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Open your chest and work your powerhouse in this Spine Corrector workout with Niedra Gabriel. She uses students of different levels on different Spine Correctors to show how you can adjust each exercise to work for your body. Many of the movements are subtle which can be quite challenging, including Open Leg Rocker, Swimming, and more. Niedra knows how to make you work hard, but you will have so much fun!
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Aug 29, 2015
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Good morning everybody. We are going to be doing a mat class on the spine corrective, which is super fun, challenging and different because the arc will be providing a whole new vantage point on what the challenge, how to challenge your body, how to open up the chest, how to work your powerhouse, and how to stimulate your nervous system to really upgrade. So we have two wonderful teachers here. We have Heidi and we have Christie and we have an old dear friend and student of mine, Debbie. So different levels. Uh, just as a note in your studio, um, they are many different types of spine correctors, different ranges. So you do need to have a little test run to make sure that it works for the body you're working with and um, the technique that you're going to be applying.

I will attempt to give some pointers as we go along, what to look for. So to begin with, how do we get on the spine corrector of few things. Let's have all of us sit down. So when we're in the front part, I would like you back with your sit bones back of this edge. So you're kind of halfway between the edge and here.

So when you lie back you can really get that low part of the rib cage and spine in and that's part of the advantage of most everything we're doing in this shape will be to imprint into this area. When you are aligned back this way, you want to be able to extend the arms that the arc will be pressing into the rib cage and allowing for that part of the chest to open. Be Wary that you don't just collapse into swayed ribs, but you hold a powerhouse and get the sternum to open and when you roll up you're not gonna fall off. So just do a test run, rolling up. Very good. That's where you want your hips to be. If you've got them in the wrong place, you will know right away and you fix it because that's how you learn.

Now how to go from the front of the barrel to the mat behind you. Place you bottom up, make sure it is in front of the center. You do not want to be on top or you will have an accident. So Heidi, bring your bottom further forward. Um, air on the range of being too far forward. Bring one foot up. See if you can feel where the handles are. Hold and connect your powerhouse and slowly, and if anything, slide your pelvis further forward, lower down till the shoulders get to the floor.

You don't want all the weight on the head. You want it on the shoulders and you want to be able to support your spine nicely by pulling with the arms in an ideal shaped sized barrel for the body. The whole pelvis would be sitting, the would be sitting on top. So in actuality, this barrel is slightly too big for my body size, but so be it. Sometimes we're not in a perfect structure. Now one last thing. For those athletic ones of you who when want to try it this way, when you sit up and transition, take your legs down, see if you can bring your feet to the floor.

Maybe your bottom will move away. Make sure you're holding that barrel super strongly and swing yourself up to sitting. Sometimes it takes a few test runs, sometimes it takes six months. But it's Super Fun and you have a lot of fun doing it. So we will now start and just have fun and a few good labs as we go along.

So remember sit bones, just eat below the edge, lie back so you have a nice cuddle shape into the lower spine. We want that lumbar spine long and lift the makes up. Extend them out, reach the arms long, keep imprinting them ribs into the powerhouse in towards the barrel and you start your hundreds. Breathing in and out. Two, three, four, five and into three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five and in full five and out. Now we are going to add some fun five and out. Two, three, four, five. Now, bicycle and bicycle and bicycle and bicycle. So you want to keep reaching those legs out and down.

If you can keep the hundred going and to keep the breathing going and work your powerhouse and bring the legs up. Bend your knees, extend the legs out, scoop the navel and without letting the ribs collapse length in yourself out. Some of you more flexible can go all the way down. Remember, don't hike the ribs, hold them and reach through those arms. Arms Up, roll up. Lift the power house up in reach long and rollback. Get that back onto the hump and back.

I love calling this the hump and up. You can come lift the waist up and pull the ribs backwards as you go forward and scoop and pull the stomach away from the leg and long and lift and reach and roll back. Articulating that spine and lengths in the rib cage out. One more time. Lift, pull back with the ribs and lift them up. Pause here. How long can you your waist? How well can you make your back body?

