Class #226

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Pilates Mentor Julian Littleford teaches a Reformer class in his usual masterful style. Enjoy Julians direct, clear cues as he teaches creative progressions throughout the workout. If you have experience and access to a Reformer, do not miss this class!!!
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Okay. Let's start with a little reformer class and shall we, okay, we're going to start on your heels for me. I like the head rest down. I like the chin slightly elevated. Okay. In the SCAPULA's pin b...


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Tamara, I was behind the camera both wishing I was in this class and grateful that I wasn't!!! Isn't he great?!
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This class was filmed in Julian's studio in Del Mar, California (near San Diego). I think our advanced members are really going to enjoy this challenging class.
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The different various from the BASI method are very interesting.
What a great work out! Love it - love it!
Such a great class. The variations are wonderful.
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Great, creative and tough workout! Please keep them coming, Julian...
I loved this class. So many creative variations and challenges. As a teacher I found it refreshing.
I agree, thanks!!
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