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Clean Up your Technique

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You will feel tall and lifted after this Mixed Equipment workout with Monica Wilson. She uses an image of standing against the wall while you are working on the Reformer and High Chair so that you can have great posture for each exercise. The exercises are basic, but the concepts and the cues are more advanced, so this is a great class to clean up your technique.
What You'll Need: High Chair, Reformer w/Box, Mixed Equipment

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All right. So Candice and I are going to do a basic reformer today, but it is going to be with a little more advanced training in mind. Not necessarily, the exercises aren't going to be harder exercises, but because she has been doing polis for a while, she'll be able to feel things a little differently and hopefully you will too. So we're gonna go ahead and lie down on the reformer. This is a grots reformer. So I will be dealing with four springs and they will all have equal tension. I honestly don't know how to change it if you were on balanced body.

But uh, we do have a little conversion chart on there that you can look on. Plot is anytime to get a little view of what might be some suggestions, but I will keep telling you what springs were on and you guys can play with it from there. So you start on either three or four springs. I'm going to start you on three because what I really want you to do is feel your stomach and not your legs doing all the work. So we start in Pilati stance on the ball. The foot heals a little higher for me and don't push the carriage out yet.

Voila. Good. All right. And I want to make sure her alignment is nice cause this is going to be always a workout that feels really good, not just a workout. So there's a straight line in her shoulders and a straight line from hip bone to hip bone. There we go. Very nice. We have our box. We're going to use our powerhouse. So what I want you to do right now is to imagine that you're standing up against the wall and your have your heels against the wall and with your heels against the wall, it's really hard to have your lower back flat against the wall, right?

So you pulling in and you're trying to use that strong stomach, strong powerhouse, and you're trying to stretch your back, but it's just not getting flat. And so in order to get it flat, we walk your feet a little forward away from the wall and we try again. Right? Does that make sense? That analogy? So we're trying again against the wall. And you are able now to pull your belly into the wall. So the lower back is now completely flat. Not because you tilt it or anything, but because you've used your stomach. Okay. So we're gonna use our belly. Let your legs follow your stomach and imagine your belly can pull in and up.

But I want you to hold it out here. Imagining that wall you're pulling into the wall. Good ends. Your legs are a little in front of you. Here heals up a little more. There we go. I love this. This is nice. And we're going to keep the belly resisting the carriage as you come in.

So slowly bend the knees and your belly is going to keep pulling in and up and pull into that imaginary wall and pull out. Beautiful Candace m. Continue pulling in. Yes. And you're pulling into that wall, growing tall, beautiful. And the legs are again, are following your strong powerhouse and you're making your spine stretch and in. And we're going to pull into that wall, pull up, and we're going to do two more. And the legs follow. And then and last one very, very nice and up and we're going to go to the arch of the foot. Everything comes together, knees together, arches together, everything up and bring the carriage home again. There we go, and now we're going to Magine that we just did the wall. Sit on the wall and then you pull your belly into the wall to come up.

You don't just use the quads, right? Use the back of the leg in your seat and we're going to go out and in. You did great with the back of the legs, but let's start with the belly. Yes, pulling always into the wall first and pool out and low and I'm pulling out and lock and and pulling out and keep that height in your belly as you come in. Really try to resist and one more pulling in and up to the heel of the foot. Pool every toe back. Let's try that again. Come in. That was a bit of legs.

Let's pull into that imaginary wall and then pull out. Beautiful Candace and en and pulling up. Good. And then really getting that lower tummy to wake up. And that's really hard. Sometimes we can pull in our stomach, but get it all the way from your lower belly and in. And one more good. And stay here.

And we're going to go down to toes. So now we're really going to focus on that analogy or that image of the wall. So we have our feet in a [inaudible] stance and there's a little lift in your arch and I want you to keep that lift just there. That means just don't push your heels down when you go out. Keep it right there and that automatically lifts your inner thighs.

And as we go out, our pelvic floor is going to engage and our little lower belly and everything's going to pull up. So let's go ahead and keep that lift in your arch and we're going to pull out pulling and hold. So again, we have that lift in your arch, inner thighs, pelvic floor, lower belly. Keep that lift so beautifully in that nice long neck that you have and stretch your heels down to three and lift two, three and keep that lift. That's what I wanted to see. Good. And keep that pooling in and up the wall and pulling into the wall, pulling up the wall and stretching down to three lift two, three bodies still lifting [inaudible] and dad and all of this good and too. One more hold. Really.

