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Length in your Waist

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Find length in your waist with this Cadillac workout by Monica Wilson. She works on lifting up the space between your hips and your ribs so you can feel taller. She adds advanced transitions to keep the class flowing from one movement to the next.
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Oct 06, 2015
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Today we are going to do a Cadillac. I have been working with Colleen lately and we've really been working hard on of course the powerhouse area, but clearly lengthening and learning how to pull up into here. I'm kind of on a big kick on that today, so we're going to be working with that. A lot of hard. This is going to be more on the advanced side of your Cadillac. I work more with grots so I have added my Grotte springs, but you will want some arm springs regardless whether they're grots or not, if they're grot springs.

I raised this part about two feet from the mat and then I will also have legs springs and that. I'm going to raise the bar. Then about three feet above the mat. We're going to do a lot of advanced legwork today. I have my roll down bar that we're gonna be using for breathing way later. I also have a spring to attach for my push through bar and I have a trap ps that we'll be doing our hanging pull-ups, uh, afterwards.

Also some fuzzies for, I'll give her at least one nice things. We'll do some hanging. So I believe those are all the things, all the little doodads that you would need. So you want to get those, collect them. And I also have some non-slip sticky pads so that when she does her pull ups that they feel good and she's not gripping too much. All right, so we're gonna start off with a hundred of course you're going to go ahead and lie down with your head here. You can do it with many different things. You could do it with without anything. You could do it with the roll down bar. I'm going to do it with arm springs today because again, I'm wanting her to really feel that pulling in to stretch that upper ribs, those upper ribs and k.

So I don't want anything pushing up into here tightening or making it too hard. I'm hoping that the springs are really gonna make that enjoyable. So we're going to be right here. Good. Grab that other arm sprain. Nice. All right, and we're going to just start off here. So I love how her pelvis is. It's nice and flat. It's not too tilted.

Go ahead and tilt it towards you. Okay, so we're not lifting up our tailbone or tilting and we're not having a little tunnel under her back. We're going to go right in between if we can, if we can't get right now, our lower back flat cause it's too stiff or our stomach isn't strong enough to pull in and get that nice connection rooted into the mat, then you can use your belly to tilt your pelvis a little bit towards you and that's fine. Just try not to overuse those hip flexors. Most important part assist. Stabilize that back. All right, so I want you to just stay there and take a breath and exhale. You really want to breathe into the mat so you want to feel the back of your ribs. Inhaling into the mat, exhaling even more. Okay? If you're fussy that your ribs are really lifted up, you want to relax that chest bone, relax that sternum and a moment we're going to lift up her head and shoulders. And when you do that, you want it to be a response of rounding that upper back that lifts up per head.

And on the front part, there's always a front and a back part to it. You're gonna want to see the chest bone and ribs go down to lift up the head almost like a seesaw. If your ribs are up here, it's really hard to lift up your head. So breathing into the mat and now finally, those shoulders are gonna pull away from her ears. When we pull our arms down by our side, the springs aren't going to pull us back like this. All right, so taking a breath into the mat and exhale round that up or back. Pool the shoulders away from your ears. There you go.

Draw the right knee into your chest. Good. Draw the left knee into your chest. Good reach you. My Springs. Longer and pumped for the first 10 like that band. Exhale with a little more energy please. That's it. And exhaling. Good. And now go ahead and reach your legs if you can.

Keep pulling in and up into there. That looks really nice. So the single springs are nicer than this because it's not as stiff. However, she's noticing that she has to really work on that left spring high and make it not go all walking. And so [inaudible] going straight up and down. So pump more from the shoulder. That's getting better. Good. That's it. Now we smoothed it out.

So if you're pumping from your elbow, if you're pumping from your hand, if you're pumping from something not between your elbow and the shoulder is going to go all wonky, pulling in, can you lower the legs anymore? Pulling in and up for the last 10 and bend everything and relax. Was that challenging? Did it warm me up? Okay, good. Yep. We're going to change to the legs series now. So to stay there, I'm going to unhook my arms springs and I'm going to hook up my legs.

Springs. Okay. And I'm also gonna raise it, right? I'm always checking to make sure the hooks are not caught at all also. So on the balanced body, you untwist this and lift it up.

If you have a grots Cadillac, then you would just use the upper hook. Yes. All right. Go ahead and put your hands right here. She is advanced so I'm gonna make her do it with straight legs. Let's see if we can do that. So I'm straight arms. Pardon me.

So straight and your arms. Good. So we're still getting that in and filling this area. And you're getting that with opposition. Maybe go back a half an inch so that we're not lifted up through here. And the heel of the hand is pushing into the pole while you're getting rooted into the mat. Good. I'm going to take my springs at the same time, then both knees into your chest. Good.

And we're going to put both straps on your feet. We're gonna warm up our legs with leg circles, but we are going to be doing a lot of legwork. Alright, so bring your tailbone down onto the mat. So maybe start off right there. Can you drop it down anymore? There you go. Now with your tailbone down, use your lower belly to pull your thighs and knees into your chest. So you're pushing with the heels of your hand and you're pulling in.

