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Detailed & Precise Reformer

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Sally Anderson starts this class with Theraband arm exercises and then jumps right into a controlled Reformer workout with a detailed focus on body mechanics. She cues you through Teaser, Shoulder Bridge, Legs in Straps, Short Spine, Jackknife, advanced Glute Squeezes, Front Splits, and more. You'll find that Sally does just the right number of repetitions to get you working hard while maintaining proper form and control.

If you don't have a Theraband, feel free to skip the beginning exercises and join Sally for the Reformer workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Theraband

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Jul 28, 2015
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Hi, I'm Sally Anderson and I'm taking you through a reformer workout today with the help of lovely Sarah. Eh, there'll be a few little challenges in there, but we'll warm you up to it and I hope you enjoy. We will start with a little preparation using the therabands. So Sarah, if few take the theraband, hold the band reasonably wide. So don't start too close in. I want to start just with a rotator cuff or shoulder stretch. So here are your nice posture.

First heels into the floor and make sure your shoulders are over your hips, even if you come a little further forward with the shoulder girdle. Now start by inhaling to bring the band up overhead. And now exhale, pull on the band, but reach to the back wall. Good. And then return with the Aeon. Hell to pick it up. Exhale forward. Good. So now you've seen how your shoulders are going to adjust to the band.

You can come in a little bit, Sarah can take a bit more tension because I want you to get a gentle, a comfortable stretch over the shoulder joint. So inhale up, exhale, reach to the back. And that's probably a better tension for Sarah. So find that point of good tension without too much. Now as you inhale up, draw the ribcage in. As you reach to the back wall, make all your work go into keeping the connection between ribs and pelvis. That's important so that we get the right placement of the stretch in health lift eggs held back. Good. We'll do two more and just preparing the shoulder.

So I want the shoulders open at the front, stretching the pecs, putting a little stretch on the rotator cuff. And one last one. So just be mindful of keeping the scapular reasonably broad, but we are, we're prepping, we're working into it and [inaudible] all the way forward. Good. So now bring the band up overhead and hold it high. Put a little bit of tension on. So for the preparation, a warm up section out of mind, if it's quite wide, I want to side reach. So reaching over to the side with the inhale, just opening up the ribs on that long side. Exhale, bring that back to center.

Good. And to the other side. Lift the ribcage and just open up. Walk it over and exhale coming back. Good. Inhale to reach. We'll do three each side and back again, just making sure that connection. Stay very firm through the center of the body and it's a lateral stretch. Good. Last one. Nice.

Now hold that position. Keep that tension on the band. The band and shoulders won't change. Ribcage will rotate. ISI is staying forward. As you exhale. Rotate the ribs back. Inhale to center. Good. Exhale, rotate back. Good. So ideally keeping the arms and shoulder girdle as one rotating through the center of the body.

And one more each side like this. No, we're going to do one more each side. Just adding a little stretch. So rotation of the ribcage. Now press that top arm back to the back wall. Not too low. More back. It doesn't have to go too far. Bring it up and center and to the other side. One more and reach the arm away there. You're good.

Let's do one more so that you get that rotation of the ribs and then reach the arm back. Very nice and center one last one. [inaudible] and center. Very nice. Bring your arms down. Now turn the palms up, holding the band a little closer together. So I do want just taught the band between the hands. I'm going to ask Sarah to turn around.

Now you're going to do a all the way you want to do a little rotator cuff pulled, so elbows are gently into your sides and I want them slightly forward on the ribs so you're not sitting too far back with the elbow. Bring that slightly forward ribs in. Now here I really do want the scapular apart, so make sure the scapular abroad and now just pivot at the Obo to pull the band apart and come back together. And what I want you to see here is that the scapular are wide and I want you to rotate from the humeral head to the scapulas. So rotate the humerus or the upper arm towards the back without retracting the scapula. So that's really important for me here.

And I'll have formal plus. I just wanted to show you Sarah's lovely posterior good and two more. Now we're adding to this. So same thing. Keep the scapular wide externally. Rotate the arms, pulling on the band. Now stretch the arms out to the diagonals, pull the elbows back into your ribcage and bring the hands home. So rotation. Good. Now this, press out, draw back into the shoulder joint as the arms reach away. As you come back in, spiraling the upper arms out, bring the elbows in and return home to more and rotate. So we're really firing up external rotators in the rotator cuff.

Posterior deltoids, just getting the shoulder set. Good. And there's, there's not a lot of specific arm work series in the program I'm doing today. So this is giving me a good setup for the shoulders. One last one and we'll be using the shoulders and arms integrated into series as we go through. Good. One last thing I want to add. We are doing the same movement apart and as you reach out, a little thoracic extension going through. So you really working upper back, there's all our connections.

Bring the elbows back in as you stack the spine and hands home. And two more. So find the external rotation then as the arms reach and lift the sternum. Stay Tall. Good. And bring the oboes back in. Still spiraling the upper arms. And last one.

