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Mat for Soccer Players

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Pilates is a perfect compliment to any sports regimen, as it assists with preventing injuries by maximizing flexibility and strengthening the core. Join Monica Wilson in this Mat workout designed for her student, a professional soccer player and coach, in his first ever Pilates session with a focus on balance and agility. While they use a soccer ball as a prop in the class, an Overball is a great substitute.
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Today we are going to be taking Nona. He is an extremely fit professional soccer player as well as soccer coach. We're gonna be taking him through a mat workout, basically an intermediate mat with the complete emphasis on soccer. But it's going to be translated to any sport because at any sport we're going to be trying to prevent injuries, keeping up our flexibility and maximizing our powerhouse or core strength. So before we begin, let me give you the ball, but do you have any injuries I need to know about? Um, not really. No. How about your back?

Is it pretty flexible or is it kinda stiffen up sometimes. Okay. All right. Any knees or leg issues? Okay, so we're going to keep trying to stretch your quads and hamstrings and your back and always working your stomach. Okay. So let's go ahead and lie down on your back for a second. And we're gonna, this is not as first time. So we're going to go over a few basic principles. You know, put the ball to your side. You can either use a soccer ball or a, uh, want to applaud his ball. You know, and just like a, an ice ball, go ahead and bend your knees and feet flat at the mat on the mat. Good.

All right. So in [inaudible], everything is about keeping your frame. So you're gonna have a straight line from one shoulder to the other and a straight line from one hip to the other. And that completes a nice box in the middle of your boxes, your stomach. But we use it in addition to our back as our powerhouse. So it's like a, if you put a weightlifting belt on, it's like that five inch band. It's all the way around. And every time you move, whether it's your legs or your arms, you're going to first pull into your back and support your back like that.

So that works every time. Okay. All right. So when you're playing soccer, you want to be able to be a, keep your balance right and be very agile. So if you gave everything in one direction, you're gone. They pass you, right? So that's your, you've got to hold your balance with your center, with your stomach. So that's going to be our focus today. Okay. All right. So with that in mind, I want you to think of just your, your pelvis here and I want you to tip your bottom of your pelvis towards you.

Like it's a bowl of soup, like you're dumping your pelvis into your chest, not towards me. There you go. Good with your knees. Just straight up. Now I want you to dump it towards the parking lot that way. And so there's a little tunnel into your waistband. Can you feel that? Okay. So it's very hard for you to use your stomach when you're pushing your energy out towards your feet. And you would fall off balance if you did that way too. Okay?

So you want to use your stomach to pull in towards the Mat and get or get rid of that tunnel. There you go. Okay. So whenever you do leg exercises today and we have a ball between your thighs or your ankles, don't let yourself dump your energy out that way. Does that make sense? All right, great. So we've got our box, our powerhouse, and you're aware of whether your stomach is engaged or whether you're dumping your energy out. Yeah, good deal. So we're going to warm up with the hundred. So I want you to pull your stomach into the mat and bring your right knee into your chest. You got it? And Hug it in. Give it a good stretch. Keep it and bring your left knee in.

Use your belly to also bring this knee in. Good. Both knees are in. Yeah. Good. All right, let's use your well-loved soccer ball and put it between just your ankles. Good. So you're just going to hold it there. Don't change the energy to your feet. Keep it in your stomach. Okay. Use your stomach to lift your head up, looking at your belly all the way up, up, up, up. Straighten your arms by your side. Good.

And now just stay there. And this is the warmer point. We're to pump your arms up and down. Good. Take a breath. Good. Big Breath. Big exhale, good strong arms. And the whole time you're thinking about pulling your stomach into the mat. Now I want you to keep your energy in your stomach so that you keep your balance. And we're just going to straighten your legs. Good.

Turn your knees out a little bit, like towards the side. Perfect. Good. That's the stomach I want. Good. Good. So you're warming up by pumping the blood through your body. You're breathing, you're taking a good breath and a good exhale. I love how much your stomach's working. Good. As you get more flexible and stronger, you lower the legs as low as you can while still keeping your back flat.

All the energies in your stomach. Give me one more set. Big Breath. Big exhale. And Bend your knees and relax your neck and head. Good. You're going to take this ball, put it between your hands. Good. I'm going to straighten your legs on the Mat. Okay. And reach the ball up to the ceiling. Perfect. Alright.

So when you throw in a ball and you do a throw in, if you can use your stomach muscles even better, right? So first, keep your belly in and reach your arms back. So take the ball back. Yeah. Okay. That's your, you're a stretch, but it's not a stretch if your back came off the mat, so make sure it's down. Okay. Belly in, arms come up to the ceiling. Bring your head up to look at me. Bring your ball down and roll up one bone at a time. Come on up.

Touch the ball to your feet. Yes. Good. Touch the ball to your feet. Roll back with the ball at this level. Roll down your lower back. Middle Back, upper, and now reached the ball back all the way back. That's it. One more slow and then you take it to tempo. Ball comes up. Head looks at me using your stomach and use your stomach to roll up as your ball to your feet. Good. Roll back. Lower back. First, middle back, upper good.

