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Sally Anderson is back from Sydney, Australia with a Wunda Chair workout that incorporates exercises with the Spine Corrector throughout. Her cueing is truly a gem that helps you find length in the front of the hips and power from the back of the legs. Enjoy exercises like Push Down, Swan, Teaser, and Going up Front on the Wunda Chair, as well as a multitude of abdominal exercises on the Spine Corrector.

While Sally does use light Hand Weights and Ankle Weights in this class, this workout can also be done without those props.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, Ankle Weights, Hand Weights

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Jul 22, 2015
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Hi, I'm Sally Anderson from Sydney, Australia and I will be taking you through a an uh wonder chair workout. So on the Combo chair incorporating the spine corrector and I have the lovely Sarah here who is also from Australia who will demonstrate for us today. The thing with the chair is that most chairs have variations in springs. So tension can be different on your chair to our chair on the Combo Chair we're working on today, we have two sets of springs each side, but I will keep it simple. I am going to work between kind of a high w one on four as kind of a high push down setting and then we'll load it up a little bit more with two springs, mainly for body lift work. So I'll explain that as we go along.

If you bear in mind that you need to work out how your chair supports the body or gives you tension, we'll we'll work it out as we go. So all, we'll have Sarah start with the washerwoman to today. So standing at the back of the chair, I'll just have a stand and find her posture. Heels are grounding into the floor. So I want that real connection through the heels, through the hip extensors, all the way up to start with. And she's going to stay hips over heels as she rolls forward. So up and over, drawing the abdominal in and curling the spine to collect the pedal. From here, I want to think of going from the base of the pelvis. So if you lengthen out that it's so lengthening towards the floor as you push the pedal through, then exhale, it's the hamstrings again, down into the heels to pull the pelvis back and scoop you back up and then lengthen through. So the spine is walking its way down into the pedal, going towards the floor and then hamstrings. Draw the abdominals with them.

And three more for me. Good and exhale to curl up. So we are on one spring on three here. So a push down spring of moderate tension. Good. One last one. And then we're adding good. So from here I want to add a little, a little thoracic extension. So we're doing the same washerwoman press forward now, coming up with pulling the pedal in as you work the upper back into extension, then press the pedal back down and the same curl up that you began with.

So hamstrings, draw down into the heels, abdominals up. Good working. Nice articulation through the spine, bringing the shoulder girdle into play, getting some nice activation through the shoulder girdle into a vat extension and curling up. I'll have two more inhale as you go forward, preferably. And then on the return, I like the exhale to really scoop you through an anchor. The heels last one. Very nice. Sternum forward to that front wall. Curl it back and then it's all hamstrings drawing you down. She's going to leave the pedal and roll up in one piece with the arms beside her ears. Oh yes, that's tough. Good.

All the way through to the ceiling and then arms come around. Very nicely done. Come around the other side of the chair. I'll just bring us back a little so you can lie on the floor. Sarah with heels on the pedal please. And I'm putting the spring up to one on four.

I want just that little bit extra tension because this, I really want to engage the hip extensors a lot more strongly. So we're starting with a pelvic curl holding the pedal still. So exhale, scooping, curl up, articulate the spine all the way up into a beautiful bridge. Now let's just hold that for a moment. I want to find the shoulder stand position to find the back of your shoulders engaged into the floor. Triceps active. Take a deep breath in as the knees go over the toes and then exhale.

Start from the sternum to articulate back down all the way into the floor and then arrest the pelvis. Very nice. Exhale, scoop, roll. Find your shoulder stand on the way up. So you really get the back of the shoulders engaged in this top position. Send the knees out so you long opening the hips and then exhale, articulate through. We've got four more. So I'll, I would like six. And on the last two we'll add a little something. Always a little something to add. Good. Stay there, breathe in, and then exhale, curl back down. That's good. So one more pelvic curl as is good.