It's a different feeling. That's very nice. Good. And now go ahead and extend forward. Really open the legs and we're going to do circles. So you're going to go forward and open the legs and pulled. Good.

Try not to let that tailbone come up as you lift the leg so the tailbone stays down. Yes, and pushing long. Really feeling that length. You want to do one more and reverse. You want to really feel this length. Don't cheat yourself at all on all this hard work because when we do airplane in a moment, you really need it. And one more, and bend the knees and keeping your tailbone down. Again. Rest your arms down by your side and we're going to do walking at your arms back just a quick rest. Push. Lengthen out.

And let's do eight counts. Walking, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight. So take eight counts to go down. Polling and pulling these bones up towards you. Eight counts to come up. That's it. Two more sets. You're using the back of the fi in the seat and pulling up.

And one more time. You're really lengthening that waist. Really bulling up into those upper ribs. Yeah, up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight and bend those knees. Rest your arms down. Nice job. Okay. Hands back. Good. And we're going to go into beats, so I want you to reach out. Still pull in just a bit more into here. Lower belly. Yes.

There you go. Right there. Tighten your inner thighs and we're going to open and close. 10 Times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Freeze. Lengthen from the hips a little bit. Thank you. And 10 more. Two, three, four, five. Nice. Smooth is always a left one. So work in more the left hip. That's it. Hold.

Now we're going to lift up into a long line from your shoulders to your feet. So lift your hips up, reach out of your hips and lower the, keep your hips up. Lower the legs, just a half an inch. Add 10 more. She did this like it was easy. It is not easy. It's really working. She's been working the whole time. Time 10 hold tight and roll down to really get her body to length and bend your knees. Rest your arms down. Nice. We're going to do a six count frog. Okay.

Hands back long. So a six count frogs starts a little longer than the arms scooping in. Starts with your heels on the mat as close to your seat as you can. That's your home position. Okay? It's when I say home, we're going to keep going home there. We're going to use your lower belly to keep your tailbone down as much as you can and you're going to bring your thighs and knees into your chest.

Good. And then stretch to a 45 degree angle. Wrapping and squeezing and lengthening. Open the legs, the width of the Mat. Use the back of the legs. Go all the way down, creating that long, long, long line all the way down. All the way. Squeeze your inner thighs together. Keep the heels on the mat and draw them back to your home position. Hold. Pull them in for one. Lengthen out for two.

Open for three down to the mat. For Four. Squeeze together for five. Draw in for six. Pull in for one stretch long. Open down. All these little things are really hard.

Reverse for three length and from the hips in and up. Open on the mat with control up with control. Squeeze together. Draw in back to home. Pause. Reach all everything long and lean. Open the width of the mat up towards the ceiling. Control squeezing.

Dry Out in heels down. One more and reach long and smooth. Open with the heels on the mat up with control. Squeeze your inner thighs dried in and back to home to finish. Very nice job. Good. Now from here, what's going to airplane?

So we're going to keep the tailbone down as we draw the knees into your chest and now keep using that lower belly to roll up your tailbone. Knees almost touch the mat and extend in front of this bar long and lean and reach all the way out. Pulling on those straps, pushing and then you melt down this phone, this phone, this unbending, the knees on the Mat. Curl into yourself, make it fall below, not as sound, and reaching down long, long, long rolling and stretching each vertebra. Ring it and make sure you don't skip any bone. So even though you're in a straight line, keep curling up. You got one more in this and lifting up. And we're going to go into the reverse.

So try not to arch here, pull. And once your bum hits, you're going to lift up for the reverse. Bring those knees back to your shoulders. Press the thighs into your chest as you massage each vertebra down long enough. [inaudible] lean. Pull up into that. Yes. And pool the knees in and stretch down right through each bone.

Yeah, last one long and lean up. You Go. Nice work. Draw it in and rolling through. Pressing, scooping. Very nice job. Good. Now we're gonna do our side legwork. So I'm going to take both of these off and I want you to lie on your [inaudible] right side all the way on the back edge of the Cadillac. We're going to have your right elbow against the pole and your hand is going to grab like that. Very good. She has her right shoulder, right at that back edge, her hips. Nice. And we're going to bring your feet forward.

Good. Now if you have a strap on your Cadillac, this is a good time to put your foot, um, over the strap. But you don't have to have it if, especially if you have good advanced control. But when you're first learning your side's series, the spring is a whole nother dynamic. So the Nana take the spring closest to her and bend your top leg and let's put the strap on. Good. And now from your hip, not from your knee. Straighten that leg, squeezing your legs all together.

[inaudible] beautiful. So the shoulders started to go back a little. Let's pull it under you and forward, forward and under. Thank you. This top arm. Okay. Can go here. But a lot of times it's nicer to hold like that. How does that feel? Good. Good. So we have our box still and our belly is pulling in and up.