How's that feel? Good. Alright, now it's a tempo ball up. Head up and roll up. Reached to your feet. That's it. Straight arms. Yup. And roll back. Always lower back. Middle, upper good at straight arms. Don't bend them at all. Keep them straight. Arms up straight head. And now touch me with your ball. Yes. All the way forward. Good. And roll back.

Lower back, middle, upper two more Bala had lives to look at me and bring the ball down to your feet. That's it. See your belly pulls in and rural back. And one more time. Bald head looks at me and down with the ball. That's it. And pulling back with the stomach. Good, nice and stretch. All right, now go ahead and give me the ball. Bend your knees.

Good. Bend your knees into your chest. Good. And I want you to try to strain your legs to the ceiling and put the ball between your ankles. So legs up. Good, good, good. Try Not to hold on for dear locking arms by your side. Okay, so you just rolled up that way, right? You can stay down. Now we're gonna do the opposite, Nona, but have a straight neck. All right, straight like get your neck flat. Ooh, I like that. Using your stomach and I'll help you to start.

You're going to bring the ball the other way. Touch the ball to the floor. Arms down. Yep. There you go. Let's keep that ball and now squeeze it a little bit and roll down your back. Upper back this time, middle, lower. That's it. And now use your stomach to pull in and rollover.

I only, it's called bicycle kick anymore and roll down. But what was that famous kick that Pele did and pooling in. So when you're in front of the goal and you have to kick it up over right and roll in down, upper back, middle, lower. One more time. That's it. Look that you're on your own. Nice Control and rolling down. When you roll down, stretch your back. Ah, that's nice. Good.

All right. Ooh Richard. Feet down on the floor. Getting a workout there. Straighten your arms. Good. So I want you to bring your right knee into your chest. Hug with your arm, straighten the leg up to the ceiling. Good. You're pretty flexible. Non. Okay. So can you straighten this leg on the floor? That's pretty good. Good. Remember how I talked about a square box?

You have to keep the exercise square in this x right now. Okay. All right. Arms down by your side yet you're going to just circle the leg like this. Circle. Just the leg. Just the link. Warming it up in the hip. Really important. All right, good. Now I want you to hold this ball. Don't let it move with straight arms. Yeah, and you're not letting it go because you're using this.

Pretend you can kick it each time. Kick it around. Kick around, kick around, stomach around, stomach around. Keep the ball here. One more other way around. One around stomach, not quad. Don't use your quad. Three. Head down. Last one. Good. Bend that knee and Nice.

You can relax that those arms or bend this knee in. Use your belly. That's good. Bend it into your chest. That's good. And now straighten it up. Good. This one's a little tighter on the side. Bend this knee. So you can do it with a bent leg, but I still want you to try to lift it. Kick it.

Okay, so Tom come out to about trying to kick it. Yeah, always in your box. So we're going to start crossing the box cross and I'm going to let go. That's better. Three s keep steady. Keep your balance. Yes. One more other way. There you go. Down. Cross around. Kick it down. Cross the body. Kick it down. Cross. Great.

Stomach to up. One more. Good job. Bend that knee in. Nice stretch. Good. Put the foot down. That's it. I'll grab the ball. Sit Up. Good. All right, staying there. You're going to come forward so your knees are going to be bent.

Lift your bottom forward. Come to me. You want room behind you? Yeah. Okay. Now I want you to put your hands underneath your knees right here. Hands Underneath. Good. And now you're gonna roll back your [inaudible]. Your legs are gonna stay where you are and you're gonna roll your lower back down. Try to get your waistband on the mat and then come forward.

Yeah. Round. No Archie. Yes. Eyes on your belly. Think of your six pack. [inaudible] to come up. Use Your upper, set, your middle. Set your lower. There you go. To go down and use your lower set of your six pack. Go down lower. Step first, not the upper. Yes, middle, lower. Good.

And then coming up this time. Go down to the bottom of your shoulder blades. Okay, so start with the lower set cause you got to get this bone down first. And then this one, yes, super wrap. Uh, for you. You called this arch and that's what we're going to call it then. And we call that round in Polis here.

All the way down to here. And to come up, you lift this bone first. Yes, yes, yes. Very important. And one more like that. So start with the lower back first. Yeah, there you go. Why is that important? Because we're going to do something called rolling like a ball. And to roll like this ball, you got to stay tight like the spa.

So now I want you to keep your hands where they are. Good Arch. That's it. Balanced with this foot up off the mat. Okay. Balance with the other one. Also hold your stuff. Great. Bring your feet together. Good. Now imagine a rocking chair. Yeah. Okay. So now you're going to stay tight like this. And here's the rocking chair.

Rock back. Rocka rotgut hold good. Don't fall apart or stay back there as soon as you're back. Come right back up. Rock, back, stomach, Roxy, back. Use your stomach to come up. There you go. One more like that. Rock back. Rock. Good. Put your feet down. We're going to advance that now.