Making sure the legs are parallel, but Sarah is doing a beautiful job. I'm sure you all are. And exhale, scoop in and a little treach and behind the knees feeling like the knees are going out as you come down. Good. Now we're adding a little something for the next two. So roll on up into your bridge. We're going to add some very small pacey hamstring presses.

So before you go, think about the pelvis being very elevated and each time you press the pedal, think of more elevation. So exhale and press two. Good three. Keep the pelvis up, four hold, take a breath in, roll it back down. That should feel like you've got some activity now. And one more eggs. How scoop and curl. I think Sarah's got some activity. I see the smile. Good. Now Lee's over toe. So it's a very lifted long position.

And exhale heels to your tailbone. Two, three, four and exhale. Curl it down. Beautifully done. So it is still the warmup for me. So we've got nice activation, but I don't want to knock her hip extensors out yet, so we'll just do two sets. Lovely. Come on off there. We're going onto the spine corrector to do some abdominal work. So Sarah, come around and lie over the barrel with your shoulder blades up onto the top of the arch legs. Long hands behind the head and I just want chest lift, lengthening back with an inhale. Then you exhale, draw the ribs to the pelvis, bring that back up and towards your chest lift position. Very nice.

I'll have six please. Inhale now think of the sternum lengthening away over the barrel. Exhale, coming back up. Good. Now just Sarah's not doing it beautiful. She's doing a beautiful job, but make sure you don't tuck the pelvis so as you come up Jasper bringing the upper body to the lower body and you'll see the quads engage or the hips tuck if you're doing what I don't want. So think of length toes away from you. Nice work. Two more. Almost needs no queuing. Beautiful Sarah in hell. Lincoln, the stone and bag and eggs. Help bring it back up into the center. Good.

Stay in that chest. Lift hands onto the barrel and just bring yourself a little bit off. The edge of the steps I want is your tuberosities just off the step knees into your chest. And I am still going to have hands behind the head. So it's a single leg stretch just with no hands to help. So one knee comes in deep, the other leg reaches away.

And I want you to try and find the length in the front of the hip, the depth in the abdominals. Keep the chest lift and as much hip flection as you can get. Now I'll have 10 and change. Reach good. Keep the chest lift, keep the elbows wide good. And it's just about the abdominals.

Deepening the abdominals in as the leg reaches away each time [inaudible] and when you've done 10, both knees come back into the chest. Now in this position, just give me two fingers apart through the knees, heels together, but it's the smallest, the position you can manage from there. Exhale, squeeze the hills together as the legs reach away in a double leg stretch and back in. I'll have four like this before we add and everything is drawing back into the abdominals to support the labor. Good. Now we add, so chest, it will go back as the legs go out, reach and then draw everything back together. Beautiful. And exhale brings you back together tomb or keep that tiny squeeze on the heels and it's all about length and return. Hold that position leg straight to the ceiling.

And now just expand on that little bit of turnout, a little bit more. So still not too wide, but a tiny bit of turnout. So the heels are together, toes along, and we've got double leg lowers for four and in and pull it back up. Good. Three counts down. One, two, three and draw it back in. Nice. Two more Sarah and good. Last one and hold it there. Very nice. Bend your legs in, place them on the floor and we're taking the position over into supine on the arch. Now bending your knees into a little frog position. So still targeting the low abdominal.

So we've built through upper abdominals into a little integrated movement. Now really trying to make sure that we've got the lower abdominals well-engaged squeezing the heels, take it straight out, and a little frog movement. Exhale. Good. Now the movement can be as low with the legs as you can support through the abdominals without bracing or pushing out. So that's how to get your range. Find the back of the hips. Also working.

So hamstrings activate as you press out and draw back in. So that will work as a force couple to help you support the pelvis and the spine with the abdominals. One more and leave them out there. Now hold that position. I'll have 12 beats as wide as the barrel. Good. Now hold there for a moment. Think about the thighs doing the beat for me. So it's the thighs squeeze and two, three. Good.

