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BASI Mat Flow

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Enjoy yourself and go deeper into your practice with this moderately paced, BASI flow Mat class.
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Aug 09, 2010
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Hi everyone. Is there anything that anyone wants to work on besides candidates who wants to work hard morning? We're Warren for a treat. Kenny wants to work hard. Anyone question a comm requests? No. Okay, here we go. All right, so we're just going to start sitting. Oh, okay.

With our feet slightly apart from one another, holding on just behind the thighs and give yourself a moment just to, I don't know, settle into your body and lengthen up through your spine. And as you lift up through the back, support that lift from the friend. And while we're here, we'll just inhale a couple of times and exhale. Breathing and expanding through the entire torso and exhale, narrowing the ribs, the abdominals, the entire tour. So again, inhale, big breath. With each inhale, maybe you'll feel that you grow a little taller and exhale, solidify, contract and support the spine and your movement. One more breath from no movement.

And then one last big inhale. And as we exhale, we're going to tilt the tailbone backwards. Start Rolling down just about till your arms go straight. Try to keep your shoulders almost just over your hips. And then in your roll forward to lift the spine tall. Exhale, drawing the abdominals back towards the spine as a deep contraction to the ABS. It's like you're resisting by pulling your upper body forward as your abs.

Try to drag you back. Inhale, lift up tall, allowing the low back to mobilize. Ma Ma mobilize. I'm starting to start our girls. All right. I have always centered, but it's gonna be bad today. I have a feeling lifting XL, curving the spine. We're going to go a little lower this time, so if you want to keep holding on, just slide your hands down the sides of your thighs. In fact, let's all do that.

Inhale, pause, maybe hang on a little and see if you can't go a little deeper in your abs x. We roll back up, shifting the shoulders over the pelvis, lift up tall. Exhale, drawing the abdominals down again, just a little pressure inwards in the arms and downwards with the shoulder blades. As we dig deep into the ABS, lowering the body. Inhale, exhale and heal the spine. Back up, creating length as we round on. Then even more length. As we sit tall, we're going two more times. Exhale, you wish to let go. Now you can, but I'm kinda liking that hanging onto the size thing. Xcel, curling, pressing the ribs down, squeezing the abdominals back, lifting the spine tall. One more to go. We're going to hang out at the bottom. So finding a place where you feel strong, but support it. Inhale, raising the right Armour. Exhale, allow that. I'm to press back there. Any of the belly button pulls away from the hand as the handle rises and exhale, push back down. So we're alternating arms, right arm and down.

Left arm and down both arms a little harder without hanging on in both arms down. One more time with both arms up and both of them is down. One more. Inhale. Exhale, guide yourself forward. Lift the spine tall. We're going again. Just like that exit. We curve backwards. Here's your chance to fully inhabit your body, to challenge yourself within it. Inhale, left arm. Exhale, push from underneath the shoulder blade. The arm returns to the leg. Inhale, right arm. Exhale down. Inhale, left.

Exhale, left arm down. Inhale, right arm. Exhale right arm down. Inhale both arms two times. Go as far back as you can and down and both arms and both arms down. One less full breath in. Exhale, curl lifting the spine tall, rolling back again, same place a somewhere, not a little higher than the shoulder blades if possible, maybe just at the bottom of the ribs. Hold on, kind of tight with the right arm and reach the left arm back behind you. So turn and look at that arm as you go back and come back to center. We're going to inhale as we rotate and re exhale as we dig deep and pull back in. Heel rotating reach. Exhale to come back.

The eyes follow the arm that's reaching behind us. Exhale to come back. Although we're reaching the arm, we're not falling down with our curl. Xcel, we come back. We're going one more time only, you know, reach. Exhale, bring that arm back in here. Hold and exhale. Let your body come down, sliding your feet a little closer to your body, preparing for the pelvic curl. So we breathe in again at the bottom. As we exhale, same movement in the pelvis in the opposite direction. You flatten the low back into the ground, then start to lift the pelvis one bone at a time, sending the knees out over the toes, the ribs stay relatively close to the floor. Breathe in, hold and breathe out. Bring the chest through the arms, bringing each rib down individually, and then maximize the curvature of the lumbar spine and the lower back.

Inhale at the bottom. Exhale. Start Your journey back upwards. Currently sending energy forward with the knees, with the fingers. Inhale and feel. As you exhale, enrolled down that your head in your tailbone are reaching in two separate directions. So it's not just about replacing the spine, but about lengthening the entire trunk. Two more to go x, so we roll up looking just above the knees as you're up in that pelvic curl position. Seeing that they're parallel to one another. Annex soldier roll down. He's, he needs most fundamental movements to see what we can find about ourselves or we weighted more on one leg. Can we feel the backs of the legs strongly working coming down. Now.