So you just rocked with your hands underneath your knee, your knees. Now we're going to rock with your hands on your ankles because we're going to get tight like a ball so that you rolled back and up tight. Like a ball. Not Open. Okay. Okay. Yes, and my ears were between my knees. Get tight. Like a ball. Yeah, like a soccer ballet.

The stitches are the stocker on up. You go and up. Yeah. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. So you squeeze out all the air out of your lungs. Yeah. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. You got it. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. So this is balance. Inhale, roll back at stomach strength.

One more in with the air. Exhale. Good job. Stay here and rest your feet. Yeah. Great. Now we're going to do some strictly stomach work. Lie Down, but stop at your shoulder blades. So go down, keep your head up and your shoulders a little bit. Good. And now bring this knee into your chest. Nice. Good, perfect. Hug it all the way in. Nice. Stay perfectly like this.

This leg goes down the middle of the body. And now switch legs. Use your stomach. Pull in and switch. You got it all the way in. Stretch it in. It's called single stretch. Single stretch. Good single. You did better on a hot. So here you twist.

Keep Square and switch. Yes. Perfect. And Stay Square. Now use that. Ah, that's good. And switch. Good. Keep pulling it good and switch. Good. And keep it. EAP your energy there, but try to touch my ball. Ah, there you go. Keep your energy there and touch that. Yes. And again, there it is. One more set. Head up more so your neck doesn't hurt. Last one.

Good. All right. Bend both knees in and rest your head for a second. This is going to go between your ankles. Okay, good. Got It. Lift your head up. Curl up a little more. Good. Alright. Now I want you to straighten your legs, keeping your stomach in. Pull the knees back in. Come on. Yep. This time don't let your back arch.

Okay. And keep your belly in and pool and that's it. Inhale reach. So your energy stays here. Yeah. Beautiful. Pull in. You don't have to go so low cause then I'll hurt your back a little higher. Two more. There you go. Pull in one more. I'm going to keep my hands up. Yes.

And it back in. Nice job. Rest down. You're serious business. Okay. We gotta do some hamstring strength Rich's with our stomach work. Okay, so I want you to bend your right knee into your chest. Good. And straighten that leg up. Very good Nona. And we're going to keep your neck flat and straight. Yes. And you're square, right? Good. All right.

Now I want you to just put your arms down by your side. Reach this leg long down your body and use your stomach to pull it back up. Good. One more time. Don't lift your bottom. Keep it on the mat and down the middle. Excellent. And use your stomach to pull it up. Good.

And now good. Bend that knee. We're going to do the other leg. Pull in the left. Good. Straighten it. And try not to use your right leg. So much so that your bottom is lifting and go down the middle of your body. Yes. And use your stomach to pull it up. Beautiful.

And go down one more time. So see how nice your leg is. Straight. It's not bent at all and you're not gripping with your quad and pull up. It's really nice. Now give me this leg to bend the knee straight leg and lift your head up and crawl both hands behind your right calf. Both hands only behind this like, yeah, keep it straight.

Don't hunt your shoulders. Nice. This leg, same thing. It goes down the middle and use your belly to pull it up. Switch hands. This leg goes down the middle and use your belly to pull it. Look at you. Good. Okay. And up straight leg. You're starting to use your quad. Pull up with your belly instead. Yes. Down the middle. Pull up.

So don't go outside the middle. Oh Ho and up and up now quicker. Ready? Yeah. Switch, switch. Switch up. Up. Switch. That's it. That's it. Come on. And I kicked the ball up here. Here, here, here. That's it. There you go. That's it. Last one. Bend the knees. Rest. Nice job. Okay. I want you to put your hands one over the other, behind your head.

I'm distracting you with soccer ball. You're like a bug looking into the light because like look into the light now. Hands like this. Oh, there you go. Yes. Good. Take a breath. As you exhale, pull your belly in and come up as high as you can. Well, my bill. Yeah, very nice. Good. Stay right there, Ben. This Nian.

You're not using your legs. Do that right. Bend this leg in to good. Straighten him as much as you can. Good. And now this is going to go right here. Turn your legs out just a little bit so your quads don't work too much. You're going to go down just an inch here and use your stomach to bring those legs back up. Go down. And Pula. Good. Pardon me. I'm going to let you hold that down and pull up. Good. It's all in the stomach, not the legs. Try to turn those legs off and make it stomach. Last one, Nona. Excellent. Bend the knees. Rest your head down for a second.

Now I don't want this ball to move at all. Okay. I want it to stay right here. This is like a table that I can have my dinner on. Okay. And your leg. Stay right there. And I want you to use your stomach again to come up as high as you can. Good. Now with your elbows wide, touch your right elbow to your left knee.

Come Center. Stay. Stay Center. Now back center. Opposite. Good. Oh that ball's moving on and up to here. One more second. It's only one more. You got a yes and the other side. Other side Ad.

