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Creating Beautiful Movement

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Find inspiration in your movement with this Reformer workout by Diane Diefenderfer. She focuses on creating a beautiful movement quality by encouraging deeper breathing and control throughout the class. You will enjoy sequences she learned from Ron Fletcher including Diamond Roll Backs, Cleopatra, Back Control, and much more!
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Hello everyone. I'm Diane Diffenderfer and I'm so happy to be back teaching a reformer class workout. I'm delighted to have [inaudible] my buddy and Laura, my other buddy here to demonstrate I hopefully wonderful, inspiring, beautiful work. Uh, this program or class will be taken from a lot of the traditional reformer work and as well some of the movement sequences that I learned from many years of study with Ron Fletcher. So I hope you enjoy. And uh, my, my most special thing is that you find inspiration in your movement with breath, with spirit, and with quality. Alrighty, let's go to this side of your reformer and sit down feet through on the ledge. Let's take a forward contraction. Feel a nice rounded spine and take a breath into your back and exhale, roll down Vertebra by Vertebra. So we approach our reformer with intention and already awareness of our bodies.

Let's go ahead and develop the legs to perpendicular and go ahead. Bend the knees and we're going to start with prehensile feet. So we have a nicely grabbed toes articulating. It's one of the Times I'll use the word grab or clench. So we really strengthen the toes. We have the inner thighs together.

The spine is long, the naval is to the spine, the pubic bone is to the sacrum. The Chin is held high. Just important things that you want to look at all the time when you're teaching or working yourself. All right ladies, let's do one slow one to go ahead, stretch out and enjoy this nice calf stretch. Heels deep, all 10 toes wrapped. We're going to stay there just for a moment. We have the energy under the thigh into the dairy air activated without tucking the pelvis. All right, neutral pelvis, ribs in place.

Take a breath in and let's bend in. Are we going to do 12 repetitions? And I'm going to have the ladies because we're working at a little bit quicker pace, a little bit more advanced program. They will do. Just listen for a moment moment so we keep the pace going. All right, ready and begin. And in hell, Eh, Ex Haile 12 times in here?

No, Eh, ex hail. So we're careful too. A long gate. The legs correctly without snapping the knees. Working the vastest media. Alice X. Hey, I'll keep those toes wrapped. Heels down and eh, exhale. Let's do two more. Is that 12 okay, good.

And Devil. Oh Pat, I develop the legs, flex the feet and come to heels on the bar. A good fluxion of the feet. So we're really working up the anterior Tibialis and same breathing and in Hail and a x. Hey now and good and press. So we want to think of a wall here on the feet.

So the foot is flexed very evenly, not super nading or pronating. Good. And then I hope you girls are counting and in good keeping that pelvis flat. Great. Last set. Nice ladies and resist on your way Ian. Beautiful. And let's develop the legs again.

Beautifully stretching long through the toes. Bend the knees and come to high heels or in dance we call it relevant way. Alright, centered on the metatarsal and same breathing and beginning one and in and two. Nice. Again, I emphasize the neutral pelvis so you're not clenching in the hip flexors. Great. And then we, I choose to work with the legs together.

If you want to work hip with the part, you have some knock knees or whatever. That's fine. Of course. I liked the one leg connection. Two legs making one leg and how many more? Two more. I'm terrible. Counter and good. Let's go out again. Inhale long flex down. Exhale, prs up. Inhale, bend the knees. Good again.

Now we're going to do two. Flex is really working the calves and again too and come in and now we'll do three. We're going to work up to six and one and up and two with a lot of lift up and three and good. Come in. Good. And now four. So a lot of lift is under here and you can go as high as you can on the relevant way. Provided the foot is strong and in good alignment. Some people will sickle at that point, so be careful.

Are we to five one and lift two. Notice these lovely ladies are not bouncing and dropping their heels. They're controlling one of our fundamentals of the [inaudible] work. Great. You should be feeling this by now and six and one and up and too good.

Make it sing and three, I'll stop singing and for long neck and fall. I both beautiful and six and come in and shake out your legs. Good. Alrighty. Nice ladies. All right, let's go on to devil o pay again and we're in parallel and I just talked about this in a tutorial that you might find interesting. I'm going to have you turn out and go parallel four times. So turnout and then parallel feeling the difference.

You can see the difference as you focus here, your knees face you and they face away. So the rotation happens in the hip. Nice and parallel. Let's do one more. Hold the turnout, flex the feet, bend the knees, control the movement and we come to the balls of the feet on the bar and the heels are right underneath the groin or the crotch. Yeah, space. Hold on. The feet, you can turn out where you can, as long as you don't drop it, lose control or arch the back. All right, good.