Here's the last one for now. Excelling tool. Roll out, stretching and reaching forward as though you could pull yourself forward. Inhale, hold. Exhale to calm down, lift your arms up and then float them out to the side so that they're in a t position. Pick up the left leg without any loss of stability in the pelvis. Pick up the light right leg and glue them together. As we inhale, we're going to rotate the trunk towards the ocean and exhale, pulling back from that sideways. Inhale, we come the opposite direction and exhale to come back. So just continuing to warm up the low back to warm up the ABS. We rotate and pull back and rotate.

Keeping the knees level with one another lined up side by side. Looking for deep work. Last one to this side for now, bringing him back, placing one foot down at a time. Reach back, bringing the hands behind the head, fully interlock your fingers. Allow your elbows to be slightly forward so that you can see them in your periphery. And with that the chest lift Xcel to curl the head and chest off the ground.

Keep the head heavy in the hands as you lift. Inhale, exhale, work your way down, so creating link, creating space in the spine. Inhale, exhale to the left. If you can find the neck heavier, relaxed, your abs will potentially work a little more and Xcel to release down. At least your neck won't work. Quite as much. Exhale to lift up any. I'll reach behind the thighs. Exhale, guide yourself a little more forward and reach the arms. Just pass the thighs for an inhale to raise just arms. Exhale, press the arms down. Imagine pushing springs or waits. Inhale, arms flow.

XL arms press can involve the back of the legs. Even in something like this. Exhale, press. We're going to one more time up with the, I'm re interlock the hands behind the head and exhale to length in your body down. Exhaling. Again, we lift the head and chest once again to inhale, reaching behind the thighs. Exhale, guiding yourself a little further. Let go of the size and stack one hand on top of the other for an inhale to reach towards the ocean. Keeping the lower body still exhale. Come across center. Inhale, reach up and over the opposite knee. Exhale to come across center.

Look for us consistent height throughout the movement. Meaning as you come center, you're not going downwards. You continue to fight for the reach. Fight to pass the knees [inaudible] process, making sure that the low back stays flat on the ground. One more time here and when you bring it home, left and bring it home and we separate the arms and we raise the arms to bring them behind the head to lower the head and chest XR. Here's a fun little game. Pick up your left leg. Exhale to lift the head and chest in. Yelta rotate towards the leg that's in the air and hold onto the back of the outside of that leg with both arms. Now using your arms, but more using your abs. Curl a little higher.

Rotate a little more and look for a solid position there. Then bring one hand back behind the head without falling down, followed by the other little pulses here. Look for five trying to just intensify that curvature. Three, two, one. We're going to bring it back home. Lower the leg in the body. Any help? Prepare Xcel to lift the head and chest. Oh, pick up the right leg and then lift the head and chest and then rotate towards it. Hold onto the outside of the thigh. Guide yourself upwards.

The outside rib comes across to the inside the hip and that inside rib pulls down. Once you've got that one hand, squeeze your inner thighs towards one another, the other hand, and then just five little intensity pulses. Three, two, one. Inhale, come to center. Stay lifted. Exhale, lower the leg in the body. Okay, so that if that's where we want our curl or our position, let's try it without the leg in the air without our hands to help except for now. Lift the head and chest. Guide yourself into that high position. Hands back behind the head for chest lift with rotation. Can you find the same intensity, the same height as you traveled from side to side? Keeping the lower body is still so important, so we're just working around the trunk and we lift and rotate and bringing it home and lift. General Otay and bringing it home.

One more time to bring it back. Stay here. Stretch the arms towards the waist. Pick up one way. Pick up the other les. Lower the head, chest and arms, keeping the legs in the air, heading into the hundred lifting the head and chest. You can keep your knees bent or you can straighten your legs. We're going to inhale to pause and start the exhale. Two, three, four, five.

Calm and support it. Feeling the belly pull in is the biggest challenge here on the inhale and for two, curling again, trying to challenge yourself. We're halfway through [inaudible] pressing the ribs down the front of the bay. Last two full breath cycles. Yeah.

One more. Full breath cycle. [inaudible] pause whole bend your knees. Try to intensify. Attach the chest to the thighs. Isn't the store come towards the chest, reach around your knees and have you knees into your body and that felt good. Yes. Stretch the legs out along the ground. Coming into the role at, let's bring the arms first over the shoulders. Solidify the position of the ribs so that all 12 ribs are down.

As you send your arms towards over your head, they just hover from there. You lift your head and chest, your arms reach towards your thighs. We curl the spine forward so that we balance the shoulders over the hips at the top. Inhale to pause. Exhale to roll down sand. Do you want me to get you a tower? I'll get you one. Yeah, just keep going. You guys. Exhaling all the way down. You know the movement. You know the breath.