So it's not bouncing at school. Ease, fairness, and that one long line from tips of a humeral head's right through to the end of the toes. If you can make that line, that's beautiful. Good. Bend the knees back in. Turn them parallel. We're going into a little side to side. I want to set up with the knees or above the hips vertical with the thigh, which means that we're holding a little more open and a little more control from the lower abdominals. Now, knees go side to side. Just a small range in hell across. Exhale, scoop and draw it back.

Inhale, take the top knee across. Exhale the abdominals. Bring the pelvis back, bringing the knees with. Inhale. Good. Find it from the abdominals. The center brings the pelvis back. One more with the bent knees. Good. Now extend your legs to the ceiling. I'd still like them. I'd actually go back to that tiny little v position and across to the side.

Same thing. Inhale, exhale, abdominals, bring you back. The range will be small. You'll be balancing on your shoulder. Stand and back. One more each side. Then we'll take two corkscrew just to make sure the abdominals are nicely engaged. Cool, so from here, the same side and corkscrew away to that long line again, back in and one to the other side. Back in. Very nice. Bend your knees into parallel.

I think those abs are on one leg. Downloads. Just stretch the hip flexes out a little good and just prepare them for what's coming next. Let's see. Nice. Open the hip joint. Now in this position, make sure ribs are in and there's no sensation or no pain in the low back. Do you really want to just be stretching across the front of the hips? Good. So relax the leg that's down.

Flex the hip that's in and support the spine with the abdominals. [inaudible] Nice. And then both knees come back together to come off the barrel. Just push it away. Roll down, roll to the side. And Sarah, come on up. Ready for some leg and foot work place. So for the Megan footwork, I will do two springs on three. So you want to will I like a good generous load in the spring so that again, we're working the legs and, and giving some load to the base of the pelvis to springs on three, um, is a good body support spring as well as giving you that load to the hips.

But adjust that according to your chair. Now I want ribs in and the shoulders over the hip joint, open shoulder position, fingertips on the back of the chair. And I do want some pressure into the fingertips so that hands are helping draw the shoulders back, but also the spine up. So there's activity all through the arms. Then I'll have heels on the pedal. Parallel does bring those rooms back in, the little sets there. Here we go.

And then the opening should come through the front of the shoulder. So thinking about hamstrings, press through the heels and push the pedal to the floor for me. Good, nice and back up. So press it down and hold for me to begin with. Now at that point I want you to think of heels to your east issial tuberocities to pull it back up. Good. And press and hold for a moment. Now Paul, the pedal backup or resist it. So if the feels strong, resist the return. There we go. And so now the quads will work. We will feel quads. That's great.

But I want to bring in hamstrings as much as possible as well. So the arms are helping lift the spine, open the shoulders, we've got the legs really engaged and working through some load and I'm happy. Good. So long as we keep those in. I'll have four more. We'll get a little pacier on the next ones. Now that we've set this up. So the Hughes really help get the hamstrings and hip extensors engaged and we'll do two more. I've lost count.

Nice. Good. Keeping the arms there, both feet coming into bird's feet position. So feet together wrapped around the pedal. So I really want to see the toes wrapping for the heels wrapping back and as you press down, feel like you press through the heels and then feel like you pull up through the heels. Good. Now lit. Yeah. Very nice. Good. So the arms can keep lifting the torso.

Okay, good. Oh I have six more. One good. Just keep the shoulders forward over the hips. A little more. Nice. Good, more good. And hold now fading into v position on the bar. This can be your, your standard Polarities v so not too narrow this time.

And I want to bring the arms round into genie position. So hands to the elbows, ribs it back in again. I want the position a little up and overs or feel like you're drawing forward through the elbows to the far, but humeral heads are still back and into the shoulder joint. Now from there, a little more pace and press good and up to nice. Keep all the metatarsal heads on the pedal. Ankles soft and hamstrings working.

