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Find enjoyment in the still moments in this Wunda Chair workout with Rael Isacowitz. He emphasizes the mind, body, and spirit connection so you can create an awareness of what you are doing. He includes exercises that require balance and focus, and he throws in a few surprises like the Floating Pelvic Curl. Enjoy!
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Sep 01, 2015
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I'm excited to be back in the magic kingdom of polities anytime. And I'm joined by two wonderful friends of mine, Mandy and Meredith. And we're going to go through a session on the one to chair one of my favorite pieces of equipment. So ladies, with no further ado, let's start with some regular roll downs. And from there we will go straight into the uh, standing pike, the pike standing. So stand quite close to the chair.

You could come a little close the Mandy. Okay ladies, let's assess alignment and posture, allowing the arms to hang nice and straight. This is the time to bring body, mind, and spirit together to go through a checklist of your alignments. Okay. And we inhale and exhale as you do a simple roll down and inhale, okay. And exhale as you roll up.

Yeah. And inhale and Xcel as you roll down and inhale. Yeah. And exhale as you roll up for me as the teacher, it's a time to assess, get to know their bodies and XL as you wrote down and the needs that your arms hang a little straight towards the floor. Mandy, lightly back. And inhale and exhale as you roll up this next time. As you rolled down the hands, we'll land on the football and exit as you wrote down and simply continue all the way down to the mat.

I've got them on a relatively light setting right now. It's one spring on the third level and they exhale to come up, drawing deep into spinal flection and inhale to go down, keeping the flection in this exercise and exhale, accentuating this area of the spine and inhale as you go down. Not so much flection in that area, Mandy, but drawing deep into this area right into the lumbar spine and inhale as you go down and exhale as you come up an inhale as you go down last time. Exhale as you come up all the way. Okay, and taking the arms up to the ceiling to feel the length of the body, bringing them around, roll down. One more time to that pedal.

We do a squat. We inhale as we go down and exhale as we come up, taking the weight back toward your pelvis. We inhale as we forget in the back and come down just to that and exhale round up into the spine and inhale as we go down Max, you can leave the pedal still here and exhale as you come up. Although that was a good variation to move. The pedal will actually leave at still and inhale and I want don't want you to go to these.

Stay right about there so you feel how the glutes and the hamstrings are working. You suspended. This is for the first few just until the legs get nice and warmed up. You can see they are hovering and exhale as you draw deep into the spy. One more hovering above the ground and inhale, leaning back. Yes, I love that. I love that. Keep it right there.

Keep it right there ladies. And up you go. The last one we're going to go deep and inhale as you go deep. Now writer, you have to take a leap of faith because we are going to do five roll like a ball from the ego as deep as you can and then simply roll back and roll like a ball one. So you want to be very close to the ground when that occurs. So there's no jarring.

It's simply a good way to transition. Keep the heels close to your spine, Manny to, I'm sorry to your sit bones. Keep the heels nice and tight. The spine rounded. One more and find your balance. Relax your hands, Manny the hands or nice and relaxed elbow soft and put your feet on that ball and slowly lower yourselves to the ground.

And as you could see due to different strategies, Meredith simply put her hands down the ground. Mandy supported herself with the hands behind the thighs, both legitimate, both wonderful putting the hands and the arms down by the sides of the body. Press the feet down. We still on that same relatively light weight he has. The feats are in a prehensile position.

So you literally press the heels down toward the ground and you wrap the feats around the bar. It's a wonderful position to be in up and exhale as you roll up. Yeah, we do five pelvic coals with, takes the pelvic code to a new level and exhale as you roll down and inhale such a foundational exercise and yet adding the chair to it takes it to another level because of the focus on those hip extensors. And exhale as you roll down the feet are looking wonderful. Manny, keep those heels reaching down toward the ground and exhale as you roll up and inhale, lift a little higher so you stretch those flexes and Exhale as you wrote down.

