Creating Beautiful Movement<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2275

Creating Beautiful Movement
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2275

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Absolutely fantastic class ! I love Diane's melodic voice as a teaching tool...Also the different variations of mermaid or Cleopatra !! Love, love, love..Thank you Diane !
Paola Maruca
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Beautiful class, easy to follow without looking at the screen once thanks to Diane's clear teaching. Beautiful variations. This class felt very good on the body. Thank you Diane and thank you PA.
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I love Diane's classes and am always thrilled to see more from the Fletcher lineage! Thank you!
Fantastic class love the flow felt great!! Thank you
Love it!
I agree with Paola! Easy to follow your cues! Loved the diamond roll back series. I really need to work on the standing series... Scary for me. Thank you! Going into favorites!
yes agree with Connie the standing series is very scary but really loved the whole session - so different to Stott and refreshing to have the variations and sequences - that is what is great about PA !
Thank you Diane will look up more of your classes
Loved this class, its full of good things and very effective, thank you Dianne, its such a pleasure!
Loved this class!!
Fabulous class!! Challenging and elegant! Thank you:)
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