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Reformer Workout

30 min - Class


Take a good ride with Karen Sanzo in her detailed Reformer workout. She calls this class "Refresh Level 2" because she works on going back to clean up your technique while focusing on breath, pace, and rhythm. She includes isometric holds and unilateral work so you will feel long and strong in your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Oct 13, 2015
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This went right into my favorites. Short and so intensive. Loved the isometric side bend.Thank you!
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Thank you Karen for an awesome class! You're such an inspirational teacher. Lots of positive energy, great ideas and so much knowledge. Putting this into my favourite list also!
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Loved the creative twist on the format! Thanks for always bringing that element to all of the classes you teach! You are one of my favorites!!
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Just right.. thank you Karen !
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I cannot think of anything else but defining this class 'smart'!!!!!
More please
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Awesome learning for us teachers.

More like this ,please, Here we can get new ideas.
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Love the feedback from first responders!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Good, clean, clear info. Get it all in the set up and you're good to go!!!!
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Loved this. Really tough work out with the spring tensions. I usually use less springs.
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Thank you Karen. I echo the comments above. Great class! Love all the different variations. Inspirational teacher!
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Loved this one. Thank you so much!
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