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Julian Littleford Style Mat

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Melissa Connolly is back teaching in the style of the great Julian Littleford. This level two class builds on each exercise as the class moves along. Feel yourself connecting to the moves as you are guided through this well-planned, thorough workout.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel

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All right. The only prop that you're going to need in this class is just a small towel. If you don't have a small towel on you, you can also use the edges of your mat and we're going to start lying down on our backs. Let's get our position right here so we have our toes, our heels, our knees, hips, and shoulders, all in line. We're going to start with a nice pelvic tilt, so take a breath in through your nose and now as you exhale, you're going to drop the rib cage, curl your tailbone under just a bit, and then slowly roll it back down through the lumbar spine all the way to the tailbone. And again, you're going to pull that belly into the spine, drop the ribs, curling the tailbone under, just a pelvic tilt and then curl it back down through the lumbar spine.

Drop your tailbone, find neutral position, and again, using the breath your ribs, drop you exhale to curl the pelvis under and then roll through the lumbar spine and drop your tailbone. One more. Just really loosening up in the back, curling the tailbone under. And then rolling through the lumbar spine. Find a neutral. Adding onto that, we're going to go into a full bridge. Curl your tailbone under. Roll your hips all the way up, up, up, up, up, pause at the top.

Feel this nice long line from your knees to your hips, to your soldiers. Take an inhale now drop your ribs and roll down one vertebrae at a time all the way down so the tailbone touches your mat again. Pull that belly in tight. Give your glutes little squeeze and curl your spine all the way up. Up, up, up, up. Now stay here. Inhale and exhale.

Pull your stomach and drop the rib cage rolling down through the upper back, middle back, lower back. End Your tailbone again. Pull the stomach in tight. Exhale, rolling up, rolling up, rolling up. Finding that flexibility through the spine. Now roll down, finding that separation and length between every single vertebrae. Drop your tailbone and exhale, curl it back up through the spine. One Vertebrae at a time. Take an inhale, exhale, drop the rib cage and ruled down through the upper back, the middle back, the lower back. And the tailbone.

Adding onto that start again with your bridge, so pull the belly and drop the ribs. Give your glutes a nice little tight squeeze. As you roll up, stay here, you're gonna reach the arms up and overhead really stretched the fingertips behind you. Lift Your Chin and soften the rib cage. Roll down one vertebrae at a time. Once your tailbone touches the mat, bring the arms down to the sides and again, pull the belly in. Give the glutes little squeeze rolling up, up, up, up, up. Inhale, stretch and reach the arms overhead. Exhale, rule down through the upper back, middle back, lower back tailbone, and bringing the arms down to the sides. Again, hurling a tailbone under, rolling out, rolling up, rolling up, and he'll stretch and reach the arms overhead.

Exhale, stretching for that extra stretch through the thoracic spine. As you roll down, fine, neutral, and the arms go down to the sides. Two more. Kirra rolling it up. One Vertebrae at a time. Read in to stretch the arms up and overhead. Now exhale, drop the ribs and roll down again. Finding that length and separation between every vertebrae.

Arms go down one more time. Curling the tailbone under, rolling up, up, up, up. Inhale, stretch and reach the arms overhead. Exhale, roll the spine all the way down. Drop your tailbone and bringing the arms down to the sides. Okay. The next one is where you'll need your towel. You're going to take your towel and you're going to lie down with your head and your neck and your shoulders on it. Okay?

You're going to take your hands nice and wide on the towel. Your elbows will be out to the side, slightly lifted. This is going to help to teach you where your neck placement is for your abdominal curl, so keeping the knees hip width apart. Focus on that alignment. Don't let them roll in there. Straight up to the ceiling. You take an inhale from here, you're going to keep your neck supported in the towel as you curl up.

Inhale as you roll back down, making sure the towel is under your shoulder blades. Again, curling the chest up. Look towards your belly button. Sync that belly down into the spine and roll the spine down. Exhale, the abdominal curl begins by bringing the ribs down towards the hip bones. You lift, lift, lift. Look at your stomach. The tailbone should be down in the mat.