And let's go ahead and press out once and feel it. Please. Let's feel like we've got magnets in the inner thought is good. And then, or please. Now we'll do our 12 same breath as earlier and one and in and Oh, and then so your breath is your wonderful tempo creator. Good. So I was taught by Ron the without breath.

You have nothing here with movement quality. And we know Joe [inaudible] said breath is life. So make sure you all breathe good. Fast, slow per percussive, whatever. Make sure you breathe. Yeah and [inaudible].

Uh, Nice. All right ladies for keeping your thighs still. Devil pay from your knee out. Flex your feet. Come to the second position. We'll do our last turnout. Please. Make sure you don't over. Screw the foot around that the knee and the Shin and the foot are in the same alignment. Good. Good pressure on the heel and begin. Same tempo was before one [inaudible] out and in. Good on this position.

Seems like we have more tendency to talk. So don't, I'm cuing her to keep her pelvis flat. Sacrum down. Yeah. You still can fire up under the bonds under here. Good and good. Beautiful. And in and out. Resist in and out.

And then your nice ladies. All right. We're not going to do single leg work for this program. You can refer to my other reformer video for dancers. Let's have you put your feet on the ledge, arms to the ceiling. Inhale, exhale, roll up. And we're gonna move into the hundreds. We'll come back to a little bit more legwork a little later.

So for hundreds we have, depending on what reformer you're using, we're in balanced body here. A red and a blue is good. Two reds is good. If you need lighter, I feel like it's up to you what you need and feels best to your body and where your form and alignment are. So you all look good. Go ahead and roll down please. Good ladies. Make sure the shoulders are away from the shoulder blocks so you don't end up stuck. Take your straps and we'll bring legs to table top. So the classic hundreds, we know our five in five out, one breath, five parts. But today I'm going to encourage you all to do deeper breathing.

So it will sound like this. Five and eight sure into three, four, five out, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. So we have a longer time to really expel the air. Get the lungs completely empty. Yeah. Let's start up here as you are. Let's do just an arm press. Inhale, press the arms down, feel where your scapula muscles are. Reach and do that again. Please inhale and reach to me.

Long neck. Next time you'll come out, up and out. Legs, up and out as well. We're working parallel. And one, two, three, four, five out, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, two, three, four, five. Beautiful. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, three, two, three, four, five. Out, out, out, out. Squeeze all the air out into. Beautiful. I said that a lot. You look good. Six, seven, eight. Good. Breathing into the back is helpful. Two, three, four. Closing the ribs, Dan. When? Two, three, four, five out, two, three, four, long fingers, long. Arms in two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. I believe we're at our eighth set. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, two more out, out, out, out.

Keep deepening in the waste. Last set. Great. Out. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. A band and rest. Bravo. Ladies Feed on the ledge, you should feel air rated. Let's just sway the knees side to side.

So I think it's interesting that um, the plotting, his work is aerobics. We are breathing. So there you have it. Good. That's so the meaning of aerobic pertaining to air. What about this isn't a Rubik. All right, good. We're going to now go, um, same spring. Yes. Alright. Uh, some people choose to do lighter.

We're going to do a version of a type of a that Ron Fletcher taught me. So we're going to have you bring your arms once again up to the vertical position and your knees to tabletop. And they're going to start with their head down, which is harder to keep the back connected. You'd be likely to arch. So you want to be careful. You don't do that. Let's take a breath and simply extend the legs. Nothing more.

Exhale legs two 45. Now that's already position. Inhale, exhale, contract and reach. Inhale, exhale. Reached between the V of the legs. Inhale, exhale, reach outside. Inhale, exhale, lie down. Arms, perpendicular breathing and a Oh and in and uh, there's a small V in and reach deeper in and [inaudible]. Inhale up and reach past your fingers. Good. How do you do that? Past your fingernails and inhale an XL good and lie down as the hard part not to arch again. One comes to here, two goes between a narrow v three, his outside last time. And Ly, Bend your knees. You fill your bellies. Okay, rest for one second. Great. Good. Keeping your straps though.

We're going to move on. Let's go back to tabletop. Taking your straps, bring your fingertips right to the side of your ribs. And we're going to really try not to lift the shoulders here. So press down in your lats, Scapula, elbows to the side. We're going to keep the head down. Breathe in. Exhale, press Warren and Ben and two and then watching. They don't get too high then and per press and continue at a curve forward and over the chest. And we're each good. Ben.

Watch you don't hyper extend the elbows then and good now. Legs out changing. No, we're going to pull the knees way in now with the belly. Yeah. It's not what the hip, the hips are involved, but try not to do it just with the hips, with the belly for more and pull knees to your forehead. Good. And Pool. Very good. And Pool. Ooh, good. And pull and or ass while. Ah, all right. Feet down. Good ladies. Thank you. You should fill your abdominals and some of your arms. Yeah. Okay.