Nice. So you should be broad across the front of the shoulders lifted and spiraling back in and bring that back. Good. You can turn back towards me, Sarah, and I'll just have three roll downs. So find heel position into the floor, hamstrings, active head and shoulders. Nice and erect. And then scoop and curl forward. Keeping the hamstrings active, allowing the shoulders and the head to relax. So I want release through the neck, release through the shoulders, hamstrings and abdominals. Active breathing. And then exhale, rolling up, drawing the pelvis down, and then stacking the spine on top. Good. Two more. Breathing in and exhale. Roll down.

Good. We don't need the theraband anymore. Now in that roll down position, relax the arms, relax the shoulders, and then exhale, hamstrings. Draw the pelvis down as you stack the spine on top. All the way toward the head is the last thing to come through. One more for me, and nice deep exhale. Good.

Relax, relax, breathe in, spread the ribs, and then exhale. Step the spine all the way back up tall. Good. We're ready for the reformers. So coming onto your reformer line on the back, I want, we're studying with a pelvic curl. I have three red springs, so that should work for most people. You can always go down a half upper half if it feels better for you. I do want a little bit of loading to the hips. So three Reddit, it generally works for me for most people. Good.

So holding the carriage right against the stopper. We're going to curl the hips up to the ceiling. So scoop in, roll your pelvis up into your shoulder stand, which should be nice and active from the theraband work now. So it'd be right up into the thoracic. Find the back of the shoulders, triceps, breathe in, and then exhale, articulate down, rolling the sternum first all the way out. And I want to long reach and the issue of tuberosities past the football. And then exhale, scoop and roll again.

Good. So Nisa sending themselves out over your toes, lifted through the thoracic. Exhale, roll down. Think of the sternum going between the shoulder blades. As you take the ribcage down, lengthen out the lumbar spine, lengthen the issue of tuberosities are your sitting bones all the way out. And then exhale, roll. Good triceps are on the whole time and you feel should feel plenty of activity coming into the hip extensors. Inhale, exhale, roll back down.

I would have full eight eight. Sometimes I would do a little bit more where with the theraband work, the pelvic curl and one more joyous little exercise. The a hundred we're going to prepare for leg and foot work. So for me, the pelvic Cole does a lot of work in terms of preparing the body as spinal articulation, activating the hip extensors, drawing your abdominals in, setting the shoulders. It's kind of my go to exercise. So enjoy a good many reps of these for me. We're going to do a full eight today.

Good. So we got two to go. Good. Nice to have a counter. Excellent. Good. So Sarah is doing a great job of staying very parallel through the fires too. So pay attention to that. Keep the inner thighs just like a magnet between them, keeping them very parallel, very even good.

Make sure both Asi has reached the top at the same time so that your level through the pelvis. Last one good. And I can see her hip extensors are on. I hope you have the same joy and sternum first. Exhale. Lengthen away. Good. Alright. Extend both your legs out over the foot bar. Just resting the legs on the bar and I want you to chest lift up. Just reaching the arms long into your hundred position.

Now stay there for a moment and allow the pelvis just to settle so that you find that you're not drawing up in hips or quads. You can press into the foot bar a little to activate the back of the legs and deepen just a fraction more. Good. And then take that back down. Lengthen out through the upper body and reach back to more. So we're just setting our hundred position. Good. I want you into position now. Send the sitting bones out under the foot by yes and come back down.

Good. One more. Just finding a nice deep chest lift. Good. Nice. Sarah? No. Same for everyone. Send the sitting bones out under the foot bar because your legs are supported. You've got your leavers supported. Now I want breath and arms. So tighten up the back of the arms. Breathing in two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five. Good. Now everything's active.

Sarah might count for me here. I think so. I really do want the pelvis coming long along the carriage all the way out so that you're not using the hip flexes to hold your position. Chest lift, tighten the back of the shoulders. You should have good access to them after the theraband work and beat from the back of the arm. So triceps are tight and then you are able to work on the breath. Inhale, spread the ribs at the back. Exhale deep and through. Good. Four more to go. Three show. You don't want an extra one day. Good and deep. How good. Nice breathing. Inhale, spread the ribs and and last one.

Good. Very nice. Lay back down. Good. Bend your heels in and place them back on the foot bar parallel. So I'm starting with heels on foot bar for your leg and foot work and I will have you head rest up. Good. That's a little bit high for you, isn't it? Let's go down to half. Good. All right, so still on our three red springs, starting with the heels, finding that connection into the back of the legs. Exhale and press away. And inhale. Return.

Just sending the femoral heads down into the bed as you hinge back in. Eric's helpless in Hell. Return. Good. So I'm looking for the hinge in the hip as you come back in with the bed all the way to the stopper and four nice pace. Eggs. Hell long to go out. Inhale, return. Good. Let's do two more good and bring this one home.

Now just pause for a moment and think of picking up both legs at the same time and place them onto your bird's feet position or prehensile wrapping the feet around the bus. So toes are curling over the bar. Heels a curling under. Now eggs help press out and hold for me. Now draw the heels under the bar as you come back in. So pull the bed back in with the heels reaching under and towards me. Good that you'll sit up. One.