And Mandy, I wouldn't be sensing any tension in your shoulders. Of course not. And exhale as you roll up, Mandi is always void of tension, void of stress and slowly roll down. And I have a little surprise for these two friends of mine. They are going to do what we call a floating Pelvic Co. They're going to lift the pedal, just hardware, just the, Oh yes. And now we do three more pelvic Coles.

Keeping that pedal nice and still and we roll up okay. And exhale as we roll down and inhibits the month's such control of all the musculature of the body. You cannot even define it by one area. There's a lot of hip, extends, a lot of abdominal, a lot of back. And don't be shy to use your shoulder extensors to help you balance. And one last one as you exhale, beautiful little higher mandate and slowly down [inaudible] and yes, they both rejoicing in that exercise and as the pedal comes up, the arms reached toward the ceiling and open the arms out to the side, lift one leg and then the other two table top.

And I want you to feel those arms very active. Straighten the elbows and reaching out. Put the the back of the hands on the floor, taking the legs to the right as you inhale and exhale back to center. Inhale as you come over and exhale. The arms are very active. Yes they are on the ground, but they're active.

They're actually pushing back into the flow and inhale as they come over, keeping the knees together and exhale. So it's always the top knee. The top leg is reaching a little further to get that stretch in the back and exhale through the center and inhale as you come over and exhale to center, placing the feet on the pedal and hands behind the head. Glide the hands behind the head looking very nice ladies and we simply depress the bar, the pedal about a third of the way. You want to feel those hamstrings working and now you exhale as you come up into that chest lift. Inhale and exhale as you go down and inhale and exhale as this is very unique in that you have the hip extensors and the knee flexes working while you are doing the spinal flection. And exhale as you lift up and inhale both of them achieving beautiful height and exhale down.

Exhale coming up. Don't rush Manny. I'm feeling a little rushing. Enjoy the moment. Relish the moment. Come a little higher. [inaudible] yes, yes. I love it. And slowly down and inhaling and exhale. Notice there's no tension in the neck. That's what I love.

All the work is coming from that powerhouse. They wrap the hands behind the thighs just to give themselves a little more height. Don't be shy to use the arms here and now hold that height. You don't drop. Put the hands behind the head and rotate to the right and exhale one and open the elbows a little and two and three.

Open your eyes a little more Manny. And four and five reaching. Reaching yes and six and seven and eight. We've only got another 20 to do on each side and go and beautiful ladies placed the hands behind the legs. Again, lifting up that little bit higher. Reach the arms to the ceiling, palms facing the chair so your palms are facing the chair. Take the arms back and lift the legs up and take the body back.

Okay, putting the feet on the base of the chair so the knees are bent. Beautiful position both of you and here explore the full range of those shoulders, arms, very straight. Elbow, straight, arms in line with the shoulders parallel to each other. Inhale as you lift up, preparing for a roll up. Exhale as you roll up, hands glide onto the pedal. That's why we had the poems facing that direction. Lifting in the back and pulling back with elbows, reaching forward and rolling down, taking the arms all the way back. Yeah, and inhale as you lift the arms, the body lift. Exhale, notice they stay in that beautiful sea curve as the hands glide over the pedal.

Once the shoulders are above the hips, lean a little forward, Manny. There we go. Now pull the elbows out with it. Yes, the pedal is going down. But think as if you are using those rhomboids. In fact, the scapula stay still here and reaching the arms forward and slowly back. But that's the feeling.

The feeling is you're pulling the elbows outward and almost to the point where the scapular gliding together, but they don't move and inhale and exhale rolling up and now flatten the back Meredith and then pool. So there's first that extension of the back and then that movement of the arm pulling back and down, straits in the arm and then rolling down and all the way back and lifting and rolling up reached the point where the shoulders are above the hip, flat in the back and then to accentuate the flattening of the back. We pull go a little further, Mandi. Yes. Stretching forward and put one foot and then the other on the top. Yeah.

Okay. I'm liking this very much. Okay. Liking it. Very much so we doing this pike sitting, drawing deep into the abdominals and we go down one and two and three [inaudible]. I feel that I'm going to go a little lights or with the weight. I feel the weight is a little heavy for both of them and being that I'm going to give them a difficult variation later.