Maybe soften the knees a tiny bit and draw in the lower belly and up to lift everything back up towards you. Nope. Heals up. Yes. Good. And ideally you have everything pulling up that you feel like you could lift your head up easily. Can you do that? Keep coming up scooping your belly, scooping. Good so that you could do the a hundred I want all the muscles to feel like this. Lower your head down and bend the knees and come home. Good job. So we're going to do our hundred now to finish up our warmup slide away from our shoulder pads a little bit. We're still on three springs.

I like maybe a little more distance. And so now I have an inch to two inches and I want you to say like that. I'm going to hand her her handles. There you go. Good. And I want you to use your belly, not your legs, to bring one knee in towards you. And then the other good. Try to make them as loose and light as you can. Hold them right there.

I'm going to lower your bar down. Good. And I want you to lift your arms up to the ceiling. Good straight fingers. Excellent. The carriage is in right now. I want you to use your belly to pull in and up and take the carriage as far out as you can. As you lift your head up. Don't straighten the legs yet. Keep coming up with the head and shoulders and I want you to take the carriage out another inch with your belly and now reach your legs to where you can turning amount into [inaudible] and pump in with the air. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

And what I love is that your pool, the carriage out and we're going to keep it out. It doesn't get to go in and out, in and out. As we pump, right? We hold it out and that's that belly pulling in and out. Try to think about your thighs. Don't let them overgrip it takes away and tightens your back.

So you still have that lift in your arch. Lift in your inner thigh, pelvic floor. And all of this is pulling against your straps. So instead of thinking of your straps as really hard to do the exercise, they're helping you get the feeling more. So use the apparatus to get deeper. You only have one more. Inhale, do three, four, five, exhale and bend everything. Resting your head. Good. It was very nice job. I'm going to drop one spring. So we're at two springs.

I'm gonna take her handles. And for the grads, we have to add extensions. So stay right there. You get to relax while I add extensions for your frog and leg circles. All right, so we have these explain you. I was doing that a little iffy. We have extensions.

Put them on and I want you to keep thinking about your wall. Okay. So you're pulling in to your wall with your lower back, with your lower stomach, I should say. Keeping your lower back there and always lifting. All right? So I want you to draw both knees into your chest using your belly. Extend both legs, beautiful. That way we keep our [inaudible] box nice and square and it doesn't go all make shifting. Okay. With your lower back, staying connected to the Mat, bend your knees and bring your heels down into a frog. Opening the knees. Good.

So the straps go between the legs. Great and feet here. So when you do the hundred, we start off with your legs Kinda high. But as you get stronger you can lower them and as you get lower, your back stays flat. And as you get lower it still stays flat. And ideally your legs are about this low. When you do the a hundred right kind of eye level with your head is up.

That's very hard to do. And the way we get there is by doing frog and leg circles. But it's an exercise we can easily throw away. Okay? So I want you to imagine that you're on against a wall and you're straightening your leg, but you're straightening it by pulling it. And in a moment we're going to do circles, but when we do circles, we don't arch the bat during the legs down, right?

We have to stay pulled in as we move the leg freely staying connected to that Mat. Okay? So we're gonna draw our belly into that imaginary wall as you extend the legs forward and bend back in. Beautiful. So we're pulling in and up. And again, this is like our hundred, just our head would be up. And then so she's really trying to get the most out of this exercise to use these straps of strength and that feeling of her belly a little longer in the arms for me. Good. And she has a lift in her arch and inner thigh. Pelvic floor. Good. This time we're gonna stay out. So we're going to go forward.

Now don't lose that in an up as the legs go up a little bit, not quite two 90 degree. And then open. And with yourself pulling into your back, go down. Squeeze together and scooping in. Yes, I'm going to let go. She's going to do three more each way. Yes. So again, we're really working on pulling in and up as we circle the legs freely instead of, this is what it would look like if she didn't hold her belly in one more. Beautiful. Now reverse reaching through the thighs as well. The hips, I should say, round and up. Beautiful.

We've got the lift all through our body and we're going to pull the sleeve in the ass. That's just that little bit more to stretch your middle back and one more using the back of your legs and seats. So all of this gets to work and you get to earn yourself a little stretch here. So you're going to grab onto those and stretch. Very nice. How that feel? Good. All right, and I'm going to take these off, slide you home and you get to go ahead and step off.

All right, so now you're going to go ahead and stand up and we're going to get ready for stomach massage. I'll be over there in a second. Oh, you love stomach massage. It's kind of my favorite but probably, I dunno cause it works my stomach so well. Okay. I'm just going to hang these on the back edge. We're done with them for the rest of the time. I'm going to keep our head piece up.