I'm going to bring you a little lower onto the football. Good. Now a little faster, but the same action. Press out and scoop the heels under to come. Backing. Press good. So all that work with the heels under while you're wrapping your toes, draws you into the hip extensors and really still gives you that anchor of the pelvis.

So I really want to find a set up of activity behind the hips to balance out the front of the hips. Good, good. And keep the knees together. Good. Let's do two more. Okay, good and whole bear both feet at the same time. Pick up into v position, toes on the bar, easy heels, easy ankle position. And exhale, press away squeezing the heels. Now try and find the back of the legs. Come back in as you work through this movement as well.

You don't have as many connections to help you, but I want hamstrings working as much as everything else. Good. Stretch all the way out and return. Good and remember the ankles are staying nice and still so that you pivot around that ankle joint as you move. Good. That's that for more his there. Good stretch all the way out. Stretch, pull and ease up and carried all the way home to lust too and home. Good. Hold it there. Just turn your legs parallel. Press all the way out. I'm going to have 10 raises please both feet together, reaching under the bar and exhale. Press up now.

Work through all the metatarsal heads, reached the under and then press the toe joints into the bar to push up. Reach all the way under. Press into the bar. Good. Now keeping the abdominals working but not flexing too hard, so can be a little longer with the pelvis. That's it. So you're drawing up through the spine without flexing the spine. Six. Good, good. Now it should be parallel, so we all need to watch that.

Ankle alignment. Sarah is doing a beautiful job, but just as a cue, make sure you're getting the an inner ankle bone over the big toe joint to rise and come back in. Good. We're going straight into hands and straps. So pick up your straps and I'll take it down to one red spring. So one and a half. If you want a little bit more load, I would use one and a half, but I'm gonna be a little bit kind. And Give Sarah one one red spring is good. We're going to do a hundreds progression moving into a roll up, so it's quite challenging, but it's probably not as hard as it sounds. You end up in a teaser position.

So let's start with arms press. Legs extend as you chest lift, hold. There's your hundreds progression tailbone down and now scoop the abdominals to draw back in with the knees and arms at the same time. Two more like that. And press and reach and drawing back in at the same time. Good. One more. Nice. Now you'd add to that by rolling up. So pressing reach, continue through, leading with your hands, reaching forward, forward, forward, forward.

And as you roll back down, leave the legs straight, leave them long till about halfway and then they bend in as the chest lift goes down, arms go up. Good. And again, so hundreds progression. Then continue through arms. [inaudible] don't allow the arms to fall back or you'll be trying to draw the torso through early and curl it back in. Good. Two more. And this gives you beautiful connection to your abdominals. Reach up, lift up. There's no debating. It is this area.

You've got abs there and scoop and roll. She can't speak. That's fine. And that's how we want it. Reach and reach. Reach, reach. Now really hold it up there. Make sure your even on both issue or tuberosities. As we roll down this time we're going into coordination. So halfway down, knees come in, chest lift stays up, arms bend and you're ready. Out You go.

One open, close. And these drawer in bend, the elbows and two good and deep in the knees. Bend the arms, hit the back of the shoulders and triceps. Really active. I'll have two more long position. Very nice. Hinge the hips. And last one. Good. All right. Place your feet down onto the foot bar. Take a moment. I will add a red spring. So I do like two reds.

We're putting feet in straps for leg or leg strap works. So little frogs to begin. Stay in the bent leg position. Heels together. Now I like the knees inside the frame of the carriage here so you can guide yourself along the outsides of the straps or just the inside of the carriage, but soft toes, heel squeezing and press from the back of the legs. I'll have eight little froggy stretching out and pulling back in and there's going to adjust your head a little says come back in Sarah for a moment. Good. Let's just square you off. They're good. Now I want deeper hip flection, so go in as far as you can with the hip flection for everyone.

Let's start the frogs again cause I want long pelvis, deep hip flection each time and that will give you a little bit more hamstrings. So exhale, press out and draw back in, pulling. Good. And exhale, press nice. Now I feel all squared up and good. So this is four and I will have four more. Again, I like to use the little froms really to set up the legs in strap connection to the back of the hips. So it's kind of another one of my go to exercises. Would two more. Very nice. Now this last one, leave the legs long towards me.

Bring them up to the ceiling. Hinges in the hips. I'll have five circles each direction. Pressing down first so the back of the legs, press you hamstring, stay on as you come around. And again, press through and now keep the back of the legs working as the legs come back and exhale. Inhale. Very nice. So if you keep those hamstrings on as you circle back around the legs, stay active. The hips are able to hinge or release and disassociate.

Same on the way around. They come around now keep the back of the legs active as you come up the center and to good. Just remember to relax the chest, keep a little work in the back of the shoulders again. So if that's just active or active enough to keep that hold at the moment. And one more. Good. All right. Open your legs out wide. Take a moment.

