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Fletcher Pilates Wunda Chair

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Let your breath move you in this Fletcher Pilates Wunda Chair workout with Kyria Sabin. She uses seamless transitions so you are moving fluidly through the entire class. She also includes dynamic movements so you feel like you are dancing.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Wunda Chair Handles, Reformer Box

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Hello. My name is curious Savan Waugaman and I'm introducing an intermediate Fletcher Palladia is chair workout. Um, several of these pieces are, were developed by Ron Fletcher. I'll point those out as we go along. Um, in this workout we have Mckenna Mendosa, we have Martha Ramirez, and we have Abes Salazar. So three lovely Fletcher plots, teachers from California and Arizona. And I hope you'll enjoy. So let's begin taking four breaths in. Inhale, lift the arms up and down. And again, two more. Last one for plea. AES reaching forward and pressing, Huh?

Yeah. Just sit back on the chair and bring your left arm up in a round and swivel the hips to place the heels in the center of the foot bar. But circle the arms in, place the hands to the front of the chair. Inhale, press down. Exhale, lift up. Working with one black spring. Press and, and again, press finding that lift up and out of the hips is the lift the bar. Three more. Last two, last one. Press the bar halfway down.

So the news in the same line as the hips, small pulses down, working from the back of the legs, finding that glute hamstring connection. Two more sets. Double breath holding the bar. Still extend the right leg out. Bolting the knees together and place the foot. Keeping the feet flexed and owl and rice owl and place the heel.

Last time extent. Ouch. Place the heel. Extend the right leg out and hold it out. Holds the bar up and down with the left leg down and up. To keep the lift up and out of the hip. Last set knee to knee and place the foot.

Extend the left leg out and Paul's down, up, down to notice the double breath. Three and four, Andy to me, place the foot down. Ah, down, uh, two up. Three, flexing the fee. Press to bar down. Contract the bar up.

Roll to a point. Extend those legs out on the diagonal. Turn out parallel. I'll parallel to more working from the hip. Last one. Turn out, flex the fee. Place the feet on the bar and as you lengthen the spine, lift the arms laterally and press down.

Pressing down and left to pull it all the way out. Three. Find that length fingers fine for four more and three last two and the pulses. Full range pulses x help focus on the hip fold. Three last one. Press the bar down. Contract the bar, uh, roll to a point. Extended legs out. Two a V. Flex and point.

Flex pressed of 0.2 and 0.3 and point and four and point. Flex. Place the heels and lifting the arms up and grass down. Press and lift it all the way out. Second position, three and four. Exhale out form or little longer through the middle trunk.

Last two, last one. Full range pulses in Hail hacks. Hail to acts three and four. Press the bar down. Contract the Barra roll to a point. Extended legs out and turnout and Chris Cross in Hale.

Fail to fail. Three, exhale or draw the legs together. Roll to parallel. Draw the back and place the feet and releve they lifting the arms forward and press down. Pressing down to pull all the way up and again down and left. Little deeper hip fold in this position and to live for more keeping the chest expanded. Three last two, last one.

Keep the bar pulled all the way up and challenged that hip fold. Lift up. Two, three, four, five, six. One was set left. Two, three, four, six. Press the bar halfway down so the knees are even with the hips. That's it. Keeping the upper leg stable. Flex and press flax and for all of that flex and rather than tickling the feet and the ankles form or and three last two last one. Press the bar down, contract the bar up, extend the legs out on the diagonal and reach the feet to the floor.

Roll to a standing position and just take some air lifting up and press down. One more time. Lifting up and press down, pressing to the ball of the right foot and the toe and the ball and the heel ball. Cho, ball and heel ball, Cho, ball and teal toe ball and she'll press to the ball, press to the toe. That's it. Lift that leg up and cross over to turn around that set. And let's walk around to the back of the chair, standing facing the back of the chair and a turned out position at scent. Circle the arms contract the body forward, placing the hands on the foot bar.

This is the reverse washerwoman starting from the pelvis. Take a full breath to articulate from the pelvis through the spine to move the bar and contract the bar up. Think of that even line through the spine, reaching through the sitz bones, extending out through the upper back and from the base of the spine to the top. Two more. Using your breath. Tracked the bar up.

Last one, lengthening out, holding this position, bending the elbows to draw the bar up and press bend and extend. Nice correction and press two more. Keep reaching out through those hips. Last one and draw the bar up. Rolling all the way up through the spine and against.

Circle the arms contract over to the bar and release the right leg behind. She said the toes are still on the floor. As you press the bar down, lift that leg up, maintaining the contraction and left. Ah, and again, reach and pull up. Lengthen and contract the bar up. Last one and draw the legs together. She rose up through the spine all the way up and against. Circle the arms, contract over the bar and release the left leg and pressing down, pulling up.