I'm going to add one more spring and lift the bar up. So we are back to three springs. If you did your footwork, whatever you did your foot work on juice, the first exercise of stomach massage on, so if it was four, do it on four. If it's three, do it on three here. I'm going to put your pad right there. Go ahead and sit down. Okay. And then put your feet right up here. Good job, toes on the bar. Get them a little more centered.

There you go, Candace. Good. Lift your heels up a little bit. Good. Elbows to the side and using your belly. Good. Now I want you to just pull your belly into that imaginary wall behind you and let your legs follow. So pull out and just bend in. Just no lower lift right now. I want you to just really pull into that imagining a wall and bend in.

Fantastic. Now we'll add that. So we're going to pull in and keep pulling against that wall as you lower and lift and him and pool you do a beautiful job. Pool out. Let those legs fall. Good and scoop. And now, yeah, one more. Pull and out, all belly. And there you go. Now I want you to use your belly to hold your body right here. And I want you to move both hands at the same time.

I know back at start lifting the chest and your arms going to go down, actually. Yeah, and they're going to reach back. Good. I'm going to drop a spring, so she's gonna do the next one on to good. If you start on four, you would do it on three. So we're gonna keep our belly pooling into that imaginary wall and go out and live. Push down your heels and lift and come in and you're pulling into that imaginary wall, but the chest is up. Good. Keep doing that, Candace. Eyes up a little bit. Your head is just a little bit in front of your body.

So I want you to try to push back the back of the head. Yes. All from the powerhouse. Let your legs follow good and one more beautiful. Now hold that position, pull the belly in and the arms come forward at the same time. Good. Now stay here. I got you. Try to turn your thighs off a little bit by, and now use your belly. And I'm gonna Climb up here and you're going to use your belly and I want you to reach through your fingertips right now.

And I'm just standing up here cause I like to give you a little bit of a lift. Maybe going to switch my grip and pull you all the way up over your sit bones. Doesn't that feel delicious? Okay. This is the lift that we want to get, but we, our body gets so tight that we don't. So even if you don't have me at home, try lifting from your sit bones. Now inhale, pull out with your belly and exhale pulling and you stay on those two springs. And as you come in from your waist, lift, lift, lift your shoulder. Okay, good. Ant in with the air. Good. And exhale forward, scooping in and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

And one more and exhaling and nice job. Good. Go ahead and step off and I'm going to grab your short box for you saying to lower the bar. Spring stay the same. I'm going to lower the headpiece, grab our bar at the same time. Yeah, I'm putting 'em all down. Alright, I'm going to grab a pad and put on the box as well. All right, Candice, go ahead and sit down. Okay, you did good. All right, so staying on two springs. Like I said, we're going to put your feet under the strap, the very important strap, it's a safety strap, but I want you to really think about how it's going to help you so it goes over your ankles so that you can push your heel away and you can pull your foot back so you don't want to be pushing on here. Okay.

I want you to wrap your arms around your stomach. Good. And round your back round as much as you can your lower back and allow yourself to relax a little bit. Take a big breath and exhale. And I actually want you to soften your knees a little bit. See if you can keep your knees soft without pushing down on them. But lift off your seat. Good. That one's still pushing down though.

Good. All right. So now we've been talking about a lift in your arch, right, and a lift and your inner thigh and a lift in your pelvic floor. Lift in your seat. Let's get off that bottom and we're gonna use that lower belly to roll back this part. So keep curling back your tailbone. Keep using your lower belly. I'm kind of hold in your upper back cause I want you to round that.

Lower back more two more vertebra and then push your heels away so that you can scoop up this way in opposition. Very nice job. Relax for a second. Good. So we're going to, so if you can imagine, it's like as if your feet are here and you rolled off that wall and you're pulling in to that wall right there. Okay. It's the same shape. Okay. All right. Yeah. Yep. So I want you to round your back and you've just bent over at your hips, lift off your seat, and we're going to roll back onto that wall behind you. Keep through that lower back. Yes, you want that lower back on that wall.

And then exhale forward one vertebra at a time. That's it. Tried to curl your head under my [inaudible]. You got it. And lift off your seat. Push your heels away and don't move the shoulders so much as you do the lower back. That's great. If you allow yourself, it's the hardest thing to start doing is to not move so much with the upper body. And now exhale forward drawing everything in. This is one of those more advanced feelings that I was talking about that you can't get right from the beginning. And one more time lifting off your seat.