Just take a breath there, allowing them to stretch and then exhale, wrap the thighs. Bring them around toward the foot bar. Squeezing the heels together. Now I only want three of these. I call them low openings in hell. Keep the control through the wrap as you open and exhale, come back. Good and open. I want one more, but we are going to stay heels together.

I want to do Peter Pan or lord delete being or single leg openings, whatever they're called you. Then the right healing towards the right issue or tuberosity and the left leg opens out and squeeze back together. Heels come together, left side, so direct that heel right to it. Sit Bone on that side and back. We're going to keep them slow today so that you work the position and work the stability of the pelvis. So pelvis should stay even. Asi is even on the carriage. As you bend and stretch, we'll do two more each side. Good. And eventually we'll paste this up and really challenged the pelvis to stabilize. Good. One last one each side. But we won't do that today.

We're just gonna keep a nice even pace on it today. And last w I think that was your last one. That side year. We can't have you on even good Ben Maze back into your little frog position. Now I'm taking the headrest down where you're doing short spinal next. So let me go again.

I'd like nice deep flection in the inward position, but sitting bones are going out under the bar so the pelvis is going along while the knees are coming in and flexing the hips. Find the back of the shoulders cause we need our shoulder stand again and you're going to exhale. Press out. Then lift the pelvis, take the legs up overhead into your shoulder. Stand. Good. Inhale, bend the knees in all the way. Lifting the hips. You want to bring it over and connect into the hamstrings and then roll that hell bone away from your heels all the way that you can. Keep going. Keep going, keep going. And then press your heels. To the tailbone and pause. Good. Three more. And press out and lift. You can add little pace without losing the control.

Now lift the hips as the knees come in. Exhale, start from the sternum and that's your pelvic co roll down again. And then heels press to the tailbone. Rich, there's your little frog, there's your shoulder stand, lift the tailbone as the heels come in. And he's you uncurling through the Pelvic Hill. Same movement through the spine and press through. One more. Good. Good. All right, nice shoulder, wrists and rolling away.

Press through. Hold your little frog position. Bring both hands into the straps, take your feet out and send the legs to the ceiling. We're going into a jackknife. Good. And your hands above your shoulders. Now I just want to do jack knife to the vertical position today. Not The circle away, but I am going to prepare by taking the foot bar down for the next exercise.

But you can do that before the next exercise if you need to. So for Jack Knife, press the hands to the floor, to the bed, and then rolling over into a nice high rollover and then up into your jackknife position. Now, feet above the face as you roll down. Same thing. It's your pelvic core roll down. Uncurling the spine, taking the feet through, all the way back to vertical as the arms return. So hands press one over two and up. Good. No stay switched on. Feet above the face. So don't be tempted at this stage to take them away from above the face yet.

Keep them right there and their hands and legs to more and arms over and up. Good feet above the face as you rolling down. Yes. Nice. Tell Burns down. Legs and arms. One more good. And we're in that shoulder. Stand again. Arms in tight onto the bed. Make sure your hands and arms are fully on the carriage, not leaving the reformer. For me, that keeps everything controlled. Excellent. Now for the next exercise, press into chest lift. Leaving your legs high.

Give me fists. Turned in. We're going into abdominal bicycles. Soap before. Just before we go down with the leg, really sit the body position where the arms are reaching long so you really have a deep definite chest lift. Fists. Flex the feet and lower one foot towards the foot bar. There's your start position. Arms in Nice and tight. Good. Now we're going to bicycle for eight going first direction over and two good and it stops. Stops. Good.

Five tighten up the arms in good pelvis long and hold reverse and one pause two. Now the top leg is just at 90 in the hip. Join good and flex the fee. Good. You last two. Good. Both legs up to the ceiling. Bend the mean and come back down.

You can pop your feet down onto the low foot bar. Good. Take a breath. Pop your straps down and we'll come around for knee stretches please. Good. You know I'm going to have to stay on two red springs, one and a half to two. So I've written a blue or two reds but we're going to do two reds today cause Sarah's powering. So nice stretch. I would like to do round, back, flat back, and then some knees off.

But we'll do a little variation of the knees off. So to start with your round back on, little sit back and lengthen out the torso a little so I wouldn't even see curve all the way around so that it's not pulling up particularly in one spot more than the other. And then it's about the hinge of the hip for me. So press the bed back and then exhale. Release the front of the hip to sit. Good. Beautiful. So we'll do 10 at pace and coming under and under.

Good, little further under. So try and get as far under as you can to get the length of the quadriceps with the disassociation in the hip joint here. Let's do two more and hold the positioning. Stay now from mid-back, cin. This movement out through the crown of the head and the sitting bones.

Sacrum into directions. Good. So I want that long flat back now and a little bit more thoracic. Yes. Extension. So shoulders are engaged. Go back to our theraband. Find though the plug into the shoulders and along even lengthen through the extended position. Same thing for T. I'll have 10 here and under. Good to good support with the abdominals without changing the spine.