I'm going to lighten the weight just a little, taking a down one notch. [inaudible] they round up into their deep pike position, keeping that beautiful curve that flection the spine is stable and pressing down one and two and three and try go a little deeper with the ons Meredith for yes, even round it and deeper with the arms, Eh, and five. So to accentuate the depth, what we're going to do is lift that right leg and lift it as high as we can toward the chest. Keep the leg up Mandy and to, and sorry. That's okay. That's okay. This very tough variation that I just decided to throw at my two dear friends and reaching and deep and deep, a very unique combination of deep flection and we can change legs and deflection of the trunk.

And of course those hip flexes now have to work to keep that leg up. Two and three and four and five. I loved that. And putting the feet on the ball, we're going to finish with a little gift from me to put the feet on the bar and we're going to do some teases. So as you wrote down the feet stay just on top of the ball. And at this point the legs can be just that little bit bent.

As they come up to the teaser, the legs will glide forward and they will reach up and the legs actually either stay on the pedal or lift just off the pedal and then glide down. It's early in the session so we don't want to overstress the body and that is why we allow the legs to rest at that critical point. And then lifting up here demands a little adjustment so you can lift them just off the pedal and then slowly down and reaching back and lifting up. And I'm going to give them a little stretch so they, she can relax her head on my thigh and I just give her this nice little stretch and slowly down and poor Meredith had to wait while Mandy and joyed and now of course Mandy will wait while her friend enjoys and roll up and they can just hug me here on the side and I can, you can rest your head on my thigh and I can just give her that beautiful stretch and rolling down and draw your knees to your chest. To give yourselves a little hug rolling over onto the side and we're transitioning to out foot work now and we'll use this moment to get rid of the maths in preparation for the footwork, we've moved from a light spring to a relatively heavy spring.

We're now on the third level with two springs. We have two springs on on the third level. This is relatively heavy. We're going into the footwork and we'll start with the very classic arm position and we'll go through different arm positions. This is a great position. It offers support. You just want to watch that the ribs don't thrust forward in this position and exhale as you push down and inhale as you come up, you can see they working quite a large range of motion relatively.

They cannot straighten all the way, but it's larger than a pumping action and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Notice they're on their fingertips and pushing down and up and down and up. Good. We changed to the toe position, keeping the plant affliction and pressing down and here actually the angle of the foot stays consistent. There's some moveable movement in the ankle joint here, there in plants affliction here, there's a slight release of the plant affliction as they come into that position, noting that the angle of the foot, the angle of the foot stays absolutely consistent and up and, and up and down and up and reaching. Lifting a little more in the lower back. Meredith. That's perfect. Yes, activating those lower back extensors. Thank you.

Bringing the heels together and at this point we'll simply allow the arms to reach down to the sides. They don't touch the chair, however, just like that. And reaching down and up and exhale to press down and inhale to come up and exhale to press down. Inhale up. That's a good position. A lot of work in the lower back here. And exhale as you press down and inhale up and exhale as you press down and inhale up and exhale, press down, inhale up, and exhale. Press down and inhale up. We open to the wide V position, arms out to the side and we'll actually bring them toward each other.

Uh, you know, not, we haven't pressed yet. Manny, as you press, you open out, inhale, exhale and inhale. They come up and excelled. So you feel an opening and inhale and exhale and inhale, come up and exhale and inhale. Come up and feel the opening of the body as the legs. Press down and inhale, come up and exhale, press down and inhale, come up. We'll do one more and keep the arms out and lift the legs up and go onto your toes. And as you press down the arms, come in and press in and reach and press and reach and press.

Watch the little bit of leaning for, there's a tendency as the legs fatigue or if the weight's a little heavy to lean forward. We don't want any leaning forward. We want perfectly upright positioning and reaching and yeah, [inaudible] and reaching and out, taking the arms overhead, lifting just to feel the length of the body. And we're going to do five little pumps in this position to feel the legs. So we just go pump, pump, pump, pump, pump and pump and pump and um, bring it up and lovely. I am going to lower the weights a little for the single legs.