The lower abs are scooped and tight and you roll down again. Breathing out. Exhale, exhale, exhale, nice and smooth. Lift that neck is in just a natural curve of the spine and roll down. One more time here. Exhale, curling up, up, up. Look at your belly button. Pull it in Nice and tight and slowly roll the spine down.

Keep the tablet where it is. Let go of it. Your knees are going to come together. Squeeze those inner thighs type progressing on from there. Cross your elbows. You're going to take an inhale. As you exhale, curl your chest. Try to keep this same nice line with a neck. Stay here.

Lift an inch higher and roll the spine down. Nice and controlled. Acentric contraction. You're going to breathe out. Exhale, lift. Stay here. Look towards your navel. Lift an inch higher and slowly roll the spine down and again, ribs pulled down towards the hip bones. You lift, you lift a little higher. Inhale slowly and controlled. Roll down just two more. Breathing out the ribs, pull down the ribs, pull down, and you deepen the abs further and slow wholly.

Take it back one more time. Curling the chest up. Exhale. Exhale, lift. Inhale. Roll the spine down. We're going to add on to that. We're going to do a Julian Littleford exercise. So progressing from there, you're going to take an inhale.

You're going to exhale. Curl your chest up. From here you're gonna reach your arms and your right leg only straight forward. Hold that line. Squeeze your inner thighs and leg is rotated. The Toe is pointed. Now flex the foot. Lift an inch higher. This is challenging. You're going to keep that height. Bend the knee, cross the elbows and roll down.

We'll go through it nice and slow with a left leg. Curl your chest up. Stay here. Stretch your left leg, keeping the inner thighs together. Toes are pointed. Leg is turned out. Flex the foot. Lift a little higher. Keep your height as you bend the knee, cross the elbows and slowly roll down. We'll do two more on both sides. You breathe out to curl up. Exhale.

Inhale, you stretch and reach the right leg. Stretch to the fingertips. Exhale, lift and anch. Keep the height. Inhale, roll the spine down. Exhale, curl that chest up. Inhale, reach the left leg. The knees are together, the inner thighs are together. Flex strong, lift up, bend the knee, cross the elbows roll down and one marble asides. Breathing out. Feel that belly pull in tight. Stretch the right leg. Inner thighs are squeezed. Flex the foot left. Bend the knee, cross the elbows slowly roll down. Last one here, breathing out. Inhale, reach. Exhale, flex and lift. Bend the knee, cross the elbows and roll the spine down.

Greg, you're going to come up to sitting. We'll take a little rest from their spine. Stretch open your legs so they are to the width of your mat and you want to sit up straight and tall. Feel that your back is flat up against a wall flexor feet strong as if there's a wall up against your feet. We'll just take our hands to the mat in front of you. If you have that length growing tall through the crown of the head, you're going to breathe in from here.

Nod Your Chin down and start to walk the hands. Just gently walking forward, walking forward and stretch. Now pull this stomach in and roll up. Roll up, stacking the spine, one vertebrae at a time, only two more because this is our rest. Bring your chin down to your chest. Pull the belly in and walk forward. Walk forward and stretch and pull the belly in. Rural Up, rural up. Roll up again. Feel that spine nice and long.

Really stretch energy through the heels again, your head goes down, you exhale to walk forward forward. Pay attention to your ABS. Scoop them in and roll all the way up. Up. Good. From here, coming back down to your back. Go ahead, lie down, and we're going to take our knees up to a tabletop position. So you want your knees directly in line with your hips. You're going to keep this same position of your leg.

Just hinge at your hip joint. So shoulders are down, Chin is up. You're going to tap your right toe down towards the Mat. You're going to lift it back up to tabletop. You're going to tap your left toe towards the Mat, lifted up to tabletop. Both legs will go down only as low as you can.

I may not touch before your back arches and lifted up again. Tap the right toe. Exhale to the left. Tap the left toe. Exhale to lift both legs. They may or may not touch the mat. Exhale to lift. Breathe in and out. Inhale, exhale both like squeeze the legs.