Arms reach overhead, lift, head, chest. On the inhale, exhale, curl through the spine. Yeah, so you're looking for a manipulation of the back of your body. Coming from the front of the body. I'm looking for control. Moving the Body like a well oiled machine. Let's go about four more times.

We're rolling back, squeezing the NFIS together. Also squeezing the glutes and also pressing the legs into the mat so there's energy in our lower half. Although just the upper half of the body is moving and the three exhaling down. Head goes down, arms reach back, lifting that in chest, curling the spine forward. Last too. If you wish to make this a little harder, keep your arms a little higher in space as you move, barely touched the back of the head. Come right back up. [inaudible] one more to go. We're rolling ourselves all the way to the ground and lifting ourselves all the way back. All righty. Reach all the way forward for your feet.

Stretching the spine over the side eyes. Take a moment, see how much you can press the backs of the knees into the ground and then flex the feet back towards the top of the head. Maybe. Then you'll even want to pull with your arms and guide yourself forward just a little bit more. Rolling ourselves up to sitting up straight. Bring the arms out to the sides, palms face that for the spine. Twist that we're going to turn towards the ocean and we're going to come and we're going to turn towards the back of the room and we're gonna come back and then let's add a double Polston. It's an exhale. Go as far as you can.

Then try to go more. Inhale back to center and its exhale. Turn and inhale center and keeping that pace, keeping consistent movement, consistent work through the trunk so it's ultimately all about the obliques. Inhale back. Exhale, opposite side. Inhale back XL. Turn towards me. Hold any ole, raise your arms up, grow taller, press your arms back down. Exhale, inhale, come back to sell all the way across to the other side. Exhale, stretching. I keep changing the breathing. Just breathe and come back.

You're all. Give us a real one. Inhale and exhale, stretch. Inhale, arms down. Exhale, back to center in Hawaii. Turn. Exhale. As the arms get go up, the spine gets longer. Inhale the arms come down and exhale. We bring it back home. One more time around routine length. Open.

Come Home Roti. Lengthen. Open the arms and come back. [inaudible] lower the arms down. Separate the lay eggs. They can stay straight. That's ideal. If not, it's preferable to have knees bent and a straight back. So we're going to go into the spine. Stretch forward. Breathing into prepare. As you breathe out your headphones, its forward. Your ribs dropped backwards, your downloads go backwards.

And then you stretch your spine out over your legs. Pausing as you inhale, checking for the shoulders away from the ears. Exhale, guide your spine back up. Build the spine one bone at a time with space in between. Inhale, as you look forward, exhale as you look down, seeing or feeling the ribcage, draw back, feeling the abdominals, that depth of them lengthening outwards. Inhale to hold. Exhale to roll back up and lifts all go. And again, reaching forward, creating space in the body. Even if you can sit up straight with a straight legs, sometimes worth it at the bottom to bend the knees a little bit. See if the stretching.

Here we go again a last two times. Excelling, rolling down, maybe softening the knees and then deciding whether or not you want to press the legs back down. We're rolling yourself. Paca and one more. Rolling down. Grab onto your ankles. Lengthen your out and forward. So here we want to think about the front of the hipbones, pulling forward the tailbone, reaching back, the ribs, pulling back to support that. We're going to hold that up mission with our spine and just float the arms up. Let them be light in space, kind of airy. Inhale, reach down, maybe touch the legs, maybe give yourself a little bit more and let the arms float up and reached down. Let the arms float and hold that shape as you exhale with the along extended spine, rotate towards the ocean. Reach in the diagonal line. Inhale, come back. Exhale, bring it to the back of the room and again, putting the focus in the obliques. Exhale, we turn again.

Inhaling, we come back. Excellent. We turn this our last one and he'll to come back and exhale. Just melt your spine. Okay. All the way down. Arms and between feet and Rola. Place your hands behind your back, fingers facing forward or to the sides.

Bending the knees. So transfer. You definitely want some energy in your arms, but also, excuse me, itchy. Transfer some energy in into your legs, cause they're going to be working. What we want to do here. See an immediate open up your arms just a bit. Yeah. Good. Okay, so we're going to pick up the hips and from that place we're going to Tuck the tailbone, trying to connect the pubic bone towards the tip of the nose. Then roll yourself up, lifting the pelvis up towards the chest. As you get up there, then start to stretch the knees away from you.

So now you're rolling away from your shoulders. The chest is up, the shoulders are getting a stretch. We're going to come back the way we came down and keep the pelvis high as you drag the abdominals into around spine or you round your spine and then come back to a straight back. As you exhale, tilt your tailbone first. It's a deep abdominal contraction to make that happen. Press the hips up as high as you can and then transfer energy forward. Stretching through the shoulders, maybe even getting a stretch to the front of the legs. Exhale, we drag back an energy upwards as the pelvis moves downwards.

