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Reformer Workout

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Pilates Mentor Julian Littleford teaches a Reformer class in his usual masterful style. Enjoy Julians direct, clear cues as he teaches creative progressions throughout the workout. If you have experience and access to a Reformer, do not miss this class!!!
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Okay. Let's start with a little reformer class and shall we, okay, we're going to start on your heels for me. I like the head rest down. I like the chin slightly elevated. Okay. In the SCAPULA's pin back. I also liked the palms towards the ceiling on your heels in the center, mid line of the foot together and open your knees for me. Slightly mid line of hip toes are relaxed even though the foot is Dorso flex, you take a deep inhalation. Exhale, squeeze the back of the legs. As you push all the way out and gently come back in and gently exhaling out.

Squeeze the back of the legs and gently in. For me, I want to see the back of the leg activate before you push out and stay activated. When you come back down, exhaling out you go. The shoulder girdle should be completely relaxed. Back of the legs. Stay active on the way out and on the way down. Sacred stays down. I don't want to see any rocking of the pubic bone, if you can at all help it. I've got them on two springs, so it's fairly heavy.

Not excrutiatingly painful and try if you can, not to let your hip flexors come into play. You push out for me one more time. Leave your table right where it is, squeezed the back of the legs posteriorly. Tilt the pelvis and lift the pelvis up towards the ceiling. Bridging. Soften the chest and roll the spinal column slowly down. I do not want to see the table move.

Gently stretch the leg as you lift all the way up and slowly soften the rib cage. As you come all the way down. Don't let your toes come apart. Squeeze the back of the legs as you lift up and gently relaxing down so you eat on gait between the spinal column and again, gently lifting up and low Leigh down. And again, lifting the pelvis up and soften as you slow. Slowly come down twice more. Wrap the muscles in the back of the legs. Lift up and lowly down. Soften your chest. Good.

And again, last time, come all the way up. Stay up, keep everything parallel. Gently bend your knees posteriorly. Tilt your pelvis a little more as you come in and gently push out by posteriorly, tilting your pelvis a little more. It's going to stay more in the lower abdominals and the back of the leg and lifting up. Lift your pelvis up a little higher and squeeze the back of the legs and in and again, gently pushing out.

Close you up slightly mil and gently in good and again exhaling out and in three more. Squeeze the back of the legs as you push out and gently in and again, lift your pelvis up a little higher and in lost time gently push all the way out. Soften the chest and roll all the way down. Good. You're going to go into second position for me who was on the outside edge. Knees for me are drop towards the floor. What you don't want to see is your heel lift here.

So you twist in the knee joint. You want to keep the foot lifted. This medial side of the foot lifted, so you're almost on the outside blade of the foot, right? What you don't want to see is this happen. I said, so by putting through the blade of the foot, the knee is allowed to open. I want it to stretch on the inner thigh. Alright, take a deep breath in. Sequim drops down even if it means the lower spine comes off the table because you're going to pull your ribs in and knit them at the same time.

You're going to drop your shoulders back to the table. Hold everything where it is. Take a deep inhalation, squeeze the back and the inner thigh. Exhale out. You push and inhale as you come down, exhaling out and inhaling down. Move your hips to the left slightly. You could get bigger. Exhale out and inhale down and again, exhaling out and inhaling down and again, exhaling out and inhale down. Open the knees wide, exhaling out and inhaling down and again, exhaling out. Three more and inhaling. Exhale, squeeze the back of the leg, kick the back of the leg active and down. Last time, go all the way out to straight. Stay there posteriorly. Tilt your pelvis again, drop your ribs and lift your spine up and slowly soften the chest as you roll down. Keep the legs nice and straight for me. Okay? Without the legs.

As you lift up, squeezing, don't let the table move. Soften the chest as you imprint the spinal column. As you roll it down and again, squeeze the back of the legs. Lift up and slowly down and again, squeeze and wrap the legs. As you lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and soften the chest. As you come all the way down. And again, squeeze the back of the legs as you lift all the way up and slowly down, twice more. Squeezed the back of the legs gently. When you come down, make sure that each vertebra drops down, but the cyclic also drops to the table. Last time. Curling all the way up. Stay high, lifted and bend your knees and lift your pelvis up towards the ceiling and push out and in and out and in and out and in and out.

