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Take a ride with Karen Sanzo in her detailed Reformer workout. She calls this class "Refresh Level 2" because she works on going back to clean up your technique while focusing on breath, pace, and rhythm. She includes isometric holds and unilateral work so you will feel long and strong in your body.
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Hey, y'all thank mayor for joining me in this, uh, crazy advanced level workout, although there's not a teaser in it, but we'll see how it takes us. Our goal is to get this done relatively quickly. I call this reformer refresh level too because a lot of times, uh, again you've heard me say this before, I feel like we go advanced too far too fast and look for the big choreography for advanced exercises when what we need to do sometimes is go back and clean things up a little bit and get a little more attention to detail, adding the breath, adding pace and rhythm, and it'll take us on a good ride. I think we're going to start in quadro pen. The bar is on the lowest setting, the footwork bars on the lowest setting. Because what I like to do here, I have two red springs on. I'm going to say the spring edge I have, um, and then Mary will adjust accordingly. Again, this is advanced level work. So the typical exercises, you all know what your springs are regularly, so take your hands off of the edge of the reformer foot bar. And just let your fingers rest down. Look at your elbows, your forearms face each other. Excuse me, your elbow creases. Face each other.

Press your forearms into the bar and then tidy up your shoulders. Curl your toes well underneath you. Your heels are reaching long without moving your arms. Just push your legs out a little bit and in a little bit. Push them out a little bit. Exhale home.

Reach the legs out and reach the legs in. Now pause right here. Now pull your arms forward and your whole body will move away and your arms will move away from the foot bar. And then bring yourself back and do that three times. And then push yourself back and then return and then push yourself back and then return. Now we'll combine it legs for one, arms for two. Hold those shoulders, arms return, three legs.

Return for two more times. Legs, arms, arms, legs, head in line with the spine, legs, arms, arms, and then legs. Now keep the connection in your arms. Keep your forms. Take your bottom up to the ceiling. Nod your head, look towards your feet, drop your heels down. Adjust your feet accordingly that you can feel trunk flection so that your head is looking towards your shins. Think of this as elephant legs only will legs, pool, legs only legs pull. Try to lift those toes up.

Keep your elbows straight, making this connection deeply in from your shoulders into your shoulder blades tying into your upper quarter. Last time back last time forward. Drop your knees down. Sit back. Take your foot bar now and bring it to the middle position. Take your arms on the foot bar. Bring your knees up close. Rest your forehead on the bar. Take your right hand behind your back.

Take an inhale as you open up your right elbow and roll your head to look to the right, but do not lift it. That's an inhale. Exhale, come down. Inhale, open up. Breathe into those side ribs. Let your right shoulder blade chase your left one. Exhale down last time. Inhale and exhale down. Switch sides.

Left hand behind the back. Make sure the back of your neck is long. Almost feel like you're pulling this foot bar towards your belly so that you feel that flection force. Inhale, open, left elbow, exhale down. Feel your head. Just kind of rotate on this foot bar and then down. One more time. Reach kind of like the exercise saw on the mat. Let your left shoulder blade chase your right one and bring yourself down.

Now take your arms out on the reformer. The the your tricep area will be about on the bar. Your neck is still inflection. Take your right arm. I'm wiggling my fingers. Reach that shoulder blade, rotate your arm to the ceiling and then lift that arm up off the bar from your lower trapezius and then lower down. Turn the palm down. Same right arm again, reach, rotate and lift, and then lower down. One more time, reach the blade, rotate the arm and then lift up and hold it there. Big Inhale, big exhale. Notice it's not the back of your neck lifting it. It's the lower trapezius and then it comes down. Left arm reach, rotate, and then lift. Your eyes are glancing towards your knees.

Reach, rotate, and then lift and lower down. One more time, reach that left shoulder blade, rotate that arm and lifted up, and then bring it down. And then put both your hands on the bar and unroll your spine backwards and bring your torso all the way up to high kneeling. And now here we'll just do our regular knee stretches. So take your hands on the bar, bring your feet back against us.