Let's go on now to the short spine stretch. Yeah. So your springs are, we have either red and a blue or two reds headdress down. We all you have years down. Good. Okay. Laura, get your headrest down. I have learned so many versions of the short stretch and I guess over the years I've decided that not whatever feels good is fine, but what usually feels good is indicative of what is good for the body. Provided there's thought to it and uh, an idea of form, of course, and spinal articulation.

So they're going to do two different versions, three sets of each, so enjoy. All right. For the first one. We're going to inhale and bring the legs. Just a perpendicular. That's an inhale. Now exhale and roll from here and your legs move up and back, kind of like an escalator. While up, you bend the knees to a nice diamond and then roll down, and this is fine. Lara's pointing, g gs flexing. They're both good. Articulating, reaching the tailbone.

Bend the knees hills towards the bottom and reach to parallel. We'll do that again. Inhale as you come to perpendicular. Nice. Exhale, initiate breath and belly and peel up and carriage. We'll move. Then the knees slightly turned out. Nice ladies. Exhale, Roll Vertebra by Vertebra.

Ribs coming in. Continue to use the low belly as you pull the heels toward the crotch. Sacrum down in. Push. Oh once more this way, perpendicular and roll up from here. It takes some control. The carriage doesn't.

You don't want it to come crashing in. Bend the knees. Notice the turnout is just over the shoulder blocks. Go ahead and roll down and we keep space in the hips so she's not too deeply flexing in the hip. Then pull it in with the belly. Yeah, and reach out to perpendicular. Now we're going to do one more Stretchy v where they are. I'm not more stretchy version, and this is not for everybody. If you can do it, great. You're going to inhale before you move. Exhale, go ahead.

Let the legs go back, back, back, back, back. The tailbone may lift depends on your flexibility. Then inhale here and exhale. Roll up in. The legs are going to go more back and up and hopefully you're higher, higher, higher then to a diamond. And now roll down from there. Vertebra by Vertebra, reached the tailbone out and down.

Good plea, a inhale. Exhale, hold. Inhale, legs back. Exhale. Oh, inhale. Exhale up. Good. Then and roll. I want to say this again, that this area stays open. You don't want the thighs to drop down into the shoulder blocks. Bandon reached through last time. Breathe first.

Exhale. Enjoy the stretch here. So if you're doing this with us at home, make sure you're not turning your head to look at your computer. And then how inhale, exhale, roll up. Good neck, very straight, nice bend. The knees and roll. I like to talk about a wide back too, not just a long back and pull that in and reach out. Excellent. Do you feel spinal lea stretched? I don't think that's the word. Spinal. Finally. All right.

Put your head Ras back up. Leave the springs. Yes. All right. We'll do some inner thigh work. All right, so here are the girls are in parallel. Let's have you do turn out in parallel four times. Ready and turnout, one parallel and two parallel turn out so it's happening in the hip. Turn out parallel.

Turn out in hold and we're going to work in turnout. So you've got those inner thighs glued together. Pelvis neutral. We'll start with a slowish circle and we begin and clue to and make sure you finish. Nice. Three and Hulu, those four and close five. Let's go to eight. Good. Equidistant in your opening. Good. You can see it peripherally. Close.

One more and good. Now just listen. You're going to do a little different accent and it'll sound like this and close and close. Hang onto your center. Ready and up and around clothes and two not too wide and three and four and five and six and seven and A. Ooh, you should feel your legs. The slower version. Reverse. Oh, open up and oh, open up and down. Good. And make sure they close at the top. Good. So g is a little bit hyper extended. She's not locking into her knees. She's working well, but her heels are slightly separated. That's okay.

I don't want her to work with bent knees and good one more. Now the other tempo around together, down and two and three and four and yeah, really have to use the low belly. Six and seven and whole. You're good. Flex your feet then to a diamond.

The diamond is, we like big diamonds. Don't wait. Nice. Alright. The movement's going to happen in the hip, not the knee. So the diamond is going to come upward and go downward to about a 45 degree angle. Again, upward with great control. Once more upward and downward, stay there, straighten your legs, lengthen. Then back to the diamond. We do that again.

Up and down, three times and two and lower and three and hold pushed to me. Reach and bend again. Diamond. Good. Your hips are still, your pelvis is stabilized. Good. Reached to me. Schoolies and again and up. Exhale, down and up. Exhale down. Nice.

Work out for this. Reach out and squeeze. And how many have you done? Four sets. Okey-Doke. Breath. Stretch your legs. Are you okay? Go to parallel for a second. Oh good. Alright, go back to turn out. We'll do our open, close bend, seer. Open. Close. Bend straight. Yeah. Series. Alright, you'll go open and close. Squeeze first bend with control. Stretch out three times, three more times and close.