Make sure that the ILIAC crest is even lift up a little higher. Squeeze the back of the legs as you push out and in three more out and in and out and in and out. And in last time, push out all the way out and slowly come down all the way down. Now we're going to add a little bit of a twist to it. Okay, so you're going to bring the foot in about three or four inches. Same thing stays with this alignment. Lift the pelvis up, leave your right foot slightly in from the left and bring your left Leigh up towards the ceiling. Do not let your hips and shoulder relationship change. Okay?

You gently push out leaving the leg where it is and gently and squeezed the back of the legs. Both sides of the legs are active and the lift. Squeeze the cheeks of your bottom as you lift up and gently in, lift that more with the right hip. Good and in and again, push through the blade of the foot, the outside, the lateral side of the foot so you keep the medial side lifted. Squeeze both cheeks of your bottom and Ben. Now we're going to add the leg, extend the leg out, bend the knee in. And again, squeeze and lift and in, and again, squeeze and lift. And in Anagen, squeeze and lift. And in twice more. Stretch the leg and in lost time and stretch and relaxing down.

Bring the other foot in so the foot is basically in line with your armpit. All right, it went from the outside edge to right there underneath the armpit, not in line with your pubic bone, not in midline. All right, in line with the armpit, lift the hips up again, lift the knee up, keep the hips even and exhaling out. You go one and inhale down. And again, exhale, straighten. And in Anagen, exhale, stretch. And in Anna, gain, stretch. Relax the toes and in and again, exhale and stretch. Come out of Shabaam, up a little higher. And in Anagen XL, push and in and again, and stretch and [inaudible]. Keep the ribs lifted up and in. Now with the extension of the leg, stretch the leg out and in and again, squeeze the bottom out and in and again, stretch out and in to more. Stretch out and in Anagen stretch and in one more.

I didn't say the last one, I just said two more and gently relax all the way down. Good. Place your feet in the straps for me for short. Spinal football's going to drop and make sure that your headrest obviously is down. As I said at the beginning, I don't like the headrest up and the reason why I don't like the head rest up is because I like the shoulder blades to drop down. And if your shoulder blades are down, you put the headwear stop. It forces the head forward, not particularly a pretty look.

So shoulder blades down the cervical k that cervical spine is embraced. Okay, squeeze the legs together for me. Gently just bring your legs up to 90 tailbone is down and gently bring your legs back down towards the football, which is dropped. And again, gently bring your legs up, keep your sacrum down, fingertips and nice and relaxed and down. And again, gently bring your legs are up to the pubic bone height and gently bring them down. Good. And again, gently bring them up and bring them down. One more time. Gently bring them up and bring them down to 45 degrees. Stay there externally. Rotate. Keep your heels together. Keep your toes pointed. Do not let the carriage move, okay? You're gently going to bend your knees, putting your knees apart just to there and then squeeze the back of the legs as you straighten the table should not move. Okay?

Just make a little diamond shape with your knees and squeeze the back in the inner thighs. You straighten the legs, keep the knees bending and then squeeze to straighten. You should feel it on the inside of the legs and out. To add that to enhance doing. Your quadriceps should not be coming into play and your hip flexors should not punch in. All right? Gently straighten out and again, bending and squeeze and straighten. And again, bending the knees and stretch. Crown of the head is down on the tables. Stretching the legs out.

Two more and bend and squeeze and straighten. One more time and stretch. Keep the legs nice and straight for me. Gently open the legs as wide as possible. With your sake down. Squeeze the insides of the legs and close the legs. Now for me, I like your heels, carves, knees and inner thighs to touch at once all or one. Okay? Do not give me the knees touching first.

Gently open the legs and squeeze the back of the legs as you close and gently open and squeeze the legs gently open. Keep your sacrum down and close. Squeeze the back of the legs. Remember we're still on two springs, so the resistance is kind of heavy and gently open and squeeze. Now we take the first exercise, we're going to combine, combine it, and you've got to take one leg up towards the ceiling as the other leg opens to second and squeeze the insides of the legs. Now the leg that comes up to 90 degrees say is parallel and only goes up to 90 degrees. It does not come any higher. The other leg that goes out to the side, externally rotate. So that's a challenge. One leg stays parallel.

One leg turns out. Make sure that your hips don't move. Bring one leg up as the other leg goes out. So if I was the face of a clock here, your legs would be the hands on the clock. One leg is going straight up to 12 the other is either going out to three o'clock or nine o'clock okay. The one that's going straight up to 12 is parallel.