Nice. Good. Keep the sternum coming forward. Mid Low traps, engaged. All on. Everything's working good. Now we're going to round up into our knee. Stretch, knees off, but come quite forward over the arms and lift up quite high so you press up up, up, come a little higher. Good. Now just bring your toes slightly forward. So you may need to shuffle your toes to get that. I want you higher than ideally what our full knee stretch needs off is. So from that round back position, give me the hamstrings holding the pelvis and now press out hold and then release the hip scoop and bring it back in. Good. And press out hold.

Now lift off my hand, tailbone under. So the one cue I really want you to find here is pulling under from hamstrings, drawing the base of the pelvis. That'll allow you up into the round. Beck here. Pull under good and scoop under. So little more scoop and under. Pull the knees to your forward. Yeah, last too. Nice. The foreign, she's working hard for it.

Last one and hold now slowly lower the knees all the way back down. Good. All right, so let's just kind of a little slowing it down and bringing it up. Working on where to focus. So if you focus with the drawer under of the pelvis, you're likely to get a lot more abdominal lift and even flection. Good. We're going up into the up stretch position please.

Okay. Alright. So I would like you to drop down as far as you can between your shoulders, so head and shoulders as long as you can with the tailbone. Nice and high. So really emphasizing the hips up to the ceiling, long spine to the crown of the head. Externally rotate the arms so that you're very firm in the shoulder girdle.

Now I'll have six up stretch one which is just the press out and back under and exhale under and too good. Three nuts all happening from the hinge of the hips and the hamstrings, pushing food and hold, bend the right knee in and take it up into a parallel arabesque for me. So we're going single leg. So in this position I want to start, I want to find the single leg from long position and active in the back of the hip. Now, not from the pelvis or the low back but from the femur. I want it externally rotating the hip joint and that can open up the hip a little for me. I don't want it to open up too much. I want this connection through the front of the body and let's do five under Sarah too.

Good, good and very square across the front of the body. Bend that knee back in and place it down in front of the shoulder rest. We'll go to the other side. And so I really want to find this parallel first. So if you can all think of even rotating the fight in a little to make sure you're parallel so you haven't put any tension through the low back pelvis there. Now it's yes, they are nicely done.

Wrapping the fi which opens up the hip a little, but it hasn't yet drawn you into any compression in the low back. Keep that lift and I'll have five lifting the opposite up. One, two square in the shoulders. She's nice and hold. Now step onto the shoulder rest for me with that first leg. Take the leg in and up to the back. You can bend and stretch it up or straighten it up. The same thing.

Come back to parallel holding the bed. Now rotate the thigh to give you yes, opening of the hip. Perfect. I'll have six here and press good. Little further out to staying square three good and hold it under change legs. Good.

Like I say, you can bend and stretch it or take it up straight. I'm happy with either, but what I do want is to start from parallel near she knows it good and go from the fire at yes rotates and it doesn't have to be too high for me. I'd rather a little less rotation and a little more squaring off in the pelvis. Just a little good and pull it under w t good. Reach that hose out and up behind you.

Okay. And hold that beer. Good. This lego stepped down onto the full carriage. Good. All right, so we're going into elephant. Same thing. I want you as deep into your shoulder position as you can be.

So this will be different for everybody, but I know Sarah has got a good range there. I want the length, tailbone, sacrum to the ceiling and give me six elephant there, heels down and one, two, three a little further back and under four, five and hold. Now with the right hand, bring it down. We're doing elephant with rotation just above the mechanism that connects the foot bar here. I want you to hold with the outside hand, rotate the torso under so the rotation is happening through the torso. Pelvis Square. Now reach this side under and I'll have six elephant and under.

Push further back too. Yes, good for you. Really Nice. Let stretch here. Good change both hands back to center and then left hand into the connection so it's a little bit lower down. Don't come too high. You want it lower. Rotate. Then Square of the pelvis where we go and heels under two good all the way in and hold it, the stopper. Hands back to the foot bar. And now the easiest four of them all. Just do four more. Setting in the center and push back. Good under.

Send the tailbone up to three and hold good. Just soften your knees and bring your hands down to your toes. Good. Relax. So you're just in the rolled down position there. Now head relaxed, shoulders relaxed. And now really come for the hamstrings again to draw the pelvis down, stacking the spine all the way out. Beautiful. Good. Stepping off the side for me. We're putting the long box on now please.

Yes. Alright, so football's down, which sometimes takes a little bit of not putting the box in your way. One red spring, I want to go into a pulling straps Combo. So we're going to combine pull straps one and two but I want to do a little preparation first. So chest at the front edge of the box and reached down beside the reformer all the way over into your pool straps position without the straps yet. So we will come to the straps in a moment. I want to prep this without them.

So you're going to reach up, drawing back with the arms as you would and coming out with the crown of the head to get to position one top of the box. Now open out with the arms in line with your shoulders so it's nice and high and I want you back into the back of the shoulders here at scapular apart hat. Just how we started. Now keep the pounds down, elbows soft, come all the way back into the top of your button. Now soft elbows. We'll pull the shoulders back a little more. Good. Take it back out to number two and come back in and go down.

