back and let's lift up. You have someone to take this pat away.

We'll use it later. Okay, here we go. Lengthen the leg out one. Remember, don't be swatting a fly here. Right flexing point. He lifting up here. Good. Now Bend your elbows and round forward, shoulders dropped down, point yas and shift back.

Beautiful and walk down the leg and Shane your chest and come up. Okay. Now if you find that when you roll down your way off to the other side, that means that this hip has gone back a little bit too far, so you might want to shift it forward and rotate the leg and they have socket a little bit. She's perfect now and come up and again back. She knew chest and welcome. Good.

The walking up the leg is a great way for you to be able to articulate your swine and use each vertebra so you can engage in your upper and lower abdominals and it's a great way to strengthen you so that when you aren't all the way back, you can come up with no effort. There is a method to this madness. There really is. It scares me sometimes when I think about how brilliant Joseph philosophies really was. Good and round forward, back. You see how she's walking down the leg, she's going to articulate, her body's going to correspond with what she's doing on her leg and it's going to help her get stronger in her torso.

Yes. Good. Watch how the ribs polling first when she comes up. Ribs first. Nice. Huh? Monica, you're so good. I don't know if you realize how, how beautiful her practice is and if you can't quite do things the way she does it, please don't let that frustrate you. You know, pull out of these as a process. None of us were perfect when we started. Believe me.

It takes time and patience to achieve what you want to do. Thank you, Monica. We're ready for our long stretch. Suz Ooh, I love this. Good. Thank you. Monica. I'm going to give you a little pad that had, Russ is going up. The Path is there so her feet don't slide. Also, you will have two springs on. All right. The Bible will be up there.

I thought a very special way we get on here, so we're going to go hand, foot, hand, foot. That's like a toga moment. So squeeze here and squeeze your Bolus in. Yes, keep your back nicest, right and push out and pull in. This exercise can be done on one spray, but I don't recommend it at this time in your practice. If you're intermediate, give yourself something to look forward to. One more. Lengthen. Good.

I like to use the reference of the body feeling like it's being shot out of a cannon so it's nice and straight and doesn't move. Canine, I'd like to refer this one to this because this is what we're working on this length in here, so she's going to push out and as she comes in she's going to pull up from here, right again and push out whole forward, right? Lighten up that waistline and again, one more time and oh forward. Now you can walk up on your fingertips. Good. This is a little bit of Vance, but if you want to give yourself a challenge, I highly recommend it. Nice and forward. Now we have the up stretch. Good.

Rounding your back here. Pull the ribs in and the head is down. The hips are over the heels, the thumbs are connected with the hand, right? We're ready to springs and push out. Scoop on there and come in Tada and up. Beautiful and pull. Oh, I heard that crack in uni and up. Push out and come in.

So reverse your role where you come back. Start with your neck. Let's try it one more time so people can see. Push out and come forward. Now she's not just going to stick her hips up. She's going to just start from here. Roll in your upper body. Yes. Just like that phase. A little different that way.

And you use your powerhouse more, right? Good. Alright, so next is the elephant again. Two Springs, Curl your toes up if you can. If you short like Monica and me, then you can come forward a little bit. And if you have socks on, use that pad so you don't slide. If you're taller than five, three, five, four, you can put your heels up against the shoulder blocks. Alright, very nice step down. Thank you, Monica. You're doing great so far. How are you guys doing? The homey feel? No. Okay. Oh good. I'm, I'm happy to hear. Now we're going to do an exercise called the stomach massage.

So we have four springs to start. If you want to, you can start with three, but keep along three when you do your arch. Okay, so there we have it. Now I'm going to fix her a little bit and see if, if you can come along with us for these corrections because this exercise, if it's done right, is so beneficial. So I want her to roll her tailbone back in my fingertips a little bit and I want her to pull, keep her tailbone back and then pull up here and bend the elbows and curve forward without collapsing in the middle. So pull up, bend your elbows. Yes. Do you feel that so that this part of the back should be further out in this part of the back. That's your goal and it's not easy to achieve. Trust me. Okay. But that's pretty good. Then you have a lift in here. You want to try to take all the wrinkles out of your top, lower down and up. They make your work, Monica. Good.