The other leg is turned out gently bring it to center. Take it out to three o'clock or nine I don't mind which, and gently bring it back to center. Lift it up and open and back to center. Now we now do the little diamonds adding on so the legs are out. One leg goes out to nine one lego. Stay there. Small Bend. Straighten both legs.

Bring it back to center. Lift it up. Do not let your pelvis move. Bend slightly and straight in. It's a small movement and then we'll bring them into center. Gently open them slowly bending, straighten and close. Bring it up out. Bend it, straighten and close. Keep the hips nice and square. In fact, place your hands on your hip flexors and keep your hips even bending.

Straighten and close. Leg to 12 one to nine bending hip flexes down. Straighten and close last time up. Bending and straighten and bring it down to close. Good. Stay there. Short spine roll.

Bring the legs up to 90 leave the sacred down as long as possible and gently roll up onto the shoulders. Bend those knees for me. Leave your heels where they are relaxed behind the knees as you roll the spinal column. Slowly down, toes and heels together and gently push your legs out for me. Don't let the soles of the feet come together. Keep everything parallel. Bring the legs up, coach all the way up. Take them over. Keep tension in the straps in the knees and slowly roll the spine down with the toes and hills together and push out. One more time. Gently bring them over.

I ain't curling all the way up. Bending those knees for me and slowly rolling the spinal column slowly down. Push those legs all the way out. Bring the legs up to 90 for me. Keep the legs nice and parallel. Come up a little more. Now rotate the, rotate the legs, squeeze and turn them out gently. Do not let the table move. Gently press the legs up towards the ceiling.

For the long spine will preparation and slowly rolling down all the way down. Do not let the table move. Gently lift them up and low knee down. Very nice. However, I would like you now to open your arms out to the sides. Leave them where they are. Don't let the table move. I'll hold it for you. Squeeze your legs gently. Go all the way up and slowly down. The reason why I have you arms out to the side, because some of you will probably push with your arms.

Keep your legs straight and gently up, and that's not objective. The exercise, good and gently down. Squeeze the back of the legs. Keep them tight up you go. Drop the ribs as you lift all the way up there. Nice. Good man. Only down one more time ladies and gently squeezing the back of the legs. James. Roman, if you're doing this, yes, you're going to feel it in your hamstrings. And ladies, if you're tight in the hamstrings, you're also gonna feel it in your hamstrings. Bending your knees fall then from for me and take your feet out of the straps.

Good. And let's play some pleasure cubes on. Long box please. Okay, we're going to set the box up a long, long ways for me. Make sure that you bend your knees. You know you've got to bend your knees when you put it down. All the rest of it. Okay.

You're going to sit on the end for me with your feet on the head rest face in the back of the table. Okay. I'm going to drop it to one spring and you're going to grab hold of those straps for me. Thank you. Good. Okay. Place your knuckles together. Slide back so your knees are directly over your heels. Okay. 90 degrees or so knockers are together. The relationship between your knuckles and your sternum does not change in other ways. When you posteriorly tilt your arms don't move back at the same time.

They're not going to pull in, so it's like you're hugging a tree. Very California. Okay. Take a deep breath in posteriorly. Tilt the pelvis. As you roll down, bringing the hands with stay there till the bottom of touches. Draw the belly in and slowly roll forward and sit up nice and tall. Squeeze your knees together and again, curling back.

Squeeze the back of the legs. Squeeze your knees, weight down on your little toe on your feet though, and gently rolling back up. And again, roll the spinal column back for me. Good and gently come all the way forward. Good. Now this time you're going to roll back for me. Roll back. Stay there. Open your arms out to the sides. As you do, turn your palms back, drop your forehead down to your knees as you bring your arms back behind you, and then bring your arms back down by the box and stack your spinal column up.

Okay, so the episodes is like a rowing back seated on the box. Roll the spine slowly down posteriorly. Tilt. Stay there. Open your arms out straight. Don't change anything. Turn the palms back, leave the arms there. Bring your forehead down to your knees, bringing your hands back behind you and then drop your arms down. By the box as you stack your spinal column up one vertebrae at a time. And again that goes together. Rolling down. Curl the pelvis back.

Squeeze the cheeks of your Bam. Good. Open your arms out forehead goes down onto the knees. Bring the arms down by your hips and sitting up tall. Good. One more time. Rolling back for me. Stay there. Turn your palms to face. You stay where you are. Come back.