Don't let the feet come apart and left. Two more sets. Inhale, exhale. The knees are directly in line with your hips. Exhale, both legs hinge at the hip joint. Reached the legs away. Pull them up to the center. One more breathe in. Exhale, breathe in. Exhale, both legs reach, be down. Squeeze the inner thighs only as low as you can and left. Hug the knees into your chest. Give it a little rest. Okay, we've got another one. Um, with a towel. If you're not using the towel, your mat is already there and it's in a great position.

So if you have your tele, make sure your shoulders are on it so it stays supportive. Okay, you're gonna hold onto that towel. Bring your knees back up to tabletop position. Take an inhale and now exhale, curl your chest up. Keep that neck just nice and relaxed. No tension in your neck whatsoever.

Stay here, look at your belly. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale and exhale. Inhale on the exhale. Sink to the belly. And inhale and exhale. One more breath only, and exhale, drop the towel hole behind your thighs. Lift an inch higher.

Hold here, breathing in and out. Eyes are on the belly. Every exhale, you take your sinking the belly button down into the spine. Make sure you're staying in neutral. Your tailbone stays anchored onto the mats. One more breath in and out.

I want you to keep this high in your chest. You're going to reach through the fingertips. Long, strong arms. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. Just one more breath here. Inhale, look at that belly and pull it in tight and hug the knees into the chest.

Okay, that's getting us ready for our hundreds. I'm going to start with the knees and table top. We're gonna pump the arms, knees up, arms down to your sides. Take an inhale to prepare. Exhale, reach long through the fingertips. Lift your chest now, no wishy washy arms. Keep those arms really straight, really strong and you're going to pump them breathing in two, three, four, five and you exhale two, three, four, five and you inhale long breath and you exhale and inhale and exit of this, this feeling okay and easy. You can stretch your legs up to the ceiling or keep them in tabletop.

That's completely fine. We're focusing on that exhale and the sink and with the abdominals. Good. Inhaling and exhale. If you want to challenge yourself and can maintain your back position, lower the legs a bit and hold the for two more breaths. Inhale, exhale. Sure.

Inhale and exhale. Hug the knees into the chest. Good. We're going to come up to sitting for our next little break. Gotta bring your legs all the way together. So again, find that position where your back is nice and straight. It's up against a wall. Your legs are glued together, you're flexing your feet.

The arms are going to raise straight up as much as your flexibility can allow. You're going to hinge forward as far as you can. Then you're going around and you're going to stretch as far as you can. Arms go down. As you roll up, reach your arms out to the sides. Lift him up. Just two more. Hinge forward, long line stretch, stretch, direct.

Drop your head, pull the belly in and around. Roll up, up, up, stretch, arms out to the sides. Lift them up. And one more like this. You're gonna hinge, hinge, hinge, Resha the fingertips. Long Energy, energy, and round forward and roll all the way out. Up, lifting the arms from here. Reach the arms straight out in front of you. We're going to go into the spine. Twist. If your hamstrings are very tight, you're going to want to bend your knees slightly. Otherwise, keep those legs long. Keep energy pushing through your heels. Take an inhale to grow tall and lengthen. As you exhale, reach your right hand behind you and twist, twist, twist, twist. Inhale, come to the center. Exhale, take your left arm behind you and twist, twist, twist, twist, twist. Inhale, grow tall in the center. Watch the balls of the feet.

Keep them glued together so you're not shifting from the hips and come to the center. Exhale, rotate and just squeeze your way. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. It's coming from those ribs and center again. Exhale, and you twist and twist and twist. Inhale, center and exhale. You twist and twist and twist and send her. Stay here. We're going into the saw. Open your legs to the width of the mat or a little wider.

Stretch the arms directly out to your sides. You're gonna rotate the spine to the right. Take your pinky finger and the direction of your left Pinky toe and saw at off stretch. Twist to the right. Come to the center and here rotate to the left. Take that pinky finger saw off your pinky toe if you can.