So that line from your center goes through your heels. Excellent. And Bend and reach. And last time keep the chin lifted. And then now we'll do the second part open. Be careful, Ben, to the diamond and reach open. Bend to the diamond. And notice how when they bend to the diamond, that carriage is staying still. Nice.

One more open bend to the diamond and the last version, reverse it. Bend Open. Second, pull. Close. Bend, open. Second pull, fill those magnets. Bend Open. Second, pull closed. Good. Are we dying here and cold clothes. All. Alright, come up to about perpendicular. You can point or flex. Girls, try not to go beyond perpendicular and enjoy just for now a big stretch. I can tell they're dancers. Folks, be careful doing this that you don't get carried away.

And by all means don't do your circles this wide. It's not good for you. It's doesn't feel good on the back. It's a nice stretch though. So if you're advanced and you know where you are and your back is protected, fine, feel good. All that tightening, tightening, tightening. Put your hands on your straps. Bend your knees and get out of it carefully. Okay, good.

Let's go ahead and stand up and shake your legs out and we're going to go into some chest expansions. Alright, so I covered some basic arm work in my other reformer workshop workout class. So now we're going to do some chest expansions. So I see a red or a blue or what? What you like, gentlemen, you're going to probably work heavier. Springs are important for sure. You know, sometimes less is more. So look at the body, look at the alignment. If you're straining, the neck is crazy, whatever. Maybe you're working too heavy. Just my opinion. All right, let's go ahead and do chest expansion facing back.

So you're going to be facing that way. All right, onto the knees and take your straps. All right, so we can look at Lara here cause she's profile. There should be a straight line from her, provided her heads on straight from her ear lobe, her shoulder, armpit down her side, hip, thigh, knee. So if this shoulder block was a wall, she would be right up against the wall. Good. It's a wonderful moment to expand the chest.

Maybe that's why he called it that. We're going to inhale as we pull and and straight. We'll do this first a couple of times and pull. We're lifting the sternum, breathing into the back, not letting the ribs go. Crazy. Good and return. Let's do one more plane. The buns are tight, the body's stable. Now we're going to add the head turns. So you'll pull and hold. Turn the head right and left. Exhaling. Exhaling, still exhaling and return. Long breath. Inhale, pull left, right?

Sure. Beautiful. Again. Oh, rye laughed center once more. Ron Fletcher would always say, make sure you see something. See something. So the face is alive. No, you're going to pull back by your sides and hold. Stay there. Exhale. Don't lose your balance. Little pulses backwards.

Back and back. Double breath and back. And in. Hail. Great for the triceps. Great for the lats. Good back, back and great for the stability, challenge and or arrest. Excellent. You're sweating. Good all. Let's go ahead and turn around and do chest expansion front.

Yes. Feel good. Yes. Yes. You wouldn't say no, would you? Alright. And then reach back and get your straps. Good. Coming into this as a challenge we have from my, from my training, I understand this as teaser arms. So you've got that nice slight flection at the elbow. It's not about this and it's not back here. It's from your sides. Watch the rib cage. Alright and forward you go.

Inhale and exhale again. I'm going to say breathe along your back. Nice. The shoulders are down, the neck is long, the whole body's working good. Don't go too far behind you. Good ladies. And we'll go on to little circles if your shoulders are healthy and open down.

Beautiful up. Good. These ladies have great control. You present down as you go up and good one more and receiver side forward. Control the return side forward and good checking bones tight. Yes. Good. Yep. Think about the whole body. Yeah. It's not just our homework and we're asked. Yay. All right.

You can sit back on your heels if you're able to. And we're going to turn around for the diamond roll back. This is a movement sequence. I don't want to call it an exercise. It's a movement from Ron Fletcher's work, a movement experience. You can use some of this part of it. You can do the whole series, you can modify it, just do it well. Um, you can also do it on the floor on a mat. So that's kind of Nice.

You're a little too far forward. Yeah. So you are two light springs. The ladies are on one blue, hard, harder. The lighter it is. The harder it is. They've picked the lightest spring. We've got you sure you want to do that? Yes you do. Okay. All right, so the diamond r is the leg shape. I'm your feet.

Your legs will just barely touched your shoulder block. Depending on your equipment, your feet may or may not be off the headrest, which by the way is flat. So there's your diamond shape. We have a beautiful straight back and could put a wall along here. Now as you breathe in, let's have you lift even taller. Exhale, contract and roll down Vertebra by Vertebra, by Vertebra, by Vertebra, by Vertebra to the small of the back. Inhale here. Exhale, roll back up and we'll do this four times. Armpits over the hips and sit tall. Inhale again. Exhale, contract. Rolling. Inhale.