The seat pushes your heels away. That strap is taught and you draw the belly in and up so that it goes on to the mat right here and curling forward. Exhale. Exhale. Very nice, nice and round. All right, good. A lot of effort. Nice job again. It's going to go over your ankles. Now I want you to take this bar and hold it right here. Soften those knees up.

Good. All right. So without those knees pressing, you can squeeze your bottom and push into the mat. Knee without the nice. I know I'm going to take you to new heights today. So you're going to squeeze. Yeah, there you go. Very nice. So that way our quads don't overwork. Yes, we're going to, we work in this part. That's it. Nice work. Alright, so now I want you to keep that nice lift under those cheeks and that belly is pulling in and up and long arms. It's super important where your arms are doing. Remember how I just lifted you in? Um, stomach massage. So straight fingers, good straight elbows, nice reach, good.

And from your waist or we're gonna pull up, up, up. How's your shoulder? Good. Good. Pull it up. Good and keep this high. As soon as our body does this, our arms do that. Our whole body stops working. So lifting off your seat, drawing that navel in and up and long in here from your powerhouse and now. Okay. And go back from your belly.

Go back six inches. Lifting, lifting. I love it. I love it. And coming forward, let's get that strap nice and Taut. Separate those legs a little and pulling up through those reaching finger tips and coming forward. This is really nice and pulling in and lifting through those fingertips. I love it. And one more time pulling. Yes.

And she's moves as one solid piece from her bottom. Rest your arms down. Loved it. Very good. We're going to do side reach. So instantly we kind of are relaxed. Position is arching this a little bit, but we're going to get back to work. So we're going to relax those knees again, but the seat gets to get work. Open those legs a little. All right. How are my long legs? I mean arms long. Fingers Long. Ah Ha. And from this belly in and up.

Lift and let me feel these waist muscles lift now keep lifting and lean forward in front of your hip bones. Very nice. And now keep lifting both sides of your waist as you reach to the right, stretching, stretching, stretching and lift to the center. A little rest and we lift and we stretch. Stretch, stretch and come center. That's really nice. And pulling up through the waist and from the waist. Get your navel in a little more and center a little rest.

Pull that belly in a yes all the way out. Your fingertips or your back can feel delicious. Stretch to the side and one more up. Nice energy and this keeps lifting, lifting, lifting and center. Lean a little forward and we live from my fingers. Excellent. Candace, over, over, over and rest your arms down. Fantastic.

It went tight. Started to work again. We're going to tell them not to K K and we're going to do our twist. Twist isn't necessarily very basic, so if you have a bad back you should leave it out, but we are going to add it here. Okay. Again, your back's a little. So let me have this guy and here is our imaginary wall. Okay, I know.

And so you're going to soften those over tight knees and just pull your belly into the back, into the wall. How's that feel? Good. Good. And do you feel energy out your heels? Very good. Okay, so you can breathe. Now try to just read naturally there in like expanding your lungs on the back of your body and exhaling. It's good comment. You don't want to feel like you're totally uptight, right? You do. Your movement wants to give, make you free.

And that's a really advanced thing. I'm going to take the bar away. It's really nice and I want you to put your hands on there and I want you to lift up by pulling into here, lifting all the way up with that nice reach and we're gonna twist to the right. Good, good, good. And we're gonna reach from your belly. Come on, pull your belly in and up. Push your heels away and now you haven't moved your belly. Pull it back. Yes. Pull it back with you. Pull it back with the Bella back and come center.

Good effort. And we're gonna pull in. That's the end. And twist. And now reach from here. That's it. And back up and pulling into your back and twist. Stay there. Your arms are reaching right now instead of pushing your heels way, not with your knees. Let's soften those guys up. Yeah, keep them soft and then I'm going to stretch you. Take your body out with you. Yes. And backup and pulling in.

So I'm getting her back on this wall. Keep this a little forward for your wall and twist. Ah, nope. Let's twist forward. Yes. Pull this back. Yes. And we pull back. Woo. That's nice. And I charge extra for adjustments and pulling gains.

And we're gonna pull in and up. Beautiful. You have a great twist forward on this one. And then we will push your heels away. Belly pulls against that end up. That was your best one. And one more time. Pull an innote pool. And in firs, yes, twisting forward and your belly pulls against your heels. Pushing in the opposite. That's it. And now stretch forward.

Nice job. Candace. How'd that feel? That's right. It is nice having a partner. But you do want to use the reformer as your partner, like in tree. Let's put that bar and eat the legs. Good. And maybe slide back an inch. Good. And now you have your shoulders right over your hips.