If your flexibility will allow twist to the left and center. Inhale, rotate. ABS are in tight. Exhale you stretch and heel. You rotate. Exhale, center. I again twisting to the left. Pull the stomach in and around. Forward and saw off your pinky toe.

Twist to the left center one more on both sides. Rotate. Keep the feet flex. Make sure you still have energy through your legs, through your fingertips, up through the crown of the head. And last one, twist. Breathe out. Inhale and exhale. Good. We're going to go back down onto your back. So lying down, I'm gonna lift those knees up to a tabletop position.

Then these are in line with your hips. Your head is down. Let's stretch the arms out to the sides. You can turn your palm down to give you a little support. And I'm going to keep mine down to the size cause I don't have a floor here. From here, your shoulders are down, stomach is in warming up in the old bleaks.

Let's start to just twist the knees to the right, so twist, twist, twist. Now exhale, pull the belly in. Come to the center. Inhale, twist to the left, twist, twist, twist. Exhale. Come to this center and twisting to the right. You inhale. Now pull that belly and really tight like you're wringing out a wet towel center. Inhale to the left. Exhale, center one more on both sides. Let's try to keep that connection with your inner thighs. Don't lose it. Pull the belly in. Squeeze the thighs, twisting to the left and center. Let's pause for a moment.

Hug the knees into the chest. Okay. From here they're going to come back up to your table. Top position wouldn't go into the single leg stretch, so with the arms down to your sides, thinking of your neck alignment, curl your chest up. Okay. The tendency is to strain in the neck. That's why we're using the towel earlier to keep that position round the spine. Stay lifted here. Look towards your belly once.

Just straighten out your left leg. It can be up to 45 degrees or a little bit lower. Keep energy through that leg. I want you to engage the glute. Squeeze it tight. Take your left hand to the right knee, right hand to your ankle. Just gently, barely touching. Let's find the form on the other side so the right hand goes to the left knee, left hand, goes to the ankle.

Your right leg is two 45 a little higher energy through the toes. Squeeze the leg now. Just speed it up just a bit. Switch and switch. Nice and controlled gracefully and switch. Now let's breathe in and and a little faster. Exhale.

Exhale. Inhale, inhale, and exhale. Exhale. Keeping the chest lifted. If possible, modification would be hands behind the head. One more breath in and out. That's enough. Hug the knees into the chest, resting down. Place your feet down, hip with the part. Okay.

Another one for the old bleaks teaching the form. Going into the crisscross. You're going to take your hands behind your head. Elbows are wide, so again, curling your chest up. You're going to pull your left elbow back and rotates the left. Think of this right shoulder, reaching in the direction of your left knee. Come to the center, rotate to the right.

Think of your left shoulder reaching to the right knee. Come to this center. Breathe out. Exhale, twist, twist, twist, inhale, center. Exhale, twist, twist, twist, inhale, center. Try not to use your neck so much. Your nose stays in line with the center of your chest and center. It's just a small twist center and roll down. Okay. Take a breather. We're going to combine the single leg stretch with a, this is the Chris Cross. Your knees are in table top position.

Your hands are behind your head. You're gonna breathe into prepare. Exhale, curl your chest up. Okay. Starting slowly working on the form. Straighten your right leg forward. Now rotate. Think of right shoulder in the direction of your left knee. Pulling the left elbow back. Come to the center.

Change twist, twist with energy through the legs. Come to the center. Now. No more center. Just flow through it. Let's twist and change twist. I want you to breathe out ax. Hell Ex, hail and just form war four and three. Pull the belly in tight. Twist, user obliques. One.

Hug the knees into the chest. Good coming back up to sitting. Come on up. Okay, I'm gonna sit tall. We're going to do a chest stretch here so your knees are together. You can take your hands, hold them below your knees, right on your shins, pulling on your legs slightly. That's going to help you to press your shoulders down and really lift and extend your thoracic spine. Take a breath here. Inhale, lift, lift.