And stretch down, up and in stretch. I you should feel your tummy come back. Stay there for a second. If you don't feel you're telling me. See here and do keep your heels together and do low. Keep your hands down here. Do little pulses for me until you feel your tummy.

Just pulse it with you seat. Now push out. Push out one like that. Right until you feel your tell me they know you're in the zone. Okay, you got it. Okay. I she knew how I wanted to make sure you know how down, up and in. Push down, up and in. Yes. Keep your back curve in pilates and we always try and move from a place of stability, which in this case would be her back. Good.

Now she's going to take a spring off and reach her arms around so beautifully and gracefully and elegantly to the shoulder blocks in the back and lift up your back. Nice long neck. You're good to go. Girl. Push down, up and push down. Up and in. Good torch down. Try to feel the inner thighs when you push out. That can add another element to your exercise.

If you find this easy, I don't find this easy and no one who really does this work does find this easy. There's always a challenge somewhere. Good. Now you're going to come back and take off the spring. Beautiful. Now reach out and come back to me. It's as if there was a rope attached from her fingers to my hand and I'm pulling her again for shout and Paul.

Good. Push out and oh good. Now say the tall and you'll twist from the waist on and come back. Good. And Ooh, I like to hold on. But if you don't have anybody to hold your hand, try to feel energy between the fingertips. Straight line if you can without leaning back.

And one more elegant. Don't forget to smile, Monica. You look fine. Yeah. Whoa. [inaudible] that's okay. That's what she's supposed to do. We're going to use circles and frog. We have to make our straps longer. So if you don't have his extension strap, do what you can to make your straps a little bit longer.

So Monica is gonna show you if you have Groth how to do that. Take the loop and the wooden handle together and put the strap through the middle of that. All right. Otherwise the handles well really get new way. It's also really important to have the two outside springs on because when we do semi-circle, you need a place to be able to arch your back and lawyer have stone. So it's important to have the two outside springs on. Yeah.

Okay, good. Now I'm going to hand these to you as best I can. All right. All right. And make sure that when you put these on your feet, if you have grads, that the hardware is on the outside. Okay. By that I mean can you see me here like that on the outside? That's the hardware. All right, let's go.

Thank you. See how she has to fix it. So the hardware's on the outside. Very important is for safety because if you have the hardware, anywhere else, they clip could become unclipped and then no one would be happy. So happiness is important. Okay. No injuries. So we'll start with the circles. And when you start, I want you to have your tailbone all the way down so that you don't use your lower back for this. Okay?

So stretch your legs out to like about a 45 degree angle and we're going to circle around, open and around. Keep your tailbone down. Try to isolate your legs so that you're not using your hips to do this exercise that you're using your powerhouse. Remember we move from a place of stability and in this case it will be whole torso right now. Reverse it. Beautiful. And don't worry about this drabs rubbing on the shoulder blocks is normal, but keep your tailbone down. I see you hiking up just a little bit, Monica, keep your tummy in there. That's better tele.

She's full of today. [inaudible] today. Good. Now we have frogs in intermediate. We do the circles first because the circles are a little bit more difficult. So we like to slowly challenge you like building blocks. Yeah. Good.

And one more now to take these off, you get to take your legs all the way back. Good. Make sure that your feet aren't over your head too much there and then just kind of shake them and let them fall to the ground because we will not be using that again. Okay, so now we're going to do the semi-circle. Okay. This exercise is one of my favorite. It opens up your hips and your lower back and it stretches out your quads very nicely. You want to have your heels together and you told them apart and you remember those two outside springs and here's why. Roll down.