Relax your legs down. They're not working yet. Good. And try to stay on my wall, bowl in the middle, belly more middle spine and draw the right foot onto the mat and grab underneath that knee and then lift it up a little bit. Using keeping onto my good and extend and bend, breathing. Extend and bend and extend and walk up that leg, holding it up and stretch forward over that leg. Enjoy a nice stretch. Yeah, yeah, there we go. Good. Is that okay on the shoulder? All right. Hold that leg there.

And I want you to draw your belly against this heel. So we're going to draw your belly in and roll back. Let your leg follow your belly. Look at your belly, draw it in, draw it in. Draw it in. Good. Keep going. Keep rocking back. [inaudible] do you feel how this has you push into me and walk down that leg?

Yes. Pulling your belly and opposition and come forward. I think we're good. Okay. Bring your left hip, right hip forward a little bit. There we go. How's that? Okay. So now that you feel like you're in a s, you started in a position. Now what I'd like to see is I like to see this thigh a little lower.

Okay, right there. Good. All right. And now even though your thighs there, can you crawl up more? Don't move your thigh though. Yeah. So you are trying to get closer to your leg by just lifting the leg and that lifts the hip. So I'm keeping your hips squared. Now stretch forward onto it and you're going to draw your belly back against the strap. So that's your who instead, if you don't have Monica at home, you're pulling this in against that strap.

Now walk down this leg while by. Keep pulling in against that strap and walk up. Same thing. Don't lift the thigh and stretch forward. That engages your hip flexor and coming full roll back using your lower belly. Just Dro. Ooh, that's so beautiful. Someone just went waiting clinic. I mean a, a light bulb went off, Huh? And walked down using your belly, pulling against that strap and you use the belly to draw in and up against that strap instead of that thigh [inaudible] and stretch forward.

You don't have to straighten out though. I think we have one more right and draw back. Beautiful. Keep Rolling. Just let it pull you back. Good. And that foot is like so, so that you can pull your walk down, pulling your belly in [inaudible] and come forward. Keep that thigh there. It likes to work there. You turned it off really nicely right there. Very nice, very nice. And now come all the way forward. Good.

Yes. Now Bend that knee and grab your toes and lift your chest up high. Both hands on your toes as we call this. Picking the apple off the tree and lift your chest. Chest, chest. Good. It's a nice stretch. Switch lengths. Great job Candace. So. All right, I'm not going to put that bar behind you now cause I want you to breathe a little bit with it. But you got the idea, you have to stay tall, right?

And make sure you're, you liked it. That's it. Yeah. Cause you really have to work to stay even and square, right? It was, that was hard, Huh? Yeah. And hold under that knee and straighten and bend. So you just limbered up, not so much work and then hold it up and walk up that leg. But be sure at home that you haven't lifted the thigh so much that you've so lower the leg as well. See this thigh, it's a little too high for you and you stretch forward onto that leg. So right now your hip should be, even if they're not, make sure that you get him even cause it's in the rollback process, that you're going to lose it even more.

So we're going to pull back in here and we're going to roll back. I'm gonna make this thigh. Come here. There we go. And Roll back against that. Left the right foot and walk down. [inaudible] you're a little crooked, right? And coming up. Do you feel okay though? Not Right.

Just keep that like right there and use your back to stretch it and said, Ooh, I love that. Now keep that alignment as you use your lower belly and you're going to need a let go on this foot. You hold it there though and you draw that arch with you. You draw the inner thigh with you, you draw this with you and you walk down against that strap. So we're still pulling. Yes. Good. And then walking up, pulling against this heel that's pushing away.

Stretch forward. One more. I want more energy here. Not from the knee, but from your bottom. Push your bottom to me. Oh yeah. Now you feel stable. That was nice. Push your bottom into Ma, into your heel and then coming up. Don't move the leg anymore, Candice, and just walk up your leg. Yes. Don't. Okay. So you don't move the leg. You go to it.

Stretch over all the way over it. Oh, but it felt a lot better than what you were doing before. Bend your knee and grab your toes. And before you straighten it, sit up tall for me. Chest up and straighten that leg for a good stretch. No, but do you want to do whatever you can so that you get that nervy stretched, very important. And that's enough. Very nice. Okay.

Step off your carriage and I am going to do, bring the box down and we're going to do elephant knee stretches and then we'll do our cool-down. Oh good. She's lifting up our bar. We're going to keep it on the two springs. All right, so I want you to think about our wall again. Okay? All right, so I'm going to demonstrate what I mean. So you're going to be on the mat. Your hands are here. Okay.