Lift the chest. Now working into a letter c curve. Tighten your glutes, pull the belly in and round back. That is it. Round forward. Hold right below those knees. Pull on the legs. Lift, lift, lift tall. And now exhale, draw the belly in. Little tight. Squeeze in the glutes, round the spine and again a rolling up hole below the knees. Inhale, lengthen and exhale. C curve of the spine, round the spine, round the spine, scoop the belly and look at that belly. Pull it in tighter and round.

Forward. Hold below the knees, pulling on missions like the chest. Shoulders down. One more time like this. Exhale, rolling back. Pause here. Look at the belly. Try to scoop it in, scoop it in, scoop it in and help yourself up whole below the knees. Lift, lift left. Okay, we're going to do a modified roll back, so keep the knees bent. You can hold behind your thighs if you need the assistance. Otherwise, just reach arms forward and slowly let yourself down as you roll down, but straight in those legs and stretch arms all the way back.

The legs are together, the toes are pointed. You're in a long line with your body. Circle the arms out to the sides. Lift your chin, bend your knees. That's whole behind the thighs and work through that sparring. Rolling it up, rolling it up, rolling it up whole below the knees. Lift the chest again.

Pull the belly into the spine. You can help yourself if you need the assistance. Otherwise, arms reach forward. As you roll down, roll down, and now stretch it out. Fingertips to tils. Long line. Circle the arms out to the sides. Lift your chin. Start to bend your knees, slide the feet in towards you. Hold your thighs if you need it and lift tall again. Exhale, pull the belly in. Roll it down, roll it down, roll it down, stretch and reach. Fingertips to toes. Circle the arms.

Lift your chin. Exhale. Roll it up. Hole behind the thighs and left I a little bit quicker with control. Roll down with flow. Stretch the arms in lengthen. Circle the arms. Lift the head, roll it up and shoulders down. Lift the chest one more. Rolling it down, rolling it down. Lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulders, and had touched the mat.

Lift your chin. Breathing out. Exhale and grow tall. From here, we're going to come onto our stomachs, so just turning around so on. Your belly. Legs are about hip width apart. Hands are by your soldiers. Now give those like a bit of energy to work on so you're reaching long.

The toes are pointed, the hamstrings and the glutes are tight. You're going to lift your chest without putting any weight in your hands. Now the hands go down. The shoulders are down. That's the most important here. You lift only as high as your flexibility will allow and then you lower yourself down. Think of your muscles. The toes are pointed. Legs and glutes are tight. Start to lift the chest.

No weight in the hands. Now in the hands, press down, elbows, or right next to your ribs. You lift the chest. Exhale slowly lower. Keep your abdominals tight, protecting your back again. Inhale, start to left. Exhale, elbows close to the ribs. Shoulders down, shoulders down, shoulders down. Always think of shoulders down and they'll be lower. That's do just one more here.

So an hail start to lift your chest without weight in the hands. Exhale, slowly pressing up, keeping the hipbones down into your mat. Only lift as high as you can and lower good. We're going to go into a modified swan dive from here. So again, find that position your height so it starts to lift the chest. No weight in the hands and lift up holding. I can't think of your body like a seesaw. Let's keep those hands on the mat.

You gonna rock forward and lift. Your chest is lifted. I want you to look straight forward so that you don't tack or touch your Chin to the mat. So forward and lift. Keep it going. This work is coming from the glutes and the hamstrings are your knees bending. Cause if they are, they shouldn't. And forward and lift. Three more. Hale. Inhale your sc sock. Keep Your Chin lifted.

Exhale. Inhale. One more. Good. Slowly and [inaudible] should lower yourself down. Let's sit back and our lovely little child's pose. So sit back on your heels. Okay, from here we're going to come back onto our stomach.

I'm gonna stretch your arms overhead this time. Now let's focus on our form for this one. If your shoulders are very tight, it's going to be challenging for you to have your arms directly in front of you. So let's open our arms out to a v to the edge of your mat and really pull those scapulas down into your back. I want your back muscles to be connected and strong. Now lift your chest. I want the thumbs facing up. The chest is lifted here.

