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Mat in Threes

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All good things happen in threes! This is what Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt remind us in this challenging Mat workout. They use the Triadball the entire class, adding innovative variations to exercises you already know. Enjoy a fun take on the Series of Five, the Long Stretch from the Reformer, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball

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Hi, I'm Tony and I'm Michael. And here we are for class. So let's get started. So what's you going to do? I'm going to show you really quickly cause it's a little bit confusing line on your back and you won't be able to see me. So just sitting there for a while, you're going to set it up and having your feet right on top of the ball and all you're going to do is roll it out an n. Here's the tricky part. As you're lying down on your back like this, you're going to roll it out and bring it back in. When I tell you to sell a lot down, you're going to put your feet right on the very front edge of the ball.

So it's sort of side Toppenish. I think it's a made up word and you want your feet soda flexed a bit like this. And all I want you to do is think of the footwork on the reformer and I just want you to stretch it out long. Just inhale and exhale, pull it back in, and as you think, and just keep the legs Candice straight the first few times, and you just want to go out and pull it in. As you're doing this, don't think of bending and stretching your legs. Think of your legs folding in. So as your legs go out, they fold in as they come in and think of sending your sitz bones down towards the ball. You feel that? So it lengthens out as they fold in. The sitz bones go down. Now we're going to make it a little bit more fun.

We're going to push out, open the legs, and the diamond shaped soles of the feet. Come together and you pull in back to parallel. Push it out, all 10, pull it in. Good. Then we're going to reverse that. So you're going to open. Just let the legs open back to Palau and n open. Good. Couple more just on your own rhythm.

At your own pace. Lengthen that out. Just let the legs fall. So next exercise is you're going to take the ball and [inaudible] place it right underneath your thighs. Then you're going to form a little ball with your hands, with your fingers pressing together. Bring your head down, and you're going to bring your arms back behind your head. From here, you're going to inhale, bring the arms, pressing the fingers together above your chest. X, help, harass down Isabelle. Holding that inhale, bring the arms up. Exhale, release everything down. So inhale at the arms, pressing those fingers together. Exhale, bring it down. Inhale, bring it up. Exhale down. And again, inhale, bring it out. The app asks, help press down. Really press down. Is that ball? Inhale, bring your arms up. X. Oh, really? Sit down.

And I mean on, because that's so good. Inhale, bring the arms up. Exhale down. Hold it there. Bring the arms aside. Must start pumping. Trick you in too. Four, five, and out to five an in and, oh, you use the backs of the legs. That's what the ball's there for. In out, in, out, and when, must be about five halfway there. I would say I'm a lousy counter. Good pop. Yes. Good. And in and out. Good. Three more. In and out and in and out.

Oh, last time. Make it count. Pump those arms and relax from there. Just let your legs slide in and grabbed the ball. You're gonna place your feet like we started in the very first exercise. From here, we're going to do the roll up, so you're going to have your arms long above your head. You're going to inhale, bring the arms up. Exhale, press the legs out and roll up.

Inhale, rolling it down, keeping those legs lation long and square and then bend it to come back in. Inhale, arms up. Exhale. Push the ball away like we started with the first one. Inhale. Really try and use the backs of those legs. I saw that Christie, and inhale trying to sneak in by your right in front. Yes, the camera picked it up too, but the camera's right there. Relax.

Sit down and inhale up. I exhale over in her rolling it down, pressing with the backs of your legs as long as you possibly can, and then that and then one more for Christianity in him. XL. Good in hell. It's hell. Roll it out. No. Leave your left leg on top of the ball and bring your right leg up.

Listen carefully cause we're going to do Joe's leg circles. You're going cross your body, so you're going to cross around and up. One cross around two, three try not to move the ball for and five from there. Bring that leg down to it's just hovering above the ball. We're going to start to reverse from here. Circle up and around and up and around and down her.

The body around and down. I say cross. I think we'll have to check the tape. Cross and relax to bring that leg straight down from their change legs. Right leg is on top. Left leg is up. You always cross your body first. So cross around, Eh, up to man, up three and up.

Four and up. By and up. Bring this leg down from here. We start across the cross around one and and down and two 30 and four and fun. Hate when they make me think and both legs are on top of the ball. From there, bend your knees, bring the ball in from their legs, their bench. You're going to roll up, pressing in. Scoot yourself to the front edge of the Mat. Lock the ball in.

Place your hands rolling like a ball. I saw that grimace and up and hold rolled back and up. Good. Three more for Christie. I'm not picking on you. You're in front and up. I lost count. Now is this the third one? Yes.

End Up in hold from there. Stretch out the left leg. Placed the ball right by your right shin. Rolling backwards into the series of five. And we have one oh one and two, two and three, three, four, five, six and seven and eight and relaxed both legs in from here. Circle Ball. Inhale one and around two. Oops. I don't care.

