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Monica Wilson teaches a short and simple Mat workout that is perfect for those days when you are short on time. She reminds us how important it is to keep it in your body, so you don't have to start from ground zero each time you take class. She also encourages us to work with focus and efficiency so we can get the most out of this quick class.
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Mar 09, 2015
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Okay. So this is a beautiful day and this is my workout for if you do not have any time and you really do need to do a workout because plays is a discipline and we need to stay disciplined with our work. So as hard as it is sometimes to get it in, we do need to do it every day or, or every other day so that the next day you can, when you do have time, you can do a great intermediate or advanced workout. And it's not like you're starting from ground zero again. So this is a really quick, no thrills, a seven minute Matt, hopefully. And we're not even using a magic circle or anything.

Just you're in a, maybe on vacation, throwing down a towel in a hotel room. You just need to get it done, have it in your body so you can feel good for the rest of the day. So we're just going to lie down and get nice and always the best thing is to just get positioned correctly to start. So think about your piles. Frame your box. Try not to hold yourself like this. Try to allow your stomach to sink. Okay? And we're going to draw your knees into your chest and I want you to take a breath. And as you exhale, draw your head up to look at your belly using your stomach.

And now using your belly, reach your arms long and reach your legs long to start at the hundred and into three, four, five. Exhale. I've done this also with the magic circle and arm weights. So that's a different class, but you would imagine you have it and you're squeezing the inner and outer thighs to reach long, lowering the legs where it's challenging for you could be up here, that's fine, but reach where it is. And in two, three, four, five x a when you're doing less reps, less exercise, focus on your arms, focus on every muscle from head to toe, filling your lungs. They're exhaling. Let's do one more in with the air. Exhaling. And then hug your knees in. Let's do two. Or you sit up for the roll back.

And so the roll up, sitting up tall, squeeze your legs together and roll back to your waistband using your powerhouse. And exhale and now we can roll down for a squeeze your seat and send your sit bones to your feet. Roll all the way down. Exhaling. Inhale, lift your head and exhale, curl on up, straighten your legs, reach and roll back. Send your sit bones that way. Use your belly to reach in and up. Arms head, curling up and rolling back. All right, let's do five more arms head. My arms have integrity. They're not just hanging. There's force like lightning coming out of my fingertips.

I'm trying to think of keeping my shoulders from a ears. I'm not overworking my shoulder muscles, but instead overworking my upper stomach. Always a good thing and let's do two more and I kind of lose lost track. And last one, use a powerhouse. Kiva in and up to stretch. And now we're going to do single leg circles. Bend the right knee in.

If you're can't get this leg straight, then bend this knee. Okay, we're going to put your hands down by your side and cross around, up. Cross around, up. We do five in one direction. This is not really a basic exercise or basic series. One more than I'm doing right now. I'm doing things efficiently and with a good solid Pele's knowledge.

So you should know how to do this exercise already and hugging that knee. Switching legs, bending in the left, straighten it. So maybe a solid intermediate level to do this at this pace and cross and to. I'm keeping my Palati Xbox squared using my powerhouse one more and reaching long and up everything. Scooping and trying to keep my shoulders quiet two more last time and hugging in that knee.

I'm going to leave out rolling like a ball and we're going to bring this in because if I wasn't a hotel room, I wouldn't want to roll on a hard floor and single leg stretch and switch. Do about seven sets here working the outer thigh and seat. Try to use your upper belly to hold your head and shoulders scooping in your belly each time. Last set. I'm still working my arms. Okay. Double leg stretch in with Ya and I pool myself through water.

I always need to get a good arm workout so I'm not going to reach and then be all. Hey, I'm going to stretch and pool through two more. I'm going to wrap and squeeze my inner thighs together and pull through. Last one. I'm going to work the bottom and pull through. Right leg up, left leg one, two. I'm going to start off with two sets of double pulsing and now five of switching fast. Really scooping in my belly. Work in my seat. Three more down the middle of your body.

Last set both legs up, hand over, hand behind your head. Squeeze your legs together and reach and pull up and in with the air and exhale, take it to where you keep your back flat. Maybe it's going down here and pulling up and up, but reach and now bend the right knee for the crisscross and switch. Don't do this fast. It's just two sets and you're trying to twist more and more and more and the knee is really in hand and hug the knees into your chest.

Last exercise, sit up. So see, you really can get a tough workout in arms that imagine you're pushing down something with your arms to lift up and then exhale, reaching energy out, your heels, energy out your fingertips and rolling up. I feel like my neck is a little cramped. So am I gonna make sure lift up and the crown of the head goes down to the floor. Inhale on the way up. Exhale on the way down. Try not to tense your upper back.

Let's do one more. Lift your neck out of your shoulders. Exhale down and inhale. Roll Up. Finishing with the crown of the head, reaching up, reaching up, lifting off that seat, pushing out those heels and relax. And that completes our workout. When you don't feel like working out.


Sue B
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thank you Monica, exactly that , didn't feel like a full hour but needed a quick 'Fix', great wake up !
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Just what I needed today thanks Monica!
Thank you! No time but needed SOMETHING..
"Lift your neck out of your s.houlders" may have just changed my life
Monica Wilson
So glad to hear it! Romana would always say if all we did was the "Series of 5" in our bed in the morning, we'd stay in good shape!
Thank you Monica just what I needed since i'Ve been very lazy lately
I love these fast paced quick workouts! Perfect for a mid day pick me up! My son loves these too:)
Loved this workout!! Thank you!
Loved this! Perfect pilates workout to pair with a run.
Thanks for all the attention to the details Monica...most of those reminders were needed! :)
This is my go to video when I'm really short on time but want to set my body right for the day
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