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Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Explore the basic concepts and movements that reappear in a lot of the Mat work in this class with Benjamin Degenhardt. He breaks down the exercises and offers tools you can use so you know how to approach certain movements. You will work on lifting the head, neck, and shoulders off the ground, lifting the legs off the Mat, and unweighting the spine against gravity.

This is Part 1 of his progression showing how to decode the Matwork so you can "Own your own workout."
What You'll Need: Mat

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Great session Benjamin. You got so much accomplished in a very short and succinct lesson. Loved the clarity and intent that you stayed with throughout so there was no confusion. Looking forward to seeing the continuation of these classes.
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Always a pleasure to go over the basics and Benjamin delivers them so well with absolute intent and focus. Can't wait for next...
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Great class, thank you Benjamin! More please, I love your style of teaching
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Thank you Benjamin ! Great lesson :)
Such a charming mannerism you have in your teachings. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.
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Loved the Head,Neck & Shoulder lift and standing explanation. I find so many people have difficulty with this so I will definitely try it. Thank you. Great explanations.
Thanks so much everyone, I'm so glad you are enjoying this short, introductory class! We'll build on these concepts in the upcoming classes, stay tuned.
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Really enjoyed this class again! So much is packed into 20 minutes, but it never feels rushed.
I lost the explanation of the hand on the back, my poor English,maybe if there would be subtitles in English,,,anyway fantastic class thank you Benjamin and PA
Hi Enrique - thanks for watching! About the little drill with the hands in the back: I am trying to get the students to experience how curling the head, neck, and shoulders forward creates a lengthening sensation in the lower back. I teach this standing up so that it becomes accessible when lying down. Often Pilates is taught in a way where the bottom half of the spine is kept from moving (neutral) which conflicts with maintaining maximum length throughout the back. I hope this makes more sense now, otherwise please come back with more questions ;)
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