I have two red springs on and now with the Organization of where the blades are, the arms stay almost like you're pushing apart with your two arms. 10 Times off. We go out. Resist in three five keep the ribs pulled back. Keep the spine rounded. The head is looking towards the knees. We have three more. Two more last time. Sit all the way down. Take your spine on a little journey length in your chest up.

Press through your heels 10 times. Go strong arms. Pull your arms away from each other like there's a band around your two forearms. Five more, four, three and two and one. And pull yourself in. Now take a big inhale. As you exhale, pull your belly in so deep or lift your rib cage back so much that your knees lift off and we're going for ten nine, eight, seven, six and five long arms four and three and two n one sit down on wind. Your spine. I'm changing to one blue spring for kneeling, arms facing front. I have it on a light spring because most of my work is going to be with one arm first. I'm pulling myself up long and strong. Just right here, keeping my arms facing front. Inhale up open.

Exhale down close. So as I circle my arms and don't lift my arms past 90 degrees, my shoulder blades actually stay huddled right on my rib cage. And now our reverse it. Pull out forward and press through the back of your feet. Feel the connection.

Come up through your thighs and we'll do this one more time and then lower it down. Now take your left strap and put it back. Take that left hand and put it behind your back. Take your right arm out to the side. Pull the arm over, protracted in front of you, retract it back, take it out to the side. Inhale, pull, protract, retract out to the side. One more time. Pull our protract. Retract out to the side. Very good. Last time, pull one and reach and retract and down.

We'll put that strap back. Differentiating between the, between differentiating between protraction and where the shoulder blade is I think is really important. Take that left arm out to the side. You'll see that I'm not left handed. And here we go. Pull protrack, retract out to the side, press your legs, reach, protract, retract out to the side. Now this is tricky pull but don't protrack just pull, pull, pull, pull and then protract. Can you feel how you almost want to protract first out to the side.

One more time. Pull and reach and return out to the side and then lower the arms all the way down. Now that we're used to all that, we can do our long stretch series because in the up stretch we have that little protraction face. So for my long strip series I use two red springs, hands down, arms strong. And Long. Leave our feet now on the shoulder as we're going to lift up first with minimal movement of the carriage ready. And if we go read packages lifted and we're doing 10 go out and pull. Go Out, stay out, knees in, knees out.

And then return legs, knees, knees, arms. Here we go. Press and knees and press and return. Three more out and two more. Keep your arms strong, your rib packaged, connected. Last one, n n and outcome all the way home. Come all the way home, all the way home. And then drew up down on the knees. Round your spine, getting ready for down stretch. So we start in this nice flex position. Press your legs back, tighten your bum length, your hip sockets forward as you press down to lift up, and then go back out. And then nod your head. Spine flection all the way home to the stopper. That's one.

We'll do five out arch. Depressed the shoulder blades. As you lift the chest, go out in that shape, tighten your thighs, nod the head, round your spine. And that's true. [inaudible] okay. Hm [inaudible].

And then last one, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, and then down. And then nod the head down. Stretch. Can you lean on your hands? Lift your knees up. Come right up to up. Stretch. Now remember when we first warmed up, imagine that your forearms are actually pressing in front of you as you pull your ribs to your back. And then here we go. Out to play. Come forward. Here's where that protraction part comes in.

And then round from top to bottom out forward pro trek, round, top to bottom into a pike. Three more out and forward. Pro Trek rounding, top to bottom, last too. And forward. Rounding, top to bottom. Last one. And forward and rounding. And then dropped down. Elephant, I'm going to close my elephant up just a little bit. I'm going to let my fingers wrap over as my forearms. Press away from me.

Go 10 times almost letting my inhale open the up and exhale. Close me up. Lift the toes, push legs, pull belly. Three more, two more and last time. And then drop your knees all the way down. Sit back your heels and restaurants, Derek. Okay, come on up. Let's get our long box. We're going to put the bar down, regrouping breaststroke here without a big lift.