Turn your palms to face you like you're looking in a mirror. Keep your pelvis posterity. Tilty gently bring the arms back behind you for the scoop and then bring the arms down and again, drop your bottom. Move down onto the table for me. Keep squeezing the inner thighs and the lower abdominals as much as possible. I would squeeze the insides of the knees cause it helps.

Helps to feel the correct muscles working. Does not help with the exercise or the lack of stamina or strength that we're trying to build. Good. And one more time. Squeeze the back of the legs tight and gently relax. Good. Okay. Place those straps back down for me please. You're going to sit legs out as if you're in the sore. Okay?

Loosen it up till one very light three. Okay. Your knees are going to be bent, open, crutch shot, not good, but we're going to do it anyway. Okay? Grab hold of the opposite side, okay, grab, hold for me, showed up. Ladies down. This arm for me is up directly over the crown of the head. Okay, gently bring this hand across as you rotate and gently back to center, keep your hips even and again, draw the belly in and gently open. Go. One more time. Shoulderblades drop down in the back. As you come around and open one more time, twisted around, stay there. Leave your knees where they are. Put the back of your legs down on the table and stretch your legs out as if you were sitting in a sore position. Put your toes, doors. I flex for me.

Gently open the arm out. Come back to center. Now this time you bring this arm all the way over towards the foot and you gently come all the way back trying obviously to keep this hip down on the table, gently twisted across. And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason why we make it a light spring, not a heavy one, and gently twisted across and back to center. Good changing other side. So what you're doing obviously is you're setting yourself up with both hips down, both knees down. You can lock the abdominal wall into support the back.

The scapulars want to stay down on the back all the way through. Okay. It's the opposite strap versus the one that is inline with the knees. Shoulder blades drop down, draw the stomach and you're literally pivoting around this spinal column so the hips remain where they are and back to center and again, twist around and back to center. Hold the stomachs in and again and twist around and open and the game and twist around. Good. And back to center. One more time. Twist around, stay there. Back of the legs. Go down, stretch both legs.

Dorsiflex come back to center all the way back to center and all the way across. All the way down. Good. Keep the hip down and back to center. Some of you might notice that one side is weaker than the other. That's the reason why we're going to try to do the same amount as we can. Keep this hip down on both sides. Three good. Two more and four. Good. Last time.

Slowly draw the belly in and back to center. Good. Okay. You're going to put the straps down for me. Good. And you're going to lay down on your back. Tailbone is here for me. Stomach is in and take your shoulder blades off the edge. Back up a little more for me. Okay. You're going to bend your knees. Oh, Cokie hands are on the shins for me.

Sacred stays down. Legs are at 90 degrees. Okay. That way it stays in the low abdominals. Okay. You inhale as you reach all the way up towards me. Now that bring the hidden shoulders up. Good. Stay there. Flex, rotate, push into the hills and squeeze the insides of the legs tight. Keep pushing into the hills. As you take the arms up over the head and back, you go all the way back, stretch out. Don't arch the back. No, just bring the arms around and reach up. As you point.

And again, flex, squeeze back. You go roll the spinal column down. Now for me, when you do this, when she comes around, I don't want to see her back release, release it for me or otherwise arch back. I don't want to see that with all the spine down there is where I want it. So the stomach pulls into hold it. Okay back you go with the arms all the way back, circling those arms, flex the feet, come all the way up and good and down again. Point.

And as you go back, you flicks all the way back. Circling, come all the way up, up, up, up, up, stay there and gently relax. Bend the knees and come down. Good. Let's flip it around for sure. Box. Okay. Take the box either over the shoulder pads or in front, depending how tall you are. Most important thing obviously is you need about four inches in the back here when your feet are underneath the strap. Okay. Rack on a couple of springs so it keeps it, keeps it stable.

The light you're going to face me. Okay, flex and slide back. Cause if you're going to do it half fold your arms up. Okay. The toes are pulled back, the back of the leg is tight. Shoulder blades are down and you start in the dream of Jeannie pose. Okay? She's gonna gently posteriorly tilt roller spine down. Stay there.

She squeezes the back of the legs, locks it in. Nothing changes in this area here. Alright. She gently brings the arms up over the crown, the crown of the head, the arms and open and they come back to the belly button. She circles lifting the arms up and bring them around. Gently exhale as you lift up and bring them around.