Very nice. No three more. We're doing 12 here and hold now maintain everything in that position. But um, w w d rotate and rotate the legs back to parallel. Press the pedal down until the thighs are parallel to the floor. So come up just a fraction. They are good. I want the main line with the hip joint.

They stay exactly still and you work through the ankles. So press the balls of the feet into the pedal and then control the pedal up and press and control. Beautiful. Now no movement of the thighs. All the work is through the ankle joint, through the feet, and you will or you may start to feel the most engaged. That's lovely. Don't draw away from that. Keep that work. And then keep the work through the feet as well.

Try and find the muscles of the forefoot to press good. Nice, strong spring, isn't it? Good? Three more. One to [inaudible] and last one, bring it back still parallel legs and then bring the pedal up and you can step off. Good. All right, so we're going to go into push down. I will take the screen down one spring on three. So we're back to our push down from the beginning, from the washer woman to or what I call push down to wash a woman to wash a woman one or push down. Again, we're going to start with the arms up and scoop and roll forward. Same thing, setting the heels, setting the hamstrings and hip extensors all the way forward onto the pedal and then press the pedal to the floor.

So now less about spinal articulation and warming up the body. More about getting a very deep abdominal position. So my intention, not that I want you to do, I want you to try and keep the pedal to the floor as you scoop up into the hand. Good, good. And then the pedal just starts to come off. Good. And press back down. So try and keep the pedal on the floor as you scoop the abdominals up and then it starts to come up. Good and down. Good enough, formal coming a little higher, but the same intention.

So your yes and then bring the hamstrings in a little more to help draw the pelvis under. So very deep flection we're aiming for and very nice. They're good. One more good. Now this time bring it to the same position but hold so scoop and hold. Now stay there. Really worked.

The hamstrings holding the base of the pelvis. Abdominals up in and stretch the oboes. I'll have eight and one, two. Good. So still about coming deeper in the abdominals. Broadening through ribs. Nice. Good. And staying deep as you prom. Now you're going to kill all the way up. Arms reaching through and up to the ceiling as you kill straight off. Good arms.

Come around, we get to put that up on the pedal now. So this is where we're going back to a spring that will support the body or assist the body to lift. So we'll go back to two springs and I'm going to do two one three for Sierra today. These springs are a little lighter than what some chairs we've worked on are. So two one three it back in my studio it would be two one two so you can figure out kind of what would work for you from your chair.

So standing on depress the pedal down. We're going into the pull up. This could be parallel or v position, but let's stay with our V. Today. I want heals a little lower for me, so I don't want to be too high up in the demi point position or the raised position. Shoulders over the hands. So try and get that vertical position of shoulders over hands. Again, just give the upper arms and nice rotation to connect back into the torso and feel like you're presenting the inside of the elbows slightly forward over the chair. So I want to get yes, that little wrap. Then I want you to pull up through the ribs and broaden the scapula.

That's the upper body I want. Now hamstrings are connected to the base of the pelvis and scoop and pull up and the pedal will assist you a little. And then you take the work of the body from the pedal. Good. And then eggs, Hellen scoop. Nice. So we've set up that lovely flection from the push down. I want you to maintain here the rotation of the upper arms and the connection of the hamstring to the pelvis.

So that brings everything into the control position. And then you're able to deepen and open up the ribs. Open up the low back. Good. Head under to your knees. Very nice. I'll have three more beautiful jobs here. Good. Excellent. And the thing that I find gets lost the most is that connection of the hip extensors, but the more that supports the base of the pelvis more you're able to open up through the torso. Good. One more.

Nothing to say here. Beautiful. And then we're taking the pedal all the way down to the floor. Step off and bring that up and I'll have you come around for a side reach please. So facing the front and we're back to our one spring on three seated on the side of the chair. So the version I would like today is the front leg hooked. So if you sit on to the chair to where the knee is completely at the front side, hook the hill, we like so's toes and then the top leg I would like it in line with the two you need to bring this leg slightly forward in line with the body and either reflect foot or the ball of the foot. So long as this foot is really strongly anchored, that's your point of anchoring the whole movement.