So we go down one notch, we'll go down one notch, you go to a medium weight, I'm on two springs on the second level up and we do a single leg putting the right leg on the pedal, the other is stretched out and arms will be behind the head. One of my favorite position if the leg that's up in the air fatigues, you can bend the knee and press down and up and two and up and three we want to do about 10 in each position. Four and lean slightly forward. Five and six and seven and eight and nine. And thank you bud lig up. Meredith. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And slowly lift up other leg. This is so hard. Not on the pressing leg, on the leg that's in the air. You must use those hip flexors if flex as effectively and ready and Perez and up and to and yes, nanny and reaching out and ah, it feels good to have me there supporting the body. Now feel that sensation and keep it and reach. And how many have we done?

We've done about nine now and ten one for sure. Good measure. Just to make sure. Reaching down and up. Yes. Toes on the ball. Right? So what we're gonna do here is lift the knee to the chest just to give yourselves and Nice Stritch hold at the back of your thigh, left. Use that to support yourselves.

And now press with the other leg. One and two and three and four and five and six. Open those, that chest, a little slight feeling of the Rhomboids, the scapula coming slightly together. The and Meredith, my counter. And that was 10 I will not dispute that other leg.

So first give it a little strict first, give it a little stretch mirror. Feel that straight. Feel how holding the leg allows you to use the back so effectively and are keep the back and keep a support of the leg and press one and up and two and up and three and up and four and up and Ah, and reach. And yes, I'm loving your alignment. Loving and Yay. And hmm.

Nine lean slightly forward and 10 oh and I lifted one more for good measure reaching and Oh, lean forward slightly Meredith. Beautiful work. And let's go into some cough work. So I love the cough work in here. In this position we're getting into the lunge position, putting the chair just below the knee, right on the tendon. There's no weights on the tin. It feels very comfortable and you can in fact support with your arms just like that. Make sure that this back leg is quite far back.

So you get the stretch through the tendon and working the full range of motion one and two and three coming into even more Dorsey fiction and full and and six. Okay. Seven and eight and nine and 10 no balance. Find that lunge position. Upright, upright, upright. I want just five lifting on the back, leg one and uh, and to and down. Wonderful for balance, for strength, for range of motion and five and down. Yes. Other side. What great work ladies.

And that is why we have been friends for so many years and ready drawing in and one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. If you let Dorsi flection and nine it's not just passive Dorsey fiction, it's active Dorsey flection and 10 and then coming up, finding your balance upright with the trunk and then what and and two and down and three and a and four and a half and five and on hold and lower the ohms and beautiful. If you can come out of position, we are going to go into the cat stretch. Such a wonderful cats, rich kneeling. Such a wonderful exercise. I'm going to leave it on this relatively heavy spring. We're a medium. It's not heavy, it's medium, but that allows you to go a little deeper.

It supports you. So we go from here, very upright alignment. The knees are close to the front and we roll down. Take that leap of faith, keeping the hips as closely above the knees as possible, meaning that thighs perpendicular and as you roll down the back extends and the head comes between the arms. You can see Meredith amazing back here. Use lower back just a little more.

Look at the length of that spine and she draws up into the abdominals and she has that weight to support her and then she goes into extension, brings the head between the arms and then flection. Notice because of the weight she has allowed herself to actually go a little forward. So forward of that. Perpendicular to get the depth and then coming up. Beautiful Manny. Excellent. And rolling down flat, flat, flat, flat, flat. Go a little deeper. A little deeper. Yes. And then coming up, we'll do one last one and reaching all the way down.

Well, the way, getting that head between arms, getting that back flat, feeling these extensors, man is so important for you. As for me, upper backs tend to round a little try and flatness by pushing your chest into your thighs and now draw up from the abdominals. Rolling, rolling, rolling, and then roll all the way up. Taking the arms overhead and now lifting to the Sealy to the sky and try and reach your carbs right at the back to give yourselves that little stretch. Oh, can we reach, well, maybe not today, but next time I come to the magic kingdom, both of you will reach the back of your legs and reaching Ah, the and up. Good and hopping off. Let's come around to do the full pike. This exercise is magical. It is so wonderful.