So your stretch backwards and roll all the way back and long. Bring yourselves up. We're gonna transition back. So bottom is to the front, one foot on the ledge. Lois have down four roll over. So you have a nice stable sacrum. Lift the legs up. Press the rib cage and waist in towards the barrel.

Lower the legs towards the floor. See if you can get all the way down. And if your bottom needs to move away that fine. Open the legs out, flex your feet, push the heels away, and then get that bottom back and long movement of the legs indulging in a big circle and lift the hips, toes to the floor. Push your heels away open. Push your heels away. Imprint yourself into the barrel and long. And one more time.

And I'm coming up to check on your wall. Press the heels open. Open the legs open. Lift the legs and roll down. But keep the legs long and big circle. Now you're reverse big wide circle with the legs over to the floor as fast as you can. Push the heels away away and roll down. Getting those hips into the mat. Take the legs long.

Open the legs out and get them to the floor as fast as you can. Push the heels away, feet together. Push the heels away. Roll into that barrel. One more time and open the legs out. Hips come up, feet to the floor.

If you can press together, press and roll the bottom down and bend your knees. Put your feet on the steps. So here you are. Lift your right leg up to the ceiling for single leg circles. So secure your pelvis. Take the leg all the way over to the left without the rate hip coming up.

Circle and up. Cross circling up, cross circle and up. Cross circle. Keep those hips quiet. One more time and up. Reverse it out. Don't let that left. Hips wobble around and big circle and big circle and big circle and big circle.

Very good. Bend the foot. Put it down on the ledge. Lift the other leg up. Check that your hips are steady and start with this leg right above the hip. Have a look at your own hipbones and get them square cross way over. Circle down, around and up. Cross down it up, cross down, around and up. Cross down, around and up. Cross down around. Add, reverse out, down, across and up. Out, down a crossing up. Check that the pelvis is quiet as you do your circles out, down, across and up. And one more time. Down, across in, up.

Everybody likes to the ceiling. Float the legs over your head, towards a floor. Here's your first chance to be a star and swing yourselves up to sitting and pull yourself to come up. It's fun. Bring your bottom forward. So again, you're just in front with the sit bones, Justin, just behind the ledge and see this is where it starts to get super interesting. If you can lift your feet up, get that school and find your balance for rolling like a ball. So you just roll back a little bit and try and pop yourself away from the back roll and get yourself back row and get yourself back.

So this doesn't look like much is happening and you can probably feel how hard you're working to keep that powerhouse engaged and not collapsed backwards and up. Oh, okay. Series of five. So here we are. Bottom is behind. Roll yourself back so you have this nice cuddle shape in the lumbar spine. Really see if you can find a way to press those ribs down with your, how much you are coming up or down. You can leverage where the force of your weight and contraction is.

Ring the legs in and extend the left leg out. Long switch and switch and switch. Elbows wide and switch and switch and switch and switch both legs. In c you can get a nice deep cuddle and double leg stretch, switch, reach and curl and hug and see if you can go further back with the upper body and in and reach without the ribs popping and in. Good two more times. Can you get those arms lower to the fro? Good Deb.

Big Circle. I'm in and reach big circle. Yes. And in lift the legs to the ceiling forces as hold the right leg. Left leg is long. Poopooed switch, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. If you can get the heel to the floor, to the floors. He out of your hip. Flexor. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul. Both legs are up.

Press those ribs back. Hands behind your head. Float the legs away from you without losing the control. Lift them up. Float them away. Keep that weight into those ribs and up and lower the legs and up and lower the legs going into Chris Cross. Now right knee bends and twists way over to the right lift.