Good. All right, so little faster. We're going to reach back, but hit that top of the box. Now open out wide. Now here is where I really want the work pulling you back. So work the shoulders back, elbows soft in. We'll do one more out and bring it back in and bring it forward. One more set of these good and nothing reach back.

So that's right to the top of the box and in tight. Now the arms lift a little higher and I want you to find scats apart and right to the top of your bottom. One more. Yes, they should start to shake about now. Good. That's it. And the Obo soft gives you the show, the work that I want here and down. Now we'll take the straps. Good. Same thing that we're only going to do the single movement to pull straps to this time please. So all the way back to the top of the box and you should be well and truly into the back of the shoulders. Now open it out, but take the tension. Keep it high, keep it high, keep it high. Now from here, palms are facing down, elbows are soft. Pull it right back in and come forward.

Good. And again, so top of the box. Now lift them a little higher as they come out just to the tee. So hands are directly in line with shoulders. Now lift, you can even lift the chest a little more now, but I definitely want palms down a little fingers in the end down. One more. We'll do it for me cause I can see the work. Good box lift. Nice. Now chest lift the sternum forward and up as you come back in.

Nice and high says and palms down. Elbows soft. Soften them off a little more and get the back of the shoulder a little more and then come down. Very nice. Good straps into one hand and just come off or you can hang them up. And actually I'll take them, call you in, pop them down. So we're doing a side exercise.

It combines lateral activation with a little bit of arm work. So like I said, the arm works integrated into the other exercises in this program. Just go a little bit off the edge of the box. So what I want is it's a side support prep arm underneath. So you've got the forum either in front of or around the little pole, whatever's most comfortable for you and your body size. And then you, so Sarah, just go over a little bit more for me. Your shoulders over, that's it.

So then you're elbow to shoulder stack, but bring the head forward. You don't have to hold onto the pole, just make sure you stacked on that side. Now I can pass the strap to Sarah, but if you don't have an assistant, what I want though is just stay down there is take the strap and pull it up through the elbow to extend it. So rather than put overhead and strain the shoulders, so hold the strap, take the elbow high, pulling tension onto it and that, yes, good. So that's really important to me. If you start taking it overhead, it does strain.

So then I want to find a completely long line from tips of the toes right through to the crown of the head long, which will give you some stabilization or you can turn the head down if it starts to be too much in your neck. From here it's very simple. Exhale. I want the little finger leading. Press your hand down to your hip in how control it up. We're wrapping the arm and under and under. Good. Now engage and press away from the underneath arm all the way through. So the underneath side is working as hard as the arm at the top reside in. Exhale, a little finger takes you to the hip.

Inhale is where a lot more work happens to spiral it up and I think that's four. Yes. Good. Just for those of you who start to feel Australian or any strain in the neck, turn the head down and just lengthen it to change the position a little. The look to that underneath arm. Good. We'll have two more. Good. Last one.

Excellent. Now bend the elbow down to take the strap off to the front and we're coming to the other side. Good. Just find your best set up with the underneath arm before you take the strap. Make sure you're over that elbow. Yes, so that it's not above shoulder height.

I want the elbow directly under the shoulder pressing you away and then remember with the strap you're going to go up through the elbow taking tension on the strap and extent. Good and ribs are in palm for little finger down. Wrapping the upper arm. Exhale, press your hips, reach it away, hold good. And a good cue is to keep the hand in your peripheral vision or forward of the ear so that you don't want the arm going behind your body. Good. And we do want nice broad scapular position and find all the activation in the um, is that it? Good just to match the other side. Let's turn your head down for the last four.

Good. Last two and yeah. Good. All right. Bend that elbow in. I'll take the strap for you. You can turn onto your back. So I suggest you all sit up on the side of the box. Serotype the straps in one hand.

So sit to face the side just so that everybody's in the same boat so to speak. And holding the straps. You're going to go onto your back. Ready for double leg stretch with the straps. Just so you've got them when you go down. Good. So I want shoulder blades to the back edge of the box place.

So you're going to extend the upper back off the box and just shuffle back a little bit for me sir. Good. That's it. So I want some, yeah. Shoulder blades at the back end where you've got room to go off the box. Now start with the pelvis down, knees in hands holding the knees.

But you do have tension on the straps from here. You going into your hundred position. Inhale. Now exhale. Extend the upper back. But keep the tension on the straps as you come around and back in. And then draw the knees back in. Hands. Come to your knees, hold and inhale out. One, keep the tension on the straps and extend and around two and pull everything back in. Good. And reach and lengthen.

But the arms stay connected. It makes you work really strongly in the upper abdominals. So keeping the connection of the shoulder girdle to the ribcage. Yes. So that was your best one. I'll have two more of those please. Good. Inhale. She thought her best.