Okay, and straighten out the back. One more time. Rolling. Dragging the heels towards the fingertips or at least back towards the shoulders, opening the chest, stretching the shoulders and excelling to come back, articulating all the way to a straight back and then lowering the hips down. Bring the feet quite close to your body, hold onto your ankles if it's easier to open this up if you need a modification. So we're, what we're going to do to is just keep the feet flat and then bring the legs as close as you can towards your trunk. Then with your abdominals, curl away from the thigh bones, but keep the shoulders quite close. So I guess what I've asked us to do is just round our lower backs, lift up onto the toes, lean just behind the tailbone, and by deepening that contraction, pick up the feet rolling like a ball.

We inhale without changing the shape and exhale to come up in balance if you can. I didn't manage to, but let's go again. It's all about trying right shoulders down, working with the breath. About three more times. Rolling on the inhale back. Try to avoid pushing back with the back of your head. Keep your eyes down. It's like the contraction of the abdominals is what's creates a momentum backwards. Did I say one more? One more.

Okay. Go ahead and place your feet down. Open up the knees and stretch forward. Rolling back up, bringing the knees back together, leaning back behind the tailbone. Once again, let's pick up both legs, perhaps one at a time so that we're holding onto our knees with our hands. We're going to Tuck the tailbone under gently and with control. Bringing the low back into the ground, almost onto the tips of the shoulders is where we're going to end and here's the double leg stretch. We reach it and we pull back and we reach out and we pull back feeling that the knees are being pulled in from just underneath the chest.

If there's any up and down movement in the lower back, it's worth it to stretch the legs higher or maybe just do the yarn. What's ultimately the most important thing is that there's stability, that there's strong work in the middle last for if it you want to challenge you, try to take your arms back more and closer together. Three and as the arms swing around, push the air. One more. Push the lower the head and chest. Bring your knees into your body. [inaudible] push your knees into your hands. Curl your head and chest up.

We're going to do a variation on that little game we played earlier. Take the leg for this away from me. Straight. Turn towards the knee. Curl your body around and then ah, see if just holding here, you can bring one hand behind the head, the other hand behind the head and just support that. Can you lift any higher? Shouldn't be able to, should be there. Just breathe, breathe and breathe. Ben, that's straight leg. Straighten the opposite leg.

Turn towards the bent knee. Reach for it and look for your best position. One Hand behind the head. Take the other hand behind the head. Hold that. Just focus on challenging it on breathing into it, on defunding the contraction through the abdominals. Bend your knee as you come back through center. Reach around both thighs, settle yourself into a good strong flection hands behind the head.

And here's the crisscross cross. Can you find it without your hands? We turn and turn the legs pass one another by and they aim at distant points. We squeeze the back of this leg that's going straight and we turn and we curl as we come through center so that there's always focus on going forward and we go four and four. Speeding it up without losing precision. Two, two, one, one. Bend both knees in and let the head come back. Yeah, placing their feet down on the ground in the arms next to the body.

Breathe in as you breathe out. Once again, articulating up through the spine, rolling the pelvis away from the ground, stretching the knees forward of the feet. Inhale to pause. Exhale to roll down just to the bottom of the rib cage. This time, how round can you make your low back? It's going to take a little bit of leg involvement and definitely a lot of abs and then we're going to come back up and then we're going to go halfway down again. It's like there's a 50 pound weight on your belly that's pulling you down, but your pelvis is buoyant. Trying to lift up and roll back up. One more time, just like that. We're all in yourself too long. Straight arms, tension free. Neck and shoulders. Roll back up.

We're going to stay here for the shoulder bridge. Pick up the right leg, stretch the leg up. It's an exhale to push the leg down and float it back. Inhale, exhale, press down and back. Really actively feeling the back of that straight leg. Last three, two more. Last one, bring up the leg folded back in.

Take a moment, check that the pelvis is level. Then bring the pelvis down, not all the way, once again, just to the bottom of the room, so we create that deep spinal flection rolling ourselves back up, creating balanced work in the body, picking up the left leg, stretch the leg to the ceiling and exhale. Push it down and bring it up and push it down and floated up and um, and five to list and pressed. Two last one, fold the Nian. Take one last breath, perhaps talking to tailbone a little bit more. Seeing if we can open up the front of the body and then we just melt into the ground.

Bring the left side quite close to the chest. So you're going to reach it around the hold the back of your thigh. Oh, I'm just going to sit up so you can see. So just you're hugging it pretty close to your body and then we're going to just stretch it. So keep the leg where it is. You may or may not get straight, but try to stretch the leg. It's like you're trying to reach a point way behind you. And then bend.

What you don't want is for the thighbone to move away from the trunk. So just go as a straight as it goes. And then we'd just one more like that, especially in the Lagos, Ben, that knee. Stretch the legs straight along the Mat. Bring up the opposite leg, reach around to the back of the thigh and hug the thigh close to your body, anchoring through the straight like we stretch that leg that we're holding. Reaching back. Be kind to yourself.