The top arm out and the bottom arm will go to the pedal in line with the shoulders so the fingertips are completely in line as your on the chair to begin with. So then I will like your between two panes of glass. Everything is in one long line. We're going to inhale. Take that top arm open and work as hard with anchoring the foot down as you are reaching over and then bring it back. Good. So inhale, take it over. Now in this position, just watch that the ribs don't come forward. You may want to think of rotating them back slightly just to stay open on that top side. Anchor the foot down as you rate your way, and three more nice long reach, but as much work down into the foot. Very nice. One more good. Come up into the other side for me. So a nice simple side reach, but it really stretches out the lateral line.

Now bring that foot forward slightly again. Good. All right. Top arm to the side, bottom arm onto the pedal. And at that point find your setup position where the ribs are open and you're in that one line in between two panes of glass. Then you're ready to go over. Inhale, reach to the far wall, but work the foot down into the floor and come back. Good. Now just broad and come back. Good.

You've got formal. So if there's a nice strong anchor down through the leg and the pelvis, then you'll reach away. Takes all the obliques and quadratus. Lumborum we'll get a nice long reach away. But it's very active, right? Those Rebecca Little, it's a six. Good one. Last one. I'm told. Good.

Bring the pedal all the way back up when you come up this time. Good. And turning onto your Tommy for this one please. Good. So I like Asi is to be on the top of the chair. Legs extended. I don't like them to turned out here. They can be just a little on the rotated side, but just a little less. Sarah, there you go.

So we're not overworking the external rotators to hold that position. So the pedal is just off the floor. I want one long line from the crown of the head right through to the toes. As your starting set up position. From there I like to let the pedal start the movement of the humeral heads up into the shoulders bare. So you get that lovely connection from there, send the sternum forward and bring the chest up the firewall. Good.

And then scoop and take that back down. Good. Not Resting on the chair, just keeping the abdominal slightly lifted. Humeral heads join. Ah, Nice. The scapulas and come forward and up and then support to come back down. Good. One more like this. Good. Very nicely set across the shoulders and coming back down. So I'll have one more before we add our pulses, but just I'm going to slow Sarah down for this one.

Just to give you an just drop the shoulders forward again. Hopefully you can see here if you allow the pedal to draw the arm back into the shoulder and little more good. You set the humeral head into the joint towards the Scapula and then the upper back goes out. So hopefully you can see that as nicely as I can because it's a really beautiful setting position for the upper back. Now we'll do two more, adding some arm presses. So I'll have three arm presses. That's one, two, three now the same back Ben Pedal Push. Yes, android forward.

And then take it back down. Really lovely. One more and Ben one too. Good. Holding the body while you do the pumps and then lengthen forward all the way up. Good. Take that little bit extra. Pull the pedal in her right back into the shoulders here. And then scoop and linkedin food. Very nice.

Good one hand onto the top of the chair and step yourself back off. And I'm just going to change the spring to a very light spring. So on one on one here and I suggest one on one. I often do this without the spring as well to get the right connectivity. But the lightest spring you can put on the pedal would be appropriate.

Then you're going to turn around and sit on the back of the chair. Just before you bring your legs up, take your hands back to the pedal. Just rolling back to hold the pedal. I'll have fingertips turned back. Now bring your legs into tabletop for me. Good. So we've got a nice setup position.

You may want to shuffle a little bit more so that it good. So you want to be right on this back edge of the chair as, as almost off as you can be. So then to start with, I want you to bring the pedal in and up. So off at set position. Beautiful. So now we're really active and that's a long lifted position. Legs and tabletop. Now the abdominals. Press the pedal back, so come up a little more. Come back up to your start position so the elbows are unlocked. And then the abdominals, press the pedal, not the arms and upper body.