Exhale. [inaudible] back up. Armpits over the hips. Sit. Aw, and contract. Great in. Hey, all lots of breath. It's a breath exercise as well and lengthen. One more exhale. We'll stay down there. Please.

Lift the right leg down. Left leg, up and down. Both legs. There is your diamond and left leg. Up and down, right leg and down. Both legs up and now both legs four times and all the while that back is flat. Excellent and down. Laura's legs are long, so she's going to beyond the shoulder blocks and rest. Take a breath. You're not really resting. ex-CEO, oral armpits over the hips.

Similar to stomach massage, isn't it? Stay Tall. Exhale, roll down again. We've got more good. Now you're gonna lift your legs to a diamond, to a v to the diamond and down again. Three more times long. V those legs low are the challenge. V Diamond and down. One more to the diamond, to the V to the diamond and down.

Let's take the head and neck back to stretch. Inhale, exhale. Oh, few girls are good. We're going on in house at tall contract. Exhale. Get the small of the back on your mat. Now lift the upper body and the diamond and return both. You got it. Everything up, everything down, everything up, everything down. One more. Up and down.

Let's let the neck long gate. It's with control. They're not dropping their heads and roll up. Exhaling. [inaudible] sit tall and contract for the fun. The finale. Everything up. Inhale to the teaser, grow taller to the diamond, everything down, everything up to the teaser. Grow tall or stay tall. Diamond and roll down to more upper body, legs, teaser and diamond. All roll down. One more.

And teaser diamond. Roll down. Let the neck lengthen. Exhale. Oh, and finish with a beautiful, tall back. Brava ladies. Thank you. All right. Why don't you stand up for a second. Shake your legs out. So that's what I, what I wanted to say, I did say it earlier, is that you may or may not want to do the whole thing because that's a lot.

But Hey, this is an advanced program. All right, let's get the long box up. So they, we spent a lot of time in flection. I want to move a little bit around keeping a variety here. Good. All right, so we're going to start, I'm prone and do some pulling on the straps. Yeah. From the traditional work. So red or blue depending. And I'm going to have the ladies lie on their stomachs. Uh, chest just off the edge.

Taking your hands to the rubberized part of the strap. And for awareness. We can do both, uh, a hyper extension or simply an extension here. We're going to start with just a flat long back, which in itself is an exercise. They know what to do. They've already gotten their legs engaged, the buns are tight. That is good. The pelvis, I can't get my hand under here because they're pressing their hips and pubic bone down, which is wonderful to protect the back. Let's go ahead, keep that flat line and pull the straps back toward the hips and return and watch your elbow and back and return a little flatter and back.

There we go. One line from your bun to your heels and back and return. Simple exercise, but so nice for people to work on posture and strength of the back. Good. Now let's do the same arms and lift the chest up and back to full.

Find it and again, lift the chest up and back to flat and lift the chest. I like to pull on toes so they have the feeling of length from the back. Lift the chest and up and good. Don't drop your straps, but let your head roll forward for a moment and just feel the change. We okay, good.

Then we'll go to the t shape. All right, so let's go to the flat flatness again, the elongated neck. Remember this is a big important part of the spine. Go right to your t and t and return. Let's stay flat for a minute here and t and down and he and good. One more and let's do four with back extension coming up and back down to flat again. Up and back, down to flat.

Two more. You're going to feel this in your triceps and your upper back tomorrow I think, but that's good. And rest. Who? Nice ladies. Alright, gracefully slide your legs to one side and come off and we'll go onto the back stroke. Do you like the same springs? We can go heavier. Red and a blue is good. Good. Again, it depends where you are. All right, let's go ahead and lie on your backs. Sit Down First, then lie down. That's a nice way to get into it. Economy of movement. All right.

Go ahead and roll down on this one. You want to make sure the shoulders are just at the edge of the box, not hanging off. Really important. So we have our classic position here. Hands to the sternum, elbows wide, Chin hovering over the chest, knees quite high and we'll do our first direction. Perpendicular one, open to circle, reach and a band. It's inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale and open. A really reach overreach. And Ben, two more.

We'll do five and open and reach and one more. Lets on the reach. Bring your hands over your lap and good reverse long one circle head all the way back. Vertical Bend and contract reached to me. Circle head back and up.

Bend and Chin over the chest. Reach Long Circle, head back up, bend and then use the belly to bring the head up. One more. Excellent. Open. Inhale x, Hey, oh, let's lie out. Legs out over the box. Arms out, palms up. So this is a semi relaxed position. It is what it is. This is how I learned it from this sort of splayed position. Yes, the back might be arched, but then you're going to fix it. Let's do teaser.