So if I had a wall behind me, I wouldn't have my shoulders in front and only my bottom would be against the wall. So imagine the ceiling has lowered to be my wall. Does that make sense? Okay. So I need to get my back on that wall. I'm not going to be this forward either, right? I'm going to have my shoulders ideally at the same level as my hipbones, and instead of arching or even a flat back, I want to pull into that wall and I stay on that wall as I go out with them legs just a little bit, and I really pull my lower belly and waistband into the wall to bring my legs back in so I don't lose the walls. I go out and try to regain it right or worse. Try to keep it like this.

As I do it, we're going to pull into the imaginary wall. We're going to go out staying on that wall and pull in even deeper into that wall. Okay? Now, if you are average height, your heels can be against the shoulder paths, but if you're a little shorter like myself, you can bring your toes an inch forward. So I'd bring them forward just a little bit for you. There you go. So now your shoulders are about three inches lower right now. So I'm going to bring your shoulders over the bar that holds the springs. Good.

Now your hips are there, and I love this great job. You're really pulled into your back here. Nice, strong, stable shoulders powerhouses here. Okay, this is, we're going to revisit that imaginary strap from the safety strap from the short box, so over your ankle so you can push your heels away, right? And this pulls in so out and then scoop it. Love it. She staying on the wall and she's pulling into the wall. Eyes on your belly so your neck doesn't strain. It's Kinda, there we go. Good.

And in Holt, because you love your knees so much. I want you to say turn off knees, soften them up a little bit and bring the carriage home cause you haven't been bringing it home. You see your knees went, stop here, hold it soft and out with the back of your legs and now do use this to come in. You got it. Candice soft out with here and pull in with here. Oh yeah. One more.

This is again more advanced. Even though it's a basic exercise and kneel down, it's much easier to feel your legs working correctly when you are working in a bent knee position than a straight leg cause your knees, that joint gets in the way. All right, let's put your hands on the bar, round your back. So if knees a little bit apart, there you go. And push into the bar so that you can pull your chest up into here and you're scooping in. Good. And now your goal is to not move any of this while you hinge out, you're on, your knees go out. And so she's going to stay perfect and exhale in and out and a quick in good and quicken you see at her upper body, her box or paralyze box doesn't move.

Again, this is more advanced in a basic exercise, but this is what you want to do and in and always here and hold it in. Now make the transition really difficult by using your belly to stay in and lift all the way up to your chest. Good. So it stretches your stomach is what stretches these two lines away from each other. Really sticking your bottom out, but your stomach is keeping your energy up here so that this now doesn't move at all as you use the back of your legs to go back and in. Beautiful and in. That's it. And in. So I could have my favorite glass of wine right here and it wouldn't spill.

And even a Martini. And that's what you want. You want it to be nice and steady here, which makes everything else work correctly. One more. And let's do a little lifted knee. So you're going to round your back. Wait a second. You did really great in your stomach, but I don't like what the shoulders were doing. So pull your sternum or your chest bone up into here more. Rounding this good.

Come forward a little bit and use your belly rather than your shoulders to lift up your knees and out and scoop under good and all the way in. Good. All the way in with those knees. Sweep them in. I don't mind if you do that yet and sweep them in from here and four and pull them in. Good and scoop. I love this. And last one. Hold it in with control. Lower down those knees there. Unites Candace, go ahead and step off to the side. Good. And we're ready for our cool-down. So we're going to do running and pelvic tilt.

I'm going to add a spring because whatever you did your foot work on, you're going to revisit. So we did three for foot work. We did three to start off our stomach massage. I'm going to do three for our cooldown for running and pelvic lift, not tilt. Okay, so great. I'm gonna do you light unit parallel or can we do it? Pilati stance, they'll apply San. Since we've been doing that today, long arms by your side. Beautiful box. And we're not going to push out.

We're gonna feel the lift in our arch and the inner thigh and public floor. We're gonna draw that lower belly into our imaginary wall and we're gonna stand up against our wall, right? We're gonna find our posture and we're going to keep our belly in and up against that wall. And we're gonna run without losing that. So go ahead and bend one knee that sit and everything's lifting so that when we finish, we can feel fabulous for the rest of the day cause we feel tall. We're not like this where lil we've lifted into our running Poland and that's it. And three, two, nice job.