Great. Good. That's enough for those. Hug your knees into your chest. Good. Well, Joseph flies knew that that was always hard work, so he would stretch your back immediately. You get to sit up and now you're going to put a heel right here in the middle of this box and a heel in the middle of this box. Straight legs, completely straight. Straighten those knees [inaudible] and slide back a little bit until you're [inaudible]. I want you right in the middle of this box of slide your bottom back a little. There we go. Good. You will never go straight like sit up tall. Good.

That's good. Hold your ball. Pull your belly in and lifted up overhead. Straight arm. Straight, straight, straight, tall, tall, tall. Good, good, good, good. Grow as tall as you can. That's it. Now stay tall, but bring your ball down. Good. And now touch the crown of your head to the Mat.

Yeah, there you go. Over there. Yeah. Oh yeah. And roll up your back so you roll up. Head up and use your stomach to lift your ball all the way to the ceiling. Nice. Good ball goes down, not your head, not your body. Just the ball and then head to your chest and he's get to use your stomach and you get to stretch. That's a nice stretch. No.

And now you're going to roll up one bone at a time. Onto my leg. This bone, this bone, this one. Good. Keep your stomach and I'll stretch you. And again, not your head. Keep your head up. Keep your body up. Just the ball and head to your chest. And exhale, stretch, stretch. Good. Ruling up. Good. And now up with the ball. Really feel tall here. That's it. Good. All right, I'm going to take that ball [inaudible] rest for a second and we're going to work on more balancing. Okay. So we're here and I want you to bring your legs together. And remember, that's my job to make things look easy. Okay. All right.

So your stomach is gonna pull your weight back a little. Yeah, go follow me. Good. And now you're gonna use your stomach to bring your feet towards you as your knees come apart. All stomach. Good hands. Go on top. Peter. Still down for this one. And you're going to keep your square, especially the shoulder that likes to move. Right? And we're going to straighten just your right leg.

Cool. Excellent. Very good job. And now just to put it down and just your left. Good. That's a little hard on your hamstring.

So I'm going to have you put your hands here. Stomach and chest. A little up. Yeah, there you go. Shoulders a little down, dad it right leg. Good. And Dan, you were working on balance. So if you're doing any shifting, it's not going to help. Right? So left good and bring it down. So now, now that we're going to do at the same time, so your stomach has to really pull in so you don't shift and bring it down. There you go. Nice.

And going up and you're so balanced that you can bring them together and apart and you can bring them down again. How's the stomach feeling? One more. They're going to go up, they're going to go together. Nice stomach. Good job with your stomach apart and bend them down. He fee together. Yeah, now you stay there. Okay. And I'm gonna show you what you're going to do.

So you're going to go up like you normally do. Your hands can slide here and you have to really focus on something ahead of you cause you're going to rock back and rock right back up to it. But hold and I will be here for you. Yes, Dolan Ha and up hold pretty good. Come up valance. Yes, Nona and back.

Do warm inhale. You blow your air out. You inhale, you blow your hair. Good. Now stay here cause you're gonna stay here. Russ, down your neck and head and relax for a second. That was really good. Okay. Corkscrews the next one. We're going to work our waste. Okay, I need you to slide just a little. There you go. You're good now.

All right. Take your trusty soccer ball. Bend your knees into your chest and straighten your legs up. Put it between your ankles. You did really good earlier. Straight arms by your side where you lower the legs a little bit and then you pulled them back up with your stomach. Good. Now I want you to look, look at me to take them to the ocean. Take your legs a little bit to the ocean. Is it hurting your quads?

To the ocean a little and then pull him center away from the ocean. Yeah, and center. Okay. One with you. There you go. Pull them center. Use those obliques. Yeah. You know your obliques. All right. Okay. Now we're going to do a full circle, right dad, right. Boom, center. Woo. Left Dan. Great job with your stomach.

And again around center. Yes. Reach around. One more set around and left. Excellent. Take your ball. Oh, give it back to me. Alright. Sit on up. Come on up. We're gonna stretch again.

That same position, the same position. You're going to straighten your legs? Yes. Good. So you, your obliques. You've got this six pack here. Those are called your rectus of Dallas. Your obliques are the side ones. So those are the ones we're going to use right now. Okay? Okay. Okay.

So you reach your arms out here and use them, not your bottom. You keep your bottom. Still. Use Your obliques to twist and now reach for your baby toe. Good. Sit up tall. Untwisting. Use Your obliques to twist and reach for your baby toe.

Great job. Inhale, sit up tall and use your obliques to twist and reach for your baby toe. And I'm going to stretch you. How's his shoulder? Okay, come up at top. Use Your obliques and reach for your baby toe coming up tall. One more set twist. Make sure you blow your air out. Inhaling up. Good twist and exhaling.

Good job. All right. Relax your arms down. Good. So stretching out the quads and working the hamstrings are important. But this series, this part's a little, a little tricky to follow. So I'm going to show you with you. Okay. So bring your legs together. Flip onto your stomach. Just flip on over.