Try to get those ribs as far away from the barrel as you can. Switch and lean way over to the right switch. Lean way over to the left switch way, way, way over to the right. Switch and bring your chest without the hip coming up. Yeah, there you go. Good. Okay. Come on up the spine. Stretch forward. Make sure your back enough that you don't fall ours alone.

Much easier to lift up here. Much, much easier. How much distance can you find between the rib cage and the pelvis and feel the thighs working downwards? Big Lift up, breathing in, breathe out and scoop and go down. Go down, try to get your head between your legs, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and roll yourself back up. Tall, long lifted body. And again, head comes forward first round that spine and head goes down in the arms. Stay up so you're diving down and roll yourself back up. Shoulders glide down, lift up top mod, lift. Good. And again, drop your head round, row, row, roll, roll.

Soften the knees Debbie. Just let them go with it. There we go. Calm back up and last one, scoop the navel. Broaden your shoulder blades away from each other so you can fill up your back body and roll yourself back up, up, up and up. And here we go. For Open like rocker, hard to do. So just like rolling like a ball. You need those sit bones locked in. Can you balance and hold that power house and not fall down?

It's a lot of work to really balance that lower body in you rock back and come up on rock back and come up and rock back and come up the back and come up. This is hard work and vacuum come up and I get to teach. So when I'm not doing it, he can and correct you all and one more time back and come up and balanced. Try not to fall down, but lift out of it. Woopsie daisy and bring your feet down. Okay, corkscrew. Pop your bottom up, one foot on the step. Remember we're going down, so you need to make sure that your bottoms in front of the ledge and with controls. See if you can start to roll down without falling.

Lift your legs to the ceiling. Get a sense of a secure pelvis and float the legs towards the floor. Even if your bottom leaves. Now lift the feet up. Hip High Pelvis should be secure. We'll start at the right same height from the floor to the right back, left and parallel. Float down to Tufts.

Lift up again to the left. Long, right parallel touch to the floor again and right long left and float to the floor and lift up hip height and to the left round way to the right Christie parallel flow to the floor. Very good. And here you go. Coming back up to sitting. So swing feet to the floor and swing yourself up. And Paul, good. Okay, here we go. Fourth Sauce. So bottom, his back, legs along. Flex your feet. So the, it's a slightly different orientation into the knees because if the hips are back enough that you don't fall over, you may not be able to tighten the knees all the way.

But it's actually a great opportunity for those of us that hyper extend to activate the size and flex without just jamming into the joint. So it's a very nice, so I want much more flex into the yes, really work the Flex's your top priority, the lift of the spine as a second one, and then working the legs, narrowing them in as best you can. Arms to the side for your sob. Big lift up through the waist. Do not move your pelvis, twist to the right. And reach down pelvis. Stay steady, reach, reach and reach and come back up and lift other side, twist, reach, reach, reach, come back up and lift. First side reach. Scope that naval, reach and up other side. Stretch. Reach two, three and come back up one more time. Reach, reach, reach and come back up. Last one, twist and reach. Pull those arms apart. Away from each other. Come back up. Very good. Ring the legs together.

And now for single like kicks, you turn onto your stomach. Ring yourself forward. So your, your pelvis is on the pinnacle. So whether you're up on your elbows, I mean down in your elbows or up on your hands. Depends upon the height. Deb, I would have you a little bit higher because you want your trunk at least long Christie to lift up. Let's have you come up. It depends on the length of the body and the height of the barrel. Now really pulled the fill up the back ribs.

Have your legs together and extend the sternum long away from you. Make sure the back of the neck is long. So you've got an elegant head. Bend your right foot to your bottom. Three times, twice. Kick, kick, switch, kick, kick, kick, kick. Debbie, can you lift the legs in the air? Kick. Kick. Yes. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Extend both legs out.

Make sure your hands are right under your shoulders and instead of double a kicks, we will do grasshopper. So first lift and stretch your arms. Lift your chest up. Okay. Lock the pelvis. Bend the knees, lift them up, bend the knees in toward your bottom. Lift the legs up and clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. To come up. You may want to widen the hand slightly and adjust them. So the lever, the seesaw effect works for you. Lock the trunk.