I put it on one red spring would help if I remembered how to get into the exercise. Here we go, so bring your cell phone, take your arms by your side with your palms facing the ceiling. Monitor the position I'm going to say of your face because what I want is your face to pull back into your skull and your skull to pull back to the ceiling and it turned my poems down. We call that super nation and then do a bicep curl and just hold right there. Then [inaudible] released the bicep curl, turned my palms to the ceiling. Arms go along. Supinate bicep curl, pull, hold, release back, legs engaged. Face in check. Last time, pull and hold here. Now we hold the bicep.

Now the bicep reaches to an overhead press, reach, and then pool. Now if you want to look at how I can reach my arms lower, because sometimes if people reach their arms too high, they get too much into the neck first. And we're do this one more time and now we're going to add the circle. So I'm going to reach my arms and then as I open my arms and my chest, my neck does not lift until my heart reaches. And then my palms face the ceiling. I would do the whole thing again.

Separate the arms, bicep curl, reach the arms over the head. Now start to open the chest. You're not going to lift way up, but just lift enough that you get a little heart opening. And then reluctantly lower down, palms face down. And then they turn, they bicep curl and then they reach and then they link them and circle and around. See how the palms are up. Then they turn down, they bicep curl. Two more reach, thighs long lift the chest, lift the heart. Okay.

And then pause. And then last time bicep curl and reach and link thin. And then all the way back, very good. Come off. At the box. Hang up your straps. A little interlude here.

So watch this. You're going to sit on the edge of the box looking out this. Each of us looking out the window, getting ready for abdominal series. We have a very short little distance here. So a, pull your knees in, lower yourself down. Hug Two hands on two ankles. Think double leg even though you're not in double light. We're not going to do that one first. Just hold that now. Left leg reaches out, right knee pulls in hold. Switch your legs. Go. Inhale, inhale, switch, exhale, and exhale.

Breathe in and Oh one more set and exhale two knees. Come in, two hands on each ankles. Curl your shoulders towards your thighs with your dominoes and then breathe. Inhale, they reach. Exhale, they pull. [inaudible] last one. And Poland. Hold single straight leg. We pulse.

One switched one, switch to elbows wide. Breathe into the ribs and switch last time. Right last time left two legs up softly pointed the toes, hands behind the head, and lower. Two, three. Flex heels raise two, three and lower. And rose last time. Lower. Last time Ray's been the news and Chris Cross left and right and left and right using the trunk, not the neck. One more left. One more right.

Hands on the box. Bring yourself up, come up to stand, turn around and face your box. Hands on the hip. And then you're going to Dorsey flex or pull your toes up like this. It steps up on the box and then it gets down. Step up on the box and then it gets down. You stretch the hip and you try to lift the leg straight up in the sagittal plane and then you lift it straight up. Ooh, that's harden.

And then pull it out. And then think, how close are we going to get when we get to, uh, studying massage and then reach and down. One more time left. Ah, that one's getting better. One more time, right? And then down pulling straps now, so I'm leaving it on one red. Wrap your straps up a little bit higher than usual. Reach the legs out long. Look down at your headrest. Try to maintain this long position first.

Pull your arms all the way by your side. Try not to lift your chest to start with and then release your arms to you. Barely see them and pause. Now you're already loaded right here. This is where we're going to start the exercise. If thighs engaged, inhale, pull arms lift chest [inaudible]. Exhale down. Inhale Paul. Exhale.

Lengthen yourself back down last time. Inhale, pull, pause, and then lower yourself back down. Take your arms out to the side. Lower your arms. Now for the t first pull the straps. Don't lift your chest. Differentiate arm pull, release, but keep the load. There's the load now. Arm pull with chest lift and release. Arm pull with chest lift without shortening the back of the neck and then only release. One more time. Arms pull, chest lift, lengthen, and then bring yourself all the way down. Now hang up your straps.

I need to change mine to a lighter spring because I'm going to do one arm. It doesn't take long to change your springs. It really doesn't. Okay, grab one strap right arm behind the back. Now engage that left arm a smidge. Keep your head and chest where they are. Pull your arm back and now do that same twist of the trunk where your head turns your shoulder blade poles and then you lower yourself back down. So I'm not lifting my neck into extension.