Good. No falling asleep here, Nana. So now you want to do, be straight with your hands underneath your shoulders. Good. Forehead on the Mat. Good hands a little bit forward now. Good. Yeah. Nana, when I come up, watch my stomach. Don't leave it on the mat. Pull up in your stomach and come up with it.

Yup. Yup. And now shoulders away from the ears. Good. Look over your right shoulder. Circle the chin down. Left. Look forward. Reverse left down around. Right. Look forward and now come down, but grow taller as you go. Come down, stretch out your head. Out your neck. Yep. [inaudible] good.

We're gonna do that again. Forehead more on the map cause your spine continues. All the hair good. And now pulling your billion. Can you bring your legs a little closer together? All right. Is that okay? [inaudible] all right. Pulling your belly and start coming up your head and then your chest.

Good. How's your shoulder? Okay, look over this one. This time. Circle down to your chest. Over this shoulder all the way over, and then look forward. Reverse it. Look over your right circle down or on this one. Good. Look forward. Good. And with your belly in stretch out. Yes. Go down and grow taller. Don't dive your head down first. This goes down. Yes.

Imagine you're pulling the mat behind you. Yes. Good, good, good. Very good. All right. Now you're going to bring your elbows forward like a in front of an Egyptian pyramid, like a sphinx puff. Lick up. Lift the chest up. Earth. Yes. Now your stomach supports your back. It feels okay. Okay. And you're going to try to lift your legs up a little bit using your hamstring.

See on my feet are up off the floor. Okay. Try and get your knees closer together. Good. And you're going to try to use the back of the leg and the bottom to watch my foot. It goes one to one to one to feel free to join me. We're right to left too. Good. Don't shake your bottom side to side.

It tightens and presses down into the mat. Right to left to right. Use your hamstring. Can you get your knee up off the mat as you pull in? Yes. Now you're working to right to left to one more set, right to left to and rest. You're going to put your right cheek on the mat and your hands right here.

Did the a I supposed to feel it but no. Good question cause I feel like that is my ability supposed to be up or down. Good question. I want you to sit on your heels round and go ahead and just sit back. Not like this. Yeah, very good question. Good question. So stay there.

In order to lift up your legs from your hamstring. You can't watch my lower back. You can't change it into that. So that shortens my lower back. What I just did, I have to keep my belly supporting my back as I kick. I can't shorten it. So you can only lift your legs up where you can keep that control.

As soon as it changes into that, then it'll hurt your lower back. Sounds good. Same thing with this next exercise. Go ahead and put this cheek down. Face me hands. Go here. So this area can't shorten. You can't shorten it. You have to keep it long. Okay.

And try to bring both legs in three times. Kicking one, two, three. Then they go down and you straighten your arms and lift your chest. Legs down, legs down. There you go. Lift your chest with your stomach, not your back. Okay. There you go. Switch cheeks. Hands. Go up higher and do it again. And kicking. One, two, three. Good. Legs down.

Straighten the arms behind you. Lift your head up with your stomach muscles. Yes. Switch cheeks. Yes. Look the other way, hands here. And this hopefully is okay on your right shoulder. All right, lift the legs up from here and three kicks again. Same thing. One to be careful and three and now legs down and up. Chest up. Head Up. Look forward. Yes. One more time.

Look the other way down. You Go. Hands here. This is great. Back muscle development too, but you have, you've got good back muscle. Oh, start that again. That one's going to hurt you. I saw, I noticed. So make sure it's the stomach supporting. And now use these muscles to Yass head stays down. Yeah. Three kicks. One, two and three. Good. And then legs down and pull up. Head up, chest up. Good. Keep doing that. Pull your belly in.

I mean like stretch. Yeah, see, there you go. All right. Round your back and sit on your heels again. Just sit back. There you go. And you get to stretch. Very nice. Knees. Okay. On here. Okay. Turn around. Yeah. Good. How are you doing? Good. All right. Come forward.

I'm gonna give you this strap to help you. Okay. And uh, your foot's like this. Straight legs, straight legs. And this time they're apart. Separated. Yeah. Yeah. Good. Light up. Good. So you're gonna bring your head to your chest and roll up. So that doesn't mean look like a vampire sitting out of his coffin. Right.

Okay. All right. You gotta roll up like under my arm. Roll Up, Huh? Yes. Under my arm. Yes. Yes. Touch your ankles. Now sit up tall, tall, tall, tall, tall. Lift off your bottom. Even use your bottom muscles and now roll down so you don't roll down here and down you go. Beautiful. Yes. One more like that.

Underneath my arm. Yep. Inhale, lift your head. Blow your air out. As you touch your feet under. Yes. Sit up tall and roll down. You can try to push your feet away as you roll down yet. Ooh, that was good. A little harder. Now, hands behind your head, but you can bring your elbows in. Okay. And you're going to inhale as you lift.