Keep the lines through the back of the neck. And uh, and again, spine is flexed. Last one. Draw the legs together as you roll up through the spine. Arms are down by your sides and against. Circle the arms this time. Place the hands on the seat of the chair and place the pelvis on top.

Hands around the foot bar and take a breath to establish that long line, reaching out through the crown of the head and the toes. And let's start with shoulder. Shoulder shrugs down to the floor and uh, and press moving from the scapula and again, long through the back of the neck. Last one, place the Scapula on your back. Bend the elbows up to the waist and press stabilizing the scapula form or, and three last two last one. Keeping the arm six and Jed flutter kick in. Hale.

Exhale to exhale. Three, exhale four and reach the lights long holding it there. Let's do a Progressive Swan. So a full breath to peel the upper back away from the floor and lengthen out, right. Coming up a little bit high. Or think of lifting the chest up the wall in front of you and lengthen out through the back line and a little higher and lengthen. Ouch. Last time, lifting up, hold the position. Inhale, lift tires still. And like then all the way out.

Bend to elbows to bring the bar up and place the feet down on the floor and then contract back. Coming down into your Fletcher ball and pulse the hips to the heels and reach the hips out behind shoes, stretching the legs long. Shift the hips forward and roll to a standing position. And again, lifting up and pressing down. One more time. Lifting up and pressing down.

We have now switched from one black spring to one white spring, um, high on a high cactus and we've placed the box behind the chair to plays to sedge reaching forward and pressing tall. And again, please [inaudible] and press tall. The H is sent. And this time the right arm comes up in her ground and place the feet on the box. Circle the arms from your back to contract forward and pulse. Deepening that contraction and then contract back to place the hands on the foot. Bar.

Fingers pointed towards two peels of the hands on the bar. Take a full breath to contract back. Rolling through the spine and a full breath to contract forward. Try to roll through the sacrum. Roll through the sacrum owl through the crown of the head. Get that low back to touch the chair and curl the body or and again, feel that opening through the front of the Hibbs and up and over. One more time.

Contract back, rolling. Open the chest. Oh, open the hips. Holding that position against shoulder shrugs, but moving in the opposite direction. Press the shoulders and Ah, press and uh, maintaining that center connection and up last one and uphold that position. Stabilize the shoulders and extend the right leg out. Lift it up like an out and place and the left out. Lift out and weigh, and the right lift up out and place left.

Lengthen out and place can track the bar up and come back to your hover position. Grounding over the legs. Two sets of pulses opening up the lower back, preparing for the teaser. Circle the right arm up and back to the bar and extend the legs out on the diagonal. Good. Bend the legs and lengthen out on a long line on the diagonal bend and lift up to the teaser and again Benge and press the hips open and lift up to the teaser.

Keeping weight in that left hip. Lengthen out [inaudible] both directions and come on up. Beautiful. Last one, length an out and lift up the arm. Matches the line of the line, reaching out to a full teaser and reach the left. Turn back to the bar and again, reaching out and push the hips open. Pull in and reach, ah, and reach. Stabilize that shoulder from your back.

Pull from your center. And two more. Keeping the right hip down. Last one, reaching both arms up and placing the feet down. Come to the hover position. Again, two sets of pulses opening up the upper back. Yeah, and that's my arms up with the spine coming up and press the arms down by your sides. We've removed the boxes. It's still on one heavy white spring. Again, side to the chair.

Let's take one play and sit back into the center of the chair. Place the left like right alongside the chair and extend the right leg out. And we want the leg to be in parallel. So the left leg is straight down. The right foot is on the side of the foot. Yeah, so we want to be not on the walk, but just on the toes. Let's lift both arms up overhead and inhale. Lengthen.

Exhale over that right by two sets of pulses too deep in this side. Bend long through the sides of the neck and come up and over the bar and uh, and over the leg and again and over the bar and over the leg. Two more times and truly lift and over the leg. Last time up in over the bar, holding this position. Inhale, press down and lift up.

Deepening the side. Bend on the lift and come up. And again, stretch long and deep in it. One more time. Press and deep enough. Rotate to place both hands on the barn and hook that left leg around the back of the chair in help. Press down and deepen it with the contraction. And again, upper back is rotated towards the floor.

Two more. Press and scoop it up. Last one, press and come up. Press the bar down, holding the bar down. Lift that right leg up and down and up and down. Try to get the leg in line with the hip. Working that outer hip. Two more. That's it. Last one.

Lift the leg up and Ben to attitude. Pulsing back, working from the back of the leg. Two more sets long through the back of the neck. Last set and place the left hand more to the center of the bar. Open the right arm out to a second or a hover position. Good.