I'm rotating my cervical spine as my upper chest lifts and then lower down last time Paul rotate, hold and then lower every thing down that does a doozy. Okay, let's take the other one out. Left hand behind the back. It gives me a little reminder here. I pulled that right arm and then I rotate toward that right arm and then I lower myself down just three times. Pull, oops, sorry for that claim. And then twist, reaching, reaching, reaching, rotating, and then bring it back down last time and pull and rotate and reach and then bring it back down. Very good. Hang up your straps and now turn your box short ways.

So we're not going to do the full short box. I am going to put on all my springs to stabilize my carriage and to take my foot strap up and I'm going to put my left leg in there. I'm going to do my right side first and I'm going to get that right like way up here. And what I'm going to look for in this particular exercise today is that my toes are parallel and my heel is pressing up. It almost makes me feel like I'm in internal rotation.

You got that in the hip because we want to feel that side of the hip. I'm gonna put that head rest down. I'm going to hover in my rib packaging, okay? And I'm just going to maintain this position and take both of my arms out to the side like a t. And I'm going to hope that both my ribs are parallel and your head stays in line with your spine and we're going to count to 20 seconds because this is a holder, okay? And this is not a mover and you're going to press left heel into that strap.

That's isometric. And there's about 10 more seconds, nine, eight, seven, six. It's not easy. Five, four, three, two, one. Put Two hands on the box and bring yourself all the way up. I got to do that one more time. Okay, so get the alignment because there's a lot of times we pull that hip into flection. We don't want to pull that hip into flection. Okay, so you want the abduction force on the side of the hip. Lower your right arm down. Take your arms out if you needed to make this exercise harder, which I don't, you could take your arms over your head, but I'm happy to have them right here.

Notice that sometimes your head wants to change positions as much as your low back might want. A SAG is as much as your back might want to sag and your neck as well. 10 more. Nine, eight, seven. I can feel myself falling. Five, four, three, two, one rest, Huh? Okay. Other side. This side's a little bit better on me. Okay, here we go.

Other side, this isometric holding for stabilization against gravity. So important check in side at the bottom. How that heel actually has to press up. Hold yourself right here. Lengthening both sides of your ribs and just hold yourself right here. Feel could you be between those imaginary two panes of glass or I like to call it the toaster plane.

So hold yourself right there as much as your right leg is pulling up is as much as it's hanging on. Can you even lengthen? Like your spine is a spraying and all sides are getting longer. Tighten up the back of your bottom five and four, three and two and one come up and rest. Whew, I'll do that one more time. [inaudible] off we go. Get the connection in the thigh. Stable Pelvis, nice.

Lengthened ribs getting long and strong and hold. Don't let those kneecap turn up to the ceiling. Make sure that kneecap is facing in front of you. Hold, hold. 10, nine, six, five, four, three, two, one. Whoa. And bring yourself all the way back. Sometimes the holders are almost harder than the movers. Okay, let's take that short box off of there. [inaudible] okay, so a nice long and strong spine aware legs.

So now we come to our footwork. So now instead of at the beginning, we just kind of put our footwork at the end. I'm going to do it with four springs. Lie myself down. Put your head rest up, or if you like it up, you know what your own position is. I like that and that's my chest. Feel soften. Take your arms down, but start with a little v position here without moving your heels and your pelvis nice and long. We do 10 we go one. Squeeze the thigh.

Looking right at the ceiling. We'll get five more and four more and three and two and one. Come in, bird feet. Curl the toes, lift the heels. This Mitch today, tighten up the back of your thighs. Go push out and then pull home. I'm just exaggerating the breath, making sure you breathe at all costs, keeping the toes curl, the heels lifted. So again, when the toes curl, it's like the front of the ankle is lengthening. It's not just your toes, it's the whole front of the ankle. Last too.

And then last one and now to turn that one kind of inside out. We go to heels only we Dorsey flex the feet, creasing the ankle. Go Press. I like to press my feet up as I go out. Push them down as I come in, as I press up, I get the top. As I pull down, I get the back and five more. And for melting the ribs, even though you're long in your chest, you're not, you're not extending your spine. Three more and two more.