Inhale. Exhale under my arm again. All the way forward. Yes. Kiss your knees. You Love Nana. Sit up tall, tall, tall. Open your elbows tall and now roll down again. Good. Pushing your feet away. Excellent. Same thing. Elbows can come together. Inhale, lift your head. Exhale, kiss your knees.

Scoopin under my arm. That's it. And I'll sit up tall and down. You Go. Pushing away your feet. Good, good, good, good. Should we make it a little harder? I guess so. Keep your elbows as wide as you can. Okay, so they don't get to come in as much anymore. Okay. Lift your head up. Inhale and exhale. Come up. Curl under my arm.

Round. Round, round there yet. Go. Inhale. Sit Up. Tall. Good ant. Hold underneath your head and I'm going to pull you. Okay? Okay. How are we going to pull your stomach into my toe? Into here, into here. That's it. Now round the rest down. Round. Round. Round, round. Yes. Inhale, lift your head up. Two more. Inhale. That's blowing out your air.

Then you exhale forward. Yes. Stretch. Sit up tall. Take a big breath now. Exhale. Pull your belly into my tote. Don't arch. Yes. One more. Inhale as you lift your head. Exhale. Ground. Yes. Inhale, sit up tall.

Relax here, and exhale. Roll down. Pushes your feet away. Very, very good. Doing all right there. Yeah. Rest your arms by your side, Huh? All right. So how limber your legs are as super important, correct? Yeah. All right, so now we're gonna work on our legs. These exercises, men don't usually do too much, but when you do sports, then you kind of have to incorporate them or dance.

Okay. So here's your box and it's easy to keep it square when you're lying flat on the mat. Right? [inaudible] I'm going to have you be on your side though now. So lie on this side and slide all the way back to me. Excellent. Stay there with your bottom, but bring your shoulders back towards me, towards me, towards me more. This one too is good.

Now bring your legs can go onto this box. You got it. Good. Don't fall asleep on me now can you, uh, ret, bend this elbow and rest your hand on your head is one. Yeah. Pull it back here. Does that hurt? Can you live? Rest your head on your hand? Yeah. Excellent. Oh, that's Hollywood. That's right. Beauty. Beauty pageant. That's it. Okay. So we're going to try to keep this shoulder yeah.

Over the shoulder. Yeah. Not Forward and back. Just like balance. Right. And this hip over this hip. Not Forward and back either. Okay. Lift this leg up just a little bit. Turn it out a little bit. Good. Okay. Like that. Reach longer than this. Like we're going to grow taller today. Make it longer than your bottom line. Yeah. All right.

Without moving any of this, try to kick it forward all the way. [inaudible] and kick it back now. So now you're going to re keep it straight. Don't move this. No. Move this. Use this. Okay. Go back back that. Oh yeah. Oh and forward.

Use this and back. Good. I want to see your neck and forward where you gotta move a little, uh, quicker and back. Cause otherwise everything tightens. Yeah. You want to find other muscles, not big muscle groups that small muscle groups and back. Good. Yes. And back. Try to keep the knee a little turned out to the ceiling. Two more. Yes. Good.

And forward and back using here. Yes. One more. Last one back. Excellent. Bring the legs together. How'd that feel? Alright, good. Exhausted. Now we're going to bring this leg up to your ear. So up to the ceiling.

Wait this leg out to my ears. Yeah, I know. We're warming up to do. Just warm up. We're no, we're warming that hip up to do a motion like this. Oh, do you ever do a motion like this and soccer? Yeah. Okay. Right. So you're going to bring that leg up and then squeeze it down. That's all music. Oh yeah. There you go. And quickly and reach it longer than your bottom leg up.

Reach at longer than your bottom, like one more. And reach it longer than your bottom line. Great. Good. Now, if you want to kick a ball hard, yeah. You have to take it pretty far behind you to kick that ball hard. Right? You don't just go right up to the ball, right? Yeah. And a lot of times you bring your foot on the way back, all the way back. Right?

So this one's called bicycle. Lift this leg up a little. Make it longer than your bum and do the same thing. You're gonna kick it forward all the way. Yeah, don't move this. Yeah, bring bend your knee. So this is called need a chest. Look at your knee. It likes you. There you go. Now keep this knee bent. Does that hurt anything? And you're going to take it back.

This is called knee to knee. Okay, now keep this like this and you're to keep taking it back. Don't move forward with your upper body. Hold your stomach. Good. So this is what stretching. That's right. Okay. All right. Now keep your quad there and straighten your leg. I'll do it again with you. Straight leg, all the way forward.

All the way forward. Bring your knee to your chest. Good. Keep your heel towards your bottom. As you take your knee back, keep going back. You go back as far as you can. Stretch your quad. This lowered a little so it doesn't hurt your knee. There you go. Stretch. Stretching your quad. Right? And then straight one more can do the, I heard a little click. Was that all right? Forward? This can be for balance. Okay.

Bend the knee to your chest. Take your knee back as far as you can. Don't lift the knee that go back. Come on, stretch that quad member [inaudible] and now straighten that leg. Good legs together or into the reverse. Oh yeah, lift up that leg a little bit. Take it back. Let's, you can grow taller. Pull your belly in the, yeah, see how does that feel? Nice. And now bring that, but you got it already.