And press the bar down to open the body out to the dolphin and contract to bring the bar. Uh, and again, press to expand openings to the front of the body. This is more of a Fletcher piece and can track two more times. Stretch the bar down and contract the spring up last, reaching out and contract up and from here rates the arm and leg out on a long diagonal looking over the arm circle up and around and they sit to the back of the chair in the hover position. Feed her on the wall and again, Paul's opening up and centering the body and circled that right arm up, back to the bar and sit facing the back of the room. Come to the side set position. I'm sorry. Lift the arms up and over the left leg.

Two sets of pulses. That's it. Keep the ribs over the hips and come up and over the bar stretching and uh, and over the legs and up and over the bar, uh, and Oh over the line to more. Use the breath to move the spine over the leg and then hold the stretch over the bar and let's work at length and down. Pull up, reaching out, pull. Ah, that's it. Think of lifting up and out of that hip one more. And Ah, rounding over to place both hands on the barn and hook that right heel to the back of the chair for stability.

He also have the hands on the bar pressing down and again, contract up and to contract up little longer through the back of the neck. Looking at the chair last one and contract up. Press the bar down, holding it down and lift the left leg up and to lower. Keeping the bar still straight up and down. Last one and down.

Lift the leg up and bend to attitude. Pulse from the back of the leg. Pulse two, three, four, six, seven. One more sec. Yeah, and placed the right hand more in the center of the bar. Open the left term out to the hover position just to the hover and press the bar down to open the body up. Beautiful and contract to that rounded position and press check.

Oh, can tract to lift the bar. Two more. Last one. Yeah. Contract. Hold it there.

My son out on that long diagonal looking out. Oh, if it don't, circle up and face the back of the room and brown the arms that again, stretch the back and just told a tear. And just take a deep breath in and exhale. Last one. Deep breath in and exhale and roll to a standing position. And let's come around to the front of the chair, facing your partner.

Circle the arms and place the hands all the way down to the base of the chair. And then come to a kneeling position with the news directly underneath the hips of separate the news just slightly because we're doing the kneeling cat coming up to a lifted, kneeling position. Circle the arms, placed the hands on the bar, keeping the hips over the knees. Take a full breath to press the bar down just above the wood. Take a deep breath in and lift it up.

And heel press. Exhale. Left. Inhale, press and Ah, and press and uh, two more press and last one. And uh, press the bar down. Hold it there. Now from here, reach the hips back to the heels, stretching all the way out and press the hips forward over the hips. And again, like the out and extension all the way through the spine and pressing forward two more times.

Last one, hold it there and lift the bar up from your back and press through. And again, thinking, pulling the chest through the shoulders. Beautiful. Two more from the bat. Last one from the back, pressing the hips forward over the knees. That's it. And bring the bar all the way up.

Circle the arms up and place the hands on the heels and folded the hips and press the hips. Oh, open and reach the hips back and press the hips. And again, reach x health last time and press up and then come to a lifted kneeling position and lower the arms down there. Now seated straddling the chair. Um, still with one white spring from above. Circle the arms. Place the hands on the foot bar that said, let's start just with arm work. Inhale, press the bar down and bring it up. And again, pulling from your bat. And uh, two more. Last one and a contract to pull the bar down.

Flexing the fee and point is who left and again, contract, back and point to left shoe more contracting back and point to lift. Last one can tracting back point to lift. Lengthen through to a hinge line, long arms and two sets of pulses from the hips. Palms forward through four by six and place the bar contract back and point to lengthen through Chohan fury place and can try and lengthen through Chohan last one and contract back. Lengthen through two a long hinge line from the hips this time without placing the hands on the bar. Roll the spine down, reaching through the head, lower back, arms down by your sides.

Draw the legs into a tabletop position and extend the legs up to the ceiling. Flex and point and flex and point to more flex and point last one and point Ben to place the center of the fate in the center of the bar and notice how the legs are slightly beyond 90 90. In this position. Lift the arms up and open the arms out to achieve position. Pulling the bar down from the back of the legs and extended, uh, and pull control it up and again, pull and AH, last to waking up those hamstrings. And, uh, last one. And, uh, keeping the bar at the top of the position. Curl the pelvis on a breath and lengthen it down. Yeah. And again, curl the pelvis and lengthen down on this third one. Let's curl the pelvis and hold it there.

Take a breath too deep in this position and pull the bar halfway down and up and down, and a pool. And lift three more and two last one. And let's roll the pelvis down and extend the legs back up to the ceiling. Turn out parallel. Turn out parallel to more turnout.