Each side's probably a little different. I'm not quite getting straight on the side personally. And one more time. Stay here, walk the hands up, delay, guide the leg slightly closer to the body if possible and then try by contracting the abs to pull the thighs so it's less just held by the hands. From there, let it go. Bring up the bottom like change legs. It's important that the trunk stays stable and then pull towards you and then let go and then pull with your arms. Yes, but then guide the leg out of the arms with the ABS and change.

We're going to speed this up a little bit and add the second pulse. It's Po, just the top lake's pulsing. Maybe it'll get closer and closer to you as you begin to open up through the back of that Lang. So I'm going to offer an alternative exercise. If this is making you happy, stick with it. If you want a challenge, bring your hands behind your head. Continue just pulsing the top leg at Poles back and back and back, anchoring the bottom leg into the ground and change and change. We're going to add a rotation for three so we turn to the leg that's pulsing and we turn to the opposite side. Try to avoid pulling the elbows around.

Keep the head heavy in the hands. One more to go. Oops. Bring both legs. Bend your knees, stretch your arms down along your sides, placing your head down on the ground. Inhale. Exhale. Stretch your legs on the diagonal with which you can keep a flat back. Inhale, lift the legs up. Exhale two with control roll the hips over. Arms are long and straight. We're going to flex the feet, separate the feet, lower the feet if you can without changing the spine at all, and then gently roll your spine down to the ground. Feeling each vertebra individually.

Point the feet circle until that's feet touch. Inhale, bring the legs up, x whole role, looking for control, reaching the legs. They end in a parallel position and then you flex and you separate and you just peel down. You're right, and then just yet, not maybe not quite so wide with the mix. Just fair and then just roll down, separating the chest from the chin. Good to barely squeeze those abs in as you come through that place. Just go to here. Let's do a one more. I'm kind of, you guys are a little bit on your own, but you know what to do just parallel to the ground.

We need to give you just a little bit of gentle help. Kind of push your feet into my hands as you pull away from my hands with your abs. When you finish, bend your knees into your chest, give your legs a hug. Okay, and then rock yourself up. [inaudible] turn and face my direction. Line straight down on your side. The head is going to be resting on the bottom arm.

You want to look down this line of your body and see that you're totally straight, you can use, uh, raise the arm, put it on your thigh, hold onto the mat, whatever you want to do. But what's important is that you're contracting through the trunk and reaching your legs away. Not necessarily up or high, but away. Lower the legs and then lift the legs again. Sometimes I like to just rest my hand on my belly to feel yes, it's working, but can I challenge that work? Can I make space between my belly and my hands or my powerhouse?

Reaching away and lowering down and reaching away? Hello, do about four more and to keep the legs up, let's take the hand if possible and reach it along your thigh. If not, you can do it with your hand down. We're going to slide that lang towards the knee, reaching, lifting the ribs to the hip, pulling the abdominals, and we lengthen the spine down and we're going again, leg stay lifted. Your reach up, up, up, up.

Can you touch the outside of your knee and then reaching down? Three more to go here. Lifting out in that and um, and you and uh, one more time and come all the way down. Ooh. As you come down onto your arm, take your top leg and reach you behind you. Slide the top arm or the free arm in the opposite direction and just look for a stretch. You can even hold onto that arm with your bottom arm and pull it a little tilt. Free to play with the strips and make it work for you.

[inaudible] okay, come back to center externally. Rotate both hips so both knees are the knees are facing away from each other. The heels are down and we're going to lift the top leg up. Reach and touch in front of the bottom leg. Lift up, touch behind lifter and friend up. Be High looking for stability. Leading the leg down with the heel.

Leading up with the toes down with the heel. No, not really. Saying point in flex. I'm just talking about the position and four more touch left. Like a, like the mat is hot lava and you're trying to leave it as soon as you can before it burns you three up, down, up, down, up, down. Last time. Hmm. Bringing the legs together. Here comes a great big circle, so we're going to inhale as we swing that leg forward. Excellent. As we lift up, press the hips forward as a leg travels back and circle again. Inhale goes way out in front. It lifts up lots of mobility in the hip necessary, but also strength, which is why it doesn't feel like a stretch. Unfortunately.

You look so pretty today. Last four has big circle forward. Remembering that as a lead comes forward. It's the abdominal, that dragon seed almost that resist the back arching as you go back. Here is ah, three, two. She get in trouble as a child for going, ah, my mom would not be proud of me. Okay, go the other way. We go back, we lift up, we bring the leg forward and we swing it back again.

Says going all the way to eight, looking for your biggest range of motion. If you find yourself with your shoulder in your ear, just gently pull down underneath of the shoulder blade, supporting from the upper back rather than from the neck. I believe this one's five and swing lift forward and down last too. And then s bend your knee, hold your foot, pull the knee back behind the pelvis and press the pelvis forward. Breathing in and out.