Yes, you may. Sorry. Laura, you go on the spring. Okay. She's chosen a red, red, and a blue. Alright, let's inhale. Prepare, start moving. Exhale. Come to teasers, her arms by your sides. A little arm movement. Sure. To one more three. Hold your arms by your sides. Inhale. Exhale. Lay Out. Same arms. Is that chest expansion earlier.

Inhale. Exhale, scoop. Look up nicely past your toes and arms, one and by your sides and two by your sides. Good girls. Three, hold it. Inhale, exhale, lie. Oh, one more set. Breed and [inaudible] and Warren too. Glad you're smiling. 30 and breed and finish it nicely. You all look great. All right, let's step off. Nice.

Good. I have to figure out a choreographic way to get off the box gracefully. We've been working on, that's taken me 30 years. I haven't quite figured it out yet. Okay. Let's put the boxes at the foot of the riff. Thank you. Good. Thank you, Laura. All right.

We're going to do what I call the White Swan. So I decided that, I don't know how many of you familiar with ballet, but in Swan Lake there's a white swan and a black swan and the White Swan is gentle and beautiful and the Black Swan is evil. And uh, the Black Swan for me, I prefer to do on the latter barrel instead of the box because I guess I'm giving my opinion here. It's a wonderful exercise on the box if you have the right padding. So I'm skipping that one calling that the Black Swan. And these ladies are going to do the White Swan. Thank you for reminding me.

So again, line prone chest just off the edge. And this is nice too because you were just doing a lot of spinal flection and so now we're going to go back and extension. All right, let's have you all push your carriage out. Notice their hands, fingers, thumbs are forward and with the head in between the arms. So the arms are the frame they're going to push farther out shrugging the shoulders. So this feeling shrug and then depress. Now Shrug. Push further away. Push further away on the shrug. Yes. And then for ass, there we go.

So arms come by the ears and you're being good with your elbows. Prs and shrug. That's right. And deep press. So now the shoulder blades are down, the neck is in line with the spine. Let's have you keep your buttocks tight. Long legs. Inhale, arc upward. And I said arc instead of just arch and exhale down and inhale up.

So it's a nice alignment. A lifting of the chest, a slight hyperextension of the back using the belly. Inhale, lift should feel good. Exhale. Pull the belly away from the box. Once more. Inhale up. Don't they look like swans? There you go. And exhale. Oh good.

Swing your legs to the window and yours to the door. So we'll come back out and we'll come off nicely. Yes. There. All right, now we'll take the boxes. Good ladies. Okay, we're ready for Cleo. Patra. Um, this, this version I learned from Ron Fletcher and I have a pretty good memory. This is exactly what he taught me as was the diamond roll back. So I've seen versions of it. This is what we're going to do today. All right, so why don't you have your [inaudible] face you face that way. So right hand on the, on the bar.

So we're on one red spring. Yes. And so this is the position that I learned. It's a seated fourth and modern dance or a shinbone along the wood and the other shinbone by the shoulder blocks. Excellent. The hand is in the, in the bar on Bar. It's perfect here. It can be right in line with your armpit, but definitely not behind you.

So that's important. And if you can, I even liked the fingers extended so you're a little more likely not to break into the wrist. All right, so the arm is going to be in a second position and dance elbow palm and give me some resistance there. Yes. So we work the back muscles, right? And you're going to push out and go over the head, stays in line with the spine. Exhale center four times. So she's lifting out and over. Big Stretch and back. They hip may lift, but she's not trying to lift it. Good.

Watch the ribs over. There we go. And now we add on the contraction. So you go side contract. Reach your little finger to the bar side and return again over contract belly and ribs in and side and return to more side contract. Pull in and side and return.

One more. Reach to me. Way over. Way over contracts. Stay there, but the left hand on the bar, move the right hand out and bring the body a bit more into a diagonal though it's rotated. Now you're going to breathe here and do pushups and breaths. Exhale forward. Inhale, press. Exhale forward. Inhale, press. Exhale forward and form more. And so this is a seated rotation with a belly pulled in. Shoulders down, elbows wide. Press one more.

Press out and hold. Move your left hand around behind the small of your back. Inhale hold and one arm one and press two and press three and press. Let's do one more. Press and hold. Bring that arm around and then come up to a beautiful seated elegant lifted position. Now you're going to take the left hand up, turn, rotate hip down, reach to your little toe up and front who?

Reach and up. Twist, left hip down, left hip, up, left side forward. Reach again, up and um, back up front and reach. One more. Notice what this hip is doing. Good. Tick the bar and hold you. Go ahead and hold it and give yourself a nice rotation. Pull that belly up, but you're going to turn around. Face your other, your other back and put the feet on the wood outside. Yes. And sit a little closer. All right.