Want to be the last one and last one. Good. So you do need to keep a little pace on it. So that everything works in harmony, coming through and back in good straps into one hand and sit up facing that side. Good. We'll put the straps down and we are coming into the home stretch but there's a little bit to go stay here for an advanced glute series, so something lovely. Kneeling on the box, hands at the front, two corners, knees at the back, two corners. Okay good. And I do tend to spread the knees and hands a little wider to get a broader torso position, so length breadth all the way across.

And then we're really going to work your hips so stay as supported with the abdominals as you can and just pick the left knee just off the tee box and without shifting your body weight too much. So there will be a little adaptation but not too much. Flex the back foot Unipress out till the heels in line with your issue all the way out. And Ben to tip the box and out. Good. I'll have eight so it's straight out in one long line behind the hip and trying not to adapt the body too much. Good.

Three more. Now state up in the center, you'll see a little bit of curve through the spine, but support it. Good and last one and stay out there. Good. Now this next exercise comes around to the side, wrapping the hip under. Take it back and bend it under. Good. So it hits the back line as you do number one. Now as you bring this around, I want you to wrap the hip under the length and the lumber.

Bring it back and in. Good. You've got six heel. Now try and keep the heel in align with the hip. So see here, I want you to bring that under a little more sir there. So if you externally rotate the leg, cause remember this is right up at 90 degrees in the hip to the side in abduction. So length and polander bring it back and through and, Huh. Good. And wrap it under. Turn the leg out and good. Last two. Hmm. It's a tough, it's an advanced series. Good. All right, last part.

I promise. Now find that lovely long spine turnout from the leg. Now the heel stays in line with your issue or to Rasa. And you bend the knee behind your shoulder and stretch flexing the foot. So it should be really active and you want to be as high up with the foot as you can, getting the knee behind the shoulder. So wrapping it up two more and hold, bring it back, bring it under and we'll do the other side. And you probably will think of me tomorrow quite just how I like it. Good.

So eight of the first one, then six and six. Good. So yes, so beautiful lineup. The lineups important to heal ends up right in line with the base of the pelvis. Good. And it's very tempting to drop. It's hard work. Three more good. Last two. [inaudible] so this gets you right where we want to be working and carried around.

So that last one holds and then you can come into part two and carry it back and under and good. Try and stay little. So try and reach out into this heel as you come around and wrap the leg and carry it back. So the more you reach away, you will prevent the body from adapting too much and taking it into the torso. So you think of this as your single leg to the side on tendon stretch. So this gives you the strength for that particular exercise. Just as one example.

Good. No up to five or six unless she's honest. Last one. Good. So reaching out into the heel, wrapping the hip under and now healing line with the hip. Bend the knee behind your shoulder. Good and keep the flexed foot and press.

Or it can be a smallish Benz as long as it's really active the whole way through. Could try to reach out to the window. Try and find the dolphins. Is that six? Could you show good. Come back in and bend or under. Good. Just sit into your little rest position for a moment. Nice. Arms forward.

Stretch them over the front of the box and let's take a little release through the back. Good. That's enough. Resting there off the side there for me. When you turn the box to a short box position please. And I want to go into a little side exercise. So we've done some site activation, natural activation work, but I want to do now a nice range movements. So we need to put strap and Sarah, if you'll sit on facing the front for me, could actually just take your foot out. I'm going to take this out of your way.

Good. Beautiful. Now this foot, the extended foot I want forward in the strap flexed. Turned out when you're sitting high and sit back a little on the box towards me. So that's it. I want the foot forward of your hip line and this knees sort of opened out good tee position with the arms. Now it's got a little bit of choreography. You can take the choreography out but it actually helps you.

So if you can kind of fumble through it for a little bit, you'll pick up all the movements. So going over that underneath hand taxine the top hand goes over and the top leg turns parallel. Now arms reach out with the underneath arm to sit up, turning out the league, then bend the knee and take your stretch over. Sitting up tall, going over top, arm reaches top leg turns into parallel change arms could reach out. Turning out and take your stretch.

Keep it moving. One more this side. We'll just do three each side today. Good. But you can always add three to six, couldn't n when you're taking this stretch over, make sure you're on your issue. Tuberosities ego not dropping forward and up. Good. Let's switch to the other side. Good.

So a little bit further back on the box than sometimes you think of being foot forward. Ford of the hip line. It is turned out to begin with as your arms go to the tee. Good. And reaching over leg turns parallel. Um, taxine then they change one, reach out to bring it up, turning out the top leg and take the stretch. Good depression and two more good and length in a way to come up. Good. So really work on that. Reach out with the arms that does help you lengthen all the way over. Now change arms. Now go out, come up. Yes.

Turn out the top leg. Take your stretch. That's good. And coming up. Good. Turning around to face the front and I'd like to genie more as a kind of a release. Then strong activation, but nice and forward onto the front edge of the box I'll have yet right onto there. Good arms. Just resting onto your midsection. I want you to pull your belly button away from your arms and reach the low back to the box. Good. And then the arms just yes, go with you.