You have an excuse to I am three. Reverse it after this one for the other way. One and two, um, three [inaudible] and for stay up there. Bring the ball above your head. Look through and bring the legs up to it and kick it with one leg kick. Kick, kick, kick. Two, two, two, two, quicker. Three, three, three, three, four, four, four, four, five, five, five, five, six, six, six, six, seven, seven, eight, eight and relax. Head is down. Break is over.

Take the ball, place it underneath your thighs, squeezing hands behind your head for double leg. Flex your feet in this position. Inhale down, touched your heels. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale up and heel down. Hold up, go away. We'll do it right and up. Good.

I think that was six to, let's do seven and let's do eight from there. Relax right into Chris Cross. From here we have one and one and two and two and three. Three. Nice and slow for four. Good for the leaks by five only three more. Six, six, seven, seven, 8:00 AM. Place a ball in your center. Rock yourself up to sitting. From there, you're going to place the ball right in front. Open your legs wide.

Hands right on top. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Inhale, roll up. I don't care what the feet do, I'm more can stretch with. This is your break. Enjoy it. Two more. Inhale. Exhale. Roll it up from there. Take the ball in one hand, legs around, you're going to swing around down onto your stomach. Ah, one during your stomach.

Keep your legs relaxed, arms out in front, and place your wrists on top of the box. If you want more extension just plays more of your forearm on the ball. Okay, so first cool the shoulder blades back pressing to the ball and slowly come up into your extension. Then press the ball away and reach all the way out. Connect the shoulder blades first. Press into the ball Lyft. Think of opening your collarbone and push the ball forward.

In order to come down, don't just lower yourself down. Press into the bar to come up for the last time. Hold it there for a second and really pull the abdominals in. Press the ball forward. As you lower yourself down, then why don't you down? Bring your legs together, Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle for the double leg kick.

So you're going to press the leg out as you come up. So push and lift up as you inhale. Exhale, lower and bend the knees back in and inhale and lift up and exhale prs, and bring the knees together. Inhale and up. Exhale, two more times in alien lift. Exhale, relax down. Last time. Inhale up. Exhale, come down, and then relax. Hold onto the ball in one hand. Come onto your knees and place the ball right between your feet.

So you're going to sit on the ball and then just relax. Forward reach. If this bothers your knees, bring your feet together and sit actually more on top of the ball, and that sometimes will help you. Then roll yourself back up, and then you're going to close your legs so that your shins are right on top of the ball and you're going to have to find your little magic space here. So from there, move forward and place your elbows on the floor. You can have your hands apart like a sphinx or if it's easier to have them slightly rotated in whatever works vetters you're going have them this way or that way. Now pull the abdominals in, roll the bar out, keeping your shoulders above your elbows and come into a plank position.

Then lift the hips up, bend the knees and curl it in, and then roll it back out and lift it back up. Curl as high as you can and length and back out. One more time. Press it all the way up and then now once your outstay out and are staying in the plank to go slightly out, roll it back. Then roll it up and bring it back.

Well not so nice breath out. Come back in. Pike it up. Bring it down. One more time out like the long stretch on the reformer. Then lifted up Braden, place your knees down and relax Max. Then let's go to our sites. That's all I have our head going.

That way the bottom leg is bent. The top leg is strict. Okay, are you just going to lie all the way over the ball? I'm long everything. Long life is good until well he lived everything up in one line so the bottom arm stays down. Just keep in one line and then bring it back down and lifted up and bring it down and lift it up and bring it down. Now lift it up and hold it up.

And our stay here and all we do is bring the uh, bottom arm up to meet the other one and two. That's all we do. And three and four and lower everything down. Bend the top arm. Bring the bottom arm on top of our, there we go. So we're going to go halfway up and come back down. Have we up? Come back down now have up and stay up. Leave this shoulder still.

The top side rotates forward until we see the floor. Come back to the front and then come back down. So we go up, we rotate, we come back up and we come back down. So really wants you to feel when you come up that the top side, the top rib cage rotates forward pools back. There you go. And come back down. Stretch yourself out. You deserve the little stretch.

Just a little one because we're going over to the other side. Don't want to get spoiled. Can't have that right, right. One long line area. So lift the top side up into one line and bring it back and keep pulling the abdominals in. Make sure there's no rotation while we're going up here. And if that little like a little higher, bring it back down. Now lift it up and hold it.

Only the bottom arm comes up and down. It comes up and it comes up and down. One more time. Up to go. All the way down the top arm bands, bottom arm comes onto our thighs and the area of first we just go up and we go back down. We lift back up and let's add the rotation. So we come up, lift this front upside to the front, bring it back, and then come back down and go up. Okay, my foot out of your nose and just noticed that off and bring it down. She's like, I'm not rotating. Oh, rotate.

Come back to the front and relax. Then take the ball out. Oh stretch. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I guess you are spoiled here. Yeah, take that little ball out. Place it between your feet. So we can do a beautiful little roll up so we can go into the small barrel.

So what I want you to do is place the ball in the small of your back. Bend one leg. There you go. And you slowly push yourself over into that position. And then bend your knees. Now always check your hips here so that the sits bones or your hips line up with the ball. So it's a flush ending.

