Class #2228

Reformer/Tower Workout

60 min - Class


You will feel some of your favorite exercises in a different way in this creative Reformer/Tower workout with Courtney Miller. She divides the class into three sections - Reformer, Tower, and then a surprise at the end. She encourages you to slow down and focus on precision so you can build up to the challenging progressions she includes. This is a wonderful class to improve your endurance and to feel your entire body working!
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower

About This Video


Hi, Courtney here and I am doing a combo class for you. I hope you enjoy it. The class will be about 1/3 on the reformer, using a tower unit. Pretty cool, huh? A lot of the exercises I...


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Super ...
Great class, Courtney! And specially as a dancer I really enjoyed the work out for the legs. Brilliant :) Thank you.
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A killer. Thank you so much. Especially the elephant and knee stretchers felt awesome and really beneficial. You are a genious. Is it to much to ask for more;)))
Very creative! I love the final surprising! Courtney Miller is a wonderfull teacher! Thank you!
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You did it again. Another favorite class. More more more...
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Courtney thank you for your creative collaboration of exercises on all of the equipment you perform on!! You are quite unique!!!
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Wow, that was awesome! Thank you!
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Wow !! So brilliant... so different... so inspiring... so challenging... so good for my body... Many many thanks Courtney :))
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Brava Courtney x
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Yabadabado! Thanks Courtney!
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