Take that knee forward and straight back. Pull your billion. Can that bottom went behind you. Take it forward. Doll there Hanson and now here we go. Yes. Need a chest, none of that. And straighten last one back. Good. Relaxed. That good heel to your bottom. Let me stretch you just one more time. Is that hurt? Okay.

Need a chest. He said that's good and straightened forward and legs together. Very good. Ah, that's true. The burn that outer thigh burn. All right. Speaking of the outer thigh burn. We're going to do that one.

I was saying we're warming up for oh yeah, last one. And then we switched sides. This hand goes right here. Good. Now see if you can point your knee right up to the ceiling. Huh? Exactly. Good. Keep coming. Keep coming. Now try to touch your knee back here. Just imagine it. Straighten your leg up and go down.

Good knee, up towards the ceiling all the way back here. Straighten it up and reach longer than your bottom leg. One more. And then we reverse bend your knee all the way back here. Straighten it and take it down. Good. The opposite goes straight up. Bend your knee back to here and then straight. Good.

Two more up straight. Is it really killer Ya? Last word. That's your side when you trap the ball on the side. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Oh, lie on your belly. Roll over to your other side. So you just roll right over. Yeah. Now, now you get to put your beauty queen Hollywood hand again.

Makeup crew, no makeup crew here. And take your elbow back cause we want the shoulder and arm everything on the back of the Mat. Oh, good. Great. This can be like you're a kickstand on a bicycle, so holds your balance, but your stomach is what really holds your balance. Yeah. Not your shoulder up to your ear, your stomach. Okay. Bring your legs forward all the way. So same thing. Other like, let's see if we can make it.

Lift this leg up a little bit and you're going to try to kick this ball right here and take it back and forward and back and forward. Doing good and back. A lot of shoulder rolling. There is your shoulder. Okay? Yeah. All right, stomach. Don't move your shoulders. Ooh. Now you're working your leg and back. Ooh, shoulders rolled again. Back one more. Can you make that leg longer than your bottom?

I promised you we were going to get taller today and back. Yes. And legs together. Good. And now you're going to kick that leg up. You remember what that was? Up and down. Ready hand up. Now pull your stomach in and make that leg longer. Yes, and up and pull and yes, one more and pool. And now we're going to keep this leg straight.

Kick forward. Bend your knee. Take that knee back. Don't lift up. Yes. Stay straight. Stretch that quad and straighten the leg. Take it forward and that knee, take that like back. Relax your foot. Your foot's trying to work too hard.

Good for you. And strain. One more in that direction. Forward. Bend that knee. Take. Watch that foot. Oh, there you go. Great job keeping this square and then straighten and legs together. Now you go the other way. So back. [inaudible] excellent. Bring your foot towards your bottom. Bring your knee all the way to your chest and straighten.

I'm going to help you stretch. Go all the way back back again. All of that good foot to your bottom. Yes. Needy or chest and strain. Slayings easier for you. One more. All the way straight back. Good. Stretch that quad. Bringing your heel to your seat. Yes. Needier chest and straighten.

Excellent. Nona. Legs together. Whew. That one doesn't burn so much, Huh? Yeah. Huh. Interesting. Yeah, so now we're going to bend this knee to the ceiling and to our shoulders, so we start bending up. We try to pull it all the way to the back of our shoulder blades. We straighten and down. Very good. Bend, opening, straighten and down. Last one. Good job with your stomach. Straighten and dad. Other way. Ready up.

Bend behind you and down. Good. Two more up Ben. Behind you. Yes. And straighten your foot's working again. One more time. Make that leg longer up. Bend behind you and straighten.

Reach, reach. Great job. Y on your back. Impressive. Impressive. All right, so now we're going to combine balance and stomach strength. Okay. This is the ultimate of the Pilati is exercises. It's called the teaser. Bend your knees into your chest.

A lot of times when you read these Hollywood magazines, this is one of the exercises that they say does the most for them. Reach your ball back. It's called the teaser because Joseph plot is used to stand here and have his clients touch his shoulders, but he always moved. So bring the ball and use your stomach to touch my shoulders. Head up all the way up. Nice. Roll down.

Excellent. Two more and coming up. Yes, and down. One more. Using your stomach. Excellent. Good. Now stay here and now lower your legs a little bit and kick the ball. Pull up the legs to the ball. Come on. Yep. And two more. And Use yourself.

Yes. And one more. [inaudible]. Hold your ball. Take it up to the ceiling. Up to the ceiling and go down. Very Good Nana. Now we're going to work together. You get to rest for a second. We're going to work together and your legs are going to come up also to where they were. Okay. Head lifts up.

What could your belly and now up you go? Yeah, nice and down. Told you you could do it. One Heart and head lifts up. Look up, kick that ball and Dan Fan, test it. Give me that ball. Nice job. Sit up a little more balanced work. It's called seal. You can make seal sounds if you want. So you're gonna lift your bottom forward like this.