The spinal column does not change when you bring the arms up and around. Good. Just take the arms to the crown of the head and around. Most people can get them to the crown of the head because the chin is dropped and bring them around and reverse. Lift the arms up over the crown of the head and down, and again, gently lift them up, squeeze the back of the legs tight, stretch your legs, pull your toes back. Don't forget to breathe. Exhale and inhale as they come down. And again, exhale, lift, and then roll the spinal column forward. And again, back you go.

You're going to three sets, so roll it back. We will pick the tempo up. Inhale, roll back. Stay there. Exhale, lift one and inhale. Exhale two and three and four. Squeeze the back of the legs. One more time, and five. Now reverse the arms and lift up. Squeeze everything tight. Begins to burn a little now and two and lift up.

Squeeze the back of the legs three and lift up and down for one more time. And if I've come forward for just a tad of arrest and roll back again, squeeze the back of the legs. Toes, bank, lift the arms up. Exhale one and two. Draw the stomach in. Flatten the belly against the spine. Three and four and five and now reverse. Lift the arms up and around. One and two and three and four.

One more time and five and relax cause you should be feeling a little sensation down the rectus abdominals. Of course. Now we're going to put some external obliques and transverse abdominals in on your side please. Okay, stack it up the hippies forward again, you want about three inches or four inches from this side. Okay. Place this hand down on the headrest. This foot is parallel. This knee for me is directly in line with the hip, but it's on the pleasure cube on the table here. All right, this arm is out, arm is next to the ear. This hand is down. Now she's going to stretch all the way over.

I am not interested in seeing this area here. Bunch up so she comes all the way up or makes it three dimensional. It's very two dimensional. Painted gloss in front, painted glass behind. Stretch the fingertips down to the knees as you reach away. That way as you come up to flat, stay there. Audit. One, two, three, four, five and down. And again, shoulder blade, back, gently lift. Stay there. One, two, three, four, five and down. Now you don't do too many of these, okay?

Cause and up again, cause these external obliques blow up like yeast. You want to make them license long, you don't want to make it larger. No muffin tops and gently down. Good other side, we're trying to remove the muffin top, not add to it. Okay. Okay, good. Stretch it out. Good. Make sure as I said, hips are stacked. One on top of the other. Shoulder blade is down. Scapulars dropped down.

Lengthen the rib away as you reach the arm away to lift up, drop your shoulder back from and hold it for five and down. And again, gently linkdin up. Lift up, hold it there. One, two, three, four, five and down. And again, gently up. Last set. Hold one to shoulder, back three, four, five and gently down. Come back to the other side. We've just got an edge. Just a little bit of a twist in it on this one. Okay, so you're going to go over again and she's going to stretch all the way over. She's going to literally show the blaze down to Pete the last exercise so you gently come up, stay there, change the right hand on top of the left shoulder, left hand goes over, and then she's going to stretch and reach and pivot around her spinal column.

Come back to center, pivot around the spinal column, back to center. This hip does not move. It stays right where it is. Okay, so here we go. And gently lift up, hold it, change hands and twist around as you pivot. One back to center. And two, such a good exercise. Think we better do ten three and again, don't let the hips move. Otherwise I make you do more. There we go. And again you can shoot her cause she's moving the hip. If you do 12 one good, good. Stretch your arm. Last one, stretch. Good. Other side. Then I said he's good. Thank you.

It can be a little brutal, but what you must not feel is any pain in your lower back. That means that if you've got pain in your back, you're letting your stomach go, okay. Stretching away. I'm sure you've heard it before. Here we go and left arm, which is a waist stay there. Change the arm, leaving the hip where it is and pivot around one and two and through each other's shoulders and four and five and six and seven and eight two more and nine and 10 and relax or collapse. One of the two. Hopping off the pleasure cubes. Okay. You bring your books in front of the shoulder pads, bar goes back up to springs. You're going to sit with your back in front of the box with your feet in a small first position on top. Good on the bar.

[inaudible] heals it together. Okay. Secam his back arms are out to the side. Okay. You gently with your heels together and your toes relaxed on the top. Push back, stay there. As you push back, you're going to twist at the same time you are supported with your lower back because the box is there. Okay? You gently bend your knees and come back to center and twist to the other side. And our two goes stretch.

Bring the fingertips back into your center and bend as you come in. Good and open and twist and brewing the arm back to center as you bend and twist and back to center and twist. Anybody stay there with the rotational sports. Loves this exercise. We drop the heels. As we drop the hills, we twist just a little more. We come back to center. Come up onto your toes, bend your knees and come in.