Must be done. Very precisely. Notice they put their hands at the back of their chair. They bring their shoulders right above the wrist from here on out. The body must not come any further in this direction. It must not come forward.

All the movement now occurs in the spine as they draw up and lift into the spine and lifting up. It's magical because the body simply levitates. Now I've got them on a difficult setting. The setting is that medium to low weights. They are on two springs, but on the second level, which makes it copeable for them, but challenging and that's just where they should be.

Feel as you go up Manny, that you're almost pulling your shoulders away from my hands. My hands are like hot irons. Pull away from me. Yes. And then down and exhale. Pull away from him away. That's what I love and not pushing into quite the country.

She's pulling away from me and she's rounding up as much as she can and slowly lower down and all the way down. I'm going to be kind today and elevate the weight just slightly for the next exercise. Good. And if you could take your foot off the that's okay. And beautiful. We're doing the side Pike, the side Pike, the inside leg, the leg closest to the chair is in front.

That's perfect. The easiest way to get into this is simply to sit on the chair, press down, and then you there as we transition to the other side, we'll sit down and transition. Easiest way to remember it. So sitting on the chair, pushing it down. We'll rotate to the right [inaudible] here. Again, so critical, and this is where I sometimes find deviations, not from these talented ladies. We won't see it, but always be aware that this shoulder is going to one to travel forward. We need to keep those shoulders above the wrist. Don't be concerned if the side of your thighs touching the chair.

Ladies, it should in the beginning. As you go up, the space will increase because of the angle of the leg and exhale as you lift up, keeping that left shoulder back Meredith all the time. Thinking back with that left shoulder and inhale as you go down and exhale as you lift up, pulling your shoulders away from me, particularly that left shoulder and inhale and exhale lifting up and you feel a little right in that [inaudible] bleak and inhale as you go down and exhale as you lift up. Yes, right in there and inhale as you go down and exit. Excellent position of the arms, Mandi, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting. Look at that height she gets yes and slowly down sitting on the chair and we transitioned to the other side. Yes, I'm liking it so much and bringing the shoulders above the hands and exhale as we lift up. I'm liking your position a lot. And inhale as you go down, feel that your shoulders are pulling away from my hands. Beautiful.

And exhale. You got that cue so well Manny and um, and exhale, pull that right shoulder back more Meredith, eh, Eh, exit. Yes. Try to think of that. This anterior, think of the big things of that dominoes, holding that spinal flection and inhale and exhale. I'm going to give just a little assistance here they and inhale down and one more exhale. Lifting up, lifting, looking at me. Meredith looking at me at me, at me, at me and slowly down and sitting on the chair.

Very nice ladies. Both excellent. And we do the cross leg where we are standing close to the chair and you're in plant affliction and you press, we'll go light. Of course. Yeah, we'll go light. We'll go lighter, we'll go lighter. So we're on a light, not light, light spring, but we're on one spring on the third level. And what you want to do here is not sit into the standing leg, meaning use your hip abductors to keep that standing leg very stable and you activate this gluteal. Don't think just of the pushing down.

Think of pulling the leg across and across. Thank you. Let's start with the right leg. Manny, you could even be a little closer. Perfect. Arms out to the side and press down and up and press down and up. I want you Meredith to be more on the side of the foot. So on that area of the foot. Yes, so the area of the foot that we want to get is the side of the foot and up and press and up and press.

Beautiful and up and press. Stay there, stay there. I want you to feel your balance by trying to push up onto plant's affliction of the left. That even if you can lift that heel just slightly and slowly down and lift the pedal. Bravo and watch that. Letting go of the abdominals a little right at the end and drawing, pruning that as, oh, it's good.