But see how my, I'm kind of leaning onto my arms and my stomach is sinking and then I'm gonna lift my feet up without, what do you call this? We call this arch. And [inaudible]. What do you call it? What do I call this? [inaudible]. Okay, well don't do that. Okay, so that's what I thought. Arching your back instead. Stay round like a soccer ball and lift your feet up. Good. This time your arms go between your legs and under your ankles.

Excellent. Good. See it's a seal cause they clapped their flippers. I, I come out of here. That's it. Good. Now in, in Pilati, immune in soccer. If you want to kick a ball, do you have good, strong feet? Good. One, two, three, strong stomach. Good. I'll show you one. You're gonna roll back and come up. Balance.

No, arching your back for your balance. Yeah, and roll back. And now on this one, hold on. Don't make it harder on yourself. You get to be more free. Watch. Then my feet almost touched the floor. If you try to hold them here, it's really hard.

That's not this exercise. This one. You get to Broccolini back and had to chance. You've got to look where you're going. I'm looking at your stomach and rock back and rock up. That's it. Yes. No touching. The feet next time to the floor. And inhale, roll back. Big Breath. Exhale.

Good. Roll back. Exhale, not bad. Use Balance. Come on. Balance, balance, balance right here. Head down. Look at that. Yes. Two more like that. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. Roll Up. One more time. Inhale, roll back. Exhale. Roll Up. Come on up. That's really good. And Ana, rest your feet down.

I want you to try something though. I usually don't stand up here, but I want you to try it because it's important in agility. Employees, if you're going down, how to pull yourself back up and not just go down, right? So on in the seal, you actually stand up afterwards. So I'm going to do two. So this is one normal one. And then I'm going to let go cross my ankles and I'm going to use my body to come up. Here we go. So you're going to do two. You're gonna Rolling.

Sit up first one regular and then you're going to let go of your feet and stand up. Okay. And roll back and come up. Hold. Excellent. Let go of your feet. That's good. I bet you. So why did you do that? You could have done better. Which way did you fall? Okay, so if you push forward and that's hamstrings and glutes launch, you forward on your toes. Yeah. Do One more on your toes.

You know how you say you have to stay on your toes? Yeah. So you've stayed on your heels. I want you to think about staying on your toes and that'll be good. Now give me your hands. No. Cross your ankles. Give me now. Use your stomach and stay on your yes. Beautiful.

Sit down like that. Come forward. Use your hamstrings. Yes. Sit down like that. And last time, stay right there. Excellent. Good. Come all. Go all the way back so that your feet are off. The heels are off that edge. Good.

Stand in this like this. Heels together. Good. Kay. Heels are off. So you have to stay on your toes. Yeah. Yeah. Is that good? Good soccer training? Yeah. Okay. Arms Up. Stay heels together. Stay on your toes and roll forward with your hands on the mat.

Stay on those toes. Excellent. Walk out into a pushup position in platas. We don't bend our elbows to the side. Yeah. I want you to bend your elbows to scrape your ribs. Okay? Give me one set of five instead of five down. Up.

One good. Down up two. I like how you stay. Nice and straight down. Up three and four. Last one. Pull all the way up into like a teepee and walk back. Remember your heels are off, so keep your weight forward on your toes. Roundup, roundup. Get your bottom under you.

Good. Reach your arms up your heels together. Stomach in your stomach, in [inaudible]. Okay. Turn your hands out. Push down like you're pushing the earth away and lift taller, taller through your stomach. Good stomach. Keep your balance. Relax. You're all done, Nona. Nice job. Good work.


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Great, fantastic and funny class. I've really enjoyed how a instructor deal with a student. Monica is an outstanding instructor , as many in PA. Thanks for sharing this first class and wish we can get more of these classes from now on with ordinary students , not only with instructors... Thanks Panytime for the good job.
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loved this class. Yes I agree with Mercedes more of these classes will be great.
2 people like this.
Outstanding class, Monica! Very interesting to see how beneficial pilates is for athletes. Thanks to you and your student!
Kathleen M
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I really enjoy watching people to pilates for the first time, and also seeing other instructors and how they approach the normal first time issues. She did a great job and kept it very simple.
1 person likes this.
Once again, Monica teaches a great class. I enjoyed how she cued verbally, moving him and demonstrating. Of course, I smiled and laughed as he felt the challenges that Pilates offers. Thank you Monica!
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Thank you, like this class. I can learn for everybody in my class.
Excellent, as many have commented, so good to see student who isn't an instructor. Real client scenario, makes me even more enthusiastic and excited about classical Pilates. Thank you, more of this style of sessions.
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Good job Monica, I think you've just sold Pilates to another man :) And you probably didn't even need to go any further than the roll-up - Nana was feeling it!
Jay K
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Amazing connection with student. Loved the end working with heels off the mat. Loved the class.
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i loved it! :) funny and interesting!
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