Here's another place where we want to just try or attempt to gently talk in order to get a more functional stretch I guess is the best way to say that. And then we're going to let the foot go [inaudible] and we're going to bend the knees. We're going to come up onto the arm, the right arm or the whatever arm you're on. You guys are left. All less. Alright, so first things first, pull away from the arm with the ribs. Feel your nice and solid on the bottom half of your body. Opposite arm. Free arm is just down sides of the thigh.

We're going to lift from our own obliques. So you want to pick up the waste until you're in a straight line. The top arm is going to reach up. I'm going to press that through the hip, straight up. Push the hips up as far as you can and take the top arm overhead. Just continue to look forward. Inhale, the arm comes back shoulder distance and we exhale to bend in. Come Down Sandy. Crush your top foot over your bottom foot. Yeah, it'll give you more support I think. Here we go again. It's not the legs.

I mean I guess it is the legs a little bit. It's mostly the waist that picks us up. We support with filet and we pick up that bottom waist reached the top. I'm up overhead, eyes forward and then back and then down. You could do it with your hips down and just bend in the way east.

I'm going to go one more time. So legs, arm floats. Yeah, Helen. That's nice. We're reaching out and back, lowering all the way to the ground. Bring the knees in. Help yourself off that arm. Squeeze your knees close to if you can, or open them out if he hadn't. In fact, let's all open out.

I know this isn't a great position for you hotline, but if you want to grab like a mat to sit on or something, do we can, okay. Here we go. We're going to do the mermaid so the arms are reaching out to the science. Let's see if I'm going to my left. You guys are going to your right. Nope. I'm going to my right. You are to go into your left. Yes. Turn the body. Look down.

It's a shame how I'm old and I am oldish. I haven't learned my left and rights yet. Reach back. Open with the body like someone's pulling you the way that you're reaching. Lift up. Take that arm that you were just resting on. Bring it up over your head and then come back. Look quicker. Now. Lengthen out through the ribs. Place the hand down, maybe even slide it away a little and then bring the top rib around, pulling the bottom rib back so you'd get the maximum rotation through your trunk. Any. I'll open up x hole this through the waste arm, comes down, opposite arm reaches up and over and we can just do one more reaching up.

Can you get even taller each time? Let the hand come down. Exhale. Big rotation through the trunk. Lots of oblique, bleak work. Find the stretch. Shoulders down. Unwind. Lift. Huh? And reach over. Uh, this one, is that the one you're talking about? Yes. Good question.

Is My right hip supposed to be all the way down in a perfect world when you're sitting here? Yes. Um, I'm not, I'm not equal in my body. Um, as I come here, I do lift it quite a bit actually. And then I come back. So depending on the, your fit flexibility, yes or no, ideally someday, but maybe not today. Turn sides lying all the way down on the arm is where we started. Long line through the body leg lined up and [inaudible] parallel and head down on the arm working through the trunk. We reached the legs out in a way and then it's just a gentle lower like you're going to reach outside and then turn into a nice day at five 30 yeah, exactly. Just, I don't know. Every time I think about complaining about our cold August weather, I think about everyone else in the country who's dying of heat stroke who can't even go outside because it's so hot. No, I'll stop complaining for about five seconds and start again.

Cool. In three more times here, reaching out and up, lowering dad, checking x, retention two and one more. Take that arm if you can and slide it along your leg. It can stay on the ground if it needs to. We are going to reach down towards [inaudible] is that side knee and then we're going to lower, so I suppose it, I am somewhat helping myself with my bottom arm, but I'm definitely not pushing off off of that and balancing with it a little. If anyone wants to try Palladio's party trick, you can try to take the arm off the ground with you.

Woo. I think we did fine. Here's two more. If skiing, shortening that top waste and then lengthening it so you want to work the length part as well. Last one. Nice. Good work. Here's a hip work externally rotate both hips meaning heels are together, knees are apart. Your just toes are turning away from one another. We have all got it. Lift the top leg up, touch hot lava lifted up.

I'll hot lava behind and it's just up and alternating front to back. [inaudible] hips shouldn't move. They might a little bit as the center of gravity changes, but ideally we're looking for as much stability in our pelvis and in our waist as we can, which by the way will limit some of us to buy two going all the way down. I can't go all the way down in the back because I have tight hip flexors, so if he can you can and if he can, we're all working on something. Last two. Hmm? Me Too.

Still working on stuff 10 years later. A lifetime of stuff. Okay, that's it. We're going to pick up the leg and bring the legs back together. Here are circles. We did eight helped me count. If I'm not counting, lowering the leg way forward, lifted out sweetie, behind you. Lower John, send it forward again to lift it up, to sweep it behind. And again, big rotation through the hip again, trying to maintain the external rotation.