Go good. All the way. Just there for me now and exhale. Curl back up. So let's just do one or two without the extension and then extend. Lift, tall and scoop and roll. You do extend now, so let's extend but without releasing, but just length and back and straightaway. Chin tucks back in. Curls back up. Good. And stack the spine. And two more. The opening, the low back and lengthening away.

Let's take your arms overhead this time all the way and straight back in. Tuck the chin. Cool. Good. Okay, one more of those you get, keep it moving but really active lengthening. So go as far as you can into the lengthening of the elbows back all the way over. Head straight, back in. Good. Nicely done. Good. And stack the spine. Good. Stepping off the reformer of fully cheese, we're taking the box off and let me just have a standing lunch with balance to finish us up.

One and a half to two springs. I'll put Sarah on red to red today and standing onto the reformer against the shoulder, wrist. So we'll start with the standing lunge for three extensions and then add balance. So one foot onto the foot bar and just hold that lunge position for me there. So keep your hands well connected to the foot bar at the moment and make sure we might shuffle your heel up a fraction. There you go. Good.

So long back. First I want to find a nice active torso position with the hip drawing under. That's on the forward side. Now extend that front leg back, reaching the hip behind you, holding a drop down into your range and that's it. So where you lengthening the back end the hips. Now I want the pelvis to stay on that plane as you come in.

Draw the name without lifting the pelvis and exhale, extend it back. Good and draw the right side back. One more good, and come back in. Hold that inward position. Now curl up with the torso, rolling your arms up to the ceiling and bring them in behind your head. Good. Now again, not coming up any higher. I want you to stay on that plate.

Actually come in there so you can go down a little bit more. Yes, I really want you in your full range. Now lead from the belly. Press back. Exhale and inhale. Return. Good. Elbows wide and lead from the abdominals with the exhale. Good. Two more. I should stand out of the way cause the pitcher will be lovely there. One more and bring it all the way back into the stop before me and hold.

Reach up to the ceiling now. Scoop up and over, up and over my arm to get your hands back to the foot. Rest. Now stretch the hip out for one last stretch. Good from there. Just draw this. Yes, the Ford leg. I want that hip to draw back. And then lengthen the spine to send the crown of the head out. Send the hips back and then you can link that into your split where ever you are. Happy to. But just keep this active yes and square.

Alright. And come back up out of that. Bend the front knee and change sides. So just take your range. Good. All right. So it stuck down into this little more as you prospect. Yes.

So if we start prepping from this, these three extensions, you'll end up with that deeper range in the split. So exhale, press out and leading with the hip. That's four. Lead back with that femoral head. Yes. And coming to more. So stay low. Stay on the same plane, but keep thinking of that front hip drawing back each time. Good. And lengthening through the torso. Good. Yes. So it's active.

Now stay in and scoop and curl up. Reaching the arms forward up to the ceiling. Bring your arms in behind your head. Elbows wide. Now when you down into your lounge a little more, they good. Now exhale, laid from the belly. You've got four and back. I'm writing. Stay low, good. Elbows a little wider and just watch those shoulders.

So for anyone that's wanting to hold up through the shoulders, just encourage them down. Last one, good. All the way into the stopper. Good. Reach up to the ceiling. I want you to take that moment there. Then scoop up and over my arm, reach for the foot bar, and then take your stretch out all. So send this front hip back and then lengthen out through the crown of the head. And so don't go low just yet. Yes. So for everyone, I want you to find that draw back of the front leg first. So you gotta be honest with yourself.

You've got to get that one active and then take any other range you've got into your split without losing that. So, and then work from here. Good here. Be honest with yourself because that's how it will get better. And then come up slightly out of that split to bend in and come forward. Good. And take that foot down. You can stand off the side of the reformer and just do two roll downs for me, please. You are done.

Just do a little roll down to release the head and shoulders. Let all your air go rolling down. Take a deep breath into the back and then exhale, roll through. Just nice and easy and breathe in nice and tall. Exhale. Let all your air go. Just let it be about the breath flowing out.

Good. Go ahead and breathing in and exhale. Good. Good. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you everyone. I hope you enjoyed it.


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This was a well articulated excellent class it was very basic but very difficult thank you
1 person likes this.
Thank you Sally i really enjoyed your class. It was wonderful to see Sarah looking so fabulous & working your cues beautifully.
(I trained at Aligned For Life in Melbourne) I hope we see more of your classes on PA..
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So enjoyed your class, Sally. Sarah was beautiful to watch.
Courtney Miller
Beautiful class!
Fantastic class!! Ver challenging and excellent cueing. Sarah is a beautiful mover:)
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Fantastic cues!
Very challenging and innovative. Enjoyed the opening strap work.
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Great class! Is this a Gratz reformer? Thanks!
Michele M
1 person likes this.
Loved the hip work and side body stretch! Thank you:)
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Tiffany ~ Thank you for your forum post. Sally is using a Balanced Body Reformer in this class. I hope you enjoyed it!
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