And you're going to reaching forward. Yes. Inhale and just for a little contractions and come up and contract lifting up. And this is your little intermission between sides and come up out of your hips and continue. [inaudible] and nice. All right, we'll transition to the other side. Looking good. I like this because it involves lateral flection and spinal rotation and a contraction and arm work and lots of good stuff here. All right, so here we are now right arm out with energy with lift and you're going to reach over. Inhale, exhale up.

You could do this on the floor too. You won't be sliding. You just be bending sideways and reach and up right to me and reach good. And adding the contraction over contract. Walk around the back, hollow the belly side in. Come up the Ooh over contract. Nice. Feels good, doesn't it?

And come back again directly. Side contract and side. Frame your head and up last time. Then you're gonna stay there. Side contract and move the right hand and the left hand. And then we have that nice alignment hip through the rotated spine, neck and head holding there. Bend the elbows, one and press and two and press and little push ups.

Good. And they're keeping their bellies in and their shoulders down, which is hard. Good. And in and press and in n press. And one more I believe. And good tick that right arm be. And how in the small of your back, inhale for on out too. I love that you're not lifting your shoulders out and four go out and hold.

Bring that arm around and come up beautifully. Just like Cleopatra on her carriage. Alright. And now the rotation, arm up, turn and reach to the little toe up. Turn and forward and up. Rotate. Good. And up and notice of that coming forward. Hip, hip and reach and up and forward.

Good and reach. You can really see the back here. It's beautiful. Hold the bar. Give yourself a nice lift belly. And do you feel like Cleopatra? Good. All right ladies, let's come around. Swing the legs and rest. Whew. Good. We're up to Ron's back. Ron Fletcher's back control. All right, so we need to adjust.

The foot bar goes down so while they're getting ready, this is a, well, Ron did it with me and many others. Back control. I've done this also with Ramana with the back leg turned out Ron had us do it in parallel. They both take a great deal of control in, well in the whole body, primarily the front leg, quad and hamstring. So the ladies have, you're using your what you want here. Secure is good. She's got two resident blue or red and a blue [inaudible], whatever.

Something that is challenging but not too loose too heavies. No good either. So middle of the road is good. All right, so ladies, let's go ahead. What we're going to do is stand to the side as you are, and you're going to approach this like you do long stretch, right? So you're going to put a hand and a foot and a hand and a foot and we're going to come into a beautiful long line, long stretched plank position. Yes. Let's pull up the hips to the ceiling and feel that the stretch.

Inhale, exhale there. Shh. Now we're going to go out to the plank. Inhale, exhale, hold. And we're gonna push the arms forward, one and under the shoulders so the arms go forward of the shoulder and then under the shoulder and good one more. And we'll do with the leg and with one leg up and return and out and return. Notice how square the hips are. Beautiful. One more.

Bring the carriage back, bring the leg forward onto the head rest. And ideally you're going to stand up and bring the arms up too high. I go, sorry. Just stuck in position. You got it. Palms down. You got it. Okay, good. Now be mindful of your balance. You're going to push out towards the split. Sorry, Lara. Arm Up and back.

Arm to second. Okay. And press out and a second and press out. So everything's parallel and press outstay there. Bend the front knee, left arm forward now, front leg from the knee and in and the shinbone forward and in. Good. Y'All. Be careful at home with this one. This is challenging.

Now we go on. They pushed, they turned to the left and return. Do you have to have terrific balance, concentration, control and return. One more and return. Now stay there. Straighten your front knee, arms up too high, bend forward. Take the shoulder blocks, put the right leg back into plank and come down arms four times one and in it's a whole body exercise. Beautiful.

Three and in four with the left leg slightly up, the hips are still square and in it's not about kicking the leg up. Good girls and in one more, bring it in and bring the leg. Four we're two parallel. Stand up, straighten the legs and come up. Arms to the side, torso, front, belly in, and press out. Arms High and return and arms high and return. Excellent. Good. So if you go far, that's fine.

You don't have to go out and hold. Just bend the front knee and knee in line with the foot out there. Now the shinbone forward and in the leg does not have to straighten and in and forward. Andean. One more. And in straighten. Sorry. You're right. Turn back and turn to the right and back. Don't rush, turn and back. Almost forgot this part. Good.

Now straighten your front leg, arms up, been forward. Go back to your plank. Let's see the plank. Step off the way you came onto it. And I would say while La at that point. Whew. Nice one. Good. All right, let's do our pelvic press series.