There you go. So you reaching the low back to the top of the chair to begin with and then curl back up. And on the last portion, just the pedal that little bit higher and lengthen. We've got formal. Sarah's thrilled about that. Hopefully you'll enjoy your form or two. Good. And Scoot back in and get that good, that last pull-ups and lengthen with that connection in. Then reach the low back to the chair first and up your your beautiful job. Can I have two more but a little bit further.

So now find the chair with the low back. Then take the movement out longer, longer, longer and then scoop. Scooping, curling. Good. Pull that peddle up and good one last one, go, go, go, go, go. Nice. And then scoop and curl it in. Pull all the way up. Now set the pedal and extend your legs. Bring the arms around to your toes and hold your teaser position. Good.

So just find your balance there. And I like to think of fingertips to toes and then draw back into the abdominals to seat. You Taller. There you go. And then you can bend your knees back in and fake down onto the floor. Beautifully done. No time. Like the present for a step up. Good. We'll go back to our body supporting spring.

So two one three. Nice spring for stepping up. Pedal goes down and the one foot comes to the top of the chair. Now I like this top leg to be ever so slightly turned out again. It's like your really tiny v. So that little bit of turnout, knees pointed out over the second to third toe and arms right to the top of the far walls, so higher than the shoulders.

I want that angle up of the arms and then lift up. And over the knee. That's, I want the scoop here and think of it as an abdominal exercise. The legs will do as much work as they can, but if you think abdominals, that will help lift you. So stepping up, I'll have x held just to where the pedal stops. Good. And then returning back down. Good. And to the top. Nice. Good. Three more. But on the fifth one we will step all the way to the top. Yeah, let's keep that angle up with the arms. Nice. And on the fifth one, step up. Have to keep the back leg extended to the back and hold your position.

Good. Now in this position, you're very tall through the body. Keep the leg exactly the same height and the arms and leg. We'll go to the side. So open out arms. Go into a t position. Leg holds to the side. Now in that holding position, pull right up on the standing leg. Work across the forefoot. Then carry the open leg all the way to the front.

Good. Now three bend and stretch. Just bending the standing knee. As you stretch up. Draw the inner thighs together and grow taller and bend, staying tall. Then ina thighs pull you up. Very nice. No, hold that position. Bend the knee, the leg into your knee. As the arms go up, as tall as you can. Send the leg back to your extended position. Nice and low.

Arms forward to the back wall. Lower it down to the pedal. Good. Working from the abdominal. So again, think abdominals to lower you down and the legs will follow through. Very nice. Let's do the other side. Okay, good. So the setup positioning again, just make sure you're under your hip. Come across a little bit towards me with your foot. Yep, that's it. Good.

So you do, I want the leg directly under that hip ever so slightly turned out toes, four foot working, ums to the top of the back wall and think abdominals quick just to where the pedal stops and good come up and over lead a bit further forward. So yes, I want that slightly forward reach position of the torso. Okay, nice. Now with the shoulders up in that elevator position with the hands. Just make sure that shoulder joints nicely engaged, not lifting up. We're going to pick stepping right up with that five.

Oh lucky someone's counting. Good. So open the arms out to a tee and carry this leg in the hip joint. Good. Now I want that Nice wide position. Broad drawing up on the standing leg and then carry the leg forward just in the hip joint. Very Nice, Sarah. Good. Stay Tall. Three bend and stretch. Good and nice. Think of inner thighs as you work in both legs.

Draw them together. Good, good, good. Arms up the lien. Send it to the same low position at the back as you had before. Bringing the arms forward and then reaching for the pedal. Good. Good. And she's there.

Excellent. Hands down and step back off. Good. We're going back to the spine, correct it. You will need some hand weights and some ankle weights. So I'm going to do a little sip off and get some while Sarah sets up on the spine corrector back to the overhead position. Please. Good one hand weight in each hand, which is makes a lot of sense.

Good palms down, shoulders back in. So that lovely draw back in that you had from the swan. Find a humeral head back into the joint. Yes, and meeting the scapular again there. Now this is the overhead I want to scoop back. Reaching the belly button for the arch. Good.