Good. And now I want you to lift this leg, the level of your hip. Yep. So it's like your mat series, but with a spring, which makes it a bit more challenging to control. I want you to make this leg as long as you can. Imagine knowing that you're stretching the spring longer as you pull it forward. We're going to do five times and then take it back. Keeping this hip here, come on back further, further. Really work the back of the thigh. Thank you.

And now forward for four and take your knit back. Watch that. Then you need, does it work and forward. If you have a bad knee, springs are not the best idea because the work automatically kind of goes into your, if you don't have good upper leg control. One more forward all the way and then back, back, back, and then legs together. Good. Now we're going to go up. Yes. All the way you [inaudible] you'd lose attention. Keep going. And then squeeze, reach, reach, reach up. And I want you to stretch that spring longer. Longer. Hold for a second.

I feel a lot of work here. So soften that knee. Aha. There you go. I want more work here. Okay. And up here all the way. And now from here, from yes, and up and pull in from here. Yes. In reaching this hip. Yes. One more. Up and working again on this hole.

That's what I want to see. And now five controlled little circles. One, two. Don't lose the work. Keep it in here and reverse. Still pulling in and up. Three, two, one and hold. Now Bicycle. Pull that leg up as much as you can. Knee onto your chest please onto your chest. And now need to need [inaudible]. I'm going to help you with the strap.

Sometimes your strap will want to come off. And now keeping the hips stacked. Take that knee as far back as you can. This is quite delicious. And now we're going to keep your thigh any right there. Don't let it go forward as you straighten the leg and when you straighten it, really imagine that you're being pulled long and keep that leg long and take it forward. Reach out of that head. Beautiful. Nice job. Coleen. Really pull this leg up as high as you can need to your chest.

Need a knee. Fix that a little bit. There you go. And taking that knee back while keeping all of the alignment, her hip, starting to go back. So I just had to go forward a little and extend from there. Good. Now one more on your own. Reach up.

Pull that knee into your chest. Need a knee and take that knee back further. Further. Thank you. Hold. And now extend good and legs together. Take that leg back from lengthen out from your hip.

Pull and up. Take that leg back when you bend your knee. I'm going to fix that spring. Good. Just pulling it a little more forward towards you. There you go. Now you feel good. Good. Controlling it from the hamstring and glue and then bring the knee forward.

Really reach out long. Go back, reach, reach, reach, heel to your seat. Keep your knee where it is a little lower for me. Thank you ant pull. Need a knee, knee to chest and extend one more with this leg. So holding it here, this is where we really could always use a lot of work. Don't let that die. Come forward. Use your hamstring, use your glute, pull that heel to your seat. If your knee allows you to do that, do at Yas now.

Need a knee and then need a chest. Yes, and extend. Grab onto that stretch. Lovely. Let's take a don't take it. Don't listen to me. Let's straighten the legs again. So this leg long and the hand is going to be right there. Again. Good right aside process. Okay.

I'm not a ballerina or dancer by any means, but some terms are very helpful so you probably, you probably know what side Paseo has no problem. So we're going to try to bend the knee up to the ceiling, aiming for her shoulder blades, dragging that toe as far into you as you can. Get in the need to go all the way back to the shoulder blades and extend the leg up here. Flex the foot for me and pull with that hip and that leg all the way down. Point the toe and drag your toes up your leg as close to you as you can.

Pull that knee into your shoulder blades. Extend Flex and reach out all the way. One more time. Pool it all. You have to keep your hips stacked. You're trying to really open that knee, work on that turnout and heel down and reverse. But before you do, sorry, we're going to pull our hips back just a little. There you go. Good. And Toe. Feet forward a little Rolla. Flex that foot and it goes up.

Yes. Pull that knee wide to your shoulder blades next time. So let me, so it's here and then we come down and we extend long in those hips and flex and up. Good. And now on your own, get that knee there. Ooh, I gave you perfect. And so you get the feeling and then you try it on your own. Before you try that last one again. We're going to that front. Hip likes to roll forward. Last one up. You Go.

Yes. Knee toe is close to you as you can so that you squeeze the heck out of your inner thighs as you lengthen. Lengthen. And there Grodd Rhonda Zhang, she's going to pull her leg as high up as she can. Then up by her ears as much as she can. And then you're going to turn in your hip as you take it behind you and stretch that spring long as you take it all the way forward. Again for two, we're going to do three up to your ear. Turn in that hip. As you reach behind, you reach that spring long for the last time.

Turn in your hip here reached. Take that hip forward, right, so they're stacked. Yes and legs together. Reverse. Keep them stacked as you go back. Rotate and that hip as you put all the way up to your ear. Let me see it all the way up there. Thank you. All the way forward. Two more back, all the way up to your ear. As you rotate in that hip, all the way forward to your nose.

Turn out that knee a little bit when you're doing that so your hip can, Huh? Good. And last one. Rotate. Rotate, rotate. There you go. Good and leg here. Now bring that leg forward and up and stretch. One more time. Grab it. Good. Hook it on that front bar. Good take.