So as you walk down you one piece, bend the knees in. Extend the legs out. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. One more time. Bend and lift the legs. Bend the knees. Extend them. And Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Now this is your relaxation slide yourself. Mat. So your knees come to the floor, hands will be on the pinnacle and drop back. If you can get your head on the step and your hands on the the hump of the Barrow. Stretch your arms. Debbie, you have a beautiful stretch, Christy, too long, long, long arms.

So you want to feel that pelvis going heavy and see if you can let the chest drop down towards the floor even more. Yes, Christie. So Debbie know, lift your head a little bit. Okay. And linkedin, Youtube, top of your head towards the ballot. Yes. Let's have you lower even further down with the chest. So we get this huge if you had for a minute and linkedin death.

Yes. So we are looking to get this spine beautiful and long. Okay, very good ladies come back up and the next one will be NEC pool. So core net pool. We have a lovely variation with the legs in this funky frog position.

You are disengaging your hip flexors, so it's all powerhouse arms along in front of you. Scoop the naval and just drape yourself over this barrel. Reach back, lengthening the trunk and the spine. All open the arms, scoop the navel and lift the arms up over your head. And as the arms come forward, you drape your spine back onto that barrel.

Arms over your head. Big Circle, scoop and lift up. One more time. Arms come forward. Get those ribs back on the bearer. Big Circle with those arms all the way around. Scoop to the Navel and sit up. Now we'll do the reverse arms. Come out to the side, bring the arms forward, head forward and lift.

Arms out. Drape yourself back. Arms forward and lift. I know it's tricky, isn't it? Arms out. Drape yourself back. Arms forward scoop and bring yourself back up. Very good. Now bridge shoulder bridge, one foot up. Bottom forward, back you go. Make sure the hips are nice and steady. Lift your right leg to the ceiling. Check your own hipbones. Are they even flexor? Foot length in it, away from UC opening hip flexor and up and long and and long and up.

Put The foot back on the ledge. Check that it's steady. Lift your other leg up. Flex. Lengthen it out and up. Lengthen it out and up. So nothing should be moving in the trunk if you can and it's just working. The hip socket both legs up to the ceiling for leg circles and normally we keep them about the width of the barrel, but we'll go wide today.

So let the legs go as wide as you want. Big Circle around and lift up open. The big thing is to check that the trunk is stable and one more time. Big Circle around and up. Reverse it. The other thing is to check that you're keeping both legs very even.

You're not letting one leg that may be looser and more rotated. Be indulging its own range. You want to match both legs and train your nervous system to be symmetrical. So check that the sacrament trunk is anchored for scissors, right leg forward, left leg, back, pulse, pounds, pulse, pulse, pulse, pounds, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Now keep the left leg forward. We're going into helicopter.

Very important to keep the pelvis rounded over, cross both legs, big rotational movement and cross both legs. Big Rotational Movement and cross. This is what I call wd 40 your hip sockets and cross because often we just have one place in the socket that we do all our movements and this is asking full range at all angles and cross very good. Both legs to the ceiling. Take your legs over your head and up you come to sit thing and up and popping your bottom forward for spine twist. So again, hips are behind the step arms to the side. How much of a lift can you get with the spine, with the feet flex, then without the hips changing it all twist to the right Taurus and work the ribs. Double Pulse back to the center.

Now imagine that you have your arms like a broomstick, so as you turn, try not to get the arms to do any movement. It's all trunk, pulse, pulse centered, right? Paul's pulse back to the center. Other side, Paul's, Paul's back to the center and pulse pulse, that center and back. And that's right. And Center. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay, rest. Next one is the side kicks. So let's have you sitting. Let's have everybody facing me. To begin with. So you want your self set up, not totally cuddled in just a tad with a tad space so that when you drape yourself out you can get some nice support.