Legs are reaching very long and strong. Take your right arm up and your left leg up. Not too high, but feel this. Pull fingertips to toes. Stretch it. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and lower. Now change the left arm lefts the right leg. Let's energy through the fingertips and the toes and lower.

Do it slow like that again. Let's keep the chest lifted. If that feels okay, your belly button is pulled into the spine and you lower again, change and lower. If that feels okay, we're not going to rest at the bottom. Lift your right arm, your left leg, and now flow through it. Just change. We'll go slowly and change and three, four, and five, six slowly energy, energy, and let's go adjust a hair faster. Change. Two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 gracefully lower down and sit back on your heels. We'll find that child's pose once again. Resting your back. Good. Okay. We're going to go over and to a plank position. From here, I want you to stay on your knees. I'm onto your elbows now.

Your palms for this one are gonna stay facing up towards the ceiling. Get the elbows and the shoulders in one straight line and shins down on the mat. Bring your knees all the way together. No space between your inner thighs or your calves or your feet. Now hold it here. This is our plank position. We're starting with, from your head to your shoulders, to your hips, your knees.

You're in a straight line. Focus here in on your exhale. Pull the belly and really times strong. [inaudible]. Inhale, exhale. Again, inhale and exhale. If this feels okay, we're going to add on. We're going to tuck our toes underneath us and lift up to a plank position. If you're in that plank, push back through your heels.

Get your feet all the way together. Now scapulas down and together. Hold it here. If this still feels okay in your back, your knees are lifted. If you need your knees down, go ahead and lower them down. Breathing in an hour. One more breath in and how lower than me is down. And you're going to come onto your side side. So coming onto one elbow. Now let's do the same position here.

So we have our palm facing up. The elbow is directly under your shoulder. Get that Scapula back. Let's bend the bottom knee and flex the top foot arm is down to your side and lift your body. Just basic little plank. You want to imagine that there's two panes of glass on each side of your body. Hold it here. Breathing in and out.

Inhale an exhale. Go ahead now if you want to add onto this or you're ready, keep this foot flex. It's strong. Take your bottom leg, hook it behind the top leg. Squeeze those legs together tight. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. One more breath in. Feel it in the obliques here on this side. Exhale, you're gonna lower your hip all the way down. Transition. You're going to bend your knee as hold onto your ankle, lift yourself up, stretch the arm straight up to the ceiling. Grow Tall, shoulders down.

You're gonna take an inhale to grow tall. Exhale, you're going to stretch over and do little pulse. One pulse, two pulse, three lift arms up to the sides. Bring this elbow down to your mat and stretch it over. And again, lift up, arms up to the sides, reaching up tall and stretch over one and two and three arms out to the sides. Inhale and exhale. Stretch it over. Wow. One more time through. Lift up into your mermaid side. Stir Rach Pulsant. One, two, three. Grow tall and elbow goes down.

You stretch over, over, over long as you do the fingertips and left. Good. We'll do the other side for your plank. Okay, so coming onto your elbow, let's get that form. Elbow under your shoulders. Scapula, back palm up to the ceiling. Ben The bottom knee. Flex the top foot, arm down to the side. Here we go. We're lifted up into a plank belly button. Pull it in. Nice and tight and strong. Staying connected in your core, shrinking in your waist, breathing in and out. Inhale and exhale. Good.

From here you're gonna take your bottom leg hook up underneath. Squeeze likes together tight. Make sure the shoulder doesn't lift, really pressed up, down big of that muscle on the back, the scapulas engaged. Inhale, exhale. These are the muscles right here in your obliques that are working in Ham. Exhale, one more breath in and out. Lower the hip down.

We'll do the mermaid side stretch here, so fold your knees, take your hand to your ankle or your foot. Stretch up tall three times you pulse it, one and two and three lifts and stretch it up and over and press up again. Stretching. One, two, and three. Inhale, exhale, stretch over. One more time through lift. Exhale one and two and thery. Lift and stretch up and over. Spring yourself.