Keep your foot there as much as you can. Just slip the strap off. Good. Take your foot lower and you're good with control of course. And you're going to put your left hand here. Lift yourself up into a split and enjoy a split with the left leg here. So this is an advanced transition. Good. And you can stretch forward onto that leg. Nice.

And then she's going to swing that front leg all the way around and she's ready for the other side. There you go. So we want to line up the body completely. That looks pretty good. Just hips back, just a tiny bit more. There you go. And shoulders back just a little bit more too. So it'll be a great time for you to view how her alignment is as well.

So we're going to bend this top leg good, puts it on the arch and straight your leg. And you straighten always by working this hip noses. Your right side. Good. So should be your stronger side. Yeah. Okay. So we're just going to keep pulling in and up and we're going to start this leg just at hip level and a little turned out little higher. Good.

And five times forward and back and forward. Good. And really reach that hip long nice and forth. Always trying to stretch that spring. Stretch it all the way to that corner all the way to me. And I believe this is your last one for five. Yeah. Good.

All the way back with your belly pulling in and up into here. Legs together. Good. That's it. So she's going to try to keep the hips right on top of each other as you take it up using your outer thigh and then take it a little higher and then reach it long as your belly pulls in and up. Yes. And up. And now we'll make sure it's inner thigh, not knee and calf and for three and pull long. Even the crown of your head is getting longer and two, keeping in and pull in and reaching.

And last one. So feel your powerhouse up against me. Much nicer. Feel that. Okay, five circles. One, keep that link to keep reaching for me. Three I'm gonna let go. Four and five and reverse. One, two, three, four, five. All right, good. Bicycle. Take that leg as forward as you can. Neon to your chest, heels on the seat.

Good. Take that knee back, back, back. Good. And with a thigh. Staying here, extend and forward. You know, help you here. What? Oh, it always does. Just natural and need a chest and need a knee. Take no Doodoodoo. Now you really work this part of your body.

Yes. Now hold it there as you extend all the way out to the patio and one more in this direction. All the way forward. Needed chest. Need a knee. I'm going to give you a stretch since I didn't give it to you yet. [inaudible] and then keep that thigh there as you extend reached for me. Reach for me. Yes. This strap. There we go.

And legs together before you start the next one, just slide your hips back an inch. Just an inch. You're pretty good on this side. Lifted up a little bit and now all from the back of the thigh and seat. Let's see at work at. Squeeze it back, back, back. Keep the thigh there and pull the heel to your seat.

Little bit lower with the knee. This is a tough one. And foot higher. Okay. Yeah. That's the correct alignment. And then need a knee. Need a chest and her hip needs to stretch this way. Yeah. Ooh, that feels better. And two more back. Really pulling your belly on the opposite direction.

Keep your thigh and knee there as you stretch to you. Good. Better alignment there. Need a knee. Need a chest and strop that hip right? There we go. Let me stretch you a little bit here too. It's not fair. There we go. One more. Taking it straight back.

So she really works on that alignment. [inaudible] then he old to your seat. Keeping that. There we go. Good. One last stretch for you. Need a knee. Need a chest. Oh, but the hip Bryce, let's get it. Stretch, stretch. There you go. You can give yourself a little pool with your [inaudible].

Good and legs together. Where do side passe? Good. All right. So she's gonna drag her toes up as she keeps her hips stacked, opening that knee as much as she can, dropping it into her shoulder blades and then extend flex. And pull all the way down. We gotta keep that hip and [inaudible] toe. Good.

And I'm going to keep her hip here this time as I help her pull in. Nice. Extend. [inaudible] flex and then from that hip lengthen yes. And one more. Or to keep those yes. And then pull in it. Good. Okay. And extend and flex.

And now from all of your yes. Reverse, like it's easy. Pull that knee into you. Good. Now, right here. Pull that hip a little forward. That's it. And work. Work, work and flex it up. Knee into your shoulder blades, toe as close to you as you can and squeeze the inner thighs to get those legs to come together. Last one, flex in up and need shoulder blades. Toes close as you can and extend. Extend and hold for grand rounds. John, take that leg forward. Take it up to your ear, rotate in that hip. Good. And take it behind you.

Is that better? Yeah. Okay. Now I'm not liking your alignment here, so hold this leg right here. If that's okay with you. And we're going to pull back in her ribs. We're going to pull back in her belly and we got now. Really Nice alignment. All right, lift it up and go forward. Pull it up to your ear.

Then rotate in that hip as you reach it behind you working the back of your leg. Now I can pull safely, go forward one more time using your powerhouse and then pull up to that ear. Rotate in that hip as you take it behind you. Push that top hip forward a half an inch. Yes, legs together. Reverse back the thigh and seat. Takes it back. Not your hip back, but the leg. Backpack. Backpack. Yes.

Now rotate in the hip to your ear. Okay. Work all of that to get all the way up to your ear, to your nose and straight back. Reach out with that hip. Beautiful up. Rotate to your ear, to your nose. As you pull your belly, working all of your hip working the back of your thigh and seat is your last one. Nice work all the way up there, turning and all the way down and Voila. Nice job. Now bring that leg back up to your, um, Yup, forward.