Last one. And hold all of that feeling as you come in. Don't just give into your apparatus again, use it to feel wonderful. Put your arches on the edges. Great. Alright, and we're going to keep our belly into that imaginary wall, but squeeze your seat and curl your tailbone up and lifting. Use your hips and lift. Good. And now I want you to use the back of your legs and seat to go out.

Still all of that feeling and come in reaching and pulling out long and tall where he kept the springs the same. This is our last one on the reformer. We're going to do a few exercises on the big chair. If you don't have one, this is a beautiful ending for your basic mat all the way out if you can. That's right. If you can keep all of that wonderful work. Yes. One more hold.

And I want you to feel how much you just lifted your body. Stay out. And I want to see you resist as you come in resisting with your belly, but lengthening your spine through your tailbone as you come in. That's really nice, Candace. Very, very good. Stay there and meltdown, starting from the back of your ribs all the way down one vertebra at a time, enjoying it and melting and slide your feet together and hug your knees into your chest. So again, a beautiful ending for your workout. If you do have a big chair, join me for a few exercises on the big chair. Okay, so we're going to do about three or four exercises on the big chair to continue all that wonderful feeling we just got on the reformer and sometimes you like to do a little bit more besides the reformer or the mat as an ending. And this is a fantastic ending to pull it all together and walk away feeling all of those wonderful things. So, so we're going to go ahead and sit down to start. So there's no graceful way to do this, Candace. Okay, maybe I'm going to take this pad away so it doesn't fall, but you have a little pillow to sit on. Good. And now put this pad back again.

So lift one foot [inaudible] and then the other. Voila. Good. And I'm going to hold onto these for a second so I can slide my foot in between yours. And I'm going to push down the pedal a little bit and go ahead and actually push it all the way down. Beautiful. Hug My foot with the ball of their foot. Good. Now heels together.

Now I want you to bring your back all the way off and you can use your hands to lift yourself. So if you're at home, you're just pushing down that pedal and I want you to take your bottom back as far as you can. That's great. But stay forward. Good, good. Do you feel like that sacred, that triangle bone right between your hips is against there. There you go. And you're gonna hold it exactly. Now release your arms. And wrap them around those poles and you're going to hold two champagne glasses now. Now they're champagne so you don't, they're not beard glasses that you break it are very dainty. Yes. All right, so we're going to beautiful stomach and we're going to bring those knees up with your belly key being on that board. Wonderful. If you can add another vertebra, go for it. But even if it's just your waistband down, so it's important you're gonna pull your belly in and up as you push down and control it up. Lengthening a beautiful and in and up. Good.

And now double time. That tempo, it's all about the stomach pulling in and up, in and up. Good. And you're doing this so well that now I think you can keep the feeling of your stomach into that back board. Maybe roll up a little bit more of the spine and the crown of the head reaching. That's it. Nice. Do you feel how your back is really pulled into that backboard in straight?

You have a nice box here, right? It's really important because that's what you're going to have to stay stable and balanced. When you do going up front. Really Nice. Three, two, one. And that's enough. Good. Take your feet off the pedal. Good. Both feet and carefully step forward. So that's just pumping or into a few more excise. I take away the pillow.

I'll take that pad and I'll put it right here. That was a lot of work, Huh? Okay. So now I want you to use your friend here, the big chair to put your hands on. Okay. And you're going to put your right foot up on the pedal and we're gonna break it all the way down and bring your left foot up on the pedal too. I did not mention it, but the big chairs always on two springs on top on. This is a grots chair. Sorry, I don't know what if it's a another brand, but the [inaudible] chair always has their too heavy springs on the top.

All right, so you want to bring your heels together and I want you to lift your heels up. Okay. So what does this remind you of? Oh, very good. Excellent. And how we would want you to feel your posture all the time. So right now you don't want your knees pressing back at all.

You want to lift in your arch of the lift in your inner thigh, pelvic floor, lower belly, and it's lifting all your energy up and your bottom is squeezing like crazy, right? So we're going to keep this beautiful lift and this alignment that shape as you gently, carefully put your right foot up on here. So we're going to bring our right foot. Nice. All the way. Now stay there. Strop this hip a little. So it's square. Excellent. Now again, we're going to keep that shape so the back of the thigh and seat, you have to work and your belly as you lean all the way forward against that board. Now your hands can rest on top of that bar. Beautiful. Do you have a lift in your left arch? A lift in your inner thigh.

Lift in your belly. Yeah. Lean a little forward. Yes. And we're going to use all of that lift in your belly to just pull that pedal easily up. That pedal helps everything lift in your body like running and you're gonna push down the pedal almost with your ball of your foot. Great job. Think about running and you're gonna pull up in your powerhouse. Excellent work, great and down. You're doing so beautifully, Candice and scooping in and up, using all the right muscles cause you're channeling that running. And two more scooping in.