You don't want to have this side short in this side long. You want to try and get more or less even length in the trunk with the leg long. The neck is long and you can have be holding like this. You can be supporting your head, you can be down. It's very, it depends on your body size and your strength is stability of the upper body. So lift the topic up to the hip, turn it out slightly.

Double pulse to the front, double pulse to the back. Double pulse to the front, double pulse to the back. Double pulse to the front, double pulse, the back. Double pulse to the front. Double Poles to the back. Now reach it back, reach it back, reach it back and lower down. Lift it up behind you. Lowered down, up, lowered, down, up, lower, down, up, lowered, down and up. Very good.

Turn around to face the other side so you'll face that or with your back to me. Make sure that front knee is right at parallel to the hump and that you're not completely up against it so you have a chance to get the ribs long. Very nice. Fill up those back ribs, Heidi. A little bit more. Good. Broad, upper elegant upper chest if you can. The shoulders are stacked. Lift the leg up, hip height and slightly turn it out. And here we go. Pulse, pulse and back. Back pulse, pulse and back. Back pulse. Pulse, back, back, pulse. Pulse, back, back.

Pulse. Pulse, back back. Now turn it down. Deb. Reaches hip forward, reach it back and lower to the floor. Lifted up, lower to the floor. Keeping this long and up to reaching out of your socket. Long and up and long and up and long.

Very nice ladies and up. One more time and long and up. Okay. Bring yourselves back up to face my direction for your side. Sit ups. Yay. Yay. Yay. So we start here, I think. Let me double check if we are. Yes, we worked with the leg long. So to begin with, you want to not be totally up hands or here and you're going to lengths in yourself out. So you want this sense of the hips stacked right.

Bring the hip out, one hip on top of the other and then lift up as much as you can and down. You won't be able to go too high too. Debbie tried to get the head wrong. Three and four. Very good. Now bring yourselves all the way up so the hip comes in, the arms go out. I'm testing here, always experimenting. Lift the chest up. I think it may be easier with the knee bent, but we will all find out, well crossed together.

We're going all the way to the floor so you reach out to the and up and reach out to maybe easier to come to balance with the lake long and up. It just depends. We'll do a vote afterwards. What's preferable and up, hands behind your head all the way down and turn your chest to bring you up sideways all the way down. Turn your chest to the ceiling and roll that w rib that's towards the Hump, into it on the way down out. Now Curl and press the the rib close to the, to the hump into it to open up. Now we add, twist the way, chest down, twist up to the ceiling and come up. Twist the way. Go down, twist to the ceiling. Come up one more time.

Twist the way rural down and come up. Yes, hard work. And let's have you turned to the other side so you can have your leg bent. Innovent out the hands or behind the head. This waist is long and you go let it start out. So you lengthen out parallel to the floor. Lengthen yourselves out to your place that we get the leg down. Yes.

Now you won't be able to lift all the way up here. Lift as best you can see work into the sideways and Christy is completely saying yes you can. And two power to you. And three, one more time like this. And four all the way up to sitting. Arms up to the ceiling, lift out of your waist, extend all the way out, extend to the parking lot, extend to the floor, extend to the parking lot, and come all the way up and out and down and out and up and out and down and out. And a panzer behind your head. Lift the stop and go down sideways.

Curl your chest to the ceiling and bring yourselves up. Good and outside ways. Curl your chest to the ceiling and up. One more time. Outside waves. Curl your chest to the ceiling. And up. Now you take your chest towards the floor, last set to the floor, to the twist of the ceiling and up and twist away.

Go to the floor, twist to the ceiling and up. One more time. Twist to the floor, twist to the ceiling and up. Very, very nice. And now we have our favorite of all exercise teaser. So place your bottom again in front.