We have known each other for so many years and it is like a family reunion and lifting the leg up and exhale as we push and inhale down. So Meredith, I want a little more external rotation. That is it. And this allows the hip abductors, the gluteals to work a little more plantar flection, keeping the abdominals working all the time and press and inhale and press and inhale and pressing and inhale and press and inhale. And ladies have we reached 10 press and inhale and let's do one for good measure and press. Let's stay there to test our balance. Opening the arms. That's okay, that's okay. It's just a test. Very difficult to press down with the one leg and lift just slightly and then lifting the pedal up and beautiful.

I add some weight. Now for backwards step down. You put the hands on the chair, press with your right leg and put the other leg on the chair. So it is the right leg that's going to be posting up and down. I want you to hold onto the chair, lift the body and the pedal to the point where your thigh, your thigh is parallel to the floor and your knee is above the ankle. This knee is above the ankle.

Yes. Now reaching the arms forward and crossing the arms like that so your thumbs are pushing in. You're don't lift too high m and you remember the thigh is parallel to the floor. Watch that you maintain plant affliction on that back leg as you now come up and press keeping that plant reflection working all the time. Notice that beautiful back, that gorgeous back of hers and I's a little higher.

Mandy there. Think of those scapula pulling together. It's just slightly a sense of the pushing together a and da and stay there. Just lifting the arms up, taking the body into an upright position to feel where it is and come forward and let's change legs. Very nice. Beautiful. Okay, so g established the position, bring the five parallel to the floor. Make sure that the knee is above the ankle, plantar flex, the back foot.

That is the key to not let go of that plant affliction. Now, arms are forward eyes, Manny eyes. It's all about the eyes and let's go and one and two and three and four and five and six. And don't forget the eight and eight and nine and 10. Now they show us the control by coming into that upright position, taking the buddy back, back, back, back, back. Cool.

And they put the hands down and stip off. Very, very beautiful work. Perfect. We going into a very difficult exercise now and somewhat a dangerous if not done well. So that's to be the lunch, the full lunch. Um, if you can stand, uh, to the point where you feel that Lig, we can, I can go a little forward, reach back and push the pedal down. You'll just have to wiggle that leg forward so the knee is above the ankle and then come into that beautiful hip flexor stretch. I'll talk you through it from that point on when you come out of this, although we'll do some pushups before we come out of it.

Always bring that front leg back so that the pedal doesn't escape. You very careful. You're very careful. Let's get into position. We will put the right leg on and once you're in position and you feel secure, move that front foot just I or the front ankle under the knee, square out the pelvis and lift up into that hip flexor. Stretch in this position. Try go a little deeper, Meredith. There we go. So we looking for that depth. Beautiful abdominal work, beautiful abdominal work to support the, to protect the back.

And from here, put the hands down on the floor next to the foot and try and put a flat hand Manny. And now Dorsey, flex that front foot and straighten. Yeah, I don't mind how low Mandy goes. I do want her to try and get this back as flat as possible and back into the hip flexor. Feel that stretch. Feel the stretch of the back leg just to also give a stretch to the two joint hip flex. We going to bend the back knee just before you touch the ground, you will then straighten it up and we'll do just one more.

Keeping the front knee bent all the time, Meredith. But just taking that back knee down, putting the hand down. Take one more stretch for the hamstring. Bending that front leg, slowly lifting the pedal and you need to support the body. Now none, no lifting the pedal or you want to take that. It's good to take the front leg back just slightly to lift the pedal.

But now we put the hands down and we're going to do three pushups and or if we feel the inspiration, we'll do five. So tricep push up as you keep the elbows close and up. Move the body as one structure and two and three. And yes, we feel the inspiration and for keep the scapula still and five Ah, and bring the leg forward. The other leg, the other leg, Manny. So bring your light right leg forward and press the pedal down.

[inaudible] find the hip flexors sectional work. Make sure that that back leg is very straight. You cannot over straight in there and then put the hands down by the side of the foot. Dorsey, flex the foot, straighten up and with Mandy all the time, I'm very insistent on that. Very flat back and Ben and we'll add a little challenges. Only do this once you feel very comfortable, this is very hard.

