Flowing Reformer<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 2055

Flowing Reformer
Mari Winsor
Class 2055

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Great class, thank you Mari! I laughed out loud several times ;)
Great class Mari. Love that you do incorporate fun into the class and add stories about Romana.
Paola Maruca
Thank you Mari and Monica! Romana was smiling from above! I went to one spring on pelvic lifts and worked my ass off!
This is what it is all about! Thank you for a great class Mari and a beautiful demonstration Monica!
So beautifully executed. I appreciated the concise cues - yet fun class. Thanks, Mari!

Margaret V. D
Mari Winsor....you are the reason I developed a passion for Pilates I started in 1994 with your dvds and loved it so much that I studied and obtained my certifications for Pilates mat and Pilates apparatus. I truly enjoy your teaching style and your inspiration. Thank you for this wonderful class.
Mari is always fun! Thank you for a great workout and thank you Monica!
I would've been laid up for two weeks if I had studied with Ramana!
Great workout Mari....it definitely helped me see where I'm getting stronger and where I still need to improve but after only doing pilates for 5 weeks I was really happy I got through this workout....My poor powerhouse needs lots more strength but I was happy to hear you say it takes time and patience and you're right! Thanks again I look forward to more of your classes.
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