You had such a beautiful transition. You want to keep that good, bring that leg more center. That's it. And stretch. She makes it look so easy. [inaudible] swing that leg. Actually stretch forward one. So to keep your legs here and just walk your hands towards the, uh, towards the middle of the Cadillac.

Maybe better and do just a stretch like that. Like still staying [inaudible] and stretch forward. There Ya go. Good. All right. And bring this like all the way around to here. Nice. And we're going to set up for the push through. We're going to put your heels here and we're going to put your hands right there. Good. Nice. Yeah.

I want you to keep your shoulders engaged and bring your head to your chest. Head down and get your waistband almost onto the map. Pull down that bar. Let's get that waistband down, down. Good. And use that belly to push down. So we only concave. I only see concave. I'll help you if you just keep pulling in beautiful and reaching.

So you don't want to see any of your guts pushing out and you're going to pull back. Trying to lengthen your lower back. We really hold it right here. Use this exercise to strengthen. Stay right there, your tree. Okay, so you push the yields into the bar. They try to stay on there so that your belly pulls back. And now go ahead and keep lifting up and from your stomach you lift your chest and you can keep your keep stretching up, up, up from your stomach, not from your shoulders, not from your arms and head to your chest.

Let's do two more. Pulling back, scooping in good ad bowl and in gray. And again, you're pushing the heels into the bar from your seat as you curl. Curl. Thank you. And then lift it all the way up. Pull up that waist lift, lift, lift. This is your short box. Also one marked pulling back from here and push those heels away with your seat.

That was nice. Stretch and rolling back, scooping, pulling. Get the bottom to engage. Thank you. And then lifting up. Very good. All right, go ahead and let go and I want you to roll down onto your back. Good. And I kind of held her here because I like this angle. Go ahead and bring your legs together. Draw your knees into your chest, and we're going to do the shoulder press or the Shari named after my aunt. So open the legs so they're hip width apart. Good.

That's it. All right. No knee work here. Okay, so a few get do that idea of using anything from the knee down. Then you're going to get a severe calf or foot cramp. And this exercise just doesn't lie at all. Okay, so we're gonna instead, squeeze your seat and roll up your tailbone. We're going to lift, lift, lift, and create that long beautiful line that you did in an airplane. Now keep looking at your hips. Don't let them waiver at all. And two kicks.

I want you to carefully touch that bar overhead. One, two and put it down and little double tap one, two and lengthen down and right. One, two, and down and left. Tried to hit the center more. Yes. Yeah. Hold it there and lengthen down. Scooping, scooping. Really stretch. Let's get the right hip. Does stretch longer to until your tailbones down. Draw those knees towards you without lifting your tailbone and then reach long by pulling that in and up that we've been working on. Beautiful.

And draw back into you. This time we'll start on your left leg. Extending the legs will curl up using the back of the seat and the left gently taps one two right, one to n left one too. Don't change your hips. That's better and hear and melt down. Good lengthening, lengthening all the way down. Drawing the knees.

We'll do one more set. So we'll start on the right again, pulling in and up. This should feel amazing and draw it back in and extend and squeeze and curl up and starting with the right down the center. Yes. Cause that's the one that likes to go out to the side left two and right and left and down and now length and down. Always pulling in and up into that area. Reaching your arms long and drawing in. Good.

My hands always here for safety. We're going to do one more pulling back into you. Yes, thank you. And extend. Then curling up. Watching the knee pressure. Keep the hips strong as you take the left. One, two, that is quite nice and right. Two strong hips left. One, two. Yeah.

Right to an on and lengthening down scoop, scoop, scoop, ending with your bending and stretch long. Very nice. Reaching. Good. And now bend the knees towards you and go ahead and pull them all the way in. [inaudible] good hug. 'Em Man, that's it. Sit Up and turn onto your belt. Onto your back with your head here.

So spin all the way around. Yep. Onto your back. Sorry, I misspoke. And we're going to have this barely passing over your forehead, so hold it. So she's still lined up down the middle. Very nice. And I want to just check, I still want you to slide back just a tiny bit. So the alignment is a little tricky on here for this exercise as well as for when we do monkey on the grads. It's just a little different angle, but you want it to barely pass over your forehead. Okay, so let's get nice shoulder strength here by opening the collar bones, dropping the back of the shoulder bone into the mat, tighten the triceps and start bending amount to the side and attaching the triceps, the back of the arms to the mat. Get the elbow onto the mat and take a breath.

And with everything pulling in and up. Exhale as you reached long, so no space under here and she's stretching her arms from here, keeping your elbows low, bend your elbows. We're going to go into a teaser. Once your arms extend, we're going to lift the head up and now lift the legs up as well into your teaser and lower the legs down to the mat and pull them up from your powerhouse and down and scoop it up and one more and pull it up and roll everything down. Now you know we're going to have a beautiful ending, so this is a way to warm up for your ending and tighten those triceps and extend. When we come up in our teaser this time, let's pull in and up. It's going to be really important. You have this connection and Ben, cause we'll go into a shaving instead of the legs. Arm Straighten and head from your powerhouse and lifting and holding them there and she arms go down and shoulders down.