So here's another place where we could ask that question. Is the pelvis moving? Maybe a tiny bit, but we're doing our very best to keep it still. I've got sex. Does anyone counting besides me and all right. Two more. Last one. Here's a place where we can think about this. Can you, yes, you're gonna feel your hip working, but can you reach out of the hip instead of into the hip? Does that make sense? Like instead of squeezing the leg and pull, trying to pull it tight, try to take it away and then do your circles from there. Yeah, length in it.

Like you could perhaps create space in its capsule of the joint that's in the shoulders stable. Last four, the heels brush together as the legs pass and fired. Three Oh two and last name. Oh and you know what we didn't do before that we did on the other side. Stretch. Let's do that now. I forgot about that. My favorite stretch. Pull the leg away, the toes reach away from the fingers.

And then we came and we bent the knee. He held the foot, press the hip forward and pulled the knee behind the pelvis and supported all of that with our abs. Bring your topic back, just that you're here, like your whole pelvis is forward. So just a your top hip. Take it towards your elbow on the back. Yeah. All right. And then what did we do?

We set up across the top and over the bottom one came up onto our elbow. So again, if you don't want to wait, bear, just bend the waist and come back. Here we go on the elbow, lifting up from the bleak strong legs are always going to be helpful. Now lift the bottom waist more and take just the top arm over the head. You're making like a rainbow with your body. Come back, bend the knees, lower the top arm down towards that top hip. Inhale to lift. Ah, exhale to lift more. Inhale to send your body into a straight line and exhale to calm down.

One more to go or lifting, stretching up in over, bringing it back and lowering all the way down. And then just slide the bottom leg out from under the top. They come and sit up. So Sandy to is to go back to your question. I was kind of down on the back on my hips, both hips last time in here. I'm not even close, so everyone's going to be a little bit different.

All right, so we reached the arms up. This time I'm going to my left. You're going to your right. We're all going in the same direction really and goes down. Turn the top rib around, but bring the bottom ribbon back. Rotation through both sides of the body. Inhale as you one. Why?

Here's where we got to lift up. Like there's no nothing holding us down and we reach out right now. There's a lovely stretch here, but can we also find the work as we come back out of it to a straight body? You might even feel that as you do. A couple of the hip will get a little heavier into the ground. Turn.

Drop that bottom shoulder down, that supporting arm. Inhale Open. Exhale, lift. I don't know. And just one more. Lincoln Audi hand goes down. Well the ribs in and up as they turn towards the man.

Open back out. No lift up and stretch over. Let me think all that we've done today. We deserve a hip flexor stretch. What do you guys think? Alright, cause we're doing it anyway since I'm the boss, bring them and see. Bring the right leg forward. I kind of am.

It would be good if you thought I was teasing. All right, so you want to position yourself in front of the back knee for the events. Some of us will get plenty of the stretch here with our hands on the ground. Just pressing the pelvis forward and pulling the abdominals in. So here's another place where we're looking for that. That tucked tucked pelvis. If you want more of a stretch, start to lift your chest even more.

Maybe even lifting the arms off the ground, maybe the arms can float out to the side. Maybe they'll just rest on your knee. Do what you need to, but make sure that you're lifting up away from the ground energetically with your waist. And then when you're ready, just gently ease your way out of it. Use Your front leg to push weight out of the back leg and then just slide that leg back and bring the opposite leg forward. So again, adjusting so you're not right directly on top of the kneecap.

And then seeing if you can get a stretch, but just by pressing forward into that hip flexor. And then if you wish, start to lift up, lifting the chest, eyes forward. All right. And then just slide in the hands back down, pushing off through the front leg, bringing the bottom knee back. So now we're back right into the hands and knee position. So Shan's just under shoulders, knees, just under pelvis. And we're going to do the cat stretch here.

So the cat stretch is divided into two parts. We start by pressing the pelvis forward and we're looking to round the lower back, only squeezing deeply in moving the hips forward. We then inhale to come back to a neutral spine position, keeping the pelvis still. Now we will look to extend just the upper back, lifting the chest through the arms, pulling the arms back towards the knees. Inhale to come back to neutral and going all the way over again. So exhale, curve the spine, allow your hamstrings to assist you a little bit as you really work to mobilize a lower back. Inhale to lengthen to a neutral spine and then exhale to extend upper back.

But the pelvis in the low back stays still. Sandy, just drop your eyes in you to Helen just a little bit. So you look just beyond your mat. Let's go again. Exhale. Don't go quite so much here. So leave this as much as you can. Focus on the lower body. Go. Keep going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going, going. Maybe. Yeah, that's not in pop. Chiropractic work is free today. Lengthen the spine back to neutral and then go to extension.