If you have a spring in the way, then you can't get the most out of this exercise and push up good and come back. I like to give a little tug right here and again, we'll down articulate the spine vertebra by Vertebra, starting with your pubic bone on the way back, well down with the ribs first, ribs first and the pubic bone goes, no, I don't want to within, it has to go now. Scoop up. That's it. Now we reverse it. Push out, keep the pivot bone up. If you've a bone doesn't want to go, doesn't want to go. Now you have to release it, cut back, scoop it up and again, push out, roll down. You want to make sure you're in the middle when you do this and scoop up one more time and out. Roll down and push out and scoop up. Nice.

You see how she did that with the pubic one first? That was really good. So she deserves a nice threat. Now release your hands at the same time and grab your ankles and that's another little challenge of a movement there. Pull this in a little bit, right? There you go. Perfect. And slide yourself back. Beautiful. Now we're onto our knees stretches so you can step down.

I'm going to put the bar up and you might as well keep those two outside springs on. Okay. Had dresses up and Monica is going to get on her knees and put her hands on the bar. The thumbs are with the rest of the hand and the hips are almost sitting on the heels but not quite. You told her flex and the heel is pushing up against the shoulder block. Okay, shoulders open. Head is down.

Good. Here we go. Push out five with the backgrounded accent in accent, in use your powerhouse. Good. That's it. Now Archer back. Ah, and push out nil. One, two. Beautiful. Three, four, five. Now notice before we go on how this part of the body is not working at all.

Again, we're working from that place of stability. Got It. Okay. Now drop your head down, curl your back again and push your knees off the table. Now shift back a little bit more. Shift. Yes ma'am. Making her work today. Here we go. Two, three. I gave you one for accident in six.

Seven. Good. Eight and last one. Come down with control. Don't just let the knees slammed down on the carriage. All right? Always in control. Now you can get on your back and we'll do a little running running with no place to go. Although we are going someplace, we're getting stronger, more flexible, or have sir getting meaner. Our legs are getting longer. We're going to have more energy.

We're going to sleep better. All those things and more. Okay. Run in place and go one. No one she's running. You want to make sure they go way up by your tippy toe and push, push, push, push. That's it. So you have a big range of motion between the feet. It's like a little France on the floor. That's it.

Knife. Come back to me darling and put one foot here. This is your pelvic tilt right now I could. I've got two springs on here. I could put four on for her and she really wanted to feel those muscles working. I could put less on there. It would make her work harder to feel the muscles the same way.

But we'll have four on. You can do any springs you want with your running. Generally we use the same springs for one knee that you use on your footwork. All right, here we go. Push out one and good to asset three. Are we feeling back here a little bit for good and five. That's it. And six.

Now I think I'm taking spraying off and seven how does that feel? Not Bad. Let me take a level here with y'all. God. Well, she's good. I'm wondering if she can do a lot at once, right? Let's see, shall we now she has to [inaudible] work literally her ass off to reign the carriage back in. I wouldn't give her no springs. That would be cruel. And then usual, one more.

Good. Although we're all down. That was excellent. Bravo diva. Although Ramonda one time when a beautiful young dancer, ballet dancer came in a guy and she, he never really dumped a lie too far as she, she was so mean. She had him do everything with no sprays. Well guess what? He did it and was thick for like, I think she said he was sick for a week after that. I believe that. Well Molly used to like to shock people like that. All right, so now I'm once ring and we're going to do our side splice.

You can do this on Tuesday, right? If you feel a little unsteady. Okay. But if you, if you don't feel unsteady, you can do it with one. So you gotta put a pad here and a pad there. All right. I know the balance body has that lip here so you don't have to use a pad there, but you should use one out there. Come up darling. Do you notice how she puts two feet there and then one foot here first and then she caught, does what we call the hoochie coat with this foot.

I know Romana used to call it who? She Go, you know when she was worn? Who? She go with big dads back then. Who take who your foot. What did you do? That's it. Nice. Beautiful. Yeah. No, no please. You're supposed to laugh. No. Oh No. Alright.