As you bend that front back leg and just tip the floor if you can and bend that back leg. Tip the floor if you can. I believe we did three, bend the back leg and straighten the back leg. Put the hands down by the sides of the foot, Dorsey, flex the foot and straighten the leg and pain. Bring that front leg back slightly. Oh, take the pedal up and then put the other leg on. Now we're going to do up stretch too, which means we going from that plank position, front support position up into the up stretch position.

Be careful that you don't push on the chair. You literally have to keep the legs very stable here and then lower down into that push up front support position from front support into up stretch hinges. At that hip joint. Feeling very light on the legs, very light on the legs and inhale as you go down and exhale up. Again, not pushing on the pedal, but rather keeping the weight over the trunk and inhale one last one and exhale up using that powerhouse abdominals. Don't overextend the back. Bring the right leg onto the floor and then the left one and a beautiful roll up through the body. Very beautiful, very beautiful, very beautiful.

We are going now I'm going to add a little spring to make this heavier. I'm on two springs high up, not all the way to the top, but we are doing frog back view can step back just to get a little bit of more Onwork upper body work. Even though we've done pushups, we've done that up stretch, which is a lot of shoulder flection that's set up for the frog back. Okay. Putting the hands on the site, plant reflection of the foot, bringing the body forward and down. Cool.

If possible, we start this from the low position. You want to know just that the distance between your heels and your pelvis is the smallest possible. Keep that distance small and consistent so that as you push down into the arms, the whole structure, lift up and push up. And then both of you down and both of you up use a lot more abdominal work and both of you down keeping the shoulders forward and up. Okay.

It's as if you gliding up and down a wall and up the spine is in a neutral position and up. Keep those legs lifting and up. Stay up, stay up. Just to feel that lift. I want you to push down with the legs and then lift high and push down with the legs and lift high and push down whether the eggs and lift high that keep that high position and one more with the arms down and up and sits on the top of the chair. Good. Very nice. It's going to us sides. Okay, so we go back to a lightweight [inaudible]. We've got that right arm and uh, wake Manny rather than keeping the hand behind the head, which is an option. But being the more advanced, I'm going to take the arm over the head with the arm internally, rotated the shoulder internally rotated and we inhale as we go back and we excel as we lift up and inhale back and exhale as we lift up and inhale as we go back and exhale as we lift up and inhale as we go back.

[inaudible] as we lift up and hold that position, put the hand behind the head and I want five lifts of that leg, so one and a half and two and down and three and down. Keep the ribs in four and five. Hold it there, hold it there, hold it there, hold it there. Flex the foot slightly internally. Rotate that leg, slight internal rotation and 10 little pulses up. And to keep the leg further back, Meredith and four and five and six and seven and eight and nine and stay up, up, up, up, up and lower it down and take one stretch all the way over.

[inaudible] Ooh, way over. Beautiful. Very nice. Other side [inaudible] and er overhead [inaudible] so you want to start from a pure diagonal position. This arm is reaching over, accentuating that arch shape of the body and inhale as you go down and exhale up. You just leaning forward slightly Manny and inhale as you go down and exhale as you come up and inhale as you go down and exhale as you come up. And inhale as you go down and exit as you come up, hand behind the head and lift up the leg and down and lifting up and down and lifting up. Make sure that the body, the trunk doesn't start drifting forward of the pelvis, which often happens and up and down.

Reach all the way down. Manny. Now hold it up. Flexing the foot and 10 little pulses, one and two and three and four and five and six and little more internal rotation. Meredith's, I think of that heel reaching towards the ceiling and up and yes, and I take the leg down, plantar, flex the foot and do a stretch. [inaudible] that feels so good. Feels so good. Feels good. That feels good. It feels good.

Ah, and very, very, very nice movement to stretch out those lateral flexors lying on the chair, prone to finish off with some beautiful back work. We start with the body parallel to the floor. It doesn't really matter where that pedal is. That's going to be different with different lengths of arms. Think, uh, determine where the position is by the body being parallel to the floor. Mandy, I went a little more.