Get your pelvis back, lift your legs up, arms up. So you have this nice cradled position and you're going to go back and up. [inaudible] back. So what's lovely about this, you're being cradled and hopefully it's really making the powerhouse work cause that's the only place you've got breasts. Now we have the next direction. You swivel yourselves around and [inaudible] lift the legs up so you can get your sacred nicely under you. So it kind of forces you into, yeah, that's a really good thing to do. Christie gets you set up, lift the legs up, arms up.

You can reach your hands towards your legs. Now your legs will go back, your chest will come back and up. So you all put away and up and open away and up. Very good swivel around fourth swimming. So again, you place your hips, see if you can get those legs in the air, in your arms, in the air so you have a balanced point, nice strong trunk and go for a good swim. Oh this is a tricky one.

You really need to find that balance point. I can't give you lots of commentary and do it at the same time, but it's tricky. Just finding the balance is kind of phase one. Exactly. Just what you're doing there, Debbie. And then adding movement. Once you figured it out, it's a little bit good for you Debbie. Very, very good. And let's have you two ladies rest. Debbie, keep yours up there and move yourself a little bit back just a tad because you'll have this a lot of figuring out body size and upper body weight, lower body weight and how to to hold it. So I still think if you tried to lift both hands up, Debbie, you just couldn't be a sample. Can you try to live both hands up.

You will probably fall forward. So she needs to move back. So wiggle yourself back. Okay, now she has a chance. He's still waiting herself where it's kind of like the scales, you know that we all hate. That's it. Now she's found who sent her balance and then she slowly increases. Good girl, Debbie. Awesome. That's good enough. Stop before you fall.

So let's have us all come back to sitting again. And we do our seal, which is like rolling like a ball. It doesn't look like anything in the, we work really hard. So see if you can get yourself in a balanced school position without touching the hump. Okay.

Clap three times. Clap, clap, clap, roll back. Come up, clap, clap, clap, roll back. Come up, clap, clap, clap. Yup. Roll back. Come up. Last one. Woopsie daisy, clap, clap, clap, roll back. Come up. Oh, okay. It looks so pathetic, doesn't it? And we are working so hard.

So the last one is push ups and I will move my spine corrector over here because we are all going to stand up. In fact, what I'd like you ladies to do is pull your spine correctors right to the front of your mat because we, so you put them towards the center. Excellent. And stand in front of your spine corrector with your heels on the front. Very good. And lift your arms to the seating except for me, arms to the ceiling and then corrode yourself down and walk yourself halfway out and step back. So your shins are on shinbones are on just halfway down or close to the knees. Now, right here I want you to see if you can really feel that stomach and back.

And the shoulders pulling into your back. The arms should not be bearing weight. Take the armpits towards your ribs so the lats hold more view. You should now bend the elbows, press up, bend the elbows, press up, hips, stomach lifted, bend, press, slide yourself back till the knees are on. So this is good because each one gets a little easier and see if you can lift the belly, lift the hips a bit. Then there we go. Keep that trunk stable and lift and bend and lift.

Bend and lift. Slide yourselves further back. Walk your hands under your shoulders again. See if you can fill up the back ribs even more. Heidi, fill up those back ribs. Now broaden the shoulders onto your back. Anyway, keep the ribs lifting and again, then you can probably go lower and up and Ben and up and bend and [inaudible]. Now this is tricky.

You want to pull your weight forward and start lifting your bottom off so the feet come onto the ledge. See if you can straighten your knees. Good, and I'll step off in front the step here we are bent over and scoop your navel to roll yourself up to an upright position. Take a deep breath in, breathe out. And ladies, you are cooked, you're done, and you did an awesome, awesome workout. So I hope you have fun. This is different. Lots of laughs. Very hard work. Thank you.


Susan B
Perfect !!! Thank you. This is exactly what I was waiting for......
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Thank you. I love your teaching style!I also love a"real"client participating In the class.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your post Jenny. Glad you enjoyed the class and best of luck as a teacher.
Love your teaching style and spirit. Thank you!
Thank you! This was a solid workout.

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