If he will not laugh when they work them out they feel really badly because you supposed to have a good time. Okay, here we go. And for shout, hold the one, two, three and slowly come back in. So you want to remember when I told you the squeeze about cheeks and how it may think you up here. Well when we come in we are naturally squeezing the Buchy Ho you should be anyway. And that's going to pull your weight up a little bit more, right? Don't forget you have a low car. It's slow.

Okay. Okay. Here we go. By first shot. Well we have one more time for a shower. Good and squeeze and come back in. Very nice. Now you have two who she coded that foot back in, not just oh the back into good. And then bring the other foot to the middle and now we turn around.

We don't have to move the pads because [inaudible] later on we add to this exercise and you want to turn around and have most of the reformer in front of you first and then the second time you can have less of the reformer in front of you. Okay. And come back in. Good. Squeeze and lift. Good. You cannot see, but she's smiling right now. Push out and back in. Lay Fun. Paul under squeeze. That's it Paul Up. Nice. It's shaking too.

If you're shaking, that's a good thing. Good. I think that's enough who she queued up for back in and bring the other foot into. Join it as stepped down gracefully. Thank you. Now we have our front split. I'm going to take the pad out. We still, we're going to add a spray. So we have two springs and then I put the bar up and we're going to keep that pad there. Do you want a pat down here too?

Do you want me to make a v or just make a v? Yup. I like The v. They don't have to mess with it. Okay. Step Up. Hands on the bar. Put One foot up on the ball, the foot bend the knee and Hoochie. [inaudible] or just take that lay back there. What?

However you can look it up and Yank it back. Just kidding. Okay, so now we want to make sure that her hips are even here. That's a good, and we're going to stretch out and keep the hips level. So in other words, when you stretch out, don't lift your hips up and think that you have to straighten the leg, not the purpose of the exercise. You're going to feel a stretch in your for sure, but you want to keep your hips even good. And now what I'd like you to do is go parallel on this foot.

I mean the heel up and take the knee down with control. Ooh, what do you feel Monica? My a quad stretch working. Yeah, it feels so good, doesn't it? Okay. Cane fingertips on their bar and push out and slowly come back in.

That's all wonderful stretch. Especially if you're a runner, you play tennis. You tend to really use the clots a lot. This is a wonderful way for you to relieve any stress or tension that you might have created. Good. And [inaudible] one more time just for good luck him full name. Good. Alright, let's do the other side. Can't have one without the other, right? You see how she picks up? That just takes it back there.

If you can do that, that's great. Trust yourself for shout unless your shoulder blocks are connected very well. I don't recommend that one and in good and Porsche out and come in and now turn the leg in. Good knee down. See how she does that with control and push out. That's a little black hair right there. I want to get off your back wasn't mine.

And four shall be again, go ahead and one more time. Did you fall on the other side? Oh, okay. Well I think we should be even, don't you? And pull it back and wow. What a great way to end our lesson. Step down and thank you very much in queue.


Great class, thank you Mari! I laughed out loud several times ;)
Great class Mari. Love that you do incorporate fun into the class and add stories about Romana.
Paola Maruca
Thank you Mari and Monica! Romana was smiling from above! I went to one spring on pelvic lifts and worked my ass off!
This is what it is all about! Thank you for a great class Mari and a beautiful demonstration Monica!
So beautifully executed. I appreciated the concise cues - yet fun class. Thanks, Mari!

Margaret V. D
Mari are the reason I developed a passion for Pilates I started in 1994 with your dvds and loved it so much that I studied and obtained my certifications for Pilates mat and Pilates apparatus. I truly enjoy your teaching style and your inspiration. Thank you for this wonderful class.
Mari is always fun! Thank you for a great workout and thank you Monica!
I would've been laid up for two weeks if I had studied with Ramana!
Great workout definitely helped me see where I'm getting stronger and where I still need to improve but after only doing pilates for 5 weeks I was really happy I got through this workout....My poor powerhouse needs lots more strength but I was happy to hear you say it takes time and patience and you're right! Thanks again I look forward to more of your classes.
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