But this is our daily posture that you want to feel everything lifting. And last one. Nice. And we're going to stay here. Bring your shoulders forward a little bit. Keep using the chair to feel your posture and extend the left arm up. That's your right. There you go.

And remember that you want your arm a little bit more forward and really long and reaching, pulling in and up. You're going to come up with one arm. That's it. Don't lose. You're running and coming down and lifting in that arch and the inner thigh and the pelvic floor. That's it. And this hip start now. Lift, square off your hips. One second here. Boom, boom. And last one, scoop in, in and up. Fantastic. Because you're doing so good. Yeah, bring the other arm up and reach with the other arm and come down just a little and pull back up in your waist and come down just a little and little belly up and last time and we're going to come all the way down. Keeping your energy up and up and up and up and put both hands down. I bet you that was the best you've ever done. Bring your right foot down, but before you put up the left, don't get sloppy.

Soften those knees eels together. There you go. Get the inner thighs to lift. Squeeze your seat forward beyond a nice diagonal. Regain your running. Yeah, you can soften your knees, elbows and bring so that this is for, yes. Okay. Can you bend your elbows a little bit?

Cause you're pushing your shoulders back and you're going to take your left foot up. That's it. That's really hard to do. But the knee all the way against the board by taking the whole shape forward. Right. Great job. And keep your running as you pull up. Yes. All the way up and down. Good hip.

Start in a lift. Sometimes when we're up here, it's easier than come down as low as you can. Keep the even hips and feel that running. Yes. Really try to feel the nice squareness because it only gets harder. Come up. You can't take a handoff if you can't feel how square you are. Feel your belly in and up and one more and then we'll take up your right hand.

When we come down and right hand up there, we go and down and we're lifting the outer thigh. We're lifting the inner thigh. Everything's Nice and positive and now we're going to go up and we're going to stay up. Drop this hip a little bit and both arms up and come down. A little scooping in and up. Yes, you can go down as low as you want. This seems like an easier leg for you and pull it up and one more.

The other hip wanted a rise all the way up through your waist and energy out. Your fingertips do go down. Very good. Now put your hands on the handles and we'll do one more exercise. Bring your left foot down. Good. Regain your gorgeous. That's not using your quads, but using everything else. Right.

Nice. How does that feel? And you can even like kind of push down on that, those handles. So you feel that nice lift. Yeah. Okay. Excellent. And I want you to take your right foot down to the floor, right behind you [inaudible] and then keep all of your beautiful alignment as you let the pedal come up with your left foot, right foot down on, on your heel as well. Yep. Stay there. Hips are more, even this knee is straight. I'm going to help you a little bit. This is all to target the back of the thigh, right where it connects to the seat. So right here that, but you're lifting the hip and clenching and the hip flexor right now. So there you go. And you're gonna pull your belly in and up as you push down just a few inches and pull down and hold. Remember, use this, use this and release and scoop and in beautiful and release.

So I can even take my foot off now because she's got it all through here. And now lift that heel up a little higher. A the one on the pedal. There you go. In the knee. A little more in line with your hip. Yes. And one more down. Yeah. And release. Now keeping your beautiful height.

Put your right left foot down on the floor next year. Other one. Good. And draw the left right foot up. She did it. Nice. All right, so we're gonna drop this hip a little bit again, it's clenching in that hip flexor. So you want to bring it down quite a bit. Lean forward, a little good alignment. And if you can lift that heel even better and we're going to push down a little hold and control it up. What goes down must come up, right?

So as you push down, your belly goes up, up, up and release. And as you push with the back of the thigh and seat and release, and one more time keeping those hips even and release and bring up. That was your last one. She got into a little extra land. Yep. Stay there. Bring your right foot down. Keep that beautiful alignment. All the work.

Pulling in your belly, find your posture and lift up through the waist. Turn your palms out as you take a big breath and push me down as you take a big breath. Inhale, actually lifting in your waist and exhale and you're all finished. My dear. Good job. Nice work.


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I loved the consistent cueing both verbal and manual that tied all of these exercises together so beautifully! Candace did such a beautiful job and was sooo elongated when all finished. Thank you!!
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This class was a great workout, you were right Monica, even though the exercises were basic, they felt more advanced by thinking of the Wall :)
Monica Wilson
Hi Jennifer, Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your feedback, Monica:)

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