And let's do two more or one more. One more. Plenty. We're having a little back length. It's nicer. And then lengthening back out and then extending the upper back. I'm coming back home from there. Okay. So staying on the hands and he's everyone. Okay on the knees.

Sit back on your feet if you want to. For a stretch, we're gonna do a, um, a swimming type exercise from a quadrupedal position. So we're going to start by sliding the right leg back and out, lifting it to hip level. And from there we just raise the left arm. I'm gonna bring the arm down first. Follow it by bringing the knee in, slide the opposite leg out, and then reach the arm. And then if you can start to try to connect those movements so they feel more simultaneous. Here's the challenge. As you're moving from one leg to another, from one hand to another, can you support so much from the front that there is not a shift in the pelvis from side to side? Continue moving, alternating arm and leg.

Just you're going to get kicked in the face. I think Emily, your left hips just a little higher than your right left. Turn it towards Grad. That's it. Okay, so stay on the side. Go again. Say there. Ah, so here we are back on the side that we started. That's gonna stay there. Keep the arm reaching upwards, but just drop the toes to the top of the foot.

Comes down and raise it up to top with like down supporting Armstrong and then bring the knee in and then slide the opposite leg out the opposite arm, finding our balance and then we just pick up that backway ah arm. It's trying to get right up towards the ear in, towards the ear back behind it. And once you bring your knee back in, we're going to slide the legs out from underneath us. Go all the way down onto the mat. [inaudible] he was the second step. Pulling the abdominals in. Slide the arms back or the shoulders back so that your chest is pulling forward, but you've got some weight into your hands. Lots of upper back activity.

From there, I'll try to lift the abdominals off the floor. Lift the left arm in the right leg. Again, slightly different, but the same movement pattern, a right arm, left leg. Can you notice here that you can avoid shifting in the pelvis if you really fight to hang onto your center, alternate reach the legs. It's all about the length, the length of the body. And then if you wish, you can speed that up. So everything's off the ground in alternating arm and leg, or you can just keep going slow and create this sense of reaching away when you were ready to be done with that side. Your arms back down to the ground.

[inaudible] all right. And then when you're ready, help yourself, Huh? And sit all the way back on your feet. I thought we could use a little rest. They're sitting all the way back. Lengthening the spine, allowing the four hits you reached down. Bring your arms around towards your feet. Your arms could be down at your sides. You can separate your knees.

Just want to find a comfortable resting position here in churning so that we're facing me. I'm going to be on our knees, but not for very long. Um, arms out to your sides. I'm just going to flip the arms over and raise them up. So the feel that you're trying to get a little longer, a little taller as your arms reach of, gather some energy from the earth and then reach open and now inhale, reach the arms up and then go over to the left or whatever side and exhale to come back taller than you were before. Open the arms up and he'll reach up and over to the opposite side and lift tobacco and lower the arms. One more time to either side, reaching over, stretching our rib away from the top of the pelvis on that side, and then pulling back to open out [inaudible] to reach over and exhale to lift up. And then as you just start, go back to the t position, allow your left ear to go towards your left shoulder and then just slowly start to take the right arm down.

Yeah, slowly reaching like you've got a dumbbell in that hand. Once you get the stretch, allow them to relax. It's not pulling on the neck and lifted back up with the head. Take the opposite ear to the opposite shoulder so the arm reaches away and slowly down. Not a big shove, just to creating a little heaviness in the arm to allow the neck to open up and then let the, um, not be so heavy. I get back up. Raise the arms overhead one more time. Inhale, big breath.

Maybe even extend your spine a little if that would feel good to you. And then exhale, reach all the way down with the S. I ladies, we are all done. Thank you for coming. Good job. Thank you. Well, let's see. Yes, four. Yes.


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awesome class...great instructor!!!...I really felt so good after this!
Thanks for playing Nicole!
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Ooooh this felt sooo good! Thanks Meridith. BTW. if you really want to complain about the weather come to Alberta!
Ha Ha. We have nothing to complain about here Lisa but we never stop trying.......
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I've been doing Rael's system 27 for about 2.5 yrs. and am still in love with it, but when I heard about pa I was very excited to get other viewpoints on the pilates methods. Super class, very fluid and I will definitely add to my favorites. Thanks, Jeff
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wonderful class! i am super energized. thanks, meredith! i feel you... as i move into my 30s i still haven't gotten the left-right thing down pat. i guess it is a mark of creativity?!
Kira, I think it certainly must be.
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Great class! This was my first one on my free trial period and I'm "sold". I have been doing Pilates for several years and I am thrilled to be able to enjoy a class like this from home. I felt like I was there - train and all. :o) Thanks, Meredith.
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Irene! We are so happy to have you.
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One of the best workouts ever!! Really enjoyed it and relaxed me a lot. It´s now in my favorites list. Thanks Meredith =)
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