So the pelvis can stay in a beautiful neutral position. From here, just start with the frog, push it out and bring it in, right? Trying not to move the ball and making sure that you don't go too low so that we're not going to arch our back, right? Lengthen and bring it in. No, on the next one, you're going to push it out and we're going to stay out and we're going to start with really small circles. So we circle one and two and three and four and five. Then reverse it one and two and three and four and five.

Now we're going to make them as big as you can. So open as wide as you can. Bring them all the way down, bring them together, lift them all the way up, all the way open, all the way down, all the way together first together, then up open. Don't cheat down there first. Close them. That feels better. Now reverse it. Go all the way down. Then you open all the way up to close all the way down.

Open up to go together the last time down, open up. Now go down to the 45 degree angle again. And we do little beats. So we make small tiny beats going in and two and three and four, five and six and seven and eight and one more. Second, 10, two and three, four and five and six and seven and stuck. Now make them as big as you can open all the way and you close all the way and you open your stay on that 45 degree angle.

You're open and you close and you open. And we do one more time. Open all the way. And now stay here for the little scissors. So going, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, four by six. Now four sets. Huge. Make it big. One and one and two and two and three and three and four, four and then relax. Bring both legs up. Hold on to your bar with both hands.

Press the four arms into the floor, lift your head up as the legs go down and you push yourself into a balance and top of the ball and you gracefully come up. Then bend your knees and you might have to adjust the bottle a little bit as you bend the knees in and then take your legs off your feet off the floor and you stretch them out. Yep. What you think is gonna happen is gonna happen. Arms go loose in front. Slowly roll backwards and pull back in and roll back and Krill back in. Pull the abdominals into the bar to come up. Press into the bar, stay here, hold onto the legs and bend chimneys back in.

Ready for our second set if you want to make it harder is lift the arms up to the ceiling instead of in front of you. What? Yeah, I don't care. Fine. It was a good rest though in and lift arms here so you can keep reaching forward or you can bring them up and it's gonna make it a little bit more unstable. So you're going to have to use a little bit more abdominal control and go back and go up. Oops. A little bit more control and go down and up and bend your knees and let's have it one more set. Here we go. One more set.

All good things happen in threes. All good things happen in threes. People stretch out. Don't mind me. I'm just keep going and arms up. Go back as you are complaining about how hard it is, we could have been done by now and go back and come back up. One more time. Back and up. Bend your knees and relax. Take the ball out. Bring it to the front.

As you lie down your stomach, place the ball back here for the swimming. We're going to roll the ball. Halfman lift the legs up and start to swimming with the legs. Breathing in and out. Just inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. We have eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two lift off and we'll come onto the knees and just stretch it up. Tap.

Then find a place for the ball underneath your sternum. So you're gonna move your, I'm none the cat such position. Move your hips past your knees. So from here we're going to do a push up, right? So you're just going to bend the arms until your chest is on the ball and press back up and press down and up.

Press down, come up and stay up. Curl the toes under, come up into a plank position. Lower the knees back down and bend the arms back. So we're going to lift up. So we're going to slowly lift up into the plank, make it harder and harder. Stay with an easier version if you need to. So now we're going to go up, come up into the plank, stay in the plank to come down. Once you down, bend the knees to come back up. Press into the plank, go down in the plank, bend the knees. And now we have two more where we just stay in the plank, press it out.

We stay in the plank to go down and up and down and up. Bengalese and just sit back for a moment. Leave the ball on the front end of your mat and we go into the seal. So just hold the ball there. Plays one foot on either side of the ball, Leech on the insight and hold it and I'll just roll back and roll back up and roll back and roll back up. Yes, keep your head down.

Think of thing. Push the hips up to the ball and then the ball to the hips. So you push the ball, hips up, ball down, push the hips up, press the ball down. One more time. Hips up, ball down. And then stay here. Chris crush legs. Place the ball right in front of you. Keep the arm straight and just roll it out for a nice stretch to stay there.

Keep reaching forward with the ball as you curl back onto the sitz bones nursery. They say later, so care that apposition of reaching forward with the hands, but back with the sitz bones. There you go. Then roll yourself up, and we'll do the same thing with the other leg. So just change legs, arm in front, roll it forward, and then stretch long. Sit back on the sits bones and reach forward with the hands and then slowly roll yourself up and have a great rest of your day. Thank you.


Amaze-balls! That felt like 10 minutes - such good energy and pace. Thanks so much Michael and Ton. Also very glad that I was watching at home and not in the front row. Poor Kristi...

Long stretch on the ball completely took me by surprise and kicked my butt - loved it!
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You are welcome Megan. Glad you enjoyed it.
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Another Michael and Ton big SCORE!
Katherine R
1 person likes this.
Another fun class, looking forward to your workshops next weekend!
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Fun,fantastic,creative and challenging! Love it!
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Thank you guys! Looking forward to seeing you there Katherine.
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Thanks guys! The best way to start the week!
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Thanks, Heikki have a great week!!!!
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what a fun class, thank you guys!!
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Holy balls! What fun! a challenge too!
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