There's still a little up. So pull the shoulder blade. Yes. And then extend. Hold. You want to push up? Thank you. And then lengthen. Lengthen. Lengthen. Good. And bending. We'll do one more this time it will be a combo and so it'll be one leg. Drop. One shading. Control this a little bit more.

Shoulders are still in the mat. Yes. Use your powerhouse to draw. Drop. Everything comes up. Let's start with the legs going down. Use your belly. Pull up shaving. Remember that when you pull the legs up, it's all the way from here. There we go. And pull a wide into your thank you. Hold one more. Shaving. Good. Release the Barb that reach your hands.

Cross your right ankle over your left. Use your belly to stay as attached to your thighs as you can. That's it. Good and stretch. She lowers down her legs. They should have said, there you go. Maybe slide back a half a little bit til you touched my hand. Good.

And I'm going to bring this par down your shoulders. Okay. Maybe a TD that back. There we go. And now put your hands on the bar and we're gonna do the reverse push through. So we're gonna soften those elbows. Bend them, almost roll. Open those shoulders then straightened them a little bit more. Yes.

Eyes down on your belly. Good. And start by lengthening your legs that way. Drawing. It's always like the roll up or the rolling back. Back, back. Good. And then go forward thinking about touching your head to your knees and open those shoulders as you stretch. And two more looking good.

And laying in your seat this way. Head's gonna stay down for right now. Good. Now you can push your head back if you'd like. Yeah. And then go on forward and stretch. Watch those hyperextending elbows and one more with the hands like this. So we're going to be switching the grip in a second. Beautiful start from here.

I love that. Really trying to get the waistband down. Down, down. Yes. And head goes forward. And up, up and one more reaching. Stretching. Pull into your, get it. Ah, that's it. And forward. Okay.

We're going to break it down a little bit. Switch your hands to the other side. There we go. Good. And from your waist all the way up. Good. That's it. Good correction. And go forward and try to really lift up out of that lower back.

There you go. And two more. Go ahead. Start reaching the legs this way. Good. Soften those elbows please. That's it. And that's hard to do. Very, very hard to do. Once we're in a locked elbow. It likes to stay in a locked elbow. It's your last one from your powerhouse.

And we're going to watch this right elbow. Pull it at, sit and pull back in with your bare house. Good. And lifting up. Nice job. All right, I'm going to take this. You go ahead and reach to your ankles. Good. And now I'm have the bar down. I want you to flip over onto your belly with your arms straight.

You should be able to hold the bar right here. Good. That's it really, really long. Pulling in and up, right facial cheek on the map. I want you to challenge yourself and see how long you can keep that right facial cheek on the mat. As you bend, the elbows is pushed through on your stomach and then when you can't keep it down anymore, you use your powerhouse to lift your chest to the ceiling. It's your stomach. Now keep your arms straight as long as you can. As you dive your head down and left cheek goes onto the mat and from here everything long again, pulling down, lifting up.

It's your belly that lifts your chest up to the ceiling and head down as your arm stays straight, straight, straight. That's hurting you. Keep them as long as you can and one more set pulling back with all of these muscles. Good scooping in, up, up, up. That's it. Nice and head dives down. You keep them three as long as you can bend when you need to reach out. One more time.

Be careful not to shorten your back when you come up and coming up. Good, so lift even these bones. There we go. I like that better and dive that head down. Good. And switching sides and reach.

Very nice. Good. I'll go ahead and take this. You go ahead and round your back and sit towards your heels. Good. All right, so nice. And we are going to um, go ahead and do shoulder. So I want you to kneel down and face this way. Your feet are gonna be hanging.

The toes are gonna be hanging off this side, good and length in this arm. And now go out just a half. Excellent, right arm out to the side. Good. So we're going to do a little shoulder work here. Now squeeze your knees together and squeeze your inner thighs together. Alignment is everything here, so I need you to lengthen your tailbone down a little bit more and I need you to lift these bones up a little bit more and almost have the weight on the front part of your knee using the hamstrings and glute.

That's nice. All right. Bend your elbow for a second and just really, yes, that's a nice rolled shoulder. So this is going to come from here and here and we're just going to pull that arm down a few inches and release. Good. It's coming from here and pull and release and one more pool and release. Now you're going to go into the full, so you're going to pull down. Then to have that right arm start going to the ceiling and start pushing down as you side bend. Make sure you don't bend to the right, but you stay stacked and keep reaching arm is close to your head as you can.

There you go. Reaching, reaching. So I didn't want this hip to push any more this forward. It's really good. And now pull back with control from your obliques, not from your arms. So much. Start at from the boss' radar. Keep moving your shoulders. There you go. And the arm returns. Excellent. And back of the thighs and seat.