Then reach the arms all the way to the floor. Arms come around to the tee position into chest lift and curl back through. Getting shoulders over hips. Then stack the spine. Good. Now a little assist here. If you have someone to assist you helps. Try not to reach the arms back too soon.

The button and the abdominals curl through. Look to your belly button and now it's the low back reaching to the barrel that it rather than just falling back onto it, you want to get a nice reach back. Arms around tee position, chest lived, scoop all the way. Shoulders over hips. So we've got one tip and then stack from the low back all the way through. Nicely done. One more good and reach to the floor and everything comes back all at once.

Shoulders get over the hips as the hands come through. We're going to do one more just for the timing at the end. Good scoop and roll back, reaching for the barrel, reaching for the floor, reaching for the sides and then scoop and hands come through as you curl so that they get to the front point. Just as you are, shoulders over hips. Then the arms rotate to palms down as you stack the spine. Beautiful. I will take the hand weights for a moment and if you'll turn around for reverse teaser please. Good.

So tell bones a little bit tucked under so we might bring it up. There you go. Good. Back of the thighs on the barrel. Legs extended and fingertips to me. Now I do like to give a little stretch forward. Yes. So if you come reaching hands over toes to get that first upward position, same reach back with the abdominals, curling it back. Good. And then you can lengthen out.

Go all the way to the crown of the head if you're happy to. And tuck back into chest lift. Curl it back through. Hands come to your toes and nice and tall. Good and scoop and roll. She needs no help from me. Good crown of the head. Tuck straight back in. Tune to chest, roll it through. Very nice and two more. So we'll do four altogether. Good.

And now take it to the length of the movement back that you're happy with. You don't have to go to the crown of the head to the floor. That's the full range there. But even to just that point there and curl it back in. Sorry Sarah to stop you there. But I've, a lot of people will be really well served to go to just a long line.

Stay connected and curl it straight back in. So without releasing into the upper back, you've got one more, haven't you? But you can take it all the way to the crown of the head if that's working in your body and scoop it back in. Stack the spine. It's a little stretch. And then fold your knees back in. Good on the Homewood stretch.

So we'll have some leg weights, one around each ankle and going back over the barrel to do some supine leg work. So legs and hips. All right, so back onto your shoulder. Stand again. This time we'll have legs straight to the ceiling. Again, feet, ankles, directly above the hip joint to set up with. And I want each movement to return to that exact position above the hips. So starting with the seasons we're going in, Helen, have a little pulse and then bring it back.

So pulse two and meet. Inhale. Actually you could inhale or exhale. Either way. I'm happy with either. Whatever suits you for that. We'll have five each side. Good. I do like the inhale to open and one more each side, and then we're into the opening. So now I do want a little more rotation. So try to just, let's bring that back, soften off the front of the legs and make the rotation happen by wrap through the back. That's your rotation.

I want you to find that movement in the hip joint and connected at the back of the legs. Good. So going into the openings, no pulse, just inhale reaches far out into abduction as you can. And then bring the legs back up right above the hips and inhale, open. Good. So if you keep that more open position of the hip line, which we did in the beginning for your side to side and corkscrew positions, you work a lot lower into the abdominals. Yeah, and get them much longer torso. So it's the length through the torso, the shoulder stand, and the connection that holds onto the pelvis there. Good.

That's six. One more after this one. [inaudible]. Good. So now we're combining those movements into the helicopter. So from your scissor, I like to find that Caesar position and then take a little tension out of the pelvis. So just pause there. Allow the hips to release and then roll through the full range.

Think of rolling the femurs in the hip joint as you come around. Then bring that back together. Good. Reverse. So we want to find that right above the hips. Then reverse stay, pause and let the tension go in the hip joints. Then roll through. So toes are relaxed and legs are long. So this energy without scrunching the toes in hell to open.

