Creating Beautiful Movement<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2275

Creating Beautiful Movement
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2275

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Sharon O
Loved this class too! Cues were clear and variations so fun to try! Thank you.
Excellent. Thank you for showing us different and great sequences. Also, very good delivery of your instructions.
Lovely! Great cueing and flow. Loved the diamond rollback and the challenging standing work, especially the rotation. Thank you, Diane!
Such a wonderful class. Made me miss Ron. Lovely transitions. Really enjoyed the Cleopatra. Help untwist my spine, thanks.
Taghrid K
Loved loved this fabulous class with the cleopatra variations, pelvic tilts, splits. Lovely cues, breathing n excellent instructions.
Thank you Diane and Pilates Anytime!
thank you Diane Diefenderfer !!!! that was a great class!!!! for an ex-dancer like felt really awesome in my body!!!!!! THANK YOU...I looking forward to the next class!!!
Diane, I loved this class. I really liked the co-ordination version, the breathing on the Hundreds, the slow and quick circles with feet in the straps, the Diamond Roll back, Cleopatra and more! I can't wait to try some of this with my clients. Thank you so much!
great class! challenging and fun!
Ive only done 20 classes in a studio before now using this at home on my own. Whilst i had to look at the screen a lot, i am going to put this in favourites as i really loved it. I couldnt do some of the harder moves but that was fine. Her verbal explanations were wonderful.
Congratulations! You are a master!!!! Thanks for such a fabulous class.
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