They don't you want to use the abdominals, use the abdominals, but don't allow that to flex the spine. We are in right now neutral position of the spine and articulating from the neck through the thoracic spine, reaching the sternum forward. It's not come too high in the beginning and then articulating back from the mid back through the neck, through the head, reaching from the head through the cervical spine. Think of a Pelvic Cobra in the opposite direction and starting from the head reaching up. Now many you start using the abdominals, you go into flection. That's a habit we've got to get rid of right now.

And then slowly down now reaching from the head. Now think of the sternum reaching forward. Sternum. Don't overuse the abdomen. The abdominals are working, but they're working. Essent tricky. They are elongating. Okay, beautiful. Meredith, I want you to think of opening their chest a little more.

Mandy, think of the length. Think of the maybe a clavicle opening out and then slowly down. And this time we'll come a little higher and then reaching up. Oh, ouch. And there's a real sense of elongation and it's the Co contraction of the front and the back that create that elongation and slowly down.

And the last one, and notice here how we get this beautiful articulation of the spine. It's literally articulating, articulating, articulating. And she's beautifully hi. Come as high as we can go down now to parallel to the floor and put the feet on the ground. So you push yourselves back, push yourselves back, and then bending the knees so the knees are bent right here. Keeping the arms straight, reaching the right arm out to the side. Okay.

You stabilizing with the feet. Separate the leg slightly and feel that you're pushing the pubic symphysis into the chair so that the abs I engaged and now articulate as you lift up. So not very high and down, but it's very profound. Inhale as you come up, it's a beautiful exercise to magnify and amplify the work on the one side of the back. Right now they feeling the left side of the back and lifting up, reaching that other arm out, out, out and down. Last one before we transition and reaching up, up, up and down and transitioned to the other side, feeling the stability. So as you transition, the weight stays the same. And inhale as you come up and slowly down and inhale as you come up, try not to rotate.

You don't want rotation in this exercise. You want pure extension and an added benefit is this beautiful work of the post Steria aspect of the shoulder. It's so wonderful to see that working and down. Keep the scapula very and the last one, this is the good one for humanity because it really stresses this area of the back. Lifting the chest a little higher and slowly down. Put your hands on the front of the chair, lifting the pedal, put your hands on the front and simply push yourselves into their round back position so you can stretch the back out.

And I want you to round the back now and then just flatten it a little. Just a gentle flattening and then round and flattening. And as you round Mandy, I want you to think of this area rounding and round it relaxed the nick, yes, and flatten and round. And now simply allow the arms to lower to the sides. Bend the knees a little deeper and rolling up through the spine. And we'll do one more roll down to finish up and inhale and exhale as you roll down, bending the knees. Now because the back has just been working, we don't want any stress on that back.

Take a big inhale while you're down there and then exhale, feeling that alignment, comparing it to the beginning of the class. All the way up. Just that nice sense, just breathing, feel the back of the neck elongating and reaching up the tip of the head, reaching the tip of the head up to the ceiling and take a big inhale and exhale. Thank you so much.


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Excellent loved every bit of it . Thank you.

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Great workout Rael. Love your teaching style!
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Fabulous! Thank you Rael. Made my morning a whole lot better here in Mullumbimby. :)
This workout has made my day. It is wonderful.
Thank you
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I was recently hoping for a new chair class and voila!! The best of the best. I loved everything about this class. Thank you:)
That was beautiful! Thank you Rael!
Amazing session! I am feeling very proud right now for staying to the finish! Great set up and cueing! Thank you so much!
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Loved taking this class as well as viewing it again. i enjoyed the important cues images, handson and Enthusiasm. Toda
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Unique teaching and cueing Rael!
Thank you!
Great demonstration by my dear friends Meri and Mandy!
Loved it
Thank you Rael! Your teaching is inspiring, detailed, focused and positive. I get a great workout and also a wonderful teaching model to improve my instruction. So proud to be a BASI educated Pilates instructor.
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