Let the tension go. Roll through the range. Good. And I'll have three sites. So this is number four. We've got two more to go. Good. Last one now Richard Away as far as you can in both directions and then roll through and last one we'll do another reach.

So really reach both directions and then around you go. Beautifully done. Good. We have two here with the feet in that little bit of turnout still. I want a big circle. Tailbone or pelvis stays on the barrel as the legs comes far overhead as possible.

And then circle around to the long line and up to the ceiling all the way over. Good circle around. And I'll have two more. We're just going to do this direction today. Good. And last one, all the way around.

Bring the legs back up to the, just above your hip joints. Turn parallel. And then I want a bicycle. Just the first direction. So my cue is that I want you to stay away from over the body. I want the legs to be behind the hip line and we're going to circle, circle the bicycle out all the way down to the step, but it's an outward outward so that we're still working the lower abdominals here. Good. And I'll have 16 that's nine, ten six more. Good, good.

And hold that there. Take the left leg down for another stretch and bend the right leg in. Now with the leg weight on, you should be getting enough stretch or just lengthening through this hip flex of quad. Just let it hang. But if you've got somebody to give you a little extra stretch, then that's just sweet. Good. And bring that in to the other side. So again, just let the leg weight take you into that stretch. Let it hang.

You can stay there for as long as you need to. Let that release or have your lovely assistant through a stretch keeping abdominals in the game, making sure there's nothing happening in the back. Good as before. Just push the barrel away and come on up. I want to finish with the shoulder rolling so you can leave the ankle weights on. That won't make any difference to the movement, but I will have you take a small hand weights. So if your shoulders can be a little unstable, leave the hand weight off.

But if your shoulders are healthy enough and fine hand weight, start with the body all the way forward on the spine. Correct does. You want to be really hugging that front edge of the spine, correct underneath arm palm up, head relaxed. And the thing you really need to do is leave the neck relaxed on that arm, not pick up the head. So the top arm will roll around and it's just trying to go into it's full range. Bringing the body with it. Head hangs, the arm keeps coming around all the way to the side of the body and stacks.

You Bet to start. Good. We'll have three in this direction. So again, let your head hang the whole time. No picking the head up. Nice. One more this direction so you can see the leg weights don't matter. The legs are long leg on top, bent leg underneath and they're just resting and going with the movement. Now reversing it. Same thing. The arm leads the shoulder.

You trying to open the upper back onto the barrel all the way. Brings the arm back to the side. Two more. All right, one last one around. Good. Bring the arm all the way back to the start.

Now to come off the barrel from this movement, put the hand weight down and roll onto that front arm. Use the arm to pick you up so that you don't pick up straight from the side of the neck. Just roll forward safely. Press yourself up. Go to the other side. You will need that hand weight. Good. So right at the edge of the barrel underneath arm. Long head relaxed. It's going to stay relaxed the whole way through.

Going forward. First the arm leads brings the shoulders all the way around onto the top of the barrel. Opening up the ribs and shoulder there, um, comes around. Good. Good. Two more. Good. This part's easy for me. I get to sit [inaudible] one more. So each time that you come around, make sure the shoulder stacks directly.

That's your stop position. And then reverse. Let the head hang, open the ribs, open the shoulder, come back and good. Hold. Good. So fine that just rest is there and around. Good. Last one. Excellent. Now let's do the safe way to come off. Put the weight down, use that top arm to turn you and bring you up.

You can sit into your barrel and hopefully feel good. That's the end of the class. You should feel nice now. Thank you for joining me.


I loved this class......excellent
Thank you Sally. I really liked the assortment of equipment and props along your cuing.
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Excellent class! Thank you:)
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Thank you!! I feel WONDERFUL! :)
Loved it! Thanks Sally...
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i love this class . thank you
1 person likes this.
Thank you ! I love this class!
Sally Anderson
Thank you all for your comments - I'm so glad you enjoy this class and I really appreciate getting your messages! Sally :)
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Annette ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with this video. I recommend restarting your computer to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have problems after trying this, please email us at
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