Squeeze forward shoulder, pulling in and start that right arm up. Good and squeeze both hips forward. Pull up in here. There we go. Right now you have a beautiful hip, strong hips, and beautiful, strong powerhouse. Can You keep that as you come back? Keep that left arm strong. Keep pulling up in here.

Keep pulling on w so reason why the arm feels like it has to bend the last one. So squeeze. Squeeze your hips. No. Do you don't need to. And we're gonna pull. Beautiful. Beautiful, good. Keep pushing your hips forward. Good. Let this arm even wrap around your head this time. Then lengthen it long all the way from here.

And think more lifting to the ceiling. Lift. Lift your waist up to the ceiling. Keep going, keep lifting. You still have room. You still have room. You got it. This are returns. That is what I needed. Good. Could you feel a difference in your body? Okay, great. Go ahead and turn around. So sometimes we do think that there is not enough room, but it's more that your body has to work a little more and get a little taller.

All right, so we have great alignment here. We're going to bend this elbow a little. There we go. And you can go. That actually looks great. And we're going to do three presses, hold and release. And we're making sure that this shoulder goes down and release. It doesn't lift up to your ear and release.

Now she's going to try to keep this shape. As she presses down, the left arm goes up, and again, you don't need to bend that elbow. We just need to keep lifting in that powerhouse and then go over like you're going over a big physio ball right here. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Then keep those strong hips and pull your belly in and up. Keep lifting, keep lifting, and the left arm goes back. Good. And press down. Keep lifting in your power house, keeping that shoulder scoop. That's it. That's it. Keep those strong hips pushing towards me as you come back.

So it's all about the waist. That's it. Keep pulling up in here. Lifting, lifting left arm goes back. Much nicer. One more. Push those strong hips to me. Scoop in and up into your back. Over you. Go stretch on this one. You get to let that arm wrap around your head. [inaudible] enjoy it. Straighten that arm and lengthen up to the ceiling.

Control. Pull more from here. Left arm goes back and that's enough. Very nice. Good. All right. We're done with those with our push through bar. And now we're going to do breathing. So I'm going to, I'm going to have you add your trap p's. Good. So hook it up.

And since we're going to do hanging pull-ups, I'm going to have you stand up and adjust it accordingly. So she's gonna reach fingertip to finger tip to those bars, and then you can go ahead and tighten it. So we're going to do a traditional ending here. Now we're going to go ahead and bowl this roll down bar forward. Good. And lie on down. Nice. Good.

And so her ankle should be able to rest in here. Right there. Good with this. Straight up and down. Good. And then hook there. Feel good? Yeah, no. Right now we're gonna hold onto this bar and there you go. It's a strong grot spring, so you're going to have to bring it. Okay. All right.

So on the count of three, we're going to lift up. We're gonna hold it for five counts while inhaling. So it's a sharp lift. And then you're going to take five counts to exhale and articulate and roll down through each. Okay. And here we go. On the count of three, one, two and lift and hold two, three, four, five and exhale down two, three, four. Let's try six and really sharp down to your hips. Where are your thighs? Get up there and down to articulate roll. It's delicious.

Do that. Lower back. Let's try six again to your thighs. Faster on that. Snapped down. Three, four, five, six and exhale, lengthening, lengthening, lengthening. One more time. Let's do seven and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and exhale. So this is still that beautiful long line that you got from your hard airplane and lifted bottom, uh, beats that you did on the leg springs where you take your hands away. Good. And I'm going to have you hug your knees into your chest and we're going to do spread eagle.

Go ahead and sit up and turn around. I'm going to be a little bit mean and not have her use anything, but if you need to, you can have a big board here. You can go ahead and get that right now, but I'm going to have you starting from sitting and you're just going to turn your feet out naturally whenever you need it. You can also have little non Slippy pads. I want you to hold your hands right here. Good.

I think that'll work. We'll see. And I want you to think of horseback. Okay. And you're going to end up straightening your legs, not by straightening your knee joint, but by pulling your body up into a horseback and hover into it. Okay? So we're gonna pull right into here and we're gonna lengthen those legs as we go into your horseback. Awesome. Good. And you should feel a really good, like you're sitting into your lower back, nice and stretch. And now you can rotate your feet as you keep your legs straight and your arms straight. Come all the way up into a nice angle. Not forward anymore. There you go. But I need this longer and this lifted. Thank you.

Now use your belly to lift your chest up to the ceiling. It's all from her waist and then returned to a straight line. And keeping the arms and legs straight. Go into your horseback again. As you rotate your feet however you need to. Do you want to hold up a little higher? Sure. That's good. Yup, absolutely. Just watch those knee joints. Can you sit any more?

Can you get it to relax a little? Out of those they're there. That looks a little more enjoyable and come back up. We're going to do two more swivel in those feet. I'm not too nice. It, it does feel better when you have something cushiony there and one more time, but for the sake of efficiency, sometimes we forego those things a little bit more. There we go. I'm pulling back up and swiveling a little. Your belly is what lifts. Open that chest and one more time.