So we are really going to have you all work here. Pam. Strings, buttocks, inner thighs, spinal articulation, lots going on and we are getting close to not quite finishing. All right, so find your foot bar up and the girls have on three red springs for now. So we will do an head rest down. Yes. Okay ladies, go ahead and roll down. Use Your abdominals every chance you've got and let's have you devil a. Pay the legs to the ceiling. Open to a v, bend the knees and you may work on the padded bar or wider.

Depends on how your structure your, if your g has pretty petite Lars, a little bit taller. She's going to work out here. We're going to do a standard pelvic press. We have you inhale and then as you exhale, engage low belly glutes, pelvic floor vertebra by Vertebra. Press the carriage back, bring it forward, take a breath and down. You may want to move your feet up a little bit. Good.

So Laura is going to move her feet up so she can keep her heels down and stretch the Achilles. Inhale at the bottom. Use breath, low belly, pelvic floor, good and press inhale, return, exhale, breathe. And then kind of float down Vertebra by Vertebra, by Vertebra, by Vertebra, by Vertebra. There's a lot of them. Again, inhale and scoop. Good hips or even press return. Breathe and roll down. And think of opening your back along and across the mat like you did in short spine. Stretch descent once more. Inhale, scoop.

Good. Inner thighs working. Press good. Yeah. Those inner thighs work. Even though the legs aren't touching, they're working good and rural. Sink the ribs. Keep the neck easy. I'll do those for you. We're going to go lighter.

Two reds and a blue or you may have two reds and a yellow. We go to turnout on the slight. Relevant. Yeah. Don't turn out too much. A little bit harder. Less resistance. Breathe in and roll up and there are going to be higher because of the foot position. Four extensions, one and in to keep the pelvis the same. Height three and in last time come in and hold.

Inhale. Exhale. [inaudible] easy. Soften the ribs. There you go. We do that again. Inhale, scoop. Shop. I feel like your tailbone is being pulled this way and for one and in and two and in and three and in and four and in breed. Start way at the top. Good, good parallel. Now. This one, if it bothers anybody's knees or back, I would back off of it or just modify or don't do it. All right, fader in parallel. The knees can open a tad if you need to breathe in. Same thing as just you did just an exhale.

Roll up four extensions, one and in and too good and in. Great for the bottom. [inaudible] good and four, come in and hold. Inhale. Exhale. [inaudible] last time and good. Great. She's keeping her knees together. Woo. Four Times one and yeah, that's hard too and yeah, your two 30 do you feel your buns? Yes you do, and good.

Breathe in and exhale. Roll Vertebra by Vertebra. Let's not forget that you hug your knees to your chest. Good ladies. All right. We worked your spine. We worked your buns, we worked your arms.

We worked your abdominals for having sex. All right, let's go to balls of the feet on the bar. Head rest back up. We're going to finish our workout here with running in place. All right. I like to do that sometimes because when you're standing up at the end of your workout, you're going to walk out the door. So hopefully you're going to take this movement quality with you when you leave your studio. Alright, on the Relevate press out. Inhale, grow taller, longer, leaner, streamlined seat muscles and begin running.

Sure. Hips are flat, your pelvis is neutral, you have beautiful posture. Yeah. If you were standing up you'd be really tall and lifted. Elegant. Good. We want to look like healthy, elegant movement professionals. Don't we? Good.

Two and one and two and one and two. You'd think all I could do is count it two, two and on. And to notice the nice up up so it's not punchy and one and the knees are nicely in alignment and last set. Good. And lets relevant inner thighs together and flex your feet. I give you a stretch. Thank goodness. Woo relevant again.

And you're controlling your hyper extension. Well yeah, use those hamstrings. Bend the knees, come home, place your feet on the ledge. Reach your arms to the ceiling. Rural La [inaudible]. Swing your legs to the center and stand up and thank you both. Thank you. Thank you.

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Absolutely fantastic class ! I love Diane's melodic voice as a teaching tool...Also the different variations of mermaid or Cleopatra !! Love, love, love..Thank you Diane !
Paola Maruca
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Beautiful class, easy to follow without looking at the screen once thanks to Diane's clear teaching. Beautiful variations. This class felt very good on the body. Thank you Diane and thank you PA.
1 person likes this.
I love Diane's classes and am always thrilled to see more from the Fletcher lineage! Thank you!
Fantastic class love the flow felt great!! Thank you
Love it!
I agree with Paola! Easy to follow your cues! Loved the diamond roll back series. I really need to work on the standing series... Scary for me. Thank you! Going into favorites!
yes agree with Connie the standing series is very scary but really loved the whole session - so different to Stott and refreshing to have the variations and sequences - that is what is great about PA !
Thank you Diane will look up more of your classes
Loved this class, its full of good things and very effective, thank you Dianne, its such a pleasure!
Loved this class!!
Fabulous class!! Challenging and elegant! Thank you:)
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