So push out and twist. DORSO flex. Drop the heels down, twist just a tad more gently. Come up onto your toes and gently come down and again, and push out. Arm Open. Drop the heel, push the heels down, squeeze the insides of the legs up on the toes. Come back to center and down. And one more time and drop the hills up on the toes and relax them back. And we're gonna do one more and make sure that the hips stay down.

Gently push out, squeeze the heels. As you drop the heels, twist more. Come back up onto your toes and gently come back to center last time. Now we're going to make this a little bit more of an inner thigh and up aquatic exercise. And gently come back to center and stay there. Push out for me. You drop your right leg below the bar, the heels are together and I suggest you squeeze the insides of your legs cause it's gonna burn up in this quarter, right? You gently do the same thing, twist around, bend the knee. This leg shoots out towards me. I better get over this side and gently back. Good. And again, so this all start together. Okay, start straight. Okay, now drop the heel and twist.

Come back to center and bend the knee. The other leg shoots out underneath. Good. And again, out twist, stretch. Drop the heel up on the toe and the bird do the other side. Okay, quadriceps slightly. Oh yeah, good. But you squeeze the inside of your leg so you didn't feel it. Right. Good. Here we go. Other side. Okay, straighten out.

You go drop one foot down and gently drop the heel. Twist around, come back to center and bend the knee down. You come. And again, pushing out open. Drop the heel, tourists up and relax. Good. Okay. Pleasure cues. Make a disappearing act good. And stepping down. Oh, okay. You are going to be standing on the table for me for a little elephant. Hands are here for me, except you're going to have your heels up against the pads here. Okay.

And I've got it on two springs and I'm going to drop it to one. Go to one vertical. Okay, now the heels are lifted, even pressure through the metatarsal heads for me. I want your ribs down on your knees. I want this portion of your back to flatten. If in this position here, your back is rounded and you can't get this portion here, I want you to bend your knees and then flat and like so relax your neck.

This remains the same and you gently just push through the heels, gently pushed back and gently. And so if your legs are straight or bent, I don't mind which it's still the hamstrings pushing back and in. Good. And again, push out. And in one more time. Push out and in. Good. Okay. Let's bring our feet all the way forward to the front edge. Okay.

Have your heels together. So toes are apart, so you're in a platas first, but wrap your toes over the front edge. All right. Make sure that there is weight down through the back of the foot and that the insides of the legs are zipped together. That's an expression we've heard before. You lift your ribs up towards the ceiling, keeping your heels down and gently push the table back and gently come forward. You do not let your ankle bones roll in. Good and back in good.

Anagen squeeze the insides of the legs may show the medial side of the foot is lifted. Good. Now squeeze your heels together and lift your heels two inches off the table. Lift your ribs at the same time. He'll stay together. Draw the stomach in tight and gently push back and again, gently pushed back. You've got to lift up to your rib cage to make room for the legs moving back and again, push back Andean and again back and in. Two more.

Out and in one more out and in. Good. Your knees are down on the table for me. Okay. We're going to do a heavy quad exercise. Okay. You've got it on two springs. This exercise is in four parts. Lighter resistance is a lot more brutal. Okay, so I suggest you put two springs on until you know what you're doing. Okay?

Gently round your back. Hold the stomach in tight. Okay, now for me, I like it. Pulled all the way back. Okay, so pushed back further from the chest. I want your shoulders and your hips on the same level. So pull back further. Push back further with your arms there in that position. Okay. I'm going for the quadriceps and the back of the legs. Okay. Gently out and then we go here. We go out and in and out and in.

Shoulders down and out and in and in and out and in and out. Lifting these two inches off the table. Don't change anything in the bank. Out and in and five and four and three and three and three and three and two and one. Good. Now stay there. Hold that shape with your knees off. As you can see, as I said before, we have not rehearsed this. Okay? You drop your knees, okay, you hold the shape, you bend and straighten the arms, push the table back one and again and two and three.

Keep your knees bent. Do not straighten them yet. For one more time. Now at the legs in at the same time, arms and legs and bend, arms and legs extend out. Arms and legs. Three more. One, two, three. Kneeling down, foot down, stretch. Bring in the pelvis forward lifting the chest up. Balance, ship, shoulders down.