Back to the center. Stay here. We're going to lie on our side, so now you're going to stretch out long. We're going to be in one long line from your fingertips to your toes. Everything is straight. Take your top hand for support. Now if you have a towel, we'll actually, we'll use it. If it's not available to you, that's okay.

You're going to fold it and then roll it up. There'll be a little neck pillow for you here, so, so place it right under your neck that may feel cozy for you. So from here, keep that line. Think of your waist right here. Under the ribs lifting, there should be a space. Ideally try to keep it. Stay there. You're going to lift the top like just hip height, not too high.

The toes are pointed. Lift the bottom leg and you lower again. Left lift. Lower three, lift and lower. I'll count these. Soar even on both sides and lower five left and lower. Sure the chin stays lifted. You're staying in one long leg and lower number eight, lift.

Lift. Lower lift, lift. Lower. One more. Eye Lift, lift and lower. That was 10. Lift both legs up and down. Keep it going. Now check your waist right here. Keep it lifted. Three exhale, four and left five.

Squeeze in the inner thighs. Six. Exhale seven and lift eight two more. Nine. Number 10 stays lifted. 10 shift your legs forward, lower them down. You're going to take that top leg. Bottom foot is pointed top, like full axis. Strong. Kicked the leg forward. One, two. Now point your foot. Think of this body position. Don't move anything.

Just the leg flex and pulse pulse point and reach it to the back. Flex and pulse point. Reach to the back. Exhale. Exhale, inhale and exhale. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale. Good thing of those abs.

They are working to keep you stable and again, pulse, pulse, and reach and pulse. Pulse and reach and reach forward. Forward. Abs in tight. Squeeze your bottom to more forward. Boward. The range of motion is only as big as you control it and back. You're going to bring your legs together. Little transition exercise.

Flip onto your [inaudible], Tommy, and you're going to bring your hands together. You gonna place your forehead down in your hands, shoulders down, raise your legs up off of your mat, rotate the legs and you're going to beat those heels quickly together. 50 Times. Here we go. One, two, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten three two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten four two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten five two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and lower. Good. Flip over onto the other side. Turn to face you. Okay, so lying on your side.

Go ahead and create that nice straight line. So from your fingertips down to your toes, using the towel if you want to and the waist is lifted. Find that little space. Check it out. Is there air underneath your ribs? Take this hand. Support Yourself. Lift the top leg, hip height, bottom leg, and lower lift. Lift lower. The tendency is sometimes to get the toes only to touch.

Let's feel the heels coming together. That whole foot, the inner thighs. Connect. Lift four and lower. Five left and lower. Six left and lower. Seven lift and lower.

Eight lift and lower. Nine left lower end 10 lift both legs. Here we go. Lift one breed out to check your waist. It's lifted. Three shoulders are down. Four Chin is lifted, five and six you're working your waist. Seven, eight, nine. Last one.

Stay lifted. 10 shifted forward. Lower them down top like lifts, flex the foot, abs. Plan belly buttons, fine and kick forward. One to reach the leg back. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale three, kick and back. Keeping the form in your body and five and back. Squeezed in the back of the legs. Six kick and reach back. And seven kick reach back.

More important is your form not so high. The leggins going kick, kick, reach back two more times. Kick, kick and go back and kick, kick and back. Legs come together. Good. From here you're gonna come back down onto your back. I'll try it this way. You can transition. Okay. You won't need the towel here yet. Okay. Actually allow, you are going to use the towel on this next one.

So lie out your towel and again, you want your shoulder blades to be honest. Okay. If you have your mat, just use the edge of your mat. Okay. Again, this is a Julian Littleford version of teasers. We have many, many variations. This is one. So let's take our knees up to a tabletop position. You're holding onto the towel or you're going to breathe in. Now, exhale, curl your chest up. Your neck should be nice and cozy. Just let it relax. Here we're gonna focus on those abs. The legs are going to stretch to 45 they're going to pull in and you roll the spine down again. You lift your chest, the light is going to stretch out and end twice out. They pull in out, they pull in and you roll down up to three.