Okay. Feel like we did four, but maybe we just did three. I lost count, but it is enjoyable. I love spreading, going, coming back up, using your powerhouse. Nice. Lifting up. All of this is lifting there. You go back into your diagonal. You don't want to step out of it in a bar. Back Bend and now step back out of it.

Put your hands on top of the, uh, so that your fingertip is touching the top corner. Excellent. And right behind your elbow you're going to put a fist grip. This is when you want to grab your non-slip pads if you want to use them. Okay. And I would maybe put, I'm just a team that behind Ya. Perfect. Good. And then here's another one. And now we're going to do hanging one, the hanging ones.

So it's going to be similar to an ending I want you to end with. So we're gonna use our belly to pull both legs up to your chest and then shoot your legs forward onto here at the same time. Right? So we're gonna scoop in your belly, pull up those legs and extend. Nice. Open, good. And you just hang. Now let me see that beautiful straight line. Even your head looking up at the ceiling. Good. Now use your belly to give me that beautiful back bend you did earlier. Yes.

Now go back into that beautiful straight line and give me one set of three little ruby pool into here more. Yes, two and three. And Go ahead and haying you could do another set, but we're just doing that today. We're going to come up a little bit. Bring your legs together and without a sound this time, bring your knees out and rest them onto the floor. Beautiful. Now, right where your hands are, I'm going to want your fuzzies for it too. You can enjoy some hanging. So go ahead and take those fuzzies and slide them over. You can, you can, I'll take them if you want. There we go. Good.

And you want to try to make sure they're even, they feel even so you could do it. Pause and do a lot of changes right now. You could take off your legs, springs, you could take other stuff down, but you don't really need to. But if those things bother you then go ahead. But it does feel nice to keep moving. So go ahead and lie on your back and you're going to um, and then have your hands against the Poles. Go ahead and I'm going to stand up. Go ahead and straighten your arms. Excellent.

Use your belly to bring your knees into your chest. Use your stomach to curl up. Good. You can rest on me a little bit. And we're going to do your left. Your right leg first, putting it in this fuzzy good. And now your left. Nice job. And you can straighten your legs and do a little twist.

Whatever feels good for you. Good. That's enough on the height. And then I'm having my toe here so that you really articulate upper back the next, the next, the next and then all the way down. Rest your arms down by your side. Good. And soften those knees so they're not holding you even sway your lower back a little bit. Right and left.

So you just let go of any tension that you're hold in there. Excellent. Good. So this is half hanging and it feels delightful. And this could be maybe as far as you want to take it on your own. But if you're very advanced and you're comfortable with your Cadillac, you're going to full hanging. These feel good though. Solid. No slipping. Okay.

Pull back and keep looking at me until your shoulders are off. Good. Now switch your, go ahead and start rolling down. Nice. And I like for you to rest. You look good, your hands up nice. And I'm going to pull a little bit so that you really lengthen out. Good, good. And because she is advanced, I'm going to have you do a little back bend for the garage.

There's a nice bar underneath that you would push against. But here you're going to put your hand right there and there. And using the back of your thighs and your hips and your stomach. Go ahead and enjoy. Look back, even really opening that chest. Nice. And then come out of it. Good.

And then hands back up and again lengthening out. Great. Maybe a few more counts. Once your head gets too red or too much pressure, you want to come up. So you're going to grab back onto those poles and walk up and curl up. Good. And you go all the way back into half hanging.

So you're going to switch your hands. Voila. Very nice. Good. So again, you could move all those things, but you did a very nice job and you got to keep moving, which is very nice. So just relaxing there. Now because she has me, I'm not gonna want her to tense up at all on this. I'm just gonna help her come out. You get to rest right there and hug this knee into your chest with your arms. And then this one good. And we're going to roll down.

Now I always like to end with something that's uplifting and positive and keeping your energy up. So let's go ahead and stand right in front of the Cadillac on the floor. Good. How does that feel? Okay, go ahead and grab that bar and try not to let your shoulders go at a joint too much. Using your powerhouse. We're going to squeeze those legs. We're gonna be three circles. She's going to lift them up all the way to the bar and open Gillmore give it all. You got one more all the way up. Good.

And now give yourself a little rest and then we're going to come back up as high as you can. And Cross your ankles eight times on the way down. Alright, go ahead and pop up for your grand finale. Gimme all you got, pull from your bowels all the way up and cross. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Slowly come down to the floor. Press the earth away as you bring your arms down by your side and you are all finished. Nice job.


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Great class! Thank you for your detailed explanations of set up, cueing and hands on assistance.
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Love the cueing. Great class.
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Great set up and cueing! I really wanted to hang at the end but I was all alone. Will try when I have another teacher with me. I did do it this morning with a client and she loved it and did very well! Thank you!
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Love those side lying bicycles
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This class was excellent Monica! I was looking for a more advanced cadillac class and this one was perfect. The grand finale wasn't so grand on my end, but there's always so much to work towards. THANK YOU!!

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