Hold the turnout, draw the legs to a diamond position and take a breath to place the sides of the feet in the center of the bar. Pull the diamond wider as you pull the bar down and control it up. Opening the hips, pull and left. Uh, let's it keep the energy out through the feet and ah, the back long on the floor and then pull the barges halfway down, keeping it there and just halfway. Take a full breath to extend that right leg out, flax and place and the left reach out. Flex and place and the right and the left flax and place. Draw the legs to parallel.

Lift the bar up. Good. Let's roll to the right. Come onto all fours. Curl the toes under that set and roll to a standing position. Sorry Martha. All the way up. Lifting arms up and down.

And one more time. Lift up and yeah, it's turned to face the chair. Preparing for the standing leg presses. Lift the arms forward and open out to a second position and draw the right leg up to passe and extend the like out for small presses. Press and press and left long on the standing line. Last one. Yeah. And pause. Say Toe Ball.

He all left like Ah, and to extend and press longs to the back of the body and he left two more. Last one and live and pause. Say Toe Ball. Feel right like Ah, and to extend two and lift one and, and pause. Say and like lift and extend. Press and lift two and leg and singles. Lift and extend.

Press and left. Oh from the bed. Okay. Two more. Okay.

Last one. Lift and lower. Lift the arms up and press down by your sides. Beautiful. So we're preparing for the press ups. We now have one black and one white spring on Mckenna. Do have both springs on.

Okay. And the handles are now on the sides of the chair. Let's place the hands on the handles and bring the bar down with one foot and place the other foot in the center of the bar. When relevant. A good place. The body right on top of the feet. Inhale, flex and Relevate up and flex. Feel that lift from the mid line. Last one. Walking pattern in Hail. Hail to exhale. Three, two more sets.

Last set she thing the heels lifted. Bring the body forward to a long arc, opening the chest and come back to that center position and a little further. Opening the chest one long line and come back two more times, one long line and back, and then bring the body forward and hold that position. Take a full breath to press all the way up, pressing into extension, lifting the chest. Inhale band released extension slightly and press up into extension.

Try to get more. Bend enough upper backs and [inaudible] and again bend and press up to the top. That's said two more, little more lift of the sternum. Last one and lift up. That should control the bar all the way down.

Center the body and carefully step off with one foot and bring the bar up with the other. Let's take the white spring off. So we're just on one black spring. Prepare for Washer woman, circle the arms. Place the hands on the bar, keeping the hips over the heels. Inhale, press down and lift up. And again, press and lift. Two more deep contraction.

Last one, lift up, rolling up through the spine. Full breath and circle the arms and place the hands full breath to press down, keeping the bar down. Bend the elbows to lift the bar and press two more. Last one, rolling up through the spine. And one more time. Full breath.

Circle and place the hands. Press the bar all the way down to the floor. Heaping it there. Press up to relevance today and lower the heel and press up deep in the contraction. A low or the heels to more. Ah, and he Lauer last one. Ah, and lower. Full breath. Depress up to Relevate. Holding that position. Lower the right heel down and left and right and left.

Left for more. Three, two and left. Last one. Find the lift. Reach the hips up as you lower the heels down. Rolling up through the spine. Heavy through the tailbone.

Lower the arms down to roll. Uh, [inaudible] doing the arms up. Pressed. Yeah, a pressed down. Two more times. Big Breath. Last one. Lift and press down that if that'd good.

Thank you all very much.


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I didn't know this teacher and I have to say that she is amazing. I like the rhythm of her voice and I love the choreography of this workout. Elegant, clean and fluid.
It's very nice to see different kind of bodies morphology executing the exercises. Three beautiful women.
Thanks again Pilates Anytime.
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Thanks Kyria! It was great to take a class from you again on PA!
2 people like this.
Lovely class Kyria! You have an incredible teaching style...calm voice and great cadence. The participants were all so fluid in motion.
2 people like this.
Wow Kyria we haven't seen you at PA for a while, welcome back. Im a big fan of your work. Thanks for sharing your talent. It was pure joy!
Tiziana N
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Kyria I love you!!!
Kyria Sabin
Thank you for the kind comments. And thank you to Martha Ramirez, McKenna Mendoza and Eve Salazar for being such lovely and professional "models". Amazing that they coordinated breath and movement so seamlessly with no rehearsal or planning.
Michele M
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Beautiful flow and cueing is precise! Thank you:)
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Hi. This was great. I loved the very precise, calm, clear cues. This has come up before about springs. I understand that it's an individual matter but no idea what the colors mean. Is it possible to just say light, medium or heavy spring and then we have a better idea? Thanks.
Kyria Sabin
Hi Deborah, The chair we used in this video is a combo chair from Balanced Body. It comes with 2 light (white) springs and 2 heavy (black) springs. The higher the spring placement the more range of motion and the more initial resistance. In general we use one or two white or black springs placed in the high position to provide more ROM. Hope this helps!
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