Curl the chest up, legs go out, exhale out. Exhale to out. Exhale three, and you roll down. Curl the chest up. The emphasis is coming in out and pull it in four times. Pull it in, look at that belly. Scoop it in three. Scoop it in tighter four and roll down.

Curl the chest out. Inhale, exhale, pull and five pull in four and three. Exhale two and one. Slowly roll down. We are going to repeat five. Go down to one. Here we go. Curl it up. Legs go out and pull in. One. Breathe out. To pull. The belly in thery.

Exhale four and five. Slowly roll it back. We go to four. Curl the chest up. Legs go out in one and two. Pull the belly and look at it. Pull it in. Three. One more. Four. Slowly roll down. Curl up and neck is relaxed.

You're focusing on her abs, right to one. Pull it in to 30 slowly roll back. Curl the chest up, legs out and in. Out and and roll back. Last one. Inhale, lift or exhale, lift. Sorry. And heel stretch. Exhale, knees in. Roll down. Good. How you been eating to the chest?

Great. [inaudible] so up from here we're going to roll like a ball. You're going to start with your hands just holding right underneath your thighs. Now I want you to lift your legs. Press your thighs into your hands. Pull your hands into your thighs. So you create this contraction here.

Scoop the belly, look towards your navel. Scoop it out. Stay there, rock back and lift again. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. Try not to kick with your legs. We're just staying round and controlled. Now we can do a few more of these. Really scooped that belly and if you can and are ready, you're going to a rock using momentum to come to standing. Let's do two more.

If you're with me, we lift one last time, rock and come all the way up. Otherwise, go ahead. Get yourself up nice and gracefully and you're going to come to the back of your mat. Okay, we're gonna finish with the traditional pushups. We'll give you some options here. You can do your pushups on your knees when you're 10 of them. Great. Just what? However you can do it. You can hold your plank on the knees, on the toes.

You can do pushups with your elbows wide or narrow, whatever it is. Give me your best 10 pushups, arms raise up now, arms by the ears, scoop the belly and round down. Let's walk it out to whatever plank it is that you're going for. Now, find that nice long line. Let's hold it here for a moment. Squeeze the legs tight and these can be down and we lower and left down and one down. And to breathe out. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Lift your hips and slowly walk your hands back to your feet.

Stay forward in this forward bend. Just relax your neck, relax your shoulders, take a breath in, exhale round all the way up to standing nice and tall and you are done.


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You are a great teacher- loved the fast pace as you do your exercises.
I really like this class. Great instruction, pace and challenge.
I also really like the pace. I feared initially that this class would go at a snail pace but it didn't. The instructor's cueing was perfect. Didn't have to tweak my neck looking at the screen. Loved how she kept count and stuck to the program without too much commentary. Pilates is after all about keeping even on both sides.
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This is a great class but i really think it should be classified as level 2...perhaps I'm in the minority..but I'm a teacher and found this is not a class I'd recommend to my beginning students
Hi, lately i have problems in seeing classes. They stops anytime, i cannot go forward and the system tells me i am not logged in.
What's wrong?
You are great ;) I love her class
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Nice flow. Like the pace. I can certainly feel it. Thanx.
Lovely class, really enjoyed the flow. I too would agree with Allison,-I wouldn't class this as level 1/2.
I loved the use of the towel for learning head/neck placement and then building on that. Would have loved it if there had been some more use of the towel in the same workout. Otherwise, fab class, very clear and lovely to follow :)
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Lovely class, really enjoyed the flow. I too would agree with Allison,-I wouldn't class this as level 1/2.
I loved the use of the towel for learning head/neck placement and then building on that. Would have loved it if there had been some more use of the towel in the same workout. Otherwise, fab class, very clear and lovely to follow :)
Great workout! Great explanation...not too much which helps keep the pace! Thanks so much Melissa!
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