Stomaching gently pushing out for me and in. Now for me on this, I don't want to see these hills fall in. They've got to stay out. Okay? Gently bring the pelvis and the pubic bone forward. Shoulder blades drop down in the back and again, gently pushed back and in and again, three more back. Excuse me. And he showed us back and against. Stay out of those trapezius. Bring your sternum forward. Just there. Good. And again, one more time and gently in. Good. Okay, you're going to place your right foot up on the bar for me. Drop to one spring.

Excuse me. Okay. You gently push your leg all the way out till the leg is straight. Stay there, push the heel below, lock it loaded. Your hips remain where they are. You Bend your left knee as you come in, squaring your hips up, stay there just to where the knee is underneath the hip. Push it back at the same time. You push the heel below the bar, bend the knee, push the heel down, down, down, down, down below the bar and gently push back. You should feel, if you hear any tiering, you've got a problem, okay?

But you should feel a huge stretch in the back of the leg that has in front and in your quadricep and so as of the other leg. Make sure, as I said before, that that back heel does not rolling towards midline. It stays straight cause then that means you're not going to twist your knee. Good. One more time and then we're going to go to the other side. Okay. Changing legs for me. Remember, I'm after the heel pushing underneath the bar, even pressure through the metatarsal heads, gently pushing out for me all the way. Stay there. Push the heel down. Do not let the medial side drop in this position. Bend your other leg, bring it in just so it goes a little more to there underneath the hip and gently push back. Push that heel all the way underneath the bar and again, keep the hips even. There we go.

And in and again and push out. Push the heel down. A gentle pool allows the client to feel just a little bit more and then one more time pushing out and relaxed. Come all the way in for me. Good. Okay. Turning around for me. Kneeling down here, grabbing hold of those straps. Holding your stomach in. Pull me good. Okay. Heavy on the quads. Heavy on the back of the legs and a little bit of Bicep, so you're going to start up for me.

You're going to grab hold of the strap because you're going to need to get hold of the strap in a moment. Okay. Shoulder blade to down stomach pulls in. She gently hinges back, come back further, move the pelvis, stay there. She turns a palms to face the ceiling she gently does, doesn't bicep curl. Pull it in and extend down and then she gently comes forward. Okay, pull back, lift up, hinge back. Stay there. Bicep. Curl to this time, labors one and extend the arms and two and down and come forward and pull the arms back and hindering back. Shoulder blades are down. Stay there, palms lit one and down. Keep the elbows at the sides. Elbows don't move from the sides. Good and three and down and come forward. And we're just gonna go to four but then I would make them come back down.

Three, two, one but I won't today cause I'm feeling shoulder blades down. A little compassion. Gently back. You Go. Stay there for the arms. One and two slowly and three and four and relax. Place the hands down. Good and relaxed. Okay, you're going to step onto the sides of the table for me. Your knee is down. Come over to here for me. Okay. You're going to gently leave this footwear.

It is pushed the other leg all the way back. Now what I want to see on this eve stretch or so our stretch is a posterial tilt here. Okay? With the knee staying bent. Okay, so I really want to see that action so it stays in the PSOAS and the upper quadricep versus arch in the back and going into here. Okay, so she pulls the stomach in. She keeps the thigh down on the table as she bends the arms and comes forward maybe three to four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, however many inches you can push back for me posteriorly. Tilt the pelvis, lock it and load it. Keep it positivity, tilted and bend the elbows as you come forward. But I don't want the thigh to come off the table and gently pushing back posteriorly. Tilt as much as possible. Stay there, gently bend the elbows as you come forward. Nice and forward. Good other side, good pushing back. Knees are down. Posterially tilt, lock it, load it gently. Bend the arms as you come in and gently push away and again, and bend. Thank you.

And make sure those hips are nice and square. And again, bending. Tuck the pelvis under and straighten. Good, right shoulder down. Just, Huh. And straighten and gently relax and thank you ladies. Good. Thank you very much. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed it.


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Tamara, I was behind the camera both wishing I was in this class and grateful that I wasn't!!! Isn't he great?!
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This class was filmed in Julian's studio in Del Mar, California (near San Diego). I think our advanced members are really going to enjoy this challenging class.
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The different various from the BASI method are very interesting.
What a great work out! Love it - love it!
Such a great class. The variations are wonderful.
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Great, creative and tough workout! Please keep them coming, Julian...
I loved this class. So many creative variations and challenges. As a teacher I found it refreshing.
I agree, thanks!!
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