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Teenage Posture

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Samantha Littleford assists her father, Distinguished Instructor Julian Littleford, as he discusses posture and the teenager.
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Okay. As a father of a teenage daughter, I'm constantly obviously looking at the posture that she's got or that she doesn't have. And obviously as I work every single day with postural alignment, I would just like to give you a couple of little tips on things that you can do. And you don't need to have a lot of body awareness, but you can just look at the posture and see what's going on with your teenagers. Okay. As we know, as they start to develop the shoulder blades, get that lovely stooped appearance. Okay. And the back sticks out so the palm goes out and then they cram their feet in those shoes that Paris Hilton is wearing or whoever is wearing. Okay? So it's high fashion, no attention paid to posture whatsoever. So I just want to take a moment of what should look like. Correct.

Alignment on a teenager or anybody for that matter. But beans are my daughter here. I'm going to use her. Okay, so first off, the arches, there needs to be weight evenly distributed to the metatarsus. Think about wrapping the muscles around the body. So it comes up. The back of the calf comes up to the vastus media. Addison then wraps around for where the hamstring attaches into the gluteal fold right underneath the bottom. Okay. At this point, can you turn to the side from center? Okay, we start to zigzag through the torso, okay.

We come back from here to the lower abdominal wall and she pulls her abdominals in. Okay? We then diagonally go back through to connect to where the scapulas are. They pinch in and down. We come diagonally through to the sternum where the shoulder blades open hole just on the close closure ribs slightly. Thank you. And then you gently come diagonally through so it hits on the atlas.

So the chin is slightly lifted versus looking through the third eye right here. We actually think about looking down our nose. So Ladies and gentlemen, when you see your kids in that slumped position there, just gently walk up behind them. Instead of telling them, pull your shoulders back, shoulders down, shoulders down, or as we did in England, shoulders down, chest up, chin out. Okay. You place your hands gently on their shoulders and you just push them back and down. At which point she did exactly what I wanted her to do, which was arch her back. And then you just place your hand on their tummy and pull them in to support the lower back short and quick. And you don't get, you don't get pulled up in front of the police were built in your kid. Alright.

Hamstrings, we've got to address the hamstrings. Okay. And we know for our clients also how many clients we have. You're going to come over here saying, okay, who can't get their legs straight in the splits. So by placing the hands on the bar and the foot up on the football for me, okay, she's gently gonna straighten her leg as far as she can stay there. Don't bend it. Uh, don't, don't straighten it for me. Okay.

Now at this point here, they're straining to get that hamstrings straight. Okay? If we just bring this knee forward slightly, that frees up this hamstring and they can push the hands during down straight, at which point, hopefully they're not screaming too loud. You push this leg back to intensify the stretch. It's a good safe way to release the hamstring to get them to go all the way to straight. Okay? So they get that sensation in the back of the leg and gently bend, because let me tell you now, if they push this leg out, straighten the leg, and it doesn't go all the way straight, no amount of pushing down through this leg, we'll probably ever get it straight.

Okay? You release the knee, the leg straightens, and away you go. It's very simple. Okay. So there's a couple of quick things and having a teenage daughter that I'm constantly yelling and screaming and I'm not belt in. Okay, thanks Sam. Thank you.


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Such a good cue for the hamstring stretch
Absolutely lovely ! and helpful !
Love it!

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