And then last time, come on in. Go to tendon, stretch balls of the feet on parallel with a high heel shoe. Press out lower. Raise five times down and lift. Put your hands on the front of your thighs and make sure when you lower and raise your heels that this thigh, they don't bulge because if you don't squeeze your butt, you're not going to get that lift like this. Okay? I just had to do that one time because we really don't want that. Three more and two more last time. Lift up.

Stay the up and now go to running from that shape. So always go back to the up, lower up, down, raise. Feel the thighs lower. Raise five, lift four, lift three, lift to lift one lift, bend the knees, come all the way in. Roll to your side. Come on up. I like to call the next exercise I'm going to get my little sticky pat footwork in sitting. We call this step massage, right? So now we've done our abdominal series. We've opened up our rib cage, we feel all lengthened in here. So I'm just two springs for stomach massage.

So I'm going to get kind of close because I'm already in here with your woe. But I think I usually do mine with my bar down one notch. I don't know what you do. Huh? I still like them lifted, but I still want you to feel kind of like you're in double leg stretch. Can you kind of feel what I'm saying? Their elbows are lifted. Ah. Now take your hands to the front edge of the carriage.

Feel the back of your neck length and look at the crown of the head. Almost reaches across your feet. And then five times without raising and lowering the heels go. So it's push, pull three and two he'll stay. And then one, stay out there and lower raise five times one, pull the belly back to lift the heels. Three and two and one bend all the way. And now we put it together. Inhale, lower res. Exhale five times. Here's three.

How deep can you get that belly without just dropping the head? It's really just like rolling like a ball, isn't it? Three more. Oh I can't count two more. And then the last one. And then bring yourself in. Now reach your arms in front of you and now start to journey your chest upward.

And then heels lift five times one and triceps long and strong. Three heels. Day Two. Now go out and stay out. Hold lower, raise five times. And then lift one and two and three hitting the home stretch here for last time. Five and putting it all together and reach lower. Raise x [inaudible] last two, last one. And then bend your carriage kerogen. Take your feet off of the edge, leave your arms up if you can. And then bring yourself all the way up.

Big Inhale. Exhale. Round yourself down. Unwind Your Sofa. Hands on the hips. One legged squat to sit. Two legs to stand. Okay, so let's lift our right leg out first hole, and then lower yourself down. Whoa, two legs. Come down. Stand up. Let's lift the left leg. Whoa, whoa. And then sit down. Oh, we've just all got to practice these two legs to lift up, right?

Like it's going to get easier to see. It's that deceleration that we have to really work. Left leg. Oh, we're almost halfway done. Press right leg lower. Be sure that your knee doesn't turn in. You can almost feel if your knee wants to turn in. Whoa. Like on that leg, right? Whoa. It's okay to be wobbly. That's part of the exercise. Oh, who's counting? I think we have one more, right? Yes. Good. Last one, right leg lifts. Go down on the left. Whoa.

And then come off and left. One lift my right and he's got to stay out. I've got to say, I got to see all the way down and then we come up, Eh, we refer stormy farmer. Yeah.

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3 people like this.
This went right into my favorites. Short and so intensive. Loved the isometric side bend.Thank you!
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Thank you Karen for an awesome class! You're such an inspirational teacher. Lots of positive energy, great ideas and so much knowledge. Putting this into my favourite list also!
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Loved the creative twist on the format! Thanks for always bringing that element to all of the classes you teach! You are one of my favorites!!
Just right.. thank you Karen !
Paola Maruca
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I cannot think of anything else but defining this class 'smart'!!!!!
More please
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Awesome learning for us teachers.

More like this ,please, Here we can get new ideas.
Karen Sanzo
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Love the feedback from first responders!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Good, clean, clear info. Get it all in the set up and you're good to go!!!!
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Loved this. Really tough work out with the spring tensions. I usually use less springs.
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Thank you Karen. I echo the comments above. Great class! Love all the different variations. Inspirational teacher